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Full text of "The Boone family; a genealogical history of the descendants of George and Mary Boone who came to America in 1717; containing many unpublished bits of early Kentucky history, also a biographical sketch of Daniel Boone, the pioneer, by one of his descendants"

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Prom an Engraving by T. Johnson, After a Painting by Thomas Sully. 

By Courtesy of the New York Puhlio Library — Fmmet Collection, Manuscript Department. 

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J/so a 

Biographical Sketch of 
DANIEL BOONE, the Pioneer 

by One o* His Descendants 

WW} — t 

Compiled by 

The Tuttle Company, Publishers 

Rutland, Vermont 




Copyright 1922 
By Hazel Atterbury Sprakee 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


' • « <» * * 

* _ -. * 

• " ^ • 

• ^ -* • 


Printed in The United States of America 
All Bights Beserved 






Hobinfilp ©ebicateb 
Co tbt ^tmoty of Qip (^randfatftet 

Samuel iWoobp #rutibs! 

a De0cenDant of tije IBoone ifamilp 


Preface 9 

Explanatory Notes 14 

The Boone Family in America 17 

First, Second and Third Generations, 

Including Biography of George Boone III, the First Ameri- 
can Ancestor of this Family 19 

Fourth Generation 27 

Fifth Generation 53 

Sixth Generation 99 

Seventh Generation 163 

Eighth Generation 229 

Ninth Generation 331 

Tenth Generation 421 

Eleventh Generation 467 

Families of Undetermined Connection 471 

Allied Families. 

Ancestry of some of those who Married into the Boone 

Family 505 

Biographical Sketch of Daniel Boone, the Pioneer, by Jesse Procter 

Crump, one of his Descendants 559 


Part I. Early Boone Records, including: 

Old Boone Genealogy by James Boone 583 

Records of the Society of Friends 589 

Baptism Records 608 

Marriage Records 610 

Revolutionary Records 616 

Part II. Boones Mentioned in Various Books and Pub- 
lications 619 

Pa'rt III. Pioneer Life. A Few Sketches of the Life and 
Customs of the Pioneer Settlers of North Carolina and 

Kentucky 625 

%iit of 3Uu£ittation£( 


Colonel Daniel Boone Title 

From Engraving by T. Johnson after a painting by Thomas Sully. 

Samuel Moody Grubbs Dedication 

Old James Boone Genealogy 18 

Survey of George Boone's Land 20 

Home of George Boone III . (In Berks County, Pennsylvania) 22 

Map of Berks County, Pa 25 

Site of Daniel Boone's Birthplace 34 

Headstone of Squire Boone 38 

Family Record of James Boone 46 

Migration Map 51 

Chart of Descendants of Samuel Boone 97 

Historical Map 118 

Dr. Levi Day Boone 174 

Letter of Samuel Boone. (Concerning the Van Bibber Family records) .... 178 

Mrs. James Randolph Spraker. (Hazel Atterbury Spraker) 351 

Invitations to the Funeral of Jacob Boone and Wife Mary 482 

Ratliff Boone. (Governor of Indiana, 1822) 496 

Boone-Bryan Chart 507 

Boone-Tribble Chart 514 

Boone-Hughes Chart 522 

Boone-Grubbs Chart 527 

Boone-Lincoln Chart 535 

Boone-Scholl Chart 547 

Daniel Boone (From Portrait by Chester Harding) 559 

Jesse Procter Crump 560 

Family Records from Daniel Boone Bible 563 to 566 

Daniel Boone's Receipt for Share of the Estate of Joseph Bryan 567 

Replica of the Boone Home on The Yadkin River in North Carolina. . . 568 

Exeter Meeting House, Society of Friends. (Berks County, Pennsylvania) 590 

Andirons Used in Fort Boonesborough 628 

Fort Boonesborough and Surroundings in 1778 630 

Facsimile of drawing by Capt. John Gass and drawing from his description 

Sketch of Bryan's Station 633 

From description by Joseph Ficklin, a boy at the time of the siege 

Bryan's Station. (Facsimile of sketch by Daniel Bryan) 634 

Genealogy is a science that appeals to the normal and 
healthy mind of all intelligent human beings. Its methods 
have developed to give aid in satisfying an inborn human 
craving to know, in so far as it is possible to accurately 
determine it, the vital facts concerning one's forebears. It is 
essentially democratic in its appeal. Emphatically it is not 
the prerogative of the temporarily rich and the self-regarded 

John R. Totten 


A family history is full of delightful surprises and discoveries to one 
who chooses to make it a study. It has also many disappointments and 
baffling problems, and many tangles to be straightened out. Never-the- 
less it proves to be such an elusive and fascinating subject that one is 
led on and on, finally becoming firmly held in the bonds of its peculiar 
charm. Like many other interesting subjects, the more meagre and in- 
complete the material the more fascinating the quest becomes. In the 
search for some ancestral line, one small bit of data or tradition may 
often be a clue to something else, so that little by little the obscure 
points are revealed, and in the end one's patience and perseverance are 
richly rewarded. 

At the beginning of my research on the Boone family, the original 
object of tracing a Revolutionary ancestor was almost lost sight of when 
curious old records of his forefathers came to light. It was then that 
three discoveries were made, to which, it may be truthfully said, this 
present volume owes its existence. These discoveries were: — 

First, no comprehensive genealogy of the Boone family had ever 
been published. 

Second, several valuable sources of early Boone history were in ex- 
istence: notably, the original manuscript of the old James Boone geneal- 
ogy; the early records of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in Pennsyl- 
vania; and the Draper Collection of Manuscripts in the Library of the 
Historical Society of Wisconsin. 

Third, many Boone descendants were deeply interested in the fam- 
ily's history and proud of their traditional relationship to Daniel Boone 
the pioneer, yet lacked the records which would enable them to trace 
their ancestry back to the first Boone ancestor in America. 

The work of compiling this genealogy was undertaken with the ob- 
ject of drawing together the many valuable old records of the family 
and preserving them in compact and enduring form which would be 
easily accessible to members of the family and others who might be inter- 
ested. At the same time it was thought advisable to collect for posterity 
all available records of the present generation, lest they might become 
lost or rendered obscure by the passing of years. 

10 preface 

Such a purpose, however, could not have been accomplished alone 
and unaided. It was made possible only by the generous and untiring 
cooperation of other members of the Boone family. In addition to the 
help which they have rendered by contributing records, their interest and 
encouragement have made it possible to "carry on" in times of discourage- 
ment and to bring the work finally to a conclusion. It gives me pleasure 
to acknowledge my indebtedness and express my gratitude to all those 
whose names follow: 

To Miss Bess Hawthorne (No. 4328), of La Place, Illinois, my valued 
and capable assistant for several months, is due the credit of helping 
to prepare the manuscript for the printer's hands, and of rendering every 
possible assistance towards completing and perfecting the work. She has 
also contributed data on more than five hundred descendants of Mary 
(Boone) Tribble, daughter of George Boone and niece of Daniel Boone 
the pioneer. 

Mr. Jesse Procter Crump (No. 3850) of Independence, Missouri, a 
great-great-grandson of Daniel Boone, has spent many years collecting 
material on Daniel Boone and his descendants. The splendid results of 
this research he has contributed to this book, so that with a few ex- 
ceptions, the descendants of Daniel Boone which it contains are almost 
entirely from his collection. He has also written for this genealogy the 
special biography of Daniel Boone the Kentucky pioneer, and has by 
his own efforts succeeded in proving the parentage of Daniel Boone's 
wife Rebecca, a subject which has been disagreed upon, and which has 
never before been authentically presented in print. 

Miss Mary Josephine Roe (No. 1663) of Gilbert, Ohio, a descendant 
of the Lincoln as well as of the Boone family, has also contributed the 
result of many years of research. From her collection we have the de- 
scendants of Benjamin Boone, son of George Boone III, although a part 
of these (the descendants of his daughter Dinah) were first contributed 
by Miss Roe to Mr. William F. Reed for his "Descendants of Thomas 
Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island." To Miss Roe is also due, more 
or less directly, the acquisition of many descendants of George Boone IV, 
and other material on the Pennsylvania lines. 

Mrs. Willia Lee Middlekamp (No. 2531), of Pomona, California, has 
gathered for this book a remarkably complete record of several hundred 
descendants of Elizabeth (Boone) Copher, daughter of George Boone and 
niece of Daniel Boone the pioneer. As Mrs. Middlekamp's collection 
was gathered very recently, it contains record of many soldiers of the 
World War, all of which are carefully authenticated. 

I am exceedingly grateful to my husband, James R. Spraker, for his 
constant help, his valuable criticisms, and his never-failing interest through- 
out the work. 

preface ii 

Others to whom I am especially indebted for assistance are: 
Mrs. Mary Boone Anderson, Clarksville, Mo. 
Rev. Elijah F. Boone, Fort Worth, Tex. 
Miss Jessie M. Boone, Lima, Ohio. 
Miss Mattie Boone, Elkton, Ky. 
Miss Sally Knox Boone, Kansas City, Mo. 
Rev. Samuel Perry Boone, Hazelton, Pa. 
Mr. Samuel Martin Boone, Winchestfer, Ky. 
Mr. William Kenneth Boone, Jalapa, Mex. 
Mr. William Wirt Boone, San Antonio, Tex. 
Mr. William S. Boone, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Mrs. 0. W. Booth, Springfield, Mo. 
Mr. Thomas J. Bryant, Wheatland, Wyo. 
Mrs. J. F. Cahill, New York City. 
Mrs. J. C. Carmichael, Louisiana, Mo. 
Mrs. George Carpenter, Chicago, 111. 
Mr. Frank Carson, dec, Rocheport, Mo. 
Mrs. Roger T. Carson, Fayette, Mo. 
Mrs. James E. Cox, Chicago, 111. 
Mrs. Mattie L. Daniel, Shelbyville, Ky. 
Mrs. S. B. Davis, Cave City, Mo. 
Mr. William Boone Douglass, Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. William A. Durst, Enid, Okla. 
Mrs. Mary Edwards, Norwood, Mo. 
Mrs. Murray Forestel, Wentzville, Mo. 
Mr. Frank Frazier, Ashgrove, Mo. 
Mr. Charles S. Grubbs, Louisville, Ky. 
Rev. William Happel, D. D., Lebanon, Pa. 
Mrs. Almeda B. Harpel, Des Moines, la. 
Historical Society of Berks County, Pa. 
Historical Society of Buffalo, N. Y. 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 
Historical Society of Wisconsin. 
Mrs. R. a. Holloway, Austin, Tex. 
Mr. Robert L. Hosman, Ashgrove, Mo. 
Miss Helen Hutchcraft, Paris, Ky. 
Mrs. Eliza Yantis Jones, Greeley, Colo. 
Mrs. William Bernard Lewis, Chicago, 111. 
Mrs. Frances Linck, dec, Mattoon, 111. 
Mrs. Mary L. Lowry, Elkton, Ky. 
Miss Kate Luckett, Corydon, Ind. 
Mrs. E. J. Mallory, Bradentown, Fla. 
Mrs. Charles W. Merrill, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Miss Susie Miles, Austin, Tex. 
Mr. William H. Miller, Richmond, Ky. 

12 preface 

Rev. a. E. Otis, New Orleans. 

Mr. James M. Palmer, St. Helena, Calif. 

Mrs. Alexander M. Robinson, Pleasureville, Ky. 

Mrs. J. C. RuDisELL, Jessup, Ga. 

Mr. Andrew Shaaber, Reading, Pa. 

Mrs. Jennie Shane, Lebanon Junction, Ky. 

Mrs. W. G. Spencer, Nashville, Tenn. 

Mrs. C. M. Steinmetz, Reading, Pa. 

Mrs. Cynthia Stoddard, Hillsboro, 111. 

Mrs. Peter B. Stoner, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Mrs. Idah M. Strobridge, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Mr. H. G. Schull, Easton, Pa. 

Mr. Henry C. Tindall II, Atlanta, Ga. 

Mrs. E. W. Tschudi, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Mrs. William Vastine, Danville, Pa. 

Miss Mabel E. Wears, New York, N. Y. 

Dr. J. Boone Wintersteen, Moorestown, N. J. 

Mrs. Nettie McIntosh Wahl, Boone, Iowa. 

Mrs. Gavin Witherspoon, Hollywood, Calif. 

The Draper Collection of Manuscripts in possession of the Historical 
Society of Wisconsin has proven to be a veritable mine of information 
on the Boone family. The Boone papers are principally in the form 
of interviews obtained sixty or seventy years ago by Dr. Lyman C. 
Draper, an early secretary of that society. Some of these interviews were 
obtained directly or indirectly from the early pioneers who had emigrated 
from North Carolina into Kentucky with Daniel Boone and his associates. 
Others were from members of a later generation who were born in Ken- 
tucky or went there as children, yet at such an early date that some of 
the first historical events of Kentucky came within their memories. 
Much of this information Dr. Draper incorporated in his "Life of Daniel 
Boone", which was unfinished at the time of his death and remains in 
manuscript form. To the Historical Society of Wisconsin I am greatly 
indebted for the privilege of obtaining much Boone material from this 
valuable collection. It is referred to throughout this book as "Draper Mss." 

This is purely a history of the Boones in America. No effort has 
been made to trace the family back into English records. It will be 
noticed that in the book no use is made of the Boone coat-of-arms with 
which many American descendants are familiar. This is because I have 
been unable to find any evidence that George Boone III, our immigrant 
ancestor, either used or was entitled to use this coat-of-arms. It may 
have even belonged to some contemporary branch of the family in Eng- 
land, and never have come down in our line at all. Bearing in mind that 
George Boone III was a weaver and his father a blacksmith, it seems 
neither suitable nor reasonable for us to appropriate a coat-of-arms simply 

preface 13 

because it carries the name of Boone. It would be very interesting if 
the mazes and intricacies of English heraldry would sometime reveal to 
us just how our family stands in regard to this coat-of-arms. Let us 
hope that such an investigation will some day be made. 

In a family so imbued with the spirit of migration and adventure 
as this one, it is not surprising to find that much data has been lost 
or never recorded. Among people who have lived for generations in one 
locality, we find that genealogical history is usually quite complete. 
It must be very easy to learn much of a great-grandmother whose cups 
and pitchers, spinning-wheel and copper kettle occupy their old familiar 
corners, as they do in many New England homes. When, however, 
young people married and moved West with all their worldly goods on a 
few pack-horses, it is not strange that they failed to burden themselves 
with the old family records, and even failed to remember the family 
traditions, so filled were their later years with arduous labor in a new 
frontier country. I think we may well be all the prouder of them for 
this, and thankfully record what little they have left us. 

Every effort has been made to make this genealogy as authentic 
and accurate as possible. Proof has been required of every statement 
concerning persons born before 1825. Persons born after that date have, 
as a rule, come within the memories of those yet living, so that matters 
concerning them are within the actual knowledge of the present genera- 
tion and are not merely tradition. With each biography or family 
group, references have been given for all data obtained from books or 
public records. Where no references are given, it is to be understood 
that the information came from family records only, supplied usually 
by a descendant or close relative of that particular group. The reader 
may rest assured that every relationship stated has stood the test of very 
careful collation before finding a place in the records. With the exception 
of a large group taken from "The Descendants of Thomas Durfee", by 
Reed, and a few other scattered names, the data on all families from the 
fifth generation down to the present has been collected especially for this 
genealogy and has never before been published. 

While realizing to the fullest extent the imperfections and short- 
comings of this work, I yet trust that it will fulfil to some extent its 
purpose of preserving the chronicles and records of this family. I also 
hope that those who read its pages may derive some measure of the 
pleasure and interest which I have experienced while preparing this his- 
tory of the descendants of George Boone III, our first American ancestor. 

Hazel Atterbury Spraker, 

October First, Nineteen Twenty-one. 

Mrs. James Randolph Spraker, 
64 Dorchester Road, 
Buffalo, New York. 

explanatory Motti 


Each descendant of George and Mary Boone is numbered in small 
print when his name first appears among the children of his parents. 
If he marries and has children, his name appears again in the following 
generation, bearing the same number, this time as the head of a family, 
in large print. If a name is to be thus repeated there will be a small 
cross (+) before the name and number when first given. 

Thus in order to trace the ancestry of any one person, first find his 
name as given in small print. Above his name will be found the bio- 
graphy of his parent, with name and number in large print. Turning 
back to the preceding generation, find this parent's name and number 
in small print, headed by his parent. This is the grandparent of the 
person you started from. Trace the numbers back in this way through 
the generations until George Boone III is reached. To trace a person's 
descendants reverse the process and trace from the early to the late 
generations. In a few cases it will be found that descendants have not 
been given a serial number. This is because their names were received 
after the numbering had been finished. 

The ancestral line in parentheses following each subject's name, 
such as James Boone (Samuel^; William*; George'), means simply that 
James is a son of Samuel, who was a son of William who was a son of 
George; or that James' father was Samuel, his grandfather William and 
his great-grandfather George. When a woman's name appears in the 
ancestral line, her full maiden name is used. The small superior figure 
indicates the generation. 


It must not be forgotten, in reading many early records, especially 
those of the Society of Friends, that dates prior to 1752 are usually given 
in the Old Style or Julian Time. A simple explanation of this change 
of time is to be found in "Our Calendar", a pamphlet by Gilbert Cope 
of West Chester, Pa., an eminent genealogist. It reads: — 

"An act of Parliment was passed in 1751, prescribing the adoption of 
the Gregorian Calendar throughout Great Britian and her colonies; making 
the succeeding year begin with the first of January and dropping eleven 
nominal days (3-13) from the month of September, 1752, so that what would 
have been the third of the month was called the 14th. The Quakers at their 
yearly meeting adopted this method, directing the members to recognize the 
change of style, and decreeing that thereafter the months should be numbered 
beginning with January. Formerly their numbering had begu,n with the 
month called March." 

(Explanatory iSotess 


Hence by merely adding eleven days to a date given in Old Style, 
we have the corresponding date according to our present calendar. In 
Julian or "Old Style" time, prior to 1752, the year began March 25th. 
In Gregorian or "New Style" time, the year begins with January Ist. 

Family history is interwoven with our country's history, 
particularly when its roots strike deep into Colonial times. 

Henry Parsons 

Kf^t Poone jFamilp in America 

The history of this family has its foundation in the brief genealogical 
data which was brought from England, and which was preserved by John 
Boone, son of George Boone III. John, who was the scholar of the family 
at that time, gave the information to his nephew James Boone, also a 
scholar and family historian^ who recorded the data both accurately and 
beautifully in the remarkable old document known as the James Boone 
Genealogy. A reproduction is here given of the original manuscript, 
which is preserved by the Historical Society of Wisconsin, and a trans- 
cription of it may be found on page 583 of the Appendix. Including the 
two generations of EngHsh ancestry which were recorded by James Boone 
in this manuscript, and back of which we have no knowledge, our family 
records now cover twelve generations, — twelve generations of a people 
more rough-hewn than fashionable, more practical than artistic, more 
constructive than idealistic; retaining the strong, forceful characteristics 
of its early ancestry, yet progressing with the times in matters of de- 
velopement and education. 

After coming to the New World the Boone Family quickly became 
part and parcel of Colonial America. English it was, in blood and in- 
heritance; but American it became, in deed and spirit, giving generation 
after generation to the best interests of American colonization and citizen- 
ship. Never faltering, never failing, it pressed onward with the wes- 
tern frontiers of civilization which then swept in successive waves across 
the continent. Not the sword and gilded snuff-box, but rather the 
musket and woodman's axe were the symbols of this rugged family 
of pioneers. Not the perfume of courtly ballrooms and assemblies, but 
rather the breath of the forest and tang of the log fire were the atmos- 
phere in which it labored and rejoiced. The mountains and illimitable 
plains furnished the home and playground which developed that splendid 
physical strength and moral courage without which no family can live 
and prosper. In pioneer settlements its members became a part of the 
industrious, home-building element which has so largely determined the 
eventual character of our great western states. 

With the passing of those pioneer days so fraught with danger and 
hardship, we find the Boone family adjusting itself to more quiet pur- 


arfje JBoone jFamilp 

suits, although ever ready to be at the forefront of any progressive move- 
ment requiring action and initiative. Its later members have joined the 
great ranks of those who are engaged in the fields of commerce, agri- 
culture, finance and education, and thus are doing their humble share 
towards making the United States the greatest and most progressive of 
all nations. 

■/^•^J ' 

■^'"^ ■' !" " ~" "^ ___..., - .. ._ . __ _ — ■^- - -- - ■ _ .., , ,. 

^l/C^o/&re^ in^Wc^ffn^i^) ''Ltya^'MnylJn^; A' /^^V-%«X«.^Cj *| 
I'Jth^rjAadn/^nc C'^^Mrrn/ /ha/ U^ftd' /o l^A^M nurid f/irmanj nAinJl/<J , rK^Q[C,^.iirtlfl/f 


First page of Old James Boone Genealogy. 
By Courtesy of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 



' Hnut 


A/Ml tU XH/T 

I'ar^'. — 





'i^T7/P/' -"^J'W/^^P- ^^^y^.. 

^^: /rz.j^,y„ ^x.^.^4 "'^/^^L, 







;i«!jii..iii- - — ■ !'•* 


Secend page of Old James Boone Genealogy. 
By Courtesy of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 

"1 %cj^{^Mu.My^^ ^M/£/psyMw/j;fO.^.)j^^ 

^-^/lli.^m^ M»:a^.^ /7J Q^ a^ui^ 7 'o/ao^kt & //^e/>^^ a^njin/J^ e&c6fi/6u i^n^^rred in/ 

~ . . a? %<t* ^yiat. • a-neCntotf eu^^n^w Ofi/u'nil'ot 

>^Q §£fOA/J'Llf-^cn) 

^ CK-'Uld-t^ 

^^. McfO^ ' 


Third page of Old James Boone Genealogy. 
By Courtesy of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 


f^»^^ :..... :;.^^:-^i:'*''=*- 


Last page of Old James Boone Genealogy. 
By Courtesy of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 

Jfirgt (feneration 

I. GEORGE BOONE First, born in England. 

^etonb (feneration 

II. GEORGE BOONE Second (son of George Boone First), 
born in or near the City of Exeter in Devonshire, England. Died aged 
sixty. He was a blacksmith. 

He married Sarah Uppey, who died aged eighty, and who "never 
had an aching bone or decayed tooth." 

®l)irb (feneration 

III. GEORGE BOONE Third (son of George Booije Second and 
wife Sarah Uppey), born in 1666 at Stoak, England, a village near the 
City of Exeter in Devonshire; died 27 July (Old Style) or 7 Aug. (New 
Style), 1744, in Exeter township, Berks Co., Pa., aged seventy-eight years. 

Married Mary Maugridge (b. 1669 in Bradninch, England, eight 
miles from Exeter in Devonshire), a daughter of John and Mary (Milton) 

George Boone and wife Mary were members of the Society of Friends 
(Quakers) in Callumpton, Devonshire, from which Meeting they took a 
letter of recommendation to the Society of Friends in America. Whether 
they were dissatisfied with their condition as Quakers in England, or 
whether they were impelled by that desire for adventure and travel 
which was later so strongly manifested in Daniel Boone and his brothers, 
will never be known. On the 17th of August, 1717, with six children, 
George Boone and his wife left the town of Bradninch in Devonshire 
and went to Bristol, where they set sail for America. 


20 CijE il^oone Jf amilp 

They had definitely decided to put the Old World, with its customs 
acd traditions, behind them, to brave the danger and uncertainty of an 
ocean voyage, and to link their fortunes with the New World which 
beckoned so alluringly from across the sea. This momentous decision 
was not made without wise consideration, however, for their three eldest 
children, George, Squire and Sarah, had been sent to America a few 
years before to investigate conditions. This was in 1713 or earlier, as 
we have record of the marriage of George Boone, Jr., in America in 1713. 
There is an interesting field for thought in the question of what influences 
brought about this emigration which means so much to all of us who 
are their descendants. One tradition is that William Penn was a friend 
of George Boone, and had persuaded him to emigrate to America. There 
is no doubt that their Quaker affiliation had much to do with the matter. 

George Boone was a weaver by trade, and had no doubt, by frugal 
living and diligent application to his trade, and we know not what other 
sacrifices, saved up quite a sum of money for this faring forth. Being 
people of simple tastes, they probably took with them only such "goods 
and chattels" as could be conveniently carried. 

No record was left of the long and perilous voyage across the At- 
lantic, and even the name of the vessel is unknown. They arrived at 
Philadelphia on the 29th of September (Old Style) or 10th of October 
(New Style), 1717. We like to picture them as being met by friends as 
they stepped onto the crude landing place at Philadelphia. At least we 
can be reasonably sure that they were met with open arms by their three 
children, George, Squire and Sarah, who poured into their eager ears 
bright accounts of the wonderful new land which was to become their 
future home. It must have been a happy reunion for George and Mary 
Boone, who had been separated for several years from their three eldest 
children. Once more they were surrounded by all their beloved sons and 
daughters, who were destined to become the progenitors of a family as 
staunch, sturdy and typically American as any which ever helped to 
build our nation. The little group had come to stay; to become a part 
of the very root and fiber of the New World. There was no looking back- 
ward, or thought of returning to England with possible gains. It is 
reasonable to suppose that of all the family the mother may have been 
the only one who sometimes, in the years that followed, longed for the 
quiet peace of the old home village in England, with its mellow church 
bells, old garden hedges, and kindly gossiping neighbors. 

It seems that when George Boone III and his family arrived in 
America they had as yet decided upon no definite location for a home. 
They went first to Abington, a village near Philadelphia, where the eldest 
son George had married and had Uved since 1713. There they remained 
a few months; then went to North Wales in Philadelphia Co., where 
they lived some two years; and finally in 1720, to Oley township in Phil- 
adelphia Co. (now Exeter township in Berks Co.). There George Boone 







OQ q 

o i 






S 'i^ 

























Wf)kti (^Eueration 21 

took a grant of land and founded his permanent home. When the divis- 
ions were made, in the township of Oley and County of Philadelphia, 
the new township was called "Exeter" in honor of the old home in Eng- 
land. There may also have been other families in that locality who came 
from old Exeter, but George Boone and his sons appear to have been 
the most prominent members of the community. 

Soon after their arrival in America they had become members of 
the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of Friends. No doubt their early resi- 
dence in North Wales came within the scope of Gwynedd Meeting, which 
embraced also their new home in Oley. This latter section soon became 
a separate meeting called Oley Meeting, which name was later changed 
to Exeter Meeting. Several items concerning George Boone III, are 
found in the Friends' Records, the earliest being as follows: — 

"10-31-1717" (Dec. 31) "George Boone, Sr. produced a certificate of his 
good life and conversation from the Monthly Meeting at Callumpton in 
Great Britain, which was read and well received." 

In 1720, George Boone was called to account for allowing the court- 
ship between his daughter Mary and John Webb. Just how this was 
contrary to the rules and regulations of the Society we are not told, but 
George Boone acknowledged his fault in meeting: — 

"5-26-1720 George Boone has openly acknowledged in the meeting his 
forwardness in giving his consent to John Webb to keep company with his 
daughter in order to marry, contrary to ye established order amongst us." 

The next record of George Boone is some eleven years later, when 
Gwynedd Meeting records that Oley Friends had appointed George 
Boone, Sr., one of two men to visit families within the verge of their 
meeting. This was approved by the Gwynedd Meeting. 

It is difficult to find any record of the land warrant of George 
Boone's own property, although in the Minutes of the Proprietors of 
Pennsylvania, we find the following entry which seems to refer to prop- 
erty purchased for the son George: — 

"Agreed with George Boone of Gwynedd, Sr., for his son George, for 
400 acres of land at Oley, for 14 pounds per 100, and 1 shilling sterling quit 
rent, ye warrant dated ye 20th October, 1718." (a) 

Having chosen what is now, and no doubt was then, a most beautiful 
piece of fertile, rolling land, George Boone built a log house upon it in 
1720. The site of the original house is marked by a boulder placed there 
by the Historical Society of Berks County, Pa. Thirteen years later, 
having prospered, he erected a larger house of stone near by, which is 

22 ^f)t ^oont Jf amilp 

still standing. The boulder referred to above is marked with the follow- 
ing inscription: 

House built in 1733 by 
GEORGE BOONE, grandfather of 
Site of Geo. Boone's log house, built about 1720 
Historical Society of Berks Co. 

On May 31st, 1917, the writer visited the George Boone home, about 
14 miles from Reading, Pa. This is a substantial, quaintly attractive 
stone house, said to be the one built by George Boone 3rd in 1733. 
The house is occupied by a thrifty German family which has 
kept everything about the place in most immaculate and "spic and 
span" condition, so that the place shows none of the signs of decay and 
disintegration which might be expected in so old a house. On the con- 
trary it looks quite equal to another hundred years or so of wear. The 
original stone house is intact, but additions have been built. The angle 
of the original roof remains, but on one side, where the roof had at first 
sloped down to a very low eave over the first floor, a second floor ex- 
tension has been raised, without disturbing or removing the original 
rafters, so that the house has the appearance of having a second floor 
addition built on top of the roof. The side nearest the road has a long 
low porch the entire width of the house, which is probably an addition. 
At the left of this is the real front of the house (facing the sun) with a 
quaint gabled portico before the door. There are few windows and man}' 
of these are narrow ones scarcely a foot wide, so built, it is said, as a 
protection against the intrusions of red-skinned visitors. The entire 
house, outbuildings, and all the fences are beautifully plastered and white- 
washed. This is the house which George Boone 3rd built for his children, 
remaining himself in the first log house, which is no longer standing. The 
stone house is probably about forty feet square. A stone set in or near 
one corner of the building bears the date 1733. There are two other 
buildings on the property. One is a stone two-story building over the 
spring, which bubbles up in a cellar room and passes out through an 
opening in the wall through a walled-in canal or trough about ten feet 
wide and forty feet long, finally meandering away in a stream through 
the meadow. At the end of this little canal on its banks, once stood 
the tanners' vats used by George Boone and his family, who were tanners 
by trade. 'Directly back of the house at some distance stands another 
two-story stone building, now used for a corn crib and storage house. 
This bears a date stone over the door marked "I. B." Back of and at 
either side of the homestead extend most beautiful meadows and rolling, 
well-cultivated farm lands. 

Having built the new house, George Boone refused for some reason 
to live in it himself, but turned it over to his children and continued to 

In Berks County, Pennsylvania. Erected 1733. 

"B L I ^ I 


K\)ivh feneration 23 

reside in the log house until his death. It is quite possible that some of 
his married children were then living at home with young families, and 
that George Boone and his wife Mar}^ preferred the quiet of the smaller 
home for themselves, as they were no longer young. When George 
Boone III died it is said that his remains were carried into the stone 
house and from there to his burial in the Friends' burying-ground at 
Exeter Meeting House. An old family Bible records the fact that "when 
Grandfather died he left 8 children, 52 grandchildren and 10 great- 
grandchildren living, in all 70, being as many persons as the house of 
Jacob which came into Egypt." 

In accordance with the custom of the Friends Society, no stones 
mark the graves of George Boone III and his wife Mary, but a far 
greater memorial is found in the thousands of descendants who unite 
in honoring their memory. 

Children : — 

(All born ia England.) 

+ 1 George Boone IV, b. 13 July, 1690 (Old Style). 
2 Sarah Boone, b. 18 Feb., 1691 or '92 (Old Style) or 29 Feb., 1792 (New 
Style); d. probably before 1744; m. 15 Mar., 1715, Jacob Stover, also 
spelled Stuber and Stowber Her marriage is recorded in Christ Church, 
Philadelphia. She was one of the three eldest children of George Boone 
III, who came to America in advance of the parents; was married and 
settled in Oley township, Philadelphia Co. (now Berks), before their 
arrival. (See old James Boone Genealogy.) While she was the first 
of the family to settle in that locality, she evidently did not affihate 
with the Friends Meeting there, as no data concerning her appears in 
the Quaker records. She was no doubt absorbed by the German ele- 
ment into which she married. It is also possible that she died quite 
young, as it is recorded that her father, when he died in 1744, left eight 
children. As all the others are known to have survived their father, 
Sarah must have been the first one to die. Her descendants, if any, are 
unknown. We find that one Jacob Stauber was granted land, on Oley 
Creek, Philadelphia Co. (now Berks Co.), in 1714. (b) It is thought 
that Jacob removed to Virginia, probably after his wife's death, for we 
find in Virginia record of one Jacob Stover's sale of land in Augusta 
Co. (now Rockingham Co.), to George Boone of Oley; one tract of 500 
acres and another of 1000 acres described as near the end of North Moun- 
tain, on a small branch of the Shenandoah, part of 5000 acres laid out for 
Stover by the Council of Virginia July, 1730. In 1738 a wife Margaret 
(Stover) signed a deed for land sold by Jacob to another person. Mar- 
g3,ret was probably a second wife, (c) 

+3 Squire Boone, b. 25 Nov., 1696. 

+4 Mary Boone, b. 23 Sept.; 1699. 
5 John Boone, b. 3 Jan., 1701 or '02. (Old Style) or 14 Jan., 17Q2 (New 
Style), in Bradninch, Devonshire, England; d. Oct., 1785 in Exeter 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. He never majried; was a school teacher and m^n 
of some learning. It was he who preserved the record of the family 
btrths and deaths and passed them on to his nephew James (son of James 
and Mary) who compiled them into the quaint genealogy which has 

24 tlTfje Sloone Jf amilp 

come down to us. He died in his eighty-fourth year; having lived in 
America exactly 68 years His wiU, which was signed 5 Oct., 1785, 
proven 22 Oct., 1785, mentions nephews Judah, Moses, James and Joshua; 
and Martha, wife of George Hughes, Rachel, wife of William Wilcoxson, 
Anne, wife of Abraham Lincoln, and Mary, wife of Thomas Lee; all of 
whom were children of his brother James. He also mentions an Isaiah 
Boone, (e) 
6 Joseph Boone, b. 5 Apr., 1704; d. 30 Jan., 1776, in his 72nd year; m. Cather- 
ine (d. 31 Jan , 1778). Their descendants are not known, and no 

authentic knowledge of Joseph has been found except the above data 
from the old James Boone Genealogy, Several marriages under the 
name Joseph Boone appear at various dates in Exeter Records, the earli- 
est reading as follows: — 

"8-30-1733, Joseph Boone produced a paper of condemn,ation for 
proceeding in marriage contrary to order." 

Also a Joseph Boone. Jr., married in 1751, which may have 
been his son. It is said that Joseph resided on the farm in 
Berks Co., where a man named Washington Gulden lived in 
1860 {(i) The name of Joseph Boone appears in a list of 76 
taxables in Exeter Twp., 1741 (/) and in the land warrants of 
Pennsylvania, a Joseph Boone received in Philadelphia Co., 200 acres 
Jan. 4, 1734; 200 acres Mar. 4, 1750; and 50 acres in Lancaster Co., 
Mar. 4, 1750. In an indenture concerning land of Squire Boone (the 
original of which is in possession of the Historical Society of Berks Co.) 
Squire's property is described as adjoining lands of Joseph Boone, in 

+7 Benjamin Boone, b. 16 July, 1706 (Old Style). 

-i-8 James Boone, b. 7 July, 1709 (Old Style). 

-|-9 Samuel Boone, b. about 1711. 

References :- 

— Old James Boone Genealogy, an original manuscript in possession of the His- 

torical Society of Wisconsin. 

— Gwynedd Monthly Meeting Records. 

— Publication of the Historical Society of Berks County, Pa. 

(a) Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Serie«, Vol. 19, page 644. 

(b) Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Seiies,, Vol. 19, page 583. 

(c) Chalkley's Abstracts from Public Records of Rockingham (Augusta) County, Va. 

(d) "Boone Family" an article by Dr. P. G. Bertolett, 1860. 

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CO "History of Berks and Lebanon Counties," by Rupple. 





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K "* 




We live in the past by a knowledge of its history, and 
in the future by hope and anticipation. By ascending to 
an association with our ancestors; by contemplating their 
example and studying their character; by partaking their 
sentiments and imbibing their spirit; by accompanying 
them in their toils; by sympathizing in their sufferings and 
rejoicing in their successes and triumphs, we mingle our 
existence with theirs and seem to belong to their age. 

Daniel Webster 

jFourtf) (feneration 

1. GEORGE BOONE IV. (son of George'), born 13 July (0. S.) or 24 
July (N. S.), 1690, in the town of Bradninch, Devonshire, England, "about 
half past five in the afternoon"; died 20 Nov., 1753, in Exeter town- 
ship, Berks County, Pa. (then Philadelphia Co.), in the 64th year of his 
age. (a) 

Married 27 July (0. S.) or 7 Aug. (N. S.), 1713, in Abington, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., Deborah Howell (b. 3 Nov., 1691 [N. S.J, d. 28 Jan., 1759), 
daughter of William and Mary Howell, (b) 

Accompanied by his brother Squire and sister Sarah, George Boone 
came to America a few years in advance of his parents and their other 
children, probably about 1713, and was married soon after his arrival. 
He settled at Abington, in Philadelphia Co., a village not far from Phil- 
adelphia, and in the Meeting Records of the Abington Society of Friends 
we find the following entries regarding him: — 

"5-27-1713, George Boone, Jr., and Deborah, daughter of Wm. Howell, 

"8-26-1713, George Boone produced a certificate from 'Bradwitch' in 
Devonshire, Great Britain, of his orderly and good conversation while he 
lived there, which was read and accepted." 

At Abington, George Boone was appointed to take charge of the 
records of the Friends Society, and many of the old records now extant 
are in his writing. (Preserved in the Friends Libraries of Philadelphia.) 
These items are also found in Abington Monthly Meeting Records: — 

"10-28-1716, George Boone dehvered a large bound book in order to 
Transcribe over ye Minutes in ye M. fleeting Books." 

"12-25-1716. Paid George Boone for a bound book, 14 S.— D." 

"1-30-1718, Friends at this Meeting do appoint Everard Bolton and 
Morris and Robert Fletcher to view ye Minutes that are recorded by George 
Boone and to agree with him for the transcription and pay him and give the 
Meeting acct. next month." 

George Boone, was joined in 1717 by his father and family, who 
stayed in Abington but a few months and then located in North Wales, 
but it is probable that George Boone, Jr., continued to reside in Abington 
until he left there with his wife and children to settle at Oley in 1720. 
He probably taught school at Abington, as his nephew, James Boone, re- 

28 ^\)t iPoone Jf amilp 

corded that George Boone IV, "taught school for several years near 
Philadelphia; was a good mathematician and taught the several branches 
of English learning; and was a magistrate for several years." 

In 1718 he purchased land in Oley township, Philadelphia, Co. 
(now Exeter Twp., Berks Co.), which we find record of in the Minutes 
of the Proprietors of Pennsylvania: — 

"Agreed with George Boone, Jr., of Abington for 400 acres of land at 
Olej^ at 14 pounds per hundred and one shilling sterling quit rent, for which 
a warrant is granted. Signed and dated the 4th of October, 1718." (c) 

On 26 Dec, 1720, a certificate was granted by the Abington 
Meeting to George Boone and family to "settle in and towards Oley 
and join themselves to Gwynedd Meeting." It can reasonably be sup- 
posed that they removed at about that time. 

The land warrants of Pennsylvania show many entries of land granted 
to George Boone in Philadelphia and Berks Counties, but which tracts 
are taken up by George Boone, Jr., and which by his father or younger 
relatives it is impossible to determine. It is said that when Exeter 
township was erected 7 Dec, 1841, out of the south west part of Oley 
township, including 13,500 acres, the survey was made by George Boone. 

At their new home in Oley George Boone and his wife again became 
active in affairs of the Friends Society, this time under the fold of Gwy- 
nedd Meeting. They were probably instrumental in founding the new 
meeting which was later formed, and called Oley Meeting, On 24th 
Dec, 1736, George Boone and wife Deborah deeded to the Friends one 
acre of ground for a meeting-house and burying-place. The first meeting 
house stood upon this plot, although the present building is across the 
road, (e) See appendix, page 589. 

In the manuscript department of the library of the Historical Society 
of Pennsylvania (^f), there is an old letter written by George Boone, Jr., 
reading as follows: 

To William Peters, Atty. at Law, Phila. 

Exeter, ye 3rd dav of 
May, 1745. 
Esteemed ffrd, — 

I having an opportunity at this time to send a few lines by my wife; 
Requesting thee pursuant to our discourse when I were last in town, to let me 
know whether I must attend at Chester Court or not, in order to a Tryal with 
Jacob Casdorp. If thee cannot attend thyself, deliver those papers I left 
with thee unto ye Attorney General. I should be well pleased to put some 
end to this affair. 

My wife will be some time in ye town so thee may send by her. 

I remain thy ffrd 


JfourtJ) (feneration 29 

From this it will be seen that George Boone was somewhat a "man 
of affairs", and also that even in those days it was quite in order for the 
busy wife and mother to run down to the city for a few weeks of shop- 
ping, and recreation. However, Deborah Howell's shopping was probably 
not for worldly trifles, as we are told that she was a preacher of some 
note in the Friends Society. Below is given an account of her which 
was published in "The Friend" (h), Vol. 32, 1858-9, page 403:— 

"DEBORAH BOONE was a daughter of William and Mary Howell, of 
Haverford, Chester County, Pa.; and was born there 8 mo. 23 day 1691 (m) Her 
parents were valuable Friends, and were favored to see the fiuit of their 
religious concern for their children's everlasting good. Among others of 
them who early in life submitted to the Cross of Christ, was Deborah, the 
subject of this notice. On the 20th of the 6th mo. 1713, she was married to 
George Boone. Some years after her marriage, a dispensation of the min- 
istry of the gospel was committed to her. She was often led in her ministry 
to speak of the mercies and goodness of her Heavenly Father to her. Her 
appearances in the ministry were short and she seldom spoke, yet they were 
attended with life and received with love. At the first settling of Friends in 
the neighborhood of Exeter she and her husband removed there with their 
family. She was at times after this engaged with others in visiting the fam- 
ilies of Friends, in which she was remarkably favored. She was of generous 
disposition and charitable to the poor. A!)out a year before her decease she 
became, through weakness of the body, unable to attend meetings, and during 
this time of suffering she was preserved in patience. To some who visited 
her, she expre.ssed much love for Friends, and her earnest desire for the 
prosperity of the truth in that newly settled and remote part of the world. 
She deceased 1st. mo. 26th day 1759, aged about 67 years." 

The will of George Boone IV, is recorded in Berks County, Pa., 
and reads as follows: — 

Will of George Boone of Exeter. 
Signed 11-18, 1753. Proven Dec. 24, 1753. (i) 

In the name of God, Amen. I George Boone of Exeter in County of 
Berks, and Province of Pennsylvania Esq Being sick and weak of Body but 
of Sound Mind (and) memory thanks be to Almighty God Therefore do make 
this my last will and Testament in form and manner as follows: — 

In the first place my will and desire is that my just Debts Be all honestly 
Pa,id and that the Remainder and Residue of my Estate to be Divided among 
my beloved wife and children in the manner follow: — 

Viz: — I give and Bequeath Unto my beloved Sone William all that 
part of my lands and livings Lying and being on the South Side of the 
Tullpahocan wagon road belonging to and appertaining to the old planta- 
tion in Exeter and also one half part of all the mills and water works now on 
any part of said premises; to have and to hold the Same Unto him and his 
assigns forever. 

Secondly: — I give and Bequeath Unto my Sone Hezekiah all that part 
of said old Plantation Lying and being on the North Side of the said Tull- 
pahocan wagon road and the other half part of all the mills and water works 
thereunto belonging to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever. 

30 ^f)e Soone jFamilp 

Thirdl}^: — I give and Bequeath to mj'^ Beloved Sone Josiah the Sa^ymill 
in Robinson Township in Berks aforesaid together with all the lands rights 
and Privileges thereto belonging to have to hold the Same unto him his heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Fourthly: — I give and Bequeath Unto my Beloved Sone Jeremiah all 
that Plantation and Parcell of Land Called Andreew Sanduskies Situate in 
Amity Township to have and hold to him his heirs and assigns forever. 

Fifthly: — I give and Bequeath unto my three daughters Viz. Mary, 
Deborah and Dinah, to Have each and every of them the just sum of Fifty 
Pounds Currant lawful Money of Penns^^lvania the same to be Unto them 
or their heirs within the Space of three years next after my Decease. 

Sixthly: — I give and Bequeath Unto my two little Grandchildren Viz: — 
George and Jane Hughes the issue of my Deceased Daughter Hannah the Sum 
of Seventy-five Pounds to be paid to each of them when they arrive at their 
proper ages and if either of them do not live till their proper ages then the 
same to go and be paid to the suivivor of them. 

Seventhly: — I give and Bequeath Unto my Beloved Wife the Sum of 
Twelve Pounds to be paid Unto her yearly and Every year During her life 
the Same to be paid Unto her by my Sons William and Josiah and also the 
liberty of the use of the Best Room in the old house where she has had her 
Residence the Chiefest part of the time since it pleased God to couple us 
together likewise it is my will and desire that my Sone William keep a Riding 
horse and Milch cow for her and find her as much firewood as is necessary for 
her Winter and Summer During her Natural Life also Some Necessary 
household Goods, etc. 

I do hereby nominate and appoint my four Sons Viz: — William, Josiah, 
Jeremiah and Hezekiah Executors to this my Last Will and Testament 
Impowering them to make Sale of my lands all such as is my own and other 
lands in partnership with Richard Peters Gentleman together with all my 
stock movable and unmovable in order to pay my just debts and the legacies 
thereby Impowering them or any two of them to act do and perform this my 
last Will and Testament and after paying all just Debts legacies, etc., they 
my said executors to pay all mortgages due oi becoming due on any of my 
lands Each and Ever}^ of them to pay a moity thereunto according to the 
Estates they hold if so be there is not sufficient without. 

Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced and Delivered to be my last 
Will and Testament the eighteenth Day of the 11th Month, 1753, In Presence 
of these the Subscribers. 

Joseph Boone 
John Hughes 
Edward Drury 
Edward Hughes 

Children: — 

(Ist three born in Abington; th.i others in Exeter, Berks Co.) (j) 

10 George Boone V, b. 3 July, 1714; d. 30 Nov., 1737. Never m. (k) 

11 Mary Boone, b. 10 Apr., 1716 (O. S.) Mentioned in her father's will. The 

records of Gwynedd Meeting give a marriage of one Mar}' Boone to 
Thomas Hope, 1-29, 1737. but there is no evidence to show that this was 
Mary the daughter of George Boone IV. The date and the fact that they 

jFourtf) (feneration 31 

were of GwjTiedd Meeting seem to prove it so, also the fact we know of 
no other Mary Boone of marriageable age at that time. The Minutes 
of Exeter Meeting record a marriage of one Mary Hopes to Arnold 
Boone 10-28, 1767, which might be either a second marriage of Mary 
Boone or the marriage of her daughter. 

+ 12 Hannah Boone, b. 20 Sept., 1718. (O. S.) 
13 Deborah Boone, b. 18 Feb., 1720, '21 (O. S.); m. May 1739, Joseph Bennet 

of Kennet, Chester Co., Pa., who had produced a ceitificate from Kennet 

"touching his life and conveisation." (e) 
+ 14 Dinah Boone, b. 18 Jan., 1722. (O. S.) 
+15 William Boone, b. 18 Nov., 1724. (O. S.) 
+ 16 Josiah Boone, b. 6 Mar., 1726 or '27. (O. S.) 

17 Jerenyah Boone, b. 6 Sept., 1729; d. unm. about 1787. Following is an 

abstract of his will: — 

"Jeremiah Boone, Oley, 
2-20-1787— Mar. 30; 1787 

To sister Dina Williams a Bond of John Albright for Fifty Pounds. 
To Sarah wid. of Bro. Wm. Boone Sixty Pounds. To Isaac Lee Fifty 
Pounds in trust for the use of Abigail Pancoast and her child To Mary 
wife of Isaac Lee Fifty Pounds. To George Boone son of Bro. Josiah 
One Hundred Pounds. To Bros. Josiah & Hezekiah Twenty-five 
Pounds each. To Solomon Coles son of my sister Dinah Fifty Pounds. 
To George Hughes son of my sister Hannah Seventy-five Pounds. To 
Exeter Meeting Fifty Pounds. To Jeremiah Boone son of Bro. William 
my tract of land in Northumberland Co. Cont. 344 acres Subject to 
payment of Fifty Pounds to Abner Williams son of sister Dinah. Men- 
tions having sold his Plantation in Ches. Co. to Peter Hilbesh & au- 
thorizes Exrs. to give Title to same Rem. to Bro Wms.' 5 sons William, 
George, Thomas, Jeremiah & Hezekiah. George Thomas & Jeremiah 
Boone Exrs. wit. by Thomas Lee Thos. Chevington. 

18 Abigail Boone, b. 9 Oct., 1732 (O. S.); probably died young, as she is 

not mentioned in her father's will. 

19 Hezekiah Boone, b. 22 May 173-. Inherited land from his father and 

25 pounds from his brother Jeiemiah. 


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(b) Randor Monthly Meeting Records. 

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but not its official publication, 
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(/c) Old James Boone Genealogy. 
(I) Exeter Records, 
(m) This date is in Old Style. 

32 Cf)E poone jFamilp 

3. SQUIRE BOONE (So7i of George^), born 25 November (Old 
Style) or 6 December (New Style), 1696, in Devonshire, England; died 
2 January, 1765, in Rowan County, North Carolina. 

Married 23 Sept., 1720, in Berks Co., Pa., Sarah Morgan (b. 1700; 
d. 1777, according to supposed headstone), daughter of Edward Morgan, 
an early settler of the Welsh colony of Gwynedd in Berks Co., Pa. (See 
Sketch of Morgan Family.) 

Squire Boone accompanied his elder brother and sister to America 
a few years before the parents came in 1717. His marriage to Sarah 
Morgan is recorded in the records of the Society of Friends as follows :- 

Marriage of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan. (6) 

Whereas, Squire Boone sone of George Boone of the county of Phila- 
delphia* and Province of Pennsylvania, yeoman, and Sarah Morgan, dau. 
of Edward Morgan of the said county and province, having declared their 
intentions of marriage with each other before two monthly meetings of ye 
people called Quakers, held at Gwynedd in the said county, according to .ye 
good order used among them, whose proceedings therein, after deliberate 
consideration, and having consent of parents and relations concerned therein, 
their said proceedings are allowed of by said meeting. Now these are to 
certify whom it may concern that for the full accomplishment of their said 
intentions this 23d day of ye 7th month in the year of our Lord 1720, the 
said Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan appeared at a solemn assembly of the 
said people for that purpose appointed at their public meeting-place in 
Gwynedd aforesaid, and the said Squire Boone took the said Sarah Morgan 
by the hand (and) did in a solemn manner declare that he took her to be his 
wife, promising to be unto her a faithful and loving husband, until death 
should separate them, and then and there in the said assembly the said Sarah 
Morgan did Hkewise declare, (etc. etc.) 


Witnesses : 

George, Edward and Elizabeth Morgan 

George and James Boone 

William, John and Daniel Morgan and 31 others 

After their marriage Squire and Sarah Boone first settled in Bucks 
County, Pa., if we may accept local tradition there and the following 
statement which appeared in a newspaper clipping sent to the compiler, 
who has, however, been unable to ascertain the names of either the news- 
paper or the writer of the article. 

"OLD BOONE HOMESTEAD.— Finely located on rising ground, 
overlooking the Upper Neshaminy, in New Britain Township, Bucks Co., 
Pa., stands a fine old stone house which, though remodeled and added to by 
later owners, gives evidence of the age accredited to a portion of the walls. 
It was the eastern portion of this building, including the one-story structure 
and part of the main house, that was the home of Squire Boone, the father 
of the intrepid Kentucky pioneer, Daniel Boone, until 1730. While much 

*This part of Philadelphia County later became Berks County. 

jFourtf) (feneration 33 

has been written in reference to the birth-place and time of birth of Daniel 
Boone, there is no doubt of the fact that his father and mother came to this 
farm immediately after their marriage at Gwynedd Meeting House, in 
Montgomery Co., seventh month, 23rd. 1720, and that at least three of 
Daniel Boone's brothers and sisters were born here. While Squire Boone 
did not become the owner of the property until Dec. 3, 1728, it is beUeved 
that he resided on the farm, as the deed recorded at Doylesville, in Deed 
Book No. 23, page 175, states that on Dec. 3, 1728, Thomas Shute and wife 
of Phila. and Heronimous Hass of Perkiomen conveyed to Squire Boone of 
New Britain Township, weaver, 147 acres of land in New Britain township 
described as follows: Beginning at the corner of land reputed to be Abel 
Morgan's, thence extending northeast 128 perches; southeast by Philip 
Sitsler, 184 perches; southwest by Andrew Hamilton's land 128 perches; 
northwest by said Abel Morgan's land 184 perches to place of beginning. 
This tract is located about three-quarters of a mile west of the present 
village of Chalfont, then known as Butler's Mill, and is intersected by the 
Neshaminy Creek, which the building faces, and the Doylestown branch of 
the Philadelphia and Reading Railway. The old road from Butler's Mill, 
now Chalfont, to the Bethlehem road at Line Lexington, crosses the north 
corner of the farm near the buildings. Another public road, intersecting the 
other road at the buildings, extends southeasterly through the center of the 
farm to the old road original^ known as 'the road from Butler's Mills to 
North Wales,' now the upper State Road. It was on this farm that Squire 
Boone resided until he moved to Oley township in Berks Co., having obtained 
a grant of 250 acres of land which was surveyed to him in Dec. 1730. * * * 
The old Boone homestead in New Britain is now owned by a Philadelphian 
and occupied by Edward Berry." 

The above article assumes but does not prove that Squire Boone 
resided on this property prior to his purchase of it in 1728. A history 
of Bucks Co. states that in 1728 Squire Boone purchased 140 acres in 
New Britain township of Thomas Shute of Philadelphia.* ("History of 
Bucks Co., Pa." by W. W. H. Davis, Pub. at Doylestown, Pa.) 

We are certain, however, that Squire and his family returned to 
Berks Co. (then Phila. Co.), and in 1730 settled on a farm in Oley town- 
ship, Philadelphia Co. (now Exeter twp., Berks Co.) not far from the 
homestead of his father George Boone III, both being only a few miles 
from the present city of Reading. This property Squire Boone bought 
from Ralph Asheton of the city of Philadelphia, the twentieth day of 
November, 1730. (c) Nine of their children were born on this farm, the 
first three having been born previous to the purchase of the property. 
A plain two-story house of stone now stands on the site of the original 
farmhouse, replacing the first log structure. It is said that the stone 
foundation and cellar belonged to the log house first built by Squire Boone. 
Perhaps the most authoritative description of this property can be had 
from the following letter, a copy of which may be seen in the library 
of the Historical Society of Berks Co. at Reading. It was written by 

*The property is now owned by Mr. Hilburn Schloo, Doylestown, Pa. 

34 ^f^t iBoone jFamilp 

Mr. Andrew Shaaber, at that time librarian and secretary of the Society, 
to the Pennsylvania Society, 249 West 13th St., New York, in reply to 
an inquiry concerning the Boone birthplace. 

"Repljang to yours of Nov. 13, 1915, concerning birthplace of Daniel 
Boone. — Daniel Boone, son of Squire Boone (Squire being his given name), 
was born in that part of Philadelphia County, Penn., which in 1752 as 
Exeter township, became a part of the newly formed county of Berks. The 
birthplace of Daniel Boone never was in Bucks Co. 'Squire Boone of the 
County of Philadelphia, yeoman' on Nov. 19th and 20th, 1730, bought 250 
acres, part of Ralph Asheton's tract of 500 acres, built on it and occupied 

"This 500 acre tract had been granted by William Penn, Aug. 14th and 
15th, 1682, to John Millington of Shrewsbury, England. The tract soon 
passed to 'Ralph Asheton, Gentleman, of the City of Philadelphia' and was 
until 1741, a part of Oley township, Phila. Co. 

"In 1741 Squire Boone was one of a number of petitioners for the forma- 
tion of a new township to be taken from Oley, and to be named Exeter. The 
new township was erected Dec. 7, 1741. 

"When Squire Boone was about moving to North Carolina, he learned 
that at the purchase in 1730 a certain legal confirmation of sale had been 
omitted. This was rectified April 10, 1750, and on the next day he sold to 
William Maugridge 'a certain Messuage or Tenement and tract of land 
containing 158 3-4 acres.' This was part of Boone's 250 acres. 

"Daniel Boone's birthplace is nearly half a mile away from the pubUc 
road. The nearest towns to it are Baumstown, in former days called Exeter 
town, and Stonersville, both small towns and each more than a mile away. 

"Moses Boone, aged 84, and perhaps the oldest living member of the 
Boone family, has alwaj^s lived near the Squire Boone place, and has always 
been told that it was the birthplace of Daniel. The Lee family, from as early, 
as the birth of Daniel Boone, have been neighbois and close friends of the 
Boones. Some were born in the same old house of those yet living, and all 
have known the house as Daniel Boone's birthplace. 

"Bucks County, one of the three original counties of Pennsylvania, is 
seventy years older than Berks. Because of this and because of the sim- 
ilarity of names, Exeter township is sometimes mistakenly spoken of as being 
Bucks County." 


Mr. Shaaber gives a further description of the place in a diary entry 
dated Oct. 17, 1912. (This paper may be seen in the library of the 
Historical Society of Berks Co.) 

"Visited the birthplace of Daniel Boone in Exeter township 1 1-2 miles 
from Baumstown. Moses Boone, aged 80 3'ears, says he was at the place 
with his father when a boy and was told that the original house in which 
Daniel was born was a good sized log building that stood over the 
spring, on the same foundation walls on which now stands the stone house 
with date 1779. While the log house was 3^et in use, the stone extension to 
the right was built. The date stone which was in this stone building was 
either taken out, or was plastered over, so I was not able to get the date of 
its erection. The old log house after standing many years began to decay 
and grow weak. The arch over the spring was broken by heavy timbers 

jFourtf) (feneration 35 

falling upon it, perhaps when the house was being taken down in 1778, or 
perhaps before that time. In 1779 the log house was replaced by the stone 
extension at the left and with date 1779. The foundatfion walls of the log 
house were not removed. The walls were sound, as they are to this day, and 
the 1779 end of the house stands on the same cellar walls that the old log 
house stood on." (Note: — The Moses Boone mentioned here was a son of 
Judah Boone, the son of Moses Boone, son of James Boone, brother of 

In possession of the Berks County Historical Society is the original 
indenture of a deed of Sarah Drury to Henry Feree in 1768, conveying 
this same property, and showing that Sarah Drury was an heir-at-law 
of William Maugridge and restating his purchase from Squire and Sarah 
Boone, and so on back to the William Penn grant. 

A rather detailed account of this property has been given here be- 
cause it was the birthplace not only of Daniel Boone, but of his brothers 
George and Squire Boone, who were ancestors of so many members of 
the family who are interested in this history. When the writer visited 
the place in 1917, it was found to be in a deplorable condition. It is 
to be hoped that there will some day be inaugurated a movement to 
have the place restored and preserved as a tribute to Daniel Boone's 

Very little is known of Squire Boone's personal life in Pennsylvania. 
His standing in the Friends Society was good, as he was in 1736, a trustee 
of Oley Meeting, and on 10 mo. 27, 1739, made an overseer, (e) From 
the fact that so little mention of him is found in the history of the 
community, and the fact that he emigrated to North Carolina as a man 
of apparently little means, it is judged that he was the least prosperous 
of all the Boone brothers. After the marriage of his daughter Sarah to 
John Wilcox, who was not a member of the Friends Society, Squire was 
reprimanded by the Meeting, and his explanation appears recorded in 
the Minutes of Exeter Meeting, Book A, page 33, as follows: — 

"6-26-1742. Squire Boone declareth he did not contenance or consent 
to the Marriage but confesseth himself in fault in keeping them in his house 
after their keeping company but that he was in a great streight in not know- 
ing what to do, and hopeth to be more careful for the future." 

Before many more of his children were married, however, Squire 
and his family had removed themselves to North Carolina, where the 
course of true love was less hampered by the watchful eye of the Friends 
Meeting. There is little doubt that this was only another instance of a 
removal due to religious intolerance in the home community. Ever 
seeking a higher and more satisfying religious expression, yet ever fleeing 
from the petty restrictions of church government, the Boones were merely 
following that primal instinct which has led men from the beginning of 
history, to move always onward into new lands where greater freedom 


36 ^^t i^oone jFamilp 

of action and expression can be obtained. Hence we find that on April 
11, 1750, Squire Boone and wife Sarah conveyed their farm of 158 acres 
of land in Exeter Township to William Maugridge, "19 days before they 
set out for North Carolina, May 1, 1750." (d) Although Sarah Boone 
had obtained a certificate from Exeter Meeting "to Friends in Virginia, 
Carolina and elsewhere" (e), there is no evidence that they united with 
any Quaker Meeting in North Carolina, and many of their children later 
became Baptists. 

No actual record of this long journey to the new land of promise 
has been left to us, but a graphic pen-picture of what it might have been 
like is given by Constance Lindsay Skinner in her "Pioneers of the Old 
Southwest" (Yale University Press, 1919):— 

"Southward through the Shenandoah goes the Boone caravan. The 
women and children usually sit in the wagons. The men march ahead or 
alongside, keeping a keen eye open for Indian or other enemy in the wild, 
their rifles under arm or over the shoulder. Squire Boone, who has done 
with Quakerdom and is leading all that he holds dear out to larger horizons, 
is ahead of the line, as we picture him, ready to meet first whatever danger 
may assail his tribe. He is a strong -wdry man of rather small stature, with 
ruddy complexion, red hair and gray eyes. Somewhere in the line, together, 
we think, are the mother and son (Daniel) who have herded cattle and com- 
panioned each other through long months in the cabin on the frontier. We 
do not think of this woman as riding in the wagon, though she may have 
done so, but prefer to picture her, with her tall robust body, her black hair, 
and her black eyes— with the sudden Welsh snap in them — walking as 
sturdily as a;ny of her sons." 

There is some evidence that the Boones stopped for awhile in Vir- 
ginia (/), probably near Winchester. They may have stayed there two 
years or more, as their purchase of land in North Carolina was not made 
until December, 1753. 

In a "Sketch of Daniel Boone" by J. R. McCrary of Lexington, N. 
C, we find the following account: — 

The entire (Squire) Boone family moved from Pennsylvania to North 
Carolina May 1, 1750, and settled on the banks of the Yadkin River, in what 
was then Rowan but now Davidson County. This is established by both 
history and local tradition, by Roosevelt's Winning of the West, Sheet's 
History of the Liberty Baptist's Association, and Jethro Rumple's 
History of Rowan. A map in the year 1908, issued by the Depart- 
ment of the Interior of the United States Government, shows the 
travels of the principal explorers with Boone's route covering the tradi- 
tional site in Boone township, Davidson County. At this early time Rowan 
County was a frontier country, the hills being covered with a great stretch 
of forest and teeming with deer, bear, and other game. * * The place where 
the Boone family lived is on a high hill overlooking the Yadkin River. 
Portions of their double log house, including about one-half of the rock 
chimney, were standing until within the last twenty-five years. All these 
have been carried away by relic hunters except a few of the large flat hearth 
rock, which were found in cellars under the house by the Boone Association 

jFourtf) (feneration 37 

in rebuilding the cabin. The Association also found several broken cups and 
dishes of the old time flowered ware. * * About one hundred yards from the 
home site is the Boone spring, and a hundred yards in the opposite direction, 
on the river bank, is what has been known for generations as Boone's Cave 
or Devil's Den. * * Close by is Boone's Ford, and across the river a short 
distance, in Davie County, once stood what was known as Boone's Baptist 
Church. The records of the old church show that Boone's family were members 
although Daniel himself never joined any church. Mr. Philip Sowers, the 
owner of the land which lies in Boone Township, and the owner of the Boone 
bottoms, has deeded to the Association the old home site of about five acres 
of land." 

The Daniel Boone Memorial Association, of which Mr. J. R. Mc- 
Crary, writer of the above article, is the chairman, has recently erected 
on the site of the Boone homestead a replica of the original log cabin, 
for which citizens of Davidson County subscribed funds. Citizens of 
Rowan County (which was formed from Davidson Co. in 1822) have 
erected a handsome shaft of native Rowan granite, on which is placed 
a bronze tablet given by the Daughters of the American Revolution of 
Salisbury, N. C. Records show that Squire Boone, father of Daniel, 
bought property on the Yadkin River in Dec, 1753, six years later selling 
at least part of this tract to his son Daniel. There is no record of Squire 
Boone and his wife having located elsewhere in North Carolina, but whether 
their dwelling was near that of the son Daniel which is reproduced by 
the Association, or whether the elder couple occupied one side of this 
double log house and Daniel and his family the other side, is not known. 

In the Court House at Salisbury, Rowan County, N. C, is the 
original of an indenture between Daniel Boone of "Roan" Co., and 
Rebecca his wife, on the one part, and Aaron Van Cleve of the county 
and province of North Carolina on the other part, conveying for the sum 
of eighty pounds, six hundred and forty acres of land "Granted and sold 
unto the said Daniel Boone, by his father Squire Boone, bearing date 
the 12th of October, 1759, and conveyed to Squire Boone by deed of con- 
veyance from the Right Honorable John, Earl of Granville, bearing date 
December 29th in the Year of Our Lord, 1753." Attached to this record 
is a note saying, — "Daniel Boone, Planter, bought this tract from his 
father for 50 pounds." 

In 1759 there were severe Indian outbreaks along the frontier settle- 
ments of North Carolina, and during that time Squire Boone and his 
wife, with perhaps their younger children, were among the families that 
returned to Virginia or Maryland for a period, (g) Bogart tells us that 
"about 1759 Squire Boone and his wife, Daniel, his wife and their two 
sons, and several other families, * * * fled from the Indians to various 
parts of Virginia and Maryland. * * * * Squire Boone (Daniel's father) 
went to Georgetown in the District of Columbia, where he lived for three 
years, and then returned to the Yadkin. * * * * Sometime in the spring of 

38 Zi)t S^oone Jf amilp 

1762 Squire Boone and his wife returned to their home on the Yadkin, 
riding on horseback all the way from Maryland." (fc) 

Sometime at about this period, probably during their stay in Mary- 
land, Sarah (Morgan) Boone took her youngest son Squire back to Penn- 
sylvania on a visit. The entire journey was made on horseback, stopping 
to camp at night. It is not known how long Sarah remained, but she 
returned home without her son, whom she left in Pennsylvania as an 
apprentice to his cousin Samuel Boone (No. 58) to learn the gunsmith 
trade, (h) 

After that Squire Boone and his wife continued to live beside the 
Yadkin River until their deaths. They both lie buried in the old Joppa 
cemetery at Mocksville, Davie County, N. C, where their gravestones 
were standing until recently. Because of the depredation of souvenir- 
hunters, the stones have now been enclosed in a strong steel cage as a 
protection from further vandalism. 

The inscription on Squire Boone's headstone reads as follows: — 

Squire Boone departed this life they sixty-ninth year of his ageinthay 
year of our Lord 1765, Geneary Tha 2. 

On the headstone which is supposed to be that of Squire Boone's 
wife, only the first two letters of the word Sarah are legible. The in- 
scription reads as follows: — 

"Sa.... Boone desowned this life 1777, aged 77 years." 

Children : — 

(1st three or four b. in New Britain twp., Bucks Co., Pa., the rest in Exeter twp., 
Berks Co.) (e) 

+20 Sarah Boone, b. 7 June, 1724 (O. S.), or 18 June (N. S). 

21 Israel Boone, b. 9 May (O. S.) or 20 May (N. S.), 1726; m. in Exeter, Berks 
Co., Pa., but name of wife unknown. He was testified against in Exeter 
Meeting for "Marrying out," Dec. 31, 1747. It has been said that 
Israel Boone went to North CaroHna and died there early (i) ; but other 
evidence indicates that he went to Fayette Co.,Ky., for it is said that 
in Deed Book D, p. 143, of Fayette Co. Circuit Court, there is record of 
Israel's deed to his brother Daniel Boone of property, land, etc., of con- 
siderable value. This seems to have been made at about the time of 
Israel's death, (j) 

+22 Samuel Boone, b. 20 May, 1728. (O. S.) 

+23 Jonathan Boone, b. 6 Dec, 1730. (O. S.) 

+24 Ehzabeth Boone, b. 5 Feb., 1732. (O. S.) 

+25 Daniel Boone, b. 22 Oct., 1734. (O. S.) 

+26 Mary Boone, b. 3 Nov., 1736. (O. S.) 

+27 George Boone, b. 2 Jan., 1739. (O. S.) 

+28 Edward Boone, b. 19 Nov., 1740. (O. S.) 

+29 Squire Boone, b. 5 Oct., 1744. (O. S.) 

+30 Hannah Boone, b. Aug., 1746. (O. S.) 

foe PAR rri^S 
I THIS, t If c m 

|THcy Six'TY 

N .' NT H yEAfi 


In Joppa Cemetery, Mjocksville, North Carolina. 

By Courtesy of Mr. J. E. McCrary of Lexington, North Carolina. 

Jfouttl) (feneration 39 

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4. MARY BOONE (daughter of George^), born 23 Sept. (0. S.), or 
4 Oct. (N. S.), 1699, in Devonshire, England; died 16 Jan., 1774, in 
her 75th year, (a) 

Married 13 Sept. (or 24 Sept., N. S.), 1720, in Philadelphia County 
(now Berks), Pa., John Webb (d. 18 Oct., 1774, in 80th year). (6) 

The abstract of their marriage record reads: — 

"7-13, (1720) John Webb of Phila. Co. and Mary Boone daughter of 
George of tlie same Co., at a Public Meeting. Witnesses George, Squire and 
Benjamin Boone; Thomas Evan; Edward Foulke; Edward Morgan; Daniel 
Meredith and 18 others, (b) 

In some way their courtship did not comply with the regulations of 
the Society of Friends, for on 26 July, 1720, in Gwynedd Meeting, her 
father, George Boone, openly acknowledged his fault in allowing John 
Webb to "keep company with his daughter in order to marry, contrary 
to ye established order." (6) 

After their marriage John and Mary Webb probably settled in Exeter 
township, as their affairs continue to be recorded in Gwynedd and Exeter 
Meetings. It is said that they resided on the farm occupied in 1860 
by Isaac Herbine, then also included in the paternal estates, (c) 

In 1730, John and Mary Webb must have again offended the Meet- 
ing, for we find: 

"7-29-1730, John Webb and wife Mary produced acknowledgment of 
misconduct which was accepted." (6) 

For ten years they kept within the straight and narrow path laid 
down by the Friends, but in 1740 John Webb was again called to account: 

40 ®f)e poone jFamilp 

9th Mo. 27th 1740. A. 21. 
"At this Meeting John Webb brought a Paper of Condemnation for 
his outgoing which was received and ordered to be Read at Oley first Day's 
Meeting; the further PubUshing thereof is referred to Friends of Philadelphia. 
It is as follows, viz. (His acknowledgment). This is to give notice to All 
Persons whom it may concern that I John Webb being at the Elechon at 
Philadelphia in the year 1740, in a very Pubhc Place and after a very Public 
manner, being taken and apprehended with a grindstone in my Hands as 
though I had a mind to take it away and when the man spoke to me saying, 
'Where art thou going with that Stone?' I made answer unwittingly and 
after a suspicious manner to my own shame I do confess, which was after 
this manner. 'What if I have bought it?' These words being spoken by me, 
and have proceeded from the same Wicked Spirit which leads People into 
such Vile Words and Actions to the great Scandal of our Holy Profesion; 
all which Words and Actions of Mine as aforesaid with all the other unsavory 
Conduct of mine at that time I condemn the whole, and the Spirit that led me 
thereunto, with desire in my Heart, that for the future I may be more careful 
so as not to Transgress the Law of God written in the Heart." 


(Note: — All similar papers were read publicly at First Day Mtg.) 

Children : — 

(Births recorded in Exeter Record.) 

+31 John Webb, b. 14 Mar., 1720, (O. S.) 

32 George Webb, b. 3 Sept., 1723 (O. S.); was complained against for 

"marrying out" 30 June, 1743. (c) 

33 Mary Webb, b. 26 Jan., 1726-7. (O. S.) 

34 Sarah Webb, b. 17 Oct., 1729 (O. S.); probably married Mitchell, for we 

find "6-26, 1760, Sarah Webb, alias Mitchell, testified against." (d) 

35 Benjamin Webb, b, 28 Dec, 1732. (O. 8.) 

36 Joseph Webb, b. 6 May 1735. (O. S.) On 29 June, 1758, Joseph Webb 

was testified against for "marrying out and by a justice." (d) There 
is record of the administration of the estate of one Joseph Webb, Bruns- 
wick, Berks Co., to Rachel and Martha Webb, daughters, Mary the 
widow renouncing, 21 Mar., 1781. (e) 

37 James Webb, b. 4 Mar., 1737-8. (O. S.) 
-f 38 Samuel Webb, b. 23 May, 1740. (O. S.) 

39 Moses Webb, b. 2 Oct., 1743. (O. S.) 

References: — 

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Jfourtl) (feneration 4i 

7. BENJAMIN BOONE (son of George^) born 16 July (0. S.) 
or 27 July (N. S.) in Devonshire, England; died 14 Oct., 1762, in the 
57th year of his age. (a) 

Married 1st, 1726, Ann Farmer, and 2nd, Susannah (d. 5 Nov., 

1784, aged 76). (a) 

He left Bradninch, England, with his parents on 17 Aug., 1717, and 
from Bristol, England, sailed for America, arriving at Philadelphia 29 
Sept., 1717 (or 10 Oct., N. S.). With his parents he lived for a short 
time at Abington, near Philadelphia, where he later returned to claim a 
bride. After settling with his father in Oley twp., Philadelphia Co., 
(now Exeter, Berks Co.), he obtained a certificate from Gwynedd Meeting 
which was recorded in the minutes and reads: — 

"7-27-1726, Benjamin Boone requests a certificate to Abington in order 
for marriage," and 

"8-25-1726, Certificate signed for Benjamin Boone." 

The marriage is recorded in the Abington Meeting Records as follows: — 

"8 mo. 3, 1726, Whereas Benjamin Boone and Ann Farmer having de- 
clared their intention of marriage with each other before two Monthly 
Meetings, Enquiry made by persons appointed and found clear from all 
others on ye acct. of marriage, are left to accomplish ye same orderly." 

"9 mo. 28, 1726, Report was made by ye persons appointed to attend 
Benjamin Boone's marriajge and it was orderly performed." 

When and where Benjamin married the second wife Susannah (sur- 
name unknown) has not been learned. It is probable that he married 
this time out of the Quaker fold, and possibly about 1736, as at this 
time he was in disfavor at Gwynedd Meeting. The Minutes give this 
item : — 

"2-27-1736, Benjamin Boone has not been spoken to since last Meeting." 

The disfavor seems to have been dropped, as there is no further 
mention of it to be found in records. 

In 1735, Benjamin Boone, with Mordecai Lincoln and four other men, 
was appointed by the court of Philadelphia, to lay out one of the first 
roads in Exeter Township. Upon the establishment of Oley Township, 
in 1741, fifty families were not included. Among the petitioners against 
this were James, Benjamin, John and Squire Boone. He was among the 
representatives in the Assembly from Berks Co., 5 Oct., 1758. (6) 

Among the land warrants of Philadelphia Co., is found an entry of 
Benjamin Boone, for 300 acres, 8 Feb., 1734. What is now Berks Co., 
was then a part of Philadelphia Co., so his land was probably in the 
township of Exeter, near the other Boones. An indenture made 1 Nov., 
1768, describing the property of Squire Boone, brother of Benjamin, 
says that the tract ran from a corner of George Boone's land 174 perches 

42 2rf)e ?Boone Jf amilp 

northwest to a post; thence by Benjamin Boone^s land, etc. At his 
death he left quite an estate, according to an inventory made by his 
sons James and Samuel who were executors. It consisted of all sorts 
of movable property and two plantations, one in Amity and the home- 
stead in Exeter. 

The five children by Benjamin's second wife, Susannah, were all bap- 
tized 6 Aug., 1753, at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Morlottan, Berks 
Co., from which record the birth dates below are taken. 

Will of Benjamin Boone. 
Signed 5 Jan., 1762. Proved 27 Oct., 1762. Recorded in Berks Co. 

In the Name of God, Amen. This Fifth day of January in the year of 
Our Lord, one thousand, seven hundred sixty-two, I, Benjamin Boone of 
Township of Exeter, County of Berks and Province of Pennsylvania, being 
in sound mind and memory, Thanks be given to God therefor, Calling to 
mind the mortallity of my Body and knowing it is appointed for all men 
once to die; do make and ordain this my last will and Testament; That is to 
to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands 
of God that gave it, and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be 
buried in a Christian-like and decent manner at the discretion of my executors. 
And as touching my worldly estate where with it hath pleased God to bless 
me with in this life, I give, Bequeath and dispose of the same in the following 
manner and form; Viz: 

Firstly; I give and bequeath to Susanah my dearly beloved Wife, as 
much or as many of my household goods as she may think proper for her own 
use; also one Cow which she may best like; Also that either of my three sons 
hereafter mentioned which she may best Like to Live with, shall find and pro- 
vide for her a good and sufficient Lodging Room for her use in the house he 
lives in. 

Secondly: I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Boone that part 
of my tract of land in Exeter called the Old Place, being the front of said tract. 

Thirdly: I give and bequeath unto Samuel my youngest son the Rear 
of the above mentioned tract, called the New Place; the whole to be equally 
divided both in quantity and quality between them, and to pay each their 
equal part of the quit rents of Said tract. The dam Conveniency of Watering 
their meadows to be Maintained at an equal cost between them. And the 
said Samuel Boone, his heirs, exers., Admrs., or Assigns Shall not Deprive, 
hinder or Debar the Sd. Benjamin Boone, his heirs, Exis., and Admrs., or 
assigns the free Liberty Privilege and benefit of all the Water for Watering 
Meadow four Days in every week if required, under forfeiture of One thousand 
pounds Currant money of this Province. 

Fourthly: I give and bequeath unto my son James all my Plantation 
and tract of land lieing in Amity Township. 

Fifthly: My will is that my three sons above mentioned, their heirs, 
Exrs. and Admrs., or assigns shall pay unto my wife Susanah the just full 
sum of Ten pounds good and lawful money per year, each and every of them, 
during her Natural life. 

jFourtt) feneration 43 

Sixthly: My will is, that if either of my three sons, Benj., James or 
Samuel Boone should die without issue then his whole Part herein bequeathed 
to fall to the other two ; but if two of them should die without issue then the 
other surviving Heir shall pay unto each and every of my other children the 
just sum of thirty pounds Current money in Two years after their decease. 

Seventhly: I give and Bequeath to my Three sons above mentioned 
all my Movable Estate but what is already Excepted for my Wife and to be 
equally divided amongst them. 

Eighthly: I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Dinah the just sum 
of one hundred pounds good and lawful money to be paid to her when she 
arrives at the age of fifteen years, and if there should not be money to pay 
her the whole sum the Remainder to be Raised and Levied out of my three 
son's parts of the Movable Estate. Also I give my eldest son, John Boone 
the sum of five shillings. 

Ninthly : My will is that my Negro man Dick shall be free from serving 
my Heirs, Exors., Admors., or any of them and Likewise shall have two 
acres of land on Samuel's place where it may best suit them both for the use 
of Sd. Negro During his Life and the Sd. Negro shall for the use of the land 
Work and assist the Sd. Samuel Boone one week in every harvest during the 
time he lives on the place. 

Likewise I do hereby ordain and appoint my three sons, Benjamin, 
James and Samuel Boone my whole and sole Executors to shew and Recover 
all Debts, bills and Bonds whatsoever. 

In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and 
Year above Written. 

Witnesses : 

Thomas Warren 

Sarah Warren 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

40 John Boone, probably son of first wife Ann Farmer, as he was not baptized 

with the children of Benjamin and 2nd wife Susannah. 

(Second Marriage) 

41 Mary Boone, b. 11 Nov., 1739. 
+42 Benjamin Boone, b. 13 Aug., 1741. 

43 James Boone, b. 24 Mar., 1743; d. about 1771. (Will probated then.) 
+44 Samuel Boone, b. 11 Aug., 1746. 
+45 Dinah Boone, b. 8 May, 1749. 

References : — 

(a) Old James Booije Genealogy. 

(6) "Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln," by Lea & Hutchinson. Data on Benjamin 
Boone and descendants furnished by Miss Mary Josephine Roe of Gilbert, Ohio. 

44 Vtf}t JBoone jFamilp 

8. JAMES BOONE (son of George^), born 7 July (0. S.) or 18 July (N. S.) 
1709; died 1 Sept., 1785 in the 77th year of his age, and was interred in the 
Friends' burj'^ing-ground at Exeter, (a) 

Married 1st, 15 May, 1735, Mary Foulke, (b. 5 Dec, 1714 at North 
Wales, Philadelphia Co., d. 20 Feb., 1756, in her 42nd year), daughter 
of Hugh and Anne Foulke. He married 2nd, 20 Oct., 1757, Anne Griffith 
(b. 29 Jan., 1713). She left no children. 

The land warrants of Pennsylvania show that one James Boone was 
granted 500 acres of land in Lancaster Co., 11 Apr., 1737. James is said 
to have inherited and occupied the homestead of his father George Boone 
III. (6) 

On Dec. 29, 1737, James Boone was appointed an overseer of Exeter 

Both James and his second wife Ann left wills, record of which may 
be found in "Abstracts of Berks Co., Wills" Vol. 1, pp. 155 and 443. 
In the library of the Historical Society of Berks Co., Pa., at Reading, 
is an old document entitled "Letters Testamentary to the Estate of 
James Boone", which contains his will, as copied below. 

Will of James Boone. 

In the name of God, Amen, I James Boone, Sen., of the Township of 
Exeter in the County of Berks and State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being 
Sick and Weak in Body but of Sound and perfect Mind and Memory Blessed 
be God for the Same, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament 
in manner and form following. That is to say First, my will is that my Body 
be decently buried and all my just Debts and funarel Expences paid out of 
my Estate, by my Executors herein after named. 

2ndly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Ann Boone the sum 
of two hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania State, to be paid to 
her (and if she should require it, a Bond given for payment thereof) within 
six months after my decease, to be at her free disposal, also I Give and be- 
queath unto her, all the Household Goods and Furr^iture that I received 
with her. Together also with all other the household Goods and Furniture 
standing in the New Addition to my Dwelling House wherein we now live; 
and also, a good Riding Horse, Saddle and Bridle and two Good Milch Cows, 
which said Creatures my Son Moses Shall keep for her, with his own, both 
Winter and Summer, during her Natural life and at the expiration thereof. 
The said Creatures, with all the Household Goods and Furniture to her 
Given, Shall returne, and be equally divided among all my own children now 
living, to wit, James, Judah, Joshua, Moses, Anne, Mary, Martha and 
Rachel. — And further, it is my will, that my said wife Shall have free liberty 
and privilege of the Use of my whole Dwelling house during her natural 
life (but yet, not so as to hinder my Son Moses and his Family from peacably 
living therein) except the back Room above Stares and the Kitchen under 
the Same, in the new Addition on East end of my House, which is reserved 
for my Grand Daughter Hannah Boone, So long as she remains in an un- 
married State, and afterwards the said Room and kitchen Shall be for the 
use of my Son James Boone during his natural life, and my Son Moses Shall 
from Time to Time provide and bring to the Door so much Firewood, as 
Shall be sufficient and necessary for my Sd. Wife. 

jFourtl) (feneration 45 

3rdly, I give and bequeath unto my Son James Boone the Sum of four 
hundred pounds in like money, aforesaid, to be paid to him within a year 
after my decease; he having already received a Deed from me for a Tract of 
Land Situate over the blue Mountains in part of his Portion. 

4thly, I give and devise unto my Son Judah Boone, a moiety or one full 
equal and undivided half part of all that Tract of Land which I bought of 
George Sowerbeer, situate in Elcess Township (the whole into two equal 
parts to be divided) To hold the Same with the Appurtenances to him his 
Heirs and Assigns forever, but in such manner nevertheless, that he the said 
Judah Boone, or his heirs, Shall not have power to sell the same, unless his 
Brother IMoses, who is to have the other Moiety, shall be willing to Sell his 
part also, he the Said Judah, has received a Deed from me for a Tract of 
Land as part of his Portion already. 

Sthly, I give and bequeath unto my Sone Joshua Boone the sum of five 
Shillings, he having received a Deed from me for Lands Situate over the 
blue Mountains for part of his portion already. 

6thly, I give and Bequeath unto my Son Moses Boone, all that Messuage 
Plantation, and Tract of Land with the Appurtenances, whereon we now 
live. Containing two hundred and twelve. Acres more or less, except the 
Liberty of the House herein before Referred and excepting also the Mine 
thereon, which if upon Trial Should be found worth Diging after, my Will 
is that the Profits thereof Shall be divided among all my aforesaid Children 
now Living to wit, James, Judah, Joshua, Moses, Anne, Mary. Martha and 
Rachel, in proportion to the Expence each one is at in Diging the Same; 
and that neither of them Shall Sell their Right to the said Mine, and Such of 
them as refuse to assist in Diging, and carrying on the Work, Shall have no 
Share Therein, and if they all refuse, then it shall wholy and entirely belong 
to Moses, — To have and to hold the said Messuage plantation and Tract of 
Land with the Appurtenances, and the said Mine, unto the said Moses 
Boone, his Executors, Administrators and Assigns untill his eldest son John 
Boone Shall arrive to the full age of twenty one years, and then I give and 
devise the same to him my said Grand Son John Boone his Heirs and Assigns 
forever, but if my Said Grand Son John Boone Should die before he comes to 
the age of twenty one years, or if he Should die without Lawful Issue, then 
in Such Case I give and devise the Same to my Said Son Moses Boone, and 
to his Heirs and assigns forever. I do also Give and devise unto my son 
Moses Boone, and to his Heirs and Assigns, the other Moiety, or half part of 
all that Tract of Land which I bought of George Sowerbeer, To hold the same 
with ye appurtenances to him his Heirs and Assigns forever, but in Such 
manner that neither he nor his heirs shall have power to sell the Same unless 
his Brother Judah who has the other Moiety thereof Shall be willing to sell 
his part also. 

7thly, I give and bequeath unto my Daughter-in-law,. Sophia Biddle, 
the sum of five Shilhngs, my Son John Boone deceased (being her former 
Husband) having in his life Time received his full Portion of me. 

Sthly, I give and bequeath unto my four Daughters, Anne Lincoln, Mary 
Lee, Martha Hughes and Rachel Wilcockson, each the Sum of five Shilhngs 
they having received part of their Portions of me in Land already, as by 
Several Deeds delivered to their husbands may appear, and I do hereby 
acquit and forever Discharge them and their Husbands of all Money Goods 
and Creatures that they have already had of me, and Stand Charged with in 
my Book of Accounts. 

46 ^\}t Jioone jFamilp 

9thly, I give and bequeath unto my Grand Son James Boone (son of my 
said Son John Boone deceas'd) the Sum of one hundred Pounds and to his 
Sister Susannah Boone, I give the Sum of fifty Pounds to be paid unto them 
Severally as they arrive to the age of twenty one years; or at the Descretion 
of my Executors. 

lOthly, I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Hannah Boone 
the Sum of fifty Pounds, to be paid to her when She becomes to the Age of 
twentj^-one years. 

llthly, I do hereby Authorize and Impower my Executors, hereinafter 
named to Sell my two Tracts of Land, Situate on Schuylkill over the blue 
Mountains, one of them Containing one hundred and eighty three Acres, 
Situate on one Side, and the other containing one hundred and fifteen Acres 
Situate on the other opposite Side of the Sd. Creek, in Order to pay Nicholas 
Wain and whatever Shall remain over and above paying him Shall go towards 
paying the aforesaid Legacies. And I do further Authorize and Impower 
my Sd. Executors, to make Sale of all my other Lands not herein before be- 
queathed, wheresoever they may lie or be and the Money ariseing Shall 
go towards paying the afore-mentioned Legacies. 

12thly, Whereas my Son James Boone did on the eleventh Day of June 
last give me his bond for fifty-five Pounds, and my Son Judah Boone on the 
Sa;me Day gave me his Bond for seventy-five Pounds, and my Son Joshua his 
Bond for one hundred and five Pounds and my son-in-law Abraham Lincoln 
at the Same Time gave me his Bond for twenty Pounds, and whereas it is 
intended, that my two Son-in-laws, George Hughes, and Thomas Lee, should 
give me their Bonds of the Same Date each for the Sum of thirty-five Pounds; 
Now I do hereby certify and it is my Will that unless I should have occasion 
to receive and use the Money in my life Time, that all those Bonds Shall be 
Void and of none Effect, immediately after my decease. 

ISthly, It is my Will that all the residue and remainder of my whole 
Estate both Real and Personal, after all my just Debts, and the aforemen- 
tioned Legacies are paid. Should be equally Divided betwixt all my aforesaid 
Children now living, to wit, James, Judah, Joshua, Moses, Anne, Mary, 
Martha and Rachel, after the best manner that they can. 

And lastly, I do hereby Ordain, Constitute and appoint my two Sons 
James and Joshua Boone, Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, 
hereby revoking all former Wills by me made, and confirming this and no 
other to be my last Will and Testament. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand & Seal this 12th Day 
of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and eighty-five . 


John Boone 
Isaac Levan 
Thomas Cherington 

Children : — 

(Births recorded in Exeter Records) 

-f-46 Anne Boone, b. 3 Apr., 1737 (O. S.) 

47 Mary Boone, b. 17 Jan., 1738-9 (O. S.) or 28 Jan., 1739 (N. S.) ; d. 20 Aug., 
1823, aged 84 yrs., 6 mo. 22 da.; buried at Exeter (a); m. 14 May, 1778, 
Thomas Lee (d. 20 Oct., 1830), son of Samuel and Margaret Lee of 



y/yiihlTru,* fv^tuf hmJ^^iiVBuJ I /^ J^'C<^?v?*«« JJ'^I'^^iS. . 

<&^5Zi/ C/Oo'^P^ilU'norr, wit^ 'OvmJa^mU^i^c^i MtyC^^Lmut'^j , :\ .y (Jjti^^'&^.6. 

. »^n^^ff'>neJ,Ln^, ^^nL>, ItnJaMfTu/l ^ ^k^^LvL,^ >^', /^^sM-H: 

^^JiM^otrHi^ti^ ^,A^f3 i^^\y^m4r^.. (z\ 1,... t- . - -.^- -V.-.., \774^^'f^ 

'^imtA/^iwhelnnui ^vm). ..\ <'..>. - . - - 

Or '^ 

t'n^tMAJO(tm)w4i0'M^. .».-•.;. .tit V- ; - 

;^\;^-- : • -• ■ ,---.~y- .- ,. 





Written by his son, James Boone, Jr. 

By Courtesy of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 


// — ^ 


^/reen^,eZ'Vtn<y // tiry f'^ ~ "~'"7 ' — ' / ,/ - yj 



Family E<Jcoid of James Booue, continued 
By Courtesy of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 

jFourtf) (feneration 47 

Oley. Their marriage was witnessed by Samuel and Margaret Lee 
(parents of the groom); James and Anne Boone (parents of the bride), 
Abraham, Martha, Mary and Ann Lincoln, and 34 others; and is re- 
corded in Exeter Records. 

+48 Martha Boone, b. 30 June, 1742 (O. S.) or 11 July, 1742 (N. S.); married 
George Hughes (No. 62). 

49 James Boone, Jr., b. 26 Jan., 1743-4 (O. S.) or 6 Feb., 1744 (N. S.); d. 16 
Oct., 1795; never married. He taught school and was a mathematician 
and scholar. He was the author of the Old Boone Genealogy (manu- 
script) which is preserved in the hbrary of the Wisconsin State Historical 
Society, and of various other family records still preserved. Several 
of his school-books and note books are now in possession of the Historical 
Society of Berks Co., Pa. (at Reading), where may also be found his death 
notice reading as follows: 

"James Boone, Jr., dep3.rted this life on the 16th day of October, A. D. 
1795, on the 6th day of the week, about 15 minutes past two o'clock in 
the afternoon, aged 51 years, 8 mo. 10 days, and was interred in Friends' 
Burying Ground at Exeter on the first day of the week following." 

The will of James Boone is recorded in Abstracts of Berks County 
Wills, Vol. 1, p. 555. 

James Boone (son of James) Exeter. 
Jan. 22, 1795 Nov. 1795. B 378. 
To my nephew James Boone (son of Bro John dec'd) 5/ for his birth- 
right. Having a Bond for one hundred and twenty pounds against 
George Hughes I give f of the balance due on same to my sister Ann 
Lincoln & the other \ to said George Hughes To Bro Moses one 
hundred pounds & | of my books and articles named To Bro Joshua Boone 
the other \ of my Books & rem of Personal Est not bequeathed. Mentions 
having "composed a Book of Surveying Intituled Boone's Surveying 
which I intended to have published" gives the same to Joshua & Moses 
"who shall at equal expense get the same printed as soon as conveniently 
may be after my dec" To Bro Moses a plantation in Brunswick Twp 
cont 257 acres. Bro Joshua. Ex. 

Witnesses : 

Thomas Hughes 
Samuel Hughes, Jr. 

In a paper entitled "The Boone Family" written by Dr. P. G. Bert- 
olett, May 25, 1860, we find the following biography of James Boone, 

"Especially prominent was James Boone, Jr., who evinced a decided 
taste for letters at an early age, and while yet of quite tender years proved 
himself quite an efficient mathematician At the age of ten years he 
was master of geometry and surveying. He was indeed quite an extra- 
ordinary character, considering the time he lived and the circumstances 
surrounding him. He resided for some time at Philadelphia, and while 
there often enjoyed the society of Dr. Franklin, David Rittenhouse and 
other men of learning. He soon won a reputation, especially in the 
higher branches of mathematics. 

At the present da,y some books are still extant that once formed part 
of his library, that stiU show traces of the man. These prove that he 

48 tlTfje iBoone jFamilp 

was no ordinary reader, but investigated everything on the spot, as these 
books show by extensive interlining on every blank space and flyleaves. 
His copy of Sir Isaac Newton's work on astronomy is especially interesting 
in this regard; the margins of which are filled with closely written criti- 
cisms and calculations, proving not a few to be in error. No mean 
scholar to do that in those days. 

He taught school for some time, when his success as a teacher and his 
deserved reputation as a scholar, soon attracted the attention of such as 
took interest in the higher branches, and his school soon became crowded 
with pupils from home and abroad; even pupils from England availed 
themselves of his ability. In his early age he had indeed but few super- 
iors in this country and was one of the front rank of learning at his day. 
There is no knowing to what distinction he might have attained with a 
career so far of fairest promise, had not fate otherwise decreed. He died 
almost in the prime of life, Oct. 16, 1795. * * * He was interred in the 
Friends' Burying-ground at Exeter." 

He was a great atlmirer of Isaac Newton, and it is related that he went 
through Sir Isaac's calculations, and discovered and noted a number of 
errors in his published works. The volumes are still extant with these 
notes and criticisms, (c) 

+50 John Boone, b. 10 Nov., 1745. (0. S.) 

+51 Judah Boone, b. 10 Dec, 1746. (O. S.) 
52 Dinah Boone, b. 8 Mar., 1747-8; d. 17 July 1748. 

+53 Joshua Boone, b. 24 Mar., 1748. (O. S.) 
54 Rachel Boone, b 10 Apr., 1750 (O. S.), or 21 Apr., 1750 (N. S.); m. WiUiam 
Wilcoxson, and 7-30, 1777, was condemned by Exeter Meeting for being 
married "out" and by a priest. In an old Boone family record found in 
Reading, Pa., there are two entries concerning her and her family. One 
reads "1790 Sept. 13. Then WiUiam Wilcoxson and his family moved 
for North CaroUna," and the other "1797, Aug. 1. Then Rachel Wil- 
coxson came from North Carolina to see us, and her neighbor Ehzabeth 
Freelan and her son Harry Freelan on the stage." This is practically 
all that is known of this couple, although there is reason to suppose that 
their descendants were among the general Boone migration from North 
Carolina to Kentucky and thence to the Middle West. 

+55 Moses Boone, b. 23 July, 1751. 

56 Hannah Boone, b. 14 June, 1752; d. 15 Aug., 1752. 

57 Nathaniel Boone, b. 1753; d. aged 5 weeks. 

References: — 

(a) Old James Boone Genealogy. 
(6) "Boone Family" by Dr. P. G. Bertolett 1860. 

(c) "Daniel Boone" by Dr. John P. Hall. Lew Baker & Co., Printers, WheeUng, 
W. Va. 

Exeter Meeting Records. 

Family Records. 

Jfourtl) (feneration 49 

9. SAMUEL BOONE (son of George^), born about 1711 in Eng- 
land; died 6 Aug., 1745, at the age of about thirty-four years. 

Married 29 Oct., 1734, Elizabeth Cassel, daughter of Arnold and 
Susanna Cassel of Philadelphia. 

Their marriage is recorded in Philadelphia Meeting Records (a) as 
follows: — 

"8-29, 1734, Boone, Samuel, son of Geo. of Oley twp. Philadelphia 
(now Berks) Co. and Elizabeth Cassel of Phila. (dr. of Arnold and Susanna 
Cassel) at Phila. Meeting. 

Witnesses John, James, Mary and Hannah Boone; Daniel, Lydia, 
Deborah, Mary and Sarah Cassel and 23 others." 

Previous to this, according to Exeter Monthly Meeting Records, 
Samuel Boone was granted a certificate to Philadelphia 5-30, 1734, "in 
order for marriage." Later, 5-29, 1735, Elizabeth Boone was received 
into Exeter Meeting by certificate from Philadelphia. 

After the death of Samuel Boone, his widow Elizabeth, married 
again to Joseph Yarnall, son of Francis and Hannah (Baker) Yarnall, 
7 mo. 29, 1748. The children of her second marriage are recorded in 
Exeter Records: Elizabeth, b. 1-30, 1750; Asenath, b. 1-25, 1752; and 
Asah" b. 8-16, 1754. 

Will of Samuel Boone, (h) 

Signed 16 July, 1745; Probated 2 Sept., 1745. 


In the Name of God Amen, I, Samuel Boone of Exeter in Co. Philadelphia 
in the province of Pennsylvania being sick and weak in body but of sound 
Mind and Memory thanks be to God for the same do hereby make this my 
Last Will and Testament and do hereby revoke and disannull all other and 
former wills by me heretofore made either by word or writing Imprimis in 
the first place my Will is that all my just Debts be honestly paid by such 
money as shall arise from my Moveable Estate. Item and after all my Debts 
are paid my Will is that all ye Residue of my Estate both Reall and Personal 
shall be equally divided between my Wife Elizabeth and m}^ four children 
in five equal shares bequeathing the one fifth of the whole unto my wife 
in lieu of her Thirds but if any one or more of the said Children dye before 
they arrive to their full age then such share or shares shall go equally amongst 
my survivors Item I give my son Isaiah unto my Brother John Boone to Live 
and remain under his Care and Tuition untill he arrive to ye age of Twenty 
one years Item I give my son Samuel unto my Brother James Boone to 
Live and Remain under his care and Tuition untill he arrive unto ye age of 
Twenty one years Item I give and Bequeath unto my Brothers John Boone 
and James Boone and to their heirs and assigns All that my Plantations 
and lands whereon I dwell also that moiety or part of Wm. Hughes land 
Lately so called Impowering them hereby to make sale of all and every part 
thereof and to put such Money as shall arise therefrom on Interest for the 
use of my children untill they arrive unto their full ages and my will is that 
my children be well learn'd out of their Interest Money Item I do nominate 
ordain and appoint John Boone and James Boone Exers. of this my last 
Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and 

50 tE^fje Woont jFantilp 

seal the sixteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven 
Hundred and forty five. 

Witnesses : 

George Boone 

John Webb 

Wm. I. Treby (his mark) 

Children : — 

+58 Samuel Boone, Jr., b. 22 Mar., 1736. (O. S.) 

59 Susannah Boone, b. 17 Mar., 1738 (O. S.); possibly married Isaiah Willets 

and was disowTied 1757 by Exeter Meeting, (c) 

60 Isaiah Boone, b. 30 Aug., 1741. (O. S.) "Removals" of Exeter Meeting 

Records give, "8-25, 1763, Isaiah Boone to West River Meeting, Md." 
This may be Isaiah, the son of Samuel Boone. 

61 Arnold Boone, b. 16 Dec, 1743. (O. S.) 

"Removals" of Exeter Meeting gives "6-26, 1765, Arnold Boone to 
Fairfax Meeting, Va." This may have been Arnold, son of Samuel 
Boone. There is also record of an Arnold Boone having married Mary 
Hopes (possibly a dau. of Mary Boone, dau. of George IV), 10-28, 1767, 
in Exeter Records. 

References: — 

(a) Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Friends Monthly Meeting, Phila. 

1680-1870, Book A, p. 136. 
(6) Will Book H, p. 32. City Hall, Phila. 
(c) Minutes of Exeter Meeting. 

2 "^ ^ ^ - 

.« C 0) o a, 
.13 03 X O t, 

PL( [i< W PQ Pm 

O O c8 O 
O pQ ^ PQ 


They stood shoulder to shoulder in the wilderness, far 
from all help, surrounded hy an overwhelming number of 
foes. Each day^s work was fraught with danger as they warred 
with the wild forces from which they wrung their living. 
Around them on every side lowered the clouds of the im- 
pending death struggle with the savage lords of the neighbor- 
ing lands, 

Theodore Roosevelt 

Jfiftf) (feneration 

12. HANNAH BOONE {George*; George^) born 20 Sept. (Old Style) 
or 1 Oct. (New Style), 1718; died 8 July, 1746. 

Married Nov., 1742, John Hughes (b. 19 May, 1714; d. prior to 
Dec, 1766), son of Ellis and Jane (Foulke) Hughes. (See the Foulke- 
Hughes Sketch.) 

In the Abstracts of Marriages of the Exeter Meetings, there are 
five entries concerning the marriage of John Hughes and Hannah Boone, 
the last one of them reading: 

"10-30, 1742, The Friends (Anthony Lee and Solomon Coles) appoint- 
ed to attend the marriage of John Hughes and Hannah Boone, report that 
it was orderly accomplished." 

Hannah (Boone) Hughes died at the age of 27, and her husband 
married a second time on the 26 May (Old Style) or 6 June (New Style), 
1748, Martha Coles. (Exeter Records.) 

Children : — 

+62 George Hughes, b. 10 Sept., 1743 (Old Style). 

+63 Jane Hughes, b. 22 Dec., 1745 (Old Style) or 2 Jan. 1746 (New Style). 
She married Samuel Boone (Samuel*; George^), and her descendants will 
be given under his name, No. 58. 

Reference: — 

Exeter Records. 

14. DINAH BOONE (George*; George^), born 18 Jan. (O. S.), or 29 
Jan. (N. S.), 1722. 

Married (1) 24 June (O. S.) or 5 July (N. S.), 1742, Daniel Coles, 
and (2) about 26 Oct., 1757, Adins or Adino Williams. 

Her two marriages we find recorded as follows: 

"4-24, 1742 (O. S.), Daniel Coles and Dinah Boone (Marriage) Reported 
orderly accomplished." (a) 

"10-26, 1757, (N. S.) Adins WilHams and Dinah Coles, Reported 
orderly accomplished," (a) also a removal of Dinah and her 2nd husband; 

"6-29, 1758, (N. S.) Adins Williams, wife, child Abner, and Solomon 
and Mary Coles his wife, and children to Phila., M." (6) 

54 ^fje ?Boone Jf amilp 

Children: — (c) 
(1st Marriage) 

64 Solomon Coles, b. 29 May (O. S.) or 9 June (N. S.) 1743. Mentioned in 

the will of his uncle Jeremiah Boone {George*; George^), m. Mary — . 

65 Mary Coles, b. 19 — , 1745. 

66 Deborah Coles, b. 18 June (O. S.) or 29 June (N. S.) 1747. 
(2nd Marriage) 

67 Abner Williams, mentioned in will of Jeremiah Boone, {George*; George^). 

68 Hannah Williams. (Possibly.) {d) 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records, "Marriages" in Exeter Meeting Minutes. 
{b) Exeter Recoids, "Removals" in Exeter Meeting Minutes. 

(c) Exeter Records, "Births" in Exeter Meeting Minutes. 

(d) "American Ancestry," Vol. X, p. 202. "Joseph B. Austin of Chicago, born 1828. 

Mother was Jane Burn, b. 1801, who married Daniel Austin of Phila., 1827. 
Jane Bum's mother was Hannah Williams, daughter of Adinah Williams and 
Diana Boone." 

15. WILLIAM BOONE (George'; George'), born 18 Nov. (0. S.), or 
29 Nov. (N. S.), 1724; died at Frederick, Md., between 1769 and 1771. 

Married 26 Apr., 1748 (O. S.), Sarah Lincoln (b. abt. Apr. 1727; d. 
21 Apr., 1810, aged 83 yrs., 2 mo., and odd days), (a) daughter of Mor- 
decai Lincoln and his 1st wife Hannah Salter, and a sister to John Lin- 
coln, great-grandfather of Pres. Lincoln. (See the Lincoln Family Sketch.) 

The marriage of William Boone and Sarah Lincoln was reported 
"orderly accomplished" on 26 Apr. (O. S.) or 6 May (N. S.), 1748. (a) 

Several times William Boone was elected to public office in Berks 
Co.; first in 1752 and again in 1754, he was made coroner; and in 1755 
and 1756 he was elected sheriff of the county. (6) 

In 1767, William Boone, wife Sarah and seven children removed to 
Fairfax Meeting (Va). They lived for a time in Frederick Co., Md., 
where William and his son Mordecai both died. Sarah (Lincoln) Boone, 
the widow, and the other six children returned to Exeter Meeting and 
were again received "from Fairfax Meeting, 10-30, 1776." (o) 

A copy of the Will of William Boone is given below: 

"I, WilHam Boone of Exeter in the County of Berks and Province of 
Pennsylvania Bein^ in Health and proper understanding Through Devine 
Mercy Do make my Will and Testament as follows; Viz, 

I desire my Debts to be paid as soon as the circumstances of my affairs 
will admit of it. 

Secondly, I give to my wife one hundred pounds in money and all my 
household goods one beast the choice of the horsekine Two Cows and all my 
household furniture During her widowhood, but if she marries the money 
shall be returned to my sons and Divided Equally among them and my said 
Loving wife hold the Remainder to herself her Heirs and assigns forever. 

jFiftl) (feneration 55 

Thirdly, I give to my daughter Abigail the wife of Adin Paneeast 
Seventy pounds over and above what she has already had to be paid unto 
her three years after my decease. 

Fourthly, I give to my daughter Mary one hundred pounds to be paid 
unto her at the age of twenty years if she lives to that age but if she dies and 
her sister Abigail survives her or leaves issue lawfully on her Begotten, then 
the one third of Mary's share aforesaid to my said daughter Abigail or her 
surviving Heirs if any there be, if not then my Sone Mordecai shall have it 
and one other third of the said sum together with it the other third shall be 
assigned to my wife During life and after her Decease to be returned to my 
Children and Equally divided among them or the surviving of them. 

Fifthly, The rest of all my Real and personal Estate only Ten pounds 
I give and Devise to my Sons to be equally divided among them allowing my 
eldest son Mordecai fifty pounds more than either of the others to be taken 
out of the whole and the Remainder to be equally divided among them or the 
survivors of them. 

I give and bequeath the sum of Ten pounds to use of Exeter Meeting to 
be left in care of the overseers of the said Meeting to be applied in repairing 
the Bury-ground or such other uses as the Overseers and Elders of said 
Meeting think proper, to be paid to them out of the money left in the hands 
of Abel Thomas one of the Ministers of the said Meeting. 

Sixthly, It is my will that all my male Children's money shall be put 
to use for them until they arrive to their proper ages and the interest there- 
from arising to be paid to my Loving Wife until they arrive to the age of 
fifteen yeais to defray the expense of their Education and Maintainance and 
that then my said Sons be put to Trades of their own Liking until they 
arrive to the age of Twenty-one years. 

I Nominate and Appoint my Affectionate Brother Jeremiah and my son 
Mordecai my Executors Authorizing and Impowering them to Execute 
Titles, Deeds and Conveyances for all lands by me sold and all such lands 
wherein I have claim or the Survivor of them Ratifying, confirming and 
allowing all such acts and Deeds as my said Executors shall from time to 
time and at all times Commit, Execute and do in Settling my outward affairs, 

I Publish, pronounce and declare this and no other to be my last Will 
and Testament in presence of the Subscribing witnesses in Testimony whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Twenty-third day of the fifth month 

Edward Hughes WILLIAM BOONE (seal) 

George Hughes 

This will was probated on 6 Dec, 1771. 

Sarah (Lincoln) Boone survived her husband several years, dying 
at the home of her son-in-law, Isaac Lee, in Oley Valley, Berks Co., Pa., 
in 1810. (c) 

Children : — (d) 

69 Mordecai Boone. In the old family Bible now owned by Mr. Edwin 
Boone of Reading, Pa., is this item, written and signed by George Boone, 
son of William and Sarah Boone, "Mordecai Boone, my eldest brother, 
departed this life in Aug., 1774, (single man), in same house in which 
my father died." The death of the father in Frederick, Md., having been 
previously recorded. 

56 ^\)t poone Jf amilp 

+70 Abigail Boone. 

+71 Mary Boone, d. 30 June (O. S.) or 11 July (N. S.) 1732. 

+72 William Boone. 

+73 George Boone, b. abt. 1759. 

+74 Thomas Boone, b. 25 Sept., 1761. 

+75 Hezekiah Boone, b. 1764. 

+76 Jeremiah Boone, thought to have been born in 1765. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Meeting Records. 

(b) Colonial Records, Vol V., page 597; Vol. VI, page 638; Vol. VII, page 266. 

(c) Old Family Bible in Reading, Pa. 

(d) Exeter Records. 

16. JOSIAH BOONE (George'; George^), born 6 Mar. (O. S.), or 17 
Mar. (N. S.), 1727. (a) 
Married . 

In the Minutes of the Exeter Meetings, we find that on 30 May, 
1750, Josiah Boone was condemned for a "disorderly" marriage, but the 
name of his wife is not mentioned. 

In the list of Removals in the Exeter Meeting Records is this entry: — 

"6-24, 1762, Josiah Boone to Bradford, M." 
Child : — 

77 George Boone, mentioned in the will of his uncle, Jeremiah Boone {George*; 

Reference: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

20. SARAH BOONE (Squire*; George^), born 7 June, 1724, died 1815. 

Married 1742, John Wilcox or Wilcoxson (d. 1782, near Bryant's 
Station, Ky). 

The Boones were Quakers, and very evidently John Wilcox (Wil- 
coxson) was not, for we are told that Sarah was "condemned" for her 
marriage, (a) There is this entry: — 

"5-29, 1742, Sarah, daughter of Squire Boone, treated with for marrying 

Another entry reads: (b) 

"5-29, 1742, Sarah Boone married out of Unity with Friends, (1st 
offense of this kind). Friends appointed to speak to the father. Squire 

Squire Boone's reply is given in his biography (See No. 3). 

jFiftl) (generation 57 

Sarah and her husband migrated with the rest of Squire's family 
to North CaroHna (1750-1752) though very Httle is known of their hfe 

Sarah Wilcoxson with her husband later removed to Kentucky. Mrs. 
S. B, Davis of Cave City, Ky., who is a descendant of Daniel Wilcoxson, 
a son of John and Sarah Wilcoxson, writes as follows: — 

"In tracing my Faulkner-Craig kin I ran across a reminiscence written 
in 1898 by a lady when she was past 80 years old, in which she states what her 
grandmother told her regarding this attack and other incidents about Bryant's 
Station. After telling what her grandmother had to say regarding the Girty 
attack on the fort she quotes her grandmother as saying, 'Another incident, 
when plowing time came Daniel Wilcoxson and })rother were in the fields, 
Daniel was plowing ajid his brother sitting on a log picking the flint of his 
gun (one would plow and the other watch for Indians), when an Indian 
slipped up and tomahawked the one on the log. Daniel ran, the Indian 
after him. The Indian was so near that when Daniel was on top of the fence 
the Indian w^as at the bottom. His mother, Aunt Sarah Wilcox (I don't 
know why she called her Aunt, whether it was on account of relationship or 
her age. — Mrs. S. B. D.) was so excited she went out of the fort gate and 
would hollow, Run, Daniel, run, and let him in at the gate and then she 
followed, etc.'" 

"The Filson Club's History of Bryant's Station records the fact that 
Daniel Wilcoxson and another man were in the field at work when the other 
man (not stating his name) was killed and that Daniel Wilcoxson barely 
escaped with his life." 

The above, taken in conjunction with Mrs. Davis' traditions, es- 
tablishes the fact that John and Sarah Wilcoxson had one son, Daniel, 
and other family records prove there was a daughter, Rachael, who 
married William Bryant, an early Kentucky pioneer. Another child is 
also mentioned in the "Life of Daniel Boone", by R. G. Thwaites, page 

"At the close of the French and Indian War there arrived in the Boone 
settlement a Scotch-Irishman named Benjamin Cutbirth; aged about twenty- 
three years. He was a man of good character and a fine hunter. Marrying 
Elizabeth Wilcoxen, a niece of Daniel Boone, he and Boone went on long 
hunts together, and attained that degree of comradeship which joint hfe in 
a wilderness camp is almost certain- to produce." 

It is said that Sarah (Boone) Wilcoxson (Wilcox) died at the home 
of her daughter, Elizabeth Cutbirth, in 1815, in Madison Co., Ky.; 
also, that John Wilcoxson, her husband, was killed by Indians in 1782 
but these statements have not been confirmed. The death notice of 
Col. Daniel Boone, published in the "Rural Magazine," Philadelphia, 
Pa., gives a list of the ages at which some of Daniel's brothers and sis- 
ters died. That of Mrs. Wilcoxson (Wilcox) at the age of 91 would 
make her death in 1815. 

58 tKfje IBoone Jf amilp 

No will of either Sarah (Boone) Wilcoxson or her husband has been 
found, and no complete list of their children. 

Children : — 

+78 Daniel Wilcoxson. 
+79 Rachael Wilcoxson. 
+80 Elizabeth Wilcoxson. 

References: — 

(a) Marriages from Minutes of Exeter Meetings 1737-1863. 
(5) "Abstracts of Marriage Certificates," Exeter Records, 
(c) Draper Mss. 12 CC 283-284. 

22. SAMUEL BOONE (Squire'; George^), born 20 May (O. S.), or 31 
May (N. S.), 1728, in New Britain Township, Bucks Co., Pa.; died in 
Fayette Co., Ky., date unknown, (a) 

Married Sarah Day (d. abt. 1819, at the home of her son-in-law, 
Leonard H. Bradley, in Mo), (h) 

Samuel Boone was one of the first of Squire Boone's children to 
marry, although it is not known whether the marriage occurred in Penn- 
sylvania or North Carolina. It is said Sarah (Day) Boone was a young 
Quakeress of education, who taught her young brother-in-law, Daniel Boone, 
to read and write, (c) 

In North Carolina Samuel Boone settled on the South Yadkin River, 
not far from Salisbury, then in Rowan Co. There is record of his entry for 
500 acres of land "adjoining Yadkin," not dated, (d) "Samuel Boone 
lived on South Yadkin, called also, Little Yadkin, right between us and 
Salisbury", is a statement found in an old paper, (d) 

During the Indian outbreaks of 1759, it became unsafe to remain in 
that locality, and Samuel Boone left his frontier home, on the western 
border of North Carohna, taking his family to one of the older and less peril- 
ous settlements of South Carolina, but to which one is not known. They 
were living there in 1760 when their son Squire was born (e), and may 
never have returned to North Carolina, as the same son, Squire, enlisted 
from the Camden District, on the Congaree River, S. C, in 1777. 

In the fall of 1779 Samuel Boone and his family went to Kentucky, 
and settled at Boone's Station in Fayette Co., near the present village of 
Athens, (a) 

Land entries of Ky. contain the following records: — 

Record of survey of 500 acres for Samuel Boone, Sr. (/) 
Samuel Boone, Sr. assignee of Daniel Boone. Entry for 500 acres of 
land on Treasury Warrant 27 Dec, 1782. (g) 

He is thought to have been about 88 years old at the time of his 

jFiftf) (generation 69 

Sarah (Day) Boone, wife of Samuel, lived after her husband's death 
with her daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Leonard Bradley, in Missouri. 
It was to her that Daniel Boone wrote the well-known letter, in which he 
states his simple profession of faith. As a reproduction of this letter is 
given in Thwaite's "Life of Daniel Boone," only a transcription is given 

October the 17th, 1816. 
"Dear Sister 

With pleasuer I red a later from your sun Samuel Boone who informs me 
that you are yett Living and in good health considring your age I wright 
to you to Latt you know I have not forgot you and to inform you of my own 
situation Sence the Death of your Sister Rabacah I Live with fianders 
Calaway But am at present at my sun Nathans and in tolarable halth you 
can gass at my feilings by your own as we are So Near one age I Need Not 
write you of our Satuation as Samuel Bradley or James Grimes' Can inform you 
of Every Surcomstance Relating to our family and how we Uve in this World 
and what Chance we shall have in the next we know Not for my part I am as 
ignerant as a Child all theRelegan I have to Love and fear God beleve in 
Jeses Christ Dow all the good to my Nighbours and my Self that I can and 
Do as Little harm as I can help and trust on God's marcy for the Rest and 
I Beleve god never made a man of my prinsepal to be Lost and I flatter 
myself Dear Sister that you are well on your way in Cristianaty gave my 
Love to all your Children and all my frends fearwell my Dear Sister 

Sarah Boone 

N B 

I red a Lator yesterday from Sister Hanah peninton by hir grand sun 
Dal Ringe She and all hir Children are well at present 

D B" 

Children: — (h) 

81 Samuel Boone, b. 21 Mar. 1758 on the Yadkin River, N. C; wa^ living at 

Winchester, Ky., 7 Apr. 1840, aged 82 yrs. Of his Ufe previous to the time 
he entered the army, nothing is known. From his pension record on 
file in the Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C, we learn that in 1775 
he served three months as a substitute for his father in the Revolutionary 
Arnay, enlisting as a private from the Camden District on the Congaree 
River, S. C. Following this service he gave three months the next year 
(1776), and from that time up to the year 1783 he served in various 
capacities. For this service he made application for a pension on 29 
Sept., 1832, which pension was granted him. A copy of his application, 
which gives a complete record of his service and which is unusually 
descriptive of the average Revolutionary soldier's experience, may be 
found in the Appendix, on page 635. 

82 Thomas Boone, d. Aug., 1782, killed in the battle of Blue Licks, (t) He 

bad a grant of 1400 acres of land in Ky. After bis death his brother 
Samuel assigned his share in this estate to Charles Yancy. (j) In one 
place is found record of a survey of 1400 acres of land for Thomas Boone. 
(k) He is also mentioned with his brothers Samuel and Levi, in Daniel 
Boone's account book of surveying (l). 

60 ^fje ISoone jFamilp 

83 Rebecca Boone, married Roger Jones. 
+84 Mary (Polly) Boone. 

85 Levi Boone. In the Draper Collection of Manuscripts there is a letter 
from Samuel Boone (nephew of Daniel) stating that his uncle Samuel 
Boone (brother of Daniel) left three sons, Samuel, Squire and Levi, {m) 
There is also an entry in Daniel Boone's account book against Samuel, 
Thomas a;id Levi Boone for surveying, (m) Levi must have left some 
estate and possibly a family, for in the Fayette Circuit Court of Ken- 
tucky, June Term, 1826, there was a Complaint in Chancery brought by 
one William Fisher against the heirs of Levi Boone. The heirs are named 
as Sarah Boone, Leonard K. Bradley, Mary Bradley, John House, Caro- 
line Boon, Sarah McSwiggeno, Robert Frank and Hannah Frank, (n) 

4-86 Squire Boone, b. 13 Oct. 1760. 

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23. JONATHAN BOONE (Squire^- George^), born 6 Dec, 1730; died 
about 1808. 

Married (See Foot-note.) 

Except for his birth as recorded among the children of Squire Boone, 
practically all that is known about Jonathan is found in the following 
excerpt from Draper Manuscript, which is a statement of Enoch M. Boone 
(Squire'; Squire*; George^), a nephew of Daniel Boone, made in Aug. 1858. 

"Jonathan Boone, — came early to Kentucky, — remembers him at Squire 
Boone's Station as early as 1783. and tended Squire Boone's mill. After a 
few years settled on Green River and after living there several years then 
settled at the Big Falls of the Wabash (near Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co.) on 
the Illinois side, not more than fifteen miles, if that, above the mouth of the 
Wabash, where he built a mill. There he died about 1808 — don't know 
where his wife died, nor how old he was. Left several daughters, got mostly 
married on Green River; and left three sons, John, Joseph, and Daniel, who 
settled in the lower country." (a) 

Children : — 

87 John Boone, "settled somewhere in Kentucky." (a) 

jTiftf) (^meration ei 

88 Joseph Boone, d. subsequent to 1827. He settled Elesheco (now called 

Poland or Columbia) above the Big Cypress Bend in Mississippi State, 
and died there, leaving a family, (a) 

89 Daniel Boone, settled at St Antoine, Texas, and was killed there by In- 

dians, (a) 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 19 C 120-154. 

FooT-NoTij : — In a letter written to Mrs J. F. Cahill of San Antonio, Texas, by John B. Manly, 
Clerk of the Superior Court of South Carolina, 15 Dec. 1916, he says that there are two instru- 
ments from James Carter to Jonathan Boone conveying specific property; and another one to 
Mary Boone, wife of Jonathan Boone, from James Carter her father, conveying to her all personal 
property in Bristol Hall, which was then in the Parish of St. Lukes, Rowan Co., N. C. From an 
old North Carolina book comes also this statement, which locates one James Carter 
in the vicinity of the Boones, — "James Carter and Hugh Foster owned the land upon which 
Salisbury, N. C.was built about 1754." This is the only thing to indicate that the Jonathan 
Boone whose wife was Mary Carter, belonged to this family. There were other Jonathan Boones 
in North Carolina at that period. There is also a trachtion that Jonathan Boone married an 
Elizabeth Dagley, but no documentary proof of it has been found. It might have been a 
second marriage. 

24. ELIZABETH BOONE (Squire'; George^), born 5 Feb., 1732 (Old 
Time) or 16 Feb., 1732 (New Time) in Berks County, Pennsylvania; (a) 
died 25 Feb., 1825, in Kentucky. (Other dates given as 5 Feb., 1814 
& '15.) 

Married about 1750 on the Yadkin River in North Carolina to 
William Grant (b. 1726; d. 22 Jan., 1804, at the age of 78, in Fayette 
County, Ky.) 

William Grant was the son of a Scotch father, also William Grant, 
and an Irish mother, Margaret Venner. He was born and raised in the 
Scotch Highlands, imbibing a great love for his country and a desire for 
her independence from English sovereignty. Knowing this, it is not 
surprising to find him taking part in the Rebellion of 1745-46, in which 
it is said he served under Prince "Charlie." Following the defeat of 
the Scottish army at the Battle of Culloden 16 April, 1746 (which sealed 
the fate of the house of Stuart and its supporters). Grant emigrated to 
America and located in the Yadkin country, where a great many others 
of the Pretender's adherents settled. Here he met and married, about 
1750, Elizabeth Boone, and here too all their children with the exception 
of William (94) were born. At the time of their marriage a Dutchman 
said to Grant, "Well, Billy, Betsy will make you a good wife if you will 
take her down at the first loaf." She was a beautiful, high-spirited 
woman, and the Dutchman thought she needed subduing. (6) 

Up to the time of the Indian outbreak in 1759, the Western por- 
tions and borders of the CaroHnas had grown and been settled rapid- 
ly, but during this outbreak we find "the Bryans, and probably some 

62 Cfje Jioone Jf amilp 

of the Boone connection, took refuge in Fort Dobbs. Samuel Boone and 
family removed to the old settlements in South Carolina, and old Squire 
Boone and wife (Sarah), his son Daniel Boone, and son-in-law William 
Grant, with their families, retired to Virginia and Maryland." (6) It was 
while the Grants were living in Virginia, near where Washington, D. C, 
now stands, that their son William was born. Except for this short 
period they lived in North Carohna until the fall of 1779, when they 
moved to Kentucky, probably going out with Daniel Boone. A descrip- 
tion of this moving in Draper Mss. 22 C 16 says, "It was like an army 
coming out. There was no occasion to strike fire of night. They wo'd 
be camped h mile maybe, all along in a string. The road was worked 
into steps, thro' the cane, where they co'dn't go out of the regular track." 
It is recorded in this same Mss. that Mrs. Grant and her daughter "came 
out" in the fall of 1779, but it is not stated which daughter this was. 
They came by way of Fort Boonesborough, where they stopped awhile. 
Then Grant joined the four Bryan brothers (William, Morgan, James 
and Joseph) and helped establish Bryan's Station, five miles northeast 
of the present city of Lexington, which at that time was a small settle- 
ment enclosed within a stockade, (c) 

About 1783 William Grant (II) procured a pre-emption and settle- 
ment of 1400 acres on the Little Elkhorn River in Kentucky, but finally 
became discouraged and resolved to return to North Carolina. He sold 
400 acres of his land for an Indian pony worth about $40.00, which was 
stolen by Indians ten days afterwards with all his other horses. This 
loss precluded the idea of returning to North Carolina and the plan was 
abandoned. He remained on the Elkhorn. The log house which he built 
there was still standing as late as 1851, in its original state, the roof put 
on with wooden pins. This house was one of the preaching places of the 
Craigs (Baptist preachers), for although in her early years Elizabeth 
(Boone) Grant had been a strict "Friend" (Quaker), she and her husband 
soon after their marriage became members of the Baptist Church and 
never left it. Both Grant and his wife died there, he in 1804 at the age 
of 78, and she some years later. They are buried under an apple tree 
which he set out on the place when they first went there to live. This 
homestead descended to their son William (III), who together with his 
wife are buried there also, and as late as 1868 it was owned and occupied 
by a Grant descendant. 

Following is a copy of William Grant's will, found in Fayette 
County (Kentucky) Will Book "C," Page 349. 

"In the name of God Amen, I William Grant of the County of Fayette 
and the Commonwealth of Kentucky being infirm and full of years but of 
sound mind and disposing memory, for which I thank God, and calling to 
mind the uncert'anity of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such 
worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with, I give the same in the 
manner following, that is to say, 

jFiftf) (feneration 63 

1st. I desire that all my just debts should be paid together with my 
funeral expenses. 

2nd. I desire that my Dear and beloved wife Ehzabeth Grant have one 
third part of my estate both real and personal, after my debts is paid out of 
it & too legisees which are to be hereafter mentioned taken therefrom, and 
for that third part to include two negro girls Jenny and Fanny, which two 
girls my desire is that they shall be my wifes forever to do what she pleases. 

3d. My desire is that a Certain negro lad now hired to James Lemon 
named Frank to be kept in the hands of my wife Elizabeth and trustees 
hereafter mentioned for the use of my daughter Rebecca Lemons, the said 
negro Frank to be left in the hands of my wife & the trustees that he shall 
not be taken to pay James Lemon's debts and is not to be considered the 
property of James Lemons at all. 

4th. I give to my Grandson, William Grant son of John, a negro boy 
named Jesse, but he is not to have possession of the boy till after my wife's 
death unless my wife see cause to give the boy up sooner if she does not 
my desire is that my wife have the said boy as long as she lives. 

5th. I give all the rest of my estate, both real and personal to be divided 
amongst my children and Grand children hereafter mentioned, that is to say, 
my sons John, Wilham & Squire, my daughters, Mary Mitchell, Sarah 
Sanders, Elizabeth Mosby, and Rebeca Lemmon, likewise one moiety with 
my above mentioned children to be equally divided amongst my Grand child- 
ren, the sons and daughters of my deceased son Isarael Grant, likewise one 
equal moiety as above mentioned to be divided between my two grandchild- 
ren Elijah & Bets}' Grant, son and daughter to my dec'd son Samuel Grant; 
my desire is that all my estate mentioned in the 5th article be sold by my 
Executors to the highest bidders and the monies ariseing therefrom to be 
equally divided amongst my children above mentioned, the children of 
Isarael Grant dec'd and the children of Samuel Grant dec'd, to have — each 
of the familys of grandchildren above mentioned — one equal moiety divided 
amongst them. 

6th. But as my son William is security for my son John to the Execut- 
ors of William Fry dec'd, for a considerable amount, now my desire is if my 
son John pay off the above mentioned debt himself and my son William 
suffers none by it, then my desire is that my son John have his equal moiety 
as above described, but if in case he should not and my son Wilham should 
suffer thereby, then and in that case my will and desire is that my son Wilham 
have the part intended for my son John or so much thereof as will make 
him whole. 

7th. I appoint my son William Grant and John C. Richardson Trustees 
in this my will. 

8th. I appoint my wife Elizabeth Executrix and my son William & 
John Richardson Ex'ors to this my last will and testament, hereby revoking 
all others and former wills or testaments by me heretofore made. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal 
this 18th day of August in the year of — Lord Eighteen Hundred and Three. 


Francis Browning 
William Caldwell 
Ombernord Yunling 

64 W\)t poone Jf amilp 

A codicil to this my last will and testament and it is m}^ desire that it 
may be made a part thereof Whereas I give to my son Isareal Grant dec'd 
in his life time one thousand acres of land in Clark County on the waters 
of Stoner and never made any deed for the same and whereas my said son 
Isareal by his last will and testament did dispose of the same (reference 
being thereto had will more fully appear) I do hereby ratify and confirm the 

Witness my hand and seal this day of 1804. 


To William Grant and Elizabeth (Boone) were born ten children. 

Children: — 

(All born in N. C. except William, born in Va.) 
90 Mary Grant, b. 22 Sept., 1753, in the Yadkin district; d. in Ky.; m. Moses 
Mitchell. (6) 
+91 John Grant, b. 30 Jan., 1754. 

+92 Israel Grant, b. 14 Dec, 1756. 

+93 Sarah Grant, b. 25 Jan., 1759. 

+94 William Grant, b. 10 Jan., 1761, in Va. 

+95 Samuel Grant, b. 26 Nov., 1762. 

+96 (Capt.) Squire Grant, b. 14 Sept., 1764. 

97 Elizabeth Grant, b. 28 Aug., 1766; d. 10 July, 1804, in Scott Co., Ky.; 

m. John Moseby, brother of Major Joseph Moseby. 

98 Moses Grant, b. 3 Oct., 1768; killed 13 Aug., 1789, by Indians while on an 

expedition over the Ohio River under Colonel Robert Johnson. 

— Hannah Grant, b. 30 Mar., 1771; d. 30 May, 1817. (d) 
+99 Rebecca Boone Grant, b. 4 June, 1774. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(6) Draper Mss. 1 C 96; 2 B 74; 22 C 16; 22 S 230-38; 22 C 46 which is part of a letter 
written by Rebecca Gmnt-Lamond, 10 May, 1852. 

(c) Filson Club Publication, Vol. XII. "Bryan's Station." Pub. by John P. Mor- 

ton Co., Louisville, Ky., 1897. 

(d) Information about Hannah Grant came too late for her to be given a number. 

25. DANIEL BOONE (Squire*; George^), born 22 Oct. (Old Style) 
or 2 Nov. (New Style), 1734, in what is now Exeter Township, Berks 
County, Pennsylvania (a & b); died 26 Sept., 1820, in St. Charles County, 
Missouri, "aged 85 years, 11 months and 4 days." (6) 

Married in North Carolina, 14 Aug. 1756, Rebecca Bryan (born 
9 Jan. 1739; died 18 March, 1813, in St. Charles County, Missouri, 
"aged 74 years, 1 month and 11 days") (6), daughter of Joseph and 
Alee Bryan. (See Sketch of Bryan Family.) 

This is the Daniel Boone of Kentucky fame. A special biography 
of the noted pioneer, written by his descendant, Mr. Jesse Procter Crump 
of Independence, Missouri, is to be found on page 559. 

jFiftj) (feneration 65 

Children: — (6) 

100 James Boone, b. 3 May, 1757; d. 10 Oct. 1773. He was killed by the 

Shawnee Indians while crossing the Clinch Mountains in Virginia, 
during the family's first attempt to reach Kentucky. At the time of 
his death he was aged 16 years, 5 months and 7 days. 

101 Israel Boone, b. 25 Jan., 1759; d. 19 Aug. 1782, aged 23 years, 6 months 

and 25 days. He was killed at the battle of Blue Licks in Kentucky. 
Abram Scholl, a soldier who took part in the battle and witnessed 
Israel's death, left a brief account of it. He said that Israel, who was 
young and active, could easily have made his escape, but remained to 
protect his father, firing at the Indians to cover his father's retreat. 
While thus engaged he received the fatal shot in the breast which 
caused his death, (c) 

+ 102 Susannah Boone, b. 2 Nov. 1760. 

+ 103 Jemima Boone, b. 4 Oct. 1762. 

+ 104 Levina Boone, b. 23 March, 1766. 

+ 105 Rebecca Boone, b. 26 May, 1768. 

+ 106 Daniel Morgan Boone, b. 23 Dec. 1769. 

+ 107 Jesse Bryan Boone, b. 23 May, 1773. 

108 William Boone, b. 20 June, 1775; died in infancy. 

+ 109 Nathan Boone, b. 2 March, 1781. 

References: — 

(a) Records of Exeter Monthly Meeting of Friends. 
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(c) Draper Mss. 24 S 205-22. 

26. MARY BOONE, {Squire*; George^), born 3 Nov., (O. S.) or 14 Nov. 
(N. S.) 1736 (a); died 1819, aged 83. (6) 

Married in Rowan Co., North Carolina, William Bryan (b. 1733; 
d. 7 May 1780), son of Morgan and Martha (Strode) Bryan, and uncle 
of Rebecca Bryan, who married Daniel Boone. (See the Bryan Family 

After several years residence in N. C. where all of their children 
were born, they moved to Kentucky, and settled at Bryan's Station, which 
William and his brothers founded. This station was located on Elkhorn 
Creek, Fayette Co., near where the historic battle of Blue Licks took 
place in Aug., 1782, (c) 

The little settlement suffered many setbacks due to Indian raids, so 
Mrs. Bryan (Mary Boone) did not go to Kentucky to live until the fall of 
1779. (d & e) It is quite possible that in the party of kindred and 
neighbors who settled there, were also WilUam Bryant and his wife, 
Rachael Wilcoxson (Wilcox), daughter of John and Sarah (Boone) Wil- 
coxson (Wilcox), and this may be the reason why confusion has arisen 
regarding the name of the station, sometimes called "Bryant's." 

66 W\)t poone Jf amilp 

Here on 7 May, 1780, William Bryan died from wounds received 
during an encounter with Indians while hunting with a party on 1 May. 


It is said that Mary (Boone) Bryan afterwards married Gen. Charles 
Smith, of Harrison Co., Ky., but some of her descendants deny there 
was a second marriage. (/) 

^^. Concerning the Bryan migration it may be well to quote here from 
Draper Mss. 22 C 14, an interview with Daniel Bryan, son of William 
and Mary (Boone) Bryan, held about 1844 or '45, by Rev. John D. Shane, 
who died in Cincinnati. Dr. Draper afterward bought Rev. Shane's 

p. 17. "My father William Bryan came out as far as Holston (1776) and there 
taking sick, turned back, but sent on the negroes, two men. (My father 
sent out two negroes with the company that settled first at Bryan's Station 
to open the place). The station was named after himself (my father) and 
several of his brothers, but he was the principal. Each man had two acre 

"Apart of the company that was out in 1776, including my father and 
myself and some others, now came on again in the spring of 1779, put up some 
cabins and houses and stokaded a little fort. My brother Samuel Bryan, 
Mr. Wm. Grant and Mr. Stephen Jones, brought their famihes out in the 

"I came out in 1779 to make corn at Bryan's in order to make corn for 
my father to move his family there in 1779 (April).* * The Station was com- 
menced in a short time. Cabins were built, but not more than a half dozen. 
I think there were only four, but some of them were double cabins. The 
space between was stokaded. The enclosure at first was only about thirty 
yards square, oblong east and west. In the fall it was enlarged to upwards 
of 100 yards, making near 200 yards in all, length, that fall and spring. But 
this was not all stokaded in until after Martin's and Ruddle's were taken in 
the fall of 1780." 

p. 28. "In the fall of 1780, after the attack on Martin's and Ruddle's 
Stations, my mother returned from the troubles of Ky., to the troubles of 
N. C. The man who bought our place in North Carolina was from Virginia. 
He hadn't paid for the place, and was anxious to give it up, that he might 
get rid of the difficulties with the British and Tories and return to Virginia. 
We traded to him the pack-horses that we had returned to Carolina on, for 
the truck and corn, and then we remained there in the old hou«e until the 
fall of 1785. We then came back to Ky., and lived in Daniel Boone's house 
on Marble Creek (the one he left to go a mile, etc.). Many others with my 
mother (had) dispersed, some to Va., and some to N. C. and perhaps all 
would have done so if they had possessed the means. The Station, however, 
. recruited after a time, and so strengthened as to enable them to withstand 
the Big Siege." 

A similar record was left by Geo. Bryan of Paris, Bourbon Co., 
Ky., born 15 Feb., 1758, son of Morgan Bryan, and a cousin of Daniel 
Bryan. This record is found in Draper Mss. 22 C 16. 

Children: — (d) 

+ 110 Samuel Bryan, b. 1756. 

jFiftj) (generation 67 

+ 111 Daniel Boone Bryan, b. 11 Feb., 1758. 

112 William Bryan, kiUed by Indians at Bryan's Station in same encounter 

in which his father received his death wounds. 

113 Phebe Bryan, m. Bryan. 

114 Hannah Bryan. 

115 John Bryan. 

+ 116 Sarah Bryan, b. 1768 or '69. 

117 Abner Bryan. 

118 Ehzabeth Bryan. 

119 Mary Bryan. 

References: — 

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27. GEORGE BOONE (Squire*; George^), born 2 Jan. (O. S.), or 13 
Jan. (N. S.), 1739; died 11 or 14 Nov., 1820. (a) 

Married about 1764, Ann or Nancy Linville (d. 28 Mar., 1814). 

George Boone was the eighth child, and the fifth son of Squire and 
Sarah (Morgan) Boone, and a younger brother of Daniel Boone. 

He married, it is thought about 1764, Ann, sometimes written Nancy, 
Linville, a daughter of William Linville and his wife, Ellender Bryan, 
a sister of Colonel Samuel Bryan, WiUiam and others. The Linvilles 
lived in the Boone and Bryan Settlements on the Yadkin. (For their 
further history see the articles on the Linville and Bryan Families.) 

George Boone was in the party which went out to bury the two 
Linvilles, William and his son John (1766). (6) 

When the Indians attacked Fort Boonesborough in 1777 and besieged 
it, a man was let out of the Fort in the night, who hastened on horse- 
back to North Carolina for aid. Immediately a company was raised, 
with John Holder, an active young man, as captain. George Boone was 
one of this company, but before they could get there the Indians had 
gone. (6) 

In 1779, George Boone visited Kentucky to see the country, and the 
next year moved out, stopping first a short time at Boonesborough, and 
then for a little while at Bryan's Station. In 1780, he estabUshed 
Boone's Station about one and one half or two miles north of where 
the present court house of Richmond stands. This was on what is now 
the turnpike from Richmond to Lexington. Then in 1781, he helped 
Major WilUam Hoy establish Hoy's Station, five or 6 miles south-west of 
Boonesborough. This was a beautiful tract of land, between Richmond 
and Boonesborough, but on no water course. (6) 


68 ^\\t ^oone jFamilp 

In the party which went out in October, 1780 to bring in the body of 
Edward Boone were his brother George and his son William L. (c) 

When Daniel Boone went from Kentucky to the Virginia Legislature 
about 1788, George Boone sold him a horse with which he and his wife 
made the trip. 

George and his brothers, Jonathan and Samuel, were all Baptists. 

When still a young man, George had a white swelling on his leg 
which left him lame and unfit to go on campaigns, so he took no part 
in the Indian Wars, and none of his sons went out on any campaign. 
Several years before his death he had his lame leg taken off. (c) How- 
ever, he did service in defending forts wherever he was, and was appoint- 
ed by Congress to do Frontier work during the Revolution. In "Rev- 
olutionary Soldiers of Virginia" by Eckenrode, and Illinois Papers "D" 32, 
in the Virginia State Library, we find that he was a Revolutionary sol- 
dier. Following is a record of at least a part of his service. 

Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia 

Department of Archives and History. 

5 July, 1917. 

This certifies that in an original document in the Virginia State 
Library, which is "a Pay Role for Captain David Goss' Company in 
actural service in Kentucky county under the Command of Col. John 
Bowman from Sept. 6 till Oct. 21, 1780" appears the name, George 
Boone. The roll shows that George Boone was a member of this com- 
pany for the specified time — 38 days. 

H. R. Mcllwain. 

State Librarian. 

He and his wife continued to live at his Station until after his 
brother. Squire Boone, had moved to Shelby County, where they with some 
of their children soon followed. They were living in Shelby County in 
1811, for in Court Records of Madison County we find that, "George 
Boone and wife, Anna, on 10 November, 1811, then of and in Shelby 
County, conveyed to William Stone and James Stone, of Madison County, 
Ky., for the consideration of $3807.00, two hundred and seven acres of 
land in Madison County, Ky., on the right hand fork of Otter Creek, 
part of Joseph Phelps' pre-emption and Settlement, adjoining the lands 
of William Ervine (Irvine), Thomas Grubbs," etc. The deed was not 
acknowledged by Mrs. Ann (Linville) Boone until 3 March, 1812. 

George Boone and his wife both died in Shelby County, but their 
bodies were taken back and buried in Madison County in the old George 
Boone — Robert Harris graveyard, near the site of Boone's Station, now 
Cross Plains, (d) Some of their children and grandchildren are buried 
there, as are Robert Harris and his wife, with some of their children and 

jFiftf) (generation 69 

On his tombstone, in the old George Boone — Robert Harris grave- 
yard near Richmond, Ky., is this inscription: "George Boone, Sen. De- 
parted this Hfe 11 or 14 November, 1820, aged 84." (e) 

Ann or Nancy (Linville) Boone died 28 March, 1814, at about seventy 
years of age. The inscription on her tombstone in the same cemetery 
mentioned in the paragraph above reads, "In memory of Ann Boone, 
Wife of George Boone Sen., departed this Hfe the 28th day of March, 
1814, the mother of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, 
182." (e) 

Samuel Boone said his father had six sons and six daughters, all of 
whom, with the exception of one son, lived to be grown. (/) 

Children: — 

(Probably all born in N. C.) 

+ 120 Elizabeth Boone, b. abt. 1765. 

121 Elender Boone, b. abt. 1766; d. 17 July 1799, aged 33 yrs.; ra. — Wilcox 
Her gravestone inscription is, "In memory of Elender Wilcox, who 
departed this life the 17th of July 1799, aged 33 years." (e) 

+ 122 William Boone, b. 22 Feb., 1768. 
123 George Boone, d. abt. 1810 (g). In the Madison Co. (Ky.) Court Re- 
cords, Deed Book "G", page 389, is found this record: 

"20 Jan., 1810, George Boone and wife, Nancy (Ann), for Natural 
love and affection and one dollar, conveyed to their son, George 
Boone, Jr., 315 acres of land on Otter Creek in Madison Co., Ky., 
being the plantation whereon I (George Boone, Sr.) lately lived, which 
was conveyed to George Boone, Sr., by George Phelps." 

George Boone, Jr., is said to have been killed by a horse, and his death 
must have occurred previous to 11 Nov., 1811. 

It is thought he never married, for in his will which is recorded in 
Shelby Co., Ky., we find no mention of wife or children. Instead he 
leaves "my tract of land lying in Madison County, Kentucky, on the 
waters of Otter Creek, containing three hundred and fifteen acres" 
to "my dearly beloved father and mother," together with "my four 
negroes, namely, Lackin, David, Silvay and Keda, which he (his 
father) now has in his possession." Indoubtedly this is the same 
land which his parents transferred to him on 20 Jan., 1810. To 
"my dearly loved Sister Mariah Steel" were willed the 2 negro girls* 
Keda and Silvay, to be hers after the death of her parents. Some 
notes of Edward Boone (possibly his brother) were given him under 
certain conditions. This will witnessed by Sally Simpson was signed 
on the 2nd day of October, 1810, and was proven by the oath of Sally 
Simpson, in the Shelby Co., Court, 18th of Nov., 1811. 

This seems to prove conclusively that George Boone, Jr., died be- 
tween 2 Oct., 1810, and 18 Nov., 1811. 

Concerning his grave we have this quotation: — 

"A grave next to Mrs. Ann Boone (in the George Boone-Robert 
Harris Cemetery near Richmond, Ky. H. A. S.) with the headstone 
broken and the letters scaled off (1885); piece of scale had 1810 on it, 
and the footstone "G. B.", which I take is George Boone Jun." (e) 

+ 124 Squire Boone. 

70 l^fje S?oone Jf amilp 

125 Boone (dau. possibly named Sarah or Sallie.) m. Sol. or Solomon 

Simpson. The will of George Boone, Jr., was witnessed, and proven 
by the oath of Sally Simpson, who was possibly this sister. 

+ 126 Mary Boone, b. 2 Apr., 1776. 

127 Susanna Boone, b. 22 Apr., 1778; d. 16 Oct., 1804; m. in Madison Co., 

Ky., 8 Apr., 1795, Wm. Hern or Hearne. Nothing further is known 
of her or her descendants except the inscription on her tombstone in 
the George Boone-Robert Harris Graveyard. 

"In memory of Susanna Hem, who was bom April the 22nd in the 
year of our Lord 1778 and departed this life on the 16th of October 
1804, who was daughter of George and Nancy Boone and was married 
to Wm. Hern on the 8th of April 1795." (e) 

128 Mariah (Marian) Boone, m. — Steel. She is mentioned in the will of 

George Boone, Jr., as his "dearly loved Sister Mariah Steel." 

Marriage records of Madison Co., Ky., give a marriage of Marian 

Boone and Joseph S , October 1805, who may be this Mariah 

+ 129 "Captain" Samuel Boone (4th Son), b. 15 Jan., 1782. 
+ 130 Edward Boone, b. abt. 1783. 
131 Nestor Boone, (the youngest son) was living in Hannibal, Mo., in 1866. 

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28. EDWARD BOONE (Squire*; George^), born 19 Nov. (O. S.), or 30 
Nov. (N. S.), 1740, in Exeter Township, Berks Co., Pa. (a); died 1780 
in Ky. 

Married Martha Bryan (d. after 1793), daughter of Joseph and Alee 
Bryan, and a sister of Rebecca Bryan, who married Daniel Boone. (See 
the Bryan Family Sketch.) 

As a small boy of about ten, Edward was taken with his parents in 
their migration from Pennsylvania, to the Yadkin District of South Caro- 
lina, 1750-52, where it is very probable he was married, for we know 
that the Bryan family lived in this same neighborhood, and it was here 
his brother Daniel and Rebecca Bryan were married. It is thought too 
that his children were born in South Carolina. 

It is not known certainly when he moved to Kentucky, but it is very 
probable that it was in 1779, when Daniel Boone took out a large party, or 
perhaps even earlier. Of his life here, nothing is known though several 
accounts of his death have been left by his nephews. We shall quote 
here the one given by his grandson, John Scholl, son of Peter and Mary 

jFiftf) feneration 7i 

(Boone) Scholl. It coincides in practically all details with the accounts 
left by Edward's nephews. 

"Daniel and Edward Boone (born 1744) went hunting, on Hinkston. 
Found a good grassy spot and stopped to let their horses graze. Edward 
Boone picked up some nuts and commenced cracking them on a stone in his 
lap, and watching the horses, while Daniel Boone said he would take a round 
and come back by the time the horses were through picking; and had scarcely 
gone when several guns cracked and he soon saw two or three Indians after him. 
He darted otf into the cane and was followed by a dog. Finally to evade him 
stopped behind a tree and shot the dog as it approached. Indians came up 
and rolled over the defunct dog, looked at it regretfully and departed. Col. 
Boone saw the Indians but thought it wisest to remain quiet. Seven balls had 
been shot into Edward Boone and he must have been killed instantly." (6) 

Martha (Bryan) Boone, who was probably only in her thirties when 
her husband was killed, did not re-marry. At one time she was living on 
Boone's Creek, Fayette Co., Ky., as her grandson, John Scholl, remem- 
bers being taken as a small boy to visit her there, and thinks it was 
about 1795, but it may have been earlier than that as her will was signed 
12 May, 1793. 

Following is a copy of her will: 

"In the name of God Amen, I Martha Boone of Clarke County and State 
of Kentucky being sick in mind and body but of perfect mind and memory 
thanks be to Almighty God I calling to mind the certainty of death and that 
all people once must assurredly die when it shall please God to call do con- 
stitute ordain and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in the form 
and manner following, revising and disannulling by these presents all and 
Every Testament, Will and Wills heretofore made by me either by word of 
mouth or writing this only to be taken for my last Will and Testament and 
none other to be so considered as my Will intent or desire and for what 
wordly goods and chattels it has pleased God help me with shall be disposed 
of in form and manner following, first I do positively order that all just debts 
and demands owed either by right or conscience to any person or persons 
shall well and truly be paid or satisfied as soon as convenient after my 
decease by my son George Boone. Item I give and bequeath unto my 
daughter Charity Ellege all my right and interest in that tract or parcel of land 
on which she now lives containing by estimation one hundred and twenty- 
five acres or more or less with all its appurtenances * * * * ^q 
her and her heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter 
Jane Morgan my negro woman named Lilly. Item I give and bequeath 
unto my daughter Mary Scholl one horse colt one year old at present came 
of the dun mare. Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph Boone one 
sorrell filly three years and one young cow and calf. Item I give and be- 
queath unto my daughter Sarah Hunter one small mare named bon and the 
colt to her son Joseph Hunter. Item I give and bequeath all my wearing 
appearell to my four daughters they taking choice of garments by Seniority 
according to their age. Item I give and bequeath unto my son George Boone 
all the remainder and remainders of my lands, negroes, goods and chattels 
whatsoever that is not mentioned. Lastly I do make constitute and appoint 
John Morgan, Junr., executor of this my last will and testament and trustee 
for the same. 

72 W\)t 55oone Jf amilp 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth 
day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 
ninety-three. her 

Test. John Morran 

William Craycraft 
John X Stilwell 

Children: — (b) 

(Order of age not known) 

+ 132 Mary Boone, b. abt. 1764. 

133 George Boone, lived on Stoner Creek, Ky , where he died at an advanced 

age, leaving descendants. (6) 

134 Joseph Boone, married a Miss Fry. (c) He was badly wounded in the 

ankle in St. Clair's Defeat (Revolution). He crawled off into the 
bushes and hid as the Indians passed him in pursuit of the whites. 
After lying in hiding for several days, he was rescued and carried on 
horseback to Fort Jefferson. He settled in Indiana, (b & c) 

+ 135 Sarah Boone. 

136 Jane Boone, married Morgan Morgan, and settled a few miles east of 

Baton Rouge, La., where they were living about 1807. (6) 

137 Charity Boone, m. Francis Elledge or Ellege or Willege. (6) They fol- 

lowed their children into Illinois, settling near Winchester, where 
they both died — he first, and she later, about 1853. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(h) Draper Mss. 22 S 269-74. 

(c) Draper Mss. 19 C 120-154. 

29. SQUIRE BOONE, JR. (Squire*; George^), born 5 Oct., 1744; died 
Aug. 1815. 

Married 8 Aug., 1765, Jane VanCIeve (b. 16 Oct., 1749; d. 10 Mar., 
1829). (a) 

Squire Boone, Jr., son of Squire, Sr., and Sarah (Morgan) Boone, was 
born "on Thursday about five o'clock in the morning" (a), in Philadelphia 
(now Berks) County, Pennsylvania, near the present city of Reading. 
When a small boy, four or five years old, he was taken with the family 
when they emigrated to near Winchester, Virginia, and a little later to 
North Carolina. Here they settled about a mile and a quarter from 
Holman's (now Boone's) Ford on the east side of the South Yadkin, in 
what was then Rowan, but is now Wilkes Co., and about eight miles 
from the present city of Wilkesboro. He developed a great fondness for 
a gun and desired to learn how to make them. So some ten years later when 
his mother made a visit back to Pennsylvania she took Squire, Jr. along with 

Jfiftf) (generation 73 

her. They rode horseback and camped out nights the whole journey. 
Squire was left as an apprentice to his cousin, Samuel Boone, to learn 
gunsmithing. He stayed five years, becoming an expert gunsmith, and 
"neat workman, in stocking and ornamenting guns with brass and silver." 
(5) A year or so before his apprenticeship was up, he or his parents pur- 
chased the balance of his time and he returned to North Carolina. 

In 1765, when he lacked a few weeks of being twenty-one years old, 
he was married to Jane VanCleve, who was born in New Jersey; a 
daughter of Aaron VanCleve of Low Dutch descent, from Holland. Her 
parents with seven sons and this daughter moved early to the Yadkin 
Country, where she and Squire Boone were married. She died at the 
home of her son, Enoch Morgan Boone, at the mouth of Otter Creek, Ky. 
By her grandchildren, she was called "Big Granny" to distinguish her 
from Jane (Hughes) Boone, whom they called "Little Granny." 

On the wall of the Clerk's office in Rowan Co., N. C, hangs the framed 
marriage bond of Squire Boone and Jane VanCleve, dated 11 July, 
1765, and witnessed by Squire Boone, John Johnson, and Sam Tate. 
In those days a bond guaranteeing the support of the wife was required. 
In this bond the name is spelled VanCleft, but in all other records it is 
VanCleve. (c) 

They lived at the Glades, perhaps a half mile north of Bear Creek, 
and between Bear Creek and the Yadkin, the latter being a beautiful 
clear stream, full of fine fish. (When Enoch Morgan Boone visited this 
locality in 1790, not a Boone was then living there.) Game was begin- 
ning to become scarce in this neighborhood, so Squire and Daniel wishing 
to find a better locality — and in those days that meant a newer, less 
settled place — took three companions and, toward the close of the summer 
of 1765, went down into Florida along the Altamaha River. Here they 
found high water, a wet country covered with greenbriar, and very little 
game. Lack of game meant going hungry, so becoming weary of it all, 
they went back home satisfied that Florida was not the sort of country 
they desired. Their intention had been to pass around the head of the 
Altamaha, going from there to the mouth of the St. Mary's on the sea- 
coast, but it is thought by some they did not get that far. (d) 

It is thought Squire Boone accompanied his brother Daniel and 
William Hill to Kentucky in the fall of 1767. They crossed the Blue Ridge 
and Allegheny Mountains, the Holston and Clinch Rivers near their 
sources, and finally reached the head waters of the West Fork of the 
Big Sandy. Going on westward from here about 100 miles they went 
into what is now Floyd Co., Ky. After spending the winter here in 
trapping and hunting they returned in the spring to the Yadkin, (d) 

Squire Boone himself related that in the winter of 1768-69, John 
Finley, a pedlar and horse-trader and at that time rather old, came to 
the Yadkin settlement with a horse. He praised up Kentucky, telling of the 
plentifulness of game and buffalo, the Falls of the Ohio, where he said 

74 ^f)t poone Jf amilp 

the water ran so swiftly as to carry ducks and geese over the Falls, 
killing them. These, he said, any one by going out in a canoe below 
the Falls could pick up in great abundance. This so fired the minds of 
Squire and Daniel that they decided to explore this wonderful country. 

Late in the fall of 1769, Squire and a companion, Alexander Neely, 
went in search of Daniel, who with five others had gone into the wilds 
of Kentucky, the first part of May, 1769. They found Daniel's camp, — the 
location of which is uncertain, but probably was on Station's Camp 
Creek, in what is now Estill Co., — soon after his and John Stewart's 
seven-day captivity among the Indians. During this time the others 
had abandoned the camp and started home. Daniel, Squire, Stewart, 
and Neely then made camp near the mouth of the Red River. Soon 
after John Stewart failed to return from one of his hunting trips and 
Neely started home by himself, but was never again heard of. This 
left the two brothers alone in the wilderness. In after years Squire used 
to tell that the first time he visited Blue Licks in 1770, he saw vast num- 
bers of all kinds of animals, and herds of buffalo. The panthers and 
wolves would catch buffalo-calves and deer for food. What they left 
was eaten by the smaller animals, vultures, buzzards, ravens and bald eagles. 
These Licks were all salt licks, and the trails which led to them were 
worn three and four feet down into the ground, so great were the num- 
bers of animals going to them. 

Running short of ammunition and supplies. Squire, leaving Daniel abso- 
lutely alone, without bread, salt, or sugar, in this unexplored wilderness, on 
1 May, 1770, started back to North Carolina for supplies. Nearing the 
settlements he made camp and was roasting some meat when six or eight 
Indians suddenly appeared. They did not seem at all hostile, so he 
offered them some of his meat, of which they partook. They then 
proposed to trade a worthless old gun for Squire's better one, and on 
his refusing, took it and his furs, telling him to leave. Going on to a 
settlement he raised a party and pursued the Indians for some distance, 
but gave up the chase and turned back. It was fortunate they turned 
back just when they did, for not far beyond, the Indians had lain in 
ambush in a very advantageous position, and probably would have wiped 
out Squire's entire party. According to their agreement made at parting 
Squire met Daniel on the 27th of July, 1770, after an absence of three 
months, at the old camp in Kentucky, which, from fear of Indians, they 
soon abandoned. From here they went to the Cumberland River, ex- 
ploring that part of the country and naming streams, until March 1771. 
The next month (April) they returned to North Carolina to prepare to 
move to Kentucky. 

In the court house yard at Richmond, Ky. stands a rough boulder 
of limestone, on which is carved "1770 Squire Boone." It is a relic 
of the winter hunt of 1769-1770, and is supposed to have been left as a signal 
of Squire's return from North Carolina. It was found at Horse Cave, one 

jFiftf) (generation 75 

and a half miles from Little Blue Lick, and was purchased by Madison 
Co. Besides the name and date, and immediately following the name is 
engraved "a younger brother of Daniel; built the first cabin in Kentucky; 
and solemnized the first marriage within the bounds of Kentucky." 

Enoch Boone, a son of Squire's, told that his father and Daniel 
Boone had the greatest of confidence in each other. Squire would take furs, 
go to North CaroHna with them, and return to meet Daniel on the very 
day appointed. At one of these times Daniel went off on a hunting trip, 
returning on the appointed day to find no Indians had disturbed their 
camp, and stepped off to one side in the timber. Within an hour Squire 

At one time they had collected a fine lot of furs and pelts. Squire 
and a young hired man, named Andrew, packed them on four horses 
and were returning to the settlements with them, when Indians came up. 
The Indian leader snatched Squire's gun and shot pouch, while the others 
took possession of the horses and their loads. The Indians then ordered 
them to go on. Andrew, who had shpped off a way, kept calling for 
Squire to come on, and finally he did go on after trying to regain his 
possessions by arguing with the Indians. This happened some 80 or 
100 miles toward Kentucky from the Greenbriar River (Va.). Squire with 
Andrew pushed on to the Greenbriar, raised a party and pursued the 
Indians, overtaking them at a stream. For some reason, probably high 
water, the Indians could not get the horses across, so Squire recovered 
three of them and his gun, after which the whites gave up the pursuit. 
They returned almost to the settlement, then scattered and went scouting. 
Squire Boone and David Hall were together and had gone into a deserted 
log cabin. Looking out they discovered two Indians, evidently chiefs 
from their fine dress, approaching. The Indians stopped a few paces 
away, when Squire and Hall firing through a crack killed both. The 
Indians had on a great many silver ornaments, half moons, arm bands, 
etc. Squire paid Hall $60.00 for his share of it, and later had the whole 
of it made into about a dozen silver cups. 

It is quite definitely estabhshed that Squire was not with Daniel 
and his party in 1773, when they were attacked in Powell's Valley, but 
he and Michael Stoner were both members of the party of thirty under 
Daniel, who marked and cut out the "Wilderness Trail," variously known 
as the "Wilderness Road," "Boone's Trail," and "Boone's Trace." Clear- 
ly marked traces of this trail were to be found 90 years later. 

Immediately after the building of Fort Boonesborough in the spring 
of 1775, Squire Boone built a cabin at Jerusha's Grove, on Silver Creek, 
and commenced building a mill at "Boone's Old Mill Site." In October 
(1775) he sold the cabin to Joseph Benny, and the adjoining land to 
George Smith. 

Before Fort Boonesborough had been completed, the first Legislature 
of Transylvania assembled there, and both Squire and Daniel acted as 

76 Cfje iBoone jFamilp 

delegates from Boonesborough, taking their seats on 25 May (1775). 
This was Squire's first legislative experience. 

No record has been found of their moving to Kentucky, but by a com- 
parison of dates and history, he must have taken his family "out" with 
Daniel Boone's party in the spring of 1776. On 30 April, 1917, at Hol- 
man's Ford, near Salisbury (N. C), was celebrated the 160th anniversary 
of the date the Boones left Berks Co., Pa., for their new home on the 
Yadkin, and the 141st, of the day they left there for their future home 
in Kj'. This moving "out" took something more than a month to ac- 
complish, and about two months later, on 7 August (1776), Squire Boone, 
being an occasional preacher in the Calvanistic Baptist Church, per- 
formed the first marriage in Kentucky, at Ft. Boonesborough, between 
Samuel Henderson and Elizabeth Callaway. 

Early in 1777, he moved to Harrodsburg, but while he was in North 
Carolina settling up some business, Mrs. Boone was warned that a party of 
about thirty Indians were in the neighborhood, and that same evening 
moved her family and possessions back to the fort, after sundown. About 
this same time two men, McConnel and Ray, and Mrs. Boone were outside 
the fort, the two men shooting at a mark and Mrs. Boone picking up 
chips, when they were fired upon by Indians. Just as Mrs. Boone ran 
through the front gate several bullets struck it, but after firing several 
volleys at the fort the Indians withdrew. 

All through this period the Indians were very troublesome, and one 
time when out scouting southeast of the fort. Squire, who had stopped 
to examine some fresh moccasin tracks in a glade, was shot through the 
left side, breaking a rib in two places. 

In this same year (1777) there took place a battle called "The Corn 
Crib Affair." A party, Squire among them, had gone out to get in 
their corn, and knowing that Indians were likely to be about had posted 
sentinels, who somehow failed to see the Indians creeping up. Suddenly, 
just as they had finished shelling the corn and were about to start back, 
they were fired upon. Squire and another man took shelter behind a 
bag of corn. The other man was killed, and an Indian rushed up to 
scalp him, when Squire ran him through with a small silver-hilted, three- 
edged sword which he carried. It was probably here that Squire re- 
ceived the wound on his forehead, which left a scar he carried all his 
life. The whites, having the corn crib and yard trees for protection, 
had the advantage over the Indians, who were exposed when running up 
and retreating, so the fight did not last long. Often in after life Squire 
told that this was the most satisfactory Indian fight he was ever in, that 
each side stood its ground and fought so well. Later on he lost his 
sword while crossing the Beargrass, and was never able to recover it. 

At the time Daniel escaped from his long captivity among the In- 
dians and returned to Ft. Boonesborough, Squire was living there. During 
the ten or fifteen days before the Indians appeared, everything that could 

Jfiftf) (generation 77 

be done in so short a time to strengthen the fort was pushed forward 
rapidly, — new stockading was built, the fort enlarged to the east, and new 
bastions built on the southeast and southwest corners, the second stories 
being built up as high as a man's head, but without roofs from lack of 
time. Squire had made a wooden cannon, which he strapped with iron 
bands, and when this was fired later on during the siege it seemed to 
frighten the Indians greatly, but after a few times it was overcharged 
and burst. 

One morning the besiegers appeared in Indian file on the hillside 
south of the fort, — about 440 strong, under the leadership of Blackfish. 
The whites were told they had orders from the Commandant at Detroit 
to take the fort, but not to hurt any of the people, and that they 
had brought horses to convey the women and children to Detroit. The 
whites refused to surrender, so it was then agreed to make a treaty by 
which the Indians were to withdraw, and the white settlers were to 
abandon the fort within six weeks, leaving the country. Following this 
agreement the Indians sent some nicely dried buffalo tongues as presents 
to the women. 

On the second day the Indians were still quite friendly, and on 
meeting some of the women at the spring, where they had gone for water, 
called them "fine squaws." They sent word for them and the children 
not to be frightened as they were going to shoot some beeves, which 
they did without further asking. All this time the settlers were coaxing 
all the cattle and hogs inside the fort that they could get to come. Of 
those that would not come, the Indians killed what they wished. (A 
few days later one young cow came home with a "buffalo tug around 
her horns, some three feet dangling." (e) Evidently she had been taken 
captive by the enemy, but had managed to escape, and capered about 
showing great joy over getting back home.) On this same second day, 
in order to make a showing of great strength, the women put on hats 
and coats, took guns and marched back and forth before the big gate 
which was open. 

On the third day the Indians cut down the peach trees to make an 
arbor and tables for the dinner and signing of the treaty. Two or three 
of the women ventured out to take knives, forks and plates. In the 
party, which went out from the fort to this council, were probably nine 
men — Squire and Daniel Boone, Col. Callaway, Maj. Smith, a Mr. Brad- 
ley, and others whose names are not known. The meal was finished, 
furniture taken back into the fort, and the peace pipe passed around to 
ratify the agreement for abandoning the fort. Following this Blackfish 
made a speech and then they began to shake hands, two or three Indians 
to the white man. Their intention apparently was to drag the whites into 
ditches or gullies out of range of the fort. A signal gun was fired by 
some Indian in the background, for no one was allowed to carry arms to 
the parley. The whites were expecting treachery and those in the fort 

78 grfje Poone jFamilp 

were armed and ready. A scuffle ensued outside the fort, and Squire 
Boone when about fifteen paces from the council table was shot. The 
bullet grazed one shoulder, knocking off some of the knobs of his back- 
bone, and lodged in his other shoulder. In spite of his wound he got 
into the fort safely, and a little later Daniel Boone cut the bullet out. 
His wife dressed and cared for his wound, but he was unable to take 
part in the defense of the fort during the siege which immediately fol- 
lowed. However he had a broad-ax set by his bed to use in case the 
Indians succeeded in getting inside the fort. 

The flag at the top of a pole some 40 or 50 feet high became the first 
target for the Indians. Great was their rejoicing when it fell, the pole 
cut off just below the flag by their bullets. The men inside the fort 
soon had it raised again on another pole, and in their turn shouted loudly. 
At that, the Indians stopped their rejoicing, and did not try again to 
shoot it down. The siege lasted 11 days in all, two and a half in par- 
leying and the rest in fighting, after which the Indians withdrew. 

During this siege one of Squire's favorite cows was shot through the 
udder with an arrow, but lived for ten years after that and was finally 
killed by the fall of a tree, in Shelby Co., Ky. 

Often Squire went out with hunters to kill and pack in meat at 
night. Probably early in the spring of 1779, he moved his family by 
boat from Boonesborough to Harrodsburg. When they arrived at the 
point of land nearest their destination, needing help to transfer his fam- 
ily and goods overland, he sent a hired man at dusk to the fort for aid. 
As the man did not return when he was expected, Squire Boone left his 
family alone, exposed as they were, and himself went for this help, re- 
turning about daylight with it. They then took the family and goods 
into Harrodsburg, The hired man was probably never heard of again. 
Once when living at Harrodsburg, whether this time or some other, 
Squire went outside the fort to get his horse and was shot and wounded 
by the Indians. 

It is thought that it was soon after this he moved his family, again 
by boat, down the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers to the Falls of the Ohio 
(Louisville). He intended to settle on his pre-emption of 1400 acres on 
Clear Fork of Brashear's Creek, about six miles above the mouth of Bull 
Skin in Shelby Co., where he had raised corn as early as 1776. Probably 
because the Indians were troublesome, he postponed his settlement and 
instead bought some town lots in Louisville, on high ground near the 
mouth of Beargrass Creek, where he built a cabin. In that year he took 
Jonathan his oldest son, then about 13, to Kaskaskia (111.) to learn French. 
There the lad stayed four years. 

In the petition of 1779 to the Legislature of Va. for the establish- 
ment of the Town of Louisville, appears the name of Squire Boone, and 
again on a similar petition dated 1 May, 1780, are his and Jonathan 
Boone's names. It is said that Squire Boone preached the first ser- 

jFiftf) (generation 79 

mon ever delivered in Louisville by a preacher of any denomination, 
and was himself a Baptist. 

As soon as spring opened up in 1780, he moved out to Brashear 
Creek and established "Squire Boone's Station," sometimes called "Painted 
Stone," near where Shelbyville now stands. The Indians harassed them 
more or less, but really did no great damage until April, 1781. Then 
while they were clearing up ground for the spring planting, the Indians 
attacked them, about sunrise one morning. One of the men in this work- 
ing party managed to get to the fort and give the alarm. Squire Boone, 
"in his shirt tail" (e), and about ten or twelve others caught up their 
guns and ran out towards the fields. About twenty Indians had hidden 
behind brushwood on each side of this path and fired on them, killing 
some and wounding others. Squire Boone, who was covering the retreat 
of Alexander Bryan, received two wounds, first in his right arm, then a 
second in his right side. He was so badly wounded no one thought he 
could live, but after several months suffering he finally recovered. How- 
ever his arm was so badly shattered, it was ever after an inch and a half 
shorter than the other and partly crippled. During the rest of his life 
splinters of bone would work out occasionally. It is told that afterwards 
Simon Girty, who had led this attack, used to laugh and boast about 
how "he had made Squire Boone's white shirt fly." (e) 

In 1780-'81 he acted as a justice and married many couples at the 

The Indians were so troublesome all that season and the next, that 
in Sept., 1781, it was resolved to abandon the Station. All the families, 
with the exception of Squire Boone's and the "widow Hinton's" — there 
were not enough pack horses to take them too — started off on 14 Sept., 
1781, but were ambuscaded by the Indians when 21 miles away and still 
8 miles from Linn's Station. No men were left at Squire Boone's Station 
except Squire himself, still weak from his wounds, and his son Moses, a 
boy of about 12. After Floyd's Defeat, which occurred on 15 Sept., the 
Indians followed them no further. (For more complete details of Boone's 
and Floyd's Defeats on 14 and 15 Sept., see the sketch of Isaiah Boone.) 
A day or so later about 300 men from the Falls and other settlements 
along the Beargrass, marched out, buried the dead, and went to the re- 
lief of Squire Boone's Station. They reached there probably about the 
17th of Sept. and rescued the families of Squire Boone and Mrs. Hinton, 
together with the stock which had wandered back, and much of the 
plunder lost by the moving families. About two weeks later, one night 
after dark. Squire Boone went back on horseback to see if the Indians 
had molested his station and crops. Finding everything all right he started 
back. About midnight he reached Long Run, slid off his horse, and 
holding him by the bridle, lay down and slept until about daylight. On 
awakening he and his horse at the same time discovered three Indians, 
who had camped but a few rods away and were then getting up and 

80 W\\t poone Jf amilp 

stirring up their fire. Boone knew if he shot he could certainly kill one 
of them, but his horse, which was afraid of a gun, would in that case 
get away. After debating it, he decided the better plan would be to 
mount and get away as quickly as possible. However he always re- 
gretted it as a lost opportunity. He spent the following winter at the 
Low Dutch Station, on the Beargrass about 3 miles from Linn's and 
about 15 from the Falls of the Ohio. 

In 1781, in the House of Delegates from Jefferson Co., Va., appears 
the name of Squire Boone. 

Being so disabled he resolved to move to an older settlement, and in 
the spring of 1781 went to Harrodsburg, where he stayed that season. 

While thus disabled from wounds received in these various Indian 
encounters he was elected as a Representative to the Va. State Legislature 
from Jefferson Co. Here he made a plea that help be given the frontier 
defenders. His plain hunting clothes, backwoods manners and earnest- 
ness, coupled with his own poor, broken-up body, touched the hearts of 
his fellow legislators and made an appeal not to be resisted. To the day 
of his death he cherished the memory of the cordial reception given him 
by the other legislators and the citizens of Richmond (Va). One of his 
nephews, Daniel Bryan, son of William and Mary (Boone) Bryan, says, 
"One night as we lay out together (on some hunt or campaign) I asked 
Squire Boone to give me a history of his life. He replied that he had 
been so honored that he had been a member of the legislature and invited 
to dine with the Governor (Va.); and that he had been so poor he had 
been obliged to steal hominy from a negro. These were the extremes of 
his life." (e) 

The winter of 1782-'83 he lived five or six miles northeast of Harrod's 
Station on a place he had bought from Col. John Bowman, on a "run" 
thought to be Cane Run. Sometime in 1783 he went to Virginia on busi- 
ness and when he returned, in the fall of that year, brought back with him 
several families, that of his cousin Samuel Boone among them. (This was 
the cousin from whom he learned gunsmithing.) With a number of them 
he started to re-establish his old station on Brashear's Creek, for he loved 
that part of the country and longed to go back there. While moving 
they were overtaken by a heavy snow storm and cold spell on Salt River, 
and had to camp there for some time. They finally reached the old 
station site in the dead of winter, to find all the buildings burned to the 
ground. A station at that time consisted of a few rude cabins with 
stockades between, and generally arranged in a hollow square. 

That year Linn's was still the nearest settlement, but in 1784-'85 
several new ones were built — Samuel Wells' Station, 3 miles west; James 
Hoagland's, 8 miles northeast; Daniel Ketchum's on an upper branch 
of Brashear's Creek; Maj. Aquilla Whittaker's, 4 miles below; and several 

Jfiftj) (generation si 

In 1784 Squire Boone built a grist and sawmill at his station, and 
in Dec. of that year was a member of the First Kentucky Convention, 
going as a delegate from Lincoln Co. 

The Indians still proved troublesome, but they lived on here until 
1786. Then because of losses from land claims, he was forced to sell 
his station at a sacrifice and bought Wells' station, where he moved early 
in that year. Later on his son Enoch came into possession of this station. 

About this time Squire was sent as a delegate from Ky. to the Va. 
Legislature, which ratified the present Constitution of the United States. 

Becoming discouraged because of losses and land disputes he decided to 
leave Kentucky, and in 1787 with his son Isaiah, his cousin Samuel Boone, 
and several others went by boat to *Chickasaw Bluffs, intending to make 
a settlement. They landed and unloaded the boats, but being warned 
by a friendly Chickasaw that it was unsafe to try to settle here because 
of the Creeks, Squire reloaded and went on down to New Orleans, where 
he took Spanish protection, set up a shop, and worked at his trade for 
three years. 

On leaving New Orleans his property was confiscated, and he trav- 
elled back alone overland, with little save his gun, having sent Isaiah on 
ahead some time before. He arrived in Kentucky in 1790. Still dissatisfied 
and in poor health, he decided to go south. After finding homes for his 
three eldest sons and his daughter, Squire with his wife and youngest 
son, Enoch, started out with a team of three horses, a wagon, and $200 
in money. They went by way of Crab Orchard, thro' Cumberland Gap 
down to the Yadkin, where they got a year's supply of provisions; then 
down thro' South Carolina and Georgia to St. Simon's Island in Florida. 
(For more details of this trip, see the sketch of Enoch Boone.) Here 
they lived until the summer of 1792, doing well in a financial way. At 
that time bits of bone were coming from the wounds in his back, so he 
decided to go north again. 

After selling off his property they sailed for Philadelphia, and went out 
to Berks County. Enoch, the son, returned to Kentucky that fall, but 
Squire and his wife stayed on until 1795, when they returned to their son 
Jonathan's. Jonathan had married while they were at St. Simon's and 
was living in Shelby County, Ky. 

•When Daniel Boone moved his family to Missouri in the fall of 1799, 
part went by boat and part went overland with the cattle. "In the boat 
was Mrs. Boone (Daniel's wife), Daniel Morgan Boone (son), then un- 
married, and Squire Boone (brother). Squire went out and spent the 
winter and perhaps a year or two." (/) He liked the country so well 
he took Spanish protection, and received a grant of 700 acres of land a 
few miles from Daniel's on the Quiver River. Here he began to build 
a stone house, but when it was about half finished two of his sons went 

*Chickasaw Bluffs are at the mouth of the Yazoo River where it empties into the Mississippi 
River northeast of Vicksburg, Miss. 

82 tlfje poone jFamilp 

out and persuaded him to go back to Kentucky. His family were tired 
of so much moving and had refused to go to Missouri, remaining in 
Shelby Co., Ky. 

He returned to Kentucky, and in 1802 "Squire Boone and wife 
Jane conveyed land on Silver Creek in Madison Co., Ky., to Basset 
Prather, Obediah Newman, and Polly Meriwether, deceased, of Jefferson 
Co., Ky." {g) 

By this time "land sharks" who "hunted up a better title to his 
land while he rested in fancied security," had deprived him of all his 
holdings in Ky., and at one time, about 1804, he was in prison in Louis- 
ville for debts which he could not pay. Friends came to his rescue and 
secured his release, however, {h) 

Neither Daniel or Squire Boone were actually Revolutionary Sol- 
diers, but in 1813, in recognition of their services in border warfare during 
that period. Congress passed resolutions giving them the honor and stand- 
ing of a Revolutionary Soldier. ("Pioneer Families of Missouri," by 
Bryan and Rose.) 

Discouraged and unhappy, in 1804 or '06, Squire Boone with his sons 
Isaiah, Moses, Jonathan and Enoch, and the five sons of his nephew 
Samuel Boone, left Ky. for the last time and went to Indiana. There 
he established Boone settlement on Buck Creek in what is now Harrison 
Co., Ind., about twenty-five miles northwest of Louisville. He started 
in to accumulate new propertj'^; built a small mill on his son Isaiah's 
place, and supplied the neighborhood with meal for a long time. During 
his spare time he made guns, and cut stones out of the nearby hills to use 
in building himself a house. On one of these stones, which he intended 
to place over his front door, he cut the words, ''The Traveler's Rest," 
indicating his truly hospitable nature. On another he carved — 

"My God my life hath much befriended, 
I'll praise him till my days are ended." 
On still another these words show his sentiments — 
"Liberty, property. Congress, America." {i) 

Before his house was finished, he died in 1815 from dropsy. He 
had already made his own coffin, and with the help of his cousin, John 
Boone, and H. W. Heth, a civil engineer, had prepared a vault in a 
natural cave near the summit of a cliffy bank, on the east side of Buck 
Creek, which commanded a beautiful view. This cave is about two or 
three miles north of Brandenburg, Ky., but on the Indiana side of the Ohio 
River. It was agreed among these three that they should all be buried 
here together, but because of opposition by the families of John Boone 
and Mr. Heth, they were buried elsewhere. So Squire Boone lies alone 
in this cave, placed there by his sons according to his own requests. 

He made Moses and Isaiah promise that on the third night after 
his death they would visit his tomb, and if it were possible for the dead 

Jfiftf) (generation 83 

to communicate with the living, he would do so. The sons did as they 
had promised, but received no communication from their father's spirit. 

Squire Boone was about five feet nine inches tall and well built. 
He had sandy hair, light blue eyes, with a rather florid complexion, and 
was always fond of hunting, though not so much so as his brother Daniel. 
In Draper Mss, 22 C 16, George Bryan of Paris, Ky., an own cousin of 
Mrs. Daniel Boone, says, "Have seen Squire Boone wear a scarlet vest 
trimmed with gold lace and gold (or gilted) buttons, and a macaroni hat 
and a coarse check shirt on. Was sometimes dressed as a British officer, 
and sometimes as a hunter. A curious oddity." 

He and his family were never attacked by Indians when moving 
from one location to another, and he himself was never made a prisoner 
by them, though he had several narrow escapes. He never got over 
being hurt and mortified to think, that after helping so greatly in settling 
Kentucky and suffering so much in her defense, others who had done so 
little or nothing, should get all his lands. 

Children: — 

(All born on the Yadkin except Enoch, who was born at Fort Boonesborough.) 
+ 138 Jonathan Boone, b. 30 Aug., 1766. 
+ 139 Moses Boone, b. 23 Feb., 1769. 
+ 140 Isaiah Boone, b. 13 Mar., 1772. 
+ 141 Sarah Boone, b. 26 Sept., 1774. 
+ 142 Enoch Morgan Boone, b. 16 Oct., 1777. 

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30. HANNAH BOONE (Squire*; George^), born Aug., 1746; died 1828. 

Married (1) John Stewart or Stuart (d. 1769 or 70), and (2) Rich- 
ard Pennington, (a) 

Hannah Boone must have been born in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa., 
but her birth, for some unknown reason, is not recorded in the Exeter 

At the time of her parents' removal to the Yadkin District, of N. C. 
(1750-52), she was a very small child. Here she grew up and married 
John Stewart. 


84 ^\)t S^oone Jf amilp 

In 1766 John Stewart was one of a party of four who made a trip 
westward, crossing over the Appalachian Mts., by some route which 
remains unknown, and finally reached the Mississippi River. 

About the first of March, 1769, a conference was held in Salisbury, N. C, 
to devise "ways and means" for making an expedition into Kentucky, and 
it is believed Stewart, John Findlay, and Daniel Boone, must all have 
been present. 

Soon afterwards, on May 1, 1769, a party consisting of Daniel Boone, 
John Stewart, who was a skilled woodsman, and three others, set out 
under the guidance of Findlay for Kentucky. They crossed the mountains at 
"Quasioto" (Cumberland) Gap, and made their first camp on a branch of 
the Red Lick Fork. Findlay led them to his old trading camp early in 
June, but found it had been burned to the ground. They spent the time 
hunting, trapping and exploring, until Dec. of that year (1769), when 
Stewart and Boone, who were out hunting together, were captured by 
a large band of Indians, who forced them to lead the way to their main 
camp. This the Indians robbed of everything of any value, but did 
leave them a little ammunition. Before leaving they warned the whites 
to leave this part of the country and stay away, as they claimed it for 
their hunting ground. Stewart and Boone, much mortified, followed 
them two days. Coming up to the Indian camp at night, Stewart and 
Boone slipped in, took two horses, and set off post haste. The Indians 
quickly discovered the loss of the horses and set out after them, soon 
overtaking them. They took the bell from one of the horses, putting 
it around Boone's neck, and making him dance and caper about. A few 
days later Boone and Stewart made their escape, and got back safely to 
their own camp, only to find it deserted, and their companions gone. 
They hurried on, soon overtaking the party, and found Squire Boone, Jr., 
who with Alexander Neely, had come out with suppHes for them. The 
four, Stewart, Daniel and Squire Boone, Jr., and Neely, decided to stay 
longer, hunting and trapping, and made a permanent camp at the mouth 
of the Red River. There Stewart often went out on sohtary hunts, and 
from one of these he never returned. Five years later when cutting out 
the "Wilderness Trail," Boone and his companions discovered, near the 
old crossing at Rockcastle, the remains of Stewart in a "standing hollow 
sycamore." No one ever knew the secret of his death. (6) 

After Stewart's death, Hannah was married again, her second hus- 
band being Richard Pennington, with whom she moved to Ky., and settled. 

Hannah had four children by her first marriage, with John Stewart, 
of whom nothing, not even their names, is known. 

Of the second marriage, there is but one of her children known; 
Daniel Pennington, at whose home in Monroe Co., Ky., she died. 

Children: — 

(Second Marriage.) 

143 Daniel Pennijigton, lived in Monroe Co., Ky, 

Jfiftj) (feneration 85 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 1 C 96; 27 C 91. 

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31. JOHN WEBB (Mary* Boone; George^), born 14 Mar., (O. S.) or 
25 Mar. (N. S.) 1720-'21. (a) 

Married Rachael . 

In all probability John Webb was born in Exeter Twp., Philadelphia 
(Now Berks) Co., Pa., as his birth is recorded in the Exeter Meeting 

In the same records we find: — 

"12-28, 1747-8. John Webb for outgoing in marriage before a magis- 
trate." (According to our present calendar the date would be, if in 1747, 
Mar. 11, and if in 1748, Mar. 10. The year 1748 being Leap Year.) 

From this record we may conclude that John was a Quaker, but that 
his wife was not. 

Children: — (a) 

144 Isaiah Webb, b. 5 May (O. S.) or 16 May (N. S.) 1749. 

145 George Webb, b. 12 Feb., (0. S.) or 5 Mar., (N. S.) 1750-'51. 

146 Sarah Webb, b. 1 July, 1753. 

"4-29, 1772. Sarah Webb, dr. of John, for marrying out and by a 
Priest." (a) 

147 Isaac Webb, b. 21 Aug., 1755. 

"11-24, 1779. Isaac Webb gone out in marriage and by a Priest." (a) 

148 Job Webb, b. 15 Oct., 1757. 

149 Ann Webb, b. 15 Jan., 1760. 

150 Phebe Webb, b. 13 Aug., 1762. 

"11-27, 1782. Phebe MiUer (dr. of John Webb) married by a Priest." 

151 Thomas Webb, b. 21 Dec, 1764; d. Sept., 1784. 

152 Rachel Webb, b. 21 Mar., 1767. 

"3-30, 1785. Rachel, wife of James Potter (dr. of John Webb) married 
by a hireling minister " (a) 

153 John Webb, b. 12 Oct., 1769. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

38. SAMUEL WEBB (Mary' Boone; George'), born 23 May (0. S.) or 
3 June (N. S.), 1740. (a) 

Married 3 May, 1764, Rebecca Paine, daughter of Thomas Paine of 
Exeter Twp. 

86 ^fje poone Jf amilp 

"5 mo. 3, 1764. Samuel, son of John of Exeter Twp., Berks Co., and 
Rebecca Paine, dr. of Thomas of the same place. At Exeter meeting. Wit- 
nesses: John, Mary, John, Jr., Benjamin, and Joseph Webb, Thomas, Mary 
and William Paine, and 29 others." (a) 

Children: — (a) 

154 WiUiam Webb. 

155 Thomas Webb. 

"9-26, 1792. William and Thomas Webb, (sons of Samuel) both 
married by a magistrate." (a) 

156 Hannah Webb, m. — Lemmons. 

"1-29, 1794. Hannah Lemmons, (dr. of Samuel Webb) for an im- 
proper marriage." (a) 

Reference: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

42. BENJAMIN BOONE (Benjamin*; George^), born 13 Aug., 1741; 
died 25 Sept., 1824, aged 83 years, 1 mo. 2 da. 

Married 1 Oct., 1771, Eve Lofter, of Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
(d. prior to 1816.) 

In 1762, at his father's death, he inherited a tract of land in Exeter 
Twp. The will of Benjamin Boone, Sr., reads, "I give and bequeath to 
my son Benjamin Boone that part of my tract of land in Exeter called 
the Old Place, being the front of said tract." It is not known whether 
the younger Benjamin lived on this property in Exeter or not, but if so 
he did not live here many years. He inherited also the Family Bible 
of his parents, Benjamin and Susanna Boone, but unfortunately this 
much treasured book was burned about 1850. When his father's will 
was proven, Benjamin, who was the third executor, was in North Caro- 
lina, presumably on a visit with relatives. 

In the Records of St. Gabriel's Church, Morlottan, Pa., is recorded 
the marriage of Benjamin and Eve Lofter, as follows: 

"1 Oct., 1771, Benjamin Boone and Eve Lofter. Exeter Twp., Berks 

It is said that the minister officiating was Rev. Alexander Murray, 
Episcopal Minister at Reading and Douglasville. 

(It seems that the family name of Lofter became changed in some 
manner to "Leffel," or possibly "Leffel" was the original spelling. At 
any rate there is a will of one Balzer Leffel, Amity Twp., Berks Co., 
dated 25 Apr., 1796, in which a bequest is left to a daughter Eve, wife 
of Benjamin Boone; also a will of a Catherine Bachtel, same township 
and county, leaving a bequest to her sister Eve, wife of Benjamin Boone, 
and to her father Balzer Leffel.) 

On 3 June, 1784, we find that Benjamin Boone purchased a homestead 
in Columbia Co., Pa., from Daniel Rees. (a) This property comprised 

Jf iftf) (generation 87 

295 acres in Fishing Creek Twp., Northumberland Co. (now Centre 
Twp., Columbia Co.), located eight miles above the mouth of Fishing 
Creek along the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. Here he con- 
ducted large fisheries every spring, employing many men. The log house 
of several rooms which he built there was standing and occupied in 1918, 
also a barn of unusual size, of the same material. Land in this same 
locality was later sold to Samuel Webb by Benjamin Boone, and wife 
Eve (6), date and amount of land not recorded. 

On 23 Oct., 1816, Benjamin Boone, Sr., widower, sold to Samuel 
Boone and Benjamin Boone, Jr., 307 acres in Center Twp. (homestead 
lands), for a consideration of 2,000 pounds. From this deed it is seen 
that his wife Eve must have died previous to that time, although neither 
the date of her birth nor the date of her death is known. 

Benjamin also owned lands near Heidley's Church. This locality in 
which he owned property, and probably lived most of his life, is not far 
from Bloomsburg, Columbia Co., Pa. He was buried in Heidley's or 
Hidley's cemetery, now known as "Briar Creek Union Cemetery." Con- 
cerning this cemetery, comes some very interesting information from 
Miss Mary Josephine Roe, Gilbert, Ohio: — 

" 'Briar Creek Union Church Cemetery,' formerly known as 'Hidley's' 
or 'Heidley's,' in which a union of congregations were interested and still are, 
viz: Lutherans, Presbyterians, and German Reformed. Its history begins 
with the early settlement of the township. In 1798 Henry Heidley gave an 
acre of ground to the trustees of the Briar Creek Presbyterian Society, 
church probably built the next year. Among the pew holders, 1807, were 
Samuel Webb, Benjamin Boone, Josias McClure, among the list of some 
thirty names. There is no church record of burials." 

After Benjamin's death letters of Administration on his estate were 
issued to Thomas Webb. His sons Samuel and Benjamin had been 
given lands by deed, 23 Oct., 1816; his daughters do not seem to have 
been remembered, and but two are known. 

Children: — 

+157 Samuel Boone, b. 1773. 
158 Mary Boone, b. 1780; d. 3 Aug., 1823, aged 43; m. Samuel Webb, possibly 
a son of Samuel Webb {Mary* Boone; George^) . 

+159 Benjamin Boone, b. 26 Feb., 1789. 
160 Nellie Boone, unm. 

References: — 

(a) Deed Books, Columbia Co., Pa. Vol. "B", page 475. 
(6) Deed Books, Columbia Co., Pa. Vol. "O", page 410. 

44. SAMUEL BOONE (Benjamin*; George^), born 11 Aug., (0. S.) or 
22 Aug., (N. S.) 1746; died 3 Aug., 1811, "aged 64 yr., mo., da." (a) 

88 tKde JHoone jFamilp 

Married Eleanor or Elinor Hughes (b. 1751; d. 2 May 1809), "aged 
57 yr., 9 mo., da." (6), daughter of John Hughes and his second wife 
Martha Coles, who were married in 1748. (See the Foulke-Hughes Fam- 
ily), A year or more after their marriage Eleanor, who was a Friend, con- 
doned her "outgoings" in marriage, which is recorded in the Minutes of 
the Exeter Monthly Meeting 2-2, 1775; this being the date of her "con- 
doning," no date for her marriage being given. 

Samuel and Eleanor settled in Northumberland Co. (now Columbia), 
Pa., probably near his brother Benjamin, although Samuel had inherited 
a part of his father's homestead lands in Exeter Twp. (c). Descendants 
say that he located in 1785 just below Bloomsburg, Pa. Increase in 
population produced changes in the name of the Twp., in which Samuel 
Boone lived, but he did not change his place of residence after 1785. A 
deed dated 22 Mar., 1785, of "Evan Owen to Samuel Boone of Exeter 
Twp. Co. of Berks" for a tract of 600 acres at the mouth of Fishing Creek 
and the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, is recorded, (d) 

The homestead farm of Samuel Boone at the mouth of Fishing Creek 
is now the very garden-spot of all that section for fertility and beauty. 
It is situated at a broad point where the creek enters the Susquehanna, 
with the McClure farm adjoining it. It is not far from Bloomsburg. 
The brick house built there by either his son Samuel or a grandson 
Samuel, was still standing in 1918, and had been continuously occupied 
by descendants bearing the surname Boone until a short time before 
that, when it had been sold to settle an estate. It had been held in the 
family for nearly 135 years. 

Another deed dated 18 Nov., 1793, is from Samuel Boone and wife 
Eleanor, of Fishing Creek Twp., Northumberland Co., to Richard Willets 
of Catawissa Twp., for land in Catawissa Twp. (e) Besides these there 
are other deeds on record. 

The will of Samuel Boone, Bloom Twp., Northumberland Co., was 
signed 1 Mar., 1811; proven 23 Aug., 1811; and recorded in Book of 
Wills, Vol. II, page 151. Following is an abstract of this will: 

To the son James was given the plantation, 115 acres, on the Sus- 
quehanna River, in Bloom Twp., on which he was then (1811) living, 
and which adjoined the land of James McClure. Another son, Samuel, 
was to have the privilege of cutting logs for a barn from this land. In 
addition to this James was to have all the personal property which should 
fall to his share. 

To the son Samuel, mentioned in the paragraph above, was given the 
plantation, 104 acres, on Fishing Creek, occupied by Alex Com veiling (?), 
and an allowance of 6% for survey. At the time he was probably living 
on some of his father's land, for he was given also "what is now in his 
possession," and a share in the personal property. 

jFiftf) (feneration 89 

To the youngest son, Benjamin, was given the plantation on which 
his father was living at the time of making his will (1811), "with crafts, 
ferry, and all pertaining thereto." To him was given also some land 
adjoining, 72 acres, bounded on the east by James' portion, and on the 
north by Samuel's. This 72 acres was east of Fishing Creek and north 
of the Susquehanna River. In addition he was given a "stove, and gun 
and appurtenances, and boards on the place, with a full share of my es- 
tate real and personal." 

To the daughter Rachel was given a "mare, two cows, my bed, 
bureau, and buck-table and as much of the china and queensware as she 
may choose to keep, and one-fourth part of the Winter and Summer 
Grain my sons Samuel and James may raise for two years, to be delivered 
in the storehouse of Benjamin, but not to be demanded until after the 
year 1815." 

To a grand-daughter, Peggy McClure, daughter of Josiah McClure, 
was given 50 pounds, "to be paid her by my sons James and Benjamin in 
equal parts and at the age of eighteen years. If she should die in her 
minority and without issue, same is to be paid to my daughters Susannah 
and Rachel in equal parts." 

"Touching all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate real, 
personal, and of whatever nature I give and bequeath to my daughters 
Susannah and Rachel (except my wearing apparel to my sons Samuel 
and Benjamin) to be divided equally between them; property to be sold 
at public sale and money to be divided." 

He appointed his son James Boone, his son-in-law James McClure, 
and Samuel Webb, Jr., all of Bloom Twp., as Executors. The witnesses 
were Joseph Menderhall (?), Isaac Kinney, and Richard Biggs. 

A codicil provided that ten acres should be sold off James' portion 
for the benefit of the two daughters, Susannah and Rachel. The daugh- 
ters Martha and Sarah (McClure) had both died before their father's 

Descendants of Samuel Boone say that he lost quite a large part 
of his lands through a bad title. 

Children : — 

-f-161 John Boone, b. 2 Sept., 1774. 
-1-162 James Boone, b. 26 May, 1776. 
163 Martha Boone, b. 21 Apr., 1778; d. 26 Sept., 1794. 

+ 164 Susanna Boone, b. 5 Jan., 1780. 
+ 165 Sarah Boone, b. 5 July, 1782. 
+ 166 Samuel Boone, b. 3 Sept., 1786. 

+ 167 Rachel Boone, b. 20 May, 1789; m. Hezekiah Pancoast {AbigaW^ Boone; 
William^; George*; George^) and her descendants will be given under 

/his name, No. 231. 
+ 168 Benjamin Boone, b. 3 July, 1791. 

90 Vt\}t Poone jFamilp 

References: — 

(a) Tombstone inscription. According to the date of Samuel's birth, there must be 

a mistake in the months and days of his age at death. Very probably the 

inscription has become rather illegible. 
(6) Tombstone inscription. 

(c) See WiU of Benjamin Boone (George^) on page 42. 

(d) Deed Book "C", page 96. Sunbury, Columbia Co., Pa. 

(e) Deed Book "K", page 200. Sunbury, Columbia Co., Pa. 

45. DINAH BOONE (Benjamin*; George^) born 3 or 10 May, 1749, in 
Berks Co., Pa.; died 25 July, 1824, near Canal Winchester, Ohio. (Fam- 
ily record gives date of her birth as 10th of May; baptism record of St. 
Gabriel's Episcopal Church at Morlotton (Douglasville), Pa., gives the 
date of birth as 3rd of May). Baptized 6 Aug., 1753. 

Married 9 Nov. 1764, in Berks Co., Pa., Benjamin Tallman (b. 
9 Jan. 1745, in Berks Co., Pa.; d. 4 June, 1820, near Canal Winchester, 
Ohio), son of William and Anne (Lincoln) Tallman. (See sketch of 
Tallman Family.) 

Benjamin Tallman took the oath of Allegiance in Pennsylvania, 7 
Aug., 1777, and served an enlistment in the Pennsylvania Militia. (Penn- 
sylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 6, p. 314.) In 1779 they removed to 
Virginia, and settled in Harrisonburg, Augusta Co. (later Rockingham 
Co.). There Benjamin Tallman joined De Best's Troop of the First 
Partisan Legion under Col. Armand. (Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd 
Series, Vol. XI, pp. 140, 145, 146), and took part in the siege of York- 
town. His military service entitled him to bounty land, as shown by 
records at Richmond, Va., but it seems that he did not avail himself 
of his rights. About 1810 he and his wife removed to Ohio, accompanied 
by some of their married children, and settled near Canal Winchester 
in Franklin Co. The grandchildren of Dinah (Boone) Tallman remembered 
her as always clad in the gray garb of the Friends, with a small 
shoulder cape of the same. She and her husband are buried in a family 
plot on a farm then owned by their son William and located in Walnut 
Township, Pickaway Co., Ohio. 

Children: — 

(1st nine b. in Berks Co., Pa.; last five near Harrisonburg, Va.) 

+ 169 William Tallman, b. 27 Jan., 1766. 

+ 170 Patience Tallman, b. 2 Oct., 1767. 

+ 171 Sarah Tallman, b. 12 April, 1769. 

+ 172 James Tallman, b. 8 April, 1771. 

+ 173 Samuel TalUnan, b. 18 Oct., 1772. 

174 Thomas TaUman, b. 6 July, 1774; d. 5 May, 1794. 

175 Benjamin Talhnan, b. 26 May, 1776; d. 29i^May, 1776. 

176 Annah Tallman, b. 6 May, 1777; d. 5 Sept., 1778. 
+ 177 Annah Tallman, b. 15 Dec, 1778. 

+ 178 Ann (Nancy) Tallman, b. 20 May, 1781. 

Jfiftl) (feneration 91 

+ 179 Susanna Tallman, b. 6 Feb., 1783. 

+ 180 Mary Tallman, b. 2 Dec, 1784. 

+ 181 Benjamin Tallman, b. 19 Nov., 1786. 

+ 182 John Tallman, b. 1788. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island" by William F. 
Reed, Pub. by Gibson Bros., Washington, D. C. Above data furnished to 
Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine Roe of Gilbert, Ohio. 

46. ANNE BOONE (James*; George^), born 3 Apr. (0. S.), or 14 Apr. 
(N. S.), 1737 (6); died 4 Apr., 1807; buried in Friends' Burying Ground 
in Exeter Twp. (a) 

Married 10 July, 1760, (6) Abraham Lincoln (b. 1736; d. 31 Jan., 
1806). (6) (See Sketch of Lincoln Family.) 

In an old family Bible in Reading, Pa., appear these two entries: — 

"Anne Boone was born on the first day of the week, about five o'clock 
in the afternoon, on the 3rd of April, Old Style, A. D. 1737, or A. D. 1737, 
Apr. 14, New Style." 

"Abraham Lincoln & Anne Boone were married on the fifth day of the 
week, on the 10th day of July, A. D. 1760. When his age was 23 yrs., 8 
months and 11 days. Her age 23 yrs., 2 months and 26 days. He being 
5 mo., 15 days and 22 hrs. older than she." (c) 

In Exeter Meeting Records is the following: — 

"Anne Lincoln (Relict of Abraham Lincoln and daughter of James 
Boone), departed this life on the 4th day of the 4th m. A. D. 1807, aged 69 
yrs., 11 mo., 21d., 14 h., 10 m., and was interred at Exeter on the 6th, the 
2nd d. of the week." 

Abraham Lincoln of Berks Co., the son of Mordecai and Mary Lincoln, 
was born in Amity Township, Philadelphia Co., subsequently Berks Co., Pa. 
His father, who died in May of that year, a few months before the birth of 
Abraham, was the ancestor of President Lincoln. Abraham was brought up 
on his father's farm. He received a fair education, and became quite prominent 
in the affairs of his native county. For six years, from 1773 to 1779, he held 
the office of County Commissioner. He was an active patriot, and was appoint- 
ed one of the sub-lieutenants of the county, Mar. 21, 1777. He served in the 
General Assembly from 1782 to 1786, and was a delegate to the Pennsylvania 
Convention to ratify the Federal Constitution in 1787. He did not sign the 
ratification. Under the act of March 14, 1784, he was appointed one of the 
Commissioners of Fisheries. He was a member of the State Constitutional 
Convention of 1789-'90, and appears to have been a man of much influence in 
that body. He died at his residence in Exeter Township, in his seventieth year. 
{d and e) 

The Lincolns were Congregationalists and the Boones Quakers, consequent- 
ly Anne Boone's marriage to Abraham Lincoln was "out of Meeting," and con- 

92 arte Poone Jfamftp 

sidered a disorderly act. For this she was disciplined by the Exeter Monthly 
Meeting, and acknowledged her error to the Meeting on August 27, 1761. (a, 
e and f) 

In Volume II, page 158, of Berks County Wills, is record of the probate 
on Feb. 17, 1806, of the will of Abraham Lincoln of Exeter: "administered to 
Mordecai and Thomas, sons, the widow renouncing," In the same volume, 
page 204, is record of the estate of "Anne Lincoln, widow, Exeter," administered 
to her sons Mordecai and Thomas Lincoln, Feb. 25, 1808. 

Children: — (6) 

183 Mary Lincoln, b. 15 Sept., 1761. 

184 Martha Lincoln, b. 25 Jan., 1763. 
+ 185 Mordecai Lincoln, b. Jan., 1765. 
+ 186 James Lincoln, b. 5 May, 1767. 

187 Anne Lincoln, b. 19 Apr., 1769. 

188 Rachael Lincoln, b. 24 Mar., 1771; d. 1775. 
+189 Phoebe Lincoln, b. 22 Jan., 1773. 

190 Anne Lincoln, b. 19 Oct., 1774; probably m. William Glascoe. 
+ 191 Thomas Lincoln, b. 12 Mar., 1777. 
192 John Lincoln, b. 21 Oct., 1779; d. 4 Apr., 1864. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(6) "Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln" by Lea & Hutchinson. 

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(d) Pa. Magazine, Hist. & Biography, Vol. 2, page 220. 

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(/) "Abraham Lincoln," by Learned. 

50. JOHN BOONE (James'; George^), born 10 Nov. (0. S.), or 21 Nov. 
(N. S.), 1745; died 29 Mar., 1773. (6) 

Married Sophia Weidner (b. probably about 1748), daughter of Peter 
and Susanna Weidner. 

The following excerpt from records of Orphan's Court, Berks Co., Pa., 
concerns this family: 

"Orphan's Court, 12 May, 1768. Petition of John Boone, Jr., and 
Sophia his wife (late Weidner). That Peter Weidner of Cumver (?) deceased, 
by his will devised to the said Sophia, his daughter, part of his dwelUng 
house, and one moiety of a tract of land in Cumver. That said testator de- 
vised the rents, issues and profits to his wife Susanna, until Sophia attain 
the age of 21. The said Sophia is still under age. That Susanna (the 
widow) has married James Whitehead. That James Whitehead has com- 
mitted great waste and destruction to said land, etc., etc." 

(The children of Peter Weidner were Sophia, Salome, and Mary, 
all of whom were said to be under 14 yr. of age on 18 Aug., 1764.) 

It is interesting to note that if Sophia was under 21 on 12 May 
1768, she must have been considerably under 18 when her first child was 

jFiftf) (feneration 93 

born, and that her husband, John Boone, was under 20 — a very early- 
marriage compared with others of that time in that community. 

After the death of John Boone, who was a tanner, in Mar., 1773, 
Sophia, his widow, petitioned the court on 6 Sept., 1773, to be allowed 
to sell the property, in Alsace, consisting of tenement, tan-yard, tan-shop, 
and 3 tracts of land comprising in all 94^ acres, in order to pay the debts 
against the estate. The court ordered this done, (c) 

The following month, 19 Oct., 1773, at Morlottan, Pa., Sophia 
married a second time, John Biddle, and on 24 Feb., 1774, they reported 
to the court that they had sold "all the properties of the said deceased" 
(John Boone), (d) 

Children: — 

(It is interesting to note that these are the only members of the sixth 
generation whose births are recorded in the old James Boone Genealogy.) 

193 Hannah Boone, b. 1 Nov., 1765, "on the 6th Day of the Week, about 

4 o'clock in the Afternoon." 

194 James Boone, b. 21 Jan., 1769, "on the 7th Day of the Week, 15 minutes 

after Noon"; m. 1 Jan., 1792, Catherine Williams, a dau. of Joseph 
Williams of Amity Twp., Berks Co., Pa. They were "married in the 
house of Daniel Clymer Esq., in the presence of said gentleman, his 
lady Mary Clymer and Jane Scull." (e) On 3 July, 1786, James, 
"above 14," chose as his guardian Thomas Lee, Jr. (/) 

195 Susanna Boone, b. 1 May, 1771, "on the 4th Day of the Week, 45 min- 

utes past 10 o'clock at Night." 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(6) "Old James Boone Genealogy." 

(c) Orphan's Court Records, page 100. (Berks Co. Pa.) 

(d) Orphan's Court Records, page 104. 

(e) Trinity Church Records. 

(f) Orphan's Court Records, page 202. 

51. JUDAH BOONE (James^; George^), born 10 Dec, (0. S.) or 21 
Dec, (N. S.) 1746 (a), "about 3 in the morning" (6); died 15 May, 1787. 

Married (1) , and (2) 15 Nov., 1770, Hannah Lee, daughter 

of Samuel and Margaret Lee, of Oley (Exeter Twp., Berks Co.), Pa. (a) 

The record of Judah's second marriage reads as follows: 

"Boone. 11 mo., 15-1770, Judah, son of James and Mary his first wife 
deceased, of Exeter Twp., Berks Co., and Hannah Lee, dr. of Samuel and 
Margaret of Oley Twp. said Co., at Exeter Meeting. Witnesses, James, 
Anne, James, Jr., John and Joshua Boone, Samuel, Margaret, and Rachel 
Lee and 38 others." (a) 

Hannah Lee was a sister of Thomas Lee, who married Mary Boone, 
Judah's sister. 

94 Cfje Poone jFamilp 

(Hannah [Lee] Boone married a second time, 3 Apr,, 1800, Samuel 
Coates, son of Thomas and Sarah Coates.) 

Judah Boone "departed this life on the 15th Day of May, A. D. 
1787, on the third Day of the Week, at fifteen minutes after midnight, 
aged 40 years, 4 months & 3 weeks & 5 days, that is, he was in the 
41st year of his age; and was interred in the Friends' Burying Ground 
at Exeter, on the fourth Day of the Same Week." (6) 

Children: — (a) 

196 Mary Boone, b. 19 Oct., 1778; m. 7 May, 1801, William Lee, son of Isaac 

and Mary (Boone) Lee, {William*'; George*; George^), No. 232. 

197 Margaret Boone, b. 27 Aug., 1781; m. 4 Dec, 1800. Jacob Thomas, son 

of Abel and Ellin Thomas, of Exeter. 

198 Rachel Boone, b. 19 July, 1787. 

References: — 

(o) Exeter Records. 

(6) "Old James Boone Genealogy." 

53. JOSHUA BOONE (James*; George^), born 24 Mar., (0. S.) or 4 
Apr., (N. S.) 1748 (a), "About 4 in the morning" (6); died 2 Jan., 1835, 
at 2.30 A. M. in his 86th year. 

Married (1) about 1781, Hannah Griffith (b. at Oley; d. 29 Aug., 

1794), and (2) Jane ' — (thought to be Jane Thomas, who d. 15 Oct., 

1834 aged 59 yr., 9 mo. 13 da.), (a) 

In the Minutes of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, are these two items 
referring to Hannah Griffith Boone: 

"10-30, 1781. Women produced acknowledgment from Hannah 
Boone, late Griffith, for marriage by a priest, etc. Accepted and ordered to 
be read at Gwynedd Meeting." 

"2-26, 1782. Women produce a certificate for Hannah Boone to Exeter, 
which is approved and signed." 

In the "Removals" of the Exeter Records we find the following: — 

"7-27, 1774. Joshua Boone to Duck Creek Meeting." 
"2-28, 1798. Joshua Boone from Duck Creek Meeting." 

As the births of their children are recorded in the Exeter Monthly 
Meeting Records, Joshua and Hannah were probably forgiven by the 
Friends for having been married by a priest. 

After Hannah's death, Joshua married within a short time, a second 
wife, who was without doubt Jane Thomas. The Exeter Records give: — 

"12-30, 1795. Jane Boone, daughter of Isaac Thomas, married by a 
hireUng minister." 

jFiftfj (generation 95 

Joshua Boone's first son by his second wife was named Isaac. 

Children: — 

(The 1st 8 had been received into Exeter Meeting before 1799.) 
(First Marriage) 

199 Amos Boone, b. 10 Mar., 1782, at Exeter, 

"Amos Boone to Gwynedd, 1799, son of Joshua." (a) 

"Amos Boone, disowned, 1806." (a) (Probably for marriage.) 

200 Mary Boone, b. 26 July, 1784, at Oley; d. 10 May, 1821, aged 36 yr. 9 

mo. 11 da. 

"1805, Mary, daughter of Joshua Boone, to Bradford." (a) 
+201 James Boone, b. 29 Jan., 1786. 

202 Joshua Boone, b. 21 Sept., 1787, at Oley. 

203 Sarah Boone, b. 2 Aug., 1789, at Oley. 

204 Samuel Foulke Boone, b. 10 Apr., 1791, at Oley; d. 16 June, 1791. 

+205 Samuel Boone, b. 22 Aug., 1794, 
(Second Marriage) 

206 Isaac Boone, b. 31 May, 1796, at Oley. 

+207 Hannah Griffith Boone, b. 24 Mar., 1798. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(h) "Old James Boone Genealogy." 

55. MOSES BOONE {James^; George^), born 23 July (0. S.) or 3 Aug., 
(N. S.) 1751 (a), "about 3 in the Morning" (6); died July, 1823, aged 72. 
Married 20 Dec, 1778, Sarah Griffith (b. 9 Jan., 1762; d. 6 Oct., 
1821), dau. of Phinehas and Elizabeth Griffith, (c) 

"Phinehas Griffith departed this life 11 Aug., 1775, and EHzabeth [his 
wife] died 23 Apr., 1783; buried on 25 Apr., (1783) in burial ground at 
North Wales." (c) 

"10-4, 1780. Moses Boone married by a priest." (a) 

Children: — 

208 John Boone, b. 16 Mar., 1780, in Exeter Twp. (Berks Co., Pa.); d. 22 
Sept., 1858, aged 78 yrs. 6 mo., 6 da. He lived in the old Boone 
homestead built by George Boone III. 
+209 Elizabeth Boone, p. 10 Apr., 1782; m. her cousin Hezekiah Boone {Wm}; 
George*; George^), and her des. will be given under his name. No. 75. 

+210 Judah Boone, b. 16 Jan., 1788. 
211 Phinehas Boone, b. 22 June, 1790; d. 28 Feb., 1831, aged 41 yr., 8 mo., 6 da. 

References : — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(6) "Old James Boone Genealogy." 

(c) "Moses Boone Family Records." Hist. Soc. Berks Co., Pa. 

96 Clje Jioone jFamilp 

58. SAMUEL BOONE (Samuel'; George^), born 22 Mar., 1736, in Exe- 
ter Twp.; died about 1805 in Shelby Co., Ky. (a) 

Married 1st, 14 Oct., 1760, Rachael Coles (d. 17 Apr., 1763) (6), and 
2nd, 9 Dec, 1766, Jmie Hughes (b. 22 Dec, 1745 [0. S.] or 2 Jan., 1746 
[N. S.]; d. in Ky.), daughter of Hannah (Boone) Hughes {George*; George^). 
(No. 63.) 

Samuel Boone became a gunsmith and lived in Pa. Later he moved 
to Maryland, and we find in one account that it was thought, "Squire 
Boone, Jr. (Daniel's brother) was with Samuel Boone on the Potomac, 
when the rest of the family moved from Pa., to Yadkin." (a) This 
would place Samuel "on the Potomac" as early as 1750, which is the 
year in which Squire Boone, Sr., began his migration that ended in the 
Yadkin Country in 1752. However, as Samuel was but 14 years of age 
in 1750, it is not at all likely that he would be established in a trade at 
any place at that date. It does not seem probable that he located at 
his new home on the Potomac River until after the death of his first 
wife and infant son in 1763; possibly not until after his second marriage, 
which is recorded in Trinity Episcopal Church of Reading, Pa. 

After the death of Rachael, his first wife, he married, about three 
years later, his cousin Jane Hughes, and it is this marriage which is 
recorded in the Trinity Church Records. Concerning this same marriage 
we find in the Exeter Records this notice: — 

"2-25, 1767. (25 Feb., 1767) Jane Hughes (now Boone), dr. of John 
Hughes, dec'd, was reprimanded for marrying out and to kin." 

(For ancestry of Jane Hughes, see Hannah Boone, page 53, and 
the Foulke-Hughes Sketch.) 

It seems very much more probable it was following this second mar- 
riage, that Samuel established his gunsmith shop on the Potomac, and 
that his cousin Squire Boone, Jr. (Daniel's brother) was not with 
him there. We know Squire, Jr., had been apprenticed to him about 
1759 or '60, (see the Squire Boone, Jr., history, page 73, and reference (c)). 

We find that in 1776, (d) Samuel Boone had a gunsmith factory 
at Frederick, Md., where he manufactured guns and gunlocks, and during 
the Revolutionary War made gunlocks for the Continental Army. It is 
said he lost most of his money through this undertaking. A letter written 
by him at this time is preserved, and is recorded below: 

"Samuel Boone to Maryland Council of Safety. 
Gentlemen: — 

By orders of supervisors of the gun-lock factory in Frederickstown I 
have sent you seventy-nine locks^ and have a quantity more all ready to put 
together. If you must have all the locks sent to you that is made in the 
factory, please to let me know by the bearer, George Bear. 

I am, gentlemen, your humble servant, 


To the Council of Safety of Maryland." (e) 





























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98 ^fje poone Jf amilp 

Family tradition says that Samuel Boone was quite well-to-do, but 
lost everything in his gun-lock factory at Frederick, being paid for his 
locks in Continental Script, while for his material and labor, he had to 
advance gold. 

"In 1782 or '83", says Enoch M. Boone, "Squire Boone (Daniel's 
brother) went to Georgetown on Potomac, and on his return brought out 
old Samuel Boone, and family, who settled in Shelby Co. (Ky.)" (a) 

Besides the family of Samuel Boone, there were several others, and they 
all joined with Squire Boone in re-setthng his station on Brashear Creek, (c) 

Samuel joined Squire in his new undertaking early in 1787, when 
they loaded up a boat with property and smith tools, going down 
the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Chickasaw Bluffs, on the east bank 
of Miss. R. (in what is now northern Miss). Here they landed and started 
to make a new settlement, intending as soon as that was done to re- 
turn for their famiHes. Being warned by a friendly Chickasaw that the 
Creeks (Indians), who were not friendly to the Whites, would cut 
them off, they reloaded their boat and Squire went on down to New 
Orleans, at that time Spanish territory; while Samuel remained nearly a year 
with the Chickasaws, working at his trade, (c) He then returned to Ky. 

It is known by descendants that Jane (Hughes) Boone died in Ky., 
at the home of one of her daughters, Hannah, wife of Moses Boone 
{Squire^; Squire*; George^), where she was known as "Little Granny" to 
distinguish her from "Big Granny", who was Jane (VanCleve) Boone, 
wife of Squire, Jr. (Squire*; George^). 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

212 John Boone, b. 3 July, 1761 ; d. 13 May, 1763. His mother Rachael (Coles) 

Boone had died about a month before. (17 Apr., 1763.) 
(Second Marriage) 

213 Rachael Boone, b. 17 Sept., 1767. 

-H214 Hannah Boone, b. 6 Feb., 1770; m. Moses Boone {Squirt; Squire*; George^) . 
and her descendants will be given under his name, No. 139. 
215 John Hughes Boone, b. 10 Feb., 1772, was a member of the Indiana Con- 
stitutional Convention. 
+^16 William Boone, b. 5 Oct., 1774. 
+217 George Washington Boone, b. 6 Mar., 1777. 
+218 Samuel Boone, b. 6 Oct., 1779. 

219 Susanna Boone, m. Gabriel Kirkpatrick. 

220 Elizabeth Boone, m. a Mr. Hayden. 
+221 Hiram Cassel Boone, b. 3 July, 1789. 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 19 C 120-154. 

(b) Exeter Records. 

(c) Draper Mss. 19 C 57. 
id) Draper Mss. 19 C 1-56. 

(e) American Archives, 5th Series, Vol. II, page 938. 

^ixtf) (feneration 

62. GEORGE HUGHES {Hannah' Boone; George*; George^), born 10 
Sept., (Old Style) or 21 Sept. (New Style) 1743; died 18 Aug., 1795, 
aged 51 yrs., 10 mos., 28 days. 

Married 10 Oct., 1765, Martha Boone, No. 48 (b. 11 July, 1742; d. 
28 May, 1798, aged 55 yrs., 10 mos., 17 days; buried at Catawissa), 
daughter of James*; (George^), (a) (See the Foulke-Hughes Sketch for 
her mother, Mary Foulke's, ancestry.) 

(We are told that Martha Boone died "on the 2 day of the week, * * 
about half an hour after 1 o'clock in the afternoon.") (6) 

On 24 Dec, 1766, in the Orphan's Court (Philadelphia, now Berks 
Co.) George Hughes petitioned the court to divide his father's (John 
Hughes) estate in Exeter Township, as he (John Hughes) had died a 
short time before, leaving no will. The heirs were George Hughes, his 
sister, Jane (Hughes) Boone, and some younger half sisters, who were 
not Boone descendants. This estate consisted of about 190 acres, and 
was ordered divided according to the value, (c) 

Children: — 

222 Mary Hughes, b. 15 July, 1766; d. 6 Oct., 1784. 

+223 Hannah Hughes, b. 28 May, 1768; m. 25 May, 1791, Hezekiah Boone 
{William^; George*; George^), No. 75, and her descendants will be 
given under his name. 

224 Martha Hughes, d. 16 June, 1778. 

225 Anne Hughes. 

+226 Rachael Hughes. 

227 James Hughes, ra. 26 June, 1799, Martha Penrose. There is given this 
record of their marriage. "6 mo., 26-1799.- Married at Roaring Creek 
Meeting, James Hughes, son of George Hughes of Catawissa Township, 
Northumberland Co.. Pa. and Martha, his wife dec'd. and Martha 
Penrose, dr. of Robert and Rebecca Penrose of the same." (d) 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(6) Extracts from the Pa. Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIX. 

(c) Orphan's Court Records, p. 53 Berks Co., Hist. So. Reading, Pa. 

(d) Catawissa and Muncy Meeting Records, Vol. 500, in Pa. Hist. So. Library. 


100 i:f)e ^oont Jfamilp 

70. ABIGAIL BOONE (William'; George'; George'), born ; died 

14 Mar., 1808. (a) 

Married 28 May, 1767, in Exeter Twp., Berks County, Pa., Adin 
Paneoast of Mansfield, New Jersey, (d. 12 Dec, 1822), (a) son of John 
and Mary Paneoast. 

She may have been the eldest of William Boone's children, as she 
was married before her father and his family removed to Maryland, and 
did not accompany them. Her marriage is recorded as follows :- 

"5-mo-28, 1767, Adin Paneoast of Mansfield tp. West New Jersey, son 
of John, dee'd and Mary, and Abigail Boone of Exeter tp. Berks Co., dr. of 
William and Saiah of said place. At Exeter Meeting. Witnesses: — Wm., 
Sarah and Mordeeai Boone, John and Joseph Paneoast, Mordecai and Abra- 
ham Lincoln and 63 others." (a) 

In 1797, Abigail Paneoast, with her four children, moved to Catawissa 
in what is now Columbia Co., her removal being recorded in Exeter Meet- 
ing, June 28, 1797. For some reason the removal of her husband, Adin 
Paneoast, is not recorded until the following year, Jan. 31, 1798. (6) 
In Catawissa Meeting Records we find she was received in Nov., 1797. 

"11-26, 1797, Abigail Paneoast produced a certificate from Exeter for 
herself and her children dated 6-28, 1787." (c) 

In this record three children, William, Thomas and Hezekiah are 
named, while a fourth, Mary, was named only in the "removal" recorded 
in Exeter. Mary may have either married or died meanwhile. In 
Catawissa they were associated with the family of Abigail's second cousin 
Samuel Boone, whose daughter married Hezekiah Paneoast. Abigail 
(Boone) Paneoast is mentioned in the wills of her father George Boone 
IV, and her uncle Jeremiah Boone. 

Children: — 
(As listed in Exeter record of Removals") 

228 Mary Paneoast. 

229 William Paneoast. 

230 Thomas Paneoast. 
-f 231 Hezekiah Paneoast. 

References: — 

(a) Bible reeord of son Hezekiah Paneoast. 
(6) Exeter Record; marriages, and removals, 
(f) Catawissa Meeting Records. 

71. MARY BOONE {William^; George'; George^), died 30 June, 1832. (a) 
Married 8 May, 1777, Isaac Lee (d. 5 Jan., 1829, aged 76 yrs. 3 mo. 
10 days), (a), son of John Lee of Berks County, (a) 

^ixtl) feneration loi 

The residence of Isaac and Mary Lee in 1810 was in Oley Valley, 
Berks County, Pa., as the death of Sarah Boone, Mary's mother, took 
place "at the residence of Isaac Lee in Oley Valley, 21 April, 1810." (6) 
Both Isaac and Mary are buried at Exeter. 

Children: — (a) 

232 WiUiam, b. 18 July, 1778; m. 7 May, 1801, Mary Boone iJudah\- 

James*; George^), No. 196. (c) 

233 Jane Lee, b. 19 July, 1780. 

234 Abigail Lee, b. 7 Sept., 1782; m. 6 May, 1802, William Cherington or 

Chevington, son of Thomas and Rachel Cherington of Berks Co. (m. 
4 May, 1775.) 

235 Anthony Lee, b. 5 Oct., 1784. 

236 Jeremiah Lee, b. 11 Sept., 1787; m. 3 Jan., 1830, Mary Penrose, dau. of 

Isaac and Eleanor Penrose of Maiden Creek, (c) 

237 Ann Lee, b. 21 Sept., 1789. 

238 Sarah Lee, b. 21 Aug., 1791. 

239 Nathan Lee, b. 24 Apr., 1794. 

References: — 

(o) Exeter Records. 

(6) Family Bible owned by Edwin Boone of Reading, Pa. 

(c) These marria,ges all recorded in Books 1 and 2, Marriages in Exeter Monthly 
Meeting, 1742-1870. 

72. WILLIAM BOONE (William^' George*; George^). 

Married about 1778, Susanna Parks (d. abt. 1837, aged abt. 65). 

In Exeter Records we find mention of Susanna being condemned for 
her marriage. 

"1-28, 1778, Susanna Boone (Dau. of Benjamin Parks) for marrying 
out and by a Priest." 

(Benjamin Parks received in Exeter Meeting from Newark Meeting 
4-27, 1745). This was Susanna's father. 

Although William himself was a Quaker, he had previously been 
disowned for having joined the militia, in Jan. 28, 1778, (a) hence Su- 
sanna was considered as having "married out" (of the Society of Friends). 
However, Susanna was retained as a member, for in 1779 she was given 
a letter of dismissal to a Maryland Meeting (a). William and his wife 
were founders and first settlers of Boonesboro, Maryland (6). The land 
upon which the town is situated and that all around it was granted to 
George and William Boone of Berks County, Pa., in about 1774. A 
little later William Boone went to his property in Maryland and resided 
there until his death in 1798 (6). Family tradition also, claims William 
and Susanna as founders of Boonesboro, Md., and a letter from a 
descendant says, "In the old Reformed Church Graveyard at Boonesboro 

102 ®f)e IBoone Jfamilp 

there is a headstone which has on it 'Susanna Boone, Proprietress of 
Boonesboro.' " 

Children: — 

+240 Mordecai Boone. 
+241 Daniel Boone. 

242 William Boone, died in Ohio. 
+243 Charlotte Boone. 
244 Sarah Boone, d. Sept., 1874, at Keedysville, Md. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter Records. 

(6) "A history of Washington County, Maryland" by Thomas J. C. Williams, 1906. 
Family letters and Bible records. 

73. GEORGE BOONE (William^- George*; George^), born about 1759; 
died 30 June, 1824, in 65th year in Pike Twp., Berks County, Pa. 

Married 6 Aug., 1781, in Hereford Twp., Berks Co., Pa., Margaret 
Mayberry (b. 1758 or '60; d. 21 Apr., 1825 in 65th year), daughter of 
William and Ann Mayberry. (a) (See sketch Mayberry Family.) 

Will of George Boone. (6) 

Dec. 13, 1823. June 19, 1824— Aug. 5, 1824. D 423. 

Directs $500 to be retained in "Exrs." hands, int. to be paid son 
William and Mary his wife during their lives and after their decease prin- 
cipal to grandson "Geo. W. Boone, son of said William, and George T. and 
Anne Leonard chil. of Thomas Leonard and my dau. Elizabeth his wife. To 
my wife Margaret in fee the plantation whereon I live, with 15 acres of wood- 
land adj. and all personal Estate. To son-in-law William Gearhart and Sarah 
his wife my dau. my plantation in Columbia Co. and such parts of Jacob 
Fousts plantation as was allotted me by a late division of his Est. for 
$1500 of which 1000 shall be his wife's share & $500 paid to the 
Chil. of my son Charles when 21, that is to Franklin and Daniel 
$125 each. To Rachel and Margaret $100 each and to Harriet $50. 
To son-in-law Daniel Bertolet and Ann his wife my plantation in Rockland 
also the lot of Woodland. To son George the plantation on which he now 
lives also Woodland adjoining. To dau. * Juhan Lincoln int. of $300 
during life providing the dower from her dec. husband's est. be not sufficient 
for her maintenance. All rem. Real and Personal to be sold. To son-in-law 
Andrew Taylor and Elizabeth his wife $950. To dau. Harriet wife of 
Benjamin Klein $900. To son-in-law Jonathan Evans and Margaret 
his wife $850. To dau. Rachel $900. To WiUiam Runion & Mary his 
wife $900." 

Cod. forgives all the rent due from nephew Mordecai Boone in Mary- 
land to Ap. 1, 1825. Also mentions Bro. Hezekiah Boone. "Exrs." son 
George, Daniel A. Bartolet & Andrew Taylor, sons-in-law. Witnesses: 
John Fritz, John Hoff. 

*Julian Lincoln was not his daughter, but probably the wife of Mordecai Lincoln. (No. 185). 
See Sketch of Mayberry Family. 

feixtl) (generation 103 

Children: — 

+245 Sarah Boone, b. 20 May, 1782. 

+246 WiUiam Boone, b. 12 Nov., 1783. 

247 Ann Boone b. 21 Aug., 1785; m. Daniel Bertolet. 

+248 Charles Boone, b. 21 Dec, 1786. 

+249 Mary Boone, b. 18 Oct., 1788; m. William Runion. 

+250 George Boone, b. 7 Aug., 1790. 

+251 Elizabeth Arton Boone, b. 23 Aug., 1793. 

252 Harriet Boone, b. 22 Nov., 1795; m. Benjamin Klein. 

253 Margaret Boone, b. 25 May, 1798; m. Jonathan Evans. 

+254 Rachel Boone, m. her cousin Jeremiah Boone {Thomas'; William^; 
George*; George^), No. 260. 

References: — 

(a) Old Family Bible owned by Edwin Boone, Reading, Pa. 

(6) "Abstract of Berks Co. WiUs" Vol. II, page 532. 

(c) Births from same Bible. Marriage from will and family records. 

74. THOMAS BOONE {William'; George'; George^), born 25 Sept., 1761; 
died 1 Nov., 1823. 

Married 20 Apr., 1788, Ann Tea (d. 23 Nov., 1821), daughter of 
Richard and Ann Tea. 

(Richard Tea, d. Feb. 1809, at the home of Thomas Boone, in Amity; 
Ann his wife, died 24 Feb., 1799. Her first husband had been William 
Mayberry, by whom she had a daughter Margaret, who married George 
Boone, brother of Thomas.) 

Thomas and Ann Boone lived in Amity township, Berks Co., Pa. 

Children: — 

255 Ann Boone, b. 6 Mar., 1789. 

256 Sar^h Boone, b. 13 Sept., 1790. 

257 Lincoln Boone, b. 26 June, 1792. 

258 Richard Boone, b. 12 Mar., 1794. 

259 Rebecca Boone, b. 24 Dec, 1795. 
+260 Jeremiah Boone, b. 21 Jaji., 1797. 
+261 Daniel Boone, b. 7 July, 1799. 

262 Mary Ann Boone, b. 11 Jan., 1804; d. 15 July, 1889. m. — Matthias. 

263 Wilham Boone, b. 12 June, 1806, 

264 Thomas Boone, b. 26 Apr., 1808. 

Reference: — 

Family Bible owned by Mr. Edwin Boone, Reading, Pa. ; and family Bible owned 
by Horace D. Boone, of Reading. 

104 3ri)e JSoone jFamilp 

75. HEZEKIAH BOONE {William^- George^- George^), born 1764; died 
1 Apr., 1827, aged 63 years. 

Married 1st, about May 1791, Hannah Hughes (George^; Hannah^; 
Boone; George^; George^), (b. 28 May, 1768), and 2nd, 13 Apr., 1809, 
Elizabeth Boone {Moses^; James*; George^). (See No. 223 and No. 209.) 

In Exeter Meeting "5 mo. 25, 1791," Hezekiah Boone was called to 
account for marrying Hannah Hughes before a justice. Being cousins, 
they were disowned by the Society for their marriage. Concerning his 
second wife EUzabeth Boone, we have the following statement from the 
late Miss Elizabeth Boone {Juda¥; Moses^; James*; George^), No. 747, 
of Reading, Pa. 

"Elizabeth, daughter of Moses and Sarah (Griffith) Boone, my blood- 
aunt, was the second wife of Hezekiah Boone of Roaring Creek, Columbia 
County, Pa. I well remember her personally; was named in her honor." 
(Signed) EUzabeth Boone, Stonersville, Pa., 2-20, 1918. 

Hezekiah Boone lived at Roaring Creek, not far from Catawissa, 
Columbia County, Pa,, where he was quite a prominent member of the 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+265 Polly Boone. 

+266 Patty Boone. 

+267 William Boone, b. 1792. 

+268 George Boone, b. 13 May, 1794. 

269 Newton Boone. 

270 Sally Boone, unm. 
+271 Nancy Boone, b. 1803. 

(Second Marriage) 

272 Milton Boone, lived in Schuylkill, Pa. 

273 Lurissa Boone, m. Hiram Hughes; lived in Elmira, N. Y. 

274 Hannah Boone. 

275 John Boone. 

276 Judah Boone, lived at Schuylkill, Pa. 

277 Isaiah Boone. 

278 Elizabeth Boone. 

Reference: — 

Exeter Records, Family records. 

76. JEREMIAH BOONE {William^- George*; George'), born 1765; died 
17 Apr., 1833, aged 68 years. 
Married Rebecca . 

S>ixtl) (generation los 

Jeremiah as a youth left Exeter and went to Philadelphia. Record 
of his removal on 27 June, 1781, is found in Exeter Records. He probably- 
married in Philadelphia some ten years later. 

Children : — (a) 

279 Mary Ridgeway Boone, b. 3 Sept., 1793. 

280 Sarah Lincoln Boone, b. 15 Oct., 1795. 

281 William Ridgeway Boone, b. 14 Dec, 1796. 

282 Rebecca Boone, b. 25 Dec, 1801; d. 2 Aug., 1832. 

Reference: — 

(a) Records of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. 

78. DANIEL WILCOXSON (WILCOX) {Sarah^ Boone; Squire'; George^), 
born 13 Mar., 1755, in Rowan County, North Carolina; died 16 June, 
1837, in Shelby County, Ky. (See Pension Record.) 

Married Faulkner. 

In addition to the family tradition that Daniel Wilcoxson's mother 
was the sister of Daniel Boone, we have the following proof of this fact, 
from outside sources: 

In Draper Manuscript, 22 C 16, p. 27 (Library of the Historical 
Society of Wisconsin), there is a statement made by George Bryan, son 
of Morgan Bryan, Jr., and nephew of William Bryan who married Mary 
Boone. He says, "Israel Wilcox (a cousin of Daniel Wilcox who was a 
nephew of Daniel Boone) was out in the field at work and his cousin 
Daniel was on the fence watching for him. (Daniel Wilcox married a 
Faulkner, older sister to old Henry Wilson's wife, of now Flat Rock. 
Israel Grant, Wm. Hogan and Daniel Wilcox got married October of 
that fall, and next old bawling Lockridge.) The Indians shot Israel off 
the fence, and chased Daniel till he got to the fence that ran between 
the fort and the cornfield to keep the calves out. As he crossed the fence 
they were so nigh they struck at him with their tomahawks but didn't 
reach him. They were then in reach of the guns at the fort. His wife 
stood at the fort gate and called to him to 'run, Dan'l, run.' This was 
after I had gone to Boonesboro." 

From the context it appears that this incident took place at Bryan's 
Station in 1780. The account is rather ambiguous as to which of the 
cousins was on the fence, but that is of minor importance. Its chief 
value lies in the statement that Daniel Wilcox who married a Faulkner 
was a nephew of Daniel Boone, thus confirming the family tradition. 

See another version of this affair on page 57. 

In the Filson Club's History of Bryant (Bryan) Station is also re- 
corded the fact that Daniel Wilcoxson and another man were in the field 
at work when the other man (not stating his name) was killed and Daniel 
Wilcoxson barely escaped with his life. 

106 W\)t Jlioone jFamilp 

Daniel Wilcoxson served as Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War, 
both in defence of Bryan's Station and in Gen. Clark's expeditions. His 
miHtary history is recorded in the Bureau of Pensions at Washington. 

Military Record of Daniel Wilcox or Wilcoxson, as contained in a 
report from the Bureau of Pensions, Department of the Interior, Washing- 
ton, D. C, Nov. 21, 1919: 

Enhsted Sept., 1778, as Private, under Capt. John Holder, N. C. Served 
also as Lieut, under Capt. William Hogan and Capt. Robert Johnston. 
Engaged in the Siege of Biyant's Station and in General Clark's expedition. 

Volunteered in Rowan Co., N. C. Discharged in fall of 1783. 

Made application for pension Dec. 17, 1832, when a resident of Shelby 
Co., Ky. His claim was allowed. 

Age at date of appHcation; born Mar. 13, 1755, in Rowan Co., N. C; 
died June 16, 1837 in Shelby Co., Ky. 

The Pension report also states that the name appears as Wilcoxen, Wil- 
coxon and Wilcoxson. 

Will of Daniel Wilcoxson. 

"I, Daniel Wilcoxson of the County of Shelby and Commonwealth of 
Kentucky, being now advanced in years and of course the measure of my days 
nearly full, but of sound mind and disposing memory; and for the purpose of 
setthng my worldly concerns, do make and publish this my last will and 
testament in the manner and form following, viz; After all my just debts 
and expenses are paid, I wish the residue of my property to be dispoSiCd of 
in the following manner, viz; I wish my negro woman, Abigail, to be set free. 
I wish my negro boy Greenup now six months old to remain with his mother 
until he is ten years old, and then be sold by my executors and the money 
arising from such sale to be equally divided between all my lawful heirs or 
their legal representatives. 

And if my negro woman Abigail, should have any child or children 
more, before my decease, then they are to remain with its or their mother 
until the age of ten years and then be disposed of as the above boy, Greenup. 

And every part and parcel of my estate not otherwise disposed of, is to 
be divided between my lawful heirs or their legal representatives. 

I appoint my son, William Wilcoxson and my friend Henry Bohannon, 
my executors of this my last will and testament. I wish no appraisement 
of my property, neither do I require my Executors to give surety. 

Given under my hand the 22nd day of March, 1832. 


(Probated April, 1838, Shelby Co., Ky.) 

Children: — 

+283 William Wilcoxson. 

284 Frankie Wilcoxson, m. Seth Cook of Shelby Co., Ky. 

285 Sallie Wilcoxson, m. Hugh Montgomery of Shelby Co., Ky. 

286 Jennie Wilcoxson, m. William Bohannon of Shelby Co., Ky. 

287 Annie Wilcoxson, m. Daniel Middleton of Anderson Co., Ky. 

288 Patsy or Martha Wilcoxson, m. — Rice of Anderson Co., Ky. 

289 Polly or Mary Wilcoxson, m. — Vardeman of Shelby Co., Ky. 

^ixtf) feneration 107 

290 Josephine Wilcoxson, m. — Lewis of Fulton Co., Ky. 

291 Isaac Wilcoxson, m. Nancy Wilcoxson of Barren Co., Ky. 

292 Daniel Wilcoxson, ra. — . 

293 John Wilcoxson, m. Louvincia Rice. 

294 Louis Wilcoxson, m. Nancy Miles. 

79. RACHEL WILCOXSON (WILCOX), (Sarah' Boone; Squire*; George'), 
died in Callaway Co., Mo. 

Married William Bryant (b. 1739 in Wales; died Oct., 1834 aged 95 
years, in Boone Co., Mo). 

According to well-established tradition William Bryant of Bryant's 
Station Ky., accompanied by a brother named Benjamin Bryant, came 
from Wales to the shores of the New World in 1764, when they were 
young men. Benjamin settled in Virginia, while William Bryant chose 
North Carolina, in the region of the Upper Yadkin River, for his home. 
In this region he lived for several years, married and acquired property, 
and here he became acquainted with the Boones, Bryans, Wilcoxes, 
Callaways and other pioneer families in that section. Sometime prior 
to 1775 he accompanied Daniel Boone into Kentucky as far as the North 
Fork of the Elkhorn Creek, where the two men made camp and hunted 
and explored several weeks before returning to the Yadkin in N. C. 
"Early in 1779 William Bryant led a party of emigrants into Kentucky, 
stopping at Boonesboro for supplies, and continuing to a point about five 
miles northeast of Lexington, where they erected and fortified a number 
of cabins, and the place was from that time forth known as Bryant's 
Station." He was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army, but his service 
was omitted in 1779, probably because of this migration. No doubt 
William Bryant's wife Rachel accompanied him to Kentucky, for they 
settled at Bryant's Station in Fayette Co., and later removed to what is 
now Estill Co., Ky. From there, in about 1816-20 they emigrated with 
their younger children to the new and promising land beyond the Miss- 
issippi, locating at Femme Osage, Mo., not far from the Boone settlement 
in Callaway Co. Here Rachel (Wilcox) Bryant died, and her husband 
removed to Boone Co., in 1821. 

William Bryant married a second time a young woman named Nancy 
Wood, by whom he had children, none of whom lived to maturity. He 
died in Boone Co., and is buried near the site of the vanished town of 

His will is recorded in Deed Record A. P. 292, Boone Co., Mo. 

Mihtary Record of William Bryant. 

"He joined the Continental forces and served for a time in the War of 
Independence. While serving as such, he was captured by the British and 
placed on board a prison ship in Charleston Harbor. One night he dropped 
silently into the waters of the harbor, swam ashore and returned to the 

108 3ri)e JSoone jFamilp 

American lines in safety. During the Revolutionary struggle in Kentucky, 
he held the rank of Captain under Cols, Todd and Boone. The following is 
found in the Colonial Records copied from the records of soldiers who served 
in the Revolutionary War, in Philadelphia: 'William Bryant, Private in 
Blounts Com.; date of Com. or enl. 26 Apr., 1778; period of service 2 1-4 
years, omitted in 1779. 

> >> 

Children: — 

+295 Jeremiah Bryant, b. 20 Aug., 1791. 

296 Hiram Bryant, m. Sarah Evans, in Ky; moved to Mo., then back to Ky., 

where he died at an early age. 

297 Hurum Bryant, d. Boone Co., Mo. 
+298 Thomas Bryant, b. 10 Jan., 1795. 

299 Benjamin Bryant, d. Boone Co., Mo. 

300 Rachel Bryant, m. and d. in Ky. 

301 Susan Bryant, m. William Ramsey, Boone Co., Mo. 

302 Henry Bryant, b. 1802; d. 1840, in Boone Co., Mo. 

Reference: — 

This entire history of William Bryant is taken from an account written by his 
descendant, Mr.T. J. Bryant of Wheatland, Wyo., and pubhshed in the Missouri 
Historical Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, page 37-51, the account called "Bryant's 
Station and its Founders." Other articles on the same subject by Mr. 
Bryant are to be found in Missouri Historical Review, Oct., 1908, and July, 
1910, numbers, which should be read by anyone interested in this family. 
List of children and all descendants furnished by Mr. T. J. Bryant, writer of above 

Note: — There is no doubt that two distinct families of similar name, but unrelated, settled at 
the Station which later bore the names interchangeably of its two principal pioneer families, 
Bryan and Bryant. — The Compiler. 

80. ELIZABETH WILCOXSON (WILCOX) {Sarah' Boone; Squires- 
George^). Married Benjamin Cutbirth (b. 1767). 

"At the close of the French and Indian War there arrived in the Boone 
settlement a Scotch-Irishman named Benjamin Cutbirth, aged about twenty- 
three years. He was a man of good character and a fine hunter. Marrying 
Elizabeth Wilcoxen, a niece of Daniel Boone, he and Boone went on long 
hunts together, and attained that degree of comradeship which joint life 
in the wilderness camp is almost certain to produce." (a) 

The Cutbirths lived in Madison Co., Ky., and it was here at the 
home of her daughter Elizabeth that Sarah (Boone) Wilcoxson (Wilcox) 
died in 1815. 

Child : — 

+303 Mary Cutbirth. 

Reference: — 

(a) "Life of Daniel Boone," by R. G. Thwaites, page 66. 

^ixtl) (generation 109 

84. MARY (POLLY) BOONE (Samuel'; Squire*; George''). 

Married in 1783 at Bryan's Station, Ky., Leonard H. Bradley, a 
Revolutionary soldier. They settled in Missouri. 

Children: — 

304 A son, — Bradley, m. a Miss Grimes, dau. of James and Sally (Bryan) 

Grimes, and had a son, James Bradley, who lived at Hinton, Mo. 

305 Lura Bradley, m. and had a dau., who m. L. A. Sidener. It was from this 

Mrs. Sidener that Dr. Lyman C. Draper procured the letter of Daniel 
Boone to his sister-in-law, Sarah (Day) Boone, the original of which 
is now in the Draper Collection. 

86. SQUIRE BOONE {Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 13 Oct., 1760, in 
South Carolina; died 28 June, 1817, in Todd Co., Ky. 

Married 1 Sept. 1784, in Fayette Co., Ky., AnnaGrubbs (b. 23 June, 1776; 
died 26 Aug., 1843), daughter of William and Susanna (Hearne) Grubbs. 
(Marriage date is from Pension Record.) 

Squire Boone was born in South Carolina, whither his parents had 
moved to avoid the depredations of the Indians on the western borders 
of North Carolina, where they had formerly lived. There is no further 
record of Squire up to the time of his enlistment from the Camden 
District of South Carolina, on the Congaree River, in 1777. 

His Revolutionary record is as follows :- 

From the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, 
D. C. W. F. 8—372, Rev. War, Squire Boone. 

He enlisted June or July, 1777, 3 mo., as Sgt. under Capt. John Cook; 
Col. Robt. Goodwin, South Carolina. 

He enlisted June or July, 1779 for three months as Sgt. under Captains 
John McChord or Robert McGowan; Col. John Russell. 

From 1780 to 1783 he served in Kentucky under Captain William Hays,* 
and was frequently engaged against Indians in the defense of the frontier. 

He also served under General George Rogers Clark in his expeditions 
against the Piqua towns, and was seriously injured in the Battle of Blue 
Licks. The record also states that the pensioner was a son of Samuel Boone 
and a nephew of Daniel, and gives considerable data concerning his wife and 

In the fall of 1779 he moved with his father's family to Kentucky, 
and settled at Bryan's Station, (a) Here he continued to serve in front- 
ier Indian warfare until the time of his marriage. A biographical sketch 
of his son, Dr. Levi Day Boone of Chicago, says that the marriage of 
Squire and Anna Boone occurred under circumstances characteristic of 
that romantic period. Kentucky at that time consisted of only two 
counties, eastern and western, divided by the Kentucky River. As 
there was no magistrate in the western county to administer the marriage 

*Probably the son-in-law of Daniel Boone. 

110 Clje Poone jFamilp 

vow, the couple crossed to the east bank of the river, and there, standing 
under the shade of a large tree, a magistrate pronounced them one. As 
the book in which this account appears was compiled during the lifetime 
of Dr. Levi Day Boone, and probably met with his approval, the above 
incident can be given slightly more credence than the average tradition. 


Squire Boone became a Baptist preacher, having been baptized in that 

faith at Lower Howard's Creek, Ky., sometime between 1785 and 1787. 
(6) He lived for a time at Lexington, where his son Levi was born in 
1808, and later removed to Todd County, near the present town of Elk- 
ton, where he located on a farm and built the home in which he lived 
until his death. He never fully recovered from the wound he received 
at the battle of Blue Licks, and it is said that the bullet he had received 
in the hip remained there during the rest of his life. 

Anna (Grubbs) Boone, the wife of Squire, went to Kentucky with her 
parents about 1775. (See Sketch of Grubbs Family.) She was a sister 
of Higgason Grubbs who was prominent in the early history of Madison 
Co., Ky. Her obituary was written by her son Higgason G. Boone, and 
reads, in part, as follows: — 

"Died in Todd Co., Ky., on Saturday the 26th day of August, 1843, Mrs. 
Anna Boone, in the 78th year of her age; in full hope of a glorious immortality, 
having lived the life of a consistent Christian for more than fifty years. In 
the early settlement of Kentucky she was married to Squire Boone, on the 
18th day of September, 1784, on the bank of Kentucky River at the mouth 
of Boone's Creek, Fayette Co., Ky., and shortly after was baptised by 
Elder Redding or Crag (the minister is not certain which), and continued a 
consistent member of the Baptist Church until the day of her death. She 
was the mother of fifteen children, many of whom yet five, together with a 
numerous train of grandchildren." — H. G. B., Elkton, Ky., Oct. 18, 1843. 

Children: — 

(All born in Ky.) (Dates from pension record and family Bible) 

+306 Thonxas Boone, b. 24 Dec, 1785. 

+307 Susan Boone, b. 28 Jan., 1787. 

+308 Lucy Boone, b. 15 Oct., 1792. 

+3Q9 Cynthia Ann Boone, b. 11 May, 1795. 

+310 Samuel Boone, b. 2 Sept., 1797. 

311 Squire Boone, b 2 Sept., 1797; d. 6 July, 1836; m. Emily New. No 
+312 Ira Boone, b. 17 Dec, 1799. 
+313 Isaiah Boone, b. 7 Mar., 1802. 

314 Diadama Boone, b. 11 Aug., 1804; d. 14 Sept., 1824, unm. 
+315 Higgason Grubbs Boone, b. 8 Oct., 1806. 
+316 Levi Day Boone, b 8 Dec, 1808. 
+317 Nancy Boone, b. 24 Dec, 1811 or 1812. 

318 Polly Boone, b. 27 Jan., 1814; d. 28 Oct., 1822. 

^ixtf) (feneration in 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 00.83. 

(b) "History and Genealogies" by W. H. Miller, page 296. 

(c) "Biographical Sketches of the Leading Men of Chicago," published by Wilson 

and St. Claire, 1868. 

91. JOHN GRANT {Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire^; George^), born 30 Jan. 
1754, in North Carolina; died 11 Nov., 1825, on the Licking River in 

Married Mary (Polly) Moseby, sister of Maj. Joseph Moseby of 
Yadkin (N. C.) and afterwards of Fayette Co., Ky. 

John Grant (known as Col. Grant) was living at Shallow Ford, N. 
C.,in 1779, when he joined his father and brothers, under Daniel Boone, 
in their move to Kentucky, where they stopped first for a while at Fort 
Boonesborough, then went on and helped establish Bryan's Station. After 
this was built. Grant and Col. William Ellis (from Va.) went five miles 
farther on towards where Paris (Ky.) now stands, and set up Grant's 
Station. In 1780 this station was broken up by Col. Byrd with his Eng- 
lish forces, and Grant returned with his family to N. C. Here he entered 
the Revolutionary army for a while, but in the spring of 1782 he returned 
to Ky. and settled permanently, though at what place is not known. 
Eventually he located on the Licking River, where he set up salt works, 
and died many years later. 

Children: — 

319 WiUiam Grant. 
Possibly others. 

References: — 

Draper Mss. 22 S 230-38. 

Draper Mss. 22 C 46, a Grant family record. 

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92. ISRAEL GRANT {Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire^; George^), born 14 Dec, 
1756, in North Carolina; died October, 1796, in Scott Co., Ky. 

Married about July, 1780, in Ky., Susan Bryan, sister of Jonathan 
Bryan of St. Charles Co., Mo., and a daughter of James Bryan who was 
an uncle of Mrs. Daniel Boone. 

Israel Grant "came out" from Shallow Ford (Yadkin), N. C, in the 
spring of 1779 with the Grant, Bryan, and Boone families. It is quite 
probable that he helped his father and the Bryans establish Bryan's 
Station, and being at the time unmarried he may have divided his time 
between Fort Boonesborough, Bryan's Station, and his brother John's 
station (Grant's). About July, 1780, he was married to Susan Bryan, who 
was one of the six children of James Bryan, all of whom after the death 

112 ®6e ?Boone jFamilp 

of their mother were taken by their "uncle" Daniel and "aunt" Rebecca 
Boone to be brought up. It was at the Boone home that Susan was 
married, possibly at Fort Boonesborough. 

Probably after his marriage Israel located at or near Fort Boones- 
borough, for we find that in October, 1780, he went with Daniel Boone 
in pursuit of the Indians that had killed Edward Boone. To Israel and 
his wife were born three children. 

Children: — 

(All born in Ky.) 
320 James Grant. Their father having died when the youngest child was 
quite small, James educated his brothers from the proceeds of their 
father's farm. He was twice married, first to a Miss Easton, and then 
after her death to Sally Hunt He settled in Callaway Co., Mo., in 
1826, and became an influential citizen. For one term he represented 
his county in the State Legislature, and was also Judtre of the County 
Court for a time. Later he moved from Callaway Co. to southwest 
Missouri and settled on the Neosho River. This was his home at the 
time of h is death. Of his descendants nothing i s known. 

+321 William Grant. 

322 Israel Boono Grant; thought to be the youngest son. At the age of 15 
he went to Mo. with his uncle Jonathan Bryan, and taught school for 
one year. Following this he returned to Ky., and began the study of 
medicine, but tiring of that he bound himself out for five years to a 
silversmith in Lexington, Ky. After learning this trade he went to 
St. Louis, where he followed his profession for five years more. At 
that time he paid a visit to his uncle, Jonathan Bryan, who persuaded 
him to give up silversmithing and go to farming. Jonathan went with 
him to Callaway Co. to help him pick out and enter a tract of farming 
land. This done Israel went back to Ky., and on the 28th of March, 
1820, was there married to Lettie Warren, taking her that same spring 
as a bride to Callaway Co. During his residence in Missouri he was 
several times elected County Judge, and for two terms was in the State 
Legislature. About Christmas 1835 be had gone to Fulton to collect 
some money, and as he returlied was waylaid and killed by two of 
his negro slaves. Both negroes were hanged for this crime, and the 
skeleton of one, named Jacob, was in a Danville (Mo.) doctor's office 
for years. 

References: — 

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93. SARAH GRANT {Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 25 Jan., 
1759; in the Shallow Ford District of the Yadkin, N. C. Died 28 Mar., 
1816 in Bourbon Co., Ky. 

^ixtf) feneration 113 

Married Capt. John Saunders (b. 22 Jan., 1756; d. 5 Feb., 1809) son 
of James and Sarah (Tully) Saunders, who was a dau. of Thomas Tully. 

Children: — 

323 Elizabeth Saunders, b. 24 Oct., 1776; d. 19 Feb.. 1787, killed by Indians. 

324 Sarah Saunders, b. 8 Mar., 1779; d. 28 Apr., 1779. 

325 William Saunders, b. 25 May, 1780; d. 15 Sept., 1843. 

326 Sarah Saunders, (2) b. 1 Aug., 1782; d. 21 Sept., 1804. 

327 Nancy Saunders, b. 11 Mar., 1784. 
+328 Mary Saunders, b. 16 Sept., 1787. 

329 Elizabeth Saunders, b. 29 Aug., 1789. 

330 John H. Saunders, b. 29 May, 1791. 

331 James T. Saunders, b. 20 Sept., 1793; d. 22 Jan., 1813, lost in Gen. Win- 

chester's Defeat on Raisin River. 

332 Joel B. Saunders, b. 2 Oct., 1795; d. 7 Oct., 1833. 

333 Rebecca G. Saunders, b. 7 June, 1800; d. 3 July, 1817; m. 1816, Jacob 

Turner, and had one daughter. 

+334 Dorcas V. Saunders, b. 8 Dec, 1801. 

References: — 

Draper Mss. 22 S 230-38. 
Family Records. 

94. WILLIAM GRANT (III) {Elizabeth'' Boone; Squire^; George^), born 
10 Jan., 1761, in Virginia; died 20 Feb., 1814. 

Married Sally Moseby, sister of Maj. Joseph Moseby and of Mary 
Moseby who married John Grant, William's brother. 

During the Indian outbreak of 1759, William's parents, who at that 
time were living in the Yadkin Country (N. C), went to live for a time 
in Virginia, near where Washington, D. C., now stands. It was while 
they were living there that William III was born. Before September 
1764 the family moved back to N. C. and settled again in the Yadkin 
Country near Shallow Ford. After living there several years William went 
with his parents in 1779 to Kentucky, and Hved at Bryan's Station near 
Fort Boonesborough. 

While out hunting with a party on the Elkhorn River about May 
20th, 1780, he was wounded in an attack the Indians made on the party. 
It is very probable he was one of the defenders of Bryan's Station when 
it was besieged in August, 1782, by Simon Girty and his band, for at the 
battle of Blue Licks, which followed within a few days. Grant was under 
his uncle, Daniel Boone. At the ford of the Licking, he joined Maj. 
Netherland in checking the Indians. It was here that he saw an Indian 
tomahawking some of the exhausted men at the edge of the ford and shot 
him. While doing this he had left his horse, Keplar, untied, and when 
he went to get him found that he was gone. Going on a mile or two, he 

114 ^fje ?Boone jFamilp 

overtook one of his friends who had caught Keplar. Mounting and going 
still farther, Grant came upon Capt. Wood from the south side of the 
Kentucky River, who was too fleshy and exhausted to mount his own 
horse. Grant got down to help Wood and a second time Keplar got 
away, but was again caught by the same man, and Grant this time es- 
caped safely. (Keplar lived to be 32 years old.) 

Grant went out on Clark's campaign in 1782, and again on Logan's 
in 1786. He used to tell his sons about this campaign. 

At some time during this period of his life he was married to Sally 
Moseby, who was one of fifteen children, seven boys and eight girls, who 
came from the Yadkin Country and settled in Fayette Co., Ky. Both 
Grant and his wife were Baptists in their religious beliefs. They lived, 
died and were buried at the Grant homestead on the Elkhorn, which 
came to William through his father, William Grant II. 

Children: — 

335 Keturah Grant. 

336 Eliza Grant. 

337 James M. Grant. 

338 William Grant. 
+339 Mary Grant. 

+340 Samuel Moseby Grant (Col.), b. 1 Oct., 1794. 

References: — 

Draper Mss 22 S 230-38. 

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95. SAMUEL BOONE GRANT {Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire^; George^), born 
26 Nov., 1762, in North Carolina; died 13 Aug., 1789, near the Ohio River, 
in Indiana. 

Married Lydia Craig, daughter of Rev. Elijah Craig of Scott Co., Ky. 

Samuel Grant was killed by Indians on Grant's Lick Creek in Ind- 
iana, at the same time that his brother Moses was. He was thought, by 
his nephew. Col. Samuel Moseby Grant, to have been a Captain under 
Col. Robert Johnson who led the expedition over the Ohio, which ended 
disastrously for Moses and Samuel Grant. 

Children: — 

341 Elijah Grant, mentioned in his grandfather's will. 

342 Elizabeth Grant, mentioned in her grandfather's will. 

References: — 

Draper Mss. 22 S 230-38. 
Draper Mss. 22 C 46. 

^ixtf) (Seneration ii5 

96. (CAPT.) SQUIRE BOONE GRANT {Elizabeth'' Boone; Squire''; 
George^), born 19 Sept., 1764, in North Carolina; died 10 June, 1833, in 
Campbell Co., Ky. 

Married Susan Hand, whose mother was a Moseby. 

Squire Grant commanded a company from Kenton Co., Ky., in the 
War of 1812. He also probably took part in the Battle of Blue Licks 
(Revolution), as the name Squire Grant is given in a list of those who 
escaped, Aug. 1782. He was State Senator from Boone Co., Ky., 1901. 

Child : — 

+343 Israel Boone Grant. 

References: — 

Filson Club Pub. Vol. XII, "Bryan's Station." 
Draper Mss. 22 S 230-38. 
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99. REBECCA BOONE GRANT {Elizabeth' Boone; Squire^; George^), 
born 4 June, 1774, in Shallow Ford District (Yadkin) of North CaroHna; 
died 7 Dec, 1858. 

Married James Lamond, and lived in Pendleton Co., Ky. 

A letter written by Mrs. Lamond, or a portion of it, was furnished 
to Dr. Lyman C. Draper, Nov. 15, 1866, by her granddaughter, Mrs. W. 
Page of Madison, Ind. This letter is known as Draper Mss. 22 C 46, 
and is preserved in the Draper Collection of Manuscripts in the library 
of the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 

Children: — 

+344 Mary Grant Lamond, b. 17 Jan., 1800. 
+345 Rebecca Knox Lamond, b. 4 Oct., 1807. 
346 — Lamond, a daughter, who m. Joseph Winston, and had a son Capt 
James L. Winston. 

References: — 

Draper Mss. 22 C 46, 
Family Records. 

102. SUSANNAH BOONE {DanieV'; Squire^; George''), born 2 Nov., 
1760; died 19 Oct. 1800, aged 39 yrs., 11 mos. and 17 days, in what is 
now St. Charles Co., Mo. {d) 

Married in March, 1775, at Blackmore's Station on the Clinch river 
in Va., WilHam Hays (d. 13 Dec, 1804). (a) 

Of the ancestry of Wilham Hays Httle is known except that he was 
of Irish descent. (6) He was a weaver by trade, and probably had a 
better education than most of his associates, for we are told that while 


116 Wf)t Poone Jfamilp 

living on the Clinch River, he taught Daniel Boone "some in writing and 
improved hand," and kept Boone's accounts, (c) 

They were married just before Susannah's father, Daniel Boone, set 
out on his expedition for the Henderson Company to mark and cut out 
the road into Kentucky. Some accounts say that William Hays was a 
member of this party. In Kentucky Daniel Boone and his party put up 
a few cabins which were the foundation of Fort Boonesborough, after 
Bhich Boone returned to Virginia for his family. On April 30, 1776, 
woone took his family and started again over the new road to Kentucky 
where he planned to ma^ke his future home. In the party were his daugh- 
ter Susannah and her husband William Hays. The trip through the 
forest and over the mountains occupied over a month. When they got 
within four miles of the fort, as night was approaching, the entire party 
camped, except William Hays and his wife, who hurried on to Boones- 
borough. That night, in the crude frontier fort, Susannah Hays gave 
birth to her first child, on June 12, 1776, one month and twelve days 
after their leaving North Carolina, (e) This child, Elizabeth Hays, 
was without doubt the first white child born in Kentucky. (/, g & h) 

On Feb. 7, 1778, Daniel Boone was captured by Indians and carried 
away into captivity, (i) While he was a prisoner of the Indians and 
English, his wife Rebecca Boone and her children, accompanied by 
William Hays and his wife Susannah, went back to Mrs. Boone's father's 
(Joseph Bryan's), on the Yadkin River in North Carolina. In the spring 
the Hays returned to Kentucky, during which journey Elizabeth Hays, 
their eldest daughter, was carried on a horse by George Bryan, son of 
Morgan Bryan, Jr. (/) 

William Hays took part in the Siege of Fort Boonesborough. At that 
time, seeing an Indian sitting behind a tree. Hays took a shot at him, 
breaking the red man's knee and splintering one of his thigh bones. It 
is said that the Indian lived some time, perhaps weeks, but finally died 
of his wounds, (c) William Hays was enrolled as a pioneer soldier of 
Kentucky, on June 10, 1779, in Capt. John Holder's company, at Boones- 
borough. (m) From 1779 to 1783, Hays was a Captain at Bryan's 
Station under Colonels Levi Todd and Daniel Boone. (/) When on Aug. 
15, 1782, the Indians attacked Bryan's Station, Captain William Hays 
raised, probably on the second day of the siege, a party of about twelve 
men at Boone's Station, and hurried to their relief, (c, i & k) Some- 
where on the way they met the men from Lexington, and all went on to 
Bryan's Station together. During the siege Hays, who was on horse- 
back, received a bullet wound in the back of the neck. He was so severe- 
ly stunned that he was almost insensible, but managed to stay on his 
horse and escaped. Later Capt. Hays was detailed to attend to the build- 
ing of canoes and collecting of provisions for Gen. George Rogers Clark's 
Army in 1781. 

^ixtf) feneration 117 

Probably about 1785, William and Susannah Hays came into posses- 
sion of Daniel Boone's Marble Creek farm, five miles west of Boone's 
Station, and remained there until the fall of 1799, when they moved with 
Daniel Boone's party to Missouri. Hays and his son, William Hays, 
Jr., joined that section of the party which went overland from Limestone 
or some point below, adding their livestock to the rest. Their route was 
through Lexington, Louisville, Vincennes, and St. Louis, (c) The Hays 

family settled in St. Charles Co., Missouri. 

Captain Hays was a man of high temper, and was killed in a quarrel 
with his son-in-law, James Davis. He had forbidden Davis to come on 
his place, but his order was disobeyed. When he threatened to shoot, 
Davis fired first, and after several hours suffering Hays died. (6) This 
occurred at Femme Osage, in the district of St. Charles, in the Territory 
of Louisiana (now Mo.). 

Children: — 

+347 Elizabeth Hays, b. 12 June, 1776. 
+348 Jemima Hays, b. 31 Aug., 1778. 

349 William Hays, Jr., d. in spring of 1845. His will, which is recorded in 

Callaway Co., Mo., was signed 12 March, 1845, and proved 12 May, 
1845. His widow, Mrs. Phebe Hays, lived at Williamsburg, Cal. 
Co., Mo., in 1848. (g) 

350 Susannah Hays, m. Joshua Dodson. 

351 Belinda Hays, m. 6 Apr., 1815, Lewis Jones. 
+352 Boone Hays, b. 1783. 

353 Daniel Hays. 

354 Greenup Hays. 

3^5 Mahala Hays, m. Jonathan Davis, a brother of James Davis who m. 
Jemima Hays (No. 348). He was a son of Jonathan Davis of Phil- 
adelphia. They had 13 children, four of whom were living in 1875. 

Jesse Hays, died single before 1817. 

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S>ixtf) (generation 119 

103. JEMIMA BOONE (Daniel^; Squire'; George^), born 4 Oct., 1762, 
in North Carolina; died 1829 in Montgomery Co. Mo. 

Married about 1782, Flanders Callaway (b. 9 Dec. 1758, in Va.; d. 
19 Aug. 1824), son of James Callaway, (o) (See the Sketch of Callaway 

Flanders Callaway was reared in either Culpepper or Bedford Co., 
Va., and was the eldest of three sons, his younger brothers being James 
and Micajah. He ran away from home and went with some other young 
men at an early date to Kentucky, locating at Boonesborough. 

The dramatic capture by Indians of Jemima Boone and the two 
Callaway girls, is a matter of history. A number of accounts of this 
event have been left by their contemporaries, all of which are interesting. 
We are giving here the statement of Jemima's cousin Daniel Bryan, son 
of William and Mary (Boone) Bryan. He says: — 

"Jemima Callaway was so fond of playing in the water, (till perhaps 
14 years of age), that her common name was Duck. I have had a chat 
with all the girls since their captivity, but more especially with my cousin, 
Mima Callaway. On July 14th, 1776, (it was on Sunday), the girls had gone 
down to the river, and for diversion had gotten into the canoe. After some 
time they discovered that they had gotten nearly out of sight of the fort. 
They now endeavored to turn their canoe and go back to the fort. This 
only took them farther into the stream, and till they had gotten within 
fifteen yards of the other side, when (they discovered) an Indian appeared, 
came down and swam in, and brought their canoe to. They could only 
scream, for to jump out was to drown, and their cries produced an alarm at 
the fort. When the men came down they could not get over. One at length 
swam over, and brought back the canoe, which the Indians had taken to 
the other side. 

It was so late, it is my impression they didn't pursue on far that night, 
but returned to supply themselves with provisions, and came back as soon 
as they could see to follow the trace next morning. The Indians led the girls 
immediately up the bank and straight off without any delay whatever. The 
trail was exceedingly obscure. If they trod down a leaf or broke off a limb 
it was noticed and the Indians turned it the other way, so as to conceal the 
appearance. They were also threatened for such, when discovered. The 
pursuit and flight, on either hand, was only interrupted by night. The girls 
were taken along for some distance, and their dresses were shortened and the 
slips (strips?) bandaged around their legs to enable them to walk with more 
speed. The pursuers could not keep the trail and travel fast. They for a 
time just struck out to the right, as if they would go before, and then return- 
ing, found a trail they could follow at quick speed. The third day the 
Indians passed a rolling ground that commanded the trail for some 150 or 
200 yards, placed a sentry there and proceeded down on the other side about 
70 yards; intending to secure the tomahawking of the girls and their own 
escape should they be surprised. The sentinel, however, became impatient, 
being hungry, and it is supposed about the time he thought the venison to 
be boiled down, to have gone down to the fire. Just then the party came in 
view, and ascending the rising ground, as Boone had ordered, charged on the 
party of Indians, a part of them shooting and some reserving their fire. 
Boone hallowed to the girls to fall to the ground, but they, heedlessly, rushed 

120 ®l)e Poone jFamilp 

to the whites. The guns were mostly taken. Boone shot one man who 
dropped his gun. None were fired (of their guns). The Indians were not 
pursued, and the party returned immediately." (6) 

Flanders Callaway, who married Jemima Boone, and Samuel Hender- 
son, who married one of the Callaway girls, were members of the rescue 
party which overtook the Indians and brought the girls back home. The 
place where the rescue was effected was near what is now Flat Rock, Ky., 
on the place now (1921) owned and occupied by Carrol Hamilton, a Boone 

It was thought by their daughter, Mrs. Frances Lamme, that Flanders 
Callaway and Jemima Boone were married by Flanders' uncle. Col. 
Richard Callaway, (c) (See Sketch of the Callaway Family.) 

At the siege of Boonesborough, "Mrs. Jemima Callaway said she ran 
many bullets and would take them in her apron too hot to handle, and 
distribute them. She also aided in putting out the fired roofs, and said 
that women would dress in men's clothes and parade around to make 
an increased show of numbers." (d) Flanders Callaway was one of the 
treaty commissioners at the siege of Boonsborough, and in running to 
the fort had the little finger of his left hand shot off. (d) 

Taking his family Callaway removed to Missouri with Daniel Boone, 
and settled in what is now Warren Co. With his sixteen year old son, 
Flanders, Jr., he joined Daniel in driving the stock over the land route 
from Louisville to St. Louis, while the women and children of the party 
went by boat down the Ohio and up the Mississippi Rivers, (e) After 
settling in Missouri Callaway made a practice of going out every fall or 
early winter to hunt and trap, generally taking with him a negro named 
Mose who was a good trapper, and sometimes also his son John or son 
James. On these occasions the Indians would sometimes rob him of 
skins and horses. Perceiving that the Indians had a great reverence and 
respect for August Chouteau, a French trapper, Callaway formed the 
habit of marking his skins with the initials of his own name, "F. C." 
When an Indian party would appear and demand the skins, he would 
promptly display the markings and say "Chouteau," thus conveying the 
idea that the skins belonged to Chouteau. The Indians would receive 
this very soberly and go away without the skins, as they knew if they 
took them the marks might betray them to Chouteau, whom they did 
not care to rob. After that they took only Callaway's horses, but some 
of these were recovered. These hunting trips occurred before the War 
of 1812. Callaway went back several times to Kentucky, not only to 
dispose of his furs and pelts, but also to procure household supplies. 
(/ & g) At an early date, probably before 1808, he and his wife, 
Jemima (Boone) Callaway, rode all the way on horseback to Kentucky, 
to visit friends and relatives, (h) 

It was at their home in Charette, Mo., that Daniel Boone made his 
home for a while in his old age. After a long illness Flanders Callaway 

S>ixtfi (generation 121 

died at his home in Missouri, and was followed in death a few years later 
by his wife. It is said that Flanders Callaway was a "tall, spare, thin- 
visaged, swarthy man." (h) 

Children: — 

+356 John Boone Callaway. 

+357 James Callaway. 

358 Larkin S. Callaway, m. Susan L. Howell, and had 7 ch. 

+359 Susanna Callaway, b. 1 Jan., 1791. 

360 Sarah Callaway. 

+361 Frances Callaway. 

+362 Ehzabeth CaUaway, b. 15 Feb., 1797. 

+363 Minerva Callaway. 

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104. LEVINA BOONE (Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Mar., 1766; 
died in Clark Co., Ky., 6 Apr., 1802, aged 36 years and 15 days. 

Married about 1785, Joseph Scholl (b. 1755; d. 1835) (a), son of 
William and Leah (Morgan) Scholl. (See Sketch of Scholl Family.) 

It is quite probable that Joseph Scholl was born in the Shenandoah 
Valley in Va., as his older brother, Peter, was born there. In 1779 he 
went to Ky. and settled. No doubt he was in a great many of the 
Indian fights there, for we know that he was in the Battle of Blue Licks 
in August, 1782. 

"About 1803 or '04 Joseph Scholl Sr., Jesse B. Boone, David Denton 
and one Van Bibber" went to Missouri to see the country. Joseph Scholl 
had a fine new rifle made for him by Daniel Bryan (nephew of Daniel 
Boone) a famous rifle maker in his day. While Scholl was in Missouri, 
Daniel Morgan Boone (son of Daniel Boone) borrowed this gun to take 
on a hunt he and his father were planning to make in the fall, promising 
to return it the next summer when he went to Kentucky on a visit. 
While on this hunting trip an Indian stole the gun from Daniel M. Boone, 
and we are not told whether Joseph Scholl, the rightful owner, ever 
regained his gun. We may surmise that he did, however, from this 
statement of Joseph Scholl, Jr., who tells the narative: 

122 ^f)e JBoone Jfamilp 

"As the Indian departed with his illy gotten prize, Daniel Morgan 
Boone asked his father for his gun, saying he was not disposed to lose his 
fine rifle." (6) 

No doubt a little rifle skirmish brought back the stolen property. 
Joseph Scholl died in Clark Co., Ky., leaving a number of children, 
all of whom except Joseph, Jr., the youngest, died prior to 1868. (6) 

Children: — 

+364 Jesse Boone Scholl, b. 17 Oct., 1791. 

+365 Septimus Scholl. 

+366 Marcus Scholl. 

367 Selah (or Celia) Scholl. 

368 Marcia Scholl. 

369 Leah Scholl. 

370 Daniel Boone Scholl. 

+371 Joseph Scholl, Jr., b. 15 June, 1800. 

Refeeences: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 6 S 13-16. 
(fe) Draper Mss. 24 S 205-222. 

105. REBECCA BOONE {Daniel''; Squire^' George^), born 26 May, 
1768, in North Carolina (a); died 14 July, 1805, in Clark Co., Ky., at the 
home of her sister Mrs. Scholl (Lavinia Boone). 

Married Philip Goe (b. 24 Mar., 1767; d. in Nicholas Co., Ky., Mar. 

The following brief history of Philip and Rebecca Goe was compiled 
from various Draper Manuscripts by Miss Alice A. Nunns of the His- 
torical Society of Wisconsin, for Miss Lucy Jane Kemper of Butte, Mon- 

In 1788 when Daniel Boone went to Philadelphia on a commercing 
trip, he left his son-in-law Philip Goe to attend to his business at Lime- 
stone (now Maysville), Kentucky. Mrs. Philip Goe apparently went then 
or some short time before to her husband's parents' home on Little Red- 
stone Creek in Fayette Co., Pa. There her father visited her, and upon 
his return in the autumn of 1789 she went to Kentucky with him. In 
1789 Daniel Boone moved to Point Pleasant in what is now West Vir- 
ginia. Apparently the Goes stayed in Kentucky. Daniel Boone and his 
son Nathan returned to Kentucky in 1796, and opened up a new farm on 
Brushy Fork of Huckston Creek in what is now Nicholas County. This 
land belonged to Daniel M. Boone, and when he went to Missouri in 
1799 he sold it to Philip Goe, who lived there the rest of his life. After 
Philip Goe and his wife died on this homestead in the same year, leaving 
seven children, Danile Morgan Boone went to Kentucky and took charge 

^ixtl) (generation 123 

of his orphan nephews and nieces, taking all but the eldest and youngest 
children back to Missouri with him. 

Children: — 

372 Daniel B. Goe, lived after his parents' death at the home of his cousin, 

John Callaway, son of Flanders and Jemima (Boone) Callaway. He 
died young. 

373 Nathan B. Goe, lived in Ky., was living in 1854. 
+374 Noble Goe. 

375 Tarleton Goe, was living in Warren Co., Mo., in 1854. 

+376 Nelly Goe. 

377 Dorcas Goe, possibly married Newman. 

378 William Goe, the youngest child; d. prior to 1868. (6) 

References: — 

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106. DANIEL MORGAN BOONE {Daniel'; Squire\- George^), born 
23 Dec, 1769; died in Jackson Co., Mo., (a) 13 July, 1839, aged 71 years, 
1 mo., 19 days. 

Married in St. Charles Co., Mo., 2 Mar., 1800, Sarah Griffin Lewis 
(b. 29 Jan., 1786, in Va., died 19 June, 1850), daughter of John and 
Elizabeth (Harvie) Lewis. 

Daniel Morgan Boone settled in Darst Bottom, St. Charles Co., Mo. 
in 1795, but moved to Montgomery Co., Mo., in 1816. (e) 

An account of their marriage was published in the "Springfield Daily 
Leader," Sept. 18, 1915, as follows: 

"St. Charles, Mo., Sept. 18 — . An account of the marriage of Daniel 
Morgan Boone, eldest son of Daniel Boone the famous pioneer of the Ohio 
Valley, was found today in the vaults of St. Charles Borromeo's Catholic 
Church here, which was wrecked by a tornado on July 7th. 

"The account of the wedding was written by Father Leander Lusson, 
priest of the church at the time of the marriage. 

"The account says: 

"'On March 2, 1800, have appeared before me, Frere Leander Lusson, 
recollect priest and pastor of St. Charles parish in Missouri, Daniel Morgan 
Boone, the legitimate and oldest son of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan 
his lawful wife, living at St. Charles, Mo., on the one side; and on the other 
Sara Griffin Lewis, a younger and legitimate daughter of John Baptist 
Lewis and Elizabeth Harvey his lawful wife, her parents living at the port 
of St. Andrew. The which parties have declared to me their intention to 
bind themselves with the mutual pledge of marriage. After giving their 
oath on the Holy Bible to answer truthfully to all the points on which I must 
interrogate them, they have consented to answer. 

"'Being asked what religion they professed, the said Daniel Morgan 
Boone said he was a Presbyterian, and the said Sara Griffin Lewis said that 

124 ®f)£ iSoone Jfamilp 

she professed the Protestant reUgion. Being asked if they would promise 
to bring the children born of this union to the church of the place near their 
future dwelling to be baptised, and send them to be instructed in religion, 
they answered "Yes." 

"'Being asked if their parents were related within the forbidden degrees, 
so that according to their religion they could not contract marriage, they 
answered "No." Being asked from what country they came, the said Daniel 
Morgan Boone repUed that he was a native of Virginia, in the diocese of 
Baltimore, and that he was living here with his parents; and the said Sara 
Griffin Lewis replied that she was likewise a native of Virginia, and that she 
lived with her father and mother. 

" 'Being asked whether their parents gave their consent to their marriage, 
their fathers and mothers, being present, answered, "Yes Sir." Being asked 
if they had been constrained by violence or threats or by force of authority 
to pledge their troth in marriage, they answered, "No Sir." 

" 'After the aforesaid information and after the publication of the bans 
on eight consecutive Sundays at the door of our Church of St. Charles, and 
also at the house of Mr. Mackay, Commandant of the said village and post 
of St. Andrew, the said Daniel Morgan Boone has, in my presence, taken the 
said Sara Griffin Lewis for his lawful wife, and pledged to her his marriage 
vow. And in return the said Sara Griffin Lewis has taken the said Daniel 
Morgan Boone for her lawful husband, and has plighted to him her troth. 
And I have received their mutual consent, and united them in the bonds of 
matrimony.' " 

His military record reads: 

"Daniel M. Boone, Ky., Mo. Capt. rangers 19 July, 1813; resd. 21 June, 
1814; Capt. Mo. rangers to Sept., 1814." (6) 

In 1816 he moved to Montgomery Co. He held several prominent posi- 
tions under the Government, and during the Indian War was appointed Colonel 
of the MiUtia. He made most of the early Government surveys in the present 
counties of St. Charles, Warren, Montgomery and Lincoln. At the time of his 
death he was living in Jackson County. In appearance he resembled his father 
more than any of the other children. "He was below medium height, and 
stoutly built, had light hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, and a voice like a 
woman's." (c) 

Children: — 

379 John W. Boone, b. 19 Dec, 1806, in St. Charles Co., Mo.; died 1822 in 

Gasconnade Co., Mo., unm. 

380 Nathan Boone, b. 17 Feb., 1808, in St. Charles Co.; d. 1835 in Jackson 

Co., Mo., unm. 

+381 Daniel Boone, b. 27 Mar., 1809. 

382 Lindsey Boone, b. 22 Oct., 1811; d. Feb., 1834; m. 14 Jan., 1832, Sarah 

Grooms of Jackson Co., Mo. 

383 Edward H. Boone, b. 30 July, 1813; d. 1860, unm. Lived at Jackson Co., 

Mo. (d) 

384 Elizabeth Levica Boone, b. 22 Apr., 1815; d. 1850; m. 8 Jan., 1836, Jesse 

White of Jackson Co., Mo. 

^ixtf) (generation 125 

385 Alonzo Havingtoo Boone, b. 22 Mar., 1817; d. abt., 1873; m. 17 Dec, 

1840, Elizabeth Stewart, a native of Ky. After his death his widow 
moved to Bates Co. 

386 James Bdone, b. 1819; d. 1852; m. in Jackson Co., Mo., Lorinda Carlo 

or Carbo, of Tenn. (d. 1865). 

387 Milton L. Boone, b. 11 Mar., 1820; d. 19 Aug., 1820, 

388 Cassandra Boone, b. 3 Nov., 1821; d. 20 May, 1845; m. a Mr. Cosby of 

Kentucky. No children. 

+389 Morgan Boone, b. 3 Aug., 1824; d. 1852; m. (1) 12 Dec, 1848, Disa 
Stewart, a sister of Elizabeth Stewart, wife of Alonzo H. Boone, and 
(2) Mary Ann Randolph, of Jackson Co., Mo. 

390 Napoleon Boone, b. 22 Aug., 1828; d. 20 May, 1850; unm. 

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107. JESSE BRYAN BOONE {Daniel^- Squire^- George^), born 23 May, 
1773; died 1820. (a & b) 

Married Chloe Van Bibber (b. 13 Aug., 1772), dau. of James and 
Samoa Van Bibber, (e) 

As one of the younger children of Daniel and Rebecca Boone, Jesse 
Boone was literally cradled in the wilderness, and as a very tiny child 
probably witnessed some of the harrowing scenes connected with the early 
struggles of Fort Boonesborough. 

"Early Western Travel" by Reuben Golde Thwaites, Vol. IV, p. 156, says: 

"Judge Boone has a good house on the left about three miles farther 
down, opposite to which on the Ohio side is the beginning of French Grant." 

Foot-note by Thwaites says: 

"This was Jesse Boone, son of the well-known pioneer, Daniel, who had 
removed to Missouri with his other sons in 1798. Jesse Boone remained 
behind; was inspector of salt-works for West Virginia and Justice of the 
Kentucky County Court for Greenup." (d) 

We know very little of his Ufe, however, until he was married and 
settled in Missouri, where he became quite prominent and influential. 
In spite of the disadvantages of his youth, he is said to have had a fairly 
good education. He was a member of the first Missouri Legislature at 
the time of his death in 1820. 

Children: — 

391 Jeremiah Boone, b. 9 Jan., 1793. 
-t-392 Harriet Boone, b. 22 Feb., 1794. 

126 VLl}t poone jFamilp 

393 Alonzo Boone, b. 7 Nov., 1796. Said to have married a daughter of a 
George Boone of Kentucky. 

+394 Minerva S. Boone, b. 28 July, 1799. 

+395 Panthea Grant Boone, b. 20 Sept., 1801, in Ky. 

+396 Albert Gallatin Boone, b. 17 or 27 Apr., 1806. 

397 Madison Boone, b. 13 Feb., 1809; m. Miss McMurton of Ky. 

+398 Emily Boone, b. 31 Aug., 1811. 

+399 Van Daniel Boone, b, 29 Apr., 1814. 

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109. NATHAN BOONE (Daniel'; Squire*; George^), born 2 Mar., 1781, 
at Boone's Station, now Cross Plains, Fayette Co., Ky. (a); died in Green 
Co., Mo., 16 Oct., 1856, in his 76th year, {h & c) 

Married 26 Sept., 1799, in Kentucky, Olive Van Bibber (b. 13 Jan., 
1783, in Greenbriar Co., on the banks of Greenbriar River, Ky.; d. in 
Missouri 12 Nov., 1858, in her 75th year), daughter of Peter Van Bibber 
and wife Margary Bounds. (6) Some say she was a sister of the wife of 
Jesse Boone (107). 

Nathan Boone spent his early childhood in the primitive settlements 
of Kentucky, and married at the age of eighteen. In September, 1799, he 
assisted his father in removing the family to Missouri. Draper Manu- 
script 6 S 18-254, gives an account of this journey as follows: 

"Daniel M. Boone and Nathan Boone started with their mother in the 
boat (called a pirogue) while Col. Boone started with the s^tock by land, assist- 
ed by a young man named George Buchanan and D. M. Boone's negro 
Sam. At Limestone (now Maysville) Nathan Boone got his marriage 
license and returned (75 miles) to Little Sandy, where Mr. Peter Van Bibber 
then lived, and Sept. 26th was married to Miss Olive Van Bibber; then 
started out and went all the way by land via Lexington, Louisville, Vincennes 
and St. Louis." 

"The young couple located in St. Charles Co., Mo. In local history we find 
the following: — 

"From 1800 to 1812 he (Nathan Boone) was employed surveying 
Government land in what are now St. Charles, Montgomery and Warren 
Counties. In 1870, he with his brother Daniel surveyed a road from St. 
Charles to Blue Lick in Howard County, a road that is still in use. In 
1820 he finished a large stone two-story house in St. Charles County, Mo. 
In this house his father Daniel Boone died, September 20, 1820. * * * * 
Nathan Boone was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1820, 
and was in the U. S. Army from 1832 to 1853." (d) 

S>ixtf) (generation 127 

"Gardner's Dictionary of the Army" gives Nathan Boone's exact military 
record as follows : — 

"Capt. Rangers 25 March, 1812; Major Missouri Mtd. Rangers, 10 
Dec, 1813; continued Capt. Rangers in 1814; disbanded June, 1815. 
Mounted Rangers, 16 June, 1832; Capt. 1st. Dragoons, Aug 1833; Major 
1st. Dragoons 16 June, 1847; Lieut. Col. 2nd, Dragoons 25 July, 1850; re- 
signed 15 July, 1855." 

"A similar record is found in Heitman's "Historical Register." (e) Still an- 
other account of his military life reads as follows: — 

"As the war (1812) had now fairly commenced, an act of Congress 
authorized the raising of six companies of Rangers, three to be raised on the 
Missouri side of the Mississippi River, and the other three on the Illinois 
side. The Missouri companies were commanded by Daniel M. Boone, 
Nathan Boone, and David Musick. The commission of Nathan Boone was 
dated in June, 1812, to serve a year. * * * * On 15 August, 1813, Capt. 
Nathan Boone, and a party of spies under his command, while on a scout 
between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, were attacked in the night by 
three times their number, but no lives were lost. About the September 
following, Maj. Nathan Boone was of the party which accompanied Gen. 
Howard's expedition to Peoria, where a fort was built. A little later, 
there were some Indian disturbances, and Maj. Nathan Boone and Capt. 
Samuel Whitesides scoured the country." (/) 

A brief history of Olive (Van Bibber) Boone's early life and marriage 
is contained in a statement made by her during her lifetime. A news- 
paper clipping, unnamed and undated, was sent to us, containing an 
account of this interesting record. Efforts have been made to locate the 
branch of the family in which this quaint and interesting document is 
preserved, but without success. It is said to be a statement made by Mrs. 
Nathan Boone, recorded in the handwriting of Mrs. John C. Boone (her 
daughter-in-law) and preserved in the family of L. N. Boone of Webster 
Grove, Missouri. After saying that she was born the 13th of January, 
1783; and grew up at the mouth of the Big Kanawha River, Mrs. Nathan 
Boone continues: 

"After the death of my father, Peter Van Bibber, my mother and I 
lived with my brother in Ohio, on the Ohio, opposite the mouth of the Big 
Sandy River. I was married on the 26th of Sept., 1799. On the first of 
October, without any company but my husband, I started to Missouri, or 
Upper Louisiana. We had two ponies and our packhorse. After being on 
our journey some time we were overtaken by a man and woman who travelled 
with us to Vincennes. We remained there nearly three weeks, in con- 
sequence of getting one of our ponies crippled. We travelled alone the 
remainder of the way, arriving in St. Louis the last of October. My husband 
was offered eighty acres of land (in the center of what was afterwards the 
city) for one of our ponies. He laughed and said he would not give one of the 
ponies for the whole town. We went to St. Charles County, and located 
about twenty miles above St. Charles. We crossed the Missouri River at 
St. Charles by placing our goods in a skiff. My husband rowed and I steered 
and held the horse by the bridle. It was rather a perilous trip for so young a 
couple. I was just sixteen, my husband eighteen." 

128 ®f)e iBoone Jfamilp 

In 1837 Nathan Boone located with his family on a farm near Ash- 
grove, Green County, Mo., where he remained until his death. He and 
his wife are both buried in the family graveyard of the old farm two 
miles north of Ashgrove. (g) 

Children: — 

400 James Boone, b. 3 July, 1800; m. Polly Allen and lived near Bolivar, Mo., 

in 1851. (6) 

401 Belinda Boone, m. James Craig. 

402 Jemima Boone, m. Henry Zumalt. 

403 Susan Boone, m. Joseph Van Bibber. 

404 Nancy Boone, d. young. 

405 Olive Boone, m. Phil Anthony. 
+406 Benjamin Howard Boone. 
+407 John Cobum Boone. 

+408 Levica Boone. 

+409 Melcina Boone, b. abt. 1820. 

+410 Mary Boone, b. 22 Jan., 1822. 

411 Sarah Boone, m. Winfield Wright 

412 Mahala Boone, m. Robert C. Printy. 

413 Mela Boone, d. when a child. 

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110. SAMUEL BRYAN (Mary' Boone; Squire^; George''), born 1756, 
in North Carolina; died 4 Mar., 1837. 

Married 5 Oct., 1775, in Rowan Co., N. C, Mary Hunt, daughter of 
Col. Jonathan and wife Isabella Hunt. 

He was a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner. In July, 1777, he en- 
listed in Virginia; received the rank of Colonel and served at various 
times for nine months. He served under Captains WilHam Bayley Smith, 
John Holder, William Hogan and Benjamin Logan in Gen. George R. 
Clarke's Expeditions in North Carolina. Under J. Johnson and James 
Stinson, he fought in battles with the Indians at Pequa Towns. At the 
time of enlistment he lived in Rowan Co., N. C, and at date of applica- 
tion for pension he resided in Marion Co., Ind., where, in 1834, he and 
his wife Mary Bryan lived with their sons, Luke and Thomas, (a) 

S>ixtf) (generation 129 

Children: — 

414 Ann Bryan, 

415 Phoebe Bryan. 

416 William Bryan. 

417 Abner Bryan. 

418 Luke Bryan, b. 2;2 Nov., 1784; m. 1807, Mary Sanders, dau. of Sarah and 

Capt. John Sanders. 

419 Thomas Bryan. 

420 Sarah Bryan. 

421 Mary Bryan. 

422 Daniel Bryan. 

423 Hampton Bryan. 

424 Samuel Bryan. 

Reference: — 

(o) Pension Application, U. S. Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

111. DANIEL B. BRYAN {Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 11 
Feb., 1758, in North Carolina; died 28 Feb., 1845, in Fayette Co., Ky. 

Married Elizabeth Turner. 

He was a Revolutionary soldier; his name is on the Revolutionary 
Pension Roll, of 1833, at which time he lived in Scott Co., Ky. Much of 
the Boone material from the Draper Mss. which is quoted in this book 
was obtained from his letters, which have been preserved. 

Children: — 

+425 Joseph Bryan. 
+426 Samuel Bryan. 

116. SARAH BRYAN {Mary^ Boone; Squire^' George^), born 1768-'69; 
died 8 Aug., 1829. 

Married 1792 at Bryan's Station, Ky. (Col.) William Chinn (b. 
1768; d. Feb., 1814), son of Richard C. Chinn and wife Rhoda Dent of 
Albermarle Co., Va. Residence, Fayette Co., Ky. 

Children: — 

427 Sarah Chinn, m. Capt. Graves; res. Bay of St. Louis, La. 

+428 Franklin B. Chinn, b. 1800. 

429 William B. Chinn, wounded at River Raisin. 

430 Nancy B. Chinn, d. 1855 or 1856, m. Willis Arnold. 

431 Morgan B. Chinn, b. 1801; d. 1870. 

432 John F. Chinn. 

433 Alfred S. Chinn, mortally wounded at River Raisin. 

434 Rhoda D. Chinn, m. Preston Morgan. 

435 Elizabeth Chinn, m. 1830, Frank Speers. 

130 Wf\t IBoone Jfamilp 

120. ELIZABETH BOONE {George'; Squire'; George^), born about 1765; 
died when past 90 years of age. 

Married about 1792, Jesse Gopher (b. about 1760; died 1822), son of 
Thomas Gopher who was born in Pennsylvania but settled in Virginia. 

Jesse Gopher was raised in Gulpepper Co., Va., and came to Ken- 
tucky as a young man. He was rather clumsy in build, so never made 
much of a hunter, but became a farmer instead. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army; was captured with 
Kenton and Bullock, and taken to Detroit, where they were all kept a 
long time. Eventually they escaped thro' assistance given them by the 
wife of a storekeeper there. Kenton became acquainted with her and 
frankly said he wished help to escape. She promised to furnish pro- 
visions secretly, and arms if she could, but her husband must not be 
involved, and her life might be the forfeit if it were known she had helped 
them. She hid some "jerk" in a hollow tree, which had been agreed upon, 
and one evening, when some Indians had encamped nearby and stacked 
their guns while they were drinking, she stole three of the guns and hid 
them. She took ammunition from her husband's store, and one night 
with a ladder climbed the picketing (the prisoners were confined in some 
sort of stockade) to give them the guns and amxnunition. She had gotten 
an Irishman who lived in Detroit to tell them, that if he were a prisoner 
and wished to escape he would take the usual route thro' the Wyandotte, 
Shawnee and Delaware country, then down to the Falls of the Ohio 
(Louisville, Ky.). "Profiting by this hint, they steered in that direction," 
and although they frequently heard guns, they saw no Indians, but 
supposed they were being pursued. At first they traveled only during 
the nights. Their "jerk" gave out, and finally they were forced in spite 
of their fear of discovery to shoot a deer. Just as it fell they discovered 
a party of Indians at a distance and hid themselves in a thicket. The 
Indians, however, disappeared and they enjoyed a feast of venison, "jerk- 
ing" the rest of it. Soon after they reached the Falls of the Ohio, (a) 

Jesse Gopher and Elizabeth Boone were married in 179-, in Ky., and 
settled in Glark Go., where he took up a pre-emption of 1400 acres on 
Stoner Greek, most of which he lost later by a prior location, (a) 

In the War of 1812 he was Gaptain of the Kentucky MiUtia Vol- 
unteers, commanded by Gol. Richard Davenport. 

Following the loss of his land he moved to Boone Go., Mo., in 1819. 
For many years he and his wife were members of the Baptist Ghurch. 

Both of them died in Missouri, leaving a large family of children, one 
of whom, Samuel, lived ten or twelve miles north of Columbia, Boone 
Go. (a) 

Jesse Gopher and Elizabeth Boone had eleven children, all mentioned 
in his will, which was signed 5 July, 1822; produced in Boone Go. (Mo.) 
Circuit Court and proven 21 Sept., 1822; and recorded on 18 Oct., 1822, 
in Will Book "A" page 120, 1 and 2. 

^ixtf) (generation 13 1 

Children: — 

+436 Nancy Boone Gopher. 

437 Thomas Gopher, was a soldier in War of 1812. 

438 Mary Gopher, m. — Nesbit. 

439 Phebe Gopher, m. — Haden. 

440 Udosha Gopher, m. — Steel. 

+441 Hettie Boone Gopher, b. 22 Dec, 1803. 

442 Jerusha Gopher, m. — Kirkly. 

443 Samuel B. Gopher, m. Mrs. Anna Maupin Turner (b. 29 Dec, 1801; d. 

Sept., 1882). He lived 10 or 12 miles north of Golumbia, Boone Go., 

444 David N. Gopher. 

445 Sarah Gopher, m. — Dooly, 
+446 Eleanor (Nellie) Gopher, b. 1805. 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 22 S. 241-68. 

122. WILLIAM LINVILLE BOONE {George'; Squire*; George^), born 
22 Feb., 1768, in North Carolina; died 13 Apr., 1847, in Shelby Co., Ky. 

Married 1st, 16 Aug., 1789, Nancy Grubbs (b. 8 June, 1771; d. 22 
Mar., 1835 at Fayette, Mo.), a daughter of Higgason and Lucy (Harris) 
Grubbs (See the Grubbs Family Sketch), and married 2nd, in 1840, 
Mrs. Ann (Bryan) Perry. 

William Linville Boone was the third child of George (brother of 
Daniel) and Ann or Nancy (Linville) Boone. About 1780, it is said he 
came from Virginia with his parents, who were among the very early 
pioneers, to Madison County, Ky., where in 1780, his father founded 
Boone's Station, about one and one-half or two miles north of the pre- 
sent courthouse in Richmond. 

In 1789, he was married to Nancy Grubbs, the marriage rites being 
solemnized by Rev. Christopher Harris, of Old Baptist Faith, who was 
a brother of Lucy (Harris) Grubbs, thus being an uncle of the bride. 

After his uncle, Edward Boone, had been killed by Indians in 1780, 
William, his father, George Boone, and his uncle Daniel Boone, were in the 
party which went out to bring in the mutilated body. 

In the fall of 1799, when Daniel Boone moved to Missouri, WilHam 
L. Boone was one of the party which went by boat, but he did not stay 
long and returned without trying to get a grant of land from Spain. 
(Missouri was then Spanish territory.) 

During the closing years of the 18th, and the early part of the 19th 
Centuries there were two men by the name of William Boone living in 
Madison County, Ky. One is the subject of this sketch, and the other 
was probably his cousin, Wilham Boone, whose wife was Margaret. 


132 Clje poone jFamilp 

In Deed Book "G," page 431, we find "on 6th February, 1810, 
Higgason Grubbs, and wife, Lucy (Harris), for 1500 dollars, conveyed to 
William Boone a tract of land, granted by the Commonwealth of Ky., 
to Higgason Grubbs, 2 March, 1789, on the waters of Muddy Creek and 
the Kentucky River," 

Again in Deed Book "G," page 533, "on 11 October, 1810, Edward 
Boone and his wife, Dorcas, of Shelby County, Ky., for 600 pounds, 
conveyed to William Boone, of Madison County, 185 acres of land on 
Tates and Otter Creeks in Madison County." The Edward Boone men- 
tioned was probably William Boone's brother Edward, whose wife was 
Mrs. Dorcas (Simpson) White, It is thought that both of these convey- 
ances were made to the subject of this sketch, son of George and Anne 
(Linville) Boone, for George Boone, Sr., owned lands near Richmond, on 
the head waters of the Tates and Otter Creeks. The two creeks head 
together in the northern part of the city of Richmond, where the ridge 
divides the head stream of the two creeks, (c) 

"On 2 February, 1810, William Boone and wife, Nancy (Grubbs), 
conveyed to Richard Tunstall Jr., land on Tates Creek in Madison County 
Ky., adjoining Berry and others." Witnesses to this deed were Re- 
becca Harris, and their two daughters, Lucy and Mrs. Milly (Boone) 
Carson, wife of William Carson. The land of Lindsay Carson, father of 
the William Carson mentioned above, adjoined the William Boone land. 
James Berry was an uncle of Nancy (Grubbs) Boone and thus a great 
uncle of William Boone. 

In 1811, William Boone and family, including his son-in-law, Andrew 
Tribble, with his family, moved to Shelby County, Ky. Just how long he 
lived here we do not know. After a time (1818) he moved to Missouri, 
settling near Columbia, Boone Co. (a), living there until after the death 
of his wife, Nancy (Grubbs) in 1835, when soon after he returned to 
Kentucky, and again located in Shelby County. 

In Heitman's Historical Register (1789-19 — ), page 230, we find the 
record of William Boone of Kentucky, being 3d Lieut, of Rangers on 
1 Aug., 1813, in Illinois Territory; and honorably discharged "15 (Aug.?) 
1815." This may refer to the subject, WiHiam Linville Boone. 

In 1845, he was sent by the Kentucky Legislature to Missouri to 
gain the consent of Nathan Boone, son of Daniel, for the removal of the 
bodies of Daniel and his wife, Rebecca (Bryan) Boone, from Missouri to 
Frankfort, Ky. He was successful in this mission, and was one of the 
pall-bearers at the time of their removal. 

In 1840, at the age of seventy-two he was married a second time to 
Mrs. Ann (Bryan) Perry. A few years later (1847), he died and was 
buried on the old Major Andrew Tribble farm in Shelby County. In 
those days each family had its own private burial ground. 

^ixtf) (generation 133 

Children: — 

+447 Lucy Boone, b. abt., 1790 or '91. 

+448 Mildred (Millie) Boone. 

+449 Matilda Boone, b. 1 Dec, 1795. 

+450 Cassandra Boone, b. 1796. 

+451 Hampton Lynch Boone, b. 29 June, 1802. 

+452 Nestor Boone, b. 5 Mar., 1804. 

+453 William Crawford Boone, b. 2 Aug., 1812. 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mas. 28 C 102. 

(6) Draper Mss. 6 S 18-254. 

(c) "History and Genealogies," W. H. Miller. 

124. SQUIRE BOONE {George''; Squire*; George^). 

Married 18 May 1808, Mourning Grubbs, daughter of Higgason and 
Lucy (Harris) Grubbs. (See the "Grubbs" and "Harris" Family Sketches.) 

Their marriage is recorded in Madison Co., Kentucky. 

Squire Boone settled in St. Charles County, Mo., where he died, leav- 
ing 5 sons, and several daughters whose names we do not know. 

Their sons were: — 

Children: — 

454 Samuel Boone. 

455 Hayden Boone, m. Emiline Callaway. (No. 1060) 

456 Miles (Mile or Milo) Boone. 

457 Thomas Boone. 

458 John Boone. 

Reference: — 

"History and Genealogies," W. H. Miller. 

126. MARY BOONE {George^; Squire'; George'), born 2 Apr., 1776; 
died 14 Sept., 1831, in Madison Co., Ky. (a) 

Married 8 Oct., 1793, Peter Burris Tribble (b. 8 Mar., 1774; d. 18 
Mar., 1849) (a), son of Rev. Andrew and Sarah Ann (Burris) Tribble. 
(See the Burris — Tribble sketch.) 

Children: — 

+459 Nancy Tribble, b. 20 Aug., 1794. 

+460 Sallie Ann Tiibble, b. 15 Aug., 1796. 

+461 EUzabeth Tribble, b. 1798. 

+462 Maria Tribble, b. 9 June, 1800. 

+463 Frances A. Tribble, b. 9 Dec, 1802. 

+464 George W. Tribble, b. 1 Jan., 1804. 

+465 Samuel Tribble, b. 5 Nov., 1805. 

+466 Matilda Tribble, b. 1 May, 1808; m. her cousin Nes<or Boone {William^, 

George^; Squire*; George^), and her descendants will be found under 

his name. No. 452, 

134 ^\}t poone jFamilp 

467 Alexander Tribble, b. 10 Apr., 1810; m. 26 Oct., 1843, his cousin, Nancy 

Chenault, dau., of David Chenault. (See the Tribble — Burris sketch.) 

468 Peter Tribble, b. 9 June, 1812; d. 1840; never m. 

469 Wellington Tribble, b. 21 Apr., 1814; d. 17 July, 1831; never m. 
+470 Minerva Tribble, b. 30 Jan., 1817. 

Reference: — 

(a) Stoner Family Bible. 

129. "CAPTAIN" SAMUEL BOONE (George^- Squire^; George^), born 
15 Jan., 1782, at Hoy's Station in Madison County, Ky.; died Sept., 
1869. (a) 

Married in the fall of 1804, Ann Simpson of Kentucky (b. abt. 1788; 
d. Feb., 1873), a sister of Mrs. Dorcas (Simpson) White, who married 
Samuel's brother Edward. 

In the summer of 1804, James Callaway, WilHam Hays, and perhaps 
Boone Hays, all grandsons of Daniel Boone, went from Missouri to Ken- 
tucky with a lot of furs and pelts. When they started back home, Sam- 
uel Boone went part way with them, then turned back, and was married 
that fall (1804). 

In Madison County (Ky.) Court records. Deed Book F, page 601, on 
10 Aug., 1807, we find "George Boone and wife, Anna, for 300 pounds 
conveyed to Samuel Boone 100 acres of land on Otter Creek in Madison 
County, Ky., part of said George Boone's tract he lived on." 

In the battle on the Thames River, 5 October, 1813, Samuel was in 
Col. James Simrall's mounted regiment, in the reserve on the extreme 
left. The horses had all been left on the south side of Lake Erie. After 
the battle, it was reported that Tecumseh, which name is said to mean 
"meteor" or "flying panther," was killed. Gen. Wilham Henry Harrison 
said he had often seen Tecumseh, and would know him, by a scar on his 
face. A young British officer said Tecumseh had been wounded on the 
wrist, in a skirmish the day before. Gen. Harrison, Shelby, the young 
British officer, and others went to view the body. Gen. Harrison found 
the scar on the face; the wound on the wrist; the nicely fringed hunting- 
jacket, as described by the British officer, and pronounced it to be 
Tecumseh's body. This was in the evening and a large crowd of soldiers 
had followed, Capt. Samuel Boone among them. Next morning Harrison 
and Shelby again examined the Indian's body, and again stated their 
opinions that it was Tecumseh. This time Col. Simrall's regiment was 
drawn up closely, and Capt. Boone said he heard Gen. Harrison make 
this assertion on one or both occasions. Tecumseh's thighs had been 
skinned for razor strops. In the first part of this battle Johnson's left 
wing, or troops on the left, gave way, but rallied, and were reinforced 
by Col. Simrall, who was ordered to do so by Col. Isaac Shelby, in com- 
mand of twelve Kentucky regiments in this battle. There was no more 

^ixtf) (feneration 135 

fighting, however. It is traditionally reported that Tecumseh was killed 
by Col. Richard M. Johnson of Ky., although it has never been proven. 

Some time prior to his moving to Mo., Samuel wrote to his uncle, 
Daniel Boone, offering him a fine farm in Ky., with all expenses paid, to 
live on the rest of his life, if he (Daniel Boone) would return and identify 
some early surveys he had made. This Daniel Boone refused to do, and 
it is thought never did return to Ky. as long as he lived. 

Late in the fall of 1817 Samuel Boone made his first visit to Mo., 
and found his uncle (Daniel Boone) then living with his son Nathan. (6) 

Captain Samuel Boone settled in Callaway County, Mo., in 1818, and 
in 1820, he assisted in building the first Baptist Church, called Salem, 
in that county. 

He always had his milling done at Charette, Mo., and when he went 
in the summer of 1820 to have it done, Daniel Boone went with him to 
make a visit at his son-in-law's, Flanders Callaway. They set out in 
Samuel Boone's wagon to make the trip, about 40 miles, but were over- 
taken by nightfall, and camped near the lower or eastern end of Loutre 
prairie, a mile or two west of the Camp Branch, a noted camping spot 
for travelers and movers. They spread some bedclothes on the grass, it 
being a pleasant summer night, tied the horses to the wagon and fed 
them. After eating their own supper they went to bed. In the night a 
heavy dew fell on them, and next morning Daniel Boone complained of 
headache. They went on into Charette, where Daniel Boone decided to 
stay for a while as he was not feeling well. 

After getting his milling done Samuel Boone went on home, and the 
last part of August went to Ky. on a visit, where he found his own father 
(George Boone) not at all well. Here he stayed until after his father's 
death on 14 November, 1820. While he was in Ky., Daniel Boone died. 

Samuel Boone was six feet tall, spare in build, light complexioned and 
mild in his manners. 

He and his wife were both Baptists for many years, and on the 12 
and 13 of June, 1868, when he was interviewed by Dr. Lyman C. Draper 
(6) they were living near Williamsburg, Callaway Co., Mo., with their son 
Tucker, Mrs. Boone being 80 years old at that time. 

He probably died and was buried in Missouri. 

Very little is known about his descendants, those who are known 
being : 

Children: — 

471 Jeptha Boone. 

472 Mary A. Boone. 

-1-473 Elizabeth C. Boone, m. her double cousin Dr. Banton Boone, son of Ed- 
ward and Dorcas (Simpson-White) Boone. (For their further history 
and their descendants, see the Edward Boone line, as the line of 
descent will be traced through the father instead of the mother, when 
both are Boone descendants. See No. 477.) 
474 Maxmilla (Maxemille) Boone. 

136 Cfje Jloone jFamilp 

475 Martha L. Boone, m. — Tuttle, and was the only one of the children 
who was living on 31 July, 1883. (a) 
+476 Tux;ker Boone, who in 1868 resided near Williamsburg, Mo. His father 
and mother lived with him. (6) 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 29 C 23, which is a letter dated 31 July, 1883, from B. G. Boone, 

Atty. at law, Clinton, Mo., who was a grandson of both Capt. Samuel Boone 
and Edward Boone, sons of George {Squirt; George^) . 

(b) Draper Mss. 22 S 241-68. 

130. EDWARD BOONE (George^; Squire^- George''), born about 1783; 
died Aug., 1869. (a) 

Married Mrs. Dorcas Simpson-White (d. 1844 or '45) (a), widow of 
Archibald White, the son of John White, a Revolutionary Soldier. 

Dorcas Simpson and her (1st) husband, Archibald White, had two sons: 
(a) Morgan B. White, who m. (1) Mary Ann Marmaduke, of Shelby County, 
Ky., and (2) Mrs. — (M'Murty) Hughes. (Morgan B. White was a witness to 
the will of Lynch B. Owen, probated in Madison County [Ky.] Court, 20 July, 
1868. Lynch B. Owen must have been related to the Boones, for the name 
Lynch was given several members of the Boone and Tribble families); and (b) 
Archibald White, Jr. 

In 1809, Edward Boone bought of Jesse Noland and wife, Sarah 
(Turner), 180 acres of land on Tates and Otter Creeks in Madison County, 

In Deed Book "G," page 533, on 11 Oct., 1810, Edward Boone and 
wife, Dorcas, of Shelby County, Ky., for 600 pounds, conveyed to William 
Boone, of Madison County, Ky., 186 acres of land on the waters of Tates 
and Otter Creeks, in the latter county. 

From 'Tioneers of Missouri," comes this: "Edward Boone married 
the widow White, whose maiden name was Dorcas Simpson. She was a 
sister of Samuel Boone's wife, and at the time of her marriage with Mr. 
Boone, had a son, Morgan B. White, who was still living in Callaway 
County, Mo." (Written in 1876.) 

Edward Boone went to Mo., shortly after Samuel did (1818), and 
settled in the same neighborhood, Callaway Co. (6 & c). He was said 
to be living in Green County, Mo., in 1854, then about 71 years old. (6) 

Children: — 

+477 Dr. Banton Boone. 

478 Rudolph Boone. 

479 William Boone. 

480 George L. Boone, was living in Booneville, Mo., on 31 July, 1883. (c) 

481 Ann Boone. 

482 Milly Boone. 

483 Margaret Boone, was living in Booneville, Mo., on 31 July 1883. (a) 

484 Maria Boone. 

485 Mary Boone. 

S>ixtf) (generation 137 

References : — 

(a) Draper Mss. 29 C 23, which is a letter from B. G. Boone, attorney-at-law, Clinton, 

Mo., written to Dr. Draper 31 July 1883. Mr. Boone was a grandson of 
Edward and also of Samuel Boone, sons of George Boone {Squire*; George^). 

(b) Draper Mss. 28 C 102. 

(c) Draper Mss. 29 C 23. 

132. MARY BOONE {Edward^- Squire*; George^), born about 1764; died 
28 Sept., 1825. a) 

Married about 1782, Peter Scholl (b. 15 Sept., 1754; d. 11 Sept., 
1821, in Clark Co., Ky.), a native of the Shenandoah Valley, and a son 
of William Scholl and wife Leah Morgan. 

Their son John gave the following information to Dr. Draper in 1868: — 

"Peter Scholl, a native of the Shenandoah Valley, died on waters of 
Stoner, Clark Co., Ky., Sept. 11, 1821. He was born probably about 
1754. In about 1782 married Mary Boone, daughter of Edward Boone 
(bro. of Col. Daniel Boone), she perhaps about eighteen at that time and 
he about ten years her senior. Hence Peter Scholl when he died was 
about 67 years old. Mrs. Mary Scholl died at same place Sept. 28, 
1825.* * Peter Scholl was in Blue Lick Battle." (a) He was also in the 
battle at Point Pleasant, W. Va. He wore short breeches, long silk stock- 
ings and queued his hair; wore large knee and shoe buckles, long vest and 
coat. He memorialized Congress for a pension, but got none because 
he was in good circumstances. (6) Peter Scholl was a Lieutenant under 
Daniel Boone with General George R. Clark in 1782. (c) 

Children: — (c) 

+486 John Scholl, b. 5 Apr., 1787. 

+487 Peter Scholl, Jr. 

+488 Lydia Ann Scholl, b. 1789; m. Boone Hays (Susanna* Boone; Daniel^; 

Squire*; George^). Her descendants will be given under Boone Hays, 

No. 352. 

489 Malinda Scholl, b. 1791; m. Joseph Jackson and resided in Canton, Pike 

Co.. Mo. 

490 Dudley Scholl, b. 1803. Res., Atchinson Co., Kan. 

491 Louisa Scholl, b. 1807; m. Thomas Norris. Res., Buchanan Co., Mo. 

492 Charity Scholl, b. 1809; m. Hugh Michael. Res., Adair Co., Mo. 

493 Edward B. Scholl (probably). Dr. Draper mentions in his notes that 

John Scholl was a brother of E. B. Scholl and son of Peter Scholl and 
Ed. Boone's dau. (Draper Mss. 2 R 182). He also mentions Mrs. 
Norris and Mrs. Mikel as sisters of Ed. B. Boone and granddaughters 
of Edward Boone, id) 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 22 S 269-74. 

(5) Draper Mss 22 S 205. 

(c) Draper Mss. 22 R 90. 

(d) Draper Mss. 2 R 365. 

138 ^^t poone jFamilp 

135. SARAH BOONE (Edward^- Squire'; George'). 

Married William Hunter, (a) In December 1853 she lived at Dry 
Valley, Tenn. 

Child : — 

494 Joseph Hunter, mentioned in the will of his grandmother, Martha Boone. 
(See No. 28.) 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 22 S 269-74. 

138. JONATHAN BOONE {Squire'; Squire*; George'), born 30 Aug., 
1766; died 9 March, 1837. 

Married 11 April, 1793, Mrs. Catherine (Rice) Fullen wider (b. 9 
Dec, 1768; d. 19 Jan., 1842, aged 73 years, 1 month, 10 days), (a) 

Jonathan, the eldest son of Squire, Jr., and Jane (Van Cleve) Boone, 
was born "on Saturday, about 10 o'clock in the morning," in the Forks 
of the Yadkin River, N. C. In 1775 or '76, when Squire Boone's family 
moved to Fort Boonesborough from N. C, Jonathan, then a boy of about 
nine, was brought along. As a small boy, he was present at the Siege of 
Boonesborough, and in the spring of 1779, went with the family in their 
move to the Falls of the Ohio (Louisville). In that same year he was 
taken by his father to Kaskaskia (Illinois), where he was left to learn the 
French language. Here he remained four years. 

About four years after his return from Kaskaskia, which would be 
in 1787, he was sent to Berks County, Pa., to stay with relatives and 
attend school. Here his father's cousin, James Boone, gave him instruc- 
tions. When he returned home to Kentucky, the next year, he brought 
with him the "Boone Genealogy" written by James Boone and dated 21 
March, 1788. (6) 

After this there is no further record of him until his marriage in 
1793, to Mrs. Catherine (Rice) Fullenwider, who was a daughter of 
Jacob I. and Anne Rice. Her first husband, Henry Fullenwider, died 
of malaria, leaving her with several children. The marriage of Jonathan 
and Mrs. Fullenwider took place while his father was away on his trip 
to St. Simon's, Fla., and his visit into Pa. For a while they lived at 
Rice's Fort, Shelby County; then moved to Brandenburg, Ky., (c) from 
which place they eventually moved to Crawford County, Ind. (possibly 
to Alton or near there), where he died in 1837. 

Jonathan Boone was a man who loved a life of adventure and was 
clever in many ways, besides being a fine hunter, "One of his descend- 
ants has a book which he wrote, quite a wonderful piece of workmanship, 
binding and all most remarkable, made entirely by him, written in a fine 
style of penmanship, and exhibiting much scientific knowledge, and for 
that day and age (more than a hundred years ago) is marvelous. The 

^ixtl) (generation 139 

binding is bear-skin; the leaves are very thick and fastened to the cover 
with leather strings; the book measures 16 x 10 x 1 inch, and on the first 
page are the words, "Jonathan Boone, his book, A. D. 1787." The sub- 
ject is surveying; there are no family records in the book. It has been 
handed down to the oldest grandchild of the Boone name and is now 
(1910) owned by Charles Boone of Texas (Brandon), and will pass to 
his baby, little Daniel Boone." (d) 

Children: — 

+495 Frances Anne (Fanny) Boone, b. 16 Jan., 1794; d. 4 July, 1820; m. her 
cousin Col. Hiram C. Boone {Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), b. 3 July, 
1789. Their descendants are given under his name. No. 221. 

496 Isaiah Boone, born 25 Sept., 1795; died early. 

497 Sophia Boone, died in early womanhood; married Lewis Carrol. She 

was said to have been very beautiful. 

References: — 

[Draper Mss. 19 C 120-154. 

(a) JDraper Mss. 19C57. 
[Draper Mss. 22 S 241-68. 

(b) Draper Mss. 5 B 19. 

(c) "Genealogical Record made by Squire Boone, Jr., in 1792" and published by 

P. R. Fullenwider in Louisville Courier Journal. 

(d) "Bromwell Genealogy," by Henrietta E. Bromwell, Pub. 1910; pages 196-198. 

139. MOSES BOONE {Squire'; Squire'; George'), born 23 Feb., 1769; 
died 8 Mar., 1852. 

Married 20 Dec, 1786, in Jefferson County, Ky., (a) Hannah Boone 
{SamueV>; Samuel'; George^), b. 6 Feb., 1770 (No. 214). 

Judge Moses Boone, the second child of Squire and Jane (VanCleve) 
Boone, was born "on Tuesday, about 6 o'clock in the morning" (6) in 
Rowan County, N. C, near the Forks of the Yadkin, and not far from 
Bear Creek. He was taken as a child with his family when they moved to 
Kentucky in 1775 or 1776, and was with them in their subsequent mov- 
ings about. He himself related that in making this move to Kentucky, 
once when they were going down into a stream which they had to cross, 
he fell off his horse into the water. As he remembered it, Daniel Boone's 
family and others were in the party. 

At the time of the Siege of Boonesborough he was a small lad about 
nine, but seemed to remember a great deal about it. In Draper Mss. 19 
C 1-56, which is an interview Dr. Lyman C. Draper had with him in 
1846, he gives quite a detailed account of this siege. One very amusing 
incident which he relates in this connection is given here. During the 
first alarm and scuffle, which followed the council with the Indians, a 
"Dutchman" named Matthias Prock, who probably lived with Colonel 
Callaway's family, ran and hid under the bed at Colonel Callaway's. Mrs. 
Callaway took the broom stick and punched him out, telling him to go 

140 ^fje JBoone jFamilj> 

and fight. Prock, routed out from this secure (?) hiding plaice, ran into 
Squire Boone's gun-smith shop, which adjoined, and hid under the bellows. 
From this hiding place Mrs. Callaway drove him out also. Then he ran 
out and jumped into a new well which was being dug somewhere near 
the old one, and on which he himself had probably been working. He 
kept exclaiming, "Sure, I was not made to fight, I ish a potter." 

At the time of the abandonment of Squire Boone's Station in 1781, 
Moses and his father, Squire Boone, who was still weak from severe 
wounds received in a fight with Indians, were the only men folks left to 
protect their family and Mrs. Hinton's in case of attack by Indians. 
(For a more detailed account of this abandonment of the Station, see the 
sketch of Squire Boone, brother of Daniel, No. 29.) 

When John Callaway returned from Indian captivity about 1785, 
Moses Boone accompanied him from Squire Boone's Station to Boones- 
borough, where his (Callaway's) mother lived, (c) 

In Clark's campaign of 1786, he was in a Company of lighthorse 
under Major Acquilla Whittaker. He himself gave to Dr. Draper the 
following account of the capture of Vincennes by General George Rogers 
Clark. (6) 

They crossed the river at Clarkville, getting within three miles of 
Vincennes and making camp without being discovered. From here Clark 
sent Major Daniel Sullivan, with a party of about twenty, on ahead to 
Vincennes. They went in at night and captured some dozen or fifteen 
Indians who were loitering about. The next morning when Clark ap- 
proached town all the leading French went out to meet him. The In- 
dians captured the night before were examined and dismissed, hastening 
off to give warning of Clark's coming. After this Clark crossed the Wa- 
bash River at Vincennes, and went up the river some two days march. 
Here the Lincoln men called "Loganites" revolted, and after holding a 
general council it was decided, as provisions, which were sent up by boat, 
were nearly gone, to go no further. Following this decision they did 
return home, but with no regularity. 

In the spring of 1787, a party of Indians came into the settlements 
near Whittaker's and Wells' Stations, evidently to steal horses and har- 
ness. Major Acquilla Whittaker raised a company of eight or ten men, 
Moses Boone among them, and followed. They overtook the Indians in 
a "beech bottom on the waters of Floyd's Fork," where they had stopped 
to cook. The men singled out Indians to pursue. Moses Boone was 
chasing one, who "treed" when he found he was about to be overtaken. 
Boone jumped from his horse and also "treed," both watching for a 
chance to get a shot at the other. Finally Boone saw his chance, shot 
and broke his Indian's arm, and a moment or two later Nathan Garret, 
another member of the pursuing party, succeeded in getting a shot which 
killed the Indian. 

^ixtf) (generation i4i 

In the fall of 1787, Joseph Carman, Vincent Robbins, and Aaron 
VanCleve started off to hunt buffalo. When west of Drennon's Lick 
they were attacked by Indians. Carman was captured, but Robbins and 
VanCleve escaped. As soon as they reached the settlements on Bullskin 
and Brashear Creeks, a party under the leadership of Robbins was raised, 
one of the men being Moses Boone. This party followed the Indians and 
found Carman's body ''shockingly mutilated," it being dismembered. 
They gathered it together and took it back to Wells' Station, his home, 
for burial, (c) 

On Sunday, the 23d of May, 1790, Moses Boone, John Kline, Mat- 
thew Smock, Captain James and Henry Hoagland (KHne and the Hoag- 
lands having guns), and Miss Betsy VanCleve(about 20 years old) were 
attacked as they returned from church near Boone's old Station on 
Brashear's Creek, when about one and one half miles from the meeting 
and in sight of a settlement. The attacking party consisted of six or 
seven Indians who had hidden behind logs. The Indians fired on them 
from about 30 paces distance without injuring any of the party, but the 
horses were frightened and threw Boone, Smock, and Miss VanCleve. 
The others tried to keep the Indians at bay, but were unsuccessful, and 
themselves had to retreat. All escaped with the exception of Miss Van- 
Cleve and Kline, who was shot. Smock was of heavy, clumsy build and 
a poor hand in an emergency or he might have helped Miss VanCleve 
on her horse, as he was near her, and enabled her to escape. However, 
he did nothing but get himself off safely. Miss VanCleve was captured, 
and a few minutes later another party returning from the same church 
found her body, tomahawked and scalped. Life was not extinct when 
she was found, but she died very soon after. She was a daughter of 
Ralph (or Rutliff) VanCleve, a brother of Mrs. Jane (VanCleve) Boone, 
and so was a cousin of Moses Boone. (6) 

On the 20th of December, 1786, on Brashear's Creek in Jefferson 
County, Kentucky, Moses Boone was married to his cousin, Hannah 
Boone, daughter of Samuel and Jane (Hughes) Boone. 

He went with his father to settle in Indiana about 1805. In 1808, 
he was appointed a Judge of Harrison County, Indiana Territory, by 
Governor William Henry Harrison, and re-appointed by Governor Thomas 
Posey. He was also one of the three commissioners who directed the 
building of the first State House in Indiana, which is still standing in 
Corydon, Ind. 

In 1846, he was living near Manhattan, Putnam County, Indiana, 
and it was probably here he died in 1852. 

Children : — 

+498 Sallie Boone. 
+499 Elizabeth (Betsy) Boone. 
+500 Squire Boone, b. 7 June, 1794. 
+501 Jennie Boone. 

142 ®f)e poone Jfamilp 

+502 Susan Boone. 

+503 Samuel Boone. 

+504 Emmet Boone. 

+505 Warren Boone. 

+506 Daniel Boone. 

507 Nancy Boone, m. James Torr, her eldest sister's husband, long after her 

sister's death. No children. 

508 Cassa (Cassandra) Boone, d. unm. 

References: — 

(o) "Genealogy," Vol. VII, No. 8, "Boone Family Records," WSUiam M. Clemens, 
Hackensack, N. J. 

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(c) See the "Callaway Family" Sketch. 

140. ISAIAH BOONE {Squire^- Squire'; George^), born 17 Nov., 1772 

Married (name of wife unknown). 

Isaiah Boone, third child of Squire, Jr., and Jane (VanCleve) Boone, 
was born "on Friday, about 4 o'clock in the morning," in the Forks 
of the Yadkin, not far from Salisbury, N. C. 

As a very small boy, he was taken to Kentucky, when his parents 
moved there about 1775 or '76, and was at the famous Siege of Boones- 
borough. He went with his parents in their various moves, and was 
with them when they settled Boone's Station. 

When it was decided to abandon Boone's Station in 1781, he, being 
a boy about nine years old, was put in the care of Captain Hall, as his 
father remained at the Station. 

On this first day (14th September, 1781), after leaving the fort they 
had a fight with the Indians which Judge Moses Boone, an older brother 
of Isaiah, designates as Boone's Defeat. Beginning at the "13 mile tree," 
which was eight miles from Linn's Station and about twenty-one from 
Squire Boone's, and extending to the "14 mile tree", the Indians were 
lying in wait for them. About half way between these two "trees" was 
a stream called Long Run, which will be mentioned a little later. 

When attacked the men held the Indians in check long enough to 
cut the packs from the horses, and mount the women and children so 
that they might have a better chance to escape. For a mile the packs 
were scattered along the way. 

In the beginning of the fight, Isaiah Boone who was riding one of 
the pack horses dismounted and retreated with the others, quite likely 
taking a man's part in the flight, for children in those days learned at a 
very early age to use a gun and help in defense. At the crossing of Long 
Run, Isaiah was keeping an Indian in check, although he had gotten 
his gun wet in crossing and it would not go off. A man by the name of 
George Yunt came to his aid, shooting the Indian and saying to Boone, 
"Now you dog, throw away your gun and clear yourself." Isaiah hated 

^ixtf) (feneration 143 

to lose his gun, but obediently threw it down and ran. While running 
he took off his shot pouch, which was a fine one, and was holding it in 
his teeth by a strap while he stripped off his coat. Dropping it accidentally 
he did not have time to stop to pick it up. Soon after he was put on a 
horse, and while using his three cornered hat, sent him by his brother 
Jonathan from Kaskaskia, dropped and lost that too. The loss of these 
three valued possessions was probably more serious to the boy than the 
actual danger he had been through. In this fight several were killed: 
a grown daughter of old Mr. Hansbury; Mrs. John VanCleve, a sister- 
in-law of Squire Boone's wife, with two of her small children; and two or 
three children of Mrs. Holt, a widow. Rachael VanCleve (about 18) and 
one of her little sisters, daughters of John VanCleve, were taken prisoner 
but later were rescued unharmed. The night following this fight the 
Indians camped on the east bank of Long Run. 

Floyd's Fork is about two miles from Long Run, and the battle 
which took place here on the following day (15 Sept.) is called Floyd's 
Defeat. In this fight about nine were killed. As they were trying to 
escape across this stream Isaiah was but a few feet from Captain Hall, 
who saved his life by shooting the Indian who was reaching for Isaiah. 

(For further details of these two fights see the sketch of Squire 
Boone, brother of Daniel.) 

In 1787, he started with his father to make a settlement at Chick- 
asaw Bluffs, but finding it unsafe they went on down to New Orleans 
where they took Spanish protection and set up a gun-smith shop. Here 
they remained three years, Isaiah coming home some ahead of his father, 
but how is not known, though it was probably by boat up the Mississippi. 

In 1794, he and his brother, Enoch, both went on Wayne's Campaign, 
in Bland Ballard's Company, Isaiah as a sergeant. They both took 
part in the fight, being in the left wing, but they did not get into so 
much of the battle as some of the others, only about one-third of the 
company getting to fire off their guns. 

The time of his marriage, the name of his wife, and the time and 
place of his death are all unknown. 

In the fall of 1846 he was living near Mauckport, Indiana, so he died 
subsequent to that time. 

Children: — (a) 

509 Granville Boone. 

610 Lafayette Boone, whose fuU name was Squire Heath Manley Marquis de 
Lafayette Greene Jennings Tipton Boone. 
-f-511 Minerva Boone. 

512 Milton Boone. 

513 Adaline Boone, married Perry Baldwin, and then moved to Mo., near 

Hannibal, about 1850. 

514 Emily Boone, married Marshall Samuels, and moved to Mo., near Hanni- 

bal, about 1850. 
+515 Willis Boone. 

144 Vt\)t poone Jf amilp 

References: — 

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(a) D. A. R. Magazine, May, 1917. 

141. SARAH BOONE (Squire^- Squire*; George^), born 26 Sept., 1774; 
died 1847. (a) 

Married 1 March, 1790 or '91, John Wilcox (born 6 Sept., 1766). 

Sarah Boone, fourth child and only daughter of Squire, Jr., and Jane 
(VanCleve) Boone, was born "on Monday about 4 o'clock in the morn- 
ing," (6) in the Forks of the Yadkin, N. C. As a child she moved to 
Ky. with her parents, and saw much of pioneer life. At the time of the 
Siege of Boonesborough she was only about four years old. When her 
parents moved to Louisville in 1779, she was then only about five. It 
is supposed that she went with them in all their various movings about. 
In 1790, when her father and mother went to St. Simon's, Fla., for his 
health, Sarah and her three older brothers were left behind with relatives 
or friends, Jonathan, the eldest, at this time being in Kaskaskia, Illinois. 

In 1790 or '91, when only a little over 15 or 16, she was married 
(c) in Jefferson Co., Ky., to John Wilcox, said to be a connection of the 
John Wilcox who married Daniel Boone's sister Sarah. "They settled 
upon, surveyed and improved lands, patented in the name of Sarah 
Boone by her father. Squire Boone, four miles north of Shelbyville, 
Shelby County, Ky." (d) 

John Wilcox died in Ky., after which his wife and children moved 
to Boone Co., Mo., where it is probable she died and was buried. 

Following is the known list of their children, but since we have 
no dates of their births, they are probably not given in the correct order. 

Children: — (e) 

+516 (Dr.) George T. Wilcox. 

-f-517 Edwin Wilcox. 

518 Preston Wilcox, married and lived in Kentucky. 

519 Gibson Wilcox, married and lived in Kentucky. 

520 Eliza Wilcox, married and lived in Kentucky. 
+521 Jane Wilcox. 

+522 Amelia Wilcox. 

+523 EUzabeth Wilcox, b. 22 Sept., 1810. 

References: — 

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(e) From Mr. Henry C. Tindall II, of Fayette, Mo. 

&ixtl) (generation us 

142. ENOCH MORGAN BOONE {Squire''; Squire*; George"), born 16 
Oct., 1777, died 8 Mar., 1862 (a) (or 8 Feb., 1862, according to Collins' 
History of Kentucky). 

Married, 8 Feb., 1797, Eliza (Lucy?) Goldman (b. 1775; d. 1855). (a) 

Enoch Morgan Boone, (6) the fifth and youngest child of Squire and 
Jane (VanCleve) Boone, was born "on Tuesday, about ten o'clock in the 
afternoon (?)," "in a canebrake" (c) at Fort Boonesborough, Ky. His 
parents, and especially his mother, claimed that he was the first white 
male child born in Boonesborough. At least two white female children 
were born there before he was, — Elizabeth Hays, and a Miss Finley, who 
was living at Crab Orchard in 1795. (6) 

He was brought up to know no other life than the dangerous and 
hard one of the frontiersman, moving about with his parents from place 
to place, and being present at many Indian fights and sieges. 

When his father and mother went to Florida in May, 1790, for Squire's 
health, Enoch was the only one of the five children taken along. He 
was then a lad of only 13. They started out in a wagon, with three horses 
and $200.00, travelled down through Crab Orchard and Cumberland Gap 
to the Yadkin (S. C), where they stopped for a while with the Bryan, 
Wilcox, David and George Webb families, all relatives. Here they laid 
in a year's supply of provisions before proceeding on their way, which 
led them down through South Carolina, Georgia, and on to the mouth 
of the Altamaha. From here they went to St. Simon's Island, where 
they bought a lot in a little village called Frederika, and stayed about 
six months. Then they went higher up on the island where they bought 
four acres of land, on which was a small shanty. They built a new house, 
and made fine wages teaming and hauHng rice and cotton for their neigh- 
bors. Here they lived for two years very comfortably — having plenty of 
sea fish, oysters, oranges and other foods. 

At the end of two years, or in the summer of 1792, Squire Boone's 
wounds began to trouble him again, so they sold off all their holdings, — 
"property, team, cow, goats and other stock," (6) and sailed for Philadel- 
phia. From there they went out into Berks County to visit friends and 

That fall (1792) Enoch started back to Kentucky alone. At Reading 
he met Ben Applegate and his family, who had a team and were also 
starting to Kentucky. Enoch joined them and helped Applegate drive 
the team to Pittsburgh. From there they went on a boat down the 
Ohio River to Limestone (Maysville), and Boone proved to be a better 
boatman than Applegate. They made this trip in about six days without 
seeing any Indians. Enoch stopped for a while at Point Pleasant with 
his uncle, Daniel Boone, from whom he obtained some bear meat. From 
there he went for a while to Jacob Boone's, at Limestone, where he was 
treated very kindly, and then on to Cincinnati. From Cincinnati he went 
down to the mouth of the Kentucky River, and then across the country 

146 ^Tfje poone Jfamilp 

to Shelby County, Remember, at this time he was only between fifteen 
and sixteen years old. 

He became a soldier before he was seventeen, and in 1794 was on Wayne's 
campaign under Bland Ballard, who, when Boone offered to go with him, 
agreed to take care of him, and did so as carefully as if he were Enoch's 
father. From this time on Enoch took part in many Indian fights. 

In 1797, in Shelby County, Ky., he was married to Eliza Goldman, 
who may have borne the name Lucy also. Her descendants call her 
Eliza, while historians call her Lucy. Collins' "History of Kentucky," 
page 600, says, "He was married in Shelby County, Ky., 8 Feb., 1798 
to Lucy Galman." 

In 1798 he rented Wells' Station, of which he had gotten possession 
probably about the time of his marriage, to Joseph Bryan, the father-in- 
law of Daniel Boone, his uncle. 

He moved to Indiana at the same time his father did (1804-'05), 
and we find that from 1808-1816 he Hved in Grassy Valley, Harrison 
County, Indiana (then Indiana Territory), and held a Captain's com- 
mission from General WiUiam Henry Harrison, who was then Governor 
(c), which commission he received in 1805. (6) 

From 1810-1827 he engaged largely in boating down the Ohio and 
Mississippi Rivers. 

At some subsequent date he moved back to Kentucky, to Meade 
County, for on Mar. 10, 1829, his mother died at his home "at the mouth 
of Otter Creek, Kentucky." (6) 

"On his wedding anniversary, 8 Feb., 1862" (c) he died aged 84, at 
the home of his son-in-law. Judge Collins Fitch, on the Ohio River, near 
Garnettsville, Meade County, Ky. 

He was a tall, spare man, nearly six feet in height; and a Baptist. 
All of his children with the exception of Jane Boone Fitch died prior to 
Aug. 1858. 

Chilrren: — 

+524 Eliza Boone, b. 1799. 

525 Amanda Boone, m. — Hall. 

526 Jane Boone, m. Judge Collins Fitch, and lived near Garnettsville, Ky. 

It was there her father died. 

527 Nelson Boone. 

528 Minerva Boone, m. — Gill. 

529 Whitfield Boone. 

530 Cornelius Boone. 

531 Clayton Boone. 

References: — 

(a) In these foregoing dates, the years of births, deaths, and marriage of Enoch Mor- 

gan Boone and Eliza Goldman were furnished by one of their descendants, 
who said they were copied from their gravestones. The days of the months and 
the months are taken from Draper Mss. 19 C 120-154 unless otherwise stated. 

(b) Draper Mss. 19 C 120-154. 

(c) "History of Kentucky," Collins, page 600. 

Sixtf) (feneration 147 

157. SAMUEL BOONE {Benjamin^- Benjamin^- George^), born 1773; 
died 13 Oct., 1823, aged 50 years, near Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Married Mary Webb (d. 1823 near Bloomsburg, Pa.). 

In the administration of his estate, proceedings for partition were 
instituted, and 140 of the 295 acres were set off for his heirs; his wife 
having died earHer. On 4 Aug., 1830, the Hving one of his heirs asked 
for power to sell real estate to pay debts, which was granted; a deed 
was made 1 April, 1831. Heirs mentioned in this connection are the 
children named below. The four last were minors, seemingly, at date 
of their father's death in 1823. 

Children: — 

532 Benjamin Boone, m. Julia Siegfritz; lived near Orangeville, Columbia 
Co., Pa., and had six children. 
+533 John Boone. 
+534 Daniel Boone. 

535 Abigail (Abbie) Boone, m. David Thomas, and lived near Almedia, Pa. 

536 Catherine Boone, m. George Abbott, and hved at Espey, Columbia Co., 

Pa. They had several children. Charles Abbott of Espey is a 

537 Eve Boone, m. Joseph Zimmerman; lived at Shickshinney, Pa., and had 

eight children. 

538 Isaac Boone, m. Hannah Hall; lived near Orangeville, Columbia Co., Pa., 

and had one son and two daughters. 

539 Hezekiah Boone, m. and lived in Columbia Co.; had several children. 
+540 Samuel Boone. 

541 Elizabeth Boone, m. William Engler; lived in Iowa; had several children. 

159. BENJAMIN BOONE (Benjamin^; Benjamin^- George^), born 26 
Feb., 1789; died 20 Sept., 1852, aged 63 years, 6 mo., 24 da. 

Married 1st, Mary — (d. 7 Nov., 1826, aged 37); married possibly 
2nd, Margaret CreveHng. 

He was known as "Uncle Ben" and seems to be remembered as one 
of nature's noblemen. Letters of administration were issued to his only 
son, Aaron Boone, who married Mary, daughter of Samuel Webb. 

Benjamin Boone lived in a log house, now weatherboarded, which 
stands beyond Espey, enroute to Berwick, Pa. 

(The following copy of the family record of this Benjamin Boone 
is from some loose leaves found in Bible owned by one of his grand- 
daughters; presumed to be rehable.) 

Children: — 

542 Josiah Boone, b 1811; d. 2 Oct , 1823, aged 12 yrs 9 mo. 

543 Delilah Boono, b. 3 Dec, 1813; d. 1 Oct., 1882, aged 68 yrs. 8 mo., 27 d. 
+544 Aaron Boone, b. 23 July, 1815; d. 7 Aug., 1896. 

545 Mary Boone, b. 23 July, 1817; d. 23 Feb., 1889, aged 69 yrs. 7 mo. M. 
Abraham Snyder. No issue. 
+546 Sehnda Boone, b. 28 Feb., 1820; d. 8 Apr. — 

148 ®f)e Poone jFamilp 

547 Rachel Boone, b. 1 May, 1822; d. 10 Aug., 1824. 

548 Margaret Boone, b. 7 Sept., 1824; d. 21 Nov., 1826. 
+549 Hannah Boone, b. 7 Sept., 1826; d. 6 Apr., 1883. 

Reference: — 

Battles' "History of Columbia and Montour Counties" (Pennsylvania). 

162. JAMES BOONE {Samuel^; Benjamin*; George^), born 26 May, 
1776; died 1842 in Viola, Illinois, (a) 

Married Jan., 1801, Hannah Barton (b. 25 May, 1783; d. 6 July, 
1859, in Geneseo, 111.), daughter of EHsha Barton. 

James adhered to the Episcopal Church, but was not a member. 
On 18 July, 1833, he sold to Joshua House the farm of 115 acres be- 
queathed him by his father's will, 1811. In 1835, he removed to Illi- 
nois and lived in vicinity of Peoria, for a time; the next year permanently 
located in Mercer County at Farlow's Grove. After his death, his widow 
and two unmarried daughters lived several years at Rock Island, 111., 
and later Geneseo, 111., where she died. 

Children: — 

+550 Elisha Boone, b. 1802. 

+551 Hopkins Boone. 

552 Amanda Boone, d. abt 1840 or '42. M. Jacob Rittenbender. No children. 

' 553 EllenBoone,d.2Apr., 1888, aged80yrs. 2mo. Unm. 

554 Amelia Boone, d. 19 Nov., 1879. Unm. 

555 Susan Boone, d. abt. 1880; m. Dr. Joseph Mousor Mans. 
+556 Mary Boone, b. 8 Apr., 1822. 

557 Hannah Frances Boone, b. abt. 1824; d. when less than 20. 

164. SUSANNAH BOONE {Samuel^; Benjamin'^; George^), born 15 
Jan., 1780; died 7 Dec, 1848, aged 64 years. 

Married about 1796 or 1797, James McClure (b. 1774; d. 4 Oct., 
1850, aged 76), son of James McClure. (See sketch of McClure Family.) 

She was buried in Rosemont Cemetery, Bloomsburg, Pa. 

The will of James McClure was signed in 1848. 

Children: — 

+558 Martha McClure, b. 1798. 

559 James McClure, d. in Wayne Co., Ohio, 27 Sept., 1869, aged 70 years. 

560 Mary McClure, d. 8 Sept., 1881, aged 80, at the home of her niece, Mrs. 

+561 Samuel Boone McClure. 

562 Eleanor McClure, d. 7 Dec, 1864, aged 58 years, buried in Rosemont 

Cemetery, Bloomsburg, Pa. 

563 Josias McClure, d. G Ay)r., 1836, aged 28; buried in Rosemont Cemetery. 

564 Charles McClure, d. 31 Mar., 1839, aged 29 years, buried in Rosemont 


^ixtl) (feneration 149 

565 Priscilla McClure, d. 30 Aug., 1836, aged 22 years; m. Cathcart. 

566 Benjamin McClure, d. 24 Nov., 1845, a^ed 29 years. 
+567 Alfred McClure. 

(The name William McClure, b. 1816; d. 1823, is also found among 
the cemetery inscriptions of this family.) 

165. SARAH BOONE (Samuel^- Benjamin*; George^), born 5 July, 1782; 
died 20 Apr., 1805. 

Married Josiah McClure (who married a second time Mary Clark). 

The will of Josiah McClure administered 1842. (See Sketch of Mc- 
Clure Family.) 

Children: — 

568 Margaret McClure (Peggy), born 17 June, 1804; d. 15 Jan., 1890; m. 

late in life to Daniel Melick (his 2nd wife). No children. Margaret 
was remembered in her grandfather's will with a legacy of 50 pounds. 

569 Martha McClure, m. Henry Hartman of Bloomsburg, Pa. 

166. SAMUEL BOONE (Samuel^; Benjamin*; George^), born 3 Sept., 
1786, in Bloomsburg Twp., Columbia Co., Pa.; died 9 Oct., 1863. 

Married 18 Aug., 1813, Mary Vastine (d. 1835) a native of Rush 
Twp., Northumberland Co., and daughter of Benjamin Vastine. He 
married 2nd, Mrs. Schrock. (a) 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

570 Elizabeth Boone, b. 3 July, 1815; m. David Clark. 

571 Anna Boone, b. Dec, 1818; m. Andrew Clark. 

572 Benton Boone, b. 31 Dec, 1816; d. aged 23. 

573 James Boone, b. 3 Mar., 1821; d. aged 49. M. Anna Ohman. 
+574 Samuel Vastine Boone, b. 5 Nov., 1828. 

Reference: — 

(a) From a sketch of Samuel Boone the son, published in Battles' "History of Colum- 
bia and Montour Counties." 

168. BENJAMIN BOONE {Samuel^- Benjamin*; George^), born 3 July, 
1791; died 5 Oct., 1841, aged 50 yrs., 3 mo., 2 da. 

Married 27 Nov., 1817, Hannah Boyer (d. 27 Dec, 1866, aged 72 
yrs., 10 mo., 28 da.), (a) 

On 30 April, 1825, Samuel Boone (brother of Benjamin) and his wife, 
deeded to Benjamin a water right "conveying as much water out of 
Fishing Creek as Benjamin Boone his heirs and assigns may think proper 
to make use of; also the privilege of building a dam across said creek 
near the house of said Samuel Boone not exceeding four feet in height, 

150 ^Ije Poone Jf amilp 

and digging a race from said dam through his land where the old race 
formerly began," etc. (6) Benjamin built and ran a gristmill which was 
later sold by his Administrator. This mill was still running in 1918, and 
the masonry under it was as fresh and strong as if recently built. A stone 
structure across the mouth of Fishing Creek, built by Benjamin Boone 
for mill purposes, is now utihzed as a trolley bridge. 

Letters of administration on the estate of Hannah Boone were issued 
to C. D. Boyer, 3 Jan., 1867. 

Children: — 

575 Eleanor Boone, b. 11 Oct., 1818; m. John K. Girton. 

576 John Boone, b. 11 Dec, 1820; d. 18 Nov., 1837. 
+577 Rachel Boone, b. 25 Aug., 1823. 

578 Martha Boone, b 13 Feb., 1828; d. 21 Dec , 1853 

579 Harriet Boone, b. 8 Nov., 1832; d. 21 Dec, 1854. 

580 Susan Boone, b. 6 Oct., 1834; d. 14 Sept., 1854. 
+581 Mary Elizabeth Boone, b. 15 Sept., 1837. 

582 Benjamin F. Boone, b. 22 Feb., 1841; d. 26 Jan., 1846. 

References: — 

(a) Dates of death of Benjamin and wife Hannah, and dates of birth of their children 

taken from Benjamin's own Bible which is now in the possession of Thos. 
B. Hartman, Bloomsburg, Pa. 

(b) "(Deed) Book P," Columbia Co., p. 166. 

169. WILLIAM TALLMAN (Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^- George^), born 
27 Jan., 1766, in Berks Co., Pa.; died Apr., 1850, in Royalton, Fairfield 
Co., O. 

Married 1st, 3 June, 1786, in Rockingham Co., Va., Phebe Henton, 
(b. 15 June, 1765, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 17 July, 1833, in Pickaway Co., 
O.), daughter of George and Ehzabeth Henton. He married 2nd, Rachel 
Rush, by whom he had no children. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

583 Infant, b. 15 March, 1787; d. same day. 

584 James Tallman, b. 24 Feb., 1788; m. Mary Bell. 
+ 585 Nancy Tallman, b. 9 Jan.. 1790. 

586 George Tallman, b. 30 Nov , 1791; m. Jane Douglas. 

587 Dinah TaUman, b. 1 Oc^., 1793; d. 10 Sept., 1824. 

588 Thomas Tallman, b. 24 Oct , 1795; m. Eleanor Cole. 

589 Eli2;ftbeth Tallman, b. 19 Feb., 1798; d. 22 Sept , 1822. 

590 Benjamin Tallman, b. 15 June, 1800; d. 7 Nov., 1800. 

591 Benjamin Tallman, b. 18 Nov., 1801; d. 15 Feb., 1832; m. Rebecca 


592 Phoebe Tallman, b. 4 Aug., 1805; m. Richard Hooker, a cousin of her 

sister Na,ncy's husband. 

593 WiUiam Tallman, b 18 Oct., 1807; d. 26 Apr., 1811. 

594 Henton Tallman, b. 30 June 1810; m. Amanda Thompson. 

^ixtl) feneration i5i 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, R. I." by Wm. F. Reed, Vol. II. 
Above data, and later descendants of William Tallman furnished to Mr. Reed 
by Mrs. J. H. Ely, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

170. PATIENCE TALLMAN {Dinah'' Boone; Benjamin*; George^), 
born 2 Oct., 1767, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 21 July, 1816, in Rockingham 
Co., Va. 

Married 13 Apr., 1786, in Va., David Brumfield, of Berks Co., Pa. 
(b. 4 Nov., 1761, in Pa.). They removed to Ohio in 1820. All trace of 
descendants leaves impression that family is extinct. 

Children: — 

(Probably all born in Va.) 

595 Sarah Brumfield, b. 27 Feb., 1787; d. 17 Mar., 1787. 

596 Solomon Brumfield, b. 8 Mar , 1788. 

597 Benjamin Brumfield, b. 11 Apr., 1789; d. 11 Sept., 1789. 

598 Ann Brumfield, b. 1 Oct., 1790. 

599 William Brumfield, b. 24 Mar., 1792; d. at about 81 years. 

600 Mary Brumfield, b. 24 June, 1793. 

601 Thomas Brumfield, b. 26 Jan., 1795. 

602 Sarah Brumfield, b. 22 Oct., 1796; d. 3 Apr., 1797. 

603 Jesse Brumfield, b. 30 Mar., 1798. 

604 Dianah Brumfield, b. 30 July, 1799. 

605 Benjamin Brumfield, b. 1 July, 1801. 

606 Samuel Brumfield, b. 23 Mar., 1803. 

607 Abigail Brumfield, b. 1 Oct., 1804. 

608 David Brumfield, b. 29 Dec, 1805; d. 6 Jan., 1806. 

609 David Brumfield, b. 17 June, 1807. 

610 John Brumfield, b. 25 Sept., 1808; d. 16 Dec, 1885. 

611 Hannah Brumfield, b. 11 Aug., 1810. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," Vol. II, by 
WiUiam F. Reed. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Joseph- 
ine Roe of Gilbert, Ohio. 

171. SARAH TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^- George^), born 
12 Apr., 1769, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 3 June, 1844, in Peru, Indiana. 
Married in Rockingham Co., Va., 1784-85, Thomas Henton of Rock- 
ingham Co. (b. 17 Aug., 1764, in — probably — Berks Co., Pa., died 1 July, 
1829, at his home near Hillsboro, Ohio), son of William Henton. 

(William Henton [or Hinton, as the name is sometimes spelled], father 
of Thomas who married Sarah Tallman, came of English ancestors who 
settled in Berks Co., Pa. Before the Revolution, Wilham Henton went from 
Berks Co., Pa., to what is now Rockingham Co., Va., where he died about 
1786. He had sons Wilham, Evan, Joseph, Peter and Thomas, and three 
daughters, one of whom was named Rebecca. The son Peter had a daugh- 
ter Phoebe, thought to have been the one who married William Tallman, 

152 Clje poone Jfamilp 

brother of Sarah. With the exception of Thomas, the children of William 
Henton, so far as known, remained in Virginia, where many of their des- 
cendants still live.) 

Thomas and Sarah Henton moved from Rockingham Co., in 1803, 
to the west fork of Brush Creek in Va., and the next year (1804) went to 
Ohio, and settled on a farm near Hillsboro, Ohio., where he died. 

In about 1842 his widow, Mrs. Sarah (Tallman) Henton, removed to 
Peru, Ind., after the arrival there of her sons Benjamin, Sylvester, Thomas 
and Elam. 

Children: — 

(1st seven in Rockingham, Co., Va., last four in Ohio) 
+612 WiUiam Henton, b. 6 Dec, 1786. 
+613 Nancy Henton, b. 8 Sept., 1788. 
+614 Evan Henton, b. 27 Feb., 1791. 
+615 Benjamin Henton, b. 9 June, 1793. 
+616 Thomas Henton, b. 29 Mar., 1796. 
617 Samuel Henton, b. 25 Oct., 1799; d. 1835 in Batesville, Ark.; married a 
Mrs. Ramsey and had one child who died young. 
+618 Peter Henton, b. 13 Sept., 1801. 
+619 James Henton, b. 14 or 16 Apr., 1804. 
+620 Sylvester Henton, b. 1 Sept., 1807. 
+621 Elam Henton, b. 1 Jan., 1809. 
+622 Sarah Henton, b. 18 Feb., 1811. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, R. I.," Vol. II, by William F. 
Reed. Above data and the later descendants of Sarah (Tallman) Henton, 
furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Harriet Henton of Peru, Ind. 

172. JAMES TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 8 
April, 1771, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 1846 in Lewis Co., Va. 

Married 1st, in Va., Nancy Crawford (b. 14 Feb., 1770, in Va.; d. 
3 Jan., 1807), daughter of Wilham Crawford; and 2nd, in 1809, Jemima 

Chilbren : — 
(First Marriage) 

623 Benjamin TaUman, b. 8 Nov., 1791. 

624 WiUiam Talhnan, b. 25 Oct., 1793; d. aged 23. 

625 Rachel TaUman, b. 13 July, 1796. 

626 Rebecca Ann TaUman, b. 8 June, 1799. 

627 BooBe TaUman, b. 3 Jan., 1802. 

628 James Crawford TaUman, b. 2 Jan., 1804; d. 7 Feb., 1809. 
(Second Marriage) 

629 Jane GiUespie TaUman, b. 1 Dec, 1810. 

630 Nancy M. TaUman, b. 22 June, 1813. 

631 Margaret TaUman, b 29 Sept., 1816. 

632 Sarah Talhnaa, b. 29 Nov., 1818. 

633 Samuel M. TaUman, b. 26 Dec, 1820. 

634 James W. TaUman, b. 10 Dec, 1823. 

S>ixtl) feneration 153 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William 
F. Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe of Gilbert, Ohio. 

173. SAMUEL TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 
18 Oct., 1772, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 7 Aug., 1823, in Fairfield Co., Ohio. 

Married 28 Mar., 1801 at Wellsburg, Va. (now West Va.) Sarah 
Wells (b. 4 Apr., 1784, in Somerset Co., Pa.; died 13 Nov., 1837, in Fair- 
field Co., Ohio), daughter of General James and Rachel (Brown) Wells. 

At the time of her marriage Sarah Wells was a pupil in the Dodd- 
ridge Academy of Wellsburg. (Her maternal ancestors were of English 
descent and came from Maryland, and were prominent in civil and 
military affairs of pioneer life in Western Pa., and Pan Handle, W. Va.; 
her grandfathers, Richard Wells and Col. Richard Brown, served in the 
Revolutionary Army; and her father, also, served in the Revolution, the 
Indian Wars, and the War of 1812.) 

In 1804 Samuel Tallman and his young wife removed to Ohio and 
settled in Fairfield Co. On the site of their farm was later located 
Hooker Station of the C. H. V. and T. R. R. Samuel Tallman was an 
expert carpenter and cabinet-maker, which special talent has been in- 
herited by one or more in each family of his descendants. It is said 
that their children "were singers of no mean ability, considering the 
opportunities of their generation." Samuel Tallman and his wife are both 
buried in the Wells family burying ground on her parents' homestead farm 
adjoining their own. 

Children : — 

(1st two bom in Wellsburg, Va.; last ten in Fairfield Co., O.) 

+635 James Wells Tallman, b. 28 June, 1802. 

+636 Benjamin Franklin Tallman, b. 15 Jan., 1804. 

+637 Mary Talhnan, b. 28 Dec, 1805. 

+638 Richard Brown Talhnan, b. 18 Sept., 1807. 
639 Rachel Wells Tallman, b. 11 Aug., 1809; d. in Kirkersville, O., 5 June, 
1832, and was buried beside her parents in the Wells family burying- 
ground. She m. in 1828 J. B. Dorsey, a millwright, who was highly 
esteemed by the Tallman s. 

+640 Nancy Talhnan, b. 30 Sept., 1811. 

+641 Cynthia Ann TaUman, b. 12 Aug., 1813. 

+642 Honor Dinah TaUman, b. 25 Aug., 1815. 

643 Samuel WeJls TaUman, b. 4 Aug., 1817; d 17 Sept., 1902, at ShelbyviUe, 

lU., unmarried. He went to Cal., during the gold excitement, making 
the journey on horseback; became a pioneer settler of Oregon; served 
as U. S. Surveyor for many years, returning East at the close of his life. 

644 Dianah TaUman, b Mar., 1819; d. 4 Feb., 1826. 

645 Sarah TaUman, b. 28 Mar., 1820; d. 8 Nov., 1828; and was buried beside 

her sister Dianah in the WeUs burying ground. 
+646 Margaret Elizabeth Tallman, b. 27 Mar., 1824. 

154 ®l)e S^oone jFamilp 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data and all later descendants of Samuel Tallman 
furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine Roe of Gilbert, Ohio; also 
one branch of later descendants by Mrs. J. A. Tavenner of Lincoln, Va. 

177. ANNAH TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 
15 Dec, 1778, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 7 Oct., 1866 (?), in Pickaway Co., 

Married 1st, in Virginia — Piercy or Percy; 2nd, in Rockingham 
Co., Va., Lewis Scothorn; and 3rd, in Ohio, William Turner. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

647 James Percy, b. 14 May, 1796. 

648 Delilah Percy, b. 14 May, 1798. 
(Second Marriage, probably all born in Ohio) 

649 Samuel Scothorn, b. 25 Oct., 1801. 

650 Sarah Scothorn, b. 17 Oct., 1803. 

651 Benjamin Scothorn, b. 12 Oct., 1805. 

652 WiUiam Scothorn, b. 14 Dec, 1807. 

653 Eliza Scothorn, b. 10 Nov., 1809. 

654 Lewis Scothorn, b. 31 Jan., 1812. 

655 George Scothoin, b 28 Sept., 1813. 

656 John Scothorn, b. 4 Nov., 1815. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe of Gilbert, Ohio. 

178. ANN (NANCY) TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^- George^), 
born 20 May, 1781, near Harrisonburg, Va.; died 9 Apr., 1826, in Fair- 
field Co., Ohio. 

Married 1st, 28 Nov., 1797, in Rockingham Co., Va., John Harrison, 
who was a soldier, and was killed at Fort Meigs, Woods Co., Ohio, in 
1812. She married 2nd, in Ohio, in 1818, George Tong (d. 25 Oct., 1825), 
son of George H. Tong. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

657 Hannah Harrison, b. 28 Oct., 1798. 

658 Abigail Harrison, b. 12 Aug., 1800. 

659 Tallman Harrison, b. 6 Jan., 1803. 

660 Richard Hairison, b. 12 Aug , 1805. 

661 Milton Harrison, b. 9 Oct., 1807. 

662 John William Harrison, b. 2 Mar., 1810. 

663 Phebe Harrison, b. 22 Apr., 1812. 

^ixtf) (feneration i55 

(Second Marriage, born Fairfield Co., Ohio) 

664 George Douglass Tong, b. 12 Aug., 1819; d. 1898. 

665 Margaret Tong, b. 17 Sept., 1821; d. 1873. 

666 Nancy Tong, b. 30 Aug., 1823; d. 30 Sept., 1823. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe, of Gilbert, Ohio. 

179. SUSANNAH TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), 
born 6 Feb., 1783, near Harrisonburg, Va.; died 8 Dec, 1825, in Pick- 
away Co., Ohio. 

Married Henry Harrison (d. 15 Nov., 1825, in Pickaway Co.). 

Children: — 

(Nearly all died in infancy; those who survived were left orphans and scattered 
beyond tracing.) 

667 William Harrison. 

668 John Harrison. 

669 Isaac Harrison. 

670 Phebe Harrison. 

671 Termitta Harrison. 

672 Benjamin Harrison. 

673 Mary Harrison. 

674 Benjamin Harrison. 

675 Termitta J. Harrison. 

676 Nancy Harrison. 

677 Susannah Harrison, b. 7 Nov., 1825; d. 16 Jan., 1895. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe of Gilbert, Ohio. 

180. MARY TALLMAN (Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin'^; George^), born 
2 Dec, 1784, near Harrisonburg, Va.; died 20 May, 1849, in Rocking- 
ham Co., Va. 

Married Zebulon Harrison (brother of John and Henry). 

Children: — 

678 Martha (Patty) Harrison, b. Apr., 1807. 

679 Lydia Harrison, b. 1810; d. 1839. 

680 Susannah Harrison, b. 11 Feb., 1812. 

681 Abram Harrison, b. 1 Mar.^ 1814. 

682 Abner Harrison, b. 27 July, 1816. 

683 Nancy Harrison, b. 4 March, 1823. 

156 ®l)e JBoone Jfamilp 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe of Gilbert, Ohio, 

181. BENJAMIN TALLMAN {Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), 
born 19 Nov., 1786 (?), near Harrisonburg, Va.; died about 1833 at 
Benton, Scott Co., Mo. 

Married 1805, in Rockingham Co., Va., Lydia Harrison. 

Children: — 

684 Phebe Tallman, b. 19 Nov., 1806. 

685 Anna Tallman, b. 24 Sept., 1808. 

686 Mary Tallman, b. 6 Oct., 1810. 

687 Joseph Tallman. 

688 George Talhnan. 

689 Jefferson Tallman. 

690 John Harrison Tallman. 

691 William Talhnan. 

692 James Miller Talhnan. 

693 Margaret Tallman. 

694 Lydia V. Tallman, b. 3 May, 1825. 

Three others died in infancy. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth.- Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe, of Gilbert, Ohio. 

182. JOHN TALLMAN (Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 1788 
in Harrisonburg, Va.; died 7 Oct., 1857, in Canal Winchester, Ohio. 

Married 23 Sept., 1809 (?), in Virginia, Elizabeth Harrison (b. 20 
Jan., 1792), daughter of Nathaniel Harrison. 

John inherited his father's property (the home farm in Harrisonburg), 
but removed to Ohio, about 1810, and settled at Canal Winchester. 

Children: — 

(Ist born in Va., the others at Canal Winchester, O.) 

695 Nathaniel Talhnan, b. 11 Dec, 1809. 

696 Benjamin Talhnan, b. 25 May, 1811. 

697 Mary Tallman, b. 11 Jan., 1813. 

698 Dianah Talhnan, b. 1 June, 1814. 

699 Ann (Nancy) Tallman, b. 13 Jan., 1816. 

700 David Tallman, b. 17 Nov., 1817. 

701 Phebe Talhnan, 14 Nov., 1819. 

702 John Talhnan, b. 3 Apr., 1821. 

703 Samuel Talhnan, b. 3 Apr., 1823. 

704 Grace Talhnan, b. 11 June, 1825. 

^ixtf) feneration 157 

705 Elizabeth Tallman, b. 11 June, 1827. 

706 Eliza Annah Tallman, b. 8 Oct., 1829. 

707 Ellen Tallman, b. 28 Aug., 1832; d. aged four. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, Rhode Island," by William F. 
Reed, Vol. II. Above data furnished to Mr. Reed by Miss Mary Josephine 
Roe, of Gilbert, Ohio. 

185. MORDECAI LINCOLN (Anne' Boone; James*; George^), born 
14 Jan., 1765; died 12 Sept., 1822. 

Married 5 May, 1812, Julian Mayberry (b. 5 Feb., 1780; d. 6 Mar., 
1858, at Allentown), sister f?) of Margaret Mayberry who married George 
Boone, son of William and Sarah (Lincoln) Boone. 

Children: — 

708 Rachel Lincobi, b. 6 May, 1813. 

709 Anne Lincoln, b. 1 Aug., 1814; d. 4 Aug.. 1814. 

710 Abraham Lincoln, b. 1 Aug., 1814; d. 8 Aug., 1815. 

711 Margaret Lincoln, b. 21 July, 1817; d. 13 Aug., 1817. 

712 Mary Margaret Lincoln, b. 12 May, 1820; m. 7 Dec, 1841, Bartholomew 


186. JAMES LINCOLN (Anne' Boone; James*; George^), born 5 May, 
1767; died 1861. 
Married . 

Child : — 

713 David J. Lincoln, d. 10 Apr., 1886, aged 70. Res. Birdsboro, Pa. 

189. PHOEBE LINCOLN {Anne' Boone; James*; George^), born 22 
Jan., 1773; died 12 June, 1852. 

Married 1st, 1792, David Jones (b. 26 May, 1766; d. — ), and 2nd, 
Hugh Service. 

David Jones was a son of Caleb Jones (b. 1744; d. 6 Dec, 1809; 
m. 1 Jan., 1763) and his wife Hannah (Samuels) Jones (b. 1735; d. 6 
July, 1809). Caleb Jones was a son of David Jones (b. Aug., 1709; d. 
Sept., 1784; m. 10 May, 1735) and his wife, Ehzabeth Davies (b. Aug., 
1714; d. 21 Oct., 1782). 

Children: — 

+714 Thomas Lincoln Jones, b. Jan., 1793. 
+715 Hannah Jones, b. 8 June, 1794. 

716 Anna (Nancy) Jones, b. 27 Feb., 1796; d. 30 June, 1876; m, 26 Jan., 

1817, Thomas Gabriel, and had 14 children 

717 Martha Jones, b. 27 Apr., 1798; d. 12 Oct., 1843; m. 25 May, 1816, 

Archibald Piersol, and had 10 children. 

158 ®f)e JBoone Jfamilj) 

718 Samuel Jones, b. 18 July, 1800; d. 1 Nov., 1859. Unm. 

719 Elizabeth Jones, b. 10 Jan., 1803; d. 2 Feb., 1889; m. 1 June, 1825, John 

Kimber, and had 5 children. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of David Jones," compiled by Mrs. Ellen M. Beale. 

191. THOMAS LINCOLN {Anne^ Boone; James*; George^), born 1777; 
d. 1864. 

Married Alice DeHaven (b. 25 Jan., 1770; d. 29 Dec, 1836), daughter 
of Abraham DeHaven of Lancaster County, Pa. 

Children : — 

720 Martha Lincoln, d. Oct., 12, 1858, aged 46 yrs., 10 mo., 20 da.; m. Joseph 


721 John D. Lincoln, b. 1 Jan., 1815. 

201. JAMES BOONE {Joshua^; James*; George^), born 29 Jan., 1786, at 
Maxatawny; died 30 Sept., 1823. 

Married 6 Jan., 1814, Rebecca Thomas (b. 1784; d. 15 Sept., 1825), 
daughter of Jacob and Mary Thomas of Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

Children: — 

722 Thomas Boone, b. 31 Oct., 1815; m. Maria Thomas. 
+723 Joshua James Boone, b. 10 Feb., 1820. 

724 Hannah Boone, b. 20 Mar., 1818; d. 15 Sept., 1825. 

725 Jesse Boone, M. D., b. 28 June, 1822; d. 1891. Unm. Went to Cali- 

fornia in '49. 

205. SAMUEL BOONE {Joshua^; James*; George^), born 22 Aug., 

Married Sarah Snyder. 

Child : — 

+726 Amos Snyder Boone. 

207. HANNAH BOONE (Joshua^; James*; George^), born 24 Mar., 1798, 
at Oley, Berks Co., Pa. 

Married 3 Sept., 1818, Josiah Lee, son of Ellis and Rebecca Lee. 

Children: — 

727 Angeline Lee, b. 7 Aug., 1819. 

728 Joshua Boone Lee, b. 10 Nov., 1820. 

729 Elmira Jane Lee, b. 14 May, 1822. 

^ixt!) (generation 159 

730 Rebecca J. Lee, b. 10 Sept., 1823. 

731 John Preston Lee. 

732 Mary Elizabeth Lee. 

733 Hannah Boone Lee. 

734 Anna Lee. 

735 Lydia Lee. 

736 Emma Lee. 

737 Sarah Ellin Lee. 

210. JUDAH BOONE (Moses^- James*; George^), born 16 Jan., 1788, 
in Exeter Twp., Berks County, Pa. 

Married Susanna Questro (b. 19 Aug., 1804; d. 11 July, 1879), 
daughter of Arie Questro (b. 29 Mar., 1755; d. 30 Apr., 1826) and his 
wife Helena Questro (b. 13 Aug., 1767; d. 14 Apr., 1856). 

(Arie and Helena Questro are buried in the graveyard of the Swartz- 
wald Church, near Reading, Pa.) 

It is known that about 1860 Susanna or Susan Boone occupied the 
old Boone homestead built by George Boone III. An article by Dr. P. 
G. Bertolett, 25 May, 1860, refers to a visit to the old Boone home: — 

"It is to be regretted that we shall not now find our venerable friend 
John Boone (son of Moses) in his accustomed place * * * But we find in 
his stead his estimable sister-in-law Mrs. Susan Boone, who does the honors 
of th^ place in a most cordial and courteous way. We are soon cognizant 
that we are welcome, and much of what is here collected has been furnished 
by this intelligent lady in the shape of original documents and papers for 
our inspection." 

The article, which is entitled "The Boone Family," deals principally 
with the earlier generation. 

Children: — 

4-738 Sarah Boone, b. 19 May, 1828. 

739 Moses Boone, b. 22 May, 1829, in Exeter Twp.; d. 22 Nov., 1915, in 
Exeter Twp. Never m. 
-1-740 Mary Boone, b. about 1830. 
4-741 Lurissa Boone, b. 21 Jan., 1831. 
4-742 Aaron Boone, b. 23 Nov., 1833. 
4-743 Amos Boone, b. 20 Aug., 1835. 
4-744 John Boone, b. 8 Feb., 1837. 

745 Hannah Boone, b. 9 May, 1839, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; d. 22 
Mar., 1863, in Exeter Twp. 
4-746 James Boone, b. 21 Jan., 1841. 

747 Elizabeth Boone, b. 17 June, 1842, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; d. 

29 Dec, 1919, in Birdsboro, Berks Co., Pa. 

748 Daniel Boone, b. 25 May, 1844, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; d. 13 

July, 1866, in Salem, O. 

749 Susanna Boone, b. 20 Apr., 1846, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; d. 28 

Sept., 1847, in Exeter Twp. 
-i-750 Rebecca Boone. 

160 ^i)t JBoone Jf amilp 

217. GEORGE WASHINGTON BOONE {Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), 
born 6 Mar., 1777. 

Married 1803, Lucy Green. 

He was an Indiana State Senator. 

Children: — 

+751 Craven Boone. 

752 Harriet Boone, m. Eli Gaither. Res. Paducah, Ky. 

+753 Helen Boone, b. 1804. 

754 Ha,milton Boone. 

+755 Elvira Boone. 

+756 Robert Boone. 

757 Milton Boone, d. aged seven. 

218. SAMUEL BOONE (Samuel^- Samuel\- George"^), born 6 Oct., 1779. 
Married Elizabeth Pennepacker or Pennebaker. 

Children: — 


Upton Boone. 


Lavinia Boone. 


Fielding Boone, 


William P. Boone, b. 

12 Oct., 



Helen Boone. 


Hiram Boone. 

221. HIRAM CASSEL BOONE (Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), born 3 
July, 1789, in Kentucky; died in Meade Co., Ky., on his farm known as 
"Sandy Farm." 

Married 1st, Frances Ann Boone (Jonathan^; Squire'; Squire*; George^) 
No. 495 (b. 16 Jan., 1794; d. 4 July, 1820). He married 2nd, August, 
1821, Mrs. Sarah (Hairston) Staples, widow of Major John Staples (b. 
22 Feb., 1798, in Va.), daughter of Captain Joshua Renfro and Jane 
Hairston, and granddaughter of Captain Robert Hairston who served 
with Patrick Henry on the Peace Commission during the Revolution. 
Her uncle Samuel Hairston was at one time the wealthiest man in the 
United States, and the largest slave-owner the world has ever known. 

Hiram Cassel Boone lived in Meade Co., Ky. He left a written 
statement regarding his descent from George Boone III. 

He was the richest and most influential man in the county; among 
his friends were Jonathan Jennings, Governor; John Tipton, Senator; 
Ratliff Boone, Representative in Congress, of Indiana; and Henry Clay, 
Senator from Kentucky. He was urged to go to Congress, but refused 
to be a candidate. He owned a large farm on the Ohio River, with a 
fine brick house, which is still standing and owned by his son, Hiram C. 

g>ixtjj feneration lei 

Boone 2d. He was a man of education and refinement. His pictures 
show a very striking resemblance to his distinguished cousin Col. Daniel 
Boone, a grand-niece of whom was his first wife. At the time Squire 
Boone, Jr., left Kentucky (about 1807), taking with him all of his own 
family and all of Samuel Boone's, Hiram C. Boone moved to Indiana with 
the rest. In 1811 a Captain Smith was sent to Harrison County to raise 
a company of soldiers to go to the relief of Fort Harrison. Hiram Boone 
entered actively into the work of securing the men. When finally or- 
ganized the men objected to Captain Smith, who generously told them 
they might select their own captain, and that any one could offer who 
chose. Boone, who was then but a boy, stood for election. The men were 
drawn up, and instructed by Captain Smith, that at the command of 
"March" they would line up with the man they wished to command 
them. Every soldier, save one — a relative of Smith — marched to Boone. 
Boone was commissioned Captain of the 1st Regiment of Militia of Ind- 
iana Territory, by WilHam Henry Harrison, Governor and Commander 
in Chief, June 26, 1811. This service is officially known as "The Cam- 
paign of the Wabash." (See Act of Congress, approved April 10, 1812, 
for the relief of the officers and soldiers.) February 27, 1813, he was 
commissioned Major of the 5th Regiment of the Mihtia of Indiana 
Territory; his service was that of fighting the Indian allies of Great 
Britain in the War of 1812. (See Act of Congress approved March 3, 
1813.) Commission signed by John Gibson, Acting Governor. April 
26, 1817, he was commissioned Colonel of the 5th Regiment of Militia 
of the State of Indiana. From then until his death he was always called 
Colonel Boone. Commission signed by Jonathan Jennings, Governor. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

4-764 Grandison H. Boone, b. 19 Feb., 1814. 

+765 Ratliff R. Boone, b. 5 Nov., 1816. 

+766 John Tipton Boone (named for Senator Tipton, noted in early Indiana 
history), b. 27 Mar., 1819. 
(Second Marriage) 

767 Sarah Jane Boone, b. 22 Aug., 1822; m. Austin Hubbard Slaughter. (For 

his ancestry see "Slaughter Family History" in Virginia Historical 

768 Catherine Jane Boone, b. 13 Nov., 1824. 
+769 Frances Ann America Boone, b. 4 July, 1827. 

770 Samuel Hairston Boone, b. 15 July, 1828; m. Mrs. Angie (Hatfield) Will- 

ett, a widow. He was a physician; was a surgeon in the Union Army. 

771 Su^san Amanda Boone, b. 19 Aug., 1830. 

772 Jam'es Monroe Boone, b. 12 May, 1832; m. Ellen Moore. 

773 Junius Brutus Boone, b. 28 Mar., 1834; m. Belle Elder. 

774 — Boone (dau.), b. 12 Mar., 1836; d. 14 Aug., 1836. 
+775 Queen Victoria Boone, b. 11 July, 1837. 

776 Malvina Helen Boone, b. 19 Sept., 1839; m. Thomas 0. Hite. 
+777 Hiram Cassel Boone, Jr., b. 29 Apr., 1842. 

After the first hard age of settlement, when men struggled 
to subdue nature and lived and died toiling relentlessly, 
there succeeded a period of relaxation, enjoyment, and grow- 
ing refinement. 


feebentl) (feneration 

226. RACHAEL HUGHES {George'; Hannah' Boone; George^- George''). 
Married Isaiah Willets. 

Children: — 

+778 Elizabeth Willets. 

+779 John Willets. 

+780 George Hughes Willets. b. 1803. 

231. HEZEKIAH PANCOAST (Abigail' Boone; William'; George*; 
George^), born 8 June, 1789. 

Married 26 March, 1815, RacheP Boone {Samuel'; Benjamin*; George^) 
(b. 30 May, 1789; d. in Dalton, Ohio), No. 167. 

When a child, Hezekiah went with his mother Abigail (Boone) Pan- 
coast from Exeter Twp., Berks County, Pa., in 1797, to what is now 
Columbia Co., where they joined the Catawissa Meeting of Friends Society, 
(a) He held to his Quaker training through life, not very actively, 
however. His wife and daughters were active Presbyterians. 

In 1833 Hezekiah Pancoast of Catawissa Twp., Northumberland Co., 
Pa., with James McClure and wife Susanna (sister of Rachel), conveyed 
a small piece of land in Briar Creek Twp., to John Millard, the piece 
being "late the estate of Samuel Boone, which became vested in his son- 
in-law, James McClure and his daughter Rachel who intermarried with 
the said Hezekiah Pancoast." (6) 

Children: — (c) 

+781 Eleanor Boone Pancoast, b. 30 Dec, 1815. 

782 Thomas Elgin Pancoast, b. 2 July, 1817. 

+783 Anna Louisa Pancoast, b. 20 Nov., 1819. 

784 William Pancoast, b. 15 Oct., 1821. 

785 Mary Pancoast, b. 10 July, 1823. 

+786 Su^an Amanda Pancoast, b. 17 Mar., 1825. 

787 Sarah Pancoast, b. 19 Dec, 1826; m. Luther Dennison of Marion, O. 

No children. 

788 Harriet Pancoast, b. 23 Mar., 1829. 

References: — 

(a) Exeter and Catawissa Records. 

Q>) Columbia Co. Deed Book "G" page 323. 

(c) Bible record. 


164 W\}t ?Boone jFamil|> 

240. MORDECAI BOONE (William^; William^; George^- George^). 
Married — Shank. 

Children: — 

789 John Boone, lived in Ohio. 

790 Benjamin Boone. 

791 Joseph Boone. 

792 Cyrus Boone. 

+793 Sarah Boone, aged 81 in Apr., 1902 ; m. . 

241. DANIEL BOONE (William^; William^; George*; George^), died at 
Boonesboro, Md. 
Married . 

Child : — 

794 Catherine Boone. 

243. CHARLOTTE BOONE (William'; William^; George*; George^). 
Married Ephraim Davis (who married twice). 

Children: — 

+795 Elias Davis. 
796 William Davis, burned to death in Chicago. 

245. SARAH BOONE (George'; William^; George*; George^), born May 
20, 1782; died — . 

Married William Gearhart. 

Lived at Boyd's Station, three miles from Roaring Creek, Columbia 
Co., Pa. The farm on which they lived was left to Sarah 
(Boone) Gearhart by her father, George Boone (see will of George 
Boone, page 102), and has remained in the family ever since, having 
descended from Sarah to her son Mayberry Gearhart, then to his 
daughter Sophia, Mrs. Charles Eckman, who resides there now, 1918. 
The Boones owned at that time nearly all the land between Roaring Creek 
and Boyd's Station. The Gearharts were also a prominent family in 
that locality, and owned much land in the vicinity of South Danville, 
Pa. William Gearhart and wife Sarah Boone had the following children: 

Children: — 

+797 Mayberry Gearhart, b. 13 May, 1813. 
+798 Julia Ann Gearhart, b. 1815. 
+799 Harriet Gearhart, b. 1817. 
+800 Eleanor Gearhart, b. 1819. 
+801 AmeUa Douglas Gearhart. 

^ebentl) (generation i65 

Reference: — 

Will of her father and family records. 

246. WILLIAM BOONE {George^; William''; George*; George^), born 
12 Nov., 1783; died 8 Oct., 18.45. 
Married Mary . 

Child : — 

803 George W. Boone. 

248. CHARLES BOONE {George"; William''; George*; George^), born 
21 Dec, 1786; died 18 Aug., 1823, in Pike Twp., Berks County, Pa. 
Married . 

Children: — 

804 Franklin Boone, mentioned in his grandfather's will. 

805 Daniel Boone, mentioned in his grandfather's will. 

806 Rachel Boone. 

807 Margaret Boone. 

808 Harriet Boone. 

249. MARY (POLLY) BOONE {George'; William'; George*; George"), 
born 18 Oct., 1788. 

Married William Runion. Emigrated to far west. 

Children: — 

+809 Margaret Runion. 
+810 Martha Runion. 

250. GEORGE BOONE {George''; William'; George*; George"), born 7 
Aug., 1790. 

Married Hannah Hughes, daughter of Ellis and Elizabeth (Bonsall) 

Children: — 

811 Edward Boone, b. Apr., 1817; d. Sept., 1817. 

+812 EUis H. Boone, b. 30 Dec, 1818. 

813 Margaret Boone, b. 29 Dec, 1820; d. 23 Aug., 1837. aged 16. 

814 Thomas EUwood Boone, b. 26 Dec, 1822; d. 26 July, 1837. 

815 George Boone, b. 14 Apr., 1825; lived West Branch, Cedar Co., Iowa. 

816 William Ridgeway Boone, b. 27 Aug., 1827. 

817 Joseph M. Boone, b. 23 Sept., 1830; d. Aug., 1837. 

818 Ehzabeth Boone, b. 27 Nov., 1832; d. 23 Aug., 1837. 
+819 Jeremiah Boone, b. 1 Dec, 1835. 

166 ^fte poone Jf amilp 

Reference: — 

Births of children from old Bible owned by Edwin Boone, Reading, Pa. 

251. ELIZABETH ARTON BOONE {George^; William^- Georges- 
George^), born 23 Aug., 1793. 

Married 1st, Thomas Leonard, and probably 2nd, Andrew Taylor. 

Children: — 

820 George T. Leonard, mentioned in will of his grandfather, George Boone. 

821 Ann Leonard. 

260. JEREMIAH BOONE {Thomas^- William^- George^- George^), born 
21 Jan., 1797; died 1867. 

Married Rachel Boone {George^; William^; George*; George^), No. 254. 

Children: — 

822 Charles Lincoln Boone, d. 1892, aged 62, unm. 
+823 Margaret Mayberry Boone, b. 1831. 
824 Thomas Boone, b. 1839; d. 1917, unm. 

261. DANIEL BOONE (Thomas^- William^; George*; George^), born 
7 July, 1799; died 26 Mar., 1854. 

Married 1826, Elizabeth A. Bertolett (b. 1 Jan., 1816). 

Children: — 

+825 Thomas D. Boone. 

826 Horace Boone, lives in Reading, Pa. 

265. POLLY BOONE (Hezekia¥; William^- George*; George^). 
Married Peter Mensch. 

Children: — 

827 Clark Mensch. 

828 Clinton Mensch. 

829 Harvey Mensch. 
880 Martha Mensch. 

266. PATTY BOONE (Hezekia¥; William^- George*; George^). 
Married Peter (or Lewis) Vastine. 

Children: — 

831 Elizabeth Vastine, m. WiUiam Morrel, a Baptist minister who d. 1861. 

832 Martha Vastine. 

833 William Vastine. 

834 Lewis Vastine. 

835 George Vastine. 
+836 Mary Ann Vastine. 

^ebentf) (generation i67 

267. WILLIAM BOONE {Hezekia¥; William'", George*; George^), born 
1792; died 1892. 

Married 1st, Mercy Ellis (b. 1802; d. 1831); 2nd, Rebecca Purcill 
(Irwin) (b. 1798; d. 1834), daughter of Jacob and Jane (Hill) Purcill. 
(Rebecca Purcill was first married to Peter Irwin, who died. She married 
William Boone in 1833.) William Boone married a third time, Sarah 
Plotz (b. 1803), daughter of John and Elizabeth Plotz. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

837 Thomas EUis Boone, b. 1821; d. 1825. 
+838 Ransloe Boone, b. 1823. 

839 Narcisea Boone, b. 1824; d. 1854; m. John Wooley. 

840 Martha Boone, b. 1826; m. Daniel May. 
+841 Hannah Elizabeth Boone, b. 1828. 

(Second Marriage) 

+842 WiUiam McKelvey Boone, b. 26 Oct., 1834. 
(Third Marriage) 

+843 John Hezekiah Boone, b. 13 Jan., 1836. 
844 Adam Clark Boone, b. 1837. 

+845 Mary Frances Boone, b. 1839. 

846 Rachel Boone, b. 22 Apr., 1841; unmarried. 

847 Lemuel Densmore Boone, b. 1843. 

848 Orland Fihnore Boone, b. 1852; d. abt. May, 1914, in Ark. 

268. GEORGE BOONE {Hezekiah^; William^; George*; George^), born 
13 May, 1794; died 17 Aug., 1888. 

Married 1st, Anna Vastine, daughter of Peter and Hannah Vastine; 
and 2nd, Mrs. Abigail Boone (a widow with one son, Abner Boone). 

Children: — 

849 Thomas E. Boone, b. 9 Dec, 1826; d. 21 Sept., 1827. 

850 Jonathan Boone, b. 25 Sept., 1828; d. 5 Oct., 1828. 

851 Mary V. Boone, b. 14 Dec, 1830; m. Thomas Hartman; residence, Mopt- 

rose, Cal. 
+852 Harvey Boone, b. 6 Dec, 1832 

853 John V. Boone, b. 1834; d. 1857. 

854 Martha Boone, b. 1835; d. 1850. 

855 Hannah Boone, b. 1837. 

856 Jeremiah Boone, b. 1842; d. 1867. 

271. NANCY BOONE {Hezekiah^; William^; George*; George^), born 
1800 in Pottsville, Pa., died 1873 at New Carlyle, Mich. 

Married in Pennsylvania, Johnathan Wolverton (b. in New Jersey; 
d. in Oxford, Ohio), a farmer. 

168 GTfje Poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

+857 Elizabeth Wolverton, d. aged 73. 

858 John Wolverton, d. 1805; m. Samantha Kelly. 

859 Hannah Wolverton, m. Cyrus Thurston. Res. New Carlyle, Mich. (A 

des. is Mrs. Elizabeth Baum, of Crystal River, Fla,.) 
+860 Boone Wolverton. 
+861 Isaac Wolverton. 
+862 Harvey Wolverton, b. 1834; d. 1916. 
+863 Edson Wolverton, b. 1836. 

864 Sarah Wolverton, dec. 
+865 Milton Wolverton, b. 5 Mar., 1840. 
+866 Elmira Wolverton, b. 1842; d. 1882. 

867 William Wolverton, b. 1844; d. 1893; m. Josephine Dewy. No children. 
Res. Norwalk, Ohio. 

283. WILLIAM WILCOXSON* {Daniel^- Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^) 
(called Black-head). 

Married his cousin Catherine Wilcoxson, daughter of William and 
Nancy — Wilcoxson. (Catherine had a sister Rachel who married 
John Tibbs.) 

Children: — 

868 Green C. Wilcoxson, m. Mary J Payne. 

869 Andrew J. Wilcoxson, m. Nancy Payne. 

870 William C. Wilcoxson, m. his cousin, Missouri Tibbs. 

871 John L. Wilcoxson, m. EHza J. Minton. 

872 Nancy Wilcoxson, m. Walker Deering. 

873 Newton J. Wilcoxson, m. Margaret E. Squires. 

874 Sallie Wilcoxson, m. Elijah Mclnteer. 

875 George Wilcoxson. 
+876 Daniel Isaac Wilcoxson. 

295. JEREMIAH BRYANT {Rachel' Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squires- 
George^), born 20 Aug., 1791, in Ky.; died 11 July, 1834, on the Missouri 
River, enroute from Kentucky to Missouri, of cholera. His remains were 
sunk beneath the waters of the Missouri. 

Married Martha Plummer, of Estill Co., Ky. 

Children: — 


Rachel Bryant, b. 1814 


Christina Bryant, b. 1816. 


Susan Bryant, b. 1818. 


Crayton Bryant, b. 1821, removed to California. 


Cornelia Bryant, b. 1823. 


Jeremiah Monroe Bryant, b. 25 Mar., 1825. 


Martha Bryant, b. 1826. 


America Bryant, b. 1829. 


Amanda Bryant, b. 1831. 


Sarah T. Bryant, b. 1833. 

•Name spelled according to way adopted by this branch of family. 

^ebentj) (generation i69 

298. THOMAS BRYANT {Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah' Boone; Squire'; 
George^), born 10 Jan., 1795; died 5 Sept., 1845. 

Married 11 Dec, 1817, in Estill Co., Ky., Mary or Polly Bennett. 
The ceremony was performed by Rev. Joseph Proctor, an uncle of the 
bride. She was a daughter of Elizabeth (Proctor) Bennett and Thomas 

They removed from Clay Co., Ky., to Boone Co., Mo., in 1837, 
thence to Ripley (now Carter) Co., where he died. She died 1858, in 
Adams Twp., Wapello Co., Iowa. 

Children: — 

887 Jeremiah Bryant, b. 1818; m. and had one child, a girl. He died 

at an early age. 
+888 WiUiam Bryant, b. 1821. 
+889 Joshua Bryant, b. 9 Mar., 1823. 

890 Rachel Bryant. 
+891 Benjamin Bryant, b. 27 May, 1827. 
+892 Andrew Jackson Bryant, b. 18.30. 
+893 Lucretia Bryant, b. 9 Feb., 1832. 
+894 Deborah Bryant, b. 1835. 
+895 Elvira Bryant, b. 1837. 

303. MARY CUTBIRTH {Elizabeth'' Wilcoxson; Sara¥ Boone; Squire^; 
George^) . 

Married Elijah Callaway (b. 1769; d. 1847), son of Thomas Callaway. 

Elijah Callaway was a member of the North Carolina Legislature 
for thirteen years. 

Children: — 

+896 I. T. Callaway. 

897 Joseph W. Callaway, m. — Johnson. No descendants. 

+898 James Callaway, (Dr.) 

+899 Benjamin Cutbirth Callaway. 

+900 Elijah Callaway, b. 1803. 

+901 Charlotte Callaway. 

+902 Elizabeth Callaway. 

+903 Rebecca Callaway, 

+904 Nancy Callaway. 

+905 Maiy CaUaway. 

906 Thomas S. Callaway, m. (1) Miss — Johnson, and (2) Pauline Cleve- 
land. No descendants. 

+907 Carohna Callaway. 

306. THOMAS BOONE {Squire^; Samuel'; Squire*; George'), born 24 
Dec, 1785; died 1856. 

Married Sally (Sarah) Muir (b. in Ky., at Boone's Station; d. 1861), 
daughter of George Muir of Hampshire County, Va. 

Thomas Boone was a minister, (a) 

170 ®!)e JBoone Jfamftp 

Children: — 

+908 Squire Boone, b. 27 Dec, 1804. 
+909 George Boone, b. 15 Dec, 1806. 

910 Ira Boone, b. 17 Apr., 1809. 
+911 Harriet Boone, b. 2 Dec, 1811; m. Nelson Scholl {Septimus'; Levina' 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), No. 1113. Their descendants will be 
given under his name. 
+912 Mary Boone, b. 22 Sept., 1814. 

913 Samuel Boone, b. 5 Mar., 1817; m. Kate Lauder, (a) and went West, 

probably to Missouri. 

914 James H. Boone, b. 19 Aug., 1819. 

915 Milton Boone, b. 8 Mar., 1822. Went West. 

916 Jeptha Boone, b. 3 Jan., 1825. Went West. 

917 Thomas M. Boone, b. 10 May, 1827. Went West. 

918 Cyrus Boone, b. 13 May, 1830. Never married, d. young. 

919 Isaiah Boone, b. 18 Feb., 1832. 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 11 CC 112. 

307. SUSAN BOONE (Squire^; Samuel^- Squire^- George^), born 28 Jan., 

Married John Cockrell. 

Children: — 

920 Newton Cockrell, b. 30 Apr., 1839. 

921 Milton Cockrell. 
+922 Ann Cockrell. 

923 John Cockrell. 

924 Margaret Cockrell. 

308. LUCY BOONE (Squire^- Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 15 Oct., 
1792; died 18 Oct., 1822 or '23. (Family Bible record gives 1822; Pension 
Bureau gives 1823.) 

Married 1st, — Green, and 2nd, John J. Kerley. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

925 Squire Green. 

926 Matilda Green. 
(Second Marriage) 

927 Anna Kerley, d. aged four at Richmond, Ky. 
+928 WiUiam Green Kerley, b. 1819. 

309. CYNTHIA ANN BOONE {Squire''; Samuel'; Squire*; George'), 
born 11 May, 1795; died 17 March, 1887. 

^ebentf) feneration i7i 

Married 1st, about 1816, Moody Grubbs (b. 1791; d. 26 July, 1837) 
son of John Grubbs and wife Sarah Hopkins, and^2nd, [John Tullis (d. 
14 May 1845). No children by second husband. 

She was first married at her father's home near Elkton, Ky., and 
lived in Kentucky until her first nine children were born. She and her 
husband then moved to Illinois and located in Montgomery Co., near 
the present town of Hillsboro. Here their tenth and youngest child was 
born. Within three or four years after their removal to Illinois, Moody 
Grubbs died, leaving his wife with a large family of children and but 
slender resources. After her marriage to John Tullis she moved with 
him to a farm a few miles west of Hillsboro in Montgomery Co., 111., 
where she remained until her children were grown. The house which they 
built on this farm has the unique distinction of never having had a death 
occur within its walls. It is still occupied (1921) by descendants of Moody 
and Cynthia Grubbs. Its present occupants, William Grubbs and his 
widowed sister, Mrs. Cynthia Stoddard, have among their house furnish- 
ings a tall grandfather's clock and a cherry bureau which Moody and 
Cynthia Grubbs brought with them from Kentucky. During the last 
years of her life Cynthia (Boone) Grubbs made her home with her son, 
Samuel Moody Grubbs of Litchfield, 111. She died there at the age of 
92, and is remembered by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren as 
a dainty, refined little woman who bore but little trace of the hardship 
and adventures which she must have lived through. 

Children: — 

4-929 John H. Grubbs, b. 7 Nov., 1817. 
930 Squire Grubbs, b. 7 Nov., 1817; d. 12 Dec, 1843. Twin bro. of John 
H. Grubbs. He studied medicine in Davenport, Iowa. After a 
visit home he went to St. Louis to take his last course of lectures. He 
contracted there, probably in the dissecting room, the poisoning which 
caused his death in St Louis. Was engaged to Miss Mahssa Tullis, 
dau. of his stepfather, John TuUis. 

+931 Edwin R. Grubbs, b. 10 Oct., 1819. 

+932 Mary Grubbs, b. 12 Sept., 1822. 

+933 Thomas Grubbs, b. abt. 1824. 

+934 WiUiam Andre Grubbs, b. 18 Nov., 1826. 

+935 Higgason Boone Grubbs, b. 27 Mar., 1829. 

936 Waiter Y. Grubbs, b. 3 June, 1831; d. 16 May, 1848, in Montgomery Co., 


937 Anna M. Grubbs, b. 4 May, 1833; m. Willis Simmons. 
+938 Samuel Moody Grubbs, b. 12 Aug., 1835. 

310. SAMUEL BOONE (Squire^- Samuel^; Squire*; George''), born 2 
Sept., 1797; died 28 or 29 May, 1835. 

Married Louisa Neale, who married 2nd, in 1837, — Washington. 

172 STfje Poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

939 James Boone, d. in infancy. 
+940 Richard Boone, b. abt. 1823. 
+941 William Boone, b. abt. 1825. 

942 Benjamin Boone, b. abt. 1827; d. abt. 1896; m. and lived near Spring- 

field, Tenn. Several children. 

943 Sarah Boone, b. abt. 1829; m. ; d. abt. 1895. 5 children. 

944 Mary Boone, b. abt. 1831; m. and d. young, leaving two children. 
+945 Emily Boone, b. abt. 1833. 

312. IRA BOONE {Squire^- Samuel^; Squire^- George^), born 17 Dec, 
1799, in Kentucky; died 6 Aug., 1849. 

Married about 1824, 4 Jan., Eliza Allen, eldest child of William and 
Nancy (Richardson) Allen. 

Children: — 

946 Jane C. Boone, b. 13 Apr., 1825; d. 17 Apr., 1895. Unm. 

+947 Nancy Ann Boone, b. 18 July, 1827. 

+948 Mary Jemima Boone, d. 1911. 

+949 Thomas Preston Boone. 

+950 Levi Daj' Boone. 

+951 Virginia Lee Boone. 

+952 Elizabeth Frances Boone, b. 21 Dec, 1837. 

+953 WiUiam S. Boone, b. 5 Mar., 1840. 

+954 Sarah Boone. 

955 Alice Boone, b. 8 Jan., 1844; d. 1846. 

956 Emma Boone, b. 1848; d. Sept., 1849. 

313. ISAIAH BOONE {Squire^; Samuel^- Squire*; George^), born 7 Mar., 
1802; died 23 Aug., 1835. 

Married Patsey Martin. 

He was a Baptist preacher. 

Children: — 


Squire Boone. 


Elizabeth Boone. 


Thomas Boone. 


Samuel Boone. 


John Boone. 


Mary Boone. 


Martha Boone. 

315. HIGGASON GRUBBS BOONE {Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; George^), 
born 8 Oct., 1806, in Fayette Co., Ky.; died 8 Mar., 1885, at Elkton, 
Todd Co., Ky. 

Married 1 Sept., 1833, Martha Maria Edwards (b. 26 July, 1817; d. 
29 Jan., 1911), daughter of Elisha Beal and Martha (Upshaw) Edwards, 

S>etientf) (feneration 173 

and a niece of Ninian Edwards, first Governor of Illinois. (See Sketch of 
Edwards Family.) 

Higgason G. Boone was a man of fine natural ability, practical, 
prompt and judicious in the management of his worldly affairs, and a 
man of strong religious convictions. In 1833, the year he was married, 
he united with the Baptist Church of Elkton, Ky., and in this church 
held the oflices of deacon and clerk for more than half a century. He 
represented Todd Co., in the State Legislature for two years, and except 
for this period of absence from home on official duty, his record of church 
attendance was unbroken. In 1883 he and his wife celebrated their 
Golden Wedding anniversary, surrounded by their children and grand- 
children. His wife, Martha Maria Boone, was a woman of splendid 
education and culture. She took much interest in genealogical matters, 
and carefully preserved and recorded the records of her husband's branch 
of the Boone family. She lived to be nearly ninety-four years old, so it 
is to her, as well as to the Boone family, that her children are indebted 
for their remarkable longevity. Of their nine children, all except the 
eldest, who was drowned in youth, were living in 1921. 

Children: — 

964 Tazwell Edwards Boone, b. 4 Nov., 1834; d. 4 July, 1854. He sacrificed 
his life while trying to rescue a drowning friend in Red River, Tenn. 
+965 Victoria Boone, b. 24 Sept., 1836. 

966 Martha A. Boone, b. 11 Nov., 1838; d. 3 Nov., 1921 at Elkton, Ky. 
+967 Higgason Grubbs Boone, Jr., b. 5 Jan., 1842. 
+968 Mary Louise Boone, b. 16 Jan., 1845. 
+969 Benjamin Edwards Boone, b. 16 Sept., 1847. 
970 Matilda Warfield Boone (Maud), b. 16 Dec, 1850, at Elkton; m; 6 Feb., 
1901, J. F. BeU. 
+971 William Wirt Boone, b. 29 Jan., 1854. 
+972 Arthur Upshaw Boone, b. 7 Sept., 1860, at Elkton, Ky. 

316. LEVI DAY BOONE {Squire^- Samuel^; Squire^' George^), born 
8 Dec, 1808, at Lexington, Ky.; died 24 Jan., 1882, at Chicago, 111. 

Married Mar., 1833, Louisa Matilda Smith, daughter of Theophilus 

In early life Levi Day Boone took up the study of medicine, and 
began his practice in that profession at Edwardsville, 111. In 1836 he 
located in Chicago, where he established a medical practice and became 
interested in politics as well. He was alderman there for three terms, and 
although there was a large foreign element in Chicago, he was in 1855 
elected 19th mayor of Chicago on the Know-Nothing ticket. Shortly 
after he assumed ofl&ce, the so-called "Beer riots" occurred which marked 

174 tCfje poone jFamilp 

a period in the turbulent history of Chicago, and which were due in part 
to Dr. Boone's attempt to enforce the state temperance laws. 

During the Civil War Dr. Boone was arrested (because of his south- 
ern connections) and charged with helping the southern prisoners of Fort 
Donaldson to escape. He was finally cleared, and many personal letters 
were published showing that he had refused to move back to Kentucky 
among his "dearly beloved kinsmen" because his heart was with the 
northern cause, although his "loved ones" lived south. (From "The 
Leading Men of Chicago," a rare volume in the art department of the 
Chicago Public Library.) (6) 

Dr. Boone was the first secretary of the Chicago Cook County 
Medical Society (founded 1836), and was its first president when in 1850 
it was reorganized and became the Chicago Medical Society. In 1853 
he was publisher of the "Christian Times." When Chicago University 
was organized he was one of its incorporators. In 1852 he was president 
of the Merchants and Mechanics Bank, and was also extensively engaged 
in real estate and insurance. For many years he was at the bead of a 
life insurance company, and through that and his other activities amassed 
a considerable fortune. In spite of his many and diverse interests, he 
became a most successful physician and was particularly noted for his 
bravery during epidemics of contagious diseases. It was greatly re- 
gretted when he gave up his medical practice. 

"He was a kindly-mannered man, gentle and courteous to all, of 
perfect integrity, hospitable as became his southern origin, and beloved 
by all who knew him." (a) A portrait of Dr. Levi Day Boone hangs 
in the library of the Historical Society of Chicago. 

Children: — 

+973 Daniel Levi Boone, b. 12 July, 1834. 

974 Samuel Squire Boone, b. 1837; d. 15 Feb., 1892, unm. 

975 Clarissa Ann Boone, b. 1839; d. in infancy. 
+976 Clara Anna Boone, b. 12 July, 1841. 
+977 Louise Medora Boone, b. 11 Aug., 1843. 

978 Theophilus Boone, b. 1854; d. in infancy. 

979 Jesse Boone, b. 1847; d. in infancy. 

980 George Washington Boone, b. 1849; d. in infancy. 
+981 Lucy Adeline Boone, b. 30 Jan., 1851. 

+982 Mary Juliette Boone, b. 1 Feb , 1853. 
983 Georgiana Boone, b. 1855; d. in infancy. 

Reference: — 

(o) "History of Cook Co., lUinois," Published by Goodspeed Historical Association. 
(6) "Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men of Chicago," Pub. by Wilson and 
St. Claire, 1868. 

317. NANCY BOONE (Squire^- Samuel^; Squire^; George^), born 24 
Dec, 1811 or 1812, in Kentucky. 
Married James Small. 


From "Biographical Sketches of the Leading Men of Chicago," 

Published by Wilson & St. Claire, 1868. 

By Courtesy of the CMcago Ilistorical Society. 

^ebentf) (generation 175 

Children: — 

984 James Small 1 . • 
^^- . r-. ., r twins 

985 Anna Small J 

986 T. Frelinghuyser Small. 

987 Broxton Small. 

988 Higgason Small. 

989 Josep)i Small. 

990 Frank SmaU. 

321. WILLIAM GRANT (Israel^- Elizabeth' Boone; Squire^; George^), 
died 3 May, 1813. 

Married Miss — Moseby. 

In the War of 1812, William Grant enlisted as a private, but was 
soon promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. In the battle of Dudley's 
Defeat near Fort Meigs in Ohio (1-5 May, 1813) on the third day, 
which would be May 3rd, he was killed. In "Pioneer Families of Miss- 
ouri" is given this vivid description of his death: — 

"After the defeat and capture of the American forces, they were driven 
under guard into an enclosure, where the Indians began at once to rob them 
of their money, watches, etc. Grant still had his sword, which had not been 
taken from him, and was standing with it in his hand conversing with a 
friend, Capt. Micajah McGlenny, when an Indian came up and demanded 
the weapon. Grant turned to McGlenny and said, 'They will kill us any- 
how, and I intend to sell my life as dearly as possible,' and dropping the point 
of his sword to the level of the Indian's breast, he plunged it through his body 
to the hilt, killing him in his tracks. The next instant Grant's body was 
pierced by a hundred bullets, and he fell dead at the feet of his friend. 
McGlenny was not hurt; was afterwards exchanged, and lived to be an old 

Child : — 

+991 William Grant, known as "Captain Billy." 

References: — 

"Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812," Benson J. Lossing, p. 486. 
"Pioneer Families of Missouri," Bryan and Rose. 

328. MARY SAUNDERS {Sarah'' Grant; Elizabeth' Boone; Squires- 
George'), born 16 Sept., 1787. 

Married Luke Bryan, in 1807. 

Children: — 

992 Alphonso Hunt Bryan, m. 1830, Ann White, dau. of Nathaniel and 

Margaret White. 

993 Sarah S. Bryan. 

994 Doi^cas Bryan. 

995 Armilda H. Bryan. 

996 Mary Boone Bryan. 

176 Wl)t ^oone jFamilp 

997 Ethelbert Walsingham Bryan. 

998 John Samuel Bryan. 

999 Jesse Bryan, 

1000 Joseph McMurtry Bryan. 

1001 William Saunders Bryan. 

1002 James Luke Bryan. 

1003 James William Bryan. 

1004 Thomas Newton Bryan, 

334. DORCAS V. SAUNDERS (Sarah' Grant; Elizabeth' Boone; Squire'; 
George^), born 8 Dec, 1801; died 20 Apr., 1864, in Harrison Co., Ky. 

Married 1st, — Snell; 2nd, John Belles (b. 26 Oct., 1781, in Ind.; d. 
5 June, 1839), son of Henry and Mary Belles; and 3rd, — Hawkins, by 
which marriage there were no children. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+ 1005 Sarah Snell. 
(Second Marriage) 

+ 1006 Artemisia Tarlton Belles, b. 10 Feb., 1832. 

339. MARY GRANT (William'; Elizabeth' Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married John Whitney Moore. 

Child: — 

+ 1007 William Grant Moore. 

340. SAMUEL MOSEBY GRANT (William'; Elizabeth' Boone; Squires- 
George^), born 1 Oct., 1794, in Fayette Co., Kentucky; was living June 12, 
1868, near Williamsburg, Mo. 
Married . 

Child : — 

1008 Joseph I. Grant, m. Sally W. Grant (No. 2144), daughter of Capt. "Billy" 
Grant, and settled in Callaway Co., Mo., in 1834. 

References: — 

Draper Mss. 22 S 230-38. 

"Pioneer Families of Missouri," Bryan and Rose. 

343. ISRAEL BOONE GRANT (Squire'; Elizabeth' Boone; Squire'} 
George^) . 

Married . 

He was known as "Licking Grant," because he came from the Lick- 
ing River, Ky.; settled in Fulton, Callaway Co., Mo., where he was 
County Clerk for 21 years. 

^ebentf) (generation 177 

Children: — 


James Grant. 


Moses Grant. 


Robert Grant. 


William T. Grant 


John Grant. 


Agnes Grant. 


Martha Grant. 


Mary Grant. 

References: — 

"Pioneer Families of Missouri," Bryan and Rose. 

344. MARY GRANT LAMOND (Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 17 Jan., 1800, in Pendleton Co., Ky.; died 24 May, 
1841, at Madison, Ind. 

Married William Johnson Lodge (b. 21 Mar., 1794, in Campbell Co., 
Va.; d. 8 Oct., 1864, at Madison, Ind.) 

(William Johnson Lodge's father was Jozabad Lodge 2nd, b. 5 Oct., 
1767; d. 13 July, 1830; m. abt. 1792 or '93, Sarah Johnson, b. 29 Sept., 
1769; d. 26 Sept., 1832. His grandfather was Jozabad Lodge 1st, b. 
1721; d. Aug., 1808; m. abt., 1750 or '51, Catherine Strange.) 

Children: — 

+ 1017 Celine Elizabeth Lodge, b. 16 Jan., 1826. 

1018 Edward Lloyd Lodge, b. 23 Dec, 1827; d. 8 Mar., 1849. 

+ 1019 Susanna Augusta Lodge, b. 4 Mar., 1830. 

+ 1020 Mary Louisa Lodge, b. 15 Oct., 1832. 

+ 1021 Eliza Boone Lodge, b. 28 July, 1836. 

1022 Ann Rebecca Lodge, b. 11 Apr., 1841; d. 27 Mar., 1861. 

345. REBECCA KNOX LAMOND (Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 4 Oct., 1807, in Pendleton Co., Ky.; died 16 Mar., 
1854, at Madison, Ind. 

Married about 1826, Nelson Lodge (b. 1 Feb., 1799, in Campbell Co., 
Va.; d. 29 July, 1846, at Madison^ Ind.). He was a younger brother of 
William Johnson Lodge who married Rebecca's sister, Mary Grant La- 
mond, named above. 

Children: — 

1023 Jozabad Lodge, b. 1 June, 1827; m. Rebecca Gardner Keown. 

+ 1024 Virginia Adele Lodge, b. 10 Feb., 1829. 

+ 1025 Augustus Nelson Lodge, b. 27 Jan., 1831. 

+ 1026 Laura Ella Lodge, b. 30 Nov., 1832. 

+ 1027 Gavin Knox Lodge, b. 18 July, 1834. 

1028 Warren Lodge, b. 28 Apr., 1836; d. 24 July, 1836. 

1029 Stella Tamora Lodge, b. 23 Feb., 1841. 

1030 Fingal Knox Lodge, b. 14 July, 1844; d. 16 Nov., 1860. 

178 trije IBoone Jfamilp 

347. ELIZABETH HAYS (Susannah'^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), 
born 12 June, 1776, at Fort Boonesborough in Ky.; died 3 Aug. 1828. (a) 

Married 1797 in Kentucky, Isaac Van Bibber (b. in Greenbriar Co., 
Va., 20 Oct., 1771; d. 30 Sept., 1840, in Montgomery Co., Mo.) (o) 
Another account gives his death as in 1836, at the home of his son-in- 
law, George Burt, at Williamsburg, Callaway Co., Mo., "his wife having 
died some time before." (6) See sketch of Van Bibber Family. 

Undoubtedly Elizabeth Hays was the first white child born in Ken- 
tucky. Statements in proof of this are found in several old papers pre- 
served by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, in its Draper Col- 
lection of Manuscripts. One of these papers is a letter to Dr. Draper 
from Samuel Boone, nephew of Daniel Boone and hence a first cousin of 
Elizabeth's mother. A reproduction of this letter is shown facing this page. 
Another letter, written by Mrs. Sarah Hunter, daughter of Edward Boone 
and niece of Daniel, contains the following statement: 

"The first white child born in Kentucky was Elizabeth Hays, daughter 
of WiUiam Hays and granddaughter of Daniel Boone." (c) 

In a statement of George Bryan of Bourbon Co., Ky., we find the 
following paragraph: 

"I always understood Boone, that as soon as they got the houses up in 
1775, he went back after his family." x x x x x x "When Boone came out, 
they got within four miles of the fort (Boone had put up a cabin or two at 
Boonesborough and then gone for his family). They were not able to reach 
the fort, except William Hays, whose wife was expecting to be confined. 
He took her on to th^ fort, and she was confined that night. This was the 
first white child born in Kentucky. This child Van Bibber afterwards 
married. Lived up here on the Kenawha, where Boone went and staid some 
time." (d) 
(There were probably no white families living in Ky. prior to that.) 

Elizabeth Hays as a very small child made a journey back to North 
Carolina with her parents, for it is recorded that when they returned to 
Kentucky in the spring of 1779, she was carried all the way back on 
horseback by George Bryan, a relative of her mother, (d) 

Isaac Van Bibber was the son of Isaac Van Bibber who was killed 
at the battle of Point Pleasant in 1774, as Captain of his Company. 
It is said that Isaac, Jr., was adopted and reared by Col. Daniel Boone, 
and at the early age of thirteen years acted as a scout against Indians 
in Virginia. During the Indian War he was a Major of Militia under 
Col. Boone. After his marriage in 1797 he went to Missouri with Nathan 
Boone, son of Daniel, and settled in Darst's Bottom, St. Charles Co., 
Mo. In 1815 he and his wife located at Loutre Lick, now in Montgomery 
Co., Mo. There he built a log house which was used as a tavern or inn, 
and which became a popular stopping place for the many travelers who 


<v' ' .X'A- y j(^^^'/j^ l^J, L -■: A '' .•< '■! { >■■ '-^ <- /^-At^ 7-&^ J^~t>-rr^-*~— .''^>^i <■ Ji ^i 

A :. ,, .^ f j^ , y. ■ .. /^^^i^,t_ I 

/acnl*^ ^?T^'-u>.^^, 

't- /^: 

< > 

^' / 

y -/ 


^^ - y^^ 


A. :■ ■ i'f ■ X 



tLoCt> _r-..~^'- //^-' 




■'J^ilN V 

■> /: 

yt/ -i^-Cc ,AurA.Z ' 




■^'an. tc:» 

i^,-^jH.^-^ /^^~fiL ii^^jt^ 

y&Uxn.AvuiX^ ^'<!^ is^tx-c^ .^ /\?f7^7^. 





Concerning the Van Bibber Family Records 

By Courtesy of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Draper Mss. 22 C 75. 

^etjentf) (feneration 179 

were on their way to new homes in Missouri. An account of this tavern 
and its history can be found in "The Missouri Historical Review," Jan., 
1913, page 106. The tavern was still standing in July, 1917. 
! An interesting story of Isaac Van Bibber is also to be found in the 
"Missouri Historical Review," which reads as follows: 

"Isaac Van Bibber was very eccentric. He omitted no opportunity 
to declare and enforce his belief that every six thousand years there was a 
recurrence of the same events in the world's history and of course in the 
history of its inhabitants. He was active and persistent in the defence of 
this peculiar philosophy. 

"One morning three young Kentuckians, having spent the night at the 
tavern and having heard Van Bibber's philosophy boldly declared, con- 
cluded to subject his professed faith to a business test. According they said, 
'Now, Mr. Van Bibber, you believe we will all be here again, just as we are 
now, six thousand years hence. To test your belief in this doctrine we propose 
to give you our joint note for the amount of our bills, at ten per cent interest, 
payable six thousand years after date.' 

"For a moment Van Bibber was in an embarrassing dilemna, but soon 
recovering, he replied, 'You are smart young fellows all the way from old 
Kaintuck, and I would at once accept your note and let you keep on, but I 
remember that all three of you were here six thousand years ago and left 
without paying your bills, and now I am afraid to trust you. So you will 
have to shell out.' 

"And 'shell out' they did." (e) 

Children: — 

+1031 Matilda Van Bibber, b. in Missouri. 

1032 Susan Van Bibber, m. — Higginson. (/) 

1033 Marcha Van Bibber. 

1034 Elvira Van Bibber, m. — Davis. (/) 
+ 1035 Frances Van Bibber. 

+ 1036 Erreta Van Bibber, b. 20 June, 1810. 

1037 Pantha Van Bibber (e) 

1038 Isaac Van Bibber III, lived at old homestead in Loutre Lick, Mo. 

1039 Ewing Van Bibber, went to California, (e). 

1040 Alonzo Van Bibber. 

References: — 

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348. JEMIMA HAYS (Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^- Squire^' George^), 
born 31 Aug., 1778, at Fort Boonesborough, Ky.; died 6 Nov., 1843. 
(a & 6). 

Married James Davis, son of Jonathan Davis of Philadelphia. 


180 ^\\t Poone jFamilp 

James Davis came to Missouri in 1800. After his marriage he re- 
turned to Ky., and remained until 1819, when he returned to Mo., and 
settled in Montgomery Co. 

Children: — 


John Davis. 


Elizabeth Davis. 


Jesse Davis. 


Susan Davis. 


Narcissa Davis. 


Marcha Davis. 


Daniel B. Davis. 


Unicia Davis. 


Volney Davis. 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 22 C 75. 
(6) Draper Mss. 22 S 241-68 

352. BOONE HAYS {Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 
in 1783, died in 1850, at Marysville, Calif. 

Married 1st, on 3 June, 1807, in Clark Co., Ky., his cousin, Lydia 
Ann Scholl (No. 488), daughter of Peter Scholl and wife Mary Boone 
(No. 132), and 2nd, Mrs. Frazier of Memphis, Tenn. (a) 

He settled in Darst's Bottom, St. Charles Co., Mo., in 1801, and in 
1804 made a trip to Kentucky with furs, in company with his brother 
William Hays, Jr., and his cousin James Callaway. When Dodge's 
expedition went up the Missouri River with a number of prisoners, Boone 
Hays was a member of the party, having the rank of Captain, (c) In 
In 1818 he removed to Callaway Co., where he built the first horse-mill 
in that part of the country. He was a man of robust constitution and 
iron nerves, and was one of the famous "Forty-Niners," going to Cal- 
ifornia in 1849, where he died soon afterwards, (a) 

Children: — 

+ 1050 Louisa Hays, b. 18 June, 1810. 

1051 Alfred Hays, b. 5 Oct., 1814, died unm. 

+ 1052 Serrelda Hays, b. 22 Jan., 1816. 

+ 1053 Elinor Hays, b. 7 Mar., 1818. 

+ 1054 Amazon Hays, b. 27 Jan., 1820. 

+ 1055 Linville Hays, b. 20 Oct., 1821. 

+ 1056 Samuel Hays, b. 12 Dec, 1824. 

+ 1057 Marium Hays, b. 12 Mar., 1826. 

+ 1058 Mary Boone Hays, b. 14 Nov., 1829. 

+ 1059 Upton Hays, b. 29 Mar , 1831. 

References: — 

(a) "Pioneer Families of Missouri," Bryan and Rose. p. 343 

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S>ebentl) feneration isi 

356. JOHN BOONE CALLAWAY (Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^- Squires- 
George'), died 1825. 1^^ 

Married Elizabeth Caton, daughter of Jesse Caton of Kentucky. 

John B. Callaway, who was the eldest son of Flanders Callaway and 
Jemima Boone, was a fine scribe and excellent business man. He lived 
in St. Charles Co., Mo., where he was Justice of the Peace and Judge of 
the County Court for many years. Many of the old legal papers of St. 
Charles County have his name attached to them as Justice of the Peace. 
He had a mill and a distillery on Femme Osage Creek, (a) 

Children: — 

1060 Emaline Callaway, m. Hayden Boone (No. 455), a grandson of George 

Boone, brother of Daniel. 

1061 Verlinia Callaway, m. John Bryan, son of Henry Bryan. 
+ 1062 James Callaway. 

1063 Octavia Callaway, m. Schuyler Rice of England. 

Reference: — 

(rt) "Pioneer Families of Missouri," by Bryan and Rose, p. 208. 

357. JAMES CALLAWAY (Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire'^; George^), 
born in Fayette Co., Ky., 13 Sept., 1783; killed by Indians 7 March, 
1815, on Loutre Creek in Callaway Co., Mo. 

Married 9 May, 1805, Nancy Howell. 

He settled in St. Charles Co., Mo., and after his death Callaway 
County in Missouri was named for him. (a) His official military service 
was as follows: — 

"James Callaway (Missouri) Second Lieut. Rangers, 19 July, 1813; 
Captain July, 1814; died 7 Mar. 1815." (6) 

Captain Callaway was killed in an Indian ambuscade which took 
place on Prairie Fork, a branch of Loutre Creek, in present limits of 
Montgomery Co., Mo. He was shot in the back of the head while swim- 
ming the creek, and his body was not recovered until several days after 
his death. The body was wrapped in blankets and was buried on the 
side of the hill overlooking Loutre Creek. Several months afterward the 
grave was covered with stones and a flat slab laid thereon on which was 
engraved : 

Capt. Jas. Callaway, 
March 7, 1815. 

The slab had been prepared by Tarleton Goe of St. Charles Co., a 
cousin of Capt. Callaway, and is still to be found in its original resting 
place, the inscription thereon being quite plain. 


1064 Thomas H. CaUaway. 

1065 WiUiam B. CaUaway. 
+ 1066 Theresa Callaway. 

182 Cfje Poone jFamilj) 

References: — 

(a) "Missouri Historical Review," Vol. 1, No. 1. 
(6) Gardner's Dictionary of the Army. 

"Early Western Travels," by Reuben Golde Thwaites. 

359. SUSANNA CALLAWAY {Jemima^ Boone; Daniel'; Squire*; George'). 
born 1 Jan., 1791, in Boone's Station, Fayette Co., Ky. 

Married Thomas Howell, and had fourteen children, of whom we 
have record of only three. 

Children: — 

1067 — Howell, a daughter, m. — Blackater. 

1068 — Howell, a daughter, m. Ja^ckson Cushow and resided at Cottlesville, 

St Charles Co., Mo. 
1089 Amazon Howell, whom Daniel Boone named, "for the greatest river in 
the world," he said, as he held the child on his lap. 

References: — 

Draper Mss. 23 S 199-201. 
Draper Mss. 23 S 185-186. 

360. SARAH CALLAWAY {Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire^- George'). 
Married James Barnes, Jr., son of James Barnes of Virginia. They 
had 22 children, sixteen of whom lived to be grown. 

Children: — 


James Barnes. 


John Barnes. 


Larkin Baines. 


WiUiam Barnes. 


Callaway F. Barnes. 


Flanders C. Barnes, m Obedience Grigg, 


Lilburn Barnes. 


Volney Barnes. 


Andrew Barnes. 


Rhoda Barnes. 


Jemima Barnes. 


Mineiva Barnes. 


Margaret Barnes. 


Hulda Barnes. 


Cynthia Barnes. 


Elizabeth Barnes. 

361. FRANCES CALLAWAY {Jemima' Boone; Daniel^' Squire*; George'), 
died at Bloomington, Mo., about 1865. (a) 

Married William T. Lamme (b. 28 Apr., 1777, in Va., d. 1 Oct., 1840) 
(6), son of Robert Lamme of Bourbon Co., Ky. 

William T. Lamme settled in what is now Warren Co., Mo., in 1803. 

^ebentl) (feneration iss 

He was a First Lieutenant in Nathan Boone's company of Rangers, and 
was afterwards Major of a regiment. He had a good education, was a 
fine business man, and left his family in good circumstances at his death, 
(e) His service in the War of 1812 was as follows: — 

"Wm. T. Lamme (Lou'a Terr.) 1st. Lieut, of Rangers, 25 April, 1812; 1st 
Lieut, and Adjt. of Boone's Missouri Mounted Volunteers Jan., 1814; dis- 
banded 1815. (/) 

Children: — 

1086 Serena Lamme, b. 1806 (r); m. Lewis Howell. Res. Cottlesville, Mo., in 
1868 They had six children, three of whom were living in 1876. 

+ 1087 Zarina or Czarina Lamme, b. 11 Feb., 1805. 

+ 1088 Hulda Lamme. 

1089 Cornelia Lamme. 

1090 Missouri Lamme, m. Jesse Caton. 

1091 Josephine Lamme, m. Campbell Marshall. 

1092 Jackson Lamme. 

1093 Leonidas Lamme. 

1094 Achilles Lamme, Uved in Montana and engaged in the mercantile business. 

1095 Napoleon B. Lamme, lived in California. 

References: — 

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362. ELIZABETH CALLAWAY {Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 15 Feb., 1797; died 1 June, 1867, in Everett, Boone Co., 
Mo. (a & h) 

Married 15 Feb., 1815, Morgan Bryan (b. 20 Aug., 1794; d. 7 Aug., 
1857), son of David Bryan (wife Mary Power), grandson of James Bryan 
twife Rebecca Enoch), and great grandson of Morgan Bryan (wife Martha 
Strode). (See the Bryan Family Sketch.) 

Children: — 

+ 1096 Melcena Callaway Bryan, b. 18 Oct., 1816. 
+ 1097 Icilius Archibald Bryan, b. 10 Jan., 1832. 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 23 S 199-201. 
(6) Draper Mss. 23 S 185-186. 

363. MINERVA CALLAWAY (Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squires- 
George^) . 

Married John Jones, of Marthaville, Montgomery Co., Mo., a son of 
Giles Jones, an Englishman who came to America and served as a soldier 
in the Revolution. (See Jones history under John Scholl, No. 486.) 

184 ®f)e poone Jf amilp 

Dr. John Jones studied medicine in Ky., and after practicing there 
a while settled in Missouri. "He was considered a very able physician 
and his assassination by one he had befriended was atrocious," said 
his brother-in-law, John SchoU, when interviewed by Dr. Draper in 1868. 
(a) Dr. John Jones attended Daniel Boone during his last illness. 

Children: — 

1098 James Jones. 

1099 Caroline Jones, b. 7 July, 1822, in Warren Co., Mo.; m. — Bryan. 

1 100 Emily Jones. 

1101 Daniel Jones. 

-f-1102 John Stewart Jones, b. 3 Sept., 1828. 

1103 Ellen Jones. 

1104 Paul Jones. 

1105 Samuel Jones. 

1 106 George Jones. 

1107 Anna Jones. 

Reference: — 

(o) Draper Mss. 22 S 269-274. 

364. JESSE BOONE SCROLL (Levina-^ Boone; DanieV'; Squire*; George^) 
born 17 Oct., 1791; died 1 Aug., 1841, in Callaway Co., Mo. 

Married Elizabeth Miller, and settled in St. Charles Co., Mo., in 1811. 

Children: — 

-1-1108 Evaline Scholl. 

1109 Levina Scholl, d. unmarried. 

1110 Marcia Scholl, b. 12 Apr., 1834; d. unm. 28 Jan. 1856. 

365. SEPTIMUS SCHOLL {Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George*), 
died in Jackson Co., Mo., 1849. 

Married Sallie Miller, and settled in Missouri. 

Children: — 

+ 1111 Marcus SchoU, b. 5 Nov., 1826. 

-1-1112 Daniel Boone Scholl. 

4-1113 Nelson SchoU. 

1114 Joseph SchoU. 

-{-1115 Cyrus Scholl. 

1116 Catherine SchoU, m. Rodney Hind. 

-H1117 Eliza SchoU, b. Oct., 1823. 

366. MARCUS SCHOLL {Levina'' Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George'), 
died in Callaway Co., Mo. 

Married twice. 

Children: — 

(Second Marriage) 

1118 Marcus Scholl, Jr. 

1119 Joseph N. SchoU. 

^ebentl) feneration iss 

371. JOSEPH SCROLL, JR. {Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire^; George*), 
born 15 June, 1800, in Clark Co., Ky.; died 10 May, 1884, in Callaway 
Co., Mo. 

Married 1st, 28 Apr., 1824, Rebecca Van Meter Miller of Ky. (d. 
1829); and 2nd, 24 Feb., 1831, in Callaway Co., Mo., Eliza Ann Broughton 
(b. 12 Oct., 1812, in Bourbon Co., Ky.; d. 1 Apr., 1886), daughter of Job 
and Betsy Broughton. 

(Three brothers, William, Joseph and Reuben Broughton, emigrated 
from England to America. William came over as an aide to General Brad- 
dock. He received his commission from Col. Geo. Washington on June 4, 
1754, and was with him at Braddock's defeat. It is said that a sister of 
Gen. Braddock sent William Broughton as a present, a complete military 
suit. Records show that he received pension to June 12, 1786 or '87. He 

married Hannah , and was living on the banks of Lost River in Hardy 

Co., Va., on Sept. 12, 1784. He is said to have died in Virginia, and his 
estate was administered in 1797 in what is now Hardy Co., West Va. William 
and Hannah Broughton had six children, William, Job, Reuben, Hannah, 
Mary and Judith Ann. Job, the second son, married Feb. 1, 1810, in 
Bourbon Co., Ky., Betsy Curtright, daughter of Samuel and Rachel Curt- 
right. Job Broughton and his wife Betsy both died in Callaway Co., Mo., 
in 1844 and were buried on the farm of their son-in-law, Joseph SchoU. The 
will of Samuel Curtright, father of Betsy (wife of Job Broughton), is recorded 
in the office of the Clerk of the County Court of Bourbon Co., Kentucky. It 
is dated Apr. 11, 1828, and probated at the May term, 1828. In this will he 
mentions his wife Rachel, and his children John, Daniel, Henry, Betsy 
Broughton, wife of Job Broughton, Cornelius, Sarah Levy and Polly McCann.) 

Joseph Scholl, Jr., moved to Callaway Co., Mo., in 1820. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 
+ 1120 Cyrus Rector Scholl, b. 18 Nov., 1824. 

1121 OUver Perry Scholl, b. 28 Mar. 1825; d. 1846, unm. 

1122 James Riley Scholl, b. 1 Jan., 1829; d. 31 July, 1903; m. Artemishia Mc- 

Mahan. No children. 

(Second Marriage) 

-hll23 Rebecca Van Meter Scholl, b. 28 Feb., 1831. 

+1124 Elizabeth Curtright Scholl, b. 4 Apr., 1833. 

+ 1125 Celia Ann SchoU, b. 17 May, 1834; d. 28 Feb., 1911; married 19 Oct., 

1852, Henry' Crump {Louisa^ Hays; Boone'; Susannah* Boone; 

Daniel^; Squire^; George^), and her descendants will be given under 

his name. No. 2208. 
+1126 Catherine Miller SchoU, b. 30 Jan., 1836. 
+1127 Septimus AUen SchoU, b. 4 Dec, 1839. 
+1128 Levina Boone SchoU, b. 24 Jan., 1841. 
+1129 Jesse Boone SchoU, b. 9 Mar., 1844. 
+ 1130 EUza Jane SchoU, b. 3 Jan., 1848. 
+1131 Joseph R. SchoU, b. 7 Feb., 1850. 

1132 Nelson SchoU. d. in infancy. 

1133 Sarah SchoU, d. in infancy. 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 24 S 205-222. 

186 W\\t poone jFamilj^ 

374. NOBLE GOE (Rebecca^ Boone; Daniel^- Squire*; George^). 

Married 5 Nov., 1817, Jane (called Jenny) Smith, in St. Charles 
Co., Mo. They removed to Ray Co., Mo. 

Children: — 

+ 1134 George Washington Goe, b. 1819. 

+ 1135 Sarah Jane Goe, called Sall3', b. 1 Mar , 1821. 

+ 1136 Rebecca Boone Goe. 

1137 William Boone Goe, died young. 

+ 1138 James Noble Goe. 

+ 1139 Thomas Jefferson Goe. 

1140 Philip Goe, died young. 

+ 1141 Israel Smith Goe. 

+ 1142 John Crawford Goe, b. 22 Feb., 1842. 

376. NELLY GOE (Rebecca^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), died 
prior to 1868. 

Married Bloss. Residence, Jackson Co., Mo. 

Child: — 

1143 Tarleton Bloss, killed in Confederate Service, Civil War. 

381. DANIEL BOONE {Daniel^ M.; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 
27 March, 1809, in St. Charles Co., Missouri. 

Married 19 Jan., 1832, Mary Constance Philabert, orphan daughter 
of Gabriel Philabert of Canada. The Philaberts were a family of French 
extraction who moved to St. Louis in 1816. At the death of her parents 
Mary Constance was reared by her uncle, Joseph Philabert, and her 
brothers, Gabriel, John, Joseph, Frank and Peter, were placed at trades. 
The brother Gabriel was afterwards Government Blacksmith for the Kaw 
and Osage Indians, and was stationed in Kansas Territory near the mouth 
of the Kaw. (a) 

Daniel Boone and his wife were both living in 1878. 

Children: — (6) 

+ 1144 Ehzabeth Levica Boone, b. 22 Feb., 1833. 

+ 1145 Delila L. Boone b. 7 Feb., 1834. 

+ 1146 Maiy Frances Jane Boone, b. 27 July, 1838. 

1147 Alonzo H. Boone, b. 9 May, 1840; d. unm. 24 Sept., 1859. 

+ 1148 Napoleon Boone, b. 1 Oct., 1842. 

+ 1149 Theodore Boone, b. 11 Oct., 1844. 

+ 1150 Daniel Boone (4th), b. 25 Oct., 1846. 

+ 1151 Cassandre Boone, b. 14 March, 1849. 

1152 Nathan Boone, b. 29 Feb., 1852; m. Oct., 1902, Annie Graham; no children. 

+ 1153 Sarah Margaret Boone, b. 3 Feb., 1854. 

+ 1154 John Boone, b. 15 Oct., 1856. 

+ 1155 James H. Boone, b. 17 June, 1862. 

References: — 

(a) Missouri Volume of "The United States Biographical Dictionar}," Pub. 1878. 

(b) "Missouri Historical Review," Vol. 1, No. 1, Apr., 1911, pp. 179-182. 

^ebent!) (generation i87 

389. MORGAN BOONE (Daniel^ M.; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 
3 Aug., 1824, died 1852. 

Married 1st, on 12 Dec, 1848, Disa Stewart, a sister of Elizabeth 
Stewart who married Alonzo H. Boone (No. 378); and 2nd, Mary Ann 
Randolph of Jackson Co., Mo. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

i. Frances B. Boone, d. in infancy. 

(Second Marriage) 

ii. Morgan Boone, Jr., b. 1 Nov., 1851; m. 26 Aug., 1874, Louisa E. 
Davis. Lives in Jackson Co., Mo. Children are: — Ernest Boone, 
b. 13 Sept., 1875; Amy Boone, m. C. H. Hilliard; Fied Boone, m. 
Madge Marks and has two children; Vertie Boone; Paul Herbert 
Boone, m. Hilma Berkstrom; Fannie Boone; Judd Vivian Boone; 
Ruby and Mabel Boone, twins; Morgan Boone, Jr., b. 15 Nov., 1899; 
and Louisa Edith Boone. 

392. HARRIET BOONE (Jesse', DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 22 
Feb., 1794, in Fayette Co., Ky.; died 17 Nov., 1861, in Jefferson City, Mo. 
Married Hiram H. Baber (b. 10 Sept., 1795, in Buckingham Co., Va.; 
d. 23 Oct., 1873, in Jefferson City, Mo). He was a member of the First 
Constitutional Convention of Missouri. 

Children: — 

1156 Jesse B. Baber, b. 12 Feb., 1822; d. 14 Sept., 1878. 

1157 Albert Y. Baber, b. 13 Nov., 1826; d. 17 Apr., 1874. 

1158 Mary J. Baber, m. — Mafey (b. 3 July, 1820; d. 2 July, 1860). 

Reference: — 

United States Biographical Dictionary, Pub. 1878, Missouri Volume. 

394. MINERVA S. BOONE (Jesse'; Daniel'; Squire*; George^), born 
28 July, 1799. 

Married Captain Wynkoop Warner, U. S. A., of Steubenville, Ohio. 

Children: — 

1159 Theodore F. Warner, b. 10 Apr., 1818. 

1160 Mary B. Warner, b. 7 Aug., 1822. 

1161 Margaret Jane Warner, b. 24 Aug., 1827. 

1162 Russella Warner, b. 20 Mar., 1834, m. Col. James A. Price, a cousin 

of Gen. Robt. E. Lee. A granddaughter is Mrs. Berta Selva de 
Balyeat of Los Angeles Calif. 

395. PANTHEA GRANT BOONE (Jesse'; Daniel^- Squire'; George'), 
born 20 Sept., 1801, in Ky.; died 1880 in Napa, Cal. 

Married in 1823, Lilburn W. Boggs (b. 14 Jan., 1798, in Lexington, 
Ky.; d. 19 Mar., 1861, in Napa Co., Cal.), son of John M. and Martha 
(Oliver) Boggs. 

188 ^f)e poone jFamilp 

Lilburn W. Boggs was married first to Julia Ann Bent, daughter of 
Judge Silas Bent, by whom he had two sons, Angus and Henry. His 
second wife was Panthea G. Boone, by whom he had ten children. She 
was born in Greenup Co., Mo., and was the daughter of Jesse Boone, 
son of Daniel Boone. 

At the age of 18, Lilburn W. Boggs went to St. Louis, and was cash- 
ier of one of the first banks in that city. Later he engaged in merchandis- 
ing up and down the Mississippi River, and finally settled in Indepen- 
dence, Mo., Jackson Co. Was Lieut. Governor of State of Missouri and 
later (1836-'40) the Governor. During his term as governor there 
was trouble between citizens of Jackson Co., and some Mormons who 
had settled there. As Governor, Boggs was induced to call out the Mil- 
itia, and had the Mormons removed from the State. They settled in 
Illinois, founding the town of Nauvou, at which place their prophet and 
leader, Joe Smith, prophesied from their temple that the Ex-Governor 
of Missouri would die of violence inside of 12 months. As though in 
fulfilment of the prophesy. Governor Boggs nearly lost his life at the 
hands of an assassin a short time later. The Boggs home was in Inde- 
pendence, Mo., in which place a stranger appeared and hired out as a 
hostler. After familiarizing himself with the Ex-Governor's habits and 
family residence, he slipped up one dark rainy evening in 1842 and shot 
through the window at Lilburn W. Bogg as he sat reading his paper 
after dinner. The other members of the family were still with their 
mother (Panthea G. Boone Boggs) in the dining room finishing the 
evening meal. While severely injured by the shot, L. W. Boggs recov- 
ered and lived for nineteen years. 

In 1846 he and his family emigrated to California, where he settled 
in the Sonoma Valley. He had expected to retire from public life, having 
held various public offices for thirty years, but was persuaded to accept 
the position of Alcalde of the Northern District of California under the 
U. S. Military Governor, Gen. Bennett W. Riley. 

Their descendants still live in California. 

Children: — 

1163 Thomas Oliver Boggs, d. in Las Animas, Cal. 

1164 William M. Boggs, d. in Kern Co., Cal.; was born 21 Oct., 1826. 

1165 Albert G. Boggs, d. in Napa, Cal. 

1166 Theodore Boggs, d. in Prescott, Arizona. 

1167 John Boggs, d. in Las Animas, Cal. 

1168 George W. Boggs, d. at Stockton or Modesta, Cal. 

1169 Martha Boggs, deceased. 

1170 Minerva Boggs, d. in Napa Co., Cal.; m. R. D. Hopkins. 
+ 1171 Sophia Boggs, b. 29 Oct , 1841. 

1172 Joseph Oliver Boggs, d. at Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Reference: — 

A sketch of Gov. Boggs' life, by his son Wm. M. Boggs, of Napa, Cal, Apr. 3, 1909, 
pub. in "Missouri Historical Review," Vol. 4, No. 2. 

^ebentf) (feneration i89 

396. ALBERT GALLATIN BOONE {Jesse^; Daniel''; Squire^; George^), 
born 17 or 27 of Apr., 1806. 

Married 1st, Ann Reid Hamilton of Augusta Co., Va. (b. 25 Dec, 
1811; d. 21 Apr., 1842); 2nd, on 20 Jan. 1845, Zeralda Randall of Rich- 
mond, Ky. (d. 9 Apr. 1851); and 3rd, Kate Philips of Philadelphia (d. 

Albert Gallatin Boone was appointed by President Buchanan in 1860 
to draft a treaty with the Cheyenne and the Arapahoe Indians for the 
cession of Colorado to the United States. This he succeeded in ac- 
complishing, and was appointed agent over those Indians, but was subse- 
quently removed by President Lincoln on political grounds. Pres. Grant 
appointed him Agent for the Kiowas, Comaches and Cheyenne Indians, 
and during the Indian Wars seven tribes were placed in his agency. 
President Grant in his second term appointed Col. Boone and Kit Carson 
to make a treaty with the Indians, by which was ceded to the United States 
the San Juan County of Colorado. The same President afterward appoint- 
ed him to make a treaty with the Sioux Indians for the cession of the 
Black Hills country to the United States, after which he was appointed 
by the Secretary of War to locate the same tribe in the Valley of the 
Arkansas and Salt Fork of the Red River. President Hays appointed 
him to the Agency of the Ponce Indians, (a) He was a pioneer of Colo- 
rado, and a leader in Rocky Mountain Explorations. (6) 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1173 — Boone, b. 20 Apr , 1830; d. same day. 

1174 William Ashley Boone, b. 4 Jan., 1832. 

1175 John Hamilton Boone, b. 5 Jan., 1834. 
+ 1176 Margaret Ann Boone, b. 1 Aug., 1836. 
+ 1177 Eliza Yantis Boone, b. 2 June, 1838. 
+ 1178 Agnes Reid Boone, b. 2 Dec, 1840. 

(Second Marriage) 

+ 1179 Mary Boggs Boone, b. 2 Nov., 1845. 

+ 1180 Minerva Warner Boone, b. 1 Apr., 1848. 

1181 Martha Randall Boone, b. 27 Nov., 185-. 

References: — 

(a) Missouri Volume of "United States Biographical Dictionary," Pub. 1878. 
(6) "Pioneers of the Old Southwest" (1919), New Haven, Conn. 

398. EMILY BOONE {Jesse^; Daniel^; Squire^; George^), born 31 Aug., 
1811; died 1873 in Fulton, Callaway Co., Mo. 
Married June, 1832, James S. Henderson. 

Children: — 

1182 Martha Henderson, b. 1833; d. 1912, in Fulton, Mo. Unm. 

1183 William Harry Henderson, b in Fulton, Mo.; d. abt. 1890, unm. 

1184 Mary Lettia Henderson, b. 1838; d. 1905, unm. 

190 arije Jioone jFamHp 

+ 1185 Theodore Warner Henderson, b. 1839. 

+ 1186 Joseph Charless Henderson.* 

1187 Minnie Warner Henderson, b. 1840; d. abt. 1860, unm. 

1188 James Fassett Henderson, d. 1909, unm. 

399. VAN DANIEL BOONE (Jesse"; Daniel'; Squire^- George^), born 
29 Apr., 1814; died 4 Mar., 1871. 

Married 9 Jan., 1845, at Independence, Mo., Mary Ann Randall 
(b. 7 March, 1823; d. 18 Sept., 1909), a sister of Zeralda Randall, wife 
of Albert Gallatin Boone. 

Children: — 

+ 1189 Albert GaUatin Boone, b. 25 Nov., 1845. 

+ 1190 Emily Henderson Boone, b. 31 May, 1848. 

1191 William Randall Boone, b. 2 Nov., 1850. 

+ 1192 Zeralda Engleton Boone, b. 24 Apr., 1862. 

+ 1193 Harriet Baber Boone, b. 11 Feb., 1855. 

1194 Charles Randall Boone, b. 31 Jan., 1858. 

1195 Benjamin Franklin Boone, b. 13 or 23 Aug., 1863. 

1196 Jesse Murray Boone, b. 22 Mar., 1866; d. 25 or 26 Nov., 1899. 

406. BENJAMIN HOWARD BOONE (Nathan'; Daniel'; Squires- 

Married Mary Stallard. Resided in Green Co., Mo., in 1851. 

Children: — 

+ 1197 Joseph Boone. 
+ 1198 Charles Boone. 
1199 James Boone, d. single. 

407. JOHN COBURN BOONE (Nathan^- Daniel'; Squire*; George'). 
Married Molly Wardlow (d. 1902), a descendant of the Livingstons 
and the Fultons. Resided in California in 1851. (a) 

Children: — 

+ 1200 L. N. Boone. 

+ 1201 Daniel Boone, b. 30 Oct., 1857. 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 6 S 18-254. 

408. LEVICA BOONE (Nathan' ; Daniel'; Squire*; George^). 
Married Wilham Cawlfield. 

*Note: — Charless was a family name. See also No. 2465. 

g>ebEntt) (generation i9i 

Children: — 


John Cawlfield. 


Rebecca Cawlfield. 


Mary Olive Cawlfield 


William Cawlfield. 


James Cawlfield. 


Joseph Cawlfield. 

409. MELCINA BOONE (Nathan''; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 
about 1820; died 16 June, 1900, aged 80. 

Married 1st, James Howard, who died less than two years after 
marriage, and 2nd, Franklin T. Frazier. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1209 Thomas Howard, d. aged 12 years. 

(Second Marriage) 

1210 Constantine Frazier, b. 1849; d. 1896; m. Amanda Simons. 

1211 Nathan Frazier, b. 1851; m Lina Firby. 

1212 Frank Frazier, b. 1855; m. Molly Trevathan. Resides at Ashgrove, Mo., 

on old homestead. 
Laura Frazier, m. A. K. Weir. 

410. MARY BOONE (Nathan^; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 22 
Jan., 1822; died 13 June, 1915. 

Married 23 Apr., 1841, Alfred Hosman (died 28 March, 1890). 

At the time of her death she was the only living grandchild of 
Daniel Boone. 

"Genealogy" Vol. VII, No. 8, Edited by WiUiam Montgomery 
Clemens, gives the following account of this family: — 

"Mary Boone, daughter of Nathan, * * * * ^ married Alfred Hosman, 
23 April, 1841, and went to Kentucky, making the entire trip on horseback. 
Lived in Kentucky, till 1844, returned to Green Co., Mo., and settled on a 
farm south of and adjoining Ashgrove, Mo. In 1861 they removed to the 
state of Illinois and there remained until the close of the war, returning to 
Missouri ajid living in Springfield, Missouri, for a few years; and in 1868 
moved to and settled on a tract of land one and one-half miles north of Ash- 
grove, which was part of the Nathan Boone land." 

Children: — 

1213 Mary F. Hosman, b. J— 22, 1842 ; m. R. C. Prunty. Resided in Augusta, 


1214 Olive A. Hosman, b. 9 Feb., 1844; m. William Stone. 

1215 Daniel B. Hosman, b. 12 Feb., 1845; d. in infancy. 

1216 Nathan Hosman, b. 16 Apr., 1847; d. in infancy. 

1217 Mahala Hosman, b. 25 Nov., 1848; d. in infancy. 

1218 Charles L. Hosman, b. 10 Nov., 1850; m. Mary Jane Cowan. 

192 trije JSoone jFamilp 

1219 Sanford E. Hosman, b. 8 May, 1853; m. Sarah Tucker. No children. 
Res., Loco, Okla. 

+ 1220 John B. Hosman, b. 5 May, 1855. 

+1221 Thomas Alfred Hosman, b. 4 J—, 1857. 

1222 Luther Hoeman, b. 31 Apr., 1859; d. in infancy. 

1223 Joseph K. Hosman, b. 22 Sept., 1860; d. in infancy. 

1224 Robert L. Hosman, b. 3 J—, 1866. Unm. Res., Ashgrove. 

1225 Belle P. Hosman, b. 3 J—, 1866; m. Charles M. Baker. 

425. JOSEPH BRYAN (Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George''). 
Married Mary Cartmell. 

Children: — 

Possibly a daughter Sallie Bryan (See D. A. R. Lineage Books, Nat. 
number 26043.) 
+ 1226 Joseph Henry Bryan. 

426. SAMUEL BRYAN (Daniel^; Mary' Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Elizabeth Higbee. 

Child: — 

+ 1227 Hester Whiting Bryan. 

428. FRANKLIN B. CHINN (Sarah' Boone; Mary' Boone; Squire*; 
George^), born 1800; died 10 Aug., 1876. 

Married 1st, 1827, Mary Scott (d. 1835), and 2nd, 1835, Mrs. Anne 
Bell Wells (b. 1805; d. 1873), daughter of Clement and Margaret (Steele) 
Bell. Residence, Bellsgrove, Ky., near Frankfort. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

1228 WiUiam L. Chinn. 

1229 Amanda Chinn. 

1230 Mary Chmn. 

(Second Marriage) 

1231 Clement Bell Chinn, m. Jennie Markham. 

1232 Frank Chinn, m, Elizabeth Blackburn. 
+1233 Anna E. Chinn, b. 1839. 

1234 Sarah Jane Chinn (dec); m. Jno. C. Morton. Mrs. Morton was Regent 
of the Kentucky State Historical Society, Frankfort, Ky, 

436. NANCY COPHER {Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George*). 
Married — Taul, of Kentucky. 

Child : — 

1235 Arthur Taul, who settled in Clay Co., Mo., 1850. 

S>ebentl) (generation i93 

441. HETTIE BOONE GOPHER {Elizabeth Boone; George''; Squire*; 
George^), born 22 Dec, 1803, in Kentucky; died 25 Feb., 1842, in Missouri. 

Married 28 June, 1821, to Tyree H. Berry (b, 25 Oct., 1800; d. 13 
Sept., 1871), by Thomas Campbell, in Boone Co., Mo. 

(After the death of his 1st wife, Hettie Boone Copher, Tyree H. 
Berry married 2nd, on 6 June, 1844, a Mrs. Ehart, a widow (d. 31 Oct., 
1865), by whom he had one son, Andy M. Berry, who had Walter H.; 
Nellie; Samuel A; James C; and Bessie.) 

Tyree H. Berry was a Baptist minister. At a Baptist Convention 
being held four miles south-east of Warrensburg, Mo., at Mt. Zion Church, 
he preached the Introductory sermon and was taken sick and died the 
following day. He was the son of John Berry of Kentucky, and wife 
Elizabeth Harris, daughter of Robert Harris and wife Nancy Grubbs. 
(See "Harris" and "Grubbs" sketches.) John Berry was in the muster 
roll of Capt. Sarshall Cooper (See "Cooper" Sketch under Adaline 
Carson, No. 1263.) Com. dated 1812, while living in the Boonslick Country, 
Mo.: (a) "John Berry, Ensign, Company of the 3rd Battalion, Sarshall 
Cooper, Captain." 

Children: — 

+ 1236 Polly Berry, b. 14 May, 1822. 
+ 1237 John Berry, b. 14 Sept., 1823. 
+ 1238 William N. Berry, b. 22 Oct., 1825. 
+ 1239 Thomas C. Berry, b. 19 Dec, 1827. 
+ 1240 EHzabeth Berry, b. 14 Oct., 1829. 

It seems there were two children between Elizabeth Berry and James 

M. Berry, whose names are unknown and nothing is known of 

their history. 
+ 1241 James M. Berry, b. 16 Feb., 1835. 
+ 1242 David Lenox Berry, b. 7 Apr., 1837. 
+ 1243 Nannie Berry, b. 28 June, 1839. 
+ 1244 Benjamin Berry, b. 29 July, 1841. 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Notes Vol. XXIII, p. 65-81. 

"History of Missouri," Houck, Vol. Ill, pages 106, 115, 116. 

446. ELEANOR (NELLIE) COPHER {Elizabeth^ Boone; George'' ; 
Squire'^; George^), born in 1805; died 1871. 

Married in 1824, David McQuitty (b. 1800; d. 1871), son of Andrew 
and Mary (Crump) McQuitty, and great grandson of William and Ellen 
(Smith) McQuitty. 

(V^illiam McQuitty [buried in Rashee, Ireland] and his wife, Ellen 
Smith [buried in Kilbraidy] had a son David McQuitty [d. 1793], who 
married Nancy Arnold in Ireland. David and Nancy McQuitty emigrated 
to America and settled in Pennsylvania,, where they were living at the time 
of his death. David served in the Revolutionary Army about six years. 
To him and his wife were born four children, Andrew, Mary, William, and 
David, Jr. 

194 i:i)e poone jFamilp 

Andrew McQuitty served in the Revolutionary War, eighteen months. 
He married ]\Iar\' Crump and moved to Kentucky, but whether before or 
after his marriage is not known. Again in the War of 1812, he served; was 
with General Andrew Jackson at New Orleans, coming home that sum- 
mer and moving to Missouri. He and his wife had a son, David McQuitty, 
3rd, who married Eleanor Gopher.) 

Ghildren: — 

+ 1245 Andrew J. McQuitty, b. 26 July, 1825. 
+ 1246 David McQuitty. 

1247 Thomas McQuitty, m. Elizabeth Wilhite. 

1248 Dave McQuitty, d. at Camp Douglas during the Civil War, never m. 

1249 George McQuitty, was wounded at Baker Creek, Miss., in the Civil War. 

Never m. 

1250 Franklin McQuitty, m. Elizabeth Smith. 

1251 Nestor McQuitty, never m. ; d young. 

1252 Maiy McQuitty, m. Morgan Elliott. 

1253 Amarinda McQuitty, m. Berry Wilhite. 

1254 Sarah McQuitty, never m. 

447. LUGY BOONE (William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born about 
1790 or '91; died Aug., 1868 or '69, aged 78 years. 

Married 24 June, 1810, in Madison Gounty, Ky., Major Andrew 
Tribble (b. 2 Dec, 1785; d. Dec, 1869, aged 84 years), who was a son of 
Rev. Andrew and Sarah Ann (Burris) Tribble. (See the "Burris and Tribble 
Families" for the ancestry of Andrew Tribble.) In February, 1810, before 
her marriage to Andrew Tribble in June, Lucy Boone and her sister Milly 
(Boone) Garson, together with Rebecca Harris, were witnesses to the deed 
from her father and mother to Richard Tunstall, Jr. In 1811, she and her 
husband moved to Shelby Gounty where they lived the rest of their lives. 

Both Lucy (Boone) Tribble and her husband died at their home in 
Shelby Gounty, Ky., and are buried at the old home place, where they 
spent all their married life. 

Children: — 

1255 William Tribble, b. 1811 ; d. 1857. 

1256 Sallie Ann Tribble, b. 1813; d. 1889; m. 1841, Thomas Conners, New 

Albany, Ind. 

1257 Cassandra Tribble, b. 1815; d. 1875. 
+ 1258 Nancy Boone Tribble, b. 9 Feb., 1819. 

1259 Lucy Tribble, b. 1821; d. 1869 in Henry County, Ky.; m. Aaron Byrns 

(or Byrus), of Henry County, Ky. 

1260 Nestor fribble, b. 1825; d. 1856. 
+ 1261 Hampton Tribble, b. 1828. 
+1262 Mary Frances Tribble, b. 1831. 

448. MILDRED (MILLY) BOONE (William^' George^- Squire*; George^). 
Married 1809, William Garson (b. 1786; d. 1853), older half-brother 

of the famous "Kit" Garson. 

^ebentl) (generation i95 

They had perhaps moved to Shelby County, Ky., when she died a 
year or so after their marriage. 

(Lindsay Carson, who was a son of William Carson, born in England, 
owned land adjacent to Col. William Boone in Madison Co., Ky. He was 
twice married, but names of his wives not known. His son William Carson, 
who married 1st, Milly Boone, and 2nd, her sister Cassandra Boone, was a 
son of Lindsay Carson's first wife, and "Kit" Carson was a son of the second 
wife. Lindsay Carson was killed by Indians in 1819.) 

Child: — 

+ 1263 Adaline Carson, b. 23 Nov., or 3 Apr., 1810. 

449. MATILDA BOONE (William^- George'; Squire'; George^), born 
1 Dec, 1795; died 16 Nov., 1852. 

Married 1 Oct., 1816, William Wilson (b. 20 Aug., 1785; d. 10 June, 
1871), son of Abner and Lydia Wilson. 

She and her husband are buried on the old Wilson farm three miles 
from Shelbyville, Ky., now known as the Daniel farm. 

Children: — 

+ 1264 Lydia Garner Wilson, b. 5 Sept., 1817. 

+ 1265 William Boone Wilson, b. 18 Oct., 1820. 

1266 Joel Hajnpton Wilson, b. 5 July, 1824. 

+ 1267 Nancy Grubbs Wilson, b. 22 May, 1827. 

1268 Abner Wilson, b. 10 Jan.; 1830; d. 18 Oct., 1851. 

+ 1269 Matilda Boone Wilson^ b. 7 Sept., 1832. 

1270 Mary Elizabeth Wilson, b. 7 May, 1835; d. 3 Aug., 1855. 

+ 1271 Martha Louise Wilson, b. 17 Aug., 1837. 

450. CASSANDRA BOONE (William^; George^; Squire'; George^), born 
1796, in Madison Co., Ky.; died 1864, in Fayette, Mo. 

Married 1817, WiUiam Carson, her brother-in-law (b. 1786; d. 1853). 

She went to Missouri in 1816. His will was recorded 27 Dec, 1853. 

Children: — 

+ 1272 Milly Carson. 

+ 1273 Cassandra Carson. 

+ 1274 George Hampton Carson, b. 26 Feb., 1827. 

+1275 Col. James Thomas Carson, b. 25 Apr., 1831, in Howard Co., Mo. 

1276 Claiborne J. Carson, b. 1837; d. 1863. He was a soldier in the Civil War. 

+1277 Frank Carson, b. 11 Apr., 1839. 

451. HAMPTON LYNCH BOONE {William^; George''; Squire*; George^), 
born 29 June, 1802, in Shelby County, Ky.; died Mar., 1851, in Fayette, 

Married 18 Dec, 1822, at Franklin, Mo., Maria Louise Roberts (b. 
1805 in New York; d. Sept., 1870, in Mobile, Ala.). 


196 ^fje Poone jFamilp 

In the year 1818 he moved with his father's family from Kentucky 
to Loutre Island, in what is now Montgomery County, Mo., where his 
father, Wilham C. Boone, engaged in mercantile business. Young Hamp- 
ton Boone assisted his father for about two years. Meanwhile he began 
the study of law, but later gave up the idea of entering that profession. 
He gave much thought to religious matters, and having joined the church 
in 1828, he entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in 
which he continued as a local preacher until 1840. Having studied closely 
the religious tenets of the different denominations, his convictions led 
him to sever his relations with the Methodist Church and become a 
minister of the Christian Curch, in which denomination he continued 
for the remainder of his life. 

At that time and in new frontier countries, it was necessary for 
ministers of the gospel to seek additional means of providing for their 
own support. Hence we find Hampton L, Boone alternating between the 
pulpit and secular employment, and often doing service in both for years 
at a time. At one time when a young man he was employed as clerk 
under Capt. Whitmore, the Government agent appointed to make certain 
payments to the Indians. While thus employed he made several trips 
up and down the river. 

About 1832 he went to Fayette, Mo., and a year afterwards entered 
the mercantile business at that place, which he engaged in until 1840. 
Meanwhile he was appointed registrar of the land office at Old Franklin 
and later at Fayette, which position he held for about twelve years, and 
until the inauguration of President Harrison in 1841. In 1842 he was 
appointed clerk of the supreme court at Jelferson City, to which city he 
removed his family in 1844. He was clerk of the supreme court for about 
six years. For several years during his official term in Jefferson City, 
he was editor of the "Metropolitan," a Democratic newspaper which under 
his editorship was the first paper in the state to take a stand against 
Thomas H. Benton. 

The winter of 1849-50 he spent in St. Louis, but on account of fail- 
ing health he returned to his old home, Fayette, in March 1850, resuming 
work in the Christian Ministry, until his death in 1851. Notwithstand- 
ing he led an active business life, he never lost sight of his duties as a 
minister, and his life and business relations followed the high principles 
which he preached from the pulpit, (a) 

Children: — 

1278 Thaddeus Boone, b. 1825; d. 1862; m. Ist, Sallie Watts, sister of Ben- 

jamin Watts, who m. Thaddeus' younger sister Evalina (See Davis 
"Family"), and 2nd, Lou Briggs (who after Mr. Boone's death, m. 
John W. Viley). 

1279 Armide Boone, b. 1827; d. 1888; m. Napoleon B. Giddings, of Savannah, 


1280 Rowena Boone, b. 1829; d. young; m. Mr. Tumy. (?) 
+ 1281 Evelina Boone, b. 24 Nov., 1832. 

^ebentl) feneration 


+ 1282 William Constantine Boone, b. 20 Mar., 1834. 

1283 Mary Louise Boone, b. 1835; d. young. 

1284 Annie Boone, b. 1837; d. young. 

1285 William Boone, b. 1839; d. 1839. 
+1286 Thomas Allen Boone, b. 25 Dec, 1841. 

1287 Benjamin Watts Boone, b. 2 Dec, 1843; d. July, 1909; m. Louise Smith. 
He was bom in Fayette, Howard Co., Mo. In 1858 his widowed 
mother removed with her family to Savannah, in Andrew Co., Mc, 
where Benjamin attended school and received a practical English 
education. In 1863 he returned to Faj'ette and shortly afterwards 
entered a dry-goods store as a clerk, remaining in that business until 
1880, when he was appointed deputy county collector under Col. 
Steven Cooper. He served two terms in that office. 
+ 1288 Hampton Giddings Boone, b. 19 May, 1845. 

1289 Jesse Boone, d. in infancy. 

Reference: — 

(a) Compiled from a sketch published in a History of Howard and Cooper Counties, 
1883. St. Louis National Historical Co. Page 361. 

452. NESTOR BOONE {William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 
5 Mar., 1804; died 1 Oct., 1876, in Boone County, Mo. 

Married 1821, his cousin Matilda Tribble {Mary^ Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^), No. 466 (b. 1 May, 1808; d. abt. 1865). 

Children: — 

+ 1290 Mary T. Boone, b. 11 Aug., 1822. 

1291 George Boone, d. 1862; never m. 

+1292 Nannie Grubbs Boone, b. 1835. 

+ 1293 Peter Tribble Boone. 

1294 Nestor Boone, II. b. 1840; never m. 

1295 Matilda Frances Boone, b. 1843; m. John Henning. 

1296 Strother (Strather) Boone, b. 1844; d. 1912; m. Belle Williams. Res. Es- 

till, Mo. 

1297 EUa Boone, b. 1 Nov., 1849; m. John Williams. Res. Hopland, Cal. 

11 children. 

(There was possibly another child, Alexander Boone.) 

453. WILLIAM CRAWFORD BOONE {William'; George\- Squire*; 
George^), born 2 Aug., 1812, in Shelby Co., Ky.; died 17 Jan., 1885, in 
Jefferson City, Mo. 

Married 10 June, 1834, in Fayette, Howard County, Mo., Lucy Ann 
Daly (b. 18 Apr., 1817, in Jassamine Co., Ky.; d. 6 Nov., 1898, in Miss- 
ouri), daughter of Lawrence Jones Daly (b. 10 Aug., 1760; d. 4 Mar., 
1841); married 2nd, on Sunday, 7 Oct., 1810, Mrs. Elizabeth (Williams) 
Morrison (b. 6 Feb., 1777; d. 13 Oct., 1847), widow of William Morrison 
(d. Friday, 8 July, 1808). The wedding ceremony of William Crawford 
Boone and Lucy Ann Daly was performed at 7 P. M. by Rev. Hampton 
Lynch Boone, his brother. 


®f)e Jioone jFamilp 

In 1868, he was a merchant in Keokuk, la. (a) 

Children: — 

+ 1298 William Crawford Boone, Jr., b. 19 May, 1836. 

+ 1299 Capt. Hampton Lynch Boone, b. 15 Dec, 1837. 

+ 1300 Naacy Boone, b. 27 Aug., 1839. 

+ 1301 Uriel vS. Boone, b. 8 May, 1841. 

1302 Daly Boone, b. 14 Mar., 1843, in Fayette, Mo.; d. 3 Nov., 1845. 

+ 1303 John Talbot Boone, b. 15 Mar., 1845. 

+ 1304 Elizabeth Boone, b. 17 Nov., 1846. 

+1305 Louisa Cornelia Boone, b. 26 Apr., 1849. 

+ 1306 Daniel Boone, b. 29 Dec, 1851. 

+ 1307 AHce Boone. 

+ 1308 Howard County Boone, b. 13 Feb., 1857. 

Reference: — 

(o) Draper Mss. 22 S 241-68. 

459. NANCY TRIBBLE {Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire^ George^), 
born 20 Aug., 1794; died 6 Dec, 1872. 

Married about 1812, her cousin, George Washington Stoner, (b. 
25 Oct., 1787; d. 20 June, 1871), son of Michael and Frances (Tribble) 
Stoner. (See the "Stoner Family.") 

They are buried in the Stoner lot in the cemetery at Mt. Sterling, 
Ky., and these dates are taken from the Stoner monument. 

Children: — 

1309 Clinton D. Stoner, b. 22 Apr., 1813; d. 24 Oct., 1834. 

1310 Sarah Ann Stoner, b. 14 Jan., 1815; d. 23 Apr., 1831. 
+ 1311 Michael L. Stoner, b. 12 Jan., 1817. 

+1312 Mary Ann Stoner, b. 30 Nov., 1818. 

1313 Peter Tribble Stoner, b. 22 Sept., 1820; d. abt. 21 Aug., 1871; m. 10 Oct., 
1844, Mary Phelps (d. 25 Jan , 1915). They had no children. He 
was the only one of a family of twelve who was a Union sympathizer 
during the Civil war. Consequently there was no visiting between 
him and the rest of his family until some time after the War. He 
and his wife lived on a farm near Mt. Sterhng, Ky. 
+1314 Frances Miriam Stoner, b. 29 May, 1823; d. 3 May, 1902. 

1315 Minerva Tribble Stoner, b. 17 Mar., 1825; d. 17 Sept., 1906; m. (1) 23 
Feb., 1843, John Waller Grubbs (b. 9 Apr., 1821 ;d. 14 June 1854. See 
the "Grubbs" Family), and (2) Gen. Richard S. WilUams (d. Dec, 
1884 or Jan., 1885), of Montgomery Co., Ky.,and a brother of Gen. 
John S. ("Cerro Gordo") Williams, so nicknamed from the battle of 
Cerro Gordo, in the Mexican War, in which he and his brother Rich- 
ard both served. 
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Minerva (Stoner) and General "Dick" 
Williams were in Texas visiting her brother Michael L. Stoner. Be- 
cause of too outspoken Union behefs Gen, Williams was forced to 
leave Texas. They went overland to Ky., driving ox teams hitched to 
covered wagons, and camping nights by the roadside — a journey 
which took six months. With them they took Tillitha and Lillie, 

g>ebent!) (feneration 


daughters of Michael L. Stoner, at that time a widower. Minerva 

T. Stoner and both her husbands are buried in the Stoner Family 

lot, in the Mt. Sterling (Ky.) Cemetery. 
4-1316 George Washington Stoner, II, b. 25 Jan., 1827. 
+ 1317 Thomas Chilton Stoner, b. 24 Mar., 1829. 
1318 Nancly Tribble Stoner, b. 22 July, 1831; d. abt. 1871; m. a year or so 

before her death, Major Evans, but left no descendants. She is buried 

at Mt. Sterling (Ky.), in the family lot. 
+ 1319 Maria Fox Stoner, b. 30 May, 1833. 
+ 1320 Robert Gatewood Stoner, b. 22 Jan., 1838. 

born 15 Aug., 1796. 

Married William Galbreath. 

(Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), 

Children: — 

1321 Mary Galbreath, m. R. H. Emerson. 

1322 WiUiam H. Galbreath. 

1323 George W. Galbreath, of Texas. 

1324 Sarah Galbreath. 

1325 Matilda Galbreath. 

1326 Peter Tribble Galbreath. 
Alexander Tribble Galbreath. 

461. ELIZABETH TRIBBLE (Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire^- George^), 
born 1798. 

Married 18 Feb., 1819, Joseph Gentry (b. 29 Aug., 1799, in Mead 
Co., Ky.; d. 26 Mar., 1864). (See the "Gentry Family.") 

Joseph Gentry was a prosperous farmer of Lincoln Co., Ky., and he 
and his wife were both Baptists. 

Children: — 

+1328 Jane Gentry. 

+1329 Mary Frances Gentry, b. 1 Jan., 1818. 

+1330 Peter Tribble Gentry, Sr., b. 19 Dec, 1819. 

+ 1331 Nancy Boone Gentry. 

1322 Harris F. Gentry, b. 15 Oct., 1829; d. 1 Dec, 1856. 

+1323 Joseph Gentry, b. 20 Sept., 1831. 

1324 Richard Gentry, d. Nov., 1862; unm. 

+ 1325 Overton H. Gentry, b. 16 June, 1836. 

1326 Alexander T. Gentry, b. Oct., 1838; d. Aug., 1862. 

+ 1327 William Harrison Gentry, b. 11 Oct., 1840. 

+1328 Mariah Gentry. 

462. MARIA TRIBBLE (Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 
9 June, 1800. 

Married 12 Jan., 1820, George W. Fox, son of John and Rebecca 
(Moore) Fox. 

200 ®l)e poone Jf amilp 

Children: — 

+ 1339 Eliza Fox. 

1340 Mary Boone Fox, m. — Robinson. 
+ 1341 George M. Fox. 
+ 1342 Samuel T. Fox. 
+ 1343 Peter T. Fox, Sr. 

463. FRANCES A. TRIBBLE (Mary^ Boone; George^- Squire*; George^), 
born 9 Dec, 1802. 

Married her cousin, Peter Burris Stoner, son of Michael and Frances 
(Tribble) Stoner. (See the "Stoner" Family.) 

Children: — 

+ 1344 George Ann Stoner. 

+1345 Sarah Stoner, m. her cousin, Samuel T. Fox {Maria' Tribble; Mary*; 

Boone; George^; Squire*, George^). Des. given under father as he is 

also a Boone descendant, No. 1342. 
+ 1346 Mary Elizabeth Stoner. 
+ 1347 Nancy Michael Stoner. 
+ 1348 Peter Tribble Stoner. 
+ 1349 George Washington Stoner, b. 1824. 

464. GEORGE W. TRIBBLE {Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George*) > 
born 1 Jan., 1804. 

Married 2 Sept., 1828, Patsy Embry, daughter of Joel Embry, Sr. 

Children: — 

+1350 Mary Ann Tribble, b. 5 June, 1829. 

1351 Martha Tribble, b. 31 Mar., 1833; d. 12 Apr., 1849. 

1352 Peter Tribble, b. 16 Aug., 1835; m. 5 Mar., 1855, Mary K. Bawdry, and 

on 13 Apr., 1918, was living in Hopkinsville, Ky. (No record of his 

1353 Ruth B. Tribble, b. 29 Nov., 1837; m. 22 Apr., 1856, Robert Hopkins, 

and in Apr., 1915, was living in Wilton, South Dakota. 

1354 Joel Tribble, b. 7 Feb., 1840; d. 24 June, 1861. 

1355 George W. Tribble, b. 11 July, 1842; m. (1) 20Feb.,1860,BettieBeaze- 

ley (who died Feb., 1861). He m. (2) 26 Feb., 1863,BettieHemdon 
who died in 1892). He m. (3) Willie Smith, and Apr., 1918, waa 
hving in Marion ville. Mo. 
+1356 Alexander Tribble, b. 5 Dec, 1844. 

465. SAMUEL TRIBBLE (Mary^ Boone; George^- Squire*; George*), 
b. 5 Nov., 1805; died 3 May, 1831. 

Married 15 Dec, 1824, his cousin, Nancy Stoner, daughter of George 
Michael Stoner and his wife, Frances Tribble. See Sketch of Stoner 

^ebentl) (generation 201 

Children: — 

1357 Samuel Tribble, Jr., d. during the Civil War, leaving no heira. 
+1358 Peter Tribble, m. Mary Thomson. 
+1359 Frances Tribble. 

470. MINERVA TRIBBLE {Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), 
b. 30 Jan., 1817. 

Married Dr. Lissius Chilton. Lived in Christian County, Ky. 

Children: — 

1360 Lissius B. Chilton. 

1361 Thomas A. Chilton. 

1362 Elizabeth Chilton, m. — Brasbear. 
+1363 George Chilton. 

1364 Eliza Jane Chilton, m. — Brunaught. 

1365 WiUiam Chilton. 

1366 Peter Chilton. 

476. TUCKER BOONE (Samuel^- George^- Squire^- George^), was living 
near Williamsburg, Mo., in 1868, and his parents lived with him. 
Married . 

Children: — 

+1367 Annie America Boone. 

1368 Emma Boone. 

1369 Mollie Boone. 

1370 William Boone. 

Mrs. L. A. Haynes, 4642 Morgan Street, St. Louis, Mo., is a daughter of Tucker Boone, but 
whether another one, or the Emma or Mollie mentioned above, is not known. 

477. DR. B ANTON BOONE {Edward'; George'; Squire*; George^). 

Married his double cousin, Elizabeth C. Boone (Samuel^; George^; 
Squire*; George^), No. 473. 

Children: — 

1371 "Honorable" Banton Boone, of Henry County, Mo.; m. Irene Rogers. 
He waa chosen Speaker of the House of Representatives of Missouri 
in 1916. 

486. JOHN SCROLL (Mary' Boone; Edward^; Squire*; George^), born 
5 Apr., 1787, at Boone's Station, Ky. 

Married Cenia Jones, daughter of Giles and Isabella Jones. 

Giles Jones, a native of Wales, came to America in the British Army, 
and was captured at the battle of Eutah Springs. When exchanged he 
sought the first opportunity to desert the British and join the American 

202 tlTfje Jioone jFamilp 

Standard. He subsequently settled in Kentucky and later went to Missouri, 
where he died in Callaway County in 1838, aged 82, his wife Isabella 
having died five years before. Two of his children were Dr. John Jones 
who married Minerva Callaway (363), and Cenia Jones who married John 
Scholl, the above subject, (a) 

John Scholl remembered being taken about 1795, by his mother, to 
visit his grandmother (widow of Edward Boone), then living on Boone's 
Creek in Fayette Co., Ky. At the time of this visit he was about eight 
years old. He also made two early visits to Missouri, one in 1808 when 
he saw Daniel Boone for the first time that he could remember; and again 
in 1828 when he visited Flanders Callaway, who was then in poor health 
and who died soon after John Scholl's return home. (6) John Scholl 
afterwards moved to Missouri himself, and was living there in June, 

Children: — 

+1372 Minerva Scholl. 

+ 1373 Matilda SchoU, b. 8 Aug., 1817. 

1374 Louisa Scholl, b. 25 May, 1821; d. 9 Jan., 1893; married William Ar- 
nold. No children. 

+1375 Caroline SchoU, b. 29 Aug., 1823. 

+1376 Mary SchoU. 

+1377 IsabeUa SchoU. 

+1378 Emily Ann SchoU. 

+1379 John B. SchoU, b. 9 Oct., 1834. 

References: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 22 S 269-74. 
(6) Draper Mss. 22 S . 

487. PETER SCHOLL, JR. (Mary^^ Boone; Edward'; Squire*; George''). 

Married Elizabeth Hunter. 

At the battle of Blue Licks, Peter Scholl was behind a shell bark 
hickory tree. Some bark from the tree was shot into his face by an 
Indian bullet, cutting him badly and causing the blood to flow freely. 
Putting his hands to his face he ran back, exclaiming, "I am a dead man." 
However, he was not seriously hurt, (a) 

Children: — 

1380 Wmiam M. Scholl, m. SaUie Hughes, dau. of Reese Hughes. 

1381 Mary SchoU, m. MUton Jones. 

Reference: — 

(a) Draper Mss. 22 S 269-274. 

498. SALLIE BOONE (Moses^; Squire\- Squire*; George^). 
Married James Torr. 

^ebenft (generation 203 



Harvey Torr. 


Julia Torr. 


Orville Torr. 


Wilford Torr. 


Morgan Torr, 


Minerva Torr, 


Amelia Torr. 

499. ELIZABETH (BETSY) BOONE {Moses^; Squire'; Squire*; George'). 

Married George B, Mcintosh. 

With the exception of one child who died, all of her fourteen chil- 
dren grew to manhood and womanhood. 

Children: — 

1389 Preston Mcintosh. 

1390 Peter Mcintosh. 

1391 Parmiha Mcintosh. 

1392 Emmet Mcintosh. 

1393 Amaltha Mcintosh. 

+1394 Moses Boone Mcintosh, b. 27 April, 1818. 

+1395 William Mcintosh. 

1396 Sarah J. Mcintosh. 

1397 America Mcintosh. 

1398 Melinda Mcintosh. 

1399 Dewitt C. Mcintosh, 

+1400 Ratleflf Mcintosh, b, 18 Sept., 1831. 

1401 Susan Mcintosh. 

1402 Hannah Mcintosh, 

500. SQUIRE BOONE {Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George'), born 7 
June, 1794, in Shelby County, Ky., died 5 Dec, 1879, in Boone County, 

Married 1st, 15 May, 1817, Nancy Cotner (b. 18 Feb., 1798; d. 14 
Feb., 1820), and 2nd, 2 Aug., 1821, Phoebe Rissler (b. 3 Feb., 1800). 
Res. Boone County, la. 

Squire Boone was born in Virginia and reared in Kentucky, where 
he farmed for a number of years. His family was an eventful one. On 
2 July, 1837, his house was struck by lightning and two of his children 
were killed, one twelve and the other ten years old. They were both 
buried 4 July, 1837. Two children were added to the family on 9 Nov., 
1840, and on 9 Nov., 1850, two were married. When he crossed the Ohio 
into Indiana is not known, nor how long he lived there. In 1852 he went 
to Boone County, la,, where he settled on a farm in Worth Township. 
Here, with the aid of his sons, he again improved and developed a val- 
uable farm. For several years he was a resident of Boonesboro (la.), 
where his wife died, and then he made his home with his son, William 

204 Z^t poone Jf amilp 

Myrtle, until his death in 1879, at the age of 85. In 1908, of all the 
family only four were living, two sons, William Myrtle and Tyler Boone, 
and two daughters, Mrs. Melissa Scot of Boone, la., and Mrs. Elizabeth 
Williams of Madrid, la. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1402 Melissa J. Boone, b. 14 June, 1818. m. — Scot. Res., Boone, la. (1908). 

1403 Nancy C. Boone, b. 30 Nov., 1819; d. in Kansas prior to 1908; m. — 


(Second Marriage) 
+1404 William Myrtle Boone, b. 30 May, 1822. 

1405 Matilda Boone, b. 20 Apr., 1824; d. 2 July, 1831, killed by lightning 

and buried July 4, 1831. 

1406 Err Rissler Boone, b. 16 Feb., 1826; d. 2 July, 1831, killed by lightning, 

and buried 4 July, 1831. 

1407 Melmoth Boone, b. 23 Feb., 1828; d. 9 Oct., 1829. 
+1408 Hannah C. Boone, b. 21 May, 1830. 

+1409 Elizabeth Boone, b. 10 Aug., 1832. 

+1410 Julia Boone, b. 16 Oct., 1834. 

+1411 John L. Boone, b. 1 Nov., 1836. 

+1412 Tyler Boone, b. 9 Nov., 1840. 

+1413 Harrison Boone, b. 9 Nov., 1840, 

501. JENNIE BOONE (Moses^- Squire^' Squire^' George^). 

Married William E. Mcintosh, brother of Geoj-ge B. Mcintosh. 


' I — 


Weston Mcintosh. 


Cynthia Mcintosh. 


Eliza Mcintosh. 


Susan Mcintosh. 


Clarissa Mcintosh. 


Jane Mcintosh. 


William Mcintosh. 

502, SUSAN BOONE (Moses^; Squire^- Squire*; George*). 
Married William Rissler. 




Hiram Rissler. 


Phoebe Rissler. 


George Rissler. 


Harriet Rissler. 


Lewis Rissler. 


John Rissler. 


Moses Boone Rissler. 

g>ebentt) (generation 205 

503. SAMUE,L BOONE (Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; George'). 
Ma'rried . 

Children: — 

1428 Anne Boone. 

1429 Squire Boone. 

504. EMMET BOONE (Moses'; Squire^' Squire\- George'). 
Married twice. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1430 Artimissa Boone. 

(Second Marriage) 

1431 Ann Boone. 

1432 Jane Boone. 

1433 Samuel Boone. 

505. WARREN BOONE (Moses'; Squire^; Squire*; George'). 
Married Martha Cox. 

Children: — 

1434 Liman L, Boone. 

1435 Henry Boone. 

506. DANIEL BOONE (Moses'; Squire^- Squire*; George'), 

Married Malinda Miller; on 8 Apr., 1873, was living at Hammets (?) 
Station, Putnam Co., Ind. 

Children: — 

1436 Elvira Boone. 

1437 Emily Boone. 

1438 Hannah Boone. 

1439 Lenox Boone. 

1440 Moses Boone. 

1441 Nancy Boone. 

1442 John Boone. 

1443 George Boone. 

1444 Laura Boone. 

1445 Julia Boone. 

1446 Alice Boone. 

511. MINERVA BOONE (Isaiah'; Squire^; Squire*; George'). 
Married Samuel Beard. 

Children: — 

1447 Wallace Tbompkins Beard. Last known residence, Haweeville, Ky. 

206 CfjE JBoone jFamilp 

515. WILLIS BOONE (Isaiah^; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Children: — 

1448 James A. Boone, commonly called "Doc" Boone, who on the 3rd Nov., 
1912, then 80 years old, was living at 1622 East Market St., Indiana- 
polis, Ind. He was bom about 1832 in Jefferson Co., Ind., becoming 
in early life a railroad man. "He worked on the old J. M. & I. when 
slab rails were used. This was the first road to enter the state, and later 
adopted steel rails, although it was thought at the time they would be 
too hard for easy riding. Later he went into the service of the Penn- 
sylvania R. R., with which line he stayed 53 years, being retired on 
a pension in 1902. During his railroad life he was brakeman, con- 
ductor, bridge superintendent, car inspector, and repair man. In all 
his years of service he was never once injured." For 31 years he had 
been making Indianapolis his home. He said the name Squire was 
not an abbreviation of the word Esquire, but was a family name in 
the Boone family ("IndianapoUs Sunday Star," 3 November, 1912). 

516. (DR.) GEORGE T. WILCOX (Sarah^ Boone; Squire'; Squires- 
George^) . 

Married Sarah Porter, and lived in Rocheport, Mo. 

He served with his uncle, Colonel George Wilcox, on the Thames 
Campaign in 1813. 

Children: — 

-f-1449 Sarah Wilcox, 
-f 1450 Eliza Wilcox. 
-f-145' Dr. John Wilcox. 
+1452 Captain William Wilcox. 


Draper Mss. 22 S 241-68. 

517. EDWIN WILCOX {Sarah* Boone; Squire'; Squire*; George^). 
Married Lizzie Barton. 

Children: — 

145 J John Wilcox, m. and lived at Linneus, Mo. 

1454 Wharton Wilcox, d. in Okla. 

1455 Lizzie Wilcox, m. and lived in Linneus, Mo. 

1456 Sallie Wilcox, m. and lived in Linneus, Mo. 

1457 Mary Wilcox, unm. 

521. JANE BOONE WILCOX (Sarah* Boone; Squire'; Squire*; George*). 

Married 18 Dec, 1832, A. G. Beckley (b. 1810, in Shelby Co., Ky). 

He was the son of Henry Beckley, who came to Ky. from Md. at 
an early date, (a) A. G. Beckley lived in Shelby Co., until 1855, when 

^etjentf) (generation 207 

he moved to Jefferson Co., and settled on a farm of 250 acres of splendid 
land, in Boston precinct. They were members of Baptist Church. 

Children: — 

1458 Sarah A. Beckley, d. prior to 1882. 

1459 John H. Beckley, d. prior to 1882. 

1460 George W. Beckley, was living in 1882. He was a Captain in Ist Ken- 

tucky Regiment. 

1461 Rasmer G. Beckley, was living in 1882. 

1462 Edwin C. Beckley, d. prior to 1882. 

1463 Wm. R. Beckley, was living in 1882. 

Reference: — 

(a) Ohio Falls Cities and Their Counties, Vol. II, pp. 55-56. Published by L. A. 
Williams & Co., Cleveland. 

522. AMELIA WILCOX {Sarah' Boone; Squire^' Squire*; George*). 
Married 1st, — Collier, and 2nd, Richard Lusk. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1464 William Collier, m. and lived in California. 

1465 Thomas Collier, unm. and d. in California. 

(Second Marriage) 

1466 Fannie Lusk, unm. Res. Columbia, Mo. 

523. ELIZABETH WILCOX (Sarah' Boone; Squire^; Squire*; George^) 
born 22 Sept., 1810; died 15 Nov., 1887. 

Married 13 Aug., 1835, George Forbis (b. 28 Dec, 1799; d. 15 
Sept., 1882). In 1915 this list of their children, with dates, was taken 
from their family Bible, then in the possession of their daughter, Mrs. 
George W. Thompson, Fayette, Mo. Elizabeth and George Forbis lived 
in Howard Co., Mo. 

Children: — 

1467 Sarah Wilcox Forbis, b. 4 Oct., 1836; d. 8 Feb., 1909; m. Hayden Challis. 

1468 Mary Forbis, b. 9 Feb., 1839; d. 29 Aug., 1883; m. Jackson Bamett. 

1469 Harriet Wilcox Forbis, b. 4 June, 1840; d. 8 Apr., 1897, unm. 

1470 George Wilcox Forbis,b.28 Jan., 1842; d. 12 May, 1908; m. Sallie McKee. 

1471 Eliza Wilcox Forbis, b. 12 May, 1844; m. George Wilcox Thompson. 

He was no relation, but was named for Dr. George Wilcox. In 1915, 
they were living in Fayette, Howard Co., Mo. 

1472 Amelia Ann Forbis, b. 14 Sept., 1845; d. 18 Nov., 1903. Unm. 

1473 John Edwin Forbis, b. 26 Aug., 1847; in 1915 was Uving in Oregon, unm. 

1474 Robert Preston Forbis, b. 18 Mar., 1849; d. 13 Aug., 1849. 

1475 William Preston Forbis, b. 2 Sept., 1855; d. 21 Dec, 1899. Unm. 

208 W\}t JBoone Jf amilp 

524. ELIZA BOONE (Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George"), born 1799; 
died when her third child was born. 

Married at the age of fifteen, Lewis Withers, son of William Withers, 
grandson of William C. Withers. 

(Lewis Withers married again after her death and had six children, 
John, Mead, Boyd, Worth, Newton and Byron, by his second wife.) 

Children: — 

+1476 Sarah Jane Withers. 
+1477 Albert Withers. 
+1478 Eliza Withers. 

533. JOHN BOONE (Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Christiana Drake. 

Lived at Summer Hill, near Orangeville, Pa., and had eleven children, 
one of whom was: — 

Child: — 

1479 Charles Boone, m. Eve Eisenhower, who was living a widow in 1918, 
at Lime Ridge, Columbia County, Pa., in a pioneer log house with a 
splendid garden which she attended herself, although 74 years old. 
She remembered much about the Benjamin Boone line of the faniily, 
and lamented the loss of the family Bible, which was burned. 

534. DANIEL BOONE {Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^), born 
1900; died 1875. 

Married Elizabeth Engler (b. 1802; d. 1891), and lived at Summer 
Hill, Columbia County, Pa. 

Children: — 

1480 George Boone, d. unm. 

+1481 Cyrus Boone. 

+1482 Perry Boone, b. 1825. 

+1483 Amanda Boone. 

+1484 Emma Boone. 

+1485 Sara Boone. 

+1486 Celestia Boone. 

+1487 Delilah Boone. 

540. SAMUEL BOONE (Samuel'"; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George*). 
Married Katherine McKamey and lived at Catawissa Valley, Pa. 
They had two daughters, whose names we do not know, and a son: 

Child: — 

1488 Alexander Boone, killed in Civil War. 

S)ebentf) feneration 209 

544. AARON BOONE (Benjamin^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George), 
born 23 July, 1815; died 1 Oct., 1882, aged 68 yrs., 8 mo., 27 ds. (a) 

Married 1st, about 1838, Mary Webb (d. 1849) daughter of Samuel 
Webb, Sr. (She had sisters Rebecca Garrison and Sallie Campbell.) He 
married 2nd, 1850, Hannah Wagoner. 

He was a man of business importance in his locality, Columbia Co., 
Pa., and was a member of the Methodist Church. He and Benjamin 
Boone (presumably his father) carried surveyors' lines when the Canal was 
built, also in other parts of the state. He built what is known as his 
homestead after he became wealthy, lime-burning and farming. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1489 Charles A. Boone, a banker of Shickshinney, Pa., d. — 

1490 Samuel Wesley Boone, of Almedia, Pa. 

(Second Marriage) 

1491 Shepherd Boone, of Strausburg, Pa. 

1492 Olin S. Boone. 

1493 Paul Anthony Boone. 

1494 Jesse Edmund Boone. 

1495 Mary K. Boone, m. J. E. Pague, a Methodist Minister. Res. DuBois, Pa. 

Reference: — 

(a) From Battles' "History of Columbia Co.," Pa. 

546. SELINDA BOONE (Benjamin^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^), 

born 28 Feb., 1820; died 8 Apr., . 

Married William Abbott. 

Child: — 

1496 Martha Abbott. 

549. HANNAH BOONE (Benjamin^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^), 
born 7 Sept., 1826; died 16 Apr., 1883. 
Married Simon Shive. 

Child: — 

1497 -- Shive (dau.) d. 1908; m. a Mr. Wolf, and had a son Leo Wolf. 

550. ELISHA BOONE {James^; Samue?; Benjamin*; George^), born 
1802; died 1878. 

Married 1823, Sarah Swisher (d. 1829), and 2nd Mary — , of Peters- 
burg, Ind. 

210 arfje ?Boone jFamilp 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+1498 Jacob Swisher Boone, b. 1827. 

+1499 Lavinia Boone. 
(Second Marriage) 

1500 Alice Boone. 

1501 Jerome Boone. 

1502 Helen Boone. 

551. HOPKINS BOONE (James^; Samuel^; Benjamin*; George^), died 
1 Mar., 1883, in his 78th year. 

Married Ist, Mary Montgomery, and 2nd, Ann Hinds, in Viola, 

Children (of which marriage not known) : — 

1503 Montgomery Boone, killed in Civil War. 

1504 Elizabeth Boone, d. 1869. 
+1505 Hannah Boone, b, 4 June, 1837. 

556. MARY BOONE (James^; SamueV'; Benjamin'^; George^), born 
8 Apr., 1822; died 13 Mar., 1886, in Geneseo, III. 

Married Alfred W. Perry (b. 18 Dec, 1818) son of Dr. Alfred Perry, 
(b. 1780 in Derby, Conn.). 

Children: — 

1506 Fanny L. Perry, m, 9 May, 1866, Marshall F. Wolcott. Res. Long 

Beach, Cal. 

1507 Clara Barton Perry, d. 1 May, 1903, in N. Y. State; m. W. J. Heacock 

or Hiscock. 

558. MARTHA McCLURE (Susannah^ Boone; Samuel^; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 1798; died 4 Mar., 1844, aged 46 years. 

Married John Kerr Swisher. 

They resided near Petersburg, Mahoning Co., Ohio, and died there. 
Most of their descendants live in Mahoning Co., 0. 

Children: — 

1508 Margaret Ellen Swisher, d. aged 22 years. 

1509 James Philip Swisher, m. Elizabeth Caldwell; had 2 sons and 1 daughter. 

1510 Susan Priscilla Swisher, m. Daniel Adams; had 5 children. 

1511 Charles Carroll Swisher, m. Frances Hoover; had one son. 

1512 John Boone Swisher, unm.; d. in Army during the Civil War. 

1513 Francis Marion Swisher, m. Martha Caldwell; had 6 children. 

1514 Alfred McClure Swisher, m. Margaret Cornelius; had 2 daughters. 

1515 Hosea Hoover Swisher, m. Catherine Oflficer; had 1 son. 
+1516 Mary Jane Swisher, b. about 1841. 

^ebentf) feneration 2 1 1 

561. SAMUEL BOONE McCLURE (Susannah' Boone; Samuel'; Ben- 
jamin'^; George^), born about 1802; died I Aug., 1846, aged 42 years, in 
Wayne Co., O. 

Married Sabina Gary. They resided in Wayne Co., 0. 

Children: — 

+1517 Alfred McClure, d. 1918. 

1518 Mary Elizabeth McClure, m. George Jamison and had 1 son. 

1519 Charles McClure, m. and had 6 sons and 2 grandchildren; lived near 

Ada, Ohio. 

1520 Jemima McClure, m. J. R. Dunlap; had 2 dau. and 1 grandson. 

1521 Susannah McClure, lived with her sister, Mrs. Hatfield, at Sidney, 0.; 
d. unm., in 1918. 

1522 Caroline McClure, m. S. G. Hatfield, Atty. of Sidney, O., and had 1 dau. 

and 1 grand-daughter. 

567. ALFRED McCLURE (Susannah^ Boone; Samuel^; Benjamin*; 
George''), died 13 Jan., 1835 (?) aged 36-7 years.* 
Married Rhoda Lowry. 

Child: — 

+1523 Alfred James Pollock McClure. 

574. SAMUEL VASTINE BOONE (Samuel'; SamueP; Benjamin*; 

George^), born 5 Nov., 1828j died . 

Majrried 23 Oct., 1856, Nancy Post, daughter of Gideon a ad Anna 
(Dodson) Post. 

Children: — 

1524 Rosa Eleanor Boone, d. in childhood. 

1525 Samuel D. Boone. 

1526 Josiah B. Boone. 

1527 John S. Boone. 

1528 Frank W. Boone, resided at homestead built by father or grandfather 


577. RACHEL BOONE (Benjamin'; SamueP; Benjamin*; George*), 
barn 25 Aug., 1823; died 18 Nov., 1881. 
Married — Hartman. 

Children: — 

1529 Thomas B. Hartman. 

Two other sons and a dau. 

*Note:— Thedate of his death was probably 1855 instead of 1835, judging from his age 
at death and the other family dates. He was probably born about 1818-9, as his niece, Mrs. 
Hatfield, writes; "My father's youngest brother, Uncle Alfred, married late in Ufe and only hved 
about one year." His only son was a member of the 1879 class of Princeton, so may have been 
bom about 1854-5. 


212 Cfje poone jFamilp 

581. MARY ELIZABETH BOONE (Benjamin^; SamueP; Benjamin*; 
Georg^), born 15 Sept., 1837; died 25 Mar., 1872, aged 34 yrs. 6 mo. 
25 ds. 

Married — Moyer. 

Child: — 

1530 E. E. Moyer. Res. Baltimore, Md. 

585. NANCY TALLMAN (William'^; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George'), 
born 9 Jan., 1790; died 22 Oct., 1856, in Ashland, Ohio. 

Married 16 Jan., 1806, in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Richard Hooker of 
Maryland (b. 6 Nov., 1776, in Baltimore Co., Md.; d. 7 Oct., 1831, in 
what is now Hancock Co., West Va.). 

Children: — 

1531 Richard Hooker, b. 25 Feb., 1807; married 1st, Susan Grabil; and 2nd, 

Elizabeth Campbell. 

1532 Emanuel T. Hooker, b. 1 Mar., 1808; d. 24 Mar., 1811. 

1533 Phoebe Hooker, b. 4 Dec, 1809; married Albert Claypool. 

1534 Minerva Hooker, b. 1 Aug., 1812; d. 18 Aug., 1825. 

1535 George Hooker, b. 11 Oct., 1814; m. Margaret Hull. 

1536 Emanuel Tallman Hooker, b. 20 Jan., 1817; married 1st, Jane Doyle; 

and 2nd, Mary Jenkins Bishop; 3rd, Rebecca Hutchens. 

1537 Elizabeth Hooker, b. 25 April, 1819; married Arthur Shearer. 

1538 Talhnan Hooker, b. 28 June, 1821; m. 1st. Sarah J. Conn; 2nd. . 

+ 1539 Nancy Hooker, b. 28 Oct., 1823. 

1540 Samantha Hooker, b. 17 Dec, 1825; d. 28 July, 1826. 

1541 Mary Jane Hooker, b. 18 Feb., 1828; m. J. P. Cowan. 

1542 John Randolph Hooker, b. 15 July, 1831; m. Elizabeth Myers. 

Reference — See No. 169. 

612. WILLIAM HENTON (Sara¥ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; 
George^), b. 6 Dec, 1786, in Rockingham Co., Va.; died 1874, in Danville, 

Married Sarah Richards of West Va. (b. 1791; d. 1874, in Danville). 

Children: — 

1543 Cynthia Henton. 

1544 Serena Henton, married a Mr. Todd and had a daughter who m. a 

Presbyterian minister named Steele. 

1545 Milton Henton. 
+1546 Newton Henton. 

1547 Eliza Henton. 

1548 William Henton. 

Reference: — See No. 171, 

g>ebentf) (feneration 213 

613. NANCY HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamins- 
George^), born 8 Sept., 1788, in Va.; died 21 July, 1843, near Hillsboro, 0. 
Married in Ohio, William Skillman. 

Children (born in Ohio) : 

1549 SaUie Skillman, m. Basil Lucas; lived in Grant Co., Ind. 

1550 John Skillman, d. in West Lebanon, Ind. ; had a dau. who married a^Mr. 


1551 Evan Skillman, m. in Jamestown, O.; lived in Segourney, Iowa; had 
eight children. 

+1552 AUen Skillman. 

1553 William Skillman, lived near Parkersburg, Ind.; 7 children. 

+ 1554 Thomas SkiUman. 

1555 Simpson Skillman, died young. 

155'6 Samuel Skillman, unmarried; lived near Hillsboro, O., in 1887. 

1557 Cynthia Skillman, m. David Swank and lived in Danville, Ind.; had 

seven children. 

1558 Wilson Skillman, unmarried in 1887. 

1559 Nancy Skillman, b. 1831; m. F. Lee, and was living in Hillsboro, 0., in 


Reference: — See No. 171. 

614. EVAN HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamins- 
George^), born 27 Feb., 1791, in Virginia; died 2 Dec, 1856, at Hillsboro, 

Married 1st, Nancy Evans (b. 7 Nov., 1791; d. 18 Sept., 1819, in 
Ohio), and 2nd, in 1821, in Ohio, Maria Inskeep (b. 4 Feb., 1802; d. 
Feb., 1876). 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 
+1560 Milton TaUman Henton, b. 5 May, 1815. 
+1561 Joseph Allen Henton, b. 22 Dec, 1816. 
1562 Thomas Richard Henton, b. 7 Oct., 1818, in Ohio; d. 29 Feb., 1845, 
at the home of his uncle Dr. Benjamin Henton in Peru, Ind. 

(Second Marriage) 

1663 Eliza Jane Henton, b. 4 Oct., 1823; d. 2 Dec, 1872; m. William Daggett; 
had four children. 

1564 Inskeep Henton, b. 25 June, 1828; d. young. 

1565 Clinton DeWitt Henton, b. 3 Aug., 1831, in Ohio; d. 24 June, 1904, 

in Danville, Illinois; m. Susan Gundy (d. 26 Aug., 1904). He was a 
physician. They had no children, but had an adopted daughter 
named May. 

1566 Rachel Henton, b. 18 June, 1834; d. about 1872; m. George Dilty; had 

three children. 
+ 1567 Coleman Henton, b. 30 Sept., 1836. 
1568 Samuel Sylvester Henton, b. 1 Oct., 1840, in Hillsboro, O.; married 

Maria Bennett; had six children. 
+1569 Mary E. Henton, b. 27 Feb., 1846. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

214 ®!)e S^oone Jf amilp 

615. BENJAMIN HENTON (Sarah^ Tollman; Dinah^ Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 9 June, 1793, in Rockingham Co., Va.; died 28 
Mar., 1863, at Peru, Ind. 

Married 17 Apr., 1821, at Washington Court House, Ohio, Rachel 
Stinson, (b. 22 Mar., 1801, in Roes Co., Ohio; d. 13 Aug., 1866, in Peru, 
Ind.), daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Harrod) Stinson of New Jersey. 

(Robert Stinson died 1804. His wife Elizabeth Harrod, b. 14 
July, 1769; d. 30 Nov., 1848, in Peru, Ind., was a dau. of John 
Harrod who died 28 Dec, 1781, aged 45, and his wife Rachel Shep- 
hard, who died 10 Nov., 1806, aged 67. John and Rachel Harrod 
were married in Germantown, Pa., 5 Aug., 1758.) 

Benjamin Henton accompanied his parents from Rockingham Co., 
Va., to Adams Co., Ohio, in 1804; later to Franklin Co.; thence to High- 
land Co.; going to Fayette Co., Ohio, in 1817, where he began practicing 
medicine. In 1820 he was elected to the Ohio State Legislature from 
Fayette Co., and was appointed delegate to the convention that nomi- 
nated General Jackson for President in 1824. Dr. Henton filled the office 
of treasurer of Fayette Co., six terms, twelve years. In 1829 he became 
a member of the Methodist Church, many of his family having been 
adherents of that faith, especially among the older branches. After his 
marriage in 1821, Dr. Henton took bis family to Peru, Ind., in 1837, where 
his medical practice soon spread over Miami and adjoining counties. 
He was elected to the Indiana State Senate in 1850; to the House of 
Representatives in 1845; and again to the house in 1853. He served in 
the War of 1812 in Captain James Wilson's Company of Ross Co., Ohio, 
September and October of 1812; and under Captain Hugh Roger in July 
and August of 1813. 

Children: — 

+1570 Coleman Henton, b. 7 March, 1822. 
+1571 Maria Henton, b. 2 June, 1824. 
+1572 Harriet Henton, b. 4 Apr., 1827. 
+1573 James Henton, b. 14 Apr., 1829. 
+1574 Sarah Henton, b. 1 Apr., 1831. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

616. THOMAS HENTON {Sarah^ Tollman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 29 Mar., 1796, in Virginia; died 8 May, 1866, in Miami 
Co., Ind. 

Married 6 Nov., 1846, Julia Ann Danby. 

Children: — 

1575 Zachariah Henton, b. 16 Oct., 1851. 

+1576 Emma Henton, b. 5 Aug., 1854. 

1577 Richard Henton, b.. 15 Sept., 1856. 

1578 George Henton, b. 14 Jan., 1859. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

^ebentl) feneration 215 

618. PETER HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamins- 
George^), born 13 Sept., 1801, in Virginia; died 28 Jan., 1878, in Kansas, 
and was buried in Westville, Ind. 

Married 7 Mar., 1825, Elizabeth Hamilton (b. 14 Feb., 1801), who 
was living 1887 in Westville, Ind. 

Children: — 

1579 Thompson L. Henton, b. 21 Dec, 1825; died aged 3. 

1580 Elam R. Henton, b. 31 July, 1827; living 1878 at Westville, Ind. 

1581 Evan Henton, b. 3 Nov., 1828; living 1878 at Westville, Ind. 

1582 Arminta Henton, b. 5 Nov., 1830; m. Frank Wharnock. 

1583 Hamilton Henton, b. 28 Dec, 1832. 

1584 Angeline Henton, b. 1 Aug., 1835. 

1585 Artimissa Henton, b. 8 Jan., 1839; died aged one year. 

1586 William W. Henton, b. 22 Dec, 1841. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

619. JAMES HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamins- 
George^), born 14 (or 16) April, 1804, in Franklin Co., Ohio; died 5 Mar., 
1889, at Padua, 111. 

Married 25 April, 1829, at Washington, Ohio, Eliza Pope Dawson 
(b. 14 Apr., 1809, in Va.; d. 23 July, 1883, in Padua, 111.). 

James Henton was a doctor of medicine. 

Children (born in Washington, Ohio): — 

1587 Samantha Jane Henton, b. 1830; m. in Washington, Ohio, in 1850, 

James Haegler (died 7 Aug., 1900, in McLean Co., 111.). Had 9 

1588 Benjamin Henton. 

1589 Sarah Henton. 

1590 Ben Dawson Henton. 

1591 Maria Eliza Henton. 

1592 Maria Louisa Henton. 

1593 Samuel R. Henton, b. 1842; married; had a son and one daughter, 

and two grandchildren. He resided 1905 at Arrowsmith, 111. 

1594 James Henton. 
+1595 Ella Henton, b. 1847. 

1596 Alvin Thayer Henton, b. 18 Dec, 1845; m. Nov., 1879, at Covington, 
Ky., Annie E. Jones. He was a physician. They lived in 1905 at 
Bloomington, 111., and had no children. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

620. SYLVESTER HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah' Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 1 Sept., 1807, in Ohio; died 15 May, 1872, at 
Peru, Ind. 

Married 7 Jan., 1834, in Ohio, Sarah Saunders (b. 5 Aug., 1817; d. 
2 Aug., 1876, in Peru, Ind.). 

216 Vt\)t poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

1597 Samantha Henton, b. 30 Jan., 1835. 

+1598 Rachel Henton, b. 29 Nov., 1837. 

1599 Sammy Henton, b. 24 July, 1839; died young. 

1600 Hattie Henton, b. 30 Aug., 1842; died young. 

1601 Bennie Henton, b. 13 July, 1844. 

1602 Sarah Ellen Henton, b. 5 Feb., 1848. 

1603 Mary Jane Henton, b. 3 May, 1850. 
+ 1604 Frank Henton, b. 23 Apr., 1854. 

1605 Preston Henton, b. 2 Aug., 1858; d. July, 1876. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

621. ELAM HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^; 
George^), born 1 Jan., 1809, in Highland Co., Ohio; died 26 Sept., 1864, 
in Peru, Ind. 

Married 4 Dec, 1836, at Washington Court House, Ohio, Christiana 
Robinson (b. 10 Sept., 1818, in Washington, D. C). 

At the time of his marriage he was County Clerk of Fayette Co., 
Ohio. He was Auditor of Miami Co., Ind., from 1855 to 1859, and at 
the time of his death was also serving a term in that office. 

Children, born in Peru, Ind.: — 

+1606 Cordelia Amanda Henton, b. 20 Nov., 1837. 

1607 Emma L. Henton, b. 1839; d. 15 Sept., 1844. 

1608 Thomas Edmund Henton, died 28 Feb., 1845. 
+1609 Laura Emma Henton, b. 18 June, 1847. 

1610 Addie Henton, died young. 
+1611 May M. Henton, b. 14 Nov., 1856. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

622. SARAH HENTON (Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 18 Feb., 1811, in Ohio; died 19 July, 1842, in Bethel, 111. 
(killed by lightning). 

Married Benjamin Brooks (d. 1856 in Morgan Co., 111.). 

Children : — 

1612 James Elam Brooks, b. 25 May, 1830; in 1887 was a resident of Council 

Bluffs, Iowa. 

1613 Benjamin Henton Brooks, b. 15 Apr., 1832. 
+1614 Cyrene Mary Brooks, b. 31 Jan., 1834. 

1615 Sarah Ann Brooks, b. 25 July, 1836; was living 1887 at Salt Lake City, 


1616 Minerva Jane Brooks, b. 21 Sept., 1838; d. 20 Apr., 1850. 

1617 Thomas Brooks, lived at Winfield, Kansas, in 1887. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

S>ebentf) (feneration 217 

635. JAMES WELLS TALLMAN {Samuel^- Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 28 June, 1802, in Wellsburg, Va.; died 23 Nov., 1859, in 
Knox Co., Mo. 

Married Jan., 1833, in Madison Co., Ohio, Margaretta Minter (b. 
20 Aug., 1813, in Harrison Co., Ky.; d. 7 Feb., 1877). They were mem- 
bers of the Christian Church. 

Children: — 

+ 1618 William Minter Tallman, b. 14 Sept., 1836. 

1619 Mary Ann Tallman, b. 29 Apr., 1838, in Iowa; d. 5 Aug., 1838. 

1620 Rhody Tallman, b. 1839 in Iowa; d. 4 Aug., 1839. 

1621 Basil Levens Tallman, b. 23 June, 1841; was a Union soldier in the 

Civil War; in 19Q5 was living at the National Military Home of Ohio. 
+ 1622 John Harvey Tallman, b. 31 Aug., 1844. 
+1623 Stanley Watson TaUman, b. 29 Nov., 1846. 
+1624 Sarah Margaretta TaUman, b. 27 Mar., 1849. 
+ 1625 James Henry Tallman, b. 19 July, 1852. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

636. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN TALLMAN {Samuel'; Dinah' Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 15 Jan., 1804, in Wellsburg, Va.; died 23 Feb., 
1877, near Shelbyville, 111. 

Married 19 Oct., 1839, in Pocahontas Co., Va., Nancy C. Tallman, 
his cousin (b. 8 Jan., 1824, in Pocahontas Co., Va.; d. 6 July, 1903, in 
Kensett, Ark.) 

They settled in Shelbyville, 111., where Mr. Tallman built the Tallman 
House. It is said that Mrs. Tallman was ever present where a kind heart 
and motherly hand were needed, and that her charity knew no bounds. 
She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Children: — 

1626 Solomon G. Tallman, b. 19 Dec, 1840, in Shelby Co., HI.; d. 4 Jan., 
+1627 Katherine J. Tallman, b. 7 Dec, 1841. 

1628 Martha E. Tallman, b. 5 Nov., 1843; d. 4 Sept., 1847, St. Louis, Mo. 
+1629 Cyrus S. Tallman, b. 14 Feb., 1846. 

1630 Mary Tallman, b. 9 Jan., 1849, in St. Louis, Mo.; d. July, 1849. 

1631 Matilda Tallman, b. July, 1850, in Shelbyville, 111.; d. Dec, 1851. 

1632 William Tallman, b. 23 Dec, 1852, in Shelbyville, 111; d. Oct., 1853. 
+1633 Charles W. Tallman, b. 1 Sept., 1853, in Shelbyville, 111. 

+ 1634 Wells Tallman, b. 22 Feb., 1858. 
+1635 Horace M. Tallman, b. 19 Dec, 1863. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

637. MARY TALLMAN {Samuel' ; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), 
born 28 Dec, 1805, in Fairfield Co., Ohio; died 26 July, 1875, in Stuart, 
Iowa, and was buried at Ottawa, III. 

218 i:i)e Poone jFamilp 

Married 27 Mar., 1828, in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio, Thomas B. 
Head (b. 6 May, 1803, in Bedford Co., Pa.; d. 18 Aug., 1854, near 
Ottawa, 111.), son of John and Elizabeth (Bond) Head. 

It is said that William Head nursed his neighbors, sick with cholera, 
until exhausted, and then fell a victim to the disease, as did also his 
son George. He and his family were Methodists, and in politics Re- 

Children (probably all born near Ottawa, III): — 

1636 Samuel Head, b. 14 May, 1829; d. same day. 

1637 Jerome Head, b. 14 Aug., 1830; d. 20 Sept., 1830, in La Salle Co., 111. 
+1638 Sarah Elizabeth Head, b. 8 Sept., 1831. 

4-1639 John F. Head, b. 23 Feb., 1834. 

1640 George W. Head, b. 29 Nov., 1835; d. 15 Aug., 1854, in La SaUe Co., 111. 

+1641 Cynthia Elnora Head, b. 28 July, 1837. 

+ 1642 James Madison Head, b. 14 Oct., 1838. 

1643 Margaret V. Head, b. 6 Oct., 1841; d. 28 Mar., 1846. 

1644 Thomas C. Head, b. 4 July, 1842; living in 1905 at Cripple Creek. Colo. 

1645 Mary Head, b. 17 Aug., 1845; d. 10 Aug., 1846 (twin). 

1646 Maria Head, b. 17 Aug., 1845; d. 12 Aug., 1846 (twin). 

Reperence: — See No. 173. 

638. RICHARD BROWN TALLMAN {Samuel^- Dinah' Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 18 Sept., 1807, in Fairfield Co., Ohio; died probably 
in 1854, in La Salle Co., 111. 

Married 1834, in Franklin Co., Ohio, Mary Boone Taylor (b. 30 Mar., 
1816; d. 17 Sept., 1851, in La Salle Co., 111.) 

In 1840 they moved to La Salle Co. 

Children: — 

+1647 Samuel W. Tallman, b. 2 Jan., 1836. 

+1648 Cynthia Annie Tallman, b. 16 Apr., 1837. 

1649 Lafayette Wells Tallman, b. 12 March, 1839; d. 2 Aug., 1840. 

+1650 Isaac Taylor Tallman, b. 29 May, 1841. 

1651 Loretta Tallman, b. 22 Oct., 1844; d. 1 Jan., 1846. 

1652 Mary Alice Tallman, b. 2 June, 1847; d. 30 Mar., 1848. 
+1653 Emma Tallman, b. 8 Dec, 1849. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

640. NANCY TALLMAN {Samuel^; Dinah' Boone; Benjamin*; George^), 
born 30 Sept., 1811, in Fairfield Co., Ohio; died 18 Aug., 1904, in Musk- 
ingum Co., Ohio. 

Married 10 Mar., 1830, in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Reuben Evans (b. 
9 Sept., 1803, in Green Co., Pa.; d. 24 Dec, 1850, in Muskingum Co., 

^ebent!) (generation 219 

Children (born in Muskingum Co.): — 

1654 Reuben Evans, b. 30 Mar., 1831; d. 23 Sept., 1836. 

1655 Sarah Ann Evans, b. 15 Dec, 1833; d. 12 Dec, 1904. 

1656 James Evans, lived at Nevpton, lU. 

1657 Rachel Evans, m. 1876, James Alexander; lived at Buckeye, Ohio. 
+ 1658 Honora Evans. 

1659 Ruth Evans, m. 1869, John Allen, Res. Fort Garland, Colo. 

1660 George Tallman Evans, hved at Buckeye, Ohio. 

1661 Cynthia Roe Evans, married Oliver D. Saunders; lived at Buckeye, Ohio. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

641. CYNTHIA ANN TALLMAN (Samuel^- Dinah' Boone; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 12 Aug., 1813, in Fairfield Co., Ohio; died 19 July, 1891, at 
Gilbert, Ohio. 

Married 9 Sept., 1847, in Muskingum Co., Ohio, Thomas Roe (b. 
21 Sept., 1808, in Ireland; d. 10 Dec, 1863, near Zanesville, Ohio, at a 
point now Gilbert, Ohio). He was a farmer, and in politics a Republican. 

Children (born in Muskingum Co.): — 

1662 Margaret Ann Roe, died in infancy. 

1663 Mary Josephine Roe, unmarried. Resides at Gilbert, O. For many 

years Miss Roe has made a study of the history of the Boone family. 
Her gt-grandmother, Dinah Boone, was a first cousin of Daniel 
Boone, the Ky. pioneer; and her gt-gt-grandmother Ann (Lincoln) 
Tallman was a gt-gt-aunt of President Lincoln. (See Boone-Lincoln 
chart and sketches of Lincoln Family and Tallman family.) Miss 
Roe furnished for this book the descendants of Benjamin, son of George 
Boone III. 

+ 1664 Annie Sophia Roe, b. 19 Oct., 1854. 

+ 1665 Edwin Letz Roe. 
1666 Thomas Roe, died in infancy. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

642. HONOR DIANAH TALLMAN (Samuel'; Dinah' Boone; Benja- 
min*; George^), born 25 Aug., 1815, in Fairfield Co., Ohio; died 4 Dec, 
1840, at Frankfort, Ind. 

Married 14 Apr., 1836, in Fairfield Co., George W. Wilson (b. 13 
July, 1810, in Ohio; d. 1 Apr., 1876, at Frankfort, Ind.), son of Joseph 
and Sarah (Murray) Wilson. 

Children (born in Indiana): — 

+1667 Joseph Murray Wilson, b. 20 Nov., 1837. 
+1668 Sarah Wilson, b. 6 July, 1839. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

220 tJTlje Poone jFamilp 

646. MARGARET ELIZABETH TALLMAN (Samuel'^; Dina¥ Boone; 
Benjamin'^; George^), born 27 March, 1824, in Fairfield Co., Ohio; died 
3 April, 1844, at Rushville, Ohio. 

Married about 1841 (?), Thomas Coulson, son of William Coulson 
of^^Rushville, Ohio. 

Child: — 

1669 William T. Coulson, died. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

714. THOMAS LINCOLN JONES (Phoebe' Lincoln; Anne^ Boone; 
James*; George^), bofn Jan., 1793; died 20 June, 1824. 
Married 2 Mar., 1815, Sarah Graham. 

Children: — 

1670 David Jones, b. 13 Aug., 1816; d. 25 Oct., 1899, unm. 

1671 Margaret Jones, b. 3 July, 1818; d. 17 Nov., 1820. 

1672 James Lincoln Jones, b. 18 Oct., 1824; d. 9 Nov., 1865; m. 16 Oct., 

1850, Martha Ann McCIennan, and had one child. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of David Jones," by Mrs. Ellen M. Beale. 

715. HANNAH JONES {Phoebe' Lincoln; Anne^ Boone; James*; George^), 
born 8 June, 1794; died 17 June, 1877. 

Married 14 Feb., 1811, Jesse Lincoln, a grandson of Mordecai Lincoln. 

Children: — 

1673 Jacob Laverty Lincoln, b. 28 June, 1812; d. in Civil War; m. Martha 

Clarke. No children. 

1674 Mary Ann Lincoln, b. 20 Dec, 1813; d. Feb., 1887; m. Jacob Carroll. 

Had two children. 

1675 Margaret Lincoln, b. 28 Feb., 1816; d. 9 Feb., 1821. 

1676 David Jones Lincobi, b. 29 June, 1818; d. 1846; m. Harriet Keller. No 


1677 Benjanain Frankhn Lincohi, b. 17 Sept., 1820; d. 8 Feb., 1868; m. Mar- 

tha — . No children. 

1678 Margaret Lincohi, b. 13 May, 1824; d. 29 July, 1881; m. Simon Oberlin 

and had one child. 

1679 Phebe Lincohi, b. 30 Apr., 1826; m. 26 Mar., 1846, PhiUp Schuyler 

Bogardus, and had nine children. 

1680 John Patterson Lincohi, b. 18 Feb., 1828; m. (1) 1852, Amy Trout; one 

child. M. (2) 15 Sept., 1882, Ellen Kennedy. No children. 

1681 Martha Louise Lincoln, b. 5 May, 1830; m. (1) Jesse Taylor Bailes (d. 

6 July, 1855), had one child. M. (2) 29 Dec, 1869, John C. McCauley. 
Had two children. 

1682 Richard Stokes Lincohi, b. 18 Feb., 1832; d. in Civil War; m. 10 Apr., 

1857, Hannah Ann Haymaker. Had three children. 

S>ebentfj feneration 221 

1683 Amanda Lincoln, b. 5 Sept., 1834; d. 31 Jan., 1863. 

1684 Edward Lincoln, b. 13 Jan., 1837; d. 8 Oct., 1838. 

1685 Samuel Jones Lincoln, b. 13 May, 1840. He left home and was never 

heard of afterwards. 

Reference: — 

"Descendants of David Jones," by Mrs. Ellen M. Beale. 

721. JOHN D. LINCOLN (Thomas^; Anne' Boone; James\- George^), 

born 1 Jan., 1815; died June, 1895. 

Married Jan., 1837, Sarah Gilbert (b. 4 Jan., 1811; d. 15 Apr., 1895), 
daughter of Henry Gilbert. 

Children: — 

1686 Amelia Lincoln, b. 28 Mar., 1838. 

1687 Alfred Lincoln, b. 21 Apr., 1839. 

1688 Harrison H. Lincoln, b. 28 July, 1840. Residence, Reading, Pa. 

1689 Elizabeth Lincohi, b. 20 Nov., 1841. 

1690 John Lincohi, b. 7 Mar., 1843; d. 19 July, 1876. 

1691 Richard Lincohi, b. 5 Dec, 1844. 

1692 Martha Lincohi, b. 12 Dec, 1846. 

1693 Anna Lincoln, b. Feb., 1849. 

1694 Mary Lincohi, b. 24 Apr., 1852. 1 ^^^g 

1695 Sarah Lincohi, b. 24 Apr., 1852. j 

1696 Oscar Lincohi, b. 16 Feb., 1855; d. 25 Apr., 1857. 

723. JOSHUA JAMES BOONE (James^- Joshua'; James*; George^), 
born 10 Feb., 1820, at Buckstown near Reading, Pa.; died 25 Dec, 1895. 

Married 1845 Leah Heaton (b. 1825 at Hillstown, Pa.; d. 1900). 

Joshua Boone went to Salem, Ohio, from Exeter, Pa., when twelve 
or thirteen years old, with his widowed mother; and later became a 
banker at Salem. 

Children: — 

1697 James Boone, b. 1847; d. 1852. 

+1698 Mary Boone, b. 1851. 

+1699 Jesse Thomas Boone, b. 1853. 

+17Q0 Joshua Charles Boone, b. 1855. 

1701 Elizabeth Rebecca Boone, b. 1858. Unmarried. 

1702 Esther Leah, b. 1860. 
+1703 Blanche Sarah Boone, b. 1864. 

726. AMOS SNYDER BOONE (Samuel^- Joshua'; James*} George^), 
died aged 89 years, 2 months and 9 day;s, in Potsttown, Pa., where for 
matny "years he was with the Beecher dry-goods store. 
Married Sarah Yost Linderman. 

222 VLi)t poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

1704 Frederick L. Boone. Residence, Pottstown, Pa. 
+1705 Samuel L. Boone. 
4-1706 William James Boone. 
+1707 Daniel S. Boone. 
+1708 Huizinga M. Boone. 

738. SARAH BOONE (JudaM; Moses^; James*; George^), born 19 
May, 1828, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; died 9 May, 1894, in Exeter 

Married 4 June, 1854, at Reading, Pa., William Happel (b. 3 Feb., 
1827; d. 27 Jan., 1904), son of Jacob and Mary Happel. 

Children: — 

1709 JohnCalvinHappel,b. 23 July, 1855; d. 20 Jan., 1857. 

1710 William H. Happel, b. 24 Sept., 1856; d. 26 Jan., 1863. 
+ 1711 James Irwin Happel, b. 21 Nov., 1860. 

1712 Albert Jacob Happel, b. 15 Apr., 1862; m. 15 Apr., 1905, Mary Cleaver, 
dau. of William and Sarah Cleaver. 
+1713 William D. Happel, b. 4 Dec, 1867. 

740. MARY BOONE (Juda¥; Moses^; James*; George^), born about 
1830 in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; died about 1874 in Alsace Twp., 
Berks Co. 

Married about 1853 in Reading, Pa., William Miller. 

Children: — 

1714 Ammon Miller. 

1715 JohnMiUer. 

1716 KateMiUer. 

1717 Emma Miller, living at Reading. 

1718 Hannah Miller, m. Warner. 

1719 William MiUer. 

1720 AUce Miller. 

1721 Joseph Miller. 

741. LURISSA BOONE (Juda¥; Moses^; James*; George^), born 21 
Jan., 1831, in Berks Co., Pa.; died 2 Feb., 1899. 

Married 20 Oct., 1866, in Berks Co., Pa., Frederick K. Miller (b. 
2 Feb., 1836), son of Philip and Catherine Miller. 

Children: — 

+1722 Daniel Henry Miller, b. 5 Dec, 1867. 
1723 Susan C. MiUer, b. 21 Sept., 1870. 

^ebentf) feneration 223 

742. AARON BOONE {Judah\- Moses^; James*; George^), born 23 Nov., 
1833, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; died 30 July, 1915, in Hanover 
Twp., Columbia Co., O. 

Married 12 May, 1863, in Hanover Twp., Columbia Co., Ohio, 
Phebe Ann Thomas. 

Children: — 

+1724 Edgar Thomas Boone, b. 6 Jan., 1864. 
+1725 Dalton Judah Boone, b. 28 Oct., 1866. 
+ 1726 Willis Homer Boone, b. 15 Dec, 1868. 
+ 1727 Eva Susanna Boone, b. 9 Feb., 1877. 
1728 Howard Garfield Boone, b. 26 Sept., 1881; d. 17 Oct., 1888. 

743. AMOS BOONE (Juda¥; Moses^; James*; George^), born 20 Aug., 
1835, in Exeter Twp.; died 27 Apr., 1916, in Reading, Pa. 

Married 11 Nov., 1865, Hannah M. Herbein (b. 14 June, 1845), 
daughter of Isaac K. and Susanna Herbein. 

Children: — 

1729 Mary Elizabeth Boone, b. 14 July, 1866; d. 22 July, 1871. 
Infant son, b. 19 June, 1868; d. 20 June, 1868. 
+1730 Susan Amelia Boone, b. 16 Mar., 1870. 

1731 Hannah Deborah Boone, b. 18 June, 1872. 

1732 Emma Rebecca Boone, b. 23 Nov., 1873. 

744. JOHN BOONE (Judah'^; Moses^; James*; George^), born 8 Feb., 
1837, in Oley Line, Pa. Living in 1920. 

Married 12 May, 1860, Louisa R. Boyer (b. 16 Sept., 1841), daughter 
of John and Jestinia (Ritter) Boyer. 

Children: — 

+1733 John Calvin Boone, b. 5 Apr., 1862. 
+1734 James Irvin Boone, b. 10 May, 1864. 

1735 Ammon B. Boone (son), b. 3 May, 1866. Unmarried. 

1736 Hannah S. Boone, b. 21 Feb., 1869. Unmarried. 

1737 Daniel E. Boone, b. 10 Jan., 1874; m. 10 Apr., 1916, Florence E. Cooley, 

dau. of Geo. E. Cooley. 

1738 Howard Boone, b. 21 June, 1871; d. 12 Aug., 1871. 

1739 Jeremiah Boone, b. 17 July, 1875; d. 30 Aug., 1875. 
+1740 George Boone, b. 30 May, 1876. 

1741 Anna E. Boone, b. 16 Feb., 1878; d. 26 Dec, 1878. 

+1742 LiUie L. Boone, b. 22 Oct., 1879. 

1743 Harry Boone, b. 13 Apr., 1882; d. 16 Apr., 1888. 

1744 Norah Boone, b. 5 Aug., 1884; d. 30 Aug., 1884. 

746. JAMES BOONE (Judah^- Moses''; James*; George^), born 21 Jan., 
1841, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Living in 1920. 

224 VL\)t JBoone Jf amilp 

Married 26 Oct., 1867, in Reading, Pa., Emma Herbein (b. 23 May, 
1846), daughter of David and Hannah Herbein. 

Children: — 

+ 1745 James Edwin H. Boone, b. 10 Sept., 1868. 

1746 John Preston H. Boone, b. 20 Dec, 1869, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa.; 

m. 9 Sept., 1893, Clara Mayer (b. 9 Feb., 1875), dau. of David K. and 
Tulara Mayer, 

1747 Calvin David H. Boone, b. 4 Aug., 1871, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa,; 

d. 29 July, 1873. 

1748 Amos Judah H. Boone, b. 30 Aug., 1873; d, 12 May, 1910; m. Louisa 

+ 1749 Allen Benton H. Boone, b. 5 Apr., 1875, 
+1750 Harvey Elmer H. Boone, b. 27 Oct., 1876. 

1751 Aaron Herbein H. Boone, b. 11 May, 1878, in Exeter twp, 
+ 1752 Charles Warren H. Boone, b. 17 May, 1881, in Exeter twp. 

1753 Hannah H. Boone, b. 25 Sept., 1882, in Exeter twp.; d. 11 June, 1888. 
+ 1754 Emma Kate H. Boone, b. 16 Dec, 1884, in Exeter twp. 
1755 George Wilham H. Boone, b. 23 Sept., 1887; m. Ella Ritter, dau, of 
William and Judith (Hartman) Ritter. 

750. REBECCA BOONE (Judah^; Moses'; James'; George^). 

Married Daniel Boone Gross, son of — Gross and wife Matilda Boone. 

Children: — 

1756 Sarah Agnes Gross, b. 7 Nov., 1874, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

+1757 Susan Matilda Gross, b, 18 Mar., 1876. 

+1758 Annie Elizabeth Gross, b. 31 Dec, 1878. 

+1759 Lydia Rebecca Gross, b. 18 July, 1880. 

+ 1760 Clara Malinda Gross, b. 20 July, 1883. 

+1761 Hannah Carohne Gross, b. 28 Oct., 1886. 

1762 David Allen Gross, b. 11 July, 1873, in Exeter twp., Berks Co.,; d. 21 Mar., 


1763 Laura Mahala Gross, b. 20 July, 1883, in Earl twp., Berks Co.; d. 13 

May, 1902. 

1764 Mary Magdalena Gross, b. 13 May, 1885, in Earl twp., Berks Co., Pa.; 

d. 15 Mar., 1904. 

751. CRAVEN BOONE {George^; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Sallie Newman. 

Children: — 

+1765 Nevill Boone, b. 1837. 

+1766 John Boone. 

+ 1767 George Boone. 

+ 1768 Lucy Boone. 

+ 1769 Harriet Boone, m. Horace Boone {Upton''; Samuel*; Samuel*; Samuel*; 

George^), No. 1793, 
+1770 Craven Boone, Jr. 
+1771 Mary Boone, 
+1772 Emma Boone. 

^ebentf) (generation 225 

753. HELEN BOONE {George^; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), born 1804, 
at Laconia, Ind. 

Married 1828, Hezekiah Luckett. 

Hezekiah Luckett took part in the Campaign of the Wabash, and was 
wounded in the Battle of Tippacanoe, Ind. He was son of Samuel Luckett 
of Frederick City, Md. 

Children: — 

+ 1773 George Luckett, b. 1824. 
+ 1774 Samuel B. Luckett, b. 1828. 
+ 1775 Hiram Luckett. 

755. ELVIRA BOONE (George^; SamueP; Samuel'; George^). 
Married Richard Willett. 

Children: — 

+ 1776 Lucy WiUett. 
+7777 Sarah WiUett. 

1778 William WiUett. 

1779 Green WUlett, kiUed in Civil War. 
+1780 Helen Willett. 

+1781 James H. WiUett. 
+ 1782 Harriet Mary WiUett. 
+1783 John Boone WiUett. 

756. ROBERT BOONE (George'; SamueP; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Ellen Williams. 

Children: — 

1784 Robert Boone, Jr. Res. Chicago, lU. 

1785 William Boone. Res., Chicago, lU. 
+1786 Harriet Boone. Res., Chicago, lU. 

758. UPTON BOONE (Samuel^; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Betty Houser. Residence, Laconia, Ind. 

Children: — 

1787 Fielding Boone. 

+1788 MatUda Boone. 

1789 Lavinia Boone. 

+ 1790 Mary Boone. 

1791 Hade Boone, m Jeffreys, an EngUshman. 

1792 Samuel Boone, m. Mary Holiday. 
+1793 Horace Boone. 

1794 Charles Boone. 

226 ^jje 55oone jFamilp 

761. WILLIAM P. BOONE {Samuel'; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), 
born 12 Oct., 1813, in Boone Twp., Harrison County, Ind.; died 24 Jan., 
1875, in Louisville, Ky. 

Married Elizabeth Harney, daughter of Dr. John Milton Harney and 
granddaughter of Judge John Rowain, distinguished lawyer and statesman, 
by whom she was reared. 

William P. Boone was educated at Corydon, then the capital of 
Indiana, until his seventeenth year, when he began studying law, at the 
same time teaching a district school in Boone township. His legal edu- 
cation was completed under the tutelage of Judge William A. Porter 
of Corydon, a leading lawyer of Indiana. He was admitted to the bar 
Oct. 16, 1836, and was taken into partnership with Judge Porter. He 
later located in Louisville, Ky., and began practice there in 1836 as a 
member of the law firm of Thomasson and Boone, which firm was dis- 
solved when Mr. Thomasson was returned to Congress, and the firm of 
Boone and Clark continued the business. Subsequently William P. 
Boone and his relative Col. Charles D. Pennebaker formed a partner- 
ship and enjoyed a valuable practice until 1861, when both members 
were elected as Union candidates to the Legislature, In the Legislature 
both Mr. Boone and his partner were effective aids in securing Kentucky 
to the Union. 

At that time Boone was a member of the Union Democratic State 
Central Committee, a member of the board of Aldermen of Louisville 
and the president of a large Union club. He originated and organized 
one of the first, if not the very first. Union military bodies in the state, 
cajled the Louisville Home Guards. As Colonel of this organization, 
Boone was one of the committee which met Lieut. Nelson in Cincinnati, 
and received the arms furnished to them secretly by the United States 
Government. He was elected colonel of the first Regiment formed out 
of this Home Guard. A little later Col. Boone recruited a regiment for 
the Union forces, called the Twenty-eighth Kentucky. On Nov. 6, 1861, 
this regiment was assigned to duty in the Army of the Ohio, the name of 
which was afterwards changed to Army of the Cumberland. From this 
time until he was disabled in June, 1864, Col. Boone, whether as reg- 
imental, post or brigade commander; of infantry, mounted infantry or 
cavalry; rendered service which was conspicuously meritorious and which 
was commended by his superior officers. He resigned June, 1864, on 
account of physical disability, and returned to his family and business 
affairs in Louisville. 

Col. Boone was never an office seeker, yet served at the head of 
political organizations, as councilman, alderman, legislator, corporation 
council, and as member of the conventions of 1851 and 1870, which frapa- 
ed new charters for the city of Louisville. He was a man of fine presence, 
very tall and straight, with broad shoulders and soldierly bearing. He 
was an open, fearless and courteous gentleman who attracted the con- 

^ebentf) feneration 227 

fidence and commanded the esteem of those with whom he came in con- 
tact. He was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Jan. 25, 1875. (a) 

Children: — 

+ 1795 John Rowan Boone, b. 1844. 

1796 Samuel H. Boone, unm. Lives (1921) at Louiaville, Ky. 

1797 Annie M. Boone. 

Reference: — 

(a) Compiled from a sketch in "History of the Ohio Falls Cities and their Counties," 
1882, Cleveland, Ohio, L. A. WiUiams and Co., p. 496c- 496e. 

764. GRANDISON H. BOONE {Hiram'' C; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), 
born 19 Feb., 1814. 

Married Nancy Stevenson, daughter of Judge Stevenson, who went 
from Virginia to what is now Berry Co., Indiana. 

Children: — 

1798 Hannibal Boone, b. 15 Sept., 1840; d. 4 Sept., 1873. Unm. 

+ 1799 John Boone, b. 8 Oct., 1842. 

1800 James R. Boone, b. 20 Sept., 1845; unm. Res. Brandon, Tex. 

+1801 Fannie S. Boone, b. 26 Oct., 1848. 

1802 Clay Boone, b. 2 Nov., 1851; d. 8 Dec, 1870. 

1803 Richard Boone, b. 10 Mar., 1854; d. 21 Aug., 1874, unm. 

1804 Hiram C. Boone, b. 24 Jan., 1857; d. 13 Apr., 1859. 

765. RATLIFF R. BOONE {Hiram\- Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), born 
5 Nov., 1816. 

Married Sallie Frances. 

They went to Missouri, and their descendants are living near Agency, 

Children: — 

1805 Fanny Boone, m. Daniel Hunt. 

1806 John Boone. 

1807 Hiram Boone. 

1808 Malvina Boone, m. Dr. Dowell. 

1809 Victoria Boone. 

1810 Susan J. Boone, m. H. Boone Ray {FrancM^ Boone; Hiram*; Samuel'^,' 

Samuel*; George^), No. 1813. 

766. JOHN TIPTON BOONE (Hiram'; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), 
born 27 Mar., 1819. 

Married Eliza Brazier of St. Louis. 

He was named for Senator Tipton, noted in early Indiana history. 
He was lost on way overland to California in 1849, on the Santa Fe 


228 l^fje poone jFamilp 

Child: — 

1811 Medora Boone, called "Dora," m. Caldwell; was reared in the 

family of Col. Hiram C. Boone. She had seven or eight children. 

769. FRANCES ANN AMERICA BOONE {Hiram'; Samuel'; Samuels- 
George^), born 4 July, 1827. 

Married Dr. John W. Ray. 

Children: — 

+ 1812 John Ray. 
1813 H. Boone Ray, m. Susan Boone {Ratliff'; Hiram*; SamueV; Samuel*; 
George^), No. 1810. 

775. (QUEfeN) VICTORIA BOONE {Hiram'; SamueP; Samuel^ 
George^), born 11 July, 1837, at Sandy Farm, Meade Co., Ky.; d. 30 May, 
1885, at Louisville, Ky. 

Married 4 June, 1863, in Meade Co., Judge Benjamin Pennebaker 
Douglass (b. 22 July, 1820; d. 31 Dec, 1904, at Corydon, Ind.), a nephew 
of U. S. Senator Isaac Samuels Pennebaker of Virginia. His first wife 
was Annie Pope of Louisville, Ky. 

Children: — 

+ 1814 William Boone Douglass, b. 30 June, 1864. 
+ 1815 Mary Maude Alice Douglass, b. 25 Mar., 1867. 
1816 Annie Pope Douglass, b. 1870; d. the same year. 

777. HIRAM CASSEL BOONE (Hiram'; Samuel'; Samuel^ George'^), 
born 29 Apr., 1842. 

Married 1st, Letitia Caldwell, and 2nd, Mary E. Park. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1817 High (or Hugh) CaldweU Boone. 

(Second Marriage) \ 

1818 Rowan Lee Boone. 

1819 Roberta Jane Boone, m. William L. Fullenwider, son of Peter Rice 

Fullenwider, grandson of Catherine Rice Fullenwider, whose 2nd 
husband was Jonathan Boone, No. 138. 

1820 Dr. George P. Boone, d. in Colorado Springs. 

1821 Ellen Boone, m. C. D. Blakey, in Colorado Springs. 

1822 Sally Hairston Boone. 

1823 Victoria Boone. 

1824 Samuel H. Boone. 

1825 Anna Catherine Boone. 

€igt)tf) (generation 

778. ELIZABETH WILLETS (RachaeP Hughes; George'^; Hannah^ Boone; 
George*; George^). 

Married William McKelvey, for whom William* McKelvey Boone, 
(No. 842) was named. 

Children: — 

1826 James McKelvey. 

1827 Harriet McKelvey, m. 


1828 Isaiah McKelvey, m. Hannah 

779. JOHN WILLETS (RachaeV Hughes; George^; Hannah^ Boone; 
George*; George^). 

Married Elizabeth Wilson. 

Children: — 

1829 Matilda Willets, m. Thomas Warner. 

780. GEORGE HUGHES WILLETS {RachaeV Hughes; George^; Hannah'' 
Boone; George*; George^), born 1803; died 1881. 
Married Jane Clark. 

Children: — 

1830 Isaiah WiDets, b. 1843. 

1831 Jane Cordelia Willets. 

1832 Charles Clark WiUets. 

781. ELEANOR PANCOAST {Hezekiah^; Abigail'^ Boone; 
George*; George^), born 30 Dec, 1815. 

Married Oliver McCarthy. 

Lived in Ashland and Shelby Counties, Ohio. 





Hiram McCarthy. 


Joseph McCarthy. 


James McCarthy. 


Mary McCarthy, unm. 


Martha McCarthy, m. 

Jacobus of Ashland, O. 

230 ®l)e Jloone Jfamilp 

783. ANNA LOUISE PANCOAST {HezekiaK'; Abigail^ Boone; William}; 
George^; George^), born 20 Nov., 1819. 

Married James Edgar. Lived in Richland and Shelby Counties, Ohio. 

Child: — 

1838 Erastus Edgar, was living 1921 in Massillon, 0. 

786. SUSAN AMANDA PANCOAST (Hezekiah'; Abigail Boone; 
William^; George*; George^), born 17 Mar., 1825. 

Married 1st, Dr. James Gailey, and 2nd, Edward Powers. Resides 
at Oakland, Cal. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

1839 Calvin Gailey, a physician. 

1840 Evelyn Gailey. 
(Second Marriage) 

1841 Edward Powers of Marion, Ohio. 

793. SARAH BOONE {Mordecai^; William^- William^- George*; George^) 
born April, 1821. Married . 

Children: — 

1842 Emma R. , m. Cost. 

1843 Sarah . 

795. ELI AS DAYIS {Charlotte'' Boone; William'^; William^; George*; George^). 
Married Margaret Strause. 

Children: — 

1844 Amelia Davis, m. John C. Bowman. Res. Lancaster, Pa. 

1845 Blanche Davis. 

797. MAYBERRY GEARHART {Sarah' Boone; George\- William^; 
George*; George^), born 13 May, 1813; died 5 Aug., 1893. 

Married 23 Feb., 1846, Mary Catherine Nixon (b. 20 June, 1827; 
d. 17 Jan., 1883), daughter of James and Sophia (Starker) Nixon. 

Mary Catherine Nixon was born at Morristown, N. J.; lived 
before her marriage at Easton, Pa., where her mother Sophia Starker Nixon 
was married a second time to George Shick. In 1840 they left Easton and 
moved to Columbia Co., where Mary C. Nixon was married and 
moved to Roaring Creek with her husband Mayberry Gearhart. 

Mayberry Gearhart had thirteen namesakes; and a township was 
also named for him. 

€isf)tf) feneration 231 

Children: — 

+1846 Sophia Starker Gearhart, b. Jan. 31, 1845 or 1846. 
1847 William Gearhart, b. ; d. aged 28 years. Married Elizabeth Thomp- 
son. No children. 

+ 1848 Clarence Frick Gearhart, b. ; d. 22 Feb., 1889. 

+ 1849 Amelia Shook Gearhart, b. . 

+ 1850 Edward Sayre Gearhart, b. 28 Mar., 1856. 
+1851 Elizabeth Boone Gearhart, b. 4 Mar., 1859. 
+ 1852 George Gearhart, b. 8 Sept., 1862. 

798. JULIA ANN GEARHART (Sarah' Boone; George'; William^; 
George*; George^), born 1815; died at the age of 92. Said she was named 
for Julia Ann (or Julian) Mayberry, wife of Mordecai Lincoln, No. 185. 
Married Samuel Harder. 

Children: — 

1853 Arthur Harder, m. EUen Fisher. 
+ 1854 Harriet Gearhart Harder. 

799. HARRIET GEARHART (Sarah' Boone; George'; William^; Georges- 
George^), born 1817. 

Married Lewis Yetter of Catawissa, Pa. 

She died young leaving one son. 

After the death of Harriet Gearhart her husband Lewis Yetter married a second 
time and had three children; John, Hannah who m. John Decker, and Alfred, (who are not 
Boone descendants) . 

Children: — 

+1855 William Gearhart Yetter, b. 10 Dec, 1838. 

800. ELEANOR GEARHART (Sarah' Boone; George'; William^' George* 
George^), born 1819. 

Married David Clark, at Catawissa, Pa. 

They later moved to Danville, and she died of typhoid at the same 
time that her sister Harriet did. 

Children: — 

+1856 Cordelia Eleanor Clark. 

801. AMELIA DOUGLAS GEARHART (Sarah' Boone; George*; Will- 
iam^; George*; George^). 

Married Gideon Shook. 

Children: — 

1857 William Gearhart Shook, m. Emma Robinson, No children. 

232 W\)t Poone Jf amilp 

809. MARGARET RUNION {Mary'' Boone; George^; William'; George*; 
George^) . 

Married William Beatty, a judge of San Francisco, Cal. 

Children: — 

1858 William Beatty, a judge at Sacramento, Cal. 

1859 Emma Beatty. 

810. MARTHA RUNION (Mary'' Boone; George^- William^- Georges- 
George^) . 

Married — Hamilton. 

Children: — 

+ 1860 Marie Hamilton. 

812. ELLIS H. BOONE (George''; George^- William'; George*; George^), 
born 30 Dec, 1818; died 14 Aug., 1900. 

Married 1841, Ann Cleaver (b. 31 Aug., 1823; d. 21 Sept., 1911), 
daughter of Derrick Cleaver. He worked for the Pa. R. R. for about 
forty years. 

Children: — 

1861 Thomas Elwood Boone, never m. Died . 

+ 1862 Edwin Boone, b. 14 Jan., 1846. 

1863 Sarah Elizabeth Boone, never m. Died . 

819. JEREMIAH BOONE (George''; George''; William'; George*; George^), 
bom 1 Dec, 1835. 

Married Susan — . 

Child: — 

1864 Laura Boone, m. Long. 

823, MARGARET MAYBERRY BOONE (Jeremiah''; Thomas\' Will- 
iam^; George*; George^), born 1831; died 1908. 

Married Tobias Hirtie Wintersteen of Holland (b. 1813; d. 1884). 

Children: — 

1865 Rachel Wintersteen, b. 1866; m. A. L. Stevens. No children. 
+1866 Margaret Wintersteen, b. 1867. 
+1867 Fred Wintersteen, b. 1868. 
+1868 Anna Wintersteen, b. 1870. 
1869 Jeremiah Boone Wintersteen, b. 1874; m, 1915, Sarah Huston. No child- 
ren. He is a physician of Moorestown, N. J,, and served in the Great 
War as follows : 

€igl)tf) (feneration 23a^ 

Was commissioned 9 May, 1917, as Lieut, in Medical Corps; ordered 
to active duty 12 July; served in mobilization camps in Indiana, 
California and Georgia. Ordered to France 18 July, 1918, with Base 
Hospital No. 67; arrived at Bordeaux, France, 1 Aug., 1918. He was 
stationed about three (3) miles from Chateau Thierry where the 
American Offensive began that marked the beginning of the rout of 
the German Armies ; was directly at the Front and saw much exceeding- 
ly strenuous service until the Armistice. He returned to this country 
in Feb., 1919; served at various demobilization centers, and was 
honorably discharged with rank of Major, 29 July, 1919. 

1870 Frank Wintersteen, d. in infancy. 

825. THOMAS D. BOONE {Daniel''; Thomas'; William^; George^; 
George^) . 

Married . 

Among his papers found after his death was one of genealogical 
interest reading as follows: 

"My father Daniel Boone, born July 7, 1799; died March 26, 1854; 
married Elizabeth Bertolett born Jan. 1, 1816. My grandfather, Thomas 
Boone, was born Sept. 25, 1761; died Nov. 21, 1823. My great-grand- 
father's nams was William Boone. He married a Miss Lincoln. They 
are both buried in Maryland. 

(Signed) Thomas D. Boone." 

Children: — 

i. Mary Boone, m. a Mr. Higbee. Res. Washington, D. C. 
ii. Boone, m. R. W. Morse. Res. Washington, D. C. 

836. MARY ANN VASTINE (Patty^ Boone; Hezekia¥; William^' 
George*; George^). 

Married a Mr. Gearhart. 

Child: — 

1871 Clara Gearhart, m. McCormick; has a dau. born about 1891; Uvea 

at Springfield, Mo. 

838. RANSLOE BOONE {William''; Hezekiah^; William^; George*; 
George^), born 1823. 

Married 1st, Sarah Frances , and 2nd, Annie E. Hughes. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+1872 Sarah Frances Boone, b. 1856. 

(Second Marriage) 

+1873 William Boone, b. 1857. 

+1874 Edwin Boone, b. 1859. 

+1875 Margaretta Boone, b. 1863. 

+1876 Harriet Boone, b. 1864. (?) 

1877 May L. Boone, b. 1870; unm. 

+1878 George Boone, b. 1871. 

+1879 Milton Boone, b. 1873. 

+1880 Harry Boone, b. 1876. 

234 ^\}t Poone :f amilj> 

841. HANNAH ELIZABETH BOONE {William''; Hezekia¥; William^; 
George*; George^), born 1828, in Somerset County, Pa., died 28 Sept., 1918, 
at Albion, Mich. 

Married 1 Jan., 1861, Theodore Monroe Foote. They resided in 
Charlotte, Mich., where he was a farmer. 

Children: — 

+1881 George William Foote, b. 4 Oct., 1865. 
+1882 Jay Bradley Foote, b. 24 Apr., 1868. 

842. WILLIAM McKELVEY BOONE {William''; Hezekiah'; William^' 
George*; George^), born 26 Oct., 1834, at Hughesville, Pa.; died 28 Jan., 
1913, at Lima, Ohio. 

Married 10 Jan., 1861, at Wooster, Ohio, Mary Elizabeth Hefifel- 
finger (b. 2 Sept., 1834). 

Children: — 

1883 Anna Jeanette Boone, b. 21 July, 1861, at Wooster, Ohio; m. 5 Nov., 

1914, at Lima, Ohio, John Calvin McCullough. Res. Houston, Tex. 

1884 Mary Ehzabeth Boone, b. 29 Sept., 1864, at Wooster, Ohio, unm. 
+1885 Frank Archer Boone, b. 25 July, 1867, at Lima, Ohio. 

1886 Flora Belle Boone, b. 23 Apr., 1870, at Lima, Ohio; d. 8 June, 1905; unm. 
+ 1887 Frances Ashton Boone, b. 12 Feb., 1873, at Lima, Ohio. 
+ 1888 William Kenneth Boone, b. 9 Apr., 1875. 

1889 Jessie Margaret Boone, b. 9 Oct., 187S. Res. Lima, Ohio. 

843. JOHN HEZEKIAH BOONE {William''; Hezekiah'; William'; 
George*; George^), born 13 Jan., 1836; died 16 Jan., 1910, at Collins, Ohio. 
Married Louisa Bullard of Bloomsville, Ohio. 

Children: — 

1890 Charles Boone, resides near Cleveland, Ohio. 
18^1 Etta Boone, m. DoUard, at Colhns, Ohio. 

1892 Myrta Boone, m. Proctor. Res. 30 E. 69th St., N. Portland, Ore. 

1893 Glen Boone, Attorney at Law, Cleveland, Ohio. 

1894 Bertha Boone (dec), m. Fox. 

845. MARY FRANCES BOONE {William''; Hezekiah^; William'; 
George*; George^), born 1839. 

Married L. Harrington. Resides at Blissfield, Mich. 

Children: — 

1895 Wil^am Harrington. 

1896 Grace Harrington, Res. Blissfield, Mich. 

1897 Burton Harrington. 
1698 Eugene Harrington. 

1899 Blanche Harrington, m. Cosmer. 

1900 Leroy Harrington, d. . 

Cigljtf) feneration 235 

852. HARVEY BOONE {George''; HezeMa¥; William^; George*; George^), 
born 6 Dec, 1832. 

Married Julia Hayden, daughter of J. P. and Frances Hayden. Re- 
sides at Masonic, Cal. 

Children: — 

1901 Harvey Boone, Jr., m. 3 Mar., 1903, Alice Evelyn Beck. Res. Bodic, 


1902 Julia Boone. 

857. ELIZABETH WOLVERTON (Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah'; William^' 
George*; George^), died aged 73. 
Married John Hoover. 

Children: — 

1903 Isaac Hoover, res. Avery, Ohio. 

1904 Wellington Hoover, dec. 

1905 Lewis Hoover, res. Lakeside, Cal. 

1906 Emma Hoover, m. Prout. Res. Cleveland, Ohio. 

1907 George Hoover, moved to Canada. 

860. BOONE WOLVERTON (Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah^; William'; 
George*; George^) . 
Married . 

Child: — 

1908 Alice Wolverton, m. Smith. Res. Monroeville, O. 

861. ISAAC WOLVERTON (Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah^; William'; George*; 
George^) f 

Married . 

Child: — 

1909 Flora Wolverton, d. . 

862. HARVEY WOLVERTON (Nancy'' Boone; Hezekia¥; William'; 
George*; George^), born 1834; died 1916. 

Married Jane Delemater. 

Child: — 

1910 Minta Wolverton, res. Kansas City, Mo. 

863. EDSON WOLVERTON (Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah'; William'; 
George*; George'^), born 1836; died . 

Married Mary Ann Hoover. 

Child: — 

1911 Alice Wolverton, res. Avery, Ohio. 

236 Wht poone jFamilp 

865. MILTON WOLVERTON (Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah^; William^; 
George'^; George^), born 5 Mar., 1840. 

Married 1860, Ellen Bullard (b. Mar., 1841; d. 1809), daughter of 
Samuel Bullard. 

Milton Wolverton was a farmer at Blissfield, Mich. In 1921 he 
was living at Brandentown, Florida, with his daughter Mrs. Malloty. 

Children: — 

1912 Frank Elmer Wolverton, b. 21 Aug., 1861; d. Feb., 1876. 

1913 Miles Wolverton, b. 3 July, 1864; d. 11 Nov., 1887. 

1914 Rose Alma Wolverton, b. 9 Dec, 1866; m. 1888, Edwin Mallory, res. 

Brandentown, Florida. 
+ 1915 Mary Maud Wolverton, b. 7 Sept., 1870. 
+1916 Joseph Warner Wolverton, b. 12 Feb., 1873. 
1917 Ivy Wolverton, b. 2 Jan., 1877; d. 16 Nov., 1819. 

866. ELMIRA WOLVERTON {Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah'; William^- 
George^; George^), born 1842; died 1882. 
Married Isaac Hoover. 

Child: — 

Isaac Hoover, res. Holton, Kansas. 

876. DANIEL ISAAC WILCOXSON {William''; Daniel'; Sarah' Boone; 
Squire^; George^). 

Married 23 July, 1846, Adah Harding Mclnteer. 

Children: — 

1919 Virginia Catherine Wilcoxson, m. Joel White. 

1920 Josephine Wilcoxson, m. A. G. Scruggs. 

1921 Elijah Green Wilcoxson, m. Elizabeth Walton. 

1922 Euphamia Alice Wilcoxson, m. Samuel F. Crabtree. 
+ 1923 Beatrice Wilcoxson. 

882. JEREMIAH MONROE BRYANT {Jeremiah^; Rachel" Wilcox; 
Sarah' Boone; Squire*; George^), born 10 Mar., 1825, in Estill Co., Ky., 
lived and died in Callaway Co., Mo. 
Married Virginia Tatum. 

Children: — 

+1924 Wiley Crayton Bryant, b. 1855. 

1925 Martha Susan Bryant, b. 1857. 

+1926 Jeremiah Benjamin Bryant, b. 1859. 

1927 Sarah Price Bryant, b. 1862. 

1928 Jennie Bryant, b. 1863. 

1929 James William Bryant, b. 1864. 
+1930 Edwin Lee Bryant, b. 1867. 

Cigfjtf) (SenEration 237 

888. WILLIAM BRYANT (Thomas''; Rachel' Wilcox; Sarah' Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 1821, in Estill Co., Ky.; died 1856, in Wapello 
County, Iowa. 

Married 6 July, 1848, at Bloomfield, Iowa, Mary Martin. 

He was a soldier in the Mexican War, serving in Company "E," 
Captain Stevenson's Missouri Mounted Volunteers. 

Children: — 

1931 William Irvine Bryant. 

1932 Bryant (dau.). 

889. JOSHUA BRYANT (Thomas''; Rachel' Wilcox; Sarah' Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 9 Mar., 1823, in Estill Co., Ky.; died 18 Mar., 
1907, in Pullman, Wash. 

Married in Wapello Co., Iowa, Angeline Hunter. 

Children: — 

+ 1933 Monroe Bryant. 

+1934 Erastus J. Bryant. * 

+1935 Jane Bryant. 

1936 William Tell Bryant, d. aged 13. 

+ 1937 Alice A. Bryant, b. 20 Apr., 1860. 

+ 1938 Thomas Jay Bryant. 

1939 Elvira Bryant. 

+1940 Ella Bryant. 

891. BENJAMIN BRYANT (Thomas'; Rachel' Wilcox; Sarah' Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 27 May, 1827, in Clay Co., Ky.; died 15 Feb., 
1902, at Bloomfield, la. 

Married 3 Aug., 1846, in Shannon County, Mo., Rachel Chilton (b. 
4 July, 1829; d. 9 Apr., 1908, at Griswold, la.), daughter of John and 
Letty (Carter) Chilton. 

He moved with parents, to Boone Co., Mo., thence to Ripley (now 
Carter) Co., Mo. 

After his marriage he and his wife removed to Adams Twp., Wapello 
Co., Iowa, in 1846, and later to Davis Co. He was a pubUc speaker of 
much f otce and eloquence, and made many speeches against slavery. Was long 
a leader in politics in his section of the country. He enlisted as a private 
in Company "B", Thirteenth Iowa Volunteers Infantry, and was dis- 
charged on account of disability. He was commissioned First Lieutenant 
of the First Ind. Militia Company of Adams Twp., Wapello Co. Ben- 
jamin Bryant and his wife are interred in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, 
Bloomfield, Iowa. 

Children: — 

1941 Cynthia Bryant, d. in infancy. 

1942 Susan Bryant, d. aged five. 


^jje Jioone Jf amilp 

+ 1946 

+ 1948 

+ 1950 
+ 1951 

Francis Asbury Bryant. 

Andrew Jackson Bryant, b. 30 Mar., 1853. 

James Chilton Bryant, b. 1 May, 1855. 

Lucy Jane Bryant, b. 1 May, 1858. 

Benjamin Bassett Bryant, b. 23 Sept., 1860, Wapello Co., la.; d. 14 
Dec, 1913, in Woodward, Okla. He was for many years a school 
teacher. M. 1st, 12 June 1893, Mary Sinclair, and 2nd, Carrie 
Lester of Bloomfield, la. No children by either. 

Theodore Finis Bryant, b. 28 Dec, 1862. 

William Cullen Bryant, b. 25 June, 1865, in Wapello Co., la. He re- 
moved to Griswold, la. Was a lawyer and twice elected Mayor of 
Griswold and County Attorney of Cass County. M. 6 Sept., 1899, 
Jessie M. Lambom, dau. of Samuel H. and Lambom. No child- 

John Carter Inman Bryant, b. 30 Oct., 1868. 

Thomas Julian Bryant, b. 27 Apr., 1873. 

892. ANDREW JACKSON BRYANT (Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sara¥ 
Boone; Squire*; George^), born 1830, in Clay Co., Ky.; died 1885, Santa 
Rosa, Cal. He removed to Missouri hi 1837. 

Married Maggie McCall. 

They removed to Wapello Co., Iowa, and thence to California in 

Children: — 

1952 Ida Elvira Bryant. 
+ 1953 Emma Dora Bryant. 
1954 William Stewart Bryant. 

893. LUCRETIA BRYANT (Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah'' Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 9 Feb., 1832, in Clay Co., Ky.; died 14 Sept., 
1902, in Hannibal, Mo. 

Married 1st, 8 July, 1847, W. J. Shelton (who had been previously 
married and had two children, Louis and Francis), (b. 28 May, 1821; d. 
June, 1862, in Tennessee); 2nd, — Richardson; and 3rd, C. M. Porter. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+ 1955 GilUann Shelton, b. 16 Oct., 1848. 

+ 1956 Newton Shelton, b. 12 Sept., 1850. 

+ 1957 Mary Shelton, b. 20 Jan., 1853. 

+1958 Emma Shelton, b. 4 Nov., 1855. 

+ 1959 EUen Shelton, b. 9 Sept., 1857. 
1960 Elsie Shelton, b. 13 Oct., 1859. 

+ 1961 Winfield Scott Shelton, b. 20 June, 1861. 
(Second Marriage) 

+ 1962 Andrew Jackson Richardson, b. 7 Jan., 1867. 

€is()tt) (generation 239 

894. DEBORAH BRYANT (Thomas''; Rachel' Wilcox; Sarah'' Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 1835 in Clay Co., Ky.; removed to southeast 

Married John R. Shields and moved to Wapello Co., Iowa, in 1846. 

Child: — 

1963 George Sliields. 

895. ELVIRA BRYANT (Thomas''; Rachel'^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 1837, in Clay Co., Ky., and moved to Wapello 
Co., Iowa. 

Married James Martin. 

Child: — 

1964 William Jay Martin. 

896. I. T. CALLAWAY (Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth Wilcoxson; Sarah^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married Miss — Hodge. 

Children: — 

1965 Marshall Callaway (deceased). 

1966 Callaway (dau.)> m, Gentry. 

898. (DR.) JAMES CALLAWAY (Mary' Cuthirth; Elizabeth'' Wilcox- 
son; Sarah'^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, Miss — Carmichael, and 2nd, Annie Yeakle. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 
+1967 Carrie Callaway. 

1968 Abner Callaway (deceased). 
+1969 Mary V. Callaway. 
(Second Marriage) 
+1970 Hattie Callaway. 

1971 Annie Callaway, m. Hubbard. 

1972 Lilly Callaway, m, Gillespie. 

899. BENJAMIN CUTBIRTH CALLAWAY (Mary' Cuthirth; Eliza- 
beth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Harriet Stuart. 

Children: — 

1973 Mary Callaway, m. Cosby. 

+1974 Hannah Callaway. 


Wi)t poone Jf amilp 

900. ELIJAH CALLAWAY (Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire^; George^), born 1803; died 1865. 
Married Nancy Sutherland. 

Children: — 

+1975 Joseph W. Callaway. 

+ 1976 Julett (Juliet ?) Callaway. 

+ 1977 James Callaway. 

901. CHARLOTTE CALLAWAY (Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth'^ Wilcoxson; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), of Wilks Co., N. C. 

Married 1811 Elijah Wilcoxson (b. 1790; d. 1870), son of Samuel 
Wilcoxson (b. 1760; d. 1825; m. 1788), and his wife Anna Jordan (b. 
1765; d. 1853). 

They settled in Fulton Co., 111. (and it is thought their P. 0. was 
Lexington), where they raised a family, but the name of only one child 
is known. 

Child : — 

1978 Zerelda Wilcoxson, b. 4 Aug., 1812; d. 1874; m. 1830, Moses A. Johnson 
(b. 1807; d. 1851), grandson of Amos Johnson, a Rev. soldier, b. 1756. 
(See Mass. in the War of the Revolution, Vol. VIII, p. 815.) 


Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married David Hartzog. 

Children: — 

+1979 Phillip Hartzog. 
+ 1980 James Hartzog. 

1981 Charlotte Hartzog. 
+ 1982 Winston Hartzog. 

{Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; 

903. REBECCA CALLAWAY {Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married Jacob Hartzog, brother (?) of David. 

Children: — 

1983 John Hartzog. 
Paul Hartzog. 
EUjah Hartzog. 
Washington Hartzog. 
Rebecca Hartzog, m. ■ 
Mahnda Hartzog, m. - 
Mary Hartzog. 


Hanks. No descendants. 
Horton. No descendants. 

Carrie Hartzog, m. John Martin. No descendants. 

€i5f)tf) (generation 


904. NANCY CALLAWAY {Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Jacob Faw. 

Children: — 

1991 Jacob Faw. 

1992 Benjamin Faw. 


Faw (dau.). who m. 

Jones, and had several children, one be- 

ing Dr. Thomas Jones. 
There were other Faw children whose names have not been learned. 

905. MARY CALLAWAY (Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth Wilcoxson; Sarah^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married John Faw. 

Children: — 

1994 Eli Faw, m. Miss 


1995 Frank Faw. 

+ 1996 Mary Ann Faw. 

Wills, and had descendants whose names are not 


Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Daniel Jones. 

(Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; 

Children: — 

1997 John Jones. 
+1998 Millard Jones. 

1999 Norman Jones. 

2000 Josephine Jones, m. Hon. W. C. Fields and had two children. 

2001 Jones (dau.), m. Waddell and had a son Dr. WaddelL 

908. SQUIRE BOONE (Thomas''; Squire'^; Samuel^; Squire*; George'), 
born 27 Dec, 1804. 

iicu -■ 


■ . 


James Thomas Boone. 


Cyrus Boone, Uving in 1915 aged 82 or 83 


Sidney Boone, deceased. 


Simeon Boone, deceased. 


Henry Boone, deceased. 


Levi Boone, deceased. 


Isaiah Boone, deceased. 


Squire Boone, deceased. 


Thomas Boone, deceased. 

242 arfje poone Jf amilp 

909. GEORGE BOONE {Thomas''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), 
born 15 Dec, 1806; died 1866. 

Married Rachel Tribble (b. 1790 or 1800; died 1884). 

Children: — 

+2011 Samuel Martin Boone, b. 19 Aug., 1836. 

+2012 Thomas M. Boone. 

2013 Amanda Boone, b. 1838; d. in infancy. 

2014 William H. Boone, m. Bettie Stubblefield. Res. Winchester, Ky. 

2015 George B. Boone, d. 

2016 Clifton Andrew Boone, never m. 

2017 Mary Frances Boone, d. in infancy. 

912. MARY BOONE {Thomas''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George*), 
born 22 Sept., 1814. 

Married James Edmonson, a Baptist preacher. 

Children: — 

2018 Robert Edmonson. 

2019 Susan Edmonson. 

2020 Hallie Edmonson. 

2021 Milton Edmonson. 

2022 William Edmonson. 

2 or 3 others. 

922. ANN COCKRELL {Susan'' Boone; Squire*; Samuel^; Squire^; 

Married Moss. 

Children: — 

2023 Susan Moss, m. Ellison. Lived St. Louis. 

2024 Frances Moss. 

928. WILLIAM GREEN KERLEY {Lucy^ Boone; Squire'^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), bprn 1819 at Richmond, Ky.; died 1856, in Elkton, 
Ky., at the home of his uncle, Higgason G. Boone. 

Married 1st, a Miss Kay, of Paducah, Ky., about 1839-40. (she d. 
1849 or '50, of cholera, at Paducah). He married 2nd, 8 Jan., 1851, at 
Shreveport, La., Louisa Elliott Evans of Tennessee (d. 20 Apr., 1910, at 
Sbteveport, La.) 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3 daughters d. young. 
+2025 Richard Menefee Kerley, b. 1850 or '51. 
(Second Marriage) 
+2026 Sidney Nicholson Kerley, b. 12 Nov., 1851. 
+2027 Lucy Boone Kerley, b. 10 Jan., 1854. 
+2028 John Spofford Kerley, b. 3 Oct., 1855. 

Cigfjtl) feneration 243 

929. JOHN H. GRUBBS (Cynthia'' Boone; Squire'^; SamueP; Squires- 
George*), born 7 Nov., 1817, in Ky.; died 9 May, 1848. 

Married Elizabeth Wood (b. 31 May, 1816; d. 4 Aug., 1845). 

Children: — 

2029 Charles F. Grubbs, b. 7 Dec, 1842; d. 16 Dec, 1867. 

2030 Mary C. Grubbs, b. 27 Dec, 1845; m. Americus Quick (who d.). Rea. 

Shipman, 111. 

931. EDWIN R. GRUBBS (Cynthia^ Boone; Squire\- Samuel^; Squire*; 
George'), born 10 Oct., 1819; died 15 Feb., 1877. 

Married 1st, 20 Aug., 1843, Hannah J. McAdams, (b. 17 Sept., 1824; 
d. 30 May, 1884); 2nd, 6 Apr., 1847, Sarah J. McAdams (b. 22 Jan., 
1824; d. 14 Feb., 1856); and 3rd, 12 Apr., 1861, Louise Padfield (b. 15 
Sept., 1824; d. 23 Dec, 1892). 

Note: — Hannah J. McAdams, Sarah McAdams and Louise Padfield were all first cousins bom, 
in the same year. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2031 Edwin R. Grubbs, Jr., b. 22 May. 1844. 
(Second Marriage) 
4-2032 Cynthiana Grubbs, b. 17 Jan., 1848. 
+2033 Charles S. Grubbs, b. 14 Sept., 1849. 

2034 William S. Grubbs, b. 25 Sept., 1851. Rea. Hillsboro. lU. 
+2035 Sarah Ehnira Grubbs, b. 4 Mar., 1854. 
2036 Robert A. Grubbs, b. 13 Feb., 1856. 
(Third Marriage) 

+2037 Minnie A. Grubbs, b. 14 Apr., 1866. 

932. MARY GRUBBS (Cynthia^ Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; 
Georg^), born 12 Sept., 1822, in Todd Co., Ky.; died about 1918, in 
Denver, Colo. 

Married Allison Corlew (d. ). 

Children) : — 

+2038 Frances Corlew (called Frank), b. 1843. 

+2039 Samantha Ann Corlew. 

+2040 Mary Corlew. 

+2041 AUce Corlew. 

+2042 Marie Walter Corlew. 

+2093 Lucy Medora Corlew. 

933. THOMAS GRUBBS (Cynthia' Boone; Squire^- Samuel'; Squires- 
George^), born about 1824; died 3 Apr., 1918, at Norwood, Mo. 
Married Malvina Corlew (d. 29 Apr., 1894). 


244 Wi)t JBoone jFamilp 

Children: — 

2044 Ransom Moody Grubbs, d. 1890 or '91. Five children. 

2045 Matilda A. Grubbs, deceased; m. . Fourteen children. 

2046 Squire Grubbs. d. in infancy. 

2047 Charles G. Grubbs, m. ; lives at 2320 Chestnut St., Kansas City, Mo. 

2048 Frances M. Grubbs, deceased; m. . Two children. 

+2049 Mary P. Grubbs, b. 13 Apr., 1851. 

2050 Marendia E. Grubbs. 

+2051 Cynthia Anne Grubbs, b. 13 Apr., 1856. 

934. WILLIAM ANDRE GRUBBS (Cynthia'' Boone; Squire'^; Samue?; 
Squire*; George^), born 18 Nov., 1826; died 15 Feb., 1877. 

Married 1852, Margaret A. Paden (b. 1 Aug., 1832; d. 8 Apr., 1915). 

Children — 

+2052 Anna Grubbs, b. 21 Jan., 1853. 
+2053 Frank A. Grubbs, b. 28 Sept., 1854. 
+2054 Harlan Paden Grubbs, b. 29 Nov., 1874. 

935. HIGGASON BOONE GRUBBS (Cynthia'' Boone; Squire'; Samuel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 27 Mar., 1829, in Elkton, Ky.; died 3 June, 1890, 
in Springfield, Mo. 

Married Harriet Blakemore Neale (b. 28 Nov., 1830; now living in 
Springfield, Mo.), daughter of Thomas and Harriet (Blakemore) Neale. 

Higgason Boone Grubbs was in the Mexican War. 

Children: — 

2055 William Richard Grubbs, b. 22 Jan., 1852; d. Feb., 1854. 
+2056 Kate Grubbs, b. 4 May, 1854; m. 

2057 Francis Higgason Grubbs, b. 9 Sept., 1858; m. 22 Oct., 1879, Addie M. 

Sprowl. No Children. Res. Muskogee, Okla. 

2058 Neale Blakemore Grubbs, b. 10 Aug., 1860; d. 20 Sept., 1861. 
+2059 Edwin Blakemore Grubbs, b. 5 Aug., 1864. 

2060 Harry Augustus Grubbs, b. 27 Mar., 1868; d. 9 Aug., 1909. 

938. SAMUEL MOODY GRUBBS (Cynthia' Boone; Squire'; Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 12 Aug., 1835, in Montgomery Co., 111.; died 23 
Dec, 1917, in Litchfield, Montgomery Co., 111. 

Married 1st, 18 Nov., 1857, in Hillsboro, 111., Mary Brewer (b. 4 
Jan., 1839; d. 18 Mar., 1888, in Litchfield, 111.), daughter of William 
and Delilah (Hough) Brewer of Hillsboro, 111. He married 2nd, about 
1890, Mrs. Elizabeth (Beach) White (b. 4 Sept., 1838; d. 8 Jan., 1916). 

(William Brewer, father of Mary [Brewer] Grubbs, was born in Chat- 
ham Co., N. C, in 1803; died 1883, in Hillsboro, Montgomery Co., 111. 
He was a son of William and Milly [West] Brewer of North Carolina, 
who moved to Kentucky about 1808. His wife Delilah Hough [b. in Va., 
1807; d. 1869] was adau. of Samuel and Peggy [Haight] Hough. William 
and Delilah Brewer located in Montgomery Co., 111., about 1839.) 

€igl)tj) (feneration 245 

Samuel Moody Grubbs wa^ born not long after his parents moved 
to Illinois from Kentucky, being the youngest of ten children and the 
only one born in Illinois. When he was only two years of age his 
father died, leaving his mother with a family of children to care for 
alone; so Samuel Moody Grubbs, after receiving his education at Hills- 
boro, began at an early age to make his own way in the world. His 
first position was with the mercantile business of the Hon. William Brewer. 
He boarded at the home of his employer, whose daughter Mary he 
afterward married. 

In 1856 he went to Litchfield, 111., a few miles from Hillsboro, and 
took a position in the store of McWilliams and Paden, but returned to 
Hillsboro within a few months and there entered the drug and mercan- 
tile business. In 1865 he again went to Litchfield, which from that time 
on was his permanent home. He became a member of the firm of Brewer, 
Seymour and Co., bankers. The firm later became Brewer and Grubbs; 
then S. M. Grubbs and Co.; and in Jan., 1889, was organized as the First 
National Bank of Litchfield. Mr. Grubbs was the president of this bank 
until 1914, when he retired from active business. 

PoUtically he was always an active and ardent Repubhcan. He was 
elected mayor of Litchfield in 1874 and served two terms as city treas- 
urer. He was a generous and public-spirited citizen; was connected with 
every movement to promote the welfare of his community; and was 
actively identified with the growth and development of the town. For 
nearly fifty years he was an untiring and devoted worker in the Methodist 
Church of Litchfield, maintaining an active interest in church work up 
to the time of his death. Possessing an unusual charm of personality 
and beauty of character, he was adored by his family, loved by his friends, 
and respected and admired by all others who knew him. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

-f-2061 EUa Brewer Grubbs, b. 22 Aug., 1858. 

+2062 Mary (Mamie) Gertrude Grubbs, b. 22 May, 1860. 

+2063 Lila Anna Grubbs, b. 30 Apr., 1864. 

2064 Walter Brewer Grubbs, b. 1865; d. aged 10 months. 

2065 Samuel Robert Grubbs, b. 1867; d. aged 14 months. 

2066 Frank Lester Grubbs, b. 1869 or 70; d. aged 10 months. 

2067 Chalmer Leland Grubbs, b. 1874; d. aged 8 months. 

940. RICHARD BOONE {Samuel''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George'^), 
born about 1823. 

Married ,*and lived at Paducah, Ky., until his death. 

Children: — 

2068 Eli Gaither Boone, m. Mattie Vaughan. Res. Paducah, Ky. 

*Recent information indicates that the wife of Richard Boone was probably No. 1776, Lucy 

246 tCfje poone Jf amilp 

2069 Boone (a dau.), m. Mr. Holland; one child, Nell Holland, m. Paul 

Province. Res. Paducah, Ky. 

2070 Frank Boone, unm. Res. Paducah, Ky. 

2071 Joseph Boone. Res. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

941. WILLIAM BOONE {SamueV; Squire^; Samuel'; Squier*; George^), 
born about 1825. 
Twice married. 

Children: — 

2072 Samuel Boone. 
+2073 Richard Boone, b. 24 July, 1849. 

2074 WiUiam Daniel Boone. 

2075 George Boone. 

2076 Benjamin Boone, 

945. EMILY BOONE (SamueV; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; George^), 
born about 1833, 

Married Joseph McCrory. 

Lived at Nashville, Tenn., until after her husband's death about 1912. 

Children: — 

2077 Louise McCrory, m. W. G. Spencer. In 1913 she was Vioie-Pres. Gen, 

for Tennessee of the National Society Daughters of the American 

2078 McCrory (dau.), m. Dorsey. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2079 McCrory (dau.), m. Parks; d. soon after, 

947. NANCY ANN BOONE (/ra^• Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; George^), 
born 18 July, 1827; died 13 Sept., 1852. 

Married 1843, Benjamin Sammons (d, ), 

Children: — 

2080 Emma Sammons, m. William Christian (d, 1901), No children. 

2081 John Ira Sammons, d. 

2082 Richard Sammons, d. 

948. MARY JEMIMA BOONE (7ra^• Squire'; Samuel'; Squires- 
George^), died 1911. 

Married in 1846, Rev. Ephraim Miller (d. 1898). 

Children: — 

2083 William E. MiUer, m. , 

+2084 Mary Elizabeth MiUer, d. 1915. 
+2085 Alice Eliza MiUer. 

2086 Henry Miller (dec), m. . No children. 

2087 Walter MiUer. 
2088 Charles MiUer. 

€isf)rt) feneration 247 

949. THOMAS PRESTON BOONE (Ira'; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Jennie Thayer (deceased). 

Had seven children, four of whom are living: 

Children: — 

-f2089 Martin Boone. 

2090 Charles Boone, m. . 

2091 Harry Boone, m. . 

2092 Thomas Preston Boone, m. 

950. LEVI DAY BOONE (/ra^• Squire^' Samuel'; Squire*; George'), 

Married Mary Lee (dec). 

Children: — 

2093 William Ira Boone, dec. 
+2094 Sarah Lee Boone. 

951. VIRGINIA LEE BOONE (Ira'; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; George'), 

Married Charles B. Rhoads. 

Children: — 

2095 Clara Rhoads, dec. 

2096 Helen Rhoads, dec. 

2097 Oscar Rhoads, m. Alice Jones. No children. 

2098 Ebner Rhoads, dec. 

952. ELIZABETH FRANCES BOONE (Ira'; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; 
George^), born 21 Dec, 1837, died about 1919. 

Married 1855 E. T. Sammons (b. 12 Mar., 1835). 


2099 Frank Sammons, d. in infancy. 

2100 Ida Elsworth Sammons. 
+2101 Mary Gertrude Sammons. 

953. WILLIAM S. BOONE (Ira'; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; George'), 
born 5 Mar., 1840; died 13 Aug., 1909. 

Married 9 July, 1866, Mary T. McEwen. 

Children: — 

Three died in infancy. 

2102 EUa L. Boone, d. 23 Aug., 1901. 

2103 Charles Ira Boone, m. 24 June, 1902, Rose E. Engle. No children. 
+2104 Levi David Boone. 

+2105 William E Boone. 
2106 Lydia R. Boone. 

248 ^t)e ?Boone jFamilp 

954. SARAH BOONE {Ira^; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), living 
in 1914. 

Married William Conklin, and had njne children, all of whom died 
young except three. 

Children: — 

2107 Frank Conklin, d. 1913. 

2108 Harriet Eliza Conklin. 

2109 Guy ConJdin, m. Maud Seple. No children. 

965. VICTORIA BOONE {Higgason'; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), 
born 24 Sept., 1836, in Elkton, Ky. 

Married 14 Mar., 1864, Richard B. McReynolds (b. 8 May, 1832, in 
Campbell Co., Va.; d, 11 Jan., 1908, at Elkton, Ky.) 

Mrs. McReynolds' present residence is Dallas, Texas. 

Children: — 

+2110 John OUver McReynolds, M. D., b. 23 July, 1865. 
+2111 Benjamin Boone McReynolds, b. 28 July, 1867. 
+2112 James Campbell McReynolds, b. 9 Sept., ISJS)- 
+2113 George Street McReynolds, M. D., b. 11 Feb., 1872. 
+2114 Martha McReynolds, b. 22 June, 1874. 

967. HIGGASON GRUBBS BOONE, JR. {Higgason''; Squire'; Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 5 Jan., 1842, at Elkton, Ky. 

Married 1st, 5 Jan., 1864, Mattie V. Coulter (b. 26 Sept., 1848, at 
Elkton; d. ); and 2nd, Mattie Veck. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

2115 William Z. Boone, b. 24 Jan., 1865, at Elkton, Ky. Twice married. 
No children. Res. Kansas City, Mo. 
+2116 Martha Louise Boone, b. 4 Feb., 1867. 
2117 Hattie Boone, b. 3 Apr., 1876^ m. (1) Charles Berry; and (2) Julian 
Oppenheimer. No children. Res. Waco, Tex. 

968. MARY LOUISE BOONE (Higgason''; Squire'; Samuel^ Squire*; 
George^), born 16 Jan., 1845, at Elkton, Ky. 

Married 25 Mar., 1868, at Elkton, Dr. Sylvanus Todd Lowry (b. 
25 Mar., 1844, at AUenville, Ky.; d. 30 June, 1890, at San Antonio, 

Mrs. Lowry lives at Elkton, Ky. 


+2118 WiUis Edwards Lowry, M. D., b. 11 Feb., 1870. 
2119 Stanley Lowry, b. 15 Apr., 1876, in Owensburg, Ky.; m. 15 Feb., 1904. 
at San Antonio, Tex., Thomasine Irvin. No children. Res. San 

Cigfjtf) (feneration 249 

969. BENJAMIN EDWARDS BOONE (Higgason''; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 16 Sept., 1847. 

Married 18 Nov., 1880, Mattie Phelps Lewis (b. 7 July, 1857, near 

Children: — 

2120 Benjamin Edwards Boone, Jr., M. D., b. 27 Sept., 1886, at Elkton, Ky.; 

m. 5 Oct., 1915, Manie Street. 

2121 Lewis Grubbs Boone, b. 28 July, 1889, at Elkton. 

2122 Arthur Whitsett Boone, b. 13 June, 1897, at Elkton. 

971. WILLIAM WIRT BOONE (Higgason''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squires- 
George^), born 29 Jan., 1854, at Elkton, Ky. 

Married 29 July, 1885, Ellen Garnett of Hopkinsville, Christian Co., 
Ky. (b. 5 July, 1857, at Hopkinsville). Residence, San Antonio, Tex. 

Children: — 

2123 William Wirt Boone, Jr., b. 20 June, 1891, at San Antonio, Tex. 

2124 James Garnett Boone, b. 11 Jan., 1899, at San Antonio. 

972. ARTHUR UPSHAW BOONE (Higgason,-'; Squire^' Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 7 Sept., 1860, at Elkton, Ky. 

Married 30 Apr., 1891, at Bowling Green, Ky., Eddie Bell Cooke 
(b. in Bowling Green, Ky., 22 Aug., 1866). He is Pastor of the First 
Baptist Church of Memphis, Tenn. 

Children: — 

2125 William Cooke Boone, b. 8 Feb., 1892, in Bowling Green, Ky. ; m. 1 Sept., 

1915, Ruth Trotter of Granada, Miss. (b. 19 Sept., 1893. in Browns- 
ville, Tenn.). He is Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hernando, 
Miss.; a graduate of WiUiam Jerod College in Miss., and also attended 
the Theological Seminary at Louisville, Ky. 

2126 Martha Maria Boone, b. 24 June, 1894, m ClarksviUe, Tenn. 

973. DANIEL LEVI BOONE (Levi^- Squire'; Samuel^ Squire*; George^), 
born 12 July, 1834, in Edwardsville, III.; d. in Chicago, 111. 

Married 1857, Frances M. Avery (b. 16 Jan., 1832, at Rochester, 
N. Y.) They were married in Chicago. 

Children: — 

+2127 Fannie Louise Boone, b. 11 Sept., 1858. 
+2128 Levi Griswold Boone, b. 31 Oct., 1861. 

2129 Henry Crocker Boone, b. 16 June, 1868, in Chicago; unm. 

2130 Samuel Oscar Boone, b. 1 Oct., 1870, in Chicago; m. in Chicago, Dorothy 

Agnes Keyes. He d. 31 Jan., 1900. 

250 Wf)t Jioone Jf amilp 

976. CLARA ANNA BOONE (LevP; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; George''), 
born 12 July, 1841; d. 23 Nov., 1906. 

Married 1st, Dec, 1859, Silas Edward Faircloth; and 2nd, 14 July, 
1874, William Hausbrough. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

2131 Douglas Boone Faircloth, b. 23 Jan., 1861, unm. 
+2132 Samuel Lee Faircloth, b. 1 Aug., 1863. 
(Second Marriage) 
+2133 Clara Boone Hausbrough, b. 21 Nov., 1875. 

977. LOUISE MEDORA BOONE (Levi''; Squire'; Samuel'; Squires- 
George^), born 11 Aug., 1843; died 25 Dec, 1915. 

Married 1st, 1863, Daniel Webster Tillinghast (b. 12 June, 1839); 
and 2nd, 10 Oct., 1880, Claude John Adams. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 
+2134 Louise Boone Tillinghast, b. 23 Oct., 1870. 
2135 Anna Lamb TiUinghast, b. 19 Sept., 1872, unm. 
(Second Marriage) 
+2136 Lorena Margaret Adams, b. 12 Nov., 1882. 

981. LUCY ADELINE BOONE {Levi''; Squire'; Samuel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 30 Jan., 1851. 

Married 25 May, 1871, George Benedict Carpenter (b. 14 July, 1845, 
in Orange Co., N. Y.; d. 7 Jan., 1881). 

Children: — 

+2137 Marian Louise Carpenter, b. 26 Mar., 1872. 
+2138 Susie Tappen Carpenter, b. 28 Dec, 1874. 
2139 George Boone Carpenter, b. 6 May, 1879. 

982. MARY JULIETTE BOONE {Levi''; Squire'; Samuel'; Squire*; 
George^), born 1 Feb., 1853. 

Married 1st, 18 Nov., 1874, Jabez Henry Cushman Gross (b. 1843, 
in Upper Gloucester, Maine), and 2nd, 8 Apr., 1896, Henry Miller Cooper 
(b. in Morristown, N. J.). 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 
+2140 Boone Gross, b. 27 Nov., 1875. 

991. WILLIAM (Capt. Billy) GRANT {William''; Israel'; Elizabeth'' 
Boone; Squire*; George^), born probably about 1800 or '01; died 1849. 

Cigdtft feneration 251 

Married 1820 Sallie A. Warren (d. 1875) of Kentucky. 

He settled in Callaway Co., Mo., in 1821, and his house was the 
first one in that county to have glass windows and a staircase. This 
made it quite a curiosity and show place, which people came from twenty 
miles away to see. 



Thomas W. Grant. 


James E. Grant. 


Samuel Grant. 


SaUy W. Grant, d. 

1875; m. 

her cousin, 

Joseph 1. 

Grant (No. 



of Samuel Moseby Grant, 

and settled 

in Callaway Co., Mo., in 1834. 


Mary L. Grant. 


Agnes Grant. 


Elizabeth Grant. 


Eveline H. Grant. 


Martha Grant. 

Reference: — 

"Pioneer Families of Missouri," Bryan and Rose. 

1005. SARAH SNELL (Dorcas'' Saunders; Sarah^ Grant; Elizaheih^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, John Ewalt, and 2nd, — Totten. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

2150 Mary Ewalt, m. Dr. J. H. Smiser. 
+2151 Dorcas Ewalt, m. William Gamett. 

2152 Eliza Ewalt, m. R. M. CoUier. 

2153 JaJmeS Ewalt, m. . 

(Second Marriage) 

2154 Artie Totten, m. Claude Desha. 

1006. ARTEMISIA TARLTON BELLES (Dorcas^ Saunders; Sarah' 
Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 10 Feb., 1832, near Indian- 
apolis, Ind.; died 7 Oct., 1904, at Cynthiana, Ky. 

Married Thomas Veach Ashbrook (b. 22 Aug., 1828; d. 30 Sept., 
1874), son of Aaron and Sara (Stewart) Ashbrook. 

Children: — 

2155 Sarah Veach Ashbrook, b. 18 June, 1858, unm. 

+2156 Dorcas Saunders Ashbrook, b. 26 Dec, 1860. 

+2157 FeUx Sterling Ashbrook, b. 27 Feb., 1862. 

2158 Sudie Ashbrook, b. 1 Sept., 1863; d. 31 Aug., 1867. 

2159 Ehzabeth (Lizzie) Ashbrook, b. 4 May, 1865; d. 23 Feb., 1866. 
+2160 momas Earl Ashbrook, b. 17 Jan., 1867. 

+2161 Mary Eliza Ashbrook, b. 23 Sept., 1870. 

252 tlTfje Poone Jf amilp 

1007. WILLIAM GRANT MOORE {Mary^ Grant; William^; Elizabeth^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married Sarah McConnell. 

Children: — 

2162 Hannah Moore, b. in Ky.; m. HartwfellBoswell. D. A. R. No. 11909. 
+2163 William Grant Moore, Jr., m. Etolia Davis. 

1017. CELINE ELIZABETH LODGE {Mary'' Lamond; Rebecca'^ Grant; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 16 Jan., 1826; died 2 Apr., 1861. 

Married about 1850 Robert S. McKee (d. 1903). 

After the death of his wife Robert S. McKee married her younger 
sister, Mary Lodge McKee (No. 1020). 

Children: — 

2164 Mary Ann McKee, b. 23 Jan., 1851; d. 25 Dec, 1857. 

2165 EUza McKee, b. 16 Oct., 1852; d. 17 Oct., 1852. 

2166 William James McKee, b. 12 Dec, 1853; m. Fannie B. McKinney. 
+2167 Edward Lodge McKee, b. 13 Mar., 1856. 

+2168 James Robert McKee, b. 9 Dec, 1857. 

2169 Frank Latham McKee, b. 26 Feb., 1861. 

1019. SUSANNA AUGUSTA LODGE (Mary'' Lamond; Rebecca^ Grant; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 4 Mar., 1830. 

Married Benjamin Franklin Page. 

Children: — 

2170 W. Edward Page, b. 19 July, 1849; d. 2 Mar., 1851. 

2171 Mary Boone Page, b. 13 Aug., 1851. 

2172 Elizabeth Holcomb Page, b. 8 Mar., 1854; d. 2 Apr., 1865. 
+2173 Celine Lodge Page, b. 25 Feb., 1856. 

2174 Robert Gorham Page, b. 14 Mar., 1858. 

2175 Agnes Rose Page, b. 27 June, 1860; d. 6 May, 1865. 

1020. MARY LOUISE LODGE {Mary'' Lamond; Rebecca^ Grant; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 15 Oct., 1832. 

Married Robert S. McKee (d. 1903), husband of her deceased sister, 
Celine Elizabeth Lodge (No. 1017). 

Children: — 

2176 CeUne Lodge McKee, b. 26 May, 1867; m. 18 May, 1891, Charles White 

Merrill (b. 15 Feb., 1861; d. 18 Feb., 1920). Res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

2177 Richard Boone McKee, b. 3 Feb., 1869; d. 22 Oct., 1907. 

1021. ELIZA BOONE LODGE {Mary'' Lamond; Rebecca'^ Grant; Eliza- 
beth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 28 July, 1836. 
Married Richard W. Hubbard. 

Cigfjt!) feneration 253 

Child: — 

2178 Cora Hubbard, b. 18 Sept., 1859; d. 23 Sept., 1859. 

1024. VIRGINIA ADELE LODGE (Rebecca^ Lamond; Rebecca'^ Grant; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 10 Feb., 1829. 
Married about 1849 Robert Edward Lee. 

Children: — 

2179 Charles Nelson Lee, b. 13 Dec, 1850; d. 16 July, 1852. 
+2180 Frank Augustus Lee, b. 4 Nov., 1852. 

2181 Edward Robert Lee, b. 1 Dec, 1855. 
+2182 Harry Lamond Lee, b. 12 May, 1858. 

1025. AUGUSTUS NELSON LODGE (Rebecca' Lamond; Rebecca^ 
Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 27 Jan., 1831. 
Married about 1850 or '51 Paulina Allen. 

Child: — 

2183 Stella Elizabeth Lodge, b. 15 Jan., 1852; m. Edward J. Mitchell. 

1026. LAURA ELLA LODGE (Rebecca'^ Lamond; Rebecca' Grant; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 30 Nov., 1832. 
Married abt. 1853 or '54, William Gardner Wharton. 

Children: — 

2184 Caleb Dunning Wharton, b. 23 Jan., 1855; d. 23 July, 1855. 
+2185 Stella Rebecca Wharton, b. 8 July, 1856. 

2186 Charles WiUiam Wharton, b. 11 Oct., 1857. 

2187 Eliza Boone Wharton, b. 24 Mar., 1859. 

1027. GAVIN KNOX LODGE {Rebecca'' Lamond; Rebecca^ Grant; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 18 July, 1834. 

Married 1st, abt. 1863, Stella L. Payne, and 2nd, abt. 1874, Emma C. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2188 Rebecca Louise Lodge, b. 6 Nov., 1864. 

2189 Stella Payne Lodge, b. 16 Jan., 1871. 
(Second Marriage) 

2190 Ogden Knox Lodge, b. 30 Aug., 1875. 

2191 Helen Catherine Lodge, b. 22 Oct., 1877. 

2192 Irwin Lamond Lodge, b. 18 Aug., 1881. 

254 €^f)e Jioone jFamilp 

1031. MATILDA VAN BIBBER (Elizabeth'' Hays; Susannah^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born in Missouri and said to have been the first 
white child born west of the Missouri River. 

Married James Estill (d. in Calif.), son of Benjamin Estill and his 
wife Anna Claughnaugh, originally of Ky., but who settled in Boone 
Co., Mo. (a) 

James Estill and wife settled on Loutre Creek, Montgomery Co., 
Mo., a few miles from Van Bibber Tavern. 

After his death in California, his widow lived in 1851 in St. Charles 
Co., Mo., about 12 miles southwest of Col. Nathan Boone's, (h) 

Children: — 

2193 Horatio Estill. 

2194 Elizabeth A. Estill. 

2195 William K. Estill. 

2196 Isaac V. EstiU. 

2197 Pantha Estill. 

2198 ColeUa C. EstiU. 

2199 Robert H. Estill. 

2200 Jonathan Estill. 

2201 Erreta Estill. 

2202 James W. Estill. 

2203 Benjamin Estill. 

2204 Sarah N. Estill. 

References: — 

(a) "Pioneer Families of Missouri," Bryan and Rose, page 256. 
ib) Draper Mss. 6 S 90-91. 

1035. FRANCES VAN BIBBER (Elizabeth^ Hays; Susannah' Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Cyrenus Cox, of New York State. He was a carpenter by 
trade, and went to Missouri by way of the Ohio River from some point 
near Cincinnati. In company with a man named McFarlane, a black- 
smith, he started out for Booneville, Mo. On the way they stopped over 
night at Isaac Van Bibber's tavern. Van Bibber was erecting a new 
building, and being sadly in need of a carpenter, he persuaded Cox to 
remain and assist him with the work. Cox did so, and later married Van 
Bibber's daughter Fanny (Frances), at about the time the new building 
was completed. By that time, it is said, Cox's clothes were so badly 
worn out that he walked to St. Louis, ninety miles away, to buy new clothes 
in which to be married. He was accompanied by McFarlane, who had 
also remained at Loutre Lick. After his marriage Cox built a home 
near Van Bibber's tavern, where they lived until their children were 
all grown. Cox never went to Booneville, his original destination. 

Children: — 

+2205 James Estill Cox. 
+2206 Missouri A. Cox. 

Cisfjtf) feneration 255 

1036. ERRETA VAN BIBBER (Elizabeth' Hays; Susannah Boone; 
Daniel^- Squire*; George^), born 20 June, 1810; died 9 Sept., 1878. 

Married 5 Feb., 1826, at Loutre Lick in Montgomery Co., Mo., 
Major George W. Burt (b. 8 Aug., 1798; d. 13 Aug., 1876). 

Child: — 

+2207 Huron Burt, b. 29 June, 1828. 

1050. LOUISA HAYS {Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 18 June, 1810. 

Married (1st) 22 Dec, 1825, Thompson Smith Crump (d. about 
1833), and 2nd, 7 Mar., 1841, John Bearing. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2208 Henry Crump, b. 17 June, 1827. 
+2209 Richard Crump, b. 26 Dec, 1828. 

2210 Daniel Boone Crump, b. about 1831; m. Rachel . 

+2211 Thompson Smith Crump, Jr., b. about 1833. 

1052. SERRELDA HAYS (Boone'; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^- Squire*; 
George^), born 22 Jan., 1816. 

Married 1st, James McMurtry, and 2nd, Barba Collins. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2212 Nancy McMurtry. 

2213 Joseph McMurtry, m. Annie A. Barrett. 
+2214 Levi McMurtry, m. 

2215 Samuel McMurtry, never m. Was killed in Civil War. 

2216 James McMurtry, m. Annie Berry. Both deceased. 
(Second Marriage) 

2217 Amazon Collins, 

+2218 Martha Collins, m. her cousin Alfred Hays (Linville*; Boone''; Sit^anna^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), No. 2233, and her descendants are 
given under his name. 

1053. ELINOR HAYS (Boone'; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 7 Mar., 1818. 

Married Frank Chick. 

Children: — 

2219 Lydia Ann Chick,* m. Lockyear. 

2220 Hardin Chick. 

2221 Samuel Chick. 

2222 Mary Chick. 

2223 Martha Chick. 

2224 Fanny Chick. 

2225 James Chick. 

2226 Serrelda Chick. 

*Lydia Ann Chick was named for her grandmother, Lydia Ann (Scholl) Hays. 

256 ^Ije poone jFamilp 

1054. AMAZON HAYS (Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Danie?; Squire*; 
George^), born 27 Jan., 1820. 

Married 25 June, 1851, Mary B. Berry. 

Children: — 

+2227 Sophia Hays. 

2228 Fannie Hays, m. 19 Dec, 1875, H. T. Howell. 

2229 Boone Hays. 

2230 Linville Hays. 
+2231 Annie Hays. 

1055. LINVILLE HAYS (Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 20 Oct., 1821. 

Married 9 June, 1842, Lorinda W. Holloway. 

Children: — 

+2232 Eliza Ann Hays. 

+2233 Alfred Hays. 

2234 Van Daniel Hays, unm. 

+2235 Temperance Hays. 

2236 Wylie Hays. 

2237 James M. Hays, m. Kate Mankameyer. 

1056. SAMUEL HAYS (Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 12 Dec, 1824; died 6 Dec, 1872. 
Married Rebecca Berry, 23 Sept., 1845. 

Children: — 

2238 Robert M. Hays, m. 11 Dec, 1878, Lizzie Muir. 

2239 Mary E. Hays, m. 26 May, 1869, James C. Lobb. 
+2240 Virginia Ann Hays. 

2241 Richard Fulkerson Hays, b. 24 July, 1856. 

+2242 Elinor Hays. 

+2243 Amazon Hays. 

+2244 Louisa D. Hays, m. John T. Davis. 

2245 Upton Hays, m. Nannie Saunders. 

+2246 Fredericka Hays. 

2247 Miriam Hays, b. 4 Feb., 1870; m. 16 Dec, 1902, William H. Pfahler. 

1057. MARIUM HAYS (Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 12 Mar., 1826. 

Married 4 Sept., 1841, David McMurtry. 

Children: — 

2248 Mary Agnes McMurtry, m. P. L. Utz. 
+2249 Calvin McMurtry. 

€igi)tf) feneration 257 

1058. MARY BOONE HAYS {Boone"; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire'^; George^), born 14 Nov., 1829. 

Married 6 Aug., 1849, Armstead Hughes. 

Children: — 

2250 William Hughes, died in infanc^y. 

2251 Reese Hughes, b. 15 Feb., 1854; m. Mary Arnold. 
+2252 Robert Linville Hughes, b. 12 Nov., 1856. 
+2253 Laura Armstead Hughes, b. 12 Oct., 1859. 

1059. UPTON HAYS (Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 29 Mar., 1831; died 1862. 
Married 4 Feb., 1852, Margaret Watts. 

Children: — 

2254 John Nathan Hays, m. Miss Mills. 

2255 Mary Elizabeth Hays, m. Thomas L. Moutry. 

2256 Elfleda Hays, m. James R. Apperson. 

2257 Jane Upton Hays, m. Joseph Whiteside. 

1062. JAMES CALLAWAY (John''; Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Mary McKinney, daughter of Alexander McKinney and 
Nancy Bryan. 

They settled in Mexico City, Mo., where Mr. Callaway engaged in 
the banking business. 

Child : — 

+2258 Redman Callaway. 

1066. THERESA CALLAWAY {James''; Jemima^ Boone; Danie?; Squire*; 

Married Henry Snyder, a native of Germany who emigrated to this 
country when a young man and settled in St. Charles Co., Mo. 

Child: — 

+2259 John N. Snyder, b. 30 Jan., 1848. 

1087. CZARINA (ZARINA) LAMME {Frances'' Callaway; Jemima^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 11 Feb., 1805; died 24 Oct., 1836. 
Married Willis Bryan (b. 7 Nov., 1801), son of David Bryan, the 
first settler within the present limits of Warren Co., Mo. Willis Bryan's 
second wife was Corillia Logan, whom he married 21 Dec, 1841. (See 
the Bryan Family Sketch.) 

258 Wi)t ?@oone jFamilp 

Children: — 

2260 John B. Bryan, b. 25 Mar., 1826; d. 25 Jan., 1834. 

+2261 Mary Frances E. Bryan, b. 20 Apr., 1827. 

2262 William Samuel Bryan, b. 3 Sept., 1830; d. 22 June, 1834. 

2263 Caroline C. Bryan, b. 4 Aug., 1832; d. 23 June, 1834. 

2264 Christopher J. Bryan, b. 26 Aug., 1833; dec. 
+2265 Malvina Ann Bryan, b. 1 Dec, 1834. 
+2266 David Bolivar Bryan, b. 11 Feb., 1836. 

1088. HULDA LAMME (Frances'' Callaway; Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married John Bryan (also a son of David Bryan), called "Long 
Jack" on account of his extraordinary height. Recorded in Franklin 
Co., Mo. (See the Bryan Family Sketch.) 

Child: — 

2267 John C. Bryan. 

1096. MELCENA CALLAWAY BRYAN {Elizabeth'' Callaway; Jemima* 
Boone; DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 18 Oct., 1816, in Warren Co., 
Mo.; died 11 Dec, 1893, at Springfield, Mo. 

Married 30 Jan., 1834, Clever Lynn (b. 20 Feb., 1811). 

Children: — 

2268 James Hamilton Lynn, b. 9 Nov., 1834; d. 13 Feb., 1870. 

2269 Czarina Ann Lynn, b. 7 May, 1837. 

2270 John AchiUea Lynn, b. 12 Oct., 1847. 

1097. ICILIUS ARCHIBALD BRYAN {Elizabeth'' Callaway; Jemima* 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 10 Jan., 1832, in Warren Co., Mo.; 
died 23 Dec, 1917, at Sedalia, Mo. 

Married 24 Feb., 1858, Eliza Jane O wings (b. 30 Apr., 1833; d. 28 
Feb., 1902). 

Children: — 

+2271 Elizabeth Bryan, b. 8 Dec, 1860. 

2272 AUie Owings Bryan, b. 22 June, 1862. Living in St. Louis. 

2273 Lillie Bryan, b. 16 Oct., 1863, living in Montana, where she is teaching. 

2274 Annie Eliza Bryan, b. 2 Feb., 1866. Living in N. Y. City. 

2275 John Morgan Bryan, b. 6 Oct., 1868; d. 25 Oct., 1870. 
+2276 Harvey McKinney Bryan, b. 9 Oct., 1869. 

+2277 Hettie Bryan, b. 28 Oct., 1871. 
+2278 Sina Loa Bryan, b. 2 Jan., 1876. 

Cigljtf) (generation 259 

1102. JOHN STEWART JONES (Minerva'' Callaway; Jemima'^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born in Warren Co., Mo., 3 Sept., 1828; died 
in Mexico, Mo., 3 March, 1919.* 
Married Nancy Wyatt. 

Children: — 

i. M. L. Jones, lives in Kansas City, Mo. 

ii. John W. Jones, lives in Kansas City, Mo. 

iii. E. E. Jones, dec, was at one time Mayor of Mexico, Mo. 

1108. EVALINE SCROLL (Jesse''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*' 
George^) . 

Married Ephraim H. Nunnelly. 

Children: — 

i. Jesse L. Nunnelly b. 28 March, 1851; d. 14 Aug., 1868. 

ii. WiUiam Nunnelly, m. Miss Hays. 

iii. Jennie Nunnelly, m. James Blackburn, 

iv. Theodore Nunnelly, m. Anna Scott. 

V. Adehne Nunnelly, m. James A. Leavel. 

vi. Arthur Nunnelly, m. Miss Hancock. 

1111. MARCUS SCROLL (Septimus''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 

George^), born 5 Nov. 1826, in Shelbyville, Ky.; died . 

Married 21 March, 1851, Evaline Collins. 

Child: — 

+2279 Sallie SchoU, b. 22 July, 1853. 

1112. DANIEL BOONE SCROLL (Septimus^- Levina^ Boone; DanieP; 
Squire*; George^), died about 1885. 
Married . 

Child: — 

i. Juha Scholl, b. 15 May, 1866; m. James A. Yowell. Res. Nashville, 

1113. NELSON SCHOLL (Septimus''; Levina^ Boone; DanieV>; Squire*; 

Married Harriet Boone (Thomas''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), 
No. 911. 

*NoTE — Mr. Jones related to Mr. Jesse P. Crump of Independence, Mo., that he had helped 
bury the "nigger" that raised the sweet potatoes that killed Daniel Boone. (See "Biographical 
Sketch of Daniel Boone," page 559 of this book.) 


260 ^f)e ?Boone jFamilp 

Children: — 

2280 Sarah Ann Scholl, m. (1) Harrison Hoover, (2) Forgy. 

2281 Emily N. Scholl, m. John Ross. 

2282 Amanda Boone Scholl, m. Joseph S. Halcomb, of Webber's Falls, Okla. 

2283 Daniel Boone Scholl, d. unm. 

2284 George T. Scholl, m. Maggie Hildebrand. 

2285 James Harvey Scholl, m. Elizabeth Hoover. 

2286 Mary EUza Scholl, m. John W. Kyger, of Kansas City, Mo. 

2287 Charles P. Scholl, m. EUza Plain. 

1115. CYRUS SCHOLL {Septimus"^; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Eliza Parr. 

Child: — 

i. John Scholl. 

1117. ELIZA SCHOLL (Septimus''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born Oct., 1823; died Jan., 1910. 
Married John M. Wallace. 

Children: — 

i. Mary Catherine Wallace, b. July, 1846; m. 20 Oct., 1868, Thomas W. 
Cassell. Lives at Independence, Mo. Children: Levin Lewis 
Cassell, b. 20 Aug., 1869, (m. Mabel Dooley and has one child, Wallace 
L. Cassell) ; Harry H. Cassell, b. Dec, 1874; Anna Jassamine Cassell, b, 
Sept., 1876, m. Dr. W. D. EUis; Mabel L. CasseU, b. Nov., 1883; d. 
Feb., 1886. 

ii. John Septimus Wallace, b. 13 Oct., 1850; d. 31 Jan., 1918, near Young's 
Chapel, southwest of Independence, Mo.; m. Mary Alice Campbell. 
Children: John Septimus Wallace, Jr.; Maude Wallace, m. William 
Yocum. Res. Bonner Springs, Kan. 

iif . Charles T. Wallace, a Methodist Minister, Otterville, Mo. 

1120. CYRUS RECTOR SCHOLL (Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 18 Nov., 1824; died 28 Aug., 1872. 
Married 3 Oct., 1852, Mary Jane Maughs. 

Children: — 

2288 Josephine Miller Scholl, m. Charles Hughes. 

2289 Cyrus Rector Scholl, Jr., died single. 

2290 Charles H. Scholl, died single. 

2291 Mordecai Mortimer Scholl. 

2292 EUza Scholl, m. Walter Culver of St. Louis, Mo. 

1123. REBECCA VAN METER SCHOLL (Joseph''; Levina" Boone; 
DanieV'; Squire*; George"^), born 28 Feb., 1831; died 26 July, 1849. 
Married 25 Mar., 1847, James W. Muir (b. 22 Aug., 1822). 

Child: — 

+2293 Rebecca Ann Muir, b. 23 July, 1849. 

€igf)tf) (feneration 26 1 

1124. ELIZABETH CURTRIGHT SCHOLL (Joseph''; Levina' Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 4 Apr., 1833; died 10 Aug., 1888. 

Married 1st, in 1853, Richard Hays (d. 1862), and 2nd, in 1867, 
David T. Owen. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

2294 Ella Hays, d. unm. 
(Second Marriage) 

2295 Louis Turner Owen, b. 1869. 

2296 Linnie Owen, b. 1871. 

1126. CATHERINE MILLER SCHOLL {Joseph'; Levina^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 30 Jan., 1836; died 14 Apr., 1878. 
Married 1855, Levi McMurtry. 

Children: — 

2297 James McMurtry, b. 1856; m. Rosa Simpson. 
+2298 Rosa McMurtry. 
+2299 Jennie McMurtry. 
+2300 Sallie McMurtry. 

1127. SEPTIMUS ALLEN SCHOLL (Joseph^- Levina' Boone; Daniels- 
Squire*; George^), born 4 Dec, 1839. 

Married 13 Sept., 1863, Susan Hutts (d. 16 June, 1921). 

Children: — 

+2301 Georgianna Scholl, b. 13 June, 1864. 

+2302 Jesse Bapcom Scholl, b. 6 July, 1866. 

+2303 Lucy Zoola Scholl, b. 25 Nov., 1870. 

2304 Rdctor Scholl, b. 10 Nov., 1873; d. unm. 

+2305 John Milton Scholl, b. 1 Nov., 1875. 

2306 Marshall Gilfen SchoU, b. 25 Apr., 1878; unm. Lives at Readsville, Mo. 

2307 Fannie Dice Rebecca Scholl, b. 7 Oct., 1882; is unm. 

1128. LAVINIA BOONE SCHOLL {Joseph^ Levina' Boone; Daniels- 
Squire*; George^), born 24 Jan., 1841; died 27 Oct., 1920. 

Married 1st, Thompson S. Crump, Jr. (Louisa* Hays; Boone''; 
Susanna^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), (d. 17 Apr., 1862), and 2nd, 
13 Sept., 1863, James T. Hutts. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

The children of her first marriage will be found under their father's 
name. No. 2211. 

262 ^i}t poone Jf amilp 

(Second Marriage) 

4-2308 Annie Lee Hutts, b. 26 June, 1864. 
+2309 Thomas B. Hutts, b. 19 Sept., 1865. 
+2310 Minnie W. Hutts, b. 2 Sept., 1869. 

2311 Amy Boone Hutts, b. 4 Oct., 1871; m. Fred I. Getty, Jeimings, La. 

2312 Eliza Rebecca Hutts, b. 14 Oct., 1876; lives with her father in Mexico, 


1129. JESSE BOONE SCROLL (Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George) born 9 Mar., 1844; died 19 Apr., 1919, at Eldorado Springs, 

Married 31 Jan., 1883, Adah V. Bearing. 

Children: — 

2313 Jessie Bearing Scholl, b. 13 Feb., 1887; m. 26 Oct., 1908, Otto C. Massey. 
No Children. 
+2ai4 Nellie Catherine SchoU, b. 21 Apr., 1893. 

1130. ELIZA JANE SCHOLL (Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squires- 
George^), born 3 Jan., 1848; died Oct., 1902. 
Married Joseph Monroe Bolton. 

Children: — 

May Bolton. 

2315 Leta Bolton. 

2316 Edgar Bolton, m. Pricie . 

2317 Katherine Bolton. 

2318 Charles Bolton. 

2319 Clarence Bolton. 

2320 Wallace Bolton. 

2321 Harry Bolton. 

1131. JOSEPH R. SCHOLL (Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^- Squire*; 
George^), born 7 Feb., 1850. 

Married 26 Sept., 1872, Belle Thorp. 

Children: — 

2322 Verta Scholl, b. 22 Dec, 1873; d. 6 Apr., 1906; m. Charles Squires. No 


2323 William Scholl, b. 5 Nov., 1877; d. 1879. 
+2324 Mary EUzabeth Scholl, b. 29 Nov., 1879. 
+2325 Catherine Scholl, b. 28 Mar., 1883. 
+2326 Ethie Scholl, b. 18 May, 1885. 

2327 John Scholl, b. 26 Sept., 1888. 

+2328 Olba Scholl, b. 30 Nov., 1890. 

2329 Grace Scholl, b. 21 Jan., 1893. 

2330 Howard Scholl, b. — r-; d. 27 Dec, 1896. 

Cigfjtl) feneration 263 

1134. GEORGE WASHINGTON GOE (NobW; Rebecca' Boone; Dan- 
iel^; Squire*; George^), born 1819; died in Kansas, where he had resided 
many years. 

Married 1st, Elizabeth Lile, and 2nd, Minerva Campbell. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

2331 Martha Goe, m. a Mr. Schooler. Lived in Iowa. 

2332 Mary Goe, m. Daniel Hankins, and had several children. 

2333 Frank Goe, d. young. 

2334 Benjamin Goe, m. in Kansas. 

2335 Jane Goe, m. Seek. 

(Second Marriage) 

2336 Emily Goe. 

2337 Sarah Goe. 

2338 Goe. 

2339 Waiter Goe. 

2340 Beuna Vista Goe. 

1135. SARAH JANE GOE (Nohle\- Rebecca' Boone; Daniel'; Squire*; 
George^), born in St. Charles Co., Mo., 1 Mar., 1821; died 25 Jan., 1883. 
Married in Ray Co., Mo., 27 May, 1841, Luke Daniel Priest (b. 15 
May, 1819, in Ky.; d. 6 July, 1895). 

Children: — 

2341 Mary Elizabeth Priest, b. 4 May, 1842; d. 5 May, 1842. 

+2342 Margaret Jane Priest, b. 7 Aug., 1843. 

+2343 Sarah Ann Priest, b. 6 Dec, 1845. 

2344 Robert Daniel Priest, b. 18 Nov., 1847; d. 2 Dec, 1854. 

2345 Amanda Rebecca Priest, b. 5 Mar., 1850; d. 3 Dec, 1854. 
+2346 William David Priest, b. 10 Oct., 1852. 

+2347 Charles Eppie Priest, b. 18 Feb., 1855. 

+2348 Catlett Smith Priest, b. 5 May, 1857. 

+2349 Luke McMurray Priest, b. 29 Aug., 1859. 

2350 Virginia Alice Priest, b. 9 Feb., 1862; d. 28 June, 1897. M. 1891, 

Albert Quails. No children. 

2351 A son, bom and died 7 July, 1864. 
+2352 George Mosby Priest, b. 7 May, 1866. 

1136. REBECCA BOONE GOE (Noble^; Rebecca' Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^). Married Sampson Curtis. 

Child: — 

2353 John Curtis Sampson. 

1138. JAMES NOBLE GOE {NobW; Rebecca' Boone; DanieV>; Squire*; 
George^), died about 1914. 
Married Eliza Teegarden. 

264 Wi\t ?Boone Jfamilp 

Children: — 

2354 Mahala Goe, d. young. 

2355 Sarah Goe, d. young. 

2356 Job Goe, m. "Sis" Wilson and had several children. 

2357 George M. Goe m. twice. No children. 

2358 William Goe (called "Buck"). Unm. 

2359 Fannie Goe, m. 

2360 Laura Goe, m. 

2361 Elmer Goe. 

1139. THOMAS JEFFERSON GOE (Noble''; Rebecca' Boone; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), died in California about 1877. 

Married in California and left three daughters, one of whom was 
named: — 

Child: — 

2362 Sarah Jane Goe. 

1141. ISRAEL SMITH GOE {Noble'; Rebecca' Boone; Daniel'; Squires- 
George^), died about 1878. 

Married Jane Akers. 

Children: — 

2363 Thomas Goe. 

2364 Jane Goe. 

2365 Addison Goe. 

2366 LiUie Goe. 

1142. JOHN CRAWFORD GOE (Noble'; Rebecca ^Boone; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 22 Feb., 1842. 

Married Mrs. Eva Campbell Wilson. 

Children: — 

2367 Grant Goe, m. and moved to Kansas. 

2368 Jonathan Goe. 

2369 Bird Goe. 

2370 James Goe. 

1144. ELIZABETH LEVICA BOONE (DanieP; Daniel' M.; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 22 Feb., 1833; died 1877. 

Married 28 Dec, 1851, John S. Stewart of Jackson Co., Mo., form- 
erly of Kentucky. He died in 1877. 

Children: — 

2371 Daniel B. Stewart. 

2372 Rebecca Jane Stewart. 

2373 J. Wesley Stewart. 

2374 Disa Frances Stewart. 

2375 Napoleon Lee Stewart. 

2376 Mary Josephine Stewart. 

€igt)tf) (feneration 265 

1145. DELILA L. BOONE (DanieP; Daniel^ M.; Daniel'; Squires- 
George^), born 7 Feb., 1834. 

Married 3 Oct., 1852, Samuel Stewart of Jackson Co., Mo., formerly 
of Kentucky. 

Children: — 

2377 Mary Jane Stewart. 

2378 Pamela Belle Stewart. 

2379 Theodore Stewart. 

2380 David Stewart. 

2381 William Stewart. 

2382 Edith Constance Stewart. 

2383 Mary Stewart. 

2384 Lizzie Josephine Stewart. 

1146. MARY FRANCES JANE BOONE {DanieV; Daniel^ M.; Dan- 
iel'; Squire\- George^), born 27 July, 1838. 

Married 14 Nov., 1859, Leonard Fuqua, a Kentuckian (d. 21 Dec, 
1905). Mrs. Fuqua was living in Kansas City, Mo., in 1921. Her mar- 
riage is recorded in the Boone family Bible. (See page -rgxO 

Child: — 

+2385 John BeU Fuqua, b. 15 Oct., 1860. 

1148. NAPOLEON BOONE (Daniel; Daniel^ M.; Daniel'; Squire^; 
George^), born 1 Oct., 1842. 

Married 14 Jan., 1869, Jane Douglass, daughter of William and Emily 
Douglass of Jackson Co., Mo., formerly of Kentucky. 

Children: — 

2386 William N. Boone. 

2387 Benjamin F. Boone. 

2388 Flora Boone. 

2389 Wallace Boone. 

2390 James Boone. 

2391 Dean Boone. 

2392 Rachel Boone. 

2393 Adlai S. Boone. 

1149. THEODORE BOONE {DanieV; Daniel^ M.; Daniel^; Squires- 
George'^), born 11 Oct., 1844. 

Married Martha May of Brownsville, Ore, 

266 ^f)t J^oone Jfamilp 


r: — 


Ernest Boone. 


Robert Boone. 


Clara Boone. 


Gertrude Boone, 


Minnie Boone. 


May Boone. 


James Boone. 


John Boone. 


Florence Boone. 

1150. DANIEL BOONE IV (DanieP; Daniel^ M.; Daniel''; Squire*; 
George^), born 25 Oct., 1846. 

Married Martha Webb, daughter of Benjamin and Jane Webb of 
Jackson Co., Mo., formerly of Indiana. 

Children: — 

2403 Claude Boone. 

2404 Maud Boone. 

2405 Earl Boone. 

2406 Leo Boone. 

2407 Daniel Boone. (This is the 5th Daniel Boone in Une.) 

2408 SteUa Boone. 

2409 Delia Boone. 

1151. CASS ANDRE BOONE {DanieP; Daniel^ M.; Daniel'; Squire*; 
George^), born 14 Mar., 1849. 

Married 2J Sept., 1870, George Douglass, son of William and Emily- 
Douglass of Jackson Co., Mo., formerly of Kentucky. 

Children: — 

2410 Rosella Douglass. 

2411 Nathan Douglass. 

2412 Rannald Douglass. 

2413 Warren Douglass. 

2414 Dolly Douglass. 

2415 Elkie Douglass. 

2416 Norman Douglass. 

Deh Douglass (a son — pronounced "D") 

1153. SARAH MARGARET BOONE (DanieP; Daniel' M.; DanieV-; 
Squire*; George^), born 3 Feb., 1854. 

Married 1st, 22 Sept., 1876, William F. Gordon, a native of Far- 
quier Co., Va., son of William F. and Mary Jane (McCreary) Gordon; 
and 2nd, 7 March, 1889, Lemuel Stevenson. Lives in Kansas City, Mo. 

Child: — 

+2217 Boone Fitzhugh Gordon, b. 27 July, 1877. 

€igf)tl) (feneration 267 

1154. JOHN BOONE {DanieV; Daniel^ M.; Daniel'; Squire*; George^), 
born 15 Oct., 1856. 

Married Ida Wright, in 1881. 

Children: — 

2418 Arlie Boone. 

2419 Velma Boone. 

2420 Forest Boone. 

2421 Ethel Boone. 

1155. JAMES H. BOONE {DanieV; Daniel^ M.; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 7 June, 1862. 

Married 21 Dec, 1898, Mary Canutt. 

Children: — 

2422 Gertrude L. Boone. 

2423 James Robert Boone. 

1171. SOPHIA G. BOGGS {Panthea'' Boone; Jesse^; Daniel'; Squire*; 
George^), born 29 Oct., 1841, in Jackson Co., Mo.; died . 

Married about 1860, James M. Palmer. 

She accompanied her family to California across the plains in 1846, 
and resided at St. Helena, in the Sonoma Valley. 

Children: — 

2424 Lilburn Boggs Palmer, deceased. 

2425 Mary Emma Palmer. 

2426 James Madison Palmer. Res. Napa, Cal. He is a former Justice of 

the Peace of Napa Township; a former Assemblyman of the 11th 
Assembly District of the State of CaUfornia; present Judge of the 
Police Court of the City of Napa, Cahfomia (1921); present City 
Wharfinger of the City of Napa, and a United States Commissioner 
for the Northern District of the State of Cahfornia, taking the oath 
therefor before the United States Clerk of the District Court in San 
Francisco, Feb. 28th, 1921. He is also an attorney and Counselor 
at Law and has been admitted to practice Law in the Supreme Court 
of the State of California; the United States District Court for the 
Northern District of the State of California and the Circuit Court of 
Appeals of the Ninth Circuit of the State of CaUfornia. 
+2427 Lulu B. Pahner. 

2428 Harry Pahner. 

2429 Charles Ney Palmer, deceased. 

2430 Blanche Palmer, m. Scott. 

4-2431 Minerva Palmer, m. Grayson. 

2432 Camille Price Wilkins Pahner, m. Dr. J. L. White (now dec.) of Sac- 

ramento, Cal., owner of the White Hospital of that city. 

2433 William Alexander Palmer. 

268 ^i)t Poone Jf amilp 

1176. MARGARET ANN BOONE (Alherf; Jesse^; Daniel'; Squires- 
George^), born 1 Aug., 1836; d. 30 Nov., 1890. 
Married — Barnes. 

Children: — 

+2434 Minnie Spencer Barnes, b. 24 Dec, 1864. 

2435 Charles Hamilton Barnes, m. and had four children. 
+2436 Mary Alberta Barnes. 

1177. ELIZA YANTIS BOONE (Alherf; Jesse^; DanieP; Squires- 
George^), born 2 June, 1838, in St. Charles, Mo. 
Married 12 Apr,, 1855, Heni*y William Jones. 

Children: — 

+2437 Albert Boone Jones, b. 15 Mar., 1857. 

2438 James Hamilton Jones, b. 18 Dec, 1862. 

+2439 Ann Reid Jones, b. 15 Sept., 1862. 

2440 Henry William Jones, b. 8 Dec, 1864. 

+2441 Frances Jones (Fanny Francesca), b. Feb., 1867. 

2442 Mary Jones, b. 14 Dec, 1869; m. Reynolds. 

2443 Zeralda Jones, b. 29 May, 1872. 
+2444 Margaret Jones, b. 16 Sept., 1874. 

1178. AGNES REID BOONE (Alherf; Jesse^; Daniel'; Squire^; George^), 
born 2 Dec, 1840, in Kansas City, Mo.; died 1 Apr., 1915, in New Or- 
leans, La, 

Married 24 Oct., 1861, Elmer Ignatius Otis (b, 27 Feb,, 1830; d, 18 
Aug., 1893). 

Children: — 

2445 Minnie Otis, b. 3 Aug., 1862; d. 9 Nov., 1875, at Fort Walla Walla, 


2446 Alphonsus Elmer Speocer Otis, b. 1 July, 1864, at Columbus, O. (Rev- 

erend Father). President of Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 

2447 Florence Price Katherine Otis, b. 20 Aug., 1866, at Brownville, Colo.; 

d. 12 Mar., 1876, at Fort WaUa Walla, Wash. 

+2448 Mary Agnes Boggs Otis, b. 18 Jan., 1869. 

+2449 Francis Ignatius Otis, b. 26 Oct., 1871. 

+2450 Martha Mary Stanislaus Otis, b. 17 June, 1873. 

2451 Albert Joseph Otis, b. 5 Jan., 1875; m. and had five children. 

2452 Joseph Tilford Otis, b. 17 Apr., 1877, at Fort Rice, N. Dak. 

2453 Margaret Mary Otis, b. 12 Apr., 1878, at Fort Yates, N. Dak, 
+2454 John Vincent Otis, b. 22 July, 1884. 

1179. MARY BOGGS BOONE (Alherf; Jesse\- Daniel'; Squires- 
George'), born 2 Nov., 1845; died 13 July, 1912, 

Married 15 Sept., 1863, to Benjamin D, Spencer (b. 18 Mar., 1829; 
d. 4 Nov., 1913). 

€igf)tl) (feneration 


Children: — 

+2455 Otis Boone Spencer, b. 16 June, 1864. 

2456 Charles Winston Spencer, b. 20 June, 1866. 

2457 Alberta Edgerton Spencer, b. 3 May, 1870; m. 25 Feb., 1891, Eugene 

Valentine. No children. 
+2458 Benjamin D. Spencer, Jr., b. 11 May, 1873. 
+2459 Williard Wright Spencer, b. 7 Dec, 1880. 

2460 Earl Spencer, b. 30 June, 1882; d. 6 Feb., 1901. 

2461 Robert Jay Spencer, b. 4 July, 1891. 

1180. MINERVA WARNER BOONE (Albert'; Jesse'; Daniel'; Squires- 
George^), born 1 Apr., 1848. 

Married — Hobart. Residence, Washington, D. C. 

Children: — 

+2462 Charles Boone Hobart, b. 9 Mar., 1875. 
+2463 Minnie Otis Hobart, b. 7 Dec, 1876. 
2464 Lydia Boone Hobart, b. 29 Oct., 1878. 

1185. THEODORE WARNER HENDERSON (Emily' Boone; Jesses- 
Daniel'; Squire*; George^), born 1839. 

Married Sally Sheley, daughter of James K. Sheley of Independence, 
Mo. Residence, Fulton, Mo. 

Children: — 

+2465 Elmer Charless Henderson, b. 1873. 

2466 William Harry Henderson, b. 1875, in Fulton, Mo.; m. 1895, Emma 

McGregor, dau. of John McGregor, and had one child, who died in 

1186. JOSEPH CHARLESS HENDERSON (Emily' Boone; Jesse''; 
Daniel'; Squire*; George^), died in Butte, Montana, in 1884. 

Married Fanny Miller. 

Child: — 

2467 Harry James Henderson, m. and has one child. Res. Butte, Montana. 

1189. ALBERT GALLATIN BOONE (Van Daniel'; Jesse'; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 25 Nov., 1845; died 22 June, 1916. 
Married 28 Dec, 1876, Susan Fosdick, at Boone, Colo. 

Children: — 

2468 Mary D. Boone, b. 1 Dec, 1877; d. 22 Dec, 1878. 

2469 Van Daniel Boone, b. 9 Oct., 1879. 

2470 Henry A. Boone, b. 26 Aug., 1881. 

2471 Elsie B. Boone, b. 24 Mar., 1884. 

2472 Fosdick Endicott Boone, b. 2 Dec, 1886; d. 17 Apr., 1893. 

2473 Girl, not named, b. 3 Feb., 1886; d. 7 Feb., 1886. 

2474 Jesse M. Boone, b. 20 Sept., 1890. 

2475 A Ellio Boone, b. 13 Feb., 1894. 

2476 Esther Boone, b. 14 July, 1897. 

270 ^fje Poone jFamilp 

1190. EMILY HENDERSON BOONE (Van DanieP; Jesse'; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 31 May, 1848. 

Married 4 Sept., 1866, Lewis Barnum (b. 18 July, 1830; d. 13 Jan., 

Children: — 

2477 Mary Boone Barnum, b. 29 Oct., 1868; d. 18 Apr., 1894. 
+2478 Lewis Barnum, Jr., b. 23 Sept., 1870. 
+2479 Charles Sanderson Barnum, b. 29 Dec, 1875. 

1192. ZERALDA ENGLETON BOONE (Van DanieV; Jesse''; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 24 Apr,, 1852. 

Married 4 Mar., 1889, Conrad Unfug. 

Children: — 

2480 Mary Harriet TJnfug, b. 3 Dec, 1889. 

2481 Vemie Boone Unfug, b. 11 Mar., 1893. 

1193. HARRIET BABER BOONE (Van DanieV; Jesse'; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 11 Feb., 1855. 

Married 5 Oct., 1876, Theodore Robert Jones. 

Children: — 

2482 Charlotte Stevens Jones, b. 24 Aug., 1878; d. 26 Nov., 1878. 

2483 Theodore William Jones, b. 4 Dec, 1879. 

2484 Emma Barnum Jones, b. 28 Dec, 1882. 

2485 Price Davis Jones, b. 30 Jan., 1887. 

2486 Helen Breckinridge Jones, b. 7 Apr., 1889; d. 13 Jan., 1891. 

2487 Alice Coombs Jones, b. 30 Apr., 1895. 

1197. JOSEPH BOONE (Benjamin''; Nathan'; Daniel'; Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Child: — 

2488 Edna Boone, m. E. E. Colby. 

1198. CHARLES BOONE (Benjamin^; Nathan'; Daniel'; Squire*; 

Married . 

Child: — 

2489 Frank Boone. 

1200. L. N. BOONE (John''; Nathan'; Daniel'; Squire*; George^), 
Married . 

€isf)tl) (feneration 271 

Children: — 

2490 Hudson Boone, who is a descendant of Daniel Boone, Robert Fulton, 

and Robert Livingston. (From a St. Louis newspaper clipping, un- 
named and undated.) 

2491 Lora Boone. 

2492 Mattie Boone. 

1201. DANIEL BOONE (John''; Nathan^; Daniel^' Squire^; George^), 
born 30 Oct., 1857, in Springfield, Mo.; died in fall of 1916, in St. Louis, 
Mo. Residence, 3940 Moffitt Ave. 

Married in 1887 to Emily Seymour (d. in 1906). 

Children: — 

2493 Howard Boone, aged 19 at the time of his father's death. 

2494 Olive L. Boone, aged 15 at the time of her father's death. 

1220. JOHN B. HOSMAN {Mary' Boone; Nathan^; DanieP; Squires- 
George^), born 5 May, 1855. 

Married Elizabeth Gilmore. Residence, Ashgrove, Mo. 

Children: — 

2495 Victor Hosman. 

2496 Hope Hosman. 

1221. THOMAS ALFRED HOSMAN (Mary'' Boone; Nathan"; Daniels- 
Squire*; George^), born 4 J , 1857. 

Married Linda Gilmore. Residence, Ashgrove, Mo. 

Children: — 

2497 Alta Hosman. 

2498 Edgar Hosman. 

2499 Clyde Hosman, 
250C OUve Hosman. 

1226. JOSEPH HENRY BRYAN (Joseph^- Daniel^- Mary^ Boone; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Mary Gist. Residence, Lexington, Ky. 

Children: — 

2501 Mary Bryan, m. Wallace McDowell Shelby. (See D. A. R. National 

No. 6778.) 

2502 Mary Brinker Bryan, (Nat. No. 11913. See D. A. R. Lineage Book 12, 

page 341.) 

2503 Martha Gist Bryan, m. Elliott W. Shanklin. (D. A. R. Lineage Book, 

Vol. 12, page 32.) 

272 Wi}t iioonE Jfamilp 

1227. HESTER WHITING BRYAN {SamueV; Daniel^; Mary^ Boone: 
Squire^; George^). 

Married John Beeler Hurst, in Vincennes, Vt. 

Children: — 

+2504 Mary Elizabeth Hurst. 

1233. ANNA E. CHINN {Franklin\- Sarah^ Bryan; Mary^ Boone; 
Squire*; George^), born 1839; died 1906. 

Married 12 Jan., 1876, Dr. Russell Bell Lewis (b. 1823; d. 1903), 
son of Russell Lewis (b. 1793, in Stonington, Vt.), and Maria Bell (sister 
of Anne Bell Wells). Residence, Flint Hill, St. Charles Co., Mo. 

Dr. Russell Bell Lewis married 1st, in 1849, Mildred B. Myers, who 
died in 1870. Their children were: Mary Lewis, d. 1890, m. Henry Kay 
and had four children; Mildred Bell Lewis, d. 1889, m. Price Hagee 
(d. 1916), and had two children. Anna E. Chinn was his second wife. 

Children: — 

2505 Anna Margaret Lewis, b. 1876; m. Benjaniin E. Pratt. 

2506 Jennie Chinn Lewis, b. 31 Dec, 1877; m. Murray E. Forestell (b. 28 

May, 1878). Residence, Wentsville, Mo. No children. 

2507 Russell BeU Lews, b. 1881; d. 1892. 
+2508 Elizabeth Vardamen Lewis, b. 1884. 

1236. POLLY BERRY (Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 14 May, 1822; d. 186-. 
Married 1846-47, Robert Pully. 

Children: — 

+2509 Hettie Pully, b. 14 Dec, 1848. 

2510 Jennie Pully, m. Thompson. 

+2511 Sallie C. PuUy, b. 24 Mar., 1854. 

+2512 Thomas Pully, b. 1863. 

1237. JOHN BERRY (Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^ 
Squire*; George^), born 14 Sept., 1823, in Boone Co., Mo.; died 18 Aug., 

Married 15 May, 1846, Polly Ann Adams (b. 3 Sept., 1828; d. 13 
May, 1892), daughter of Andrew Adams and wife Nancy Likens. The 
ceremony was performed by John Berry's father, who was a Baptist 

(Eigtjtf) (feneration 


Children: — 

+2513 Isaac Berry, b. 15 Mar., 1847. 

2514 David Boone Berry, b. 15 Oct., 1849; d. 1860. 

+2515 Sarah Jane Berry, b. 19 Aug., 1851. 

+2516 Tyree H. Berry, b. 4 May, 1854. 

2517 Andrew Adam Berry, b. 1 Oct., 1856; d. 9 Nov., 1878. 

2518 Nancy Lucinda Berry, b. 2 Jan., 1859; d. in infancy. 

2519 David Eli Berry, b. 15 May, 186C; d. in infancy. 

2520 Charles Jackson Berry, b. 9 Aug., 1863; d. 2C Dec, 1889. 

2521 Joseph Berry, b. 9 Aug., 1863; d. in infancy. 

2522 Thomas Berry, b. Apr., 1865; d. in infancy. 
+2523 Dora Bell Berry, b. 18 Mar., 1867. 
+2524 Minnie Ann Berry, b. 12 Dec, 1870. 
+2525 Noah Berry, b. 3 Feb., 1874. 


1238. WILLIAM N. BERRY (Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^), born 22 Oct., 1825, in Boone Co., Mo.; died 28 Mar., 
1913, in Pomona, California. 

Married 1st, 22 Aug., 1852, Eliza Jane Williams (b. 27 Dec, 1832; 
d. 15 Feb., 1875), daughter of Absalom and Sarah (Spurgeon) Williams 
(see Spurgeon Family Sketch), and 2nd, 1876, Mrs. Sallie (Reavis) Steele 
(b. 4 Oct., 1848). 

(Mrs. Steele had a daughter, Rosa Steele, who married Mike Funk 
and has a son Lawrence Funk, whose wife was Bessie Oliver.) 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2526 Lawson F. Berry, b. 2 Aug., 1853. 
+2527 David C. Berry, b. 15 Sept., 1855. 
2528 Emma J. Berry, b. 16 Mar., 1857; d. 21 Oct., 1907, in Calif.; m. 20 Dec, 
1877 (by Rev. Robert Harris, an own cousin of her grandfather, Tyree 
Harris Berry), to Dewitt H. Hill (b. 4 Oct., 1845, in Va.; d. 25 July, 
+2529 Sarah Boone Berry, b. 16 Dec, 1860. 
+2530 Nannie BeU Berry, b. 20 Mar., 1863. 

2531 Willia Lee Berry, b. 22 Sept., 1865; m. 14 July, 1887, Herman J. Middel- 

kamp (b. 14 July, 1853; d. 12 Oct., 1900, in Monte Vista, Colo.) Res. 
Pomona, Calif. D. A. R. No. 135017. 

2532 Jennie Clark Berry, b. 27 Apr., 1868; d. 5 Nov., 1906. M. Ist, 21 Dec, 

1892, L. O. Ray, and 2nd, J. C. Bogan (d. 1905). No descendants. 
+2533 Ahna Berry, b. 18 July, 1871. 
(Second Marriage) 

+2534 Katie Berry, b. 6 Nov., 1877. 

1239. THOMAS C. BERRY {Hettie^ Gopher; Elizabeth' Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George'), born 19 Dec, 1827; died 4 Jan., 1895. 

Married 8 Nov., 1851, Mary Jane Prigmore (b. 11 Jan., 1835; d. 
4 Jan., 1895). 


VL\)t Poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

+2535 Allie Berry. 

+2536 Katie Berry, b. 8 Apr., 1856. 

2537 Angie Lenox Berry. 

2538 Odie Berry, b. 27 July, 1860 1 rp^j^^g 
+2539 Osie Berry, b. 27 July, 1860 j 

+2540 Ewin Harris Berry, b. 19 Mar., 1863. 

2541 Mary T. Berry, m. 22 Oct., 1908, Clarence Galloway. 

+2542 Bettie Berry. 

+2543 Loria Berry, 

+2544 Dick Berry. 

1240. ELIZABETH BERRY (Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 14 Oct., 1829. 
Married George Waller. 

Children: — 

2545 Pate Waller. 

2546 MoUie WaUer. 

2547 CaUy WaUer, m. - 

2548 Jennie Waller. 

2549 WilHam Waller. 

2550 Emma Waller, m. 



1241. JAMES M. BERRY {Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 16 Feb., 1835; died 15 Jan., 1906. 

Married 27 Oct., 1861, Phebe F. Pitts (b. Oct., 1846; d. 17 Mar., 
1909), daughter of Frank and Phebe Ann (Williams) Pitts. 

Children: — 

2551 Annie F. Berry, b. 2 Jan., 1863; d. 25 Nov., 1863. 

2552 Minnie S. Berry, b. 3 Mar., 1865; d. 16 July, 1868. 

2553 Ora C. Berry, b. 12 Sept., 1866; m. 6 Dec, 1893, Sarah R. Smith. 

2554 Frank P. Berry, b. 22 Oct., 1868; m. 23 Oct., 190S, Maud D. Treece. 
2565 Nannie M. Berry, b. 13 Apr., 1870; d. 16 Nov., 1917; m. 16 Nov., 

1892, Thomas P. King. 

2556 Lilian H. Berry, b. 31 Dec, 1871; m. 1 Mar., 1893, John R. Gresham. 

2557 James J. Berry, b. 31 Dec, 1871; m. 28 Dec, 1898, Bertha G. Godie. 

2558 William T. Berry, b. 23 Sept., 1873; d. 16 May, 1877. 

2559 Tyree H. Berry, b. 11 May, 1875; m. 15 Nov., 1903, Flora G. Black. 
2360 Lawson W. Berry, b. 22 Nov., 1876; m. Lula Maddox. 

2561 D. ArUngton Berry, b. 10 Sept., 1878. 

2562 Clarence B. Berry, b. 15 Aug., 1880; m. 12 July, 1905, Laura B. Swear- 


2563 Myrtle M. Berry, b. 10 Mar., 1882; m. 27 Aug., 1902, Joe F. Whitworth. 

2564 Hettie Berry, b. 11 Dec, 1884; m. 28 Apr,, 1906, Claude Porter. 

2565 Henry C. Berry, b. 1 Jan., 1886; d. 6 Mar., 1887. 

2566 Robert P. Berry, b. 3 Dec, 1887; d. 16 Dec, 1887. 

2567 Codie C. Berry, b. 20 Nov., 1888; m. 30 June, 1906, Birchie Porter. 

€isl)tlj (generation 275 

1242. DAVID LENOX BERRY (Hettie' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Apr., 1837; died 3 June, 1900. 

Married 15 Dec, 1856, Sarah Elizabeth Prigmore (b. 10 June, 1842). 

Children: — 

2568 Anna Viola Berry, b. 29 Mar., 1860; d. in infancy. 
+2569 Mary Eliza Berry, b. 16 July, 1861. 
+2570 John Edgar Berry, b. 1 Nov., 1864. 
+2571 Frank Berry, b. 30 July, 1867. 
+2572 Stella Berry, b. 10 July, 1872. 
+2573 Lenox Berry, b. 1 Dec, 1875. 

Tracy Berry, b. 29 Jan., 1879. (a dau.) 

1243. NANNIE BERRY (Hettie^ Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 28 June, 1839. 

Married 1st, 1862, Lawson Williams (b. 22 Oct., 1828; d. 24 Feb., 
1875), and 2nd, Henry Clay Brown (b. 9 Apr., 1854), son of Haley 
and Jane (Spurgeon) Brown. (See "Spurgeon Family Sketch".) 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2575 Flavias Stonewall Williams, b. 7 Nov., 1863. 
+2576 Emmett Dempsy Hampton Williams, b. 13 June, 1866. 
(Second Marriage) 

2577 Dempsy Brown, b. 24 Oct., 1880; m. 26 Nov., 1903, Orville Curtis 

1244. BENJAMIN BERRY (Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 29 July, 1841; died 19 May, 1907. 

Married 14 Apr., 1886, Lucy Donaldson Craig (b. 7 Oct., 1854). 

Children: — 

2578 Jananita Berry, b. 6 Apr., 1887. 

2579 Jennie Lee Berry, b. 25 May, 1890; d. 30 June, 1908. 

1245. ANDREW J. McQUITTY (Eleanor^ Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^- Squire*; George^), born 26 July, 1825; died 26 Jan., 1916. 

Married 21 Mar., 1848, Elizabeth Hawkins, (b. 22 Mar., 1822; d. 
27 June, 1899). 

Children: — 

+2580 James D. McQuitty, b. 4 Apr., 1849. 
+2581 WiUiam Fielding McQuitty, b. 15 Jan., 1852. 

1246. DAVID McQUITTY (Eleanor'^ Copher; Elizabeth" Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Susan Elliott. 


276 ^fte poone Jf amilp 

Children: — 

2582 Elmer McQuitty, lives in Danville, 111. 

2583 Frank McQuitty, lived in Rich Hill, Mo., in 1912. 

1258. NANCY BOONE TRIBBLE {Lucy^ Boone; William^- Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 9 Feb., 1819; died 9 Feb., 1915, at ber home in 
Simpsonville, Shelby County, Ky., "on the 96th anniversary of her birth, 
of the infirmities of age, the last survivor of the children of her parents, 
and perhaps the oldest person then in Shelby County. The funeral 
services were held the following Wednesday afternoon and interment 
in the SimpsoViville Cemetery." (W. H. Miller). 

Married 11 Nov., 1847, to John Reardon, of Shelbyville, Ky. 

Children: — 

2584 William Reardon. 

2585 John Reardon. 

2586 Lucy Reardon, Simpsonville, Ky. 

2587 Nathaniel Reardon (Nestor), Crestwood, Ky. 

2588 Reardon, m. John (or James) Neal, Finchville, Ky. (?) 

1261. HAMPTON TRIBBLE {Lucy'' Boone; William^ George^- Squire*; 
George^), born 1828; died 1904. 

Married 1885 to Carrie Jones of near Richmond, Ky., daughter of 
Merret S. and Drucilla (Barnett) Jones. 

Children: — 

2589 James Jones Tribble. 

2590 Lucy Smith Tribble, m. Meeds. 

These two children own the old Tribble home, where Colonel William® 
Boone is buried in the old Tribble burying ground. 

1262. MARY FRANCES TRIBBLE (Lucy'' Boone; William^ Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 1831; died 1892. 

Married 1851, John Connor, Louisville, Ky. 

Child: — 

2591 Kate Connor, m. Arthur J. Reed, a lawyer, graduated from Central 
University of Richmond, Ky., where he obtained his Ucense to practice 
law from the Madison County Circuit Court. He wag a native of 

1263. AD ALINE CARSON (Mildred'' Boone; William''; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 23 Nov., or 3 Apr., 1810, in Shelby County, Ky.; 
died 14 Apr., 1854, "on the farm near Boonesboro, Howard County, Mo." 

Cigljtf) (feneration 277 

Married 23 Oct., 1828, Hendley Cooper (b. 4 Nov., 1800, or 4 Dec, 
1808, both dates having been given by descendants, taken from family 
records, in Madison County, Ky.; died "on a Monday night" 29 Dec, 
1873, in Howard Co., Mo., "aged 73 years, 1 month and 25 days"), a 
son of Capt. Sarshall and Ruth (Hancock) Cooper. After the death of 
his first wife, Adaline, Hendley Cooper married 2nd, 4 Nov., 1855, Nancy 
Brown Hoy (b. 12 Nov., 1812; d. 22 Feb., 1891), daughter of William 

(Sarshall Hancock Cooper, his brother. Col. Benjamin Cooper, and a 
cousin named Braxton Cooper, were natives of Culpepper Co., Va.,who had 
first migrated to Kentucky. In 1807, Sarshall Cooper and his cousin 
Braxton settled at Hancock Bottom in St. Charles County, Mo., where they 
built Cooper's Fort. The Coopers were all active in Indian warfare, and in 
Territorial times. Col. Benjamin Cooper was one of the Governor's council. 
Braxton was killed by Indians in Sept., 1814, and Sarshall was shot and killed 
in the fort the following spring, by an Indian who had crept in. Some of 
Sarshall Cooper's children were Joseph, Stephen, Patrick and Hendley 
(born 1808). The Coopers were said to be cousins of William Grant who 
married Elizabeth Boone (No. 24) : 

Children: — 

+2592 Nancy Boone Cooper, b. 7 Nov., 1829. 

2593 William Hampton Cooper, b. 22 Sept., 1833; d. in Boise, Idaho, unm. 

2594 Joseph Gray Cooper, b. 24 Jan., 1836; d. "at 12 o'clock on Monday" 

7 Oct., 1861, at Macon, Mo., unm. 
+2595 Nestor Boone Cooper, b. 13 Dec, 1837. 

2596 Walter Adams Cooper, b. 11 Dec, 1839, near Boonesboro, Mo.; died in 

the Confederate Home at Higginsville, Mo.; unm. 

2597 Pressley Sawyer Cooper, b. 27 Nov., 1841, near Boonesboro, Mo.; died 

near Boise, Idaho, where he Uved. 
+2598 Mildred Carson Cooper, b. 9 Feb., 1844. 

2599 Lucie Boone Cooper, b. 25 Feb., 1846, and d. during the Civil War, 

in Canada, "on Wednesday," 9 Nov., 1864, unm. 

2600 Hendley Moore Cooper, b. 25 Feb., 1848; m. and had one child who 

+2601 AdeUne Mary Cooper, b. 15 May, 1850. 
2602 Rowena Louisa Cooper, b. 16 Jan., 1862, near Boonesboro, Mo.; d. there; 
m. John Miller. No children. 

References: — 

"Early Western Travels," Vol. VI., p. 48, R. Gold Thwaites. 
Draper Mss. 22 S. 118-142; 23 S. 119-125; 22 S. 230-38. 

1264. LYDIA GARNER WILSON (Matilda'' Boone; William'; George'^; 
Squire*; George^), born 5 Sept., 1817, in Kentucky; died Jan., 1898, in 

Married 9 June, 1836, Philip Robertson (b. 2 Jan., 1812, in Ken- 
tucky; d. Apr., 1887). 

278 ^fje poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

(First five were born in Shelby Co., Ky., the rest in Platte Co., Mo.) 

2603 George Robertson, b. 1 July, 1837. 

2604 Thomas Robertson, b. 1840, in Platte Co., Mo.; unm. 
4-2605 Matilda Robertson, b. abt., 1841. 

+2606 Lydia Robertson. 

+2607 Walter Robertson, b. 1848. 

+2608 Emma Robertson, b. 1849. 

+2609 John Robertson, b. 1852. v 

2610 Joel Robertson, b. 1852, twin brother of John. M. Mattie Scott, or 

Lagrange, Mo. 

2611 Martha Robertson, b. 1854; m. Samuel Briscoe. No children. 
+2612 Frajik Robertson, b. 1856. 

2613 Ella Robertson, b. 1858; unm. Res. Los Angeles, Cal. 

2614 Mary Robertson, d. in infancy. 

1265. WILLIAM BOONE WILSON {Matilda' Boone; William^; George^; 
Squire*; George^), born 18 Oct., 1820; died 1906. 

Married 12 July, 1842, Elizabeth Ann Offutt. 

William Boone Wilson, son of William and Matilda (Boone) Wilson, 
was a man of rare qualitiefe. In private life he was thoughtful, polite, 
and courteous; in business, energetic, progressive, and eminently successful; 
in religion, a Baptist. He thought nothing that might better his fellow 
men, and advance his church, too much for him to undertake. Just 
before the Civil War, Dr. Campbell, the President of Georgetown College, 
addressed the association, of which the Eminence Baptist Church is a 
member, for an endowment fund of $1,000.00. Although he made the 
appeal in person he failed to secure the amount. He returned home with 
Mr. Wilson, downcast and discouraged, talking far into the night of plans 
and needs. The next morning Mr. Wilson asked Dr. Campbell to give 
him a day or two to look around. At the end of that time he had se- 
cured from the Eminence Church alone the amount asked of the whole 
association. In early life he was a successful merchant in Shelbyville, 
Ky. His health failed and he moved to a farm near Eminence in 1847, 
but in a year or two he was back in mercantile business. He had es- 
tablished himself in the eyes of the community as the best business man 
there, and when the Deposit Bank was organized in 1867, he was made 
its Cashier, which office he held until he retired from business in 1900. 
Almost every progressive business man in Eminence owed his financial 
or moral success to William Boone Wilson's aid at the critical period of 
his career. At the age of eighty-six he died, loved and honored in the 
community where he spent the best years of hiis life. 

Children: — 

+2615 Melissa Ann Wilson, b. 27 June, 1843. 
+2616 Mary Ellen Wilson, b. 29 July, 1844. 

€ig!)tf) feneration 279 

2617 William Shelby Wilson, b. 16 Nov., 1846; m. (1) 22 Nov., 1871, Amanda 
Crockett (d. 20 Sept., 1909), a close relative of the famous David 
Crockett, and (2) 2 Oct., 1911, Fannie I. Gordon, a relative of the 
noted Confederate, Gen. John G. Gordon, and a sister of Judge Thomaa 
R. Gordon, Louisville, Ky., and of the noted Educator, A. N. Gordon, 
Lexington, Ky. WiUiam Shelby Wilson was the Assistant Cashier 
of the Deposit Bank of Eminence, Ky., from 1887-1900, when he 
succeeded his father as Cashier, which office he held until 1909, when 
he resigned to take the Presidency of the Henry County Home Tele- 
phone Company, which position he now holds (1916). No children. 

+2618 Joel Thomas Wilson, b. 20 Nov., 1848. 

+2619 Emma Boone Wilson, b. 15 Sept., 1850. 
2620 Clara Wilson, b. 21 Oct., 1852; m. 14 Jan., 1891, Oswald T. Thomas 
(d. 17 Aug., 1909). No children. Mrs. Thomas is a woman of fine 
executive abiUty, a splendid business woman, and has great energy 
of purpose. 

+2621 Edwin Pitts Wilson, b. 18 Nov., 1856. 

+2622 James Henry Wilson, b. 20 Nov., 1858. 

+2623 Nannie Wilson, b. 25 Dec, 1861. 

+2624 W»Uace Hill Wilson, b. 23 June, 1864. 

1267. NANCY GRUBBS WILSON {Matilda-' Boone; William'; George^; 
Squire*; George^), born 22 May, 1827; died 24 Oct., 1900, aged 73 years, 
5 months. 

Married 18 Apr., 1849, Thomas G. Cutcher. 

Children: — 

+2625 Laura Boone Cutcher. 

2626 Mary Cutcher, deceased. 

1269. MATILDA BOONE WILSON (Matilda'' Boone; William^; George^; 
Squire*; George^), born 7 Sept., 1832; died 4 July, 1879. 
Married 12 Dec, 1855, George Moore. 

Children: — 

2627 William Buckner (or Hickman) Moore. Res. Seattle, Wash, 
261^8 CJeorge Moore, deceased. He had five children. 

2629 Frank Moore, deceased. 

2630 Walker Moore. Res. Shelbyville, Ky. 

2631 Moore. Res. Shelbyville, Ky. 

2632 Charles Moore. Res. San Francisco, Calif. 

1271. MARTHA LOUISE WILSON (Matilda'' Boone; William^; George*; 
Squire*; George^), born 17 Aug., 1837. 

Married 3 July, 1860, Walker Daniel, III. 

Children: — 

2633 Carter Blankton Daniel, b. Apr., 1861. 

2634 William Wilson Dan,iel, b. 1864; d. 1908. 

2635 Walker Dajiiel, IV., b. 1867; m. Mattie Guthrie Harbison. 
+2636 Mattie Lee Daniel, b. June, 1869. 

280 ^fje poone jFamilp 

1272. MILLY CARSON (Cassandra'' Boone; William^- George^- Squire*; 
George^), died about 1851 or '52. 

Married 14 Mar., 1838, Milton Greene Jackson (b. 15 Sept., 1806; 
d. 18 May, 1897, near Brunswick, Mo.), son of Capt. John Jackson and 
wife Susanna E. Slaton, pioneers of Howard County, Mo. 

Children: — 

2637 Preston Jackson, wounded in the leg at the first battle of Springfield, 

Mo., in 1861; d. some weeks later in an Army Hospital. 

2638 Slaton Jackson, instantly killed at the same battle, by a shot from a 

Federal Battery that was cross-firing on the hnes. Both he and his 
brother Preston were Confederate soldiers, and are buried among the 
dead who fell on the battlefield of Wilson Creek. 

2639 Susan Jackson, b. Oct., 1844; d. 30 May, 1853. 

2640 ParmeUa Jackson, b. Jan., 1846; d. 1 June, 1853. 

2641 William Carson Jackson, b. 28 Jan., 1849; unm. He hves at 719 1-2 

Maynard Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

2642 John Milton Jackson, b. 23 Feb., 1851; unm. In Apr., 1921, he was 

Uving with his brother at 719 1-2 Maynard Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

1273. CASSANDRA CARSON (Cassandra'' Boone; William^- George^; 
Squire*; George^), died 1877. 

Married 1844, William H. Boston. 

There were twelve children of whom the following are known: — 

Children: — 

2643 Georgia Pierce Boston, m. 28 Dec, 1882, C. H. Fletcher, Jackson, Miss. 
Eight children, 
-f 2644 Lillie Belle Boston, b. 12 Feb., 1860, fn Carrol Co., Mo. 
-1-2645 Julia Franklin Boston. 

1274. GEORGE HAMPTON CARSON (Cassandra^ Boone; William^; 
George^' Squire*; George^), b. 26 Feb., 1827; d. 12 Jan., 1918, in Fayette, 

Married 1st, 1858, Mrs. Evalina (Boone) Watts (Hampton''; William'^; 
George^; Squire*; George^) No. 1281 (d. 1876). He married 2nd, several 
years later, Zipporah Eaton (d. 7 Mar., 1905, in Howard Co., Mo.), 
daughter of George Claiborne and Mary Jane (Patrick) Eaton. There 
were no children of the 2nd marriage. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

2646 Helen Carson, b. 1860; d. 1888; m. 1887, Edward Yates. She d. three 
months after her marriage, 
-f 2647 William Carson, b. 17 May, 1862. 
-f-2648 Roger Taney Carson, b. 23 Mar., 1864. 
2649 Evelina Carson, b. 1868; d. 1879. 

€igf)tl) (generation 28 1 

1275. JAMES THOMAS CARSON (COL.) (Cassandra'' Boone; Will- 
iam^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 25 Apr., 1831, in Howard County, 
Mo.; died 26 Jan., 1911, in Fayette County, Mo. 

Married Luvicy Swan Isaacs (b. 10 July, 1846, in Howard Co., Mo.), 
daughter of David and Dicy (Lawless) Isaacs. 

Mrs. J. T. Carson was living in Fayette Co., Mo., in 1916. 

Child: — 

+2650 Hinton Vernon Carson. 

1277. FRANK CARSON (Cassandra' Boone; William^- George^- Squires- 
George^), born 11 Apr., 1839, in Howard Co., Mo.; died 24 Mar., 1921. 

Married 9 Feb., 1871, Lou Jones (b. 26 Nov., 1847), daughter of 
John L. and Mary (White) Jones. 

On the 11 Dec, 1916, Frank Carson was living in Rocheport, Mo., 
and remembered a great deal about the early Boones in Kentucky. 

Children: — 

+2651 Gussie Carson, b. 28 Nov., 1871. 
+2652 Beulah Carson, b. 3 May, 1873. 
+2653 Kellar Boone Carson, b. 23 Aug., 1879. 
2654 Mary Ellen Carson, b. 10 Dec, 1881; m. 8 Sept., 1899, George Dinkle. 
Res. Howard Co., Mo. 

1281. EVELINA BOONE (Hampton' ; William^- George^; Squire*; George^), 
born 24 Nov., 1832; died Mar., 1876. 

Married 1st, June, 1842, at Fayette, Mo., Benjamin Watts (b. 15 
Oct., 1799, in Clark Co., Ky.; d. 14 Sept., 1856) (see the "Davis Fam- 
ily") ; and 2nd, 1858, her cousin, George Hampton Carson (Cassandra' 
Boone; William^- George^- Squire*; George^) (b. 26 Feb., 1827), No. 1274. 

Benjamin Watts followed Augustus Cave Davis in 1821, to the Boone 
Lick Settlement (Old Franklin) in Howard County, Mo., and in Fayette, 
met and married Evelina Boone. She inherited the home place, in which 
was a park of twenty acres, containing fifty deer, twenty elk, and several 
buffalo. Mr. Watts was killed by a vicious elk in this park. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

2655 Mary Benetta Watts, d. 1914; m. 1868, Bryant Tilden Gamett (b. 16 
Oct., 1842; d. 23 May, 1916, at Fayette, Mo.). No children. 
+2656 Hampton Livingston Boone Watts, Major and Judge. 
+2657 Carrie Watts. 
+2658 Fannie Louise Watts. 
(Second Marriage) 

(See George Hampton Carson, No. 1274.) 

282 ^f)t JBoone jfamily 

1282. WILLIAM CONSTANTINE BOONE (Hampton^' William'; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 20 Mar., 1834; died Jan., 1871, at Jefferson 
City, Mo. 

Married 22 Feb., 1861, Fanny E. Daly, of Fayette, Mo. (b. 4 May, 
1839; d. 9 Mar., 1891), daughter of James Daly (b. 27 June, 1802, on a 
Sunday), and his wife, Sarah (Medley) Daly. James Daly was the son 
of Lawrence Jones Daly (b. 10 Aug., 1760; d. 4 Mar., 1841) and his wife 
Betsy — . 

Children: — 

2659 Louisa Boone, d. in infancy. 

2660 Evalina Boone, m. Lon Bums. Living in Kansas, in 1915. 

2661 Rowena Boone, m. Judge A. D. Bums. Living in Platte City, Mo., in 


1286. THOMAS ALLEN BOONE (Hampton''; William^; George^- Squire*; 
George^), born 25 Dec, 1841; died 19 June, 1894. 

Married 23 Jan., 1866, Ophelia Ann Turner (b. 18 Oct., 1843), of 
Mobile, Ala. 

Children: — 

2662 George Hampton Boone, b. 1868; d. 1868. 

2663 Thaddeus Turner Boone, b. 6 Feb., 1871; unm. 

+2664 Eliza Louisa (Lulu) Boone, b. 27 Sept., 1875; m. 20 Jan., 1910, at Mobile, 
Ala., to Roger Taney Carson (George^; Cassandra'' Boone; William^; 
George^; Squire*; George^) (b. 23 Mar., 1864). Her descendants will 
be given under Roger Taney Carson, No. 2648. 

2665 Florence Armide Boone, b. 29 Dec, 1876; m. May, 1901, at Mobile, 

Ala., Benjamin Thomas Huston (b. abt. 1866). Res. Sedgwick, Kan. 

2666 Thomas Allen Boone, II., b. 8 Apr., 1879; unm. 

2667 Henry Stoc^on Boone, b. 29 May, 1881; m. 1912, at Mobile, Ala., 

Aviston Reidman. 

2668 Benjamin Watts Boone, b. 7 Dec, 1883; m. 1904, Evelyn Hilton, of 

Washington, D. C. 

2669 Corinne Evelina Boone, b. 11 Apr., 1886; unm. Res. Mobile, Ala. 

1288. HAMPTON GIDDINGS BOONE (Hampton''; William^' Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 19 May, 1845 in Jefferson City, Mo.; died 25 
Sept., 1915, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Married (1) Ora Moore, of Keokuk, Iowa, and 2nd, 1884, in Cleve- 
land, O., Mrs. Charlotte (Brown) Cooper, who was still living in Feb., 

Hampton G. Boone served in the Confederate Army throughout the 
Civil War. Afterward he engaged in the iron and steel industry. No 
children of the second marriage. 

€!gl)t!) feneration 283 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

2670 Lydia Boone, m, Hart. 

2671 Alice Boone, m. Young. 

1290. MARY T. BOONE (Nestor''; William^; George^- Squire*; George^), 
born 11 Aug., 1822; died Feb., 1915. 

Married 1 May, 1852, Preston Philips, of Nevada, Mo. 

Children: — 

2672 Lamatine Philips, d. 1908. 

2673 Lou Philips. 

2674 Mildred Philips, d. 1913; m. Leach. 

2675 Mary Bell Phihps, m. M. C. Webb, and had a son. 

2676 Carrie Philips. 

2677 Walter Phihps. 

2678 Leshe Philips. 

2679 Pierce Phihps. 

1292. NANNIE GRUBBS BOONE (Nestor\- William'; George''; Squires- 
George^), born 1835; died 1918. 

Married R. Sarshall Wilhite, Rocheport, Mo. 

Children: — 

2680 WiUiam Wilhite, b. 12 Jaji., 1855; d. 7 July, 1887. 

2681 Robert Lee Wilhite, m. Bettie Hubbard. 

2682 Lou Wilhite, m. 21 Nov., 1882, Edwin Thaxter Kingsbury. 
+2683 Ahce Wilhite. 

+2684 EUa Ehzabeth Wilhite, b. 1864. 

1293. PETER TRIBBLE BOONE {Nestor'; William'; George^; Squire*; 

Married — — . Residence, Lakeport, Calif. 

Children: — 


2685 Eloise Boone. 

2686 Kathryn Boone. 

2687 Jesse Boone. 

1298. WILLIAM CRAWFORD BOONE, JR. (William CJ; William'; 

George^; Squire*; George^), born 19 May, 1836, in Fayette, Mo. 

Married 13 Feb., 1866, Clara Bridgman. Residence, 327 Central 
Park Ave., New York City. 

Children: — 

2688 Theo Boone. 

2689 Anna Boone, deceased. 

284 ^fje Poone jFamilp 

1299. HAMPTON LYNCH BOONE (CAPT.) (William C.^ William^; 
George^; Squire*; Geortge^), born 15 Dec, 1837, in Fayette, Mo. (a); died 
8 Apr., 1893. 

Married Sallie Walker (b. 15 Mar., 1846, in the White House, 
Washington, D. C.) of Memphis, Tenn. (a) 

Capt. Hampton Lynch Boone attended Bethany College at Wheeling, 
W. Va., of which Alexander Campbell, founder of the Campbellite Church, 
was then President. After his graduation from this college, he studied 
law in the law school at Lebanon, Tenn., and practised his profession 
for a time. When the gold fever broke out, he joined a western ex- 
pedition and was one of the original forty men who located and named the 
city of Denver, Colo. 

Before the Civil War, he was an Editor at Jefferson City, Mo. (h) 
During the War he was a Lieutenant under General Sterling Price, in 
the Confederate Army at Fayette, Mo., and was at the battles of Boones- 
ville, Carthage, and many others. When General Nathaniel Lyons, U. 
S. A., was killed, Hampton L. Boone was the officer detailed to bury him. 

He was captured several times during the Missouri campaign, but 
succeeded each time in making his escape. Later on he became Quarter- 
master on the staff of General Earl Van Dorn, and after Van Dorn's 
death, was put on the staff of General Frank C. Armstrong. 

He married, at Memphis, Tenn., Sally Walker, who was born in the 
White House at Washington, D. C., and was a daughter of J. Knox Walker. 
(J. Knox Walker was the nephew of and secretary t,o President Polk, 
and had a son, who was born in the White House and said to be the 
only boy ever born there [.'']. This son was killed by being thrown from 
a horse.) 

In 1868 Hampton L. Boone was living in Howard Co., Mo. (6) He 
died at Ardmore, Indian Territory, and was buried at Carthage, Mo., 
where his widow and children continued to live. Following his death the 
Sterling Price Camp of Veterans (Confederate) drew up and published 
most complimentary resolutions of respect and esteem. 

Children: — 

2690 Samuel Walker Boone, b. 8 Apr., 1867, in Memphis, Tenn.; unm. Res. 

Carthage, Mo. 

2691 Walker Crawford Boone, b. 28 Jan., 1872, in Fremont, Neb.; d. Feb., 

1916; m. Mary St. John. No children. 

2692 Lucy Hampton Boone, b. 11 Dec, 1874, in California, Mo.; m. James R. 

Simpson. She was a teacher in the Kansas City, Mo. schools. 

2693 Uriel (Riley) Boone, b. 11 Jan., 1876, in San Francisco, Cal.; d. 15 Aug., 

1890, in Carthage, Mo. 

2694 Sallie Knox Boone, b. 14 Aug., 1878, in Denver, Colo. ; Res. Kansas City, 

Mo. She is also a teacher. 

References: — 

(o) "Walker Family of Va." Emma S. White, Kansas City, Mo. 
(6) Draper Mss. 22 S 241-68. 

€igl)tf) (generation 285 

1300. NANCY BOONE {William CJ; William^; George''; Squire^; George"^), 
born 27 Aug., 1839, in Fayette, Mo. 

Married 20 Jan., 1859, Alfred Lay, son of James Lay and wife Kitty 
Morrison (b. Monday 4 Feb., 1805), daughter of William Morrison (d. 
8 July, 1808; m. Tues. 9 Feb., 1796), and his wife, Elizabeth Williams, 
daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth (Price) Williams. . 

Children: — 

2695 Alfred Lay, Jr., b. 1863; d. 21 Feb., 1889. 
+2696 Kate Lay. 
2697 James H. Lay. Res. Jefferson City, Mo. 

1301. URIEL S. BOONE {William CJ; William^; George^; Squire^; 
George^), born 8 May, 1841; in Fayette, Mo.; died 1867 of yellow fever. 
Married Bettie H. Sjmith. 

Children: — 

2698 Dr. Uriel Boone. Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

2699 Hampton Boone. 

1303. JOHN TALBOT BOONE {William C.^• William'; George''; 
Squire^; George^), born 15 Mar., 1845, in Fayette, Mo.; died 24 Jan., 1916. 
Married Lizzie Corbin. Residence, Long Island. 

Children: — 

2700 John Talbot Boone, Jr., m. Ethel Edwards. Res. St. Louis, Mo. 

2701 Nellie Boone, m. Harold Mahan, Neponsit, L. I. 

2702 Wade Hampton Boone, b. 18 Jan., 1916. 

1304. ELIZABETH BOONE {William CJ William'; George^; Squire^; 
George^), born 17 Nov., 1846, in Fayette, Mo. 

Married John T. Sears, Residence, Kansas City, Mo. 

Children: — 

2703 Lucy Sears, m. Judge Charles Gill of Kansas City. 

2704 John Sears, m. Marguerite Fort. 

1305. LOUISA CORNELIA BOONE {William CJ; William'; George^; 
Squire^; George^), born 26 Apr., 1849, in Fayette, Mo. 

Ma;rried Cyrus Thompson. Residence, Belleville, Illinois. 

Children: — 

2705 Amos Thompson, d. in infancy. \ Twins 

2706 WilUam Boone Thompson, m. Oudeletta Heinzelman. 

2707 Theophilas (Theodore) Thompson, drowned while hunting. 
+2708 Lucy Alice Thompson. 

286 Vt\)t JBoone Jf amilp 

1306. DANIEL BOONE (William CJ; William^; George''; Squire^; 
Gex>rge^), born 29 Dec, 1851. 

Married Mary Belle Lusk (d. 17 Jan., 1916), dajjghter of Major 
William H. Lusk, of Jefferson City, Mo. Residence, Kansas City, Mo. 

Children: — 


William Boone, m. Annie Doneghy 


Daniel Boone, Jr. 


Alexander Boone, dec. 


Harry Boone. 


Rodney Boone. 


Howard Boone. 


Belle Boone. 


Abbie Boone. 


Louis Boone, dec. 

1307. ALICE BOONE {William CJ; William^; George^- Squire*; George^), 
Married James Kirtly, Columbia, Mo. 

Children: — 

2718 Beaufort F. Kirtly. 

2719 Lucy Kirtly. 

2720 Alice Kirtly. 

1308. HOWARD COUNTY BOONE (William C; William'; George'; 
Squire*; George^), born 13 Feb., 1857. 

Married Janet Ewing. Residence, St. Louis, Mo. 

Children: — 

2721 Ewing Boone. 

2722 Janet Boone. 

2723 Howard County Boone, Jr., m. Mrs. Byrd Crutsinger, daughter of Mrs. 

Morton Jourdan, St. Louis, Mo. 

1311. MICHAEL L. STONER (Nancy'' Tribble; Mary' Boone; George^ 
Squire*; George^), born 12 Jan., 1817. 

Married 4 May, 1843, Carlisle Harris (b. 1825; d.l859. See sketch of 
Harris Family), and 2nd, about 1862, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt-Kay 
(d. 1901.) 

He was born in Kentucky and moved to Texas. At the time of the 
Civil War he joined the Confederate Army, was captured and in prison 
at New Orleans for several mon<ths. Probably was exchanged, for we 
find that some time after his sister Minerva and her husband, Gen. 
"Dick" Williams, had gone back to Ky., he married Mrs. Elizabeth 
Hunt-Kay, and went to Ky. They took with them her daughter Lulu 
Kay, and all of his children except Tillitha and Lillie, who had gone with 

€igt)tl) (generation 287 

their Aunt Minerva, and the son Overton, who had joined the Confederate 
Army. His father, George Washington Stoner, Sr., was living in Mont- 
gomery Co. (Ky.), and when the War became severe and feeling ran high, 
Michael L. and some of his family had to be sent to Va. through the 
mountains by carriage. In the party were Michael L. Stoner, his wife, 
her daughter Lulu Kay, two of his children, Lillie and Nannie, and the 
negro driver. It is probable they remained in Va. until the close of the 
War, as Ky. was much debated country. Michael L. Stoner died and 
was buried in Texas where he has many descendants living today. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2724 Nannie Harris Stoner, b. 1845. 

+2725 George Overton Stoner, b. 1847. 

+2726 Tillitha Stoner, b. 1849. 

+2727 Peter Tribble Stoner, b. 1851. 

+2728 Maria Stoner, b. 1853. 

+2729 William Stoner, b. 1854. 

+2730 Lillie C. Stoner, b. 1857. 
(Second Marriage) 

+2731 Hunt Stoner, b. 1864. 

+2732 Davis Stoner, b. 1867. 

1312. MARY ANN STONER {Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; 
Squire^; George^), born 30 Nov., 1818. 

Married 12 Apr., 1836, Robert Harvey Gatewood. 

They are both buried in the family burying ground, on the old 
homeplace, near Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Children: — 

+2733 Sarah Ann Gatewood. 
+2734 James Gatewood, b. 1841. 
+2735 Emma Gatewood. 
2736 Robert Gatewood, b. 18 — ; m. Bettie Ewing, a sister of Jane Elinor 
Ewing. He left no children. 

1314. FRANCES MIRIAM STONER {Nancy' Tribhle; Mary'' Boone; 
George^' Squire*; George^), born 28 May, 1823; died 3 May, 1902. 

Married 21 Dec, 1842, Benjamin M. Smith (b. 22 Feb., 1816, in 
Ky. and d. 13 Dec, 1900), at Mt. Zion, 111., where they are buried. 

Children: — • 

2737 Weeden C. Smith, d. Feb., 1916; never m. 
+2738 Mary Elizabeth Smith. 
+2739 Minerva Smith, b. 26 Nov., 1848. 
+2740 Washington Stoner Smith, b. abt. 1850. 

2741 Maria Smith, b. Oct., 1852; unm. Present address, 125 N. Edward St., 
Decatur, III. 

288 ®t)e S^oone jFamilp 

+2742 Nancy Stoner Smith, b. abt. 1854. 

2743 Robert Smith, b. 185—; d. in infancy. 

+2744 Sarah Anne Smith, b. 13 Sept., 1860. 

2745 Jefferson Davis Smith, b. 186 — ; d. abt. 1914; never m. 

1316. GEORGE WASHINGTON STONER, JR. {Nancy' Trihhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George", Squire'^; George^), born 25 Jan., 1827; died 21 Jan., 1905. 
Buried in Lake Charles, La., called Washington Stoner. 

Married 1st, 18 June, 1851, Rebecca Ann Grimes (b. 3 Mar., 1829, 
in Ky.; d. 14 Feb., 1864, in Ky,; bu. near Austerlitz, Ky.), and 2nd, 
about 1882, at La Place, 111., Mrs. Lou Anderson-Sanders (d. 25 Nov., 
1914; bu. Lake Charles, La.). 

(Rebecca Ann Grimes was the second daughter of Thomas Jefferson 
Grimes (b. 23 July, 1804; d. 23 Jan., 1877; m. 18 Jan., 1827), and his wife 
Kitty Scobee (b. 20 Sept., 1808; d. 10 Mar., 1893, in Hughesville, Mo., and 
buried there). Thomas J. Grimes died on their old home farm, and is 
buried in the garden, near Austerlitz, Ky., with his daughter (Mrs.) Rebecca 
Ann Stoner beside him. He was the son of Avory Grimes and his wife Eliza- 
beth Hawk(?), who died and is buried in Paynesville, Pike County, Mo. 

Kitty Scobee was the seventh child of Robert Scobee and his wife 
Elizabeth Brohard, married 11 June, 1795.) 

(George) Washington Stoner, Jr., was born and raised in Kentucky, but 
settled in Illinois, where he l&id out and named the village of La Place. 
He lived on a farm at that plac^ until Jan., 1902, when he moved with 
his second wife and two small children to Lake Charles, La., where he 
and his wife both died and are buried. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+2746 Kate Stoner, b. 12 Sept., 1852. 
(Second Marriage) 

2747 Georgia Alice Stoner, b. 2 Aug., 1884; unm. Res. Shreveport, La. 

2748 Robert Gatewood Stoner, b. 15 June, 1889; unm. Res. Shreveport, La. 

Graduate of La. State University, and is a Pipe Line Engineer. 

1317. THOMAS CHILTON STONER {Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary" Boone; 
George^; Squire'^; George^), born 24 Mar., 1829; died 6 Sept., 1914. 

Married 3 Sept., 1851, Nancy Jane Hathaway (b. 3 Dec, 1830; d. 
28 Apr., 1900). Buried at Mt. Zion, 111. 

He settled on a farm about midway between Mt. Zion and Macon, 
111. During the Civil War he served in the Confederate Army under 
Gen. Zollecoffer, and many interesting and laughable incidents of his 
war experiences are told by his relatives. About the most humorous is 
the one of his chasing a Union soldier into his own lines, and then re- 
turning to his own (Confederate), during one engagement. 

€igl)tt) (feneration 289 

He, more than any other member of the family, inherited the Boone 
love of hunting and adventure. He was once heard to say, "I'd rather 
have seen Old Grandfather 'Mike' Stoner than any human who ever 
lived." It was he who visited, near the end of the Civil War, "Mike" 
Stoner's grave near Monticello, Wayne Co., Ky. 

Children: — 

+2749 Clinton Stoner, b. 1852. 

2750 Andrew Stoner, b. 1854; d. 1856, was burned to death when only a few 

years old, and is buried at Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

2751 MiUard Filmore Stoner, b. 1856; d. 1858. 
+2752 Mary (Molly) Petetta Stoner, b. 2 Dec, 1859. 

2753 Thomas Chilton Stoner, Jr., b. abt. 1861; m. Apr., 1917, his cousin, 

Mattie Lynn Crawford {Michael^" Crawford; Nannie^ Stoner; Michael^; 
Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^) (No. 4962). 
They live in Uvalde, Texas, and spend the summers in Illinois. 

2754 Robert Lee Stoner, b. 1864; d. 1907; m. 1897, Edith Glenn. No children. 

Res. Macon, 111. 
+2755 Nancy Stoner, b. 1869. 
+2756 Mattie Allen Stoner, 2 Feb., 1873. 

1319. MARIA FOX STONER {Nancy'' Tribble; Mary'' Boone; George^; 
Squire\- George^), born 30 May, 1833; died 3 July, 1900. 

Married 9 Aug., 1853, to William Little. 

She is buried at Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Children: — 

+2757 John Grubbs Little, b. 21 April 1856 
2758 Nabcy Stoner Little, b. 7 Dec, 1857; d. 7 Dec, 1920; buried Memphis, 
Term.; m. Roe Hocker. 

1320. (COL.) ROBERT GATEWOOD STONER {Nancy'' Tribble; 

Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 22 Jan., 1838. d. ; 

buried Paris, Ky. 

Married 1st, Alice Rodgers (bu. Paris, Ky.), and 2nd, Miss Ida 
Hamilton, who survives him and lives near Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Col. R. G. Stoner served in the Confederate Army during the Civil 
War, and it was then he received his title of Col. At one time when 
attacking a Union force, a bullet went through his hat cutting out a lock 
of hair. He made quite a fortune breeding and raising race horses, and 
had a country estate, "Oakland," near Paris, Ky. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

+2759 May Stoner. 
+2760 Warren Stoner. 


arte JSoone JPamilp 

1328. JANE GENTRY {Elizabeth'^ Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married William Smith, son of Benjamin Smith of Mead Co., Ky. 

Children: — 

2761 Elizabeth Smith, m. Woodson Ferrill. 

2762 Matilda Smith, m. Richard Bush, her cousin. 
+2763 Josephine Smith. 

1329. MARY FRANCES GENTRY (Elizabeth' Tribble; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire'^; George^), born 1 Jan., 1818. 
Married Owen Parrish. 

Children: — 

+2764 William Parrish. 

+2765 Jane (Jennie) Parrish, b. July 1842. 

+2766 Bettie Parrish. 

+2767 Annie Parrish, b. 9 Oct., 1841. 

2768 John W. Parrish, m. Bettie White. 

+2769 Peter Parrish, b. 26 June, 1856. 

2770 Peyton E. Parrish, b. 27 Sept., 1853; m. (1) OUve Dove, and (2) Annie 


2771 Pattie Parrish, b. 14 Oct., 1848; m. (1) Squire Parrish, and (2) Anderaon 

Tiffin Chenault, of Richmond, Ky., a son of Anderson Chenault. 

1330. PETER TRIBBLE GENTRY {Elizabeth'' Tribble; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 19 Dec, 1819, in Mead Co., Ky.;died 
12 Mar., 1894; in Boyle Co., Ky. 

Married Jane Smith (b. 25 May, 1879), daughter of Benjamin Smith, 
a Ky. pioneer from Va., a large land-owner and slave owner. 








Benjamin Smith Gentry, b. 29 May, 1845. 

Joseph Gentry, b. 4 Oct., 1846; d. 3 Mar., 1880. 

James H. Gentry, b. 19 Dec, 1847. 

Peter Tribble Gentry, Jr., b. 14 Aug., 1849. 

Napoleon Francis Gentry, b. 19 Feb., 1851; d. 22 May, 1884. 

Juha Gentry, b. 28 Mar., 1852; m. 14 Nov., 1894, J. Rush Shannon. 
Res. Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Franklin M. Gentry, b. 30 May, 1853. 

Elizabeth A. Gentry, b. 13 Apr., 1855. 

Richard Gentry, b. 17 Sept., 1857. Lives on old homestead. 

Martha J. Gentry, b. 8 July, 1859. 

WilUam Christy Gentry, b. 1 Oct., I860; unm. Lives on the old home- 
stead estate. 

Thomas Blythe Gentry, b. 2 Dec, 1861. 

€igf)tf) feneration 291 

1331. NANCY BOONE GENTRY (Elizabeth^ Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^) . 

Married 1st, William G. Wood, and 2nd, her cousin Reuben Gentry, 
of Pettis Co., Mo. 

Children: — 

(Second Marriage) 

2784 Henry Gentry. 

2785 Reuben Gentry. 

1333. JOSEPH GENTRY (Elizabeth-' Tribble; Mary'' Boone; George'; 
Squire*; George^), born 20 Sept., 1831; died 26 Oct., 1863. 

Married Mary Henley. He was a Confederate Soldier. His 
descendants are still living about Independence, Mo. 

Children: — 

2786 Alonzo Gentry. 

2787 Josephine Gentry, Jr. 

+2788 Overton H. Gentry, b. 9 May, 1859. 
2789 Reuben Gentry. 

1335. OVERTON H. GENTRY {Elizabeth' Tribble; Mary' Boone; 
George'; Squire*; George^), born 16 June, 1836, in Madison Co., Ky.; died 
1908, in the spring. 

Married Sept., 1859, in Jackson Co., Mo., to Elizabeth Henley, sister 
of Mary Henley, who married Joseph Gentry. 

They had only one child, but reared several orphan children. 

Child: — 

+2790 Elizabeth Gentry, b. 1876. 

1337. WILLIAM HARRISON GENTRY {Elizabeth'' Tribble; Mary^ 
Boone; George'; Squire*; George^), born 11 Oct., 1840, in Ky.; died May, 

Married 21 Jan., 1869, Mary L. Coleman, of Fayette Co., Ky. 

He was named for General Harrison, and from boyhood was called 
"General." Was for a short time in the Southern Army under Colonel 
Nappa, of General Longstreet's command. Lived at "Gentry Place," a 
few miles northeast of Lexington, Ky. He was a successful farmer and 
stock raiser. Was fond of fox hunting and riding. Was a prime mover 
in the Gentry Family reunion held at Crab Orchard Springs, Ky., in August 
1898, and was its first president. 

Children: — 

2791 David Coleman Gentry, b. 17 Dec, 1871, in Fayette Co., Ky., m. 21 Oct., 

1897, Letitia May Lucas. 

2792 Lawrence Gentry, b. 18 Nov., 1878; engaged in banking business in 

Lexington, Ky. 


292 3rije poone jFamiIj> 

1338. MARIAH GENTRY {Elizabeth'' Trihhle; Mary' Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Henry Bright. 

Children: — 

2793 Reuben Bright. 

2794 Henry Bright, Jr. 

1339. ELIZA FOX (Maria'' Trihhle; Mary' Boone; George^; Squire*; 

George^) . 

Married — Simms. 

Children: — 

2795 Jennie Simms, m. Jones. 

+2796 Annie Simms. 
+2797 EUa Simms. 

1341. GEORGE M. FOX (Maria'' Trihhle; Mary' Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^). 
Married — — . 

Child: — 

2798 Mary L. Fox, m. Coleman. 

1342. SAMUEL T. FOX (Maria'' Trihhle; Mary' Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married his cousin Sarah Stoner (Frances'' Trihhle; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), No. 1345. 

Children: — 

+2799 Sammie Fox. 
+2800 Fannie May Fox. 
2801 Louise D. Fox. 

1343. PETER T. FOX (Maria'' Trihhle; Mary' Boone; George^ Squire*; 

Married . 

Children: — 

2802 WiUiam G. Fox. 

2803 Mary Elizabeth Fox. 

2804 Charles N. Fox. 

2805 Peter T. Fox, Jr. 

2806 Nellie H. Fox. 

Cigfjtfi feneration 293 

1344. GEORGE ANN STONER (Frances'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Louis Payne of Mexico, Mo. 

Children: — 

+2807 Louise Payne (II.). 

2808 William B. Payne, m. and lived in Pomona, Cal. 
+2809 MoUie Payne. 
+2810 Laura Payne. 

1346. MARY ELIZABETH STONER (Frances'' Tribhle; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Blakesley. 

Children: — 

+2811 Sarah F. Blakesley. 
+2812 Aniia Dounda Blakesley. 

1347. NANCY MICHAEL STONER (Frances'' Tribhle; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Alexander Cromwell, Victoria, Texas. 

Children: — 

2813 William Cromwell, d. in youth. 

2814 Peter Cromwell, d. in youth. 
+2815 Nancy Cromwell. 

+2816 Hawkins Cromwell, 
2817 Lee CromweU, A. B., B. S. (a dau.), not married. 

1348. PETER TRIBBLE STONER (Frances'' Tribhle; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Mattie Ball, a sister of his step-mother, who was Sallie 
Ball. Residence, Sharpsburg, Ky. 

Child: — 

2818 Imogene Stoner. 

1349. GEORGE WASHINGTON STONER (Frances'' Tribhle; Mary' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1824; died 1864. 
Married Betty Hathaway. 

Children: — 

+2819 Frances Stoner. 
+2820 George Washington Stoner. 
282 1 Lela Stoner, who never married and lives with her sister at Ganado, Texas. 

294 2rf)e JBoone jFamilp 

1350. MARY ANN TRIBBLE {George''; Mary^ Boone; George^- Squire*; 
George^), born 5 June, 1829; died 22 May, 1861. 

Married 5 June, 1849, Dr. Thos. Tolson (d. some time before 1885 
or '86). 

Children: — 

2822 Fred Tolson, La Fayette, La. 

2823 Challie Tolson, m. Darby, La Fayette, La. 

2824 George T. Tolson, Melvin, La. 

2825 Embry Tolson, Berwick, La. 

2826 Annia Tolson, m. Young, Rayne, La. 

2827 Pattie Tolson, m. Baxley or Boxley. Left no des. 

1356. ALEXANDER TRIBBLE (George\- Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; 
George^), born 5 Dec, 1844. 

Married 6 Sept., 1866, Fannie Helm, and lives at Shelby City, Ky. 

Children: — 

+2828 Pattie Tribble. 

2829 Annie Tribble, unm., and lives with parents. 

1358. PETER TRIBBLE {SamueP; Mary'^ Boone; George^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Mary Thomson. 

Children: — 

2830 Samuel M. Tribble. 

2831 Nayney Tribble. 

2832 Robert Tribble. 
+2833 Mary (Mollie) Tribble. 

1359. FRANCES TRIBBLE (SamueU; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Samuel Owsley. 

Children: — 

2834 Edward H. Owsley. 

2835 Samuel G. Owsley. 

2836 William S. Owsley. 

2837 Frances M. Owsley, m. J. A. Bondurant. 

2838 Peter T. Owsley. 

2839 Mary L. Owsley. 

2840 Harry H. Owsley. 

2841 Ora S. Owsley. 

1363. GEORGE CHILTON (Minerva'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Child: — 

2842 Elizabeth (Bessie) Chilton, m. A. E. Burrus (or Burris). 

CigW (generation 295 

1367. ANNIE AMERICA BOONE {Tucker''; Samuel^; George^- Squires- 
George^), died 10 June, 1877. 
Married D. P. Allen. 

Child: — 

2843 Olga Allen. Res. Cedar City, Mo. 

1372. MINERVA SCHOLL {John''; Mary^ Boone; Edward^- Squire*; 

Married Harmon Hays, son of William Hays of Maryland. 

Children: — 

2844 Richard Hays, m. Matilda Montgomery. 

2845 John Hays, m. Callie Bush. 

2846 Robert Hays. 

2847 James Hays. 

2848 WiUiam Hays, m. Nannie Booth. 

2849 Catherine Hays, m. Jeremiah Dyson. 

2850 Charles Pleasant Hays, unm. 

1373. MATILDA SCHOLL {John''; Mary' Boone; Edward'; Squire*; 
George'), born 8 Aug., 1817; died 25 Aug., 1902. 

Married James Love (b. 3 Oct. 1807; d. 21 Dec. 1886). 

Children: — 

2851 Susan Love, m. 1st, Philip Love; 2nd, John Crockett; and 3rd, William 


2852 Hane Love, m. James Crockett. 

2853 William Love, m. Georgeanna Lloyd. 

2854 Joseph Love, m. Miss Forsythe. 

2855 Louisa Love, m. Isham McMahan. 

2856 Sophia Love, m. William A. Button. 

2857 Cenia Love. m. Charles A. Love. 

1375. CAROLINE SCHOLL {John'; Mary' Boone; Edward'; Squire*; 
George'), born 29 Aug., 1823; died 31 Aug., 1899. 
Married Charles Pleasant Arnold. 

Children: — 

2858 Joseph Taylor Arnold, unm. 
+2859 Sarah Ellen Arnold. 

2860 Giles Jones Arnold, died unm. 

2861 Emily Ann Arnold, m. Henry W. Covington. 
+2862 WiUiam Arnold. 

2863 Mary Belle Arnold, m. John F. (Dick) Smith. 
+2864 John Pleasant Arnold. 
2865 Nettie Charles Arnold, m. Timon Peters. 

296 ^fje Poone Jfamilp 

1376. MARY SCHOLL (John''; Mary^ Boone; Edward'' Squire*; George^). 
Married Harrison Gregory. 

Children: — 

2866 Martha Ellen Gregory, m. John Buah. 

2867 Daniel Boone Gregory, d. unm. 

2868 Emily Catherine Gregory, m. Reese Leach. 

2869 AUce Gregory, m. WilUam Ray. 

2870 Peter Gregory, m. 

2871 Jones Gregory, m. Miss Dames. 

2872 WiUiam Gregory, m. Miss Darnes (sister of Mrs. Jones Gregory). 

2873 Forest Gregory. 

2874 Luther Gregory. 

2875 Benjamin Gregory, d. unm. 

1377. ISABELLA SCHOLL {John\- Mary^ Boone; Edward'; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married John B. Gregory. 

Children: — 

2876 Martha Frances Gregory, m. Norman M. Monroe. 

2877 Mary Jane Gregory, m. Edward Windsor. 

2878 Porter Gregory, m. Martha McCall. 

2879 Wrintha A. Gregory, m. John M. Bryan. 

2880 Walter Scott Gregory, m. Martha Allen. 

2881 Roseanna Gregory, m. WiUiam H. Windsor. 

2882 John Gregory, m. Mary Headington. 

2883 Lee Gregory, m. Florence Mooney. 

2884 Catherine Gregory, m. James Overfelt. 

2885 Jennie Gregory, m. David Atkinson. 

1378. EMILY ANN SCHOLL (John\- Mary^ Boone; Edward'; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Robert Berry. 

Children: — 

2886 Robert Pleasant Berry, m. Ora Bell, granddaughter of Joseph Scholl, 

Jr. and EUza Ann (Broughton) Scholl. 

2887 John Richard Berry, m. Emma Weeks. 

2888 Loula Metz Berry, m. LesUe E. Blaels. 

2889 Lena Berry, unm. 

1379. JOHN B. SCHOLL (John\' Mary^ Boone; Edward'; Squires- 
George^), born 9 Oct., 1834; died 25 Sept., 1888. 

Married Dorcas Boone (b. 22 Aug., 1836; d. 27 July, 1913), dau. of 
Rudolph Boone (probably No. 478). 

Child: — 

2890 Lucy Ann Scholl, m. W. Norman Davis. Res. Mineola, Mo. 

Cisjjtl) feneration 297 

1394. MOSES BOONE McINTOSH (Elizabeth' Boone; Moses'; Squire'; 
Squire*; George^), born 27 Apr., 1818; d. 10 Feb., 1888. 

Married 6 Jan., 1838, Elizabeth Marksbury (b. 2 Jan., 1820; d. 31 
July, 1900). This couple and all their children were born in Indiana. 

Children: — 

2891 Parmilia A. Mcintosh, b. 2 Nov., 1839. 

+2892 Addison L. Mcintosh, b. 25 Dec, 1840. 

2893 Martha Mcintosh, b. 17 June, 1842. 

2894 Andrew J. Mcintosh, b. 25 Sept., 1844; d. 29 Mar., 1865. 

2895 Amaltha E. Mcintosh, b. 28 Dec, 1846. 

2896 George D. Mcintosh, b. 8 May, 1848. 

2897 Abram L. Mcintosh, b. 1 Jan., 1850,. 

2898 Alvretta Mcintosh, b. 9 Sept., 1852; d. 23 Mar., 1881. 

2899 WiUiam Mcintosh, b. 14 Oct., 1854. 

2900 Isom S. Mcintosh, b. 16 Feb., 1856. 

2901 John R. Mcintosh, b. 18 May, 1859. 

2902 Millie J. Mcintosh, b. 4 Sept., 1860; d. 4 Nov., 1868. 

1395. WILLIAM McINTOSH (Elizabeth' Boone; Moses'; Squire'; Squires- 
George^) . 

Married Emily Parker. 

• Children: — 

+2903 AJma Mcintosh, b. 1841. 

+2904 James Whitcomb Mcintosh, b. 1843. 

2905 Mary Frances Mcintosh, b. 1848, in Ind. Res. Boone, la. 

2906 DeWitt Clinton Mcintosh, b. 1849, in Ind.; d. 1869. 

2907 Nancy Elizabeth Mcintosh, b. 1851, in Ind; m. Wahl. Res. 

Boone, la. No children. 

1400. RATLEFF McINTOSH (Elizabeth' Boone; Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; 
George^), born 18 Sept., 1831, in Indiana; died 31 Mar., 1894, at McValley, 

Married 27 Mar., 1853, Barbara Jane Frazier (d. 14 Oct., 1906, at 
McValley, la.). 

Ratleff later changed his name to George B. Mcintosh, the same aa 
his father's. 

Children: — 

(All born at McValley, la.) 
+2908 Lemuel Mcintosh, b. 28 Jan., 1857. 
+2909 Joseph Clinton Mcintosh, b. 11 July, 1859. 
+2910 George Mcintosh, b. 14 Feb., 1861. 
+2911 EUzabeth Mcintosh, b. 24 Nov., 1862. 

2912 John L. Mcintosh, b. 24 Jan., 1865; d. 14 June, 1882. 

2913 William Edward Mcintosh, b. 28 June, 1867; d. 4 Dec, 1890. 
+2914 Mary Mcintosh, b. 13 Feb., 1869. 

2915 Harvey Mcintosh, b. 5 Mar., 1871; d. 30 Apr., 1874. 

298 3ri)e iBoone Jf amilp 

1404. WILLIAM MYRTLE BOONE (Squire''; Moses'; Squire^; Squire*; 
George^), born 30 May, 1822; died after 1908, in Boone Co., la. 

Married 1841, Nancy Parker (d. 1896), a native of Kentucky. 

William Myrtle Boone was born and reared in Putnam Co., Ind. 
He remained at home with his parents, helping with the work, until he 
became of age, when he took charge of the home place and farmed it 
for ten years. He was married in Putnam Co., in 1841, to Miss Nancy 
Parker, a native of Ky., and ten years later, in the fall of 1851, moved to 
Iowa, settling near old Boonesboro. He bought a claim of 240 acres, 
which he later entered from the Government and secured his title. In 
1853 he traded this for a farm of 160 acres in Worth Township, in order 
to be near his parents and look after them. This farm he developed 
into one of the best in the County. Here he continued to live until 
1896, when his wife died. He had already divided a large part of the 
farm among his children, and now he rented out the rest, making his 
home for the balance of his life with his children. In early life he voted 
with the old Whig party, and when it broke up, he joined the new Re- 
publican party from which he never wavered. In 1908, at the age of 85, 
he had then lived for 56 years in Boone County, which he had seen grow 
and develop from a "barren, uninhabitable prairie, into one of the rich- 
est and most prosperous agricultural districts in the world," and the town 
of Boone grow from a mere hamlet into one of the most thriving cities 
of Iowa. 

Children: — 

2916 Alice Boone, m. Thomas Page. Res. Luther, la. 

2917 Edward M. Boone. Res. Wyoming. 

2918 Jesse P. Boone. Res. Luther, la. 
+2919 Virgil Boone, b. 19 Aug., 1848. 

2920 Matilda Boone, m. Wesley Page. 

2921 Laura Boone, m. James W. Wane, 

2922 Squire Boone, d. in infancy. 

2923 Ohver Perry Boone, living on the old home place (1921). 

1408. HANNAH C. BOONE (Squire''; Moses'; Squire'; Squire'; George^), 
born 21 May, 1830; died prior to 1908. 
Married Seibers. 

Children: — 

2924 Harrison Seibers. 

2925 Tyler Seibers. 

2926 Phoebe Seibers, m Frey. 

2927 Mariah Seibers, m. Cunningham. 

1409. ELIZABETH BOONE (Squire''; Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; George^), 
born 10 Aug., 1832. 

€igl)tf) (generation 299 

Married 1st Perry Goodrich, and 2d Benjamin Williams. Res. 
Madrid, la. She was living in 1908. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

2928 Dan Goodrich. 

2929 Julie Goodrich, m. Harvey. 

(Second Marriage) 

2930 Squire Williams. 

2931 William WilUams. 

2932 Perry Williams. 

2933 Allie (Alice) Williams, m. Wells. 

1410. JULIA BOONE {Squire''; Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 
16 Oct., 1834; died prior to 1908, in Boone, la. 
Married J. W. Capps. 

Children: — 

2934 Frank Capps. 

2935 Lucice Capps. 

2936 Edward Capps. 

1411. JOHN L. BOONE (Squire^; Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; George^), 
born 1 Nov., 1836; died in Maingana, la., prior to 1908. 
Married . 

Child: — 

2937 William Boone. 

1412. TYLER BOONE {Squire''; Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; George''), born 
9 Nov., 1840; Res. Madrid, la. (1908). Was a prosperous farmer and 
lived in Worth Township many years. 
Married . 

Children: — 

2938 Lewis Boone. 

2939 Philip Boone. 

2940 Julie Boone, m. Bates. 

2941 Emma Boone, m. McKinney. 

2942 Minnie Boone, m. Hull. 

1413. HARRISON BOONE (Squire''; Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; George^), 
born 9 Nov., 1840. Killed in Battle of Shiloh in the Civil War. 
Married . 

Child: — 

2943 Daniel Boone. 

300 ^fje Poone jFamilp 

1449. SARAH WILCOX {George^; Sarah^ Boone; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married James Hill, and lived near Rocheport, Mo. 

Children: — 

2944 George Hill, m. (1) Annie Crump, and (2) Laura Burrus. Lived in 


2945 James Hill, Jr., d. young. 

2946 SalUeffill, m. Gridley. 

2947 William Hill, d. young. 

1450. ELIZA WILCOX {George''; Sarah^ Boone; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married John Hinton, and lived in Columbia, Mo. 

Children: — 

2948 Jack Hinton, d. young. 

2949 George Hinton, d. young. 

2950 Nellie Hinton, d. young. 

2951 Virginia Hinton, d. young. 

2952 Raven Hinton, d. young. 

+2953 Edward Wilcox Hinton (Ned), b. 29 Nov., 1868. 

1451. (DR.) JOHN WILCOX (George''; Sarah'' Boone; Squire^- Squire*: 

Married Margaret Griffin. 

Child: — 

2954 Paul Wilcox, m. . 

1452. (CAPTAIN) WILLIAM WILCOX (George'; Sarah" Boone; Squires- 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Annie Payne. 

Child: — 

2955 William Wilcox, unm. 

1476. SARAH JANE WITHERS (Eliza'' Boone; Enoch^ Squire^; Squire*; 

Married William Shackelford, son of Shackelford and Agnes 

Withers, who was a daughter of William Withers, son of William C. 

About 1872 their house burned, destroying their family records, and 
everything else except the work clothes which they were wearing at the 
time. This couple had 18 children, 9 of whom died soon after they were 
born. The names of the ones who lived are given here. 

Cigfttl) (generation 301 

Children: — 

2956 James K. Polk Shackelford (dau.). b. during the administration of Prea. 
James K. Polk. 
+2957 John Shackelford. 

2958 Boone Shackelford. 
+2959 Preston Shackelford. 

2960 Lewis Shackelford. 

2961 Wade Shackelford. 

2962 Mary Shackelford, m. McGraw. 

+2963 Bruce Shackelford. 

+2964 Sarah Jane Withers Shackelford. 

1477. ALBERT WITHERS (Eliza' Boone; Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married . 

Children: — 

2965 EUa Withers. 
+2966 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Withers. 
+2967 James Withers. 

2968 Blanche Withers. 

1478. ELIZA WITHERS (Eliza'' Boone; Enoc¥; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Beeler. 

Children: — 

2969 Boone Beeler. 

2970 WiU Beeler. 
+2971 Lula Beeler. 

1481. CYRUS BOONE (DanieU; Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George'), 
died before 1921. 

Married Amanda Hayman. 

Children: — 

2972 George Boone. 

2973 Lloyd Boone, lived in 1921 at Nanticoke, Pa. 

2974 Margaret Boone. 

1482. PERRY BOONE (DanieU; Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George'), 
born 1825; died 21 Feb., 1889. 

Married 1846, Rachel Shelhamer (b. 1816; d. 21 Sept., 1887), 
daugliter of Jacob and Catherine Shelhamer of Summer Hill, Columbia 
Co., Pa. 

302 Clje Poone Jfamilp 

Children: — 

2975 John Andre Boone, b. 1846; d. 1883; m. 1881, Anna Martin or Morton. 

No children. 

2976 Elizabeth Ann Boone, b. 1848; m. Samuel T. Yost (dec.)- Mrs. Yost was 

living in 1921 in Berwick, Pa. She had six children, none of whom 

are now hving. 
+2977 Daniel Jacob Boone; b. 1850. 
+2978 Mary Catherine Boone, b. 1852. 

2979 Henry Albert Boone, b. 1855; d. 1857. 
+2980 Samuel Perry Boone, b. 18 Sept., 1858. 

1483. AMANDA BOONE {DanieP; Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; 
George^), deceased. 

Married John Kelchner. 

Children: — 

+2981 Albert Kelchner. 
+2982 Ida Kelchner. 

2983 Sadie Kelchner, m, Sherman Dilley; lives at Wilkesbarre, Pa., and has 

one son and one dau. 

2984 Bruce Kelchner, m. and lives at Bloomsburg, Pa. No children. 

1484. EMMA BOONE (DanieP; Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^), 

Married William Shannon. 

Children: — 

2985 Lizzie Shannon, m. Elisha Snyder, and Uved at Mifflinville, Pa. 

2986 Sadie Shannon, d. ; was m. 

2987 Frank Shannon. 

1485. SARAH BOONE (DanieP; SamueP; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^). 
Married Aaron Bloom. They had a large family, three of whom 

are here given: 

Children: — 

2988 Albert Bloom, lives at Berwick, Pa. 

2989 WiUiam Bloom. 

2990 Clarence Bloom, lives at Nanticoke, Pa. 

1486. CELESTIA BOONE (DanieP; SamueP; Benjamin^; Benjamin*; 
George^) . 

Married Henry Deitrich. 

In 1921 she was the only member of her father's family still living. 

Children: — 

2991 Charles Deitrich, dec; hved at Nanticoke, Pa. 

2992 Ernest Deitrich, m. and Uves at Wapwallspen, Pa. 

2993 Bessie Deitrich, m. and Uves near Pittsburg, Pa. 

2994 Perry Deitrich, m. and Uves at Nanticoke, Pa. 

€isf)tt) (feneration 303 

1487. DELILAH BOONE {DanieV; Samuel^; Benjamin^; Benjamin^; 
George^) . 

Married 1st, Thomas Walp, and 2nd, Philemon Santee. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

2995 Dora Walp, m. Harry Fairchilds; lives at Su'nbury, Pa. 

2996 Oscar Walp, m. a Miss Gregory; lives at Nanticoke, Pa. 

2997 Harry Walp, m. and lives at Nanticoke, Pa. 

2998 John Walp, m. and lives at Nanticoke, Pa. 

2999 Elizabeth Walp, m. a Mr. Gruver and Uves at Lime Ridge, Pa. 
(Second Marriage) 

3000 Frank Santee. 

1498. JACOB SWISHER BOONE {Elisha'; James^; Samuel^; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 1827; died 1903. 
Married 1855, Mary Cox. 

Children: — 

3001 Elisha Barton Boone, b. 1857; d. aged 2. 
+3002 Ida May Boone, b. 1859. 
+3003 Sarah Alice Boone, b. 1861. 

3004 Henry Barton Boone, b. 1863; d. aged 1 1-2 yrs. 

1499. LAVINIA BOONE (Elisha''; James'; Samuel^- Benjamin*; George^). 
Married 1st, Welliver, and 2nd, Redfield. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3005 Alice Welliver, m. Aaron Stadler; had several children. 
(Second Marriage) 

3006 Atta Redfield, m. Albert Nichols; had six children. 

3007 Barton Redfield, m.; had several children. 

1505. HANNAH BOONE (Hopkins''; James'; Samuel^; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 4 June, 1837. 

Married 1859, John Geddes. Living in 1914, in Viola, 111. 

Children: — 

3008 Thomas Boone Geddes, b. 1861. 

3009 Walter Geddes. 

3010 Edith Geddes, b. 1879. 

3011 Ehner Geddes. 

3012 Mary Geddes. 

3013 Frank Geddes. 

304 Wf)t JBoone Jf amilp 

1516. MARY JANE SWISHER (Martha'' McClure; Susannah^ Boone; 
Samuel^; Benjamin*; George^), born about 1841. 

Married William Cornelius. 

In 1918 she was the only surviving member of her parents' family. 
Resided in Younsgtown, Ohio. 

Child: — 

3014 Ralph E. Cornelius, m. B. E. Vaughn. Pres. of Mahoning National Bank 
of Youngstown, O. Res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

1517. ALFRED McCLURE (SamueV; Susanna^ Boone; Samuel^; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born about 1835; died 1918 aged 83 in Columbus, 0. 

Married Eleanor W. Gailey. 

He was statistician in the Building and Loan Department of the 
State of Ohio, with offices in the State House, Columbus, O. He had 
the family Bible of Susannah (Boone) McClure, his grandmother, which 
Bible was in 1921 at the home of his widow in Columbus, O. 

Children: — 

+3015 Samuel G. McClure. 

3016 Clara I. McClure, dec. 
+3017 Mary B. McClure. 

3018 Luella McClure. 

1523. ALFRED JAMES POLLOCK McCLURE (Alfred'; Susannah* 
Boone; Samuel^; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Rhoda Louise Cutter. 

He graduated at Princeton University in the class of 1879, and be- 
came an Episcopal Minister. He was associated with Bishop McVicker 
at Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia, and was Rector of All Hallows at 
Wyncote, Pa.; was for five years secretary of the Siberian Exile Petition 
Association; a member of the Municipal League; the Academy of Polit- 
ical and Social Sciences; and Treasurer of the General Clergy Relief 

Child: — 

3019 Abby McClure. 

1539. NANCY HOOKER (Nancy' Tollman; William^; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 28 Oct., 1823. 

Married Darwin E.Stanton (son of David and Lucy [Norman] Stanton). 

Children: — 

3020 David Erasmus Stanton. 

3021 Lucy Stanton. 
+3022 Mary Darwin Stanton. 

Reference: See No. 169. 

€ist)t|) (generation 305 

1546. NEWTON HENTON (William''; Sarah' Tallman; Dinah'' Boone; 
Benjamin^; George^), died 1889 in Oregon. 

Married in 1847, Caroline Hogan. 

Newton Henton was a physician. 

Child: — 

3023 Newton J. Henton, b. in Iowa; m. . City recorder of Albany, N. Y., 

in 1897. Had two children. 

Reference: See No. 171. 

1552. ALLEN SKILLMAN (Nancy'' Henton; Sarah<> Tallman; Dina¥ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), died near Peru, Ind. 

Married Louisa , who survived him several years, and died in 

Peru, Ind. 

Mr. Skillman was a Methodist minister. 

Children: — 

3024 Men Skillman. 

3025 Louisa Skillman, b. Ginney; was living as a widow in Peru, Ind., 

+3026 Nancy Skillman. 

Reference: See No. 171. 

1554. THOMAS SKILLMAN (Nancy'' Henton; Sarah' Tallman; Dinah* 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), died near Peru, Ind. 
Married Marie Kunkle. 

Children: — 

(Three, but only one known) 

3027 Skillman (a daughter), m. a Mr. Fisher and lives near Peru, Ind. 

Reference: See No. 171. 

1560. MILTON TALLMAN HENTON (Evan''; Sarah' Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 5 May, 1815, in Highland Co., Ohio; 
died 12 May, 1867, near Attica, Ind. 

Married 18 Nov., 1841, Elizabeth Ann Gunkle (b. 31 Oct., 1821, in 
Montgomery, Ohio; died 8 July, 1857, near Pine Village, Ind.). They 
moved to near Attica, Ind., in 1849. 

Children: — 

+3028 Mahala Editha Henton, b. 17 Sept., 1842. 
+3029 Anna Eliza Henton, b. 14 Oct., 1844. 
+3030 Richard Allen Henton, b. 10 Sept., 1846. 
+3031 William Taylor Henton, b. 4 Sept., 1848. 
+3032 Nancy Emma Henton, b. 15 Apr., 1852. 
3033 Sarah Elizabeth Henton, b. 10 Apr., 1856, in Warren, Ind.; d. 23 Feb., 
1863, near Attica, Ind. 

Reference: See No. 171. 

306 W\}t ?@oone jFamilp 

1561. JOSEPH ALLEN HENTON (Evan\- Sara¥ Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 22 Dec, 1816, in Ohio; died 8 Oct., 
1869, at Clarinda, la; and buried at Tecumseh, Neb., where his wife was 
afterward interred. 

Married 7 May, 1845, in Ohio, Martha Bonner Sale of Xenia, Ohio 
(b. 6 June, 1819; died 28 Apr., 1875), the daughter of Rev. John Sale, 
a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church and Bishop Asbury's 

Children: — 

3034 Wilber Fiske Henton, b. 20 Apr.. 1846; d. 22 May, 1849. 

3035 Albert Sale Henton, b. 11 Dec, 1848; d. 19 Apr., 1851. 

3036 John Milton Henton, b. 20 Oct., 1850. 

3037 Newton Morgan Henton, b. 29 May, 1852; m. 1st, 28 Dec, 1882, Ida 

A. McDowell of Buffalo, N. Y. (d. 11 Apr., 1888), he m. 2nd, Cora 
Davis of Wisconsin. 

3038 Willis Aretus Henton, b. 1 May, 1857; d. 2 Feb., 1858. 

3039 Mary Elizabeth Henton, b. 12 Oct., 1859; d. 11 Apr., 1887. 

3040 Sarah Maria Henton, b. 11 May, 1863; m. 25 Sept., 1889; m. William 

F. Wyatt. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1567. COLEMAN HENTON {Evan''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 30 Sept., 1836; died about 1873. 
Married Ann Cooper. 

Children: — 

3041 Walter Henton, living in Columbus, Ohio, in 1904; unm. 

3042 Edward Henton, married and living in Columbus, O., in 1904. 

3043 Harry Henton, died in infancy. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1569. MARY E. HENTON (Evan\' Sara¥ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), bt>rn 27 Feb., 1846. 

Married 17 Feb., 1870, Hugh Vance; was living in Hiilsboro, O., in 

Children: — 
(All born in Hiilsboro, O.) 

3044 Alonzo H. Vance, b. 27 Mar., 1871. 

3045 Archie C. Vance, b. 1 Dec, 1872. 

3046 Harry H. Vance, b. 8 Nov., 1874. 

3047 WaUace D. Vance, b. 11 Sept., 1876. 

3048 Ova V. Vance, b. 4 Apr., 1878. 

3049 Winnifred O. Vance, b. 21 June, 1879. 

3050 Kenneth S. Vance, b. 2 Sept., 1880. 

3051 Leroy H. Vance, b. 25 Nov., 1881. 

3052 Ruby L. Vance, b. 18 Jan., 1883. 

3053 Loren Vance, b. 12 Jan., 1885; d. 3 Jan., 1886. 

3054 Leo L. Vance, b. 31 Oct., 1886. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

€igljtl) feneration 307 

1570. COLEMAN HENTON (Benjamin^; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 7 March, 1822; at Washington Court 
House, Ohio.; died 6 July, 1899, at Peru, Ind. 

Married 1st, 1 Nov., 1855, at Peru, Caroline Skinner (b. 8 Sept., 
1832, in Cincinnati, Ohio), daughter of Corsen Clark Skinner and wife 
Lavina Scudder. Mrs. Henton was living in 1905, in Peru, Ind. 


(Born in or near Peru, Ind.). 

3055 Cole Henton, b. 11 Aug., 1856; d. 25 Aug., 1898. 

3056 Benjamin Henton, b. 11 Feb., 1860; d. 19 Aug., 1864. 

3057 Harriet Henton, b. 26 Nov., 1863. 

3058 Kate Henton, b. 7 Apr., 1865; d. 10 Dec, 1865. 

3059 Hal Henton, b. 8 Dec, 1866. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1571. MARIA HENTON {Benjamin''; Sara¥ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 2 June, 1824; died 16 Feb., 1849, in Peru, Ind. 
(Born at Washington Court House, Ohio.) 

Married 17 Jan., 1841, in Peru, Alvin Thayer (b. 4 Apr., 1811 in 
Ohio; died 24 Nov., 1868, in Peru). 

Children: — 

3060 Benjamin Orren Thayer, b. 12 Aug., 1844; d. 20 Feb., 1849. 

3061 Harriet Maria Thayer, b. 20 Nov., 1848; d. 12 July, 1849. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1572. HARRIET HENTON (Benjamin^; Sara¥ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born at Washington Court House, Ohio, 4 Apr. 1827; 
died 7 Oct., 1846, in Peru, Ind. 

Married 10 Dec, 1844, in Peru, David Oliver Adkison, (who married 
a second time and died in Nevada). 

Child: — 

3062 Frank Adkison, b. 3 Aug., 1846; d. 4 Sept., 1846. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1573. JAMES TALLMAN HENTON {Benjamin''; Sara¥ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Apr., 1829, at Washington 
Court House, Ohio. 

Married 4 Oct., 1855, in Lewiston, Pa., Eliza J. Junkin (b. 11 Sept., 
1832, in Lewiston, Pa.; died 19 Apr., 1902, in Peru, Ind.). James T. 
Henton was living in 1905 at Peru, Ind. 


308 ^ije JBoone jFamilp 

Children: — 

3063 James Harrod Henton, b. 7 Dec, 1856; m. Katie Hemry of Hamilton, 

Mo. They resided in 1905 in Anthony, Kansas, and had no children. 

3064 Charley Willis Henton, b. 7 June, 1859; d. 16 Jan., 1877. 

3065 David Cole Henton, b. 4 Dec, 1861; m. and was living 1905 in California. 

No children. 

3066 Margaret Junkin Henton, b. 5 Apr., 1864. 

3067 Jessie Henton, b. 5 Oct.. 1866; d. 18 Jan., 1867. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1574. SARAH HENTON {Benjamin''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dina¥ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 1 Apr., 1831. 

Married 25 Dec, 1850 in Peru, Ind., Alphonso Albert Cole (b. 25 
Dec, 1818; d. 4 Aug., 1862, in Peru, Ind.). Mrs. Cole was living in 1905 
at Peru. 

Children: — 

3068 Richard Henton Cole, b. 26 Mar., 1853; m. 15 Nov., 1882, in Peru, Ind., 
Belle M. Talbott. They had no children. 
+3069 Charles Albert Cole, b. 21 Mar., 1855. 
3070 James Omar Cole, b. 23 Oct., 1857; d. 9 Mar., 1881'. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1576. EMMA HENTON {Thomas''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 5 Aug., 1854. 

Married 12 June, 1888, George J. Weckler. They resided, 1905, in 
Peru, Ind. 

Child: — 

3071 Alexander Weckler, b. 4 Sept., 1895. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1595. ELLA HENTON {James''; Sarah'^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 1847. 

Married 1866, Dr. Skaggs. They resided, 1905, in Ellsworth, III. 

Children: — 

+3072 Monta Skaggs, m. 

3073 Frank Skaggs. 

3074 Charles SkftggB. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

€igf)tf) (generation 309 

1598. RACHEL HENTON (Sylvester'; Sara¥ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 29 Nov., 1837, in Peru, Ind.; died there 22 
July, 1890. 

Married 27 Feb., 1860, in Peru, James Omer Cole (b. in Ohio, 
23 Dec, 1828). 

Children: — 

+3075 Kate Cole, b. 27 Jm., 1862. 
+3076 Louis Cole, b. 7 Feb., 1865. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1604. FRANK HENTON (Sylvester''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dina¥ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 23 Apr., 1854. 
Married Frances Weckler. 

Children: — 

+3077 Florence Henton. 
3078 Rachel Henton, m. 26 July, 1904, Bennett ChaUis; resided 1905 in 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1606. CORDELIA AMANDA HENTON (Elam''; Sara¥ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 20 Nov., 1837, at Peru, Ind.; 
died 3 May, 1867, at Peru. 

Married 24 May, 1860, at Peru, Charles Pefferman (b. 11 March, 
1837; died 9 Sept., 1873). 

Children: — 

(Born in Peru, Ind.). 

3079 Edward Charles Pefferman, b. 25 Mar., 1861 ; living 1905 in Peru, Ind. 

3080 Nellie CordeUa Pefferman, b. 11 Mai-., 1863; Uving 1905 in Peru, Ind. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1609. LAURA EMMA HENTON (Elam'; Sarah' Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 18 June, 1847; died 1 Nov., 1898, in 
Peru, Ind. 

Married 9 Nov., 1865, in Peru, Ambrose Ashton Butt. 

Children: — 

3081 Nellie Cordelia Butt, died young. 

3082 Walter Ashton Butt, died young. 

3083 Fred Henton Butt, b. 10 Aug., 1870; m. Stella Faunce; they had three 

children, two of whom were hving in 1905. 

3084 Bessie Laura Butt, b. 1 Mar., 1873; d. 11 Aug., 1888. 

3085 Fannie May Butt, b. 5 Jan., 1876; m. 7 Sept., 1902, Curtis A. Rut- 


310 STlje Poone Jfamilp 

3086 Christiana Grace Butt, b. 30 Aug., 1878; m. 5 May, 190(2, Thomaa A. 


3087 Charles Richard Butt, died young. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1611. MAY M. HENTON (Elam''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dina¥ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Nov., 1856. 

Married 2 Jan., 1875, at Van Wert, 0., James O. Steele (d. 12 
Aug., 1884). 

Mrs. Steele resided in Washington, D. C, in 1905, where for more 
than 18 years she had been a clerk in the Bureau of Pensions, of the 
Dept. of the Interior, and was still in office. 

Children: — 

3088 Bessie Logue Steele, b. in Van Wert, Ohio, 21 Feb., 1876; m. 10 Sept., 
1897, in Fairfax Court House, Va., Alexander von Dachenhausen. 
They resided, 1905, in New York City, and had no children. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1614. CYRENE MARY BROOKS {Sarah^ Henton; Sara¥ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 31 Jan., 1834. 

Married 22 Sept., 18.53, in Peru, Ind., Francis W. Lindsey (b. 26 
July, 1824; died 5 Apr., 1905, in Cleveland, Ohio, buried at Peru). 

Mrs. Lindsey was living 1905, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children: — 

(Born in Peru, Ind.). 

30l8i9 Frapk Brooks Lindsey, b. 7 July, 1854; d. in Peru, 1873. 
+3090 Mary Lindsey, b. 17 Apr., 1857. 

3091 Fred Lindsey, b. 4 Nov., 1864; died 27 Mar., 1898, in Cleveland, 0.; m. 

20 Aug., 1887, in So. Haven, Mich., Mary Belle Stonestreet, who 
resided, 1905, in Cleveland, Ohio. No children. 

3092 Charles B. Lindsey, b. 1870; m. 6 Nov., 1901, in Cleveland, Ohio, 

Jessica Clearwater. They were living, 1905, in Cleveland. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

1618. WILLIAM MINTER TALLMAN (James\- Samuel'^; Dina¥ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Sept., 1836, in Knox Co., 111., died 
1894, at Winters, Cal. 

Married 1859, Ophelia J. Strode. 

William M. Tallman was a soldier in the Union Army during the 
War of the Rebellion. 

€igfjtlj (feneration 311 

Children: — 

3093 John Crawford Tallman, d. 

3Q94 Levens Tallman. 

3095 Annie Rhoda Tallman, m. 1883, W. A. Fisher, in Cal. 

3096 William Victor TaUman. 

3097 Jeddie Alvin TaUman. 

3098 Benjamjin Levens Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1622. JOHN HARVEY TALLMAN (James-'; Samuel^; Dinah} Boone; 
Benjamin'^; George^), born 31 Aug., 1844. 

Married 1st, 1876, Mary Furrow; 2nd, 1892, Mrs. Emma Wanders. 
He was a soldier in the Union Army. He was living in 1905, at Col- 
umbus, O. 

Children: — 

3099 Mattie TaUman. 

3100 Harry Levens TaUman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1623. STANLEY WATSON TALLMAN {James''; Samuel^; Dinah' 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 29 Nov., 1846. 

Married 1870 Millie Jane Norris. He was a soldier in the Union 

Children: — 

(AU living in Plain City. O., 1905) 
310L Walter TaUman. 

3102 Ida May TaUman. 

3103 Maud EUen TaUman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1624. SARAH MARGARETTE TALLMAN (James''; Samuel'; Dinah' 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 27 Mar., 1849; died 22 July, 1873, at 
Lafayette, Ohio. 

Married in 1868, Isaac T. Shadle. 

Child: — 

3104 Homer Emerson Shadle. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1625. JAMES HENRY TALLMAN (James''; Samuel'; Dinah' Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 19 July, 1852. 

3 1 2 l^fje IBoone Jf amilp 

Married in 1876, Rebecca Sayers. They resided, 1905, in Lafayette, 

Children: — 

3105 Mary Eleanor Tallman. 

3106 William Lawrence Tallman. 

3107 Howard Tallman. 

3108 James Herman Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1627. KATHERINE J. TALLMAN (Benjamin''; Samuel^- Dina¥ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 7 Dec, 1841, in Shelby Co., III. 

Married 1st, William Harney in 1859; 2nd, 1869, in Shelby Co., 
111., Lewis C. Beem. They resided, 1905, at Kussett, Ark. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3109 Horace M. Harney, d. 
(Second Marriage) 

3110 Cyrus E. Beem. 

3111 William F. Beem. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1629. CYRUS S. TALLMAN (Benjamin''; Samuel^- Dinah^ Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 14 Feb., 1846, in St. Louis. 

Married 1st, in 1865, Alice Cutler; 2nd, in 1885, in Shelby Co., 111., 
Mrs. Olive Peters. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

3112 Jacob B. Tallman. 

3113 Nancy Tallman. 

3114 James Tallman. 

3115 Bessie Tallman. 
(Second Marriage) 

3116 Elmer S. Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1633. CHARLES W. TALLMAN (Benjamin''; Samuel^- Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 1 Sept., 1853, in Shelbyville, 111. 

Married in 1885, Shelby Co., 111., Susan Middleton. 

In 1905 they resided at Tower Hill, 111. 

Children: — 

3117 Roscoe Samuel Tallman. 

3118 Cora Belle Tallman. 

3119 Theodore Middleton Tallman. 

3120 Fema May Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

€igf)tl) feneration 313 

1634. WELLS TALLMAN (Benjamin^- Samuel^ Dinah^ Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 22 Feb., 1858, in Shelby ville. 111. 

Married 21 Nov., 1880, in Shelby Co., 111., Catherine Isabella Bann- 
ing, of Shelby Co. (b. 26 Apr., 1862, Droppoint Twp., Shelby Co., 111.). 

Children: — 

3121 Stella Cecil Tallman, b. 15 June, 1882, in Shelby Co., 111.; d. 12 May, 


3122 Carl Benjamin Tallman, b. 21 Mar., 1884, in Shelby Co., lU. 

3123 Edith Ora Tallman, b. 7 May, 1886, in Shelby Co., 111. 

3124 Lora Estella Tallman, b. 10 Mar., 1890, in Shelby Co., 111. 

3125 Ernest Wells Tallman, b. 18 Nov., 1893, in Beecher City, lU. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1635. HORACE M. TALLMAN (Benjamin^- SamueV'; Dinah' Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 19 Dee., 1863, in Shelby Co., 111. 
Married 1886 in Lakewood, 111., Emma S. Foor. 

Children: — 

3126 Bertha Pearl Tallman. 

3127 Leslie Reay Tallman. 

3128 Gentry Lloyd Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1638. SARAH ELIZABETH HEAD (Mary' Tallman; Samuel^; Dinah' 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 8 Sept., 1831; died in 1891, La Salle 
Co., 111. 

Married in 1851, at Stuart, Iowa, George W. Loy, son of Michael 

Children: — 

+3129 Mary Elizabeth Loy. 

+3130 George W. Loy, b. 14 Oct., 1859. 

3131 Elnora Loy, d. 

3132 Calvin Loy, d. aged 23. 
+3133 Matilda Loy. 

3134 Elenora Loy, m. in Nebraska, 1883, Herbert Powel; had two daughters 

and a son. 

3135 Augusta Loy, was twice married. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1639. JOHN F. HEAD (Mary'' Tallman; Samuel\- Dinah' Boone; Ben- 
jamin*; George^), born 23 Feb., 1834; died 2 Dec, 1904, at Early, la. 

Married 1863 in Sac Co., la., Sarah Hart. She was living in 1905, 
at Early, la. 

314 artje S^oone jFamilp 

Children: — 

3136 Ellis Head, d. 

3137 Mary Alta Head. 

3138 Delia Head. 

3139 Ernest Head. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1641. CYNTHIA ELNORA HEAD (Mary^ Tollman; Samuel^; Dinah'' 
Boone; Benjamin^; George^), born 28 July, 1837; died July, 1891, at Colo- 
rado Springs, Col. 

Married 12 Feb., 1857, at Ottawa, 111., Edward E. Daniels (b. 12 
Dec, 1830, at Newark, O.), son of Aaron Daniels. 

Mr. Daniels was living at Colorado Springs in 1905. 

Children: — 

+3140 Luella Maria Daniels, b. 20 Nov., 1857. 

3141 Charles Daniels, d. 

3142 Thomas Edwards Daniels. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1642. JAMES MADISON HEAD (ilfary' Tallman; Samuel^; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Oct., 1838. 

Married 9 Nov., 1871, at Ottawa, 111., Ella Ide (b. 3 Sept., 1852, in 
Ottawa), daughter of Jesse Ide. 

They resided, 1905 in Greenfield, la. 


r: — 


Warren M. Head. 


Blanche Head. 


Eva Head. 


Mabel Head. 


Edith Head. 


Elsie Head. 


Bessie Head. 


Alva Head. 


Vera Head. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1647. SAMUEL W. TALLMAN (Richard''; Samuel^- Dinah'' Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 2 Jan., 1836; died 1892, at Odell, 111. 
Married 1859 in Rugby, 111., Rachel Hoskins. 

Cigfttf) (generation 3 15 

Children: — 

+3152 Mary E. Tallman. 
+3153 Rosetta Tallman. 
3154 Elmer T. Tallman, m. in 1890. 

l]li V^'l^T^"' iTwinadied. 

3156 Ida Tallman, J 

+3157 Mahala Florence Tallman. 

3158 Hattie May Tallman, d. 

3159 John A. Tallman. 

3160 Jessie J. Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1648. CYNTHIA ANNIE TALLMAN (Richard^; Samuel^; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 16 Apr., 1837. 

Married 1858 in Muskingum Co., Ohio, Levi White of Hughesville, 

Children: — 

3161 Mary Tallman White, d. aged 25. 

3162 Louisanna White, m. in 1889, Edwin L. Roe, her cousin. 

3163 Ella Nora White. 

3164 Ida Stevenson White, d. 

3165 Levi Furr White. 

3166 Helen Taylor White, d. 

3167 Hugh Hohnes White. 

3168 William Boone White. 

3169 Alpheus Calvin White. 

3170 Edna Lincob White. 

3171 Edwin Wells Brown White. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1650. ISAAC TAYLOR TALLMAN (Richard^; Samuel^; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 29 May, 1841. 

Married 1874, Mary Corbit. Resided at Los Angeles, Cal. 

Child: — 

3172 Mary Alva Tallman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1653. EMMA TALLMAN (Richard''; Samuel^; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; 
George^), born 8 Dec, 1849, in La Salle Co., 111. 

Married 5 Jan., 1875, in Hughesville, Va., J. Alpheus Tavenner of 
Hamilton, Va. (b. 11 Nov., 1845, in Hamilton), son of John and Rebecca 
( ) Tavenner. They resided, 1905, at Lincoln, Va. 

316 i:fje Poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

(All born in Hamilton, Va.) 

+3173 Ethel Roe Tavenner, b. 9 Feb., 1876. 

+3174 Edith Alma Wella Tavenner, b. 11 July, 1879. 

3175 Annie May Lihcohi Tavenner, b. 19 Mar., 1881; d. 19 Jan., 1888. 

3176 John Carroll Tavenner, b. 8 Aug., 1882. 

3177 Mary Rebecca Taylor Tavenner, b. 13 Jan., 1884. 

3178 Boone Alpheus Calton Tavenner, b. 18 July, 1885. 

3179 Cloyde TaUman Tavenner, b. 9 Mar., 1887. 

3180 Alverda Stevenson Tavenner, b. 27 Jan., 1889. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1658. HONORA EVANS {Nancy'' Tallman; Samuel^' Dinah^ Boonej 
Benjamin*; George^) . 

Married Charles Kelso. Lived at Newton, III. 

Child: — 

+3181 EUa D. Kelso. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1664. ANNIE SOPHIA ROE (Cynthia'' Tallman; Samuel^; Dinah^ Boone; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 19 Oct., 1854, at Gilbert, Ohio. 

Married 2 Nov., 1882, at Zanesville, O., Dr. Edwin W. Mitchell of 
Cincinnati, O. (b. 29 May, 1854, in Newark, O.), son of Rev. James and 
Mary (Allen) Mitchell. They resided in 1905 in Cincinnati, O. 

Children: — 

3182 Roe Reamy Mitchell, clergyman, m. 1916, Nora Koenig Ingram, of 
KaysviUe, Utah. Residence, Shelburne, Vermont. 
+3183 Edwin Wells MitcheU. 

3184 James Lawrence Mitchell, m. 1911, Louise Cathness Campbell of Cincin- 

nati, O. They live in Cincinnati, where Mr. Mitchell is engaged in 

3185 Prescott Tallman Mitchell, unm. Served in the Medical Dep't. of the 

Navy, crossing the Atlantic many times during the World War. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1665. EDWIN LETZ ROE (Cynthia^ Tallman; Samuel^; DinaN' Boom; 
Benjamin*; George^), born at Gilbert, O. 

Married 21 Feb., 1889, near Leesburg, Va., Louisanna White (b. 
near Leesburg), daughter of Levi and Cynthia Ann (Tallman) White. 
They resided 1905, at Gilbert, O. 

Children: — 

3186 Wells TaUman Roe, drowned in 1911. 

3187 Edwin Lincohi TaUman Roe, a student (1921) of Denison University; 

was a student in training there when Armistice was signed; at present 
one of the assistant Lieutenants in Military DriU. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

€igl)tl) (generation 317 

1667. JOSEPH MURRAY WILSON {Honor'' Tallman; Samuel''; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 20 Nov., 1837; died 19 Oct., 1901, in 
Thorntown, Ind. 

Married 21 Dec, 1865, in Thorntown, Harriet Gibson (b. 13 Sept., 
1843, in Thorntown), daughter of Isaac and Mary (Scott) Gibson, of 
Thorntown. She was living there in 1905. 

Children: — 

(Born in Thorntown, Ind.). 

3188 Murray Hunter Wilson, b. 26 July, 1866; living, 1905 in Thorntown 

with his mother. 

3189 Story Scott Wilson, b. 17 Mar., 1869; d. 1 Aug., 1874. 
+3190 Pearl Honor Wilson, b. 10 Mar., 1874. 

3191 Rufa Lewis Wilson, b. 9 Mar., 1877; living, 1905 in Oregon, unm. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1668. SARAH WILSON {Honor'' Tallman; Samuel^; Dinah^ Boone; Ben- 
jamin'^; George^), born 6 July, 1839; died 29 Aug., 1866, in Chandlers- 
ville, Ohio. 

Married 31 May, 1864, Joseph C. Evans, of Chandlersville, who was 
living, 1905, near Duncans Falls, 0. 

Child: — 

3192 Sarah May Evans, b. 12 June, 1866; d. . 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

1698. MARY BOONE {Joshua''; James^; Joshua^; James*; George^), born 

Married 1881, William Waterworth (b. 1849; d. 1904). 

Children: — 

3193 William Waterworth, b. 1883. 

3194 Joshua B. Waterworth, b. 1885. 

3195 James S. Waterworth, b. 1887; d. 1890. 

1699. JESSE THOMAS BOONE {Joshua^- James^; Joshua^; James*; 
George^), born 1853; died 1904. 

Married 1875, Laura Statler (b. 1853; d. 1901). 

Children: — 

3196 Frances Boone, b. 1878; m. 1898, Norman Hewitt. 

3197 Blanche Boone, b. 1883; m. 1911, Linwood Phillipa. 

3198 Joshua Boone, b. 1885. 

3199 Laura M. Boone, b. 1887; m. 1907, Jay F. Bond. 

318 Cfje JBoone jFamilp 

1700. JOSHUA CHARLES BOONE (Joshua''; James^- Joshua^; James*; 
George^), born 1855 at Salem, O. 

Married 1881 Catherine Thomas (b. 1858; d. 1905). 

He practised law at Salem, O., for fifteen years. In 1896 was Judge 
of Probate Court of Columbiana County, O., and lived at Lisbon. 

Children: — 

3200 Carrie Esther Boone, b. 1883; d. 1910; m. 1909, Harold Brian. 

3201 George Thomas Boone, b. 1895. \ -pwins 

3202 Joshua Charies Boone, b. 1895. / 

1703. BLANCHE SARAH BOONE (Joshua^; James^; Joshua^- James*; 
George^), born 1864; died 1910. 

Married 1889, Myron Holly Shane. 

Child: — 

3203 Leah Louise Shane, b. 1890. 

1705. SAMUEL L. BOONE (Amos''; Samuel^- Joshua^- James*; George^). 
Married Sarah S. Care. 

Cetildren: — 

3204 Florence Boone, dec. 

3205 Eliza Boone, dec. 

3206 Charies Boone, d. 28 Jan., 1916. 

3207 David C. Boone. 

3208 Samuel C. Boone. 

3209 Sarah Boone, d. in infancy. 

1706. WILLIAM JAMES BOONE (Amos^; Samuel*^; Joshua'^; James*; 

Married Mary K. Willman. 

Child: — 

+3210 Caroline Elizabeth Boone. 

1707. DANIEL S. BOONE (Amos''; Samuel^; Joshua^; James*; George*). 
Married Sarah M. Ellis. 

Children: — 

3211 WiUiam Boone, d. in infancy. 
+3212 EUa B. Boone. 

3213 Estelle S. Boone, m. Geigler. 

+3214 Amos S. Boone. 

€ifif)tf) feneration 319 

1708. HUIZINGA BOONE (Amos\- Samuel'^; Joshua'^; James\' George^). 
Married Edith B. Searles. 

Children: — 

3215 Lou Boone, d. in infancy. 

3216 Harry Searles Boone. 

3217 Edith S. Boone. 

1711. JAMES IRWIN HAPPEL (Sarah' Boone; Judah'; Moses^; James*; 
George^), born 21 Nov., 1860. 

Married 26 Dec, 1881, Hannah Brown, daughter of George Brown. 

Child: — 

3218 Glen H. Happel, b. July, 1887; m. Dora Bright. 

1713. WILLIAM D. HAPPEL (Sarah'' Boone; Judah\- Moses^; James*; 
George^), born 4 Dec, 1867. 

Married 4 Dec, 1900, Anna M. Levan (b. 18 Sept., 1868); daughter 
of Rev. F. K. Levan D. D. and wife Sarah (Ermentrout) Levan. 

William D. Happel is Pastor of the First Reformed Church of 
Lebanon, Pa. (1920). 

Children: — 

3219 Christine G. Happel, b. 7 Oct., 1901. 

3220 Grace M. Happel, b. 23 Jan., 1903; d. 11 Apr., 1904. 

3221 Beatrice B. Happel, b. 17 Oct., 1905. 

3222 Gladys L. Happel, b. 16 Aug., 1907. 

1722. DANIEL HENRY MILLER (Lurissa' Boone; Judah\- Moses^; 
James*; George^), born 5 Dec, 1867. 

Married 19 Oct., 1902, Louisa Smith (b. 4 July, 1879); daughter of 
Fred and Amanda Smith. 

Children: — 

3223 Ralph F. MiUer, b. 1 Feb., 1903. 

3224 Ruth M. Miller, b. 7 Aug., 1905. 

1724. EDGAR THOMAS BOONE (Aaron''; Judah^; Moses^- James*; 
George^), born 6 Jan., 1864. 

Married Dec, 1887, Lovinia Amstutz. 

Children: — 

+3225 Harold Leroy Boone, b. 2 Aug., 1888. 
+3226 Willis Frederick Boone, b. 14 Nov., 1892. 

3227 Emmet J. Boone, b. 17 Jan., 1898. 

3228 Lauretta Evalyn Boone, b. 17 May, 1909; d. 21 May, 1909. 

320 VL\)t S^oone Jfamilp 

1725. DALTON JUDAH BOONE (Aaron''; Juda¥; Moses^; James*; 
George^), born 28 Oct., 1866. 

Married 29 July, 1909, Isabel Goodrich. 

He is Superintendent of Schools at Loraine, Ohio. 

Child: — 

3229 Dorothy Marie Boone, b. 10 Jan., 1912. 

1726. WILLIS HOMER BOONE (Aaron\- Judah\- Moses''; James*; 
George^), born 15 Dec, 1868. 

Married 28 Feb., 1895, Mary Freed. 

Children: — 

+3230 Ralph W. Boone, b. 19 Jan., 1896. 
3231 Clair H. Boone, b. 13 Jan., 1911; d. 18 Sept., 1916. 

1727. EVA SUSANNA BOONE (Aaron''; Judah'; Moses'; James*; 
George^), born 9 Feb., 1877. 

Married 15 Oct., 1896, Harvey H. Gray. 

Children: — 

3232 Gladys Margaret Gray, b. 28 Oct., 1898. 

3233 Russell Boone Gray, b. 11 July, 1902. 

1730. SUSAN AMELIA BOONE (Amos''; Judah^; Moses'; James*; 
George^), born 16 Mar., 1870, in Reading, Pa. 

Married 5 Nov., 1895, in Reading, Pa., Edward H. Hammond (b. 
6 Aug., 1873; d. 8 Dec, 1904), son of Thomas and Cecelia Hammond. 

Children: — 

3234 Ralph Edward Hammond, b. 8 Oct., 1896. 

3235 Walter Amos Hanamond, b. 7 Dec, 1903. 

1733. JOHN CALVIN BOONE (John''; Judah'; Moses'; James*; George'), 
born 5 Apr., 1862. 

Married 18 Feb., 1886, Mary E. Shaner (b. 15 July, 1859), daughter 
of George W. and Ann (Houck) Shaner. 

Child: — 

+3236 Mamie L. Boone, b. 5 Nov., 1887. 

1734. JAMES IRVIN BOONE (John''; Judah^; Moses'; James*; George'), 
born 10 May, 1864. 

Married 23 Apr., 1886, Margaret Keller (b. 30 June, 1863), daughter 
of George W. and Emma (Sweinhart) Keller. 

Cigfttj) (feneration 321 

Children: — 

+3237 Ralph V. Boone, b. 16 Oct., 1887. 
3238 Robert R. Boone, b. 26 Jan., 1892. 

1740. GEORGE BOONE {John''; Juda¥; Moses^; James*; George^), born 
30 May, 1876. 

Married 6 Sept., 1904, Estella Pfieffer, daughter of Phillip and 
Marguerite Pfieffer. 

Child: — 

3239 Marguerite Boone, b. 26 Aug., 1911. 

1742. LILLIE L. BOONE {John''; Juda¥; Moses^; James*; George^), 
born 22 Oct., 1879. 

Married 25 Apr., 1905, Benjamin F. Slack (b. 15 Mar., 1878), son of 
John R. and Hannah (Fetter) Slack. 

Children: — 

3240 Harry B. Slack, b. 22 Apr., 1907. 

3241 Anna K. Slack, b. 26 Jan., 1909. 

3242 Grace L. Slack, b. 21 Jan., 1911; d. 23 Mar., 1913. 

3243 Doris E. Slack, b. 19 Feb., 1916. 

1745. JAMES EDWIN H. BOONE {James'; Judah'; Moses^; James*; 
George^), born 10 Sept., 1868, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa.; died 24 
Aug., 1908. 

Married Susan Herbein, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Herbein. 

Children: — 

+3244 Annie Boone. 
+3245 Lizzie Boone. 

3246 Harvey Boone, m. Roxanna Reinert. 

1749. ALLEN BENTON H. BOONE {James''; Judah'; Moses'; James*; 
George^), born 5 Apr., 1875. 

Married 7 May, 1904, Norma H. Ritter, daughter of William and 
Judith (Hartman) Ritter. 

Children: — 

3247 Harold R. Boone, b. 20 Apr., 1909. 

3248 Stanley R. Boone, b. 12 Feb., 1911. 

1750. HARVEY ELMER H. BOONE {James''; Judah'; Moses'; James*; 
George^), born 27 Oct., 1876, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

Married 17 May, 1904, Elva Hayett (b. 22 Mar., 1880), daughter 
of Cyrus and Mary Hayett. 

322 ^Tfje poone Jf amilp 

Children: — 

3249 Alice Boone. 

3250 Grace Boone. 

3251 Elva Boone. 

1752. CHARLES WARREN H. BOONE (James''; Juda¥; Moses^; 
James*; George^), born 17 May, 1881, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa- 
Married Annie Hiester, daughter of Franklin and Sarah Hiester. 




Esther Boone. 


Sarah Boone. 


Elsie Boone. 


James Boone. 


Harvey Boone 


Anna Boone. 

1754. EMMA KATE H. BOONE (James''; Juda¥; Moses^; James*; 
George^), born 16 Dec, 1884, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
Married 20 June, 1907, Daniel Glass, son of Amos Glass. 

Children: — 

3258 Ruth Glass. 

3259 Clara BeU Glass. 

3260 Evelyn Glass. 

3261 Emma Glass. 

3262 Stewart Glass, dec. 

1757. SUSAN MATILDA GROSS (Rebecca'' Boone; Juda¥; Hoses'^; 
James*; George^), born 18 Mar., 1876, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
Married 25 Dec, 1896, Samuel W. Yost (b. 4 Nov., 1875), son of 
Frederick and Barbara Yost. 

Children: — 

3263 Ethel Lurissa Yost, b. 8 June, 1898; m. 21 Aug., 1918, James Paul 

ChUdress (b. 22 Oct., 1894). 

3264 Aaron Frederick Yost, b. 2 Mar., 1901. 

3265 Earl Stewart Yost, b. 22 July, 1904. 

1758. ANNIE ELIZABETH GROSS (Rebecca^ Boone; Juda¥; Moses^- 
James*; George^), born 31 Dec, 1878, in Exeter twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

Married 9 Oct., 1897, George W. Reeser (b. 25 Dec, 1870), son 
of John and Mary Reeser. 

Child: — 

3266 George Gross Reeser, b. 13 June, 1903. 

€igi)tf) feneration 323 

1759. LYDIA REBECCA GROSS (Rebecca^ Boone; Judah'; Moses^; 
James^; George^), born 18 July, 1880, in Earl twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

Married 14 Oct., 1899, James W. Kurtz (b. 16 Feb., 1873), son of 
David and Margaret Kurtz. 

Children: — 

3267 James Douglas Kurtz, b. 26 Apr., 1904, 

3268 George Boone Kurtz, b. 28 July, 1909. 

3269 Daniel Gross Kurtz, b. 13 Mar., 1915. 

1760. CLARA MALINDA GROSS {Rebecca'' Boone; Juda¥; Moses^; 
James*; George^), born 20 July, 1883, in Earl twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

Married 17 June, 1912, Irvin Emory Roth, son of David and Anna 

Child: — 

3270 Elizabeth Boone Roth, b. 14 Apr., 1913. 

1761. HANNAH CAROLINE GROSS (Rebecca^ Boone; Judah'; Moses\' 
James*; George^), born 28 Oct., 1886, in Earl twp. Berks Co., Pa. 

Married 9 Apr., 1910, Lewis Bertolett Miller (b. 25 Aug., 1881), 
son of Charles and Sarah Miller. 

Child: — 

3271 Esther Rebecca Miller, b. 16 Nov., 1918. 

1765. NEVIL BOONE (Craven^- George^- Samuel^- Samuel*; George^), 
Married Anne Rush. 

Children: — 

3272 Rush Boone, m. Matilda May {Mary* Boone; Upton''; Samud*; SamwH}; 

Samuel*; Gearge^), No. 3338. 

3273 Mary Boone. 

3274 Bon Boone. 

3275 Fay Boone. 

3276 Daniel Boone, d. when a child. 

1766. JOHN BOONE {Craven''; George^; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Amanda Dodd. 

Children: — 

3277 Craven Boone, 3rd, m. Hadey May (Mary* Boone; Upton'; Samtid*; 

Samuel^; Samuel*; George*), No. 3339. 

3278 James Boone. 

3279 Cora Boone. 

1767. GEORGE BOONE {Craven^; George^- Samuel^; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Perneva Inman. 


324 ^\)t JBoone jFamilp 

Children: — 

3280 Frank Boone. 

3281 Nevastan Boone. 

3282 Gertrude Boone. 

3283 Charles Boone. 

3284 Claude Boone. 

1768. LUCY BOONE (Craven''; George^; SamueV'; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Jacob Brandensburg. 

Child: — 

3285 Jessie Brandensburg, m. Fred Hennring. 

1770. CRAVEN BOONE JR. (Craven''; George^; Samuel^- Samuel*; 

George^) . 

Married Sallie O'Connor. 

Children: — 

3286 Blanche Boone, m. Etherton. 

3287 Robert Boone. 

3288 Grace Boone. 

1771. MARY BOONE (Craven''; George^; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Richard Hoby. 

Child: — 

3289 Harry Hoby. 

1772. EMMA BOONE (Craven''; George^; SamueP; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Robert Moore. Residence, Louisville, Ky. 

Children: — 

3290 Robert Moore. 

3291 Walter Moore. 

1773. GEORGE LUCKETT (Helen'' Boone; George^; SamueV'; Samuel*; 
George^), born 1824; died 17 Feb., 1920. 
Married 1852, Dorcas Douglass. 

Children: — 

+3292 Samuel Luckett, b. 1852. 

3293 Kate Luckett, b. 1855. Res. Corydon, Ind. 

3294 Hezekiah Luckett, b. 1857. Res. Corydon, Ind. 

3295 Charlotte Luckett, b. 1860. Res. Corydon, Ind. 

+3296 Ann Helen LucketH;, b. 1864 ; m. 1888, John W. Ray {^Frances' Ann Boone; 
Hiram*; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^). Res. Louisville. Her descen- 
dants given under his name. (No. 1812.) 

Cigfjtfj (generation 325 

1774. SAMUEL B. LUCKETT (Helen'' Boone; George^- Samuel^; Samuel*; 
George^), born 1828. 

Married Mary J. Douglass. Residence, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Children: — 

3297 Dora Luckett, b. 1828; d. when a child. 

3298 Frank Luckett, d. when a child. 

3299 Ada Luckett, d. when a child. 

3300 Benjamin Luckett, d. when a child. 

3301 Jessie Luckett, d. aged 24. 
+3302 George Bruce Luckett, b. 1867. 

1775. HIRAM LUCKETT (Helen^ Boone; George^; Samuel^; Samuel*; 
George^) . 

Married Amanda Smith. 

Children: — 

3303 Alvira Luckett (called Allie), m. William Boone Douglass {Victoria'' 

Boone; Hiram*; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), No. 1814. 

3304 Dora Luckett. 

3305 Hugh Luckett. 

3306 Julia Luckett. 

1776. LUCY WILLETT (Elvira'' Boone; George^; Samue?; Samuel*; 

Married Boone.* Residence, Paducah, Ky, 

Children: — 

3307 Eli Gaither Boone, d. 3 Jan., 1922, at Paducah, Kentucky. 

3308 Bobby Boone (dau.). 

3309 Elvira Boone. 

1776. SARAH WILLETT (Elvira^ Boone; George^; Samuel^; Samuel*; 

Married Martin Myers of Evansville, Ind. 

Children: — • 

3310 Julius Myers. 

3311 Samuel Lee Myers. 

1780. HELEN WILLETT (Elvira^ Boone; George*; Samuel^; Samuel*; 

Married Bruce Kirk. 

Child: — 

3312 George Luckett Kirk. 

•Information recently received leads to the conclusion that Lucy Willett married Richard 
Boone, No. 940. 

326 ^Ije poone Jf amilp 

1781. JAMES H. WILLETT (Elvira'' Boone; George^- Samuel^; Samuels- 
George^) . 

Married Sarah Zenor. 

Children: — 

3313 Elvira Willett. 

3314 Holm an Willett. 

3315 Harvey WiUett. 

3316 Walter Willett. 

1782. HARRIET MARY WILLETT (Elvira^ Boone; George^- Samuel^; 
Samuel*; George^). 

Married Christopher Lone. 

Children: — 

3317 Aurora Lone, m. Murray Secreet. 

3318 Birch Lone. 

3319 John Boone Lone. 

3320 Nellie Lone, d. young. 

1783. JOHN BOONE WILLETT {Elvira^ Boone; George^- Samuels- 
Samuel*; George^) . 

Married Mary Zenor. 


r: — 


William Willett. 


Richard WiUett. 


Sarah Willett. 


George Willett. 


LuckeVt Willett. 


Harriett Willett. 


James Willett. 

1786. HARRIET BOONE {Roherf; George^; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^). 
Married — Herring of Paducah, Ky. 

Children: — 

3328 Harriett Herring. Res. Paducah. 

3329 Ellen Herring. Res. Paducah. 

3330 Robert Herring. Res. Paducah. 

1788. MATILDA BOONE (Upton^ Samuel^ Samuel^ Samuel*; George^). 
Married Thomas Crozier. 

Children: — 

3331 Lafayette Crozier. 

3332 Sidney C. Crozier. 
+3333 Frank Crozier. 

3334 Clara Crozier, m. Lynn Myers. 

3335 Geralda Crozier, m. Ross Kingsley. Res Franklin, Ind. 

€igf)tl) (generation 327 

1790. MARY BOONE {Upton''; Samuel'; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Conrad May. Res. Laconia, Ind. 

Children: — 

3336 Sidney May. 

3337 Kate May. 

3338 Matilda May, m. Rush Boone, {Nevil^; Craven''; George*; Samuel'; 

Samuel*; George^), No. 3272. 

3339 Hadey May, m. Craven Boone, 3rd, {John^; Craven'; George^; Samuel*; 

Samuel*; George^), No. 3277. 

3340 Mary May. 

1793. HORACE BOONE {Upton''; Samuel'; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Harriet Boone {Craven''; George'; Samuel'; Samuel*; George^), 
No. 1769. 

Children: — 

3341 Sallie Boone. 

3342 Maud Boone. 

3343 Lucy Boone, m. George Byrum. Res. Laconia, Ind. 

3344 Ray Boone. 

3345 Hamilton Boone. 

1795. JOHN ROWAN BOONE {William''; Samuel'; Samuel'; Samuel*; 
George^), born 1844 in Louisville, Ky. 

Married 1870, Carrie Belle Morris of Louisville, daughter of the Hon. 
George W. Morris. 

He was reared in Louisville, where he attended school until his 
sixteenth year, when he entered the University of Indiana at Blooming- 
ton, Ind. When the call to war was sounded he left school in June, 
1861, to take part in the stirring activities of that period. He returned 
to Louisville and joined the "Boone Guards" of that city, so named in 
honor of his father, Col. William P. Boone. He soon progressed to a 
lieutenancy, and with his company responded to the call of General 
Anderson early in September, 1861, when the Union State of Kentucky 
was invaded by Confederate forces and the capture of Louisville threaten- 
ed. Later he joined the 28th Kentucky Regiment, of the Army of the 
Cumberland, and for his efficiency was rapidly promoted until he reached 
the rank of full Colonel on July 5, 1864, being at that time only twenty 
years of age. He served with great distinction throughout the war 
taking part in the battles of Chickamaugua, Lookout Mountain, Mission, 
Ridge, Graysville, Ringgold, Pine Mountain, Franklin, Nashville, and at 
Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia, in 1864, when he was severely wounded. 
He was breveted by the President "for gallant and meritorious service" 
and was mustered out in June, 1866, having been in military action since 

After his army service terminated Col. John Rowan Boone studied 
law, and in 1869 began practice in partnership with his father. After 

328 €^t)e JBoone jFamilp 

his father's death in 1875, he successfully continued this practice alone, 
making Louisville his permanent home. 

Children: — 

3346 George Morris Boone, m. Florence Walker. 

3347 WiUiam P. Boone. 

3348 Harney Boone. 

3349 Annie May Boone, m. Scott, of Saratoga, N. Y. 

3350 Carrie Wallace Boone, M. Stone Walker. 

3351 Fanny Smith Boone, m. Clifton McDonald. 

3352 Rowan Boone. 

Reference: — 

"History of Ohio Falls Cities and their Counties," 1882, Cleveland, 0. Vol. 1, p. 
496e, 496g. 

1799. JOHN BOONE {Grandison'' ; Hiram^; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), 
born 8 Oct., 1842; d. 14 Apr., 1892. 
Married Lulu A. Riddle. 

Children: — 

+3353 Charles Boone. 

3354 Delle Boone. 

3355 Grace Boone. 

3356 Fanny Boone, m. Joseph Boyd of Texas. 

3357 Lucy Boone. 

3358 Emma Boone. 

1801. FANNIE S. BOONE (Grandison''; Hiram^; Samuel^; Samuel^; 
George^), born 26 Oct., 1848. 

Married Frank Keltz. Residence, Vernon, Texas. 

Children: — 

3359 Eugene Keltz. 

3360 Nellie Keltz. 

3361 Grace Keltz. 

3362 Bennie Keltz. 

3363 Albert Keltz. 

3364 Lulu Keltz. 

1812. JOHN RAY {Frances'' Boone; Hiram\- Samuel^; Samuel*; George^). 
Married Ann Helen Luckett {George^; Helen'' Boone; George^; Samuel^; 
Samuel*; George^), No. 3296. Married in 1888. Residence, Louisville, 

Children: — 

3365 Clifton Luckett Ray, b. 1891. Res. Chicago; served in Great War. 

3366 Dorcas Douglass Ray, b. 1899. Res. Louisville, Ky. 

1814. WILLIAM BOONE DOUGLASS (Victoria'' Boone; Hiram\ 
Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), born 30 June, 1864, in Corydon, Ind. 

Married 28 Nov., 1889, Alvira (Allie) Luckett (Hiram^; Helen'' Boone; 
George^; Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), No. 3303. 

€igf)tf) feneration 329 

Their residence is in Washington, D, C. Mr. Douglass is a United 
States Surveyor with offices at Sante Fe, New Mexico, his work being 
largely in that locality. He was appointed United States Cadastral 
Engineer, on July 1, 1818. 

William Boone Douglass was a graduate of the School of Law of 
Georgetown University, from which he received the degree of Master 
of Laws in 1888; and was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of 
Indiana, and to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. 

On August 14th, 1909, Mr. Douglass, then Examiner of Surveys 
of the General Land Office, discovered the World's greatest natural 
bridge, in southern Utah, which he named "The Rainbow Natural Bridge." 

Upon his recommendation it was created a national monument by 
President Taft, and the pen with which the President signed the proc- 
lamation was presented to Mr. Douglass. In the government publica- 
tion "General Information Regarding the National Monuments," Gov. 
Printing Press, 1917, page 1, he is officially credited with the discovery 
of this great bridge, which Theodore Roosevelt called one of the world's 
greatest wonders. 

One adventure which Mr. Douglass had upon the occasion of this 
discovery, was a capture by Indians: an experience not uncommon among 
the early Boones, but very rare in the present generation. Ac- 
companied by an Indian guide, Jim, he attended a secret midnight dance 
by the Navajo Indians, although the guide had tried to restrain him from 
going. A party of Paiute Indians were visitors at the dance, and upon 
discovering that a white man was a spectator they were greatly incensed 
at his intrusion upon the sacred ceremony. The Paiutes captured Mr. 
Douglass and planned to take his life, but were diverted from their pur- 
pose by the Indian guide Jim, who told them that Mr. Douglass was in the 
service of the United States and that his death would bring trouble upon 
them. After considering the matter from this point of view, his captors 
finally released him. 

In New Mexico and elsewhere Mr. Douglass has conducted extensive 
scientific explorations, and has proven himself to be an archaeologist 
of much ability. He has made a particular study of the prehistoric 
homes of the Tewa and other Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, and the 
results of his research on this subject have been published by the govern- 
ment and by scientific associations. Some of his archaeological writings 
are; "Structural Orientation of Pre-Historic Indian Pueblos and Shrines"; 
"A World-Quarter Shrine of the Tewa Indians"; "Notes on the Shrines 
of the Tewa and other Pueblo Indians of New Mexico"; "The Land of 
the Small House People." 

He is a member of the International Congress of Americanists, and 
is General Secretary of the National Park Association of New Mexico, 
an organization which has for its object the formation of a vast national 
park in the southwest for the preservation of its many natural beauties, 

330 arije iPoone jFamilp 

its cliff-dwellings and other archaeological wonders. From "The New 
Mexico Journal of Education," March, 1916, we quote Mr. Douglass' 
own words on this subject: — 

"If we are ever to know our country or its earliest people, here is the 
field where we must learn it. The great universities of the east, with their 
great wealth and their accumulated libraries, will overshadow us save in 
one thing; all must come to New Mexico to study mankind. The creation 
of this proposed national park is a national duty; not for the benefit of the 
United States alone, but rather as our contribution to the University of 
the World." 

Children: — 

3367 Marguerite Douglass, b. 26 Jan., 1891; m. Dr. George Sparr Luckett 
{Samuel^; George^; Helen' Boone; George^; Samuel^; Samuel^; George^), 
No. 4628. She took two years at Cornell University. During the 
war she was technicist at the great ship-building yard at Philadelphia 
and made the tests for the purity of the water, milk, and food used by 
the workers in the plant. Res. Sante Fe, N. M., where Dr. Luckett 
is Chief of Preventable Diseases and Assistant Health Commissioner 
for N. M. 
+3368 Dorothy Douglass, b. 26 May, 1893. 

3369 Maude Allie Victoria Douglass, b. 30 Aug., 1895; m. 25 Oct., 1916, 

Wilmer Wallace Hubert. She took two years in George Washington 
University; was a War- Worker during the war, and a volunteer nurse 
during the influenza epidemic of that time. Mr. Hubert enUsted as a 
volunteer, 326 Labor Battalion, in Washington, D. G., and was a ser- 
geant with the army in France, at the close of the war. He is now 
head of the Income Tax Unit, Internal Revenue Bureau, Washington, 
D. C. No children. 

3370 William Boone Douglass, Jr., b. 7 Apr., 1898; served in Great War as 

member of 472nd Engineer Corps of U. S. A. He enlisted as a vol- 
unteer, July 7, 1918, at St. Joseph, Mo., in 472nd Engineers, but seeing 
no chance to get "over sea" service, he secured a transfer to the 
Chemical Warfare Service, as he was speciaUzing in chemistry at 
Cornell University, at the time of his enhstment. (His military ser- 
vices are recorded in the Cornell Class Book of 1920.) He was an in- 
structor in the use of gas masks and the manufacture of gas bombs, 
having been given a special course of training in these subjects. He 
was listed for over-sea service when the war closed, and honorably 
discharged, 23 Dec, 1918. He wiU be graduated from Cornell 
University in 1922. March 30, 1921, he was elected to Al-Djebar, an 
honorary society in the Department of Chemistry, Cornell University. 

1815. MARY MAUDE ALICE DOUGLASS {Victoria'' Boone; Hiram^; 
SamueV'; Samuel*; George^), born 25 Mar., 1867. 
Married Thomas Slaughter Getzendammer. 

Children: — 

3371 William S. Getzendammer, was a Corporal in Great War. 

3372 T. Douglass Getzendammer, with 472nd Engineers of U. S. A. in Great 


i?intf) (feneration. 

1846. SOPHIA STARKER GEARHART (Mayherry^; Sarah' Boone; 
George^; William^; George'^; George^), born 31 Jan., 1845 or '46. 
Married 1868, Col. Charles Wesley Eckman. 

Children: — 

3373 Catherine Gearhart Eckman, b. 27 Mar., 1874. 
+3374 Hester Rockerfeller Eckman, b. 23 Jan., 1876. 
3375 Elizabeth Boone Eckman, Served as Red Cross nurse in France for 
28 months. 

1848. CLARENCE FRICK GEARHART {Mayberry'; Sarah' Boone; 
George^; William^; George^; George^), born ; died 22 Feb., 1889. 

Married Leslie Burd. 

Children: — 

3376 Minnie Herickley Gearhart, m. Elton Meade, Res. York, Neb. 
+3377 Magdalen Gearhart. 

1849. AMELIA SHOOK GEARHART (Mayberry\- Sarah' Boone; 
George^; William^; George*; George^). 

Married Henry Murray Hinckley. 

Children: — 

3378 Sarah Gearhart Hinckley, b. Sept., 1874. 

3379 John McClean Hinckley, b. 5 July, 1877; m. Mabel Keys of Elkton, 

Md. Her grandmother was Mary Boone, a relative of Daniel Boone. 
Res. Philadelphia. 
+3380 Eleanor Graydon Hinckley. 

3381 Edna Hinckley, deceased. 

3382 Elizabeth Shook Hinckley, b. 30 Sept., 1888. 

1850. EDWARD SAYRE GEARHART (Mayherry^; 
George^; William^; George*; George^), born 28 Mar., 1856. 
Married Ella Creveling. 

Children: — 

+3383 Mary Katherine Gearhart. 

3384 Helen Gearhart. 

3385 Marion Gearhart. 

3386 Evelyn Gearhart. 

Sarah' Boone; 

332 Cije ?Boone Jamilp 

1851. ELIZABETH BOONE GEARHART {Mayberry^; Sarah'' Boone; 
George^; William^; George'^; George^), born 4 Mar,, 1859. 

Married 26 Feb., 1884, William Vastine (b. 29 Oct., 1859). 
Mrs. Vastine is Pres. of the W. C. T. U. of Montour Co., Pa. 

Children: — 

3387 Katherine Gearhart Vastine, b. 31 Dec, 1884. 

3388 Elizabeth Boone Vastine, b. 15 Aug., 1888. 

1852. GEORGE S. GEARHART {Mayherry^; Sarah'' Boone; George'^; 
William^; George*; George^), born 8 Sept., 1862. 

Married Harriet Louisa Yetter, daughter of William Yetter, and 
granddaughter of Harriet Gearhart, sister of Mayberry. (See No. 3392.) 

Child: — 

+3389 William Lewis Gearhart. 

1854. HARRIET GEARHART HARDER {Julia" Gearhart; Sarah^ 
Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^). 

Married James Bryson. 

Child: — 

3390 James Bryson, who married and had children. 

1855. WILLIAM GEARHART YETTER {Harriet^ Gearhart; Sarah'' 
Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^), born 10 Deb., 1838, at Cata- 
wissa, Pa.; died 1916 at Catawissa. 

Married 19 May, 1867, Diana Swartwood of Barton, N. Y., who 
survived him. 

Children: — 

3391 Harry H. Yetter, m. Lou Rhawn. 

3392 Harriet Louisa Yetter, m. George S. Gearhart, son of Mayberry Gear- 

hart. (See No. 1852.) 

1856. CORDELIA ELEANOR CLARK (Eleanor^ Gearhart; Sarah^ 
Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^). 

Married George Gearhart. 

Children: — 

3393 Charles Willets Gearhart, m. and Uves in N. Y. No children. 
+3394 Eleanor Gearhart. 

1860. MARIE HAMILTON (Martha^ Runion; Mary'' Boone; George^; 
William^; George*; George^) . 

Married Lorenz, of Lorenz Bros., Perfumers of Toledo, Ohio. 

Child: — 

3395 Marie Lorenz. 

iSintt) feneration 


1862. EDWIN BOONE (Ellis^- George^- George^- William^' George^; 
George^), born 14 Jan., 1846. 

Married 9 Apr., 1868, Mary Jane Buchanan (b. 17 Mar., 1846). 
Residence is Reading, Pa. 

He has been Vice Pres. and Cashier of the National Union Bank of 
Reading since 4 Mar., 1861. Member of the 1st Baptist Church of Read- 
ing, and its treasurer for the last 36 years. He is a 33rd degree Mason, 
and has been an extensive traveler, having crossed the ocean 12 times. 

Children: — 

+3396 Mary Edith Boone, b. 4 Nov., 1870. 
+3397 Annie Louise Boone, b. 25 July, 1879. 

1866. MARGARET WINTERSTEEN (Margaret^ Boone; Jeremiahs- 
Thomas^; William^; George'^; George^), born 1867. 

Married George W. Beddall. 

Child: — 

3398 Mary BeddaU, b. 1904. 

1867. FRED WINTERSTEEN (Margaret^ Boone; Jeremiah^- Thomas^; 
William^; George*; George^), born 1868. 

Married Caroline Knittle. 

Children: — 

3399 Frederic Wintersteen. 

3400 Margaretta Wintersteen. 

3401 Thomas Wintersteen. 

1868. ANNA WINTERSTEEN (Margaret^ Boone; Jeremiah''; Thomas^' 
William^; George*; George^), born 1870. 

Married 1905, Hon. George W. Wagner, Judge of Berks County 
Courts, Pa. 

Children: — 

3402 Richard Wagner, dec. 

3403 Anna Margaret Wagner, b. 1909. 

1872. SARAH FRANCES BOONE (Ransloe\- William^- Hezekiah\- 
William^; George*; George^), born 1856. 

Married Philip Bostley. 

Children: — 

3404 Ransloe Bostley, b. 1880. 

3405 Elsie Bostley, b. 1881. 

3406 May Bostiey, b. 1889. 

1873. WILLIAM BOONE (Ransloe^- William\' Hezekiah\' Williams- 
George*; George^), born 1857. 

Married 2nd, Annie Thompson. 

334 ®f)e JBoone jFamilp 

Children: — 

+3407 Beulah Boone. 

+3408 Herbert Boone. 

+3409 Hallie Boone. 
3410 Joel Boone. Was one of the splendid heroes of the World War. He 
was a surgeon in the Navy before the war and was assigned to the 
marines when the U. S. declared war. He was with the marines at 
Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood. For exceptional bravery in 
action under fire, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor; 
the D. S. C; Navy Cross; Legion d'Honor, Medalle MiUtaire, Croix 
de Guerre (French); MiUtary Cross (British) as well as other British 
and Belgian decorations. 

1874. EDWIN BOONE (Ransloe^; William''; Hezekia¥; William^; Georges- 
George^), born 1859. 

Married Hattie Dyson. 

Children: — 

3411 Anna Boone, unm. 
+3412 Mary Boone. 

3413 Natalie Boone, m. B. McCool. No children. 

3414 Katherine Boone, unm. 

1875. MARGRETTA BOONE {Ransloe^; William''; Hezekia¥; William^; 
George^; George^), born 1863. 
Married Agnew T. Dice. 

Children: — 

+3415 Frances Dice. 

3416 Margaret Dice, m. Wm. M. Prizer. No children. 

3417 A. Thompson Dice, m. Isobel Rodgers. No children. 

1876. HARRIET BOONE (Ransloe^; William''; Hezekiah^ William^; 
George*; George^), born 1854. 
Married W. W. Abbott. 

Children: — 

+3418 WiUiam Gerrard Abbott, b. 1881. 
3419 Ransloe Boone Abbott (twin) b. 1881. Res. Harrisburg, Pa. 

1878. GEORGE BOONE {Ransloe^; William^; Hezekiah^ William^; 
George*; George^), born 1871. 
Married Nellie A. Russell. 

Children: — 

3420 Ransloe Boone. 

3421 Arhne Boone. 

3422 George Boone. 

iSintf) feneration 335 

1879. MILTON BOONE (Ransloe\- William'^; Hezekiah^; William^; 
George*; George^), born 1873. 

Married . 

Children: — 

3423 Jeannette Boone. 

3424 Elizabeth Boone. 

1880. HARRY BOONE {Ransloe^; William''; Hezekiah^; William'^; George*; 
George^), born 1876; died 1906. 

Married Christine Reed. 

Child: — 

3425 Edwin Boone. 

1881. GEORGE WILLIAM FOOTE (Hannah^ Boone; William''; Heze- 
kiah^; William^; George*; George^), born 4 Oct., 1865; died 9 Aug., 1899. 

Married Alice N. Bennett (b. 1865), daughter of Chas. Bennett. 
They lived in Charlotte, Mich. He was a merchant. 

Child: — 

3426 Lucille Foote, b. 1891; d. 1906. 

1882. JAY BRADLEY FOOTE (Hannah^ Boone; William^; Hezekiah^; 
William^; George*; George^), born 24 Apr., 1868. 

Married 9 Aug., 1894, Alice H. Barnhart (b. 28 Oct., 1868), daughter 
of C. Z. Barnhart. Mr. Foote is a merchant of Albion, Mich. 

Children: — 

3427 Roberta E. Foote, b. 2 Feb., 1898. 

3428 Donald C. Foote, b. 30 Sept., 1901. 

3429 Ethelyn M. Foote, b. 26 Oct., 1904. 

3430 Richard J. Foote, b. 9 May, 1914. 

1885. FRANK ARCHER BOONE (William\- William''; Hezekiah^; 
William^; George*; George^), born 25 July, 1867, at Lima, Ohio. 
Married 30 Oct., 1888, at Lima, 0., Blanche Ferrel. 

Child: — 

3431 Hugh Ferrel Boone, b. 15 Sept., 1889, at Lima, 0. 

1887. FRANCES ASHTON BOONE {William''; William''; Hezekiah\- 
William^; George*; George^), born 12 Feb., 1873, at Lima, Ohio. 

Married 30 Nov., 1899, Samuel Kent Holland, at Lima. 

Residence Peoria, 111. 

Children: — 

3432 Samuel Kent Holland, III, b. 21 May, 1901, at Lima, O. 

3433 Robert Boone Holland, b. 2 Jan., 1905, at Lima. 

3434 Mary Elizabeth Holland, b. 3 July, 1906, at Maasfield, 0. 

336 STlje Jloone jFamilp 

1888. WILLIAM KENNETH BOONE (William^; William''; Hezekta¥; 
William^; George*; George^), born 9 Apr., 1875, at Lima, Ohio. 

Married 5 Jan., 1904, at Los Angeles, Blanche Marmon. Residence, 
Jalapa, Mexico. 

Child: — 

3435 William Kenneth Boone Jr. b. 29 Jan., 1908, at Jalapa, Vera Cruz, 

1915. MARY MAUD WOLVERTON (Milton^; Nancy'' Boone; Hezekiah'; 
William^; George\- George^), born 7 Sept., 1870. 

Married John Friel. 

Resided 1921 at Waterville, Douglas Co., Wash. 

Children: — 

3436 John Bryan Friel, b. 26 Aug., 1898. 

3437 Agnes Ellen Friel, b. 8 Sept., 1899. 

3438 Niel Patrick Friel, b. 3 Jan., 1901. 

3439 Warner Valentine Friel, b. 15 Jan., 1902. 

3440 Edward Bernard Friel, b. 7 July, 1905. 

1916. JOSEPH WARNER WOLVERTON {Milton^; Nancy' Boone; 
Hezekiah^; William^; George*; George^), born 12 Feb., 1873. 

Married . 

Resided 1921 at Waterville, Douglas Co., Wash. 

Children: — 

3441 James Milton Wolverton, b. 27 Aug., 1897. 

3442 Irene Wolverton, b. 12 Oct., 1899. 

3443 Marie Wolverton, b. 5 Apr., 1901. 

3444 Joseph Wolverton, b. 13 Mar., 1906. 

1923. BEATRICE WILCOXSON {Daniel'; William'; Daniel'; Sarah^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married 17 Oct., 1877, at Horse Cave Ky., George Duke Dickey. 
The ceremony was performed by the Rev. N. G. Terry. 

Children: — 

+3445 Lera Adah Dickey, b. 15 Aug., 1879. 

+3446 William Terrell Dickey, b. 17 Apr., 1884. 

+3447 Carrie Mai Dickey, b. 21 Sept., 188—. 

+3448 Edna Dickey, b. 20 June, 1892. 

+3449 George Burnice Dickey, b. 15 July, 1894. 

3450 Alyne Louise Diokey, b. 1 May, 1901. m. 1 Jan., 1920, David B. Rhea. 

1924. WILEY CRAYTON BRYANT {Jeremiah M.'; Jeremiah''; Rachel^ 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 1855 in Callaway Co., Mo. 

Married Cora Keeling. Reside'iice, Success, Ark. 

iSintf) feneration 337 

Children: — 

3451 Paul V. Bryant, b. 1885. 

3452 Bland F. Bryant, b. 1889. 

3453 Fay Bryant, b. 1895. 

3454 Julia Bryant, b. 1898. 

1926. JEREMIAH BENJAMIN BRYANT (Jeremiah M\; Jeremiah''; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 1859 in Callaway Co., 

Married . 

Children: — 

+3455 Thomas Monroe Bryant. 

3456 Jennie Bryant, m. Russell Wood. 

3457 Henrietta Bryant. 

3458 Roy Bryant. 

1930. EDWIN LEE BRYANT (Jeremiah M\; Jeremiah''; Rachel^ Wil- 
cox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 1867 in Callaway Co., Mo. 
Married . 

Child: — 

3459 Earl Bryant. 

1933. MONROE BRYANT (Joshua^; Thomas^; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^), born Wapello Co., Iowa, and moved to Pullman, 

Married 1st, Lizzie Benison, and 2nd, Emma Nelson. Residence, 
Lakeside, California. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

3460 Elva Bryant. 

3461 Lulu Bryant. 

3462 Roy Bryant. 

3463 Guy Bryant. 

3464 Archie Bryant. 

1934. ERASTUS J. BRYANT (Joshua^; Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; 
Sara¥ Boone; Squire*; George^), born Wapello Co., Iowa; died Pullman, 

Married . 

Children: — 

3465 Nathaniel Bryant. 

3466 Wilber Bryant. 

3467 Thomas Jay Bryant. 

3468 Leta Bryant. 

3469 Earl Bryant. 

3470 Harry Bryant. 

3471 Lester Bryant. 

3472 William Monroe Bryant. 

338 (Kfje Poone Jf amilj> 

1935. JANE BRYANT (Joshua^- Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^), born Wapello Co., Iowa and moved to Washing- 

Married William Hendrix. Residence Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 

Children: — 

3473 Estella Hendrix. 

3474 Ralph Hendrix. 

3475 Leila Hendrix. 

1937. ALICE A. BRYANT (Joshua^- Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah'^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^), born 20 Apr., 1860, in Wapello Co., Iowa. 

Married 15 Oct., 1878, Oscar E. Young (b. 8 Sept., 1851). Residence, 
Great Falls, Mon^. 

Children: — 

+3476 Daisy M. Young, b. 16 Nov., 1879. 

3477 Nellie V. Young. 

3478 Frank Bryant Young. 

3479 Alvarhetta Young. 

1938. THOMAS JAY BRYANT (Joshua^; Thomas^- Rachel' Wilcox; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), died in Washington. 
Married Kate Rohn. 

Children: — 

3480 Lena Bryant. 

3481 Maud Bryant. 

3482 Freda Bryant. 

3483 James Bryant. 

3484 Gertrude Bryant. 

1940. ELLA BRYANT {Joshua^; Thomas^; Rachel' Wilcox; Sarah^ 
Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married Andrew J. Farr. 

Children: — 

3485 Clyde Farr. 

3486 Liva Farr. 

3487 Winnie Farr. 

1943. FRANCIS ASBURY BRYANT {Benjamin^; Thomas''; Rachel* 
Wilcox; Sara¥ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 8 Feb., 1851, in Wapello 
Co., Iowa. 

Married 1st, Sarah Rooker, of Bloomfield, Iowa, and 2nd, Anna 
Legan, q^f Griswold, Iowa. 

He is a physician and author; wrote "A Romance of Two Lives." 

jSintl) (feneration 339 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3488 Lowell C. Bryant. 

3489 Walter Bryant, d. in infancy. 
(Second Marriage) 

3490 Hazel Legan Bryant, b. 4 June, 1887; m. 3 Aug., 1912, Omaha, Neb., 

to Stephen E. Willhelmy (b. 13 Oct., 1880). 

3491 Paul Legan Bryant, b. 8 Oct., 1888; ra. Olga Wileman, 1915. 

3492 Lisle Legan Bryant, d. in infancy. 

1944. ANDREW JACKSON BRYANT (Benjamin^; Thomas''; Rachel^ 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 30 Mar., 1853, in Wapello 
Co., Iowa. 

Married 1st, 29 Mar., 1873, Lydia Ellen Hale, and 2nd, Elizabeth 
Bills, of Wapello Co., Iowa. 

He moved from Ottumwa, la., to Hays, Kansas, about 1885, thence 
to Denver, Colo., where he was living in 1917. He is a noted lawyer. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+3493 Stella M. Bryant. 
(Second Marriage) 

+3494 Leilah Clarice Bryant. 

+3495 Clarence Jackson Bryant. 

1945. JAMES CHILTON BRYANT (Benjamin^- Thomas''; Rachel' 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire'^; George^), born 1 May, 1855; died 8 Feb., 

Married Mary A. McFadden, of Cass County. 

He was a lawyer, and moved to Griswold, Iowa. Was Mayor of 
Griswold for two terms; Postmaster one term; and for twenty years, 
President of the School Board. 

Children: — 

3496 George Benjamin Bryant, d. in infancy. 
+3497 Jesse Chilton Bryant. 
+3498 Herbert Eugene Bryant. 
+3499 Harlan Andrew Bryant. 

3500 Rachel Bryant. 

1946. LUCY JANE BRYANT (Benjamin^; Thomas''; Rachel' Wilcox; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 1 May, 1858, in Wapello Co., Iowa; 
died 30 Nov., 1902, in South Ottumwa, la. 

Married 22 May, 1879, at Bloomfield, Myrtle M. Ralston of Wapello 
Co., la. 

Children: — 

+3501 Nellie Ralston. 

3502 Charles Cullen Ralston. 

3503 Goldie Ralston, d. in infancy. 


340 l^f)e poone jFamilp 

1948. THEODORE FINIS BRYANT (Benjamin^- Thomas'; Rachel^ 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 28 Dec, 1862. 

Married Ella Hunter, daughter of Anderson and Angeline (Wellman) 
Hunter; moved from Davis Co., Iowa, to Washington Co., Colo., near 
Cope, thence to Caldwell, Idaho, in 1914. 

Children: — 

3504 Tophel Nemuel Bryant. 

3505 Garvey Leland Bryant. 

3506 Mark Anthony Bryant. 

3507 Theodore Chilton Bryant. 

3508 Albert Thurlow Bryant. 

35Q9 Marvin Hunter Bryant, d. in infancy. 

1950. JOHN CARTER INMAN BRYANT {Benjamin^- Thomas'; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 30 Oct., 1868, in 
Wapello Co., Iowa. 

Married Nellie Earthman of Griswold, la. 

He moved to Griswold, la., thence to Red Oak, la. He is a banker. 

Child: — 

3510 Pauline Vivian, d. in infancy. 

1951. THOMAS JULIAN BRYANT {Benjamin^; Thomas'; Rachel^ 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 27 Apr., 1873, in Davis 
County, Iowa, near Ashgrove. 

Married 14 Oct., 1897, Ida M. Swift of Bloomfield, Iowa. 

He moved from Bloomfield, la., to Red Oak, la., in 1905, thence 
to Griswold, la.; is a lawyer; President of School Board; member County 
Council of Defense, Four Minute Men. Residing 1921 at Wheatland, 

Child: — 

3511 Julia Chilton Bryant, b. 31 May, 1910, at Bloomfield, la. 

1953. EMMA DORA BRYANT {Andrew^; Thomas'; Rachel^ Wilcox; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Married Dr. Charles A. Fugler. Residence, San Francisco, Calif. 

Child : — 

3512 Beatrice Fugler. 

1955. GILLIANN SHELTON {Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas'; Rachel*^ 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 16 Oct., 1848. 

Married 1st, 4 Jan., 1869, William W. Smith, of Hannibal, Mo., 
2nd, Weston Ferily, and 3rd Joseph Smelser. Residence, Topeka, Kansas. 

She and her first husband had five children, all of whom died in 
infancy except one: 

Child: — 

3513 Walter Archie Smith. 

Minify (feneration 341 

1956. NEWTON SHELTON (Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas'; Rachel'^ Wil- 
cox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 12 Sept., 1850; died 26 Sept., 
1914, in Lincoln, Neb. 

Married 12 Sept., 1873, Katie Armstrong of Hannibal, Mo. 

Children: — 

3514 Carrie Shelton. 

3515 Gertrude Shelton. 

3516 Charlie Shelton \ rp ■ 

3517 Wiley Shelton / ^^^^' 

3518 Mona Shelton, d. in infancy. 

3519 Nina Shelton. 

3520 Frank Shelton. 

3521 Marguerite Shelton 1 Twins 

3522 Anna Shelton 

3523 Elsie Shelton. 

3524 Shelton (dau.). 

1957. MARY SHELTON (Lucretia^ Bryant Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 20 Jan., 1853. 

Married 22 Nov., 1869, Charles W. Smith of Pike Co., 111. Resi- 
dence St. Louis, Mo. 

Children: — 

3525 Carrie L. Smith, b. 19 Sept., 1870; d. in infancy. 

3526 Charles Harris Smith, b. 27 Sept., 1872; m. 30 May, 1903, Mrs. William 

H. (May) Lee. Residence, Kansas City, Mo. 
+3527 OUve M. Smith, b. 2 Nov., 1875. 

3528 Paul Aysl Smith, b. 28 Sept., 1878; d. 25 July, 1880. 

3529 Walter L. Smith, b. 23 May, 1881; d. 24 June, 1882. 

3530 Herbert Shelton Smith, b. 5 June, 1883. 

1958. EMMA SHELTON (Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas'; Rachel^ Wilcox; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 4 Nov., 1855. 

Married 10 Sept., 1873, Charles Monroe Roberts (b. 14 Jan., 1851), 
by Rev. T. A. Parker, Pastor of M. E. Church. 

Children: — 

+3531 Adella Lucretia Roberts, b. 29 Mar., 1875. 

+3532 Daisy Lou Roberts, b. 4 May, 1878. 

+3533 Genora May Roberts, b. 12 May, 1881. 

3534 Charles William Roberts, b. 8 Aug., 1884. 

3535 Arthur Gleason Roberts, b. 12 Nov., 1886; d. 6 Dec, 1886. 

3536 Archie Earle Jasper Roberts, b. 14 Jan., 1891. 

3537 Zehna Glendalene Roberts, b. 30 Oct., 1892. 

1959. ELLEN SHELTON (Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas' Rachel' Wilcox; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 9 Sept., 1857. 

Married McMillen, of Colorado. 


®l)e JSoone Jf amilp 

Children: — 

3538 Beulah McMillen. 

3539 Ralph McMiUen. 

3540 Gladys McMillen. 

3541 Earl McMillen. 

1961. WINFIELD SCOTT SHELTON (Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas'; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 20 Jan., 1861. 

Married 5 Nov., 1882, Mary Lee Garrison of Saverton, Rail Co., 
Mo. Residence, Jennings, Alabama. 

Children: — 

3542 Howard Shelton, b. 16 Sept., 1883. 

3543 Harry W. Shelton, b. 22 July, 1895. 

1962. ANDREW JACKSON RICHARDSON (Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas''; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 7 Jan., 1867. 

Married 2 Oct., 1889, Grace Leona Zinn (b. 5 Feb., 1871). 

Children: — 

+3544 Willie Irvin Richardson, b. 11 June, 1890. 
+3545 May BeUe Richardson, b. 5 Feb., 1892. 
3546 Scott Jackson Richardson, b. 2 Dec, 1893. 

1967. CARRIE CALLAWAY (James^; Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth'^ Wil- 
coxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married John Bowie. 

Children: — 



James C. Bowie. 
Carrie Bowie. 
Daisy Bowie. 
Annie Bowie, unm. 
Mary Bowie, m. — 

Mathilde Bowie, m. 
(Hon.) T. C. Bowie. 
John Bowie. 

Jones. No children. 
— Transon, and had four or five children. 

1969. MARY V. CALLAWAY {James^; 
Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Adams. 

Children: — 

3555 Daniel Adams. 

3556 Mary Adams. 

Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ 

1970. HATTIE CALLAWAY (James^; Mary'' Cutbirth; Elizabeth^ Wil- 
coxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 

iSintf) feneration 343 

Married Stinson. 

Children: — 

3557 James C. Stinson. 

And others whose names are unknown. 

1974. HANNAH CALLAWAY (Benjamin^; Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ 
Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Dr. Commodore Jones. 

Children: — 

3558 Thomas F. Jones. 

3559 Benjamin Jones. 
And others. 

1975 JOSEPH W. CALLAWAY (Elijah^; Mary' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ 
Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Martha Green. 

Children: — 

3561 Belva Callaway. 

3562 Benjamin H. Callaway, m. Cordelia Beshears. 

3563 Agatha Callaway. 

3564 Morton Callaway. 

3565 James Callaway. 
4-3566 Mattela Callaway. 

3567 Hattie Callaway. 

3568 Pearl Callaway. 

3569 Clara Callaway. 

3570 Roscoe Callaway. 

1976. JULETT CALLAWAY {Elijah^- Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizaheth* Wil- 
coxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married H. M. Blackburn. 

Children: — 

3571 Laura Blackburn. 

3572 Sarah Blackburn. 

3573 America Blackburn. 

3574 Daniel Blackburn. 

3575 EUjah Blackburn. 

3576 Carrie Blackburn. 

3577 Earl Blackburn. 

1977. JAMES CALLAWAY (Elijah^; Mary'' Cuthirth; Elizabeth^ Wilcox- 
son; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Emma Brooks. 

344 ^Ije poone Jf amilp 


r ; 


Walter Callaway. 


Mamie Callaway. 


Florence Callaway. 


Josephine Callaway 


Orton Callaway. 


Vira Callaway. 


Ernest Callaway. 

1979. PHILIP HARTZOG {Elizabeth^ Callaway; Mary^ Cuthirth; Eliza- 
heth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Martha McGlammery. 



George H. Hartzog. 


John Hartzog. 


Clarissa Hartzog. 


Pauline Hartzog. 


Charles Hartzog. 


Elizabeth Hartzog. 


Martin Hartzog. 


Cleve Hartzog. 


Calvin Hartzog. 

1980. JAMES HARTZOG (Elizabeth^ Callaway; Mary'' Cuthirth; Eliza- 
beth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Mary Howell. 




Jacob Hartzog. 


William Hartzog. 


Valeria Hartzog. 


Jennie Hartzog. 


AUie Hartzog. 


Alzenia Hartzog. 

1982. WINSTON HARTZOG (Elizabeth^ Callaway; Mary' Cutbirth; 
Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Zelphia Sutherlajid. 


r: — 


Sallie Hartzog. 


Rebecca Hartzog. 


Elvira Hartzog. 


Amanda Hartzog. 


Carrie Hartzog. 


David Hartzog. 


Jefferson Hartzog. 

iSintf) feneration 345 

1989. MARY HARTZOG (Rebecca^ Callaway; Mary-' Cuthirth; Eliza- 
beth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married McGlammery, possibly a brother of Martha Mc- 

Glammery, who married Mary's cousin Philip Hartzog. 

Children: — 

3607 Rebecca McGlammery. 

3608 George McGlammery. 

3609 Isam McGlammery. 

3610 John McGlammery. 

1996. MARY ANN FAW (Mary^ Callaway; Mary' Cutbirth; Elizabeth^ 
Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Jones. 

Children: — 

3611 Dr. H. C. Jones. 

3612 A. F. Jones. 

3613 America Jones, m. James Long and had descendants. 

1998. MILLARD JONES {Carolina^ Callaway; Mary^ Cutbirth; Eliza- 
beth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Child: — 

3614 Dr. Jones. 

2011. SAMUEL MARTIN BOONE (George\- Thomas'; Squire^- Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 19 Aug., 1836. 

Married 19 Aug., 1857, in Fayette Co., Ky., Mary W. Caldwell (d. 
1897), daughter of Col. G. S. Caldwell and wife Lucinda (Moss) Cald- 
well of Boyle Co., Ky. 

Samuel Martin Boone was a Captain in the Federal Army, Company 
D, 1st Kentucky Cavalry, Civil War. He was a lawyer and judge and 
resided in 1915 in Winchester, Ky. 

Children: — 

3615 Gabriel Caldwell Boone, b. 10 July, 1858. Res. Arcadia, La. 

+3616 Fannie Boone. 

+3617 Lucinda Boone. 

+3618 Lou W. Boone. 

3619 Daniel Buckner Boone, dec. 

+3620 Samuel M. Boone, Jr. 

3621 Gilby Kelly Boone, dec. 

+3622 William Logan Boone. 

3623 Letcher Owsley Boone. Res. Richmond, Va. 

346 ^i)t JBoone Jf amilp 

2012. THOMAS M. BOONE {George^; Thomas''; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), twin brother of Samuel M. Boone, b. 19 Aug., 1836; 
d. 1907. 

Married 1867, Elizabeth Franklin, who survived him and was living 
in 1916 at Farwell, Tex. 

He served as a Confederate soldier in the Civil War. 

Children: — 

+3624 Pearl Boone, b. 1873. 

3625 Lurline Boone, b. 1892; m. Nichols. Res. Farwell, Tex. 

2025. RICHARD MENEFEE KERLEY {William^- Lucy'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 1850 or '51; died 1905 or '06, in 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Married at St. Louis, Florence Mae Pollard. 
He served four years in the Civil War. 

Children: — 

Kerley, b. and d. 1870, in St. Louis. 

3626 William Kay Kerley, b. 1871, m. , and has two children. 

3627 Florence Kay Kerley, b. 1873, at St. Louis, m. Bradley, no 


3628 Richard Menefee Kerley, Jr., b. 1875, St. Louis, m. and had one son, 

2026. SIDNEY NICHOLSON KERLEY (William^; Lucy'' Boone; 
Squire^; SamueV'; Squire*; George^), born 12 Nov., 1851, at Madison Par- 
ish, La.; died 6 July, 1914, at Shreveport, La. 

Married 1875 at Shreveport, Elizabeth Hampton (b. Parkersburg, 

Children: — 

+3629 William Addison Kerley, b. 1877. 

3630 Matthew Scovill Kerley, b. 1881, at Shreveport. 
+3631 Neva Kerley, b. 1886, at Shreveport. 

2027. LUCY BOONE KERLEY {William''; Lucy'' Boone; Squire'; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 10 Jan., 1854, at Shreveport, La. 

Married 18 May, 1871, Peter Burris Stoner (b. at Burksville, Ky.)* 
a descendant of the pioneer Michael Stoner. (See sketch of Stoner Family ) 

Children: — 

+3632 Michael Lower Stoner, b. 19 June, 1872. 
+3633 Helen Kerley Stoner, b. 14 Apr., 1874. 
+3634 Sidney Nicholson Stoner, b. 6 Mar., 1876. 
+3635 Louise Kerley Stoner, b. 11 Aug., 1878. 

Stoner, b. 25 Apr., 1881; d. 25 Jan., 1882. 

3636 William Green Stoner, b. 17 Nov., 1882, Gainesville. 
+3637 Katherine Frances Stoner, b. 25 Jan., 1885. 
+3638 Lucy Boone Kerley Stoner, b. 27 Mar., 1887. 
+3639 Winifred Burris Stoner, b. 21 Dec, 1889. 

iSmtl) feneration 347 

2028. JOHN SPOFFORD KERLEY (William^- Lucy'' Boone; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 3 Oct., 1855, at Shreveport, La.; died 
14 June, 1897. 

Married Ann Stringfellow. 

Children: — 

+3640 William Clinton Kerley, b. 1881. 
+3641 Lucile Kerley, b. 1882. 

2031. EDWIN R. GRUBBS, JR. {Edwin^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 22 May, 1844; died 12 June, 1878. 
Married 4 Apr., 1866, Sarah Wheeler (b. 12 Jan., 1847). 

Children: — 

3642 Mamie S. Grubbs. 

3643 Walter Grubbs. 

3644 Gertrude Grubbs. 

3645 Leonard S. Grubbs, res. Decatur, lU. 

3646 Emma Grubbs. 

3647 James A. Grubbs. 

2032. CYNTHIANA GRUBBS {Edwin^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire"^; Sam- 
ueV'; Squire*; George^), born 17 Jan., 1848. 

Married 27 Nov., 1874, William H. Stoddard (b. 30 Mar., 1850; d. 
16 Apr., 1878). Residence, Hillsboro, 111. 

Child: — 

+3648 Frederick Moody Stoddard, b. 9 May, 1876. 

2033. CHARLES S. GRUBBS (Edwin\- Cynthia'' Boone; Squire'; Sam- 
uel^; Squire*; George^), born 14 Sept., 1849. 

Married 24 Dec, 1874, Jeanette Morehouse. Residence, Ramona, 

Children: — 

3649 Maud Grubbs, b. 22 Sept., 1875. 

3650 Mary I. Grubbs, b. 19 Mar., 1877. 

3651 Jessie Grubbs, b. Sept., 1883. 

2035. SARAH ELMIRA GRUBBS {Edwin^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire'; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 4 Mar., 1854. 

Married 22 Sept., 1872, Thomas Casselberry (b. 28 Mar., 1850). 
Res. Spokane, Wash. 

Children: — 

+3652 Charles E. Casselberry, b. 26 Dec, 1873. 
+3653 Nellie L. Casselberry, b. 9 Sept., 1881. 

348 Wi)t Poone Jf amilp 

2036. ROBERT A. GRUBBS (Edwin^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 13 Feb., 1856. 

Married May, 1875, Rebecca Kessinger. Residence, Manchester, 

Children: — 

3654 Mabel Grubbs. 

3655 Alma Grubbs. 

3656 Roy Grubbs. 

3657 Frederick Grubbs. 

3658 Bessie Grubbs. 

2037. MINNIE A. GRUBBS (Edwin^ Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^- Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 14 Apr., 1866. 
Married Samuel R. Hudnall. 

Children: — 

+3659 Blye Hudnall, b. 30 Nov., 1889. 

3660 Neta Hudnall, b. 25 Sept., 1891; m. Robert Kelly, res. Morton, Miss. 

+3661 Jessie Fay Hudnall, b. 9 Jan., 1897. 

3662 Gladys June Hudnall, b. 27 June, 1900. 

2038. FRANCES CORLEW (Mary^ Grubbs; Cynthia^ Boone; Squire;^ 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^) (called Frank), born 1 Aug., 1842; died 19 
June, 1920. 

Married Philip Linck (dec). She lived as a widow at Mattoon, 111. 

Children: — 

+3663 Edward Linck, b. 24 June, 1860. 

+3664 Elizabeth Linck, b. 7 Mar., 1861. 

+3665 George Linck, b. 21 Sept., 1863. 

3666 Alice Linck, b. 7 Mar., 1869. 

3667 Emma Linck, dec. m. 10 June, 1893, George Meyers; had 2 children; 

1st, d. in infancy. 

3668 Caroline Linck. 

3669 Frances Linck. 
+3670 Philip Linck. 

3671 William Linck, b. 6 Jan., 1879; m. 22 June, 1898, May Finder. Had one 
dau. b. 1899. 
+3672 Earl Linck, b. 25 Mar., 1883 \ ^^^^ 
+3673 Pearl Linck, b. 25 Mar., 1883 

2039. SAMANTHA ANN CORLEW (Mary^ Grubbs; Cynthia'' Boone: 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). Died 1921. 

Married 5 Sept., 1861, George Hathaway. Residence, Decatur, 111. 

iSint!) (feneration 349 

Children: — 

+3674 Anna Hathaway, b. July, 1862. 

3675 Charles Hathaway, b. 9 Dec. 1864. 

3676 George Hathaway, b. 1866; dec. 

3677 Daisy Hathaway, b. 9 July, 1872; dec. 

3678 Eldridge Hathaway, b. 1 June, 1875; m. Catherine Cox. 
+3679 Chester Hathaway, b. 22 May, 1882. 

2040. MARY CORLEW {Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^- Sam- 
uel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Thomas Matthews. 

Children: — 

3680 William Matthews. 

3681 Mabel Matthews, m. Will Lett and had two children. 
+3682 Leota Matthews. 

3683 Marcua Matthews. 

3684 Allison Matthews. 

2041. ALICE CORLEW (Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia^ Boone; Squire^; Sam- 
uel^; Squire*; George^) . 

Married Marcus Finch. Residence, Denver, Colo. 

Children: — 

3685 Jessie Finch, dec. 

3686 BeUe Finch. 

3687 Marcus Finch. 

3688 Chester Finch. 

3689 Eva Finch, dec. 

3690 Bess Finch. 

3691 Rodney Finch. 

3692 Mazie Finch. 

2042. MARIE WALTER CORLEW (Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia^ Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Frank Cooley. 

Children: — 

3693 Mamie Cooley, dec; m. Ralph Williams, and had two children. 

3694 Leonard Cooley, m. and had three children. 

3695 Stella Cooley, dec. 

2043. LUCY MEDORA CORLEW {Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' Boone; 

Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Fred Kern. Residence, Denver, Colo. 

Children: — 

3696 Harry Kern, m. 

3697 William Kern, m. 

3698 OUveKem. 

350 Clje JBoone jFamilp 

2049. MARY P. GRUBBS (Thomas^- Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^- Samuel; 
Squire*; George^), born 13 Apr., 1851; d. 1921. 

Married 1871, Theodore M. Edwards (d. 16 Oct., 1913). 

Residence, Norwood, Mo. 

Children: — 

3699 Edwin Edwards, b. 22 Aug., 1872; d. 3 Sept., 1872. 

3700 Katie Bell Edwards, b. 10 Apr., 1874; m. C. W. Hays; had 2 eons a^nd 

3 daughters. 

3701 Pearl M. Edwards, b. 27 Oct., 1876. 

3702 Charles Burton Edwards, b. 7 July, 1878; m. and had one dau. b. abt. 


3703 Lena May Edwards, b. 21 July, 1880; m. and has five children. 

3704 Walter T. Edwards, b. Aug., 1885; d. 13 Aug., 1885. 

2051. CYNTHIA ANNE GRUBBS {Thomas^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; 
SamueV'; Squire*; George^), born 13 Apr., 1856. 

Married 11 Mar., 1875, John McAllistler (d. 15 Dec, 1909). 

Children: — 

3706 Ora M. McAllister, b. 20 Feb., 1876; d. 18 Jan., 1882. 

3706 Thomas A. McAllister, b. 1 June, 1878; d. 29 Apr., 1915; m. (d. 

Aug., 1915) and had six children. 

3707 Moody McAUister, b. 7 Jan., 1880. 

3708 WiUiam McAllister I Twins, b. 12 Feb.. 1885. 

3709 Susan McAUister J 

3710 Charles E. McAllister, b. 25 Jan., 1889. 

2052. ANNA GRUBBS {William^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 21 Jan., 1853; died 3 July, 1890. 

Married 19 Oct., 1881, Jacob Stiefel (b. 12 July, 1855). 

Children: — 

3711 Myra F. Stiefel, b. 19 Sept., 1884. 

3712 Elsie Stiefel, b. 7 Jan., 1887. 

3713 Ralph Stiefel, b. 3 Jan., 1889. 

2053. FRANK A. GRUBBS (William^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire'^; Sanuel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 28 Sept., 1854. 

Married Ruhama Self. Residence, Litchfield, 111. 

Children: — 

+3714 Anna Grubbs. 

+3715 Catherine Grubbs. 

+3716 WiUiam Grubbs. 

3717 Minnie Grubbs. 

3718 Josephine Grubbs, m. 16 Mar., 1917, William Sattgast. 

3719 Myra Grubbs, m. abt. 29 Mar., 1917, Gilbert Acres; has one dau. b. 

Mar., 1918. 

3720 Grace Grubbs. 

(Hazel Atterbury Spraker) 


iSintf) feneration 351 

2054. HARLAN PADEN GRUBBS (William^; Cynthia' Boone; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 29 Nov., 1874. 

Married 1905, Alice Ramsay. Residence, Tacoma, Wash. 
Child: — 

3721 Margaret Alice Grubbs, b. 24 Sept., 19—. 

2056. KATE GRUBBS {Higgason\- Cynthia' Boone; Squire^- Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 4 May, 1854. 

Married 27 Sept., 1875, in Springfield, Orlando Wilcox Booth (d. 
Sept. 23, 1880, in Austin, Tex.), son of George Booth of New Britain, 
Conn., and wife Abigail Cornwall. 

Mrs. Kate Grubbs Booth lives in Springfield, Mo. 

Children: — 

+3722 Irmgard Louise Booth, b. 11 June, 1876. 
+3723 Neil Cornwall Booth. 

2059. EDWIN BLAKEMORE GRUBBS {Higgason^; Cynthia' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 5 Aug., 1864. 

Married 20 Nov., 1879, in Macon, Mo., Anna Lee Gilsti^p. 

Children: — 

3724 Lee Gilstrap Grubbs, b. 5 July, 1880, in Springfield, Mo. Unm. Res. 

Muskogee, Okla. 

3725 Patte Grubbs, b. 22 May, 1883, in Springfield, d. abt. 1917; m. Emery 

Miller and resided in Denver, Colo. 

2061. ELLA BREWER GRUBBS {Samuel^- Cynthia' Boone; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 22 Aug., 1858, in Hillsboro, 111.; died 
5 Feb., 1887, in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Married 12 May, 1881, in Litchfield, 111., George Washington Atter- 
bi^ry (b. 26 Sept., 1854), son of Abram and Julia (McFarland) Atterbury, 
of Litchfield, 111. 

Ella Brewer Grubbs was a graduate of Monticello Seminary at Godfrey, 
111., and was a talented musician. ^ 

(G. W. Atterbury was married a second time to Minerva Anderson [b. 15 Oct., 1865] of 
Ogden, Utah. They have had six children, three of whom died young. The other three, 
Arthur Donald, b. 5 May, 1898; Glen Wesley, b. 1 Aug., 1900; and Virginia, b. 29 Nov., 1911; 
are living with their parents at Woodland, Calif. Mr. Atterbury is a graduate of McKendree 
College at Lebanon, lU.; and is the founder and former president of the Atterbury Motor Car 
Company of Buffalo, N. Y.) 

Child: — 

3726 Ella Hazel (called Hazel) Atterbury, b. 29 May, 1883, in Minneapolifl, 

Minn.; m. at Buffalo, N. Y., 20 Apr., 1909, James Randolph Spraker 
(b. 9 Nov., 1879 in Canajoharie, N. Y.), son of David and Jcreephine 
(Batchelder) Spraker of Rochester, N. Y. They live on Dorchester 
Road, Buffsflo, N. Y., and have an adopted daughter, Josephine, 
b. 23 May, 1916. 

352 ^l)e IBoone Jf amilp 

2062. MARY (MAMIE) GERTRUDE GRUBBS {Samuel^; Cynthia'' 
Boone; Squire^; SamueP; Squire*; George^), born 22 May, 1860; d. 21 May, 1921. 

Married 8 Oct., 1879, in Litchfield, 111., Edward Richard Davis 
(b. 25 Oct., 1855), son of Giles and Louisa (Jinks) Davis. 

In 1901 they removed from Litchfield, 111., to Chicago Heights, 111., 
where Mr. E. R. Davis has for many years been president of the First 
National Bank, of Chicago Heights. 

Children: — 

3727 Ella Feme Davis, b. 22 Sept., 1880, in Litchfield, m. 17 Nov., 1908, at 
Chicago Heights, 111., WilUam Bernard Lewis (b. 26 Aug., 1877 in 
Lynchburg, Va.). Residence, Chicago, 111. 
+3728 William Warren Moody Davis, b. 25 Aug., 1881. 
+3729 Frances Mary Davis, b. 30 Nov., 1885. 

3730 Edward Paul Davis, b. 22 Aug., 1887; d. 17 Sept., 1888. 
+3731 Ralph Otis Davis, Lieut. U. S. N. b. 19 Jan., 1891. 
+3732 Mary Louise Davis, b. 7 Apr., 1894. 
3733 Edward Richard Davis, b. 8 Apr., 1901, at Litdhfield, 111. 

2063. LILA ANNA GRUBBS (Samuel^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire*^; Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), born 30 Apr., 1864. 

Married at Litchfield, 111., Edwin Richard Elliott (b. 16 Mar., 1860; 
d. 23 Apr., 1909, at Litchfield.) Mrs ElUott resides in Chicago, 111. 

Child: — 

+3734 Allen Roscoe Elliott (Major), b. 7 Oct., 1888. 

2073. RICHARD BOONE {William^ SamueV; Squire^ Samuel^ Squire*; 
George^), born 24 July, 1849; died 30 Mar., 1916, at Clarksville; Tenn. 
Married Annie Lee (b. 16 Mar., 1849; d. 6 Feb., 1914). 

Children: — 

+3735 Rhey Boone. 

3736 William Ernest Boone, b. 1886; d. 1909. 

3737 Alvin M. Boone, res. Clarksville, Tenn. 

2084. MARY ELIZABETH MILLER (Mary^ Boone; Ira'; Squires- 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), died 1915. 

Married George Williams. 

Child: — 

3738 Nellie Williams, m. Ralph Oliver; had three children. 

2085. ALICE ELIZA MILLER (Mary^ Boone; Ira\- Squire^- Samuels- 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Woods Beck. 

Children: — 

3739 Charles Beck. 

3740 Boone Beok. 

3741 Maud Beck. 

3742 Harold Beck. 

i9mtf) (feneration 353 

2087. WALTER MILLER (Mary^ Boone; Ira''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Cora Beck. 

Children: — 

3743 Mary Miller, m. Robert Stoner; had one child. 

3744 Donald MiUer, m. 1915. 

3745 Elizabeth Sammons Miller. 

3746 Erick Miller. 

3747 Catherine Miller. 

2088. CHARLES MILLER {Mary^ Boone; Ira''; Squire'^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married . 

Child: — 

3748 Philip Miller. 

2089. MARTIN BOONE {Thomas^; Ira''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Jennie Birk. 

Child: — 

3749 Cecil Boone, m. 

2094. SARAH LEE BOONE (Levi\' Ira''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; 
George^) . 

Married Dow Zenor. 

They had seven children, one of whom was; 

Child: — 

3760 Ida Zenor. 

2101. MARY GERTRUDE SAMMONS (Elizabeth^ Boone; Ira''; Squire'; 

SamueP; Squire*; George^). 

Married Edward Duncan (d. 1914). 

Children: — 

3751 Frank E. W. Duncan, b. 21 Jan., 1889; m. May, 1912, Mary Tincinter. 

3752 William Allen Diincan, b. 8 Feb., 1892. 

2104. LEVI DAVID BOONE (William^; Ira''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; 

Married 13 Mar., 1895, Callie Vencil. 

354 ^\)t IBoone jFamilp 

Children: — 

+3753 Irene Boone. 

3754 Clara Boone. 

3755 Josephine Boone. 

3756 Ralph Boone. 

3757 Roy Boone. 

3758 Levi David Boone, Jr. 

2105. WILLIAM E. BOONE (William^- Ira''; Squire^- Samuel^; Squires- 
George^) . 

Married 23 Nov., 1898, Flora M. Meadville. 

Child: — 

3759 Ruth Boone. 

2110. JOHN OLIVER McREYNOLDS {Victoria^ Boone; Higgason\- 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire^ George^), born 23 July, 1865, in Elkton, Ky. 

Married 27 Nov., 1895, at Dallas, Tex., Katherine Seay. 
Present residence, Dallas, Tex. 

Child: — 

3760 Mary Victoria McReynolds, b. 17 Jan., 1900, at Dallas. 

2111. BENJAMIN McREYNOLDS (Victoria^ Boone; Higgason''; Squires- 
Samuel^; Squire^- George^), born 28 July, 1867, at Elkton, Ky.; died 19 
Dec, 1912, at Waco, Texas. 

Married 2 Jan., 1904, at Waco, Sara Rose Kendall. 

Child: — 

3761 Boone Kendall McReynolds, b. 8 Feb., 1906, at Waco. 

2112. JAMES CAMPBELL McREYNOLDS (Victoria^ Boone; Higga- 
son''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire'^; George^), born 9 Sept., 1870, in Christian 
Co., Ky. 

Married 12 Sept., 1894, in Sardis, Miss., Hewlett Williamson. 
Residence, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Children: — 

3762 John Oliver McReynolds, b. 26 Nov., 1900, Elkton, Ky. 

3763 George S. McReynolds, b. 17 Mar., 1902, in Sardis, Miss. 

3764 Hewlett McReynolds, b. 16 Nov., 1904, in Elkton, Ky. 

2113. GEORGE STREET McREYNOLDS {Victoria^ Boone; Higga- 
son''; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 11 Feb., 1872, in Christian 
Co., Ky. 

Married 5 Nov., 1907, at Waco, Tex., Sallie McCullock. 
He is a physician, and lives in Waco, Texas. 

iSintft (generation 355 

Children: — 

3765 George Street McReynolds, Jr., b. 16 Aug., 1909, in Temple, Texas. 

3766 Mary McReynolds, b. 6 June, 1911, in Temple. 

3767 Jane McReynolds, b. May, 1913, in Temple. 

2114. MARTHA McREYNOLDS (Victoria^ Boone; Higgason'; Squire^; 
SamueP; Squire*; George^), born 22 June, 1874, in Christian Co., Ky. 
Married 12 May, 1903, at Elkton, Ky., Rev. J. H. Moore, a Baptist 
minister. Residence, Dallas, Tex. 

Children: — 

3768 Martha Frances Moore, b. 4 July, 1906, at Elkton. 

3769 Victoria Moore, b. 9 Nov., 1908, at Howell, Ky. 

3770 John McReynolds Moore, b. 25 Feb., 1911, at Blackwell, Okla. 

3771 Mary Moore, b. 15 Mar., 1914, at Dallas, Tex. 

2116. MARTHA LOUISE BOONE {Higgason^; Higgason^; Squire^- 
SamueP; Squire*; George^), born 4 Feb., 1867, at Elkton, Ky. 

Married 14 Sept., 1887, at Elkton, Nathan Williams. 

Residence, Elkton, Ky. 

Children: — 

3772 Harry E. WiUiams, b. 6 May, 1884, at Elkton. 

3773 John Nathan Williams, b. 17 Dec, 1893, at Elkton. 

2118. WILLIS EDWARDS LOWRY (Mary^ Boone; Higgason'; Squire''; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 11 Feb., 1870, at Elkton, Ky. 

Married 1st, 8 Apr., 1895, at San Antonio, Tex., Josephine Stefl&an; 
and 2d, 2 Mar., 1914, Alice Steffian, sister of Josephine. 

He is a physician. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3774 Willis Edwards Lowry, Jr., b. 3 July, 1896, at Mexico City. 

3775 Joseph Steffian Lowry, b. 20 Mar., 1900, at Loredo, Tex. 

3776 Daniel Boone Lowry, b. 6 Nov., 1902, at Loredo. 
(Second Marriage) 

3777 John Tunstall Lowry, b. 26 Feb., 1915, at Loredo. 

2127. FANNIE LOUISE BOONE (Daniel^- Levi''; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 11 Sept., 1858, at Chicago. 

Married 22 Feb., 1882, Tilbee Drummond Gray (b. 8 Dec, 1858, 
in Dubuque, Iowa). 

Children: — 

3778 Alice Drummond Gray, b. 24 June, 1889; d. 10 Apr., 1890. 

3779 Jeannette Nadine Gray, b. 12 Nov., 1890; m. 22 Dec, 1913, Arthur 

Miller Niemy. 

3780 Tilbee Drummond Gray, b. 4 Feb., 1898. 


356 ®!)e IBoone jFamilp 

2128. LEVI GRISWOLD BOONE (Daniel^; LevP; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 31 Oct., 1861, in Oberlin, Ohio. 

Married 26 July, 1883, Hattie Campbell Hyde, in Chicago. 

Children: — 

3781 Samuel Leroy Boone, b. 26 Mar., 1884; d. 1885. 

3782 Hazel Audrey Boone, b. 31 Mar., 1886; m. 4 Oct., 1904, Ralph S. Jaquith. 

3783 Griswold Elridge Boone, b. 14 Oct., 1889. 

3784 George Gaston Boone, b. 1 Mar., 1892. 

3785 Marie Frances Boone, b. 27 Nov., 1895. 

3786 Mildred Avery Boone, b. 25 Aug., 1898. 

2132. SAMUEL LEE FAIRCLOTH (Clara^ Boone; Levi''; Squire'; 
SamueV'; Squire*; George^), born 1 Aug., 1863. 
Married 11 Dec, 1895, Emma Schlachter. 

Children: — 

3787 Samuel Edward Faircloth, b. Apr., 1897. 

3788 Louise Faircloth, d. in infancy. 

3789 Helen Faircloth, b. 1906. 

2133. CLARA BOONE HAUSBROUGH {Clara^ Boone; Levi''; Squire'; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 21 Nov., 1875. 

Married 11 Sept., 1895, Henry Purmort Eames (b. 11 Sept., 1872). 

Children: — 

3790 Jane Eames, b. 9 Oct., 1903. 

3791 Judith Eames, b. 2 Feb., 1908. 

3792 Ruth Eames, b. 26 Mar., 1910. 

2134. LOUISE BOONE TILLINGHAST {Louise^ Boone; Levi''; Squires- 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Oct., 1870. 

Married 1st, 22 Apr., 1890, Harry Price Porter, and 2nd, 1 Sept., 
1898, Thomas Edward Barry (b. in Cork Co., Ireland). 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

3793 Harry Boone Porter, b. 14 July, 1891, in Seattle. 

3794 Claude Tillinghast Porter, b. 22 June, 1893, in Evaneton, HI. 
(Second Marriage) 

3795 John Thomas Barry, b. 18 July, 1900. 

3796 Paul Edward Barry, b. 15 Sept., 1904. 

3797 Mary Louise Barry, b. 10 Mar., 1906. 

2136. LORENA MARGARET ADAMS {Louise^ Boone; Levi''; Squire'; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 12 Nov., 1882. 
Married 1904, Lawrence Verdier Calhoun. 

Minti) feneration 367 

Children: — 

3798 James Lawrence Calhoun, b. 24 July, 1905. 

3799 Robert Verdier Calhoun, b. 11 Dec, 1906. 

3800 Richard Adams Calhoun, b. 13 Nov., 1912. 

2137. MARIAN LOUISE CARPENTER {Lucy^ Boone; Levi''; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 26 Mar., 1872. 
Married 8 Jan., 1901, John Blanchard Miles. 

Children: — 

3801 John Blanchard Miles, Jr., b. 25 Oct., 1903. 

3802 George Carpenter Miles, b. 30 Sept., 1905. 

3803 Mirian Miles 

„„^, ^ ,,., , Twins, b. 25 Dec, 1909; d. 28 Dec, 1909. 

3804 Lucy Miles ' . , . 

2138. SUSIE TAPPEN CARPENTER (Lucy^ Boone; Levi''; Squires- 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 28 Dec, 1874; died 14 Mar., 1899. 
Married 1 June, 1896, Lemuel Kennedy Cushing. 

Child: — 

3805 Mawean Cushing, b. 11 Mar., 1899; d. 30 Mar., 1899. 

2140. BOONE GROSS (Mary^ Boone; Levi''; Squire'^; Samuel^- Squire*; 
George^), born 27 Nov., 1875; died 26 May, 1910. 
Married June, 1900, Ivalita Boice. 

Children: — 

3806 Boone Gross, II, b. 4 Mar., 1905. 

3807 Boice Gross, b. 19 Mar., 1907. 

2151. DORCAS EWALT {Sarah^ Snell; Dorcas^ Saunders; Sarah^ Grant; 
Elizabeth'^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married 1864, William Garnett. 

Children: — 

3808 Stella Gamett, m. Dr. John Martin. 

3809 John Gamett, m. Bessie Frazer. 

3810 Ash Gamett, m. Mrs. William Wilber. 

3811 Will Gamett, m. Hettie Stewart. 
+3812 Mary Garnett, m. Dr. J. M. Rees. 

3813 Lizzie Gamett, unmarried. 

3814 Lark Gamett, m. Lela Conway. 
Gamett (dau.), d. in infancy. 

2156. DORCAS SAUNDERS ASHBROOK (Artemisia^ Belles; Dorcas^ 
Saunders; Sarah^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 26 Dec, 

358 tClje IBoone jFamilp 

Married 16 May, 1882, Reuben Brent Hutchcraft (b. 1 Jan., 1841), 
son of Reuben and Fannie (Hedges) Hutchcraft. 

Children: — 

3815 FeUx Ashbrook Hutchcraft, b. 27 Feb., 1883; d. 16 June, 1884. 

3816 Mary Fithian Hutchcraft, b. 30 Apr., 1885. 

3817 Reuben Brent Hutchcraft, Jr., b. 15 Dec, 1886; d. 7 Nov., 1918. Cap- 

tain Co. K., 166th Infantry, 42nd (Rainbow) Division. He was a 
graduate of both Transylvania College (formerly Kentucky Uni- 
versity), and Harvard University, in law. Practiced law in Paris, Ky. 
In 1915 became a member of the faculty of the University of Ky.; 
was twice elected to the Ky. State Legislature. Resigned as member 
of State Tax Commission to enter U. S. Army in 1917. Commissioned 
First Lieut, and sent overseas in Sept., 1917. Served in every battle 
in which the Rainbow Division participated and was never absent 
from his command until the date of his death, when he was killed 
leading an attack on Sedan. He was first buried at La Neuville a 
Maire, later removed to the United States National Cemetery near 
Beaumont, Ardennes, France, and still later brought home and on 
Mar. 27, 1921, buried at his home, Paris, Ky., with full mihtary honors. 
Capt. Hutchcraft was not a tall man, and by a strange coincidence 
the men who served under him were all small of stature. His com- 
mand soon came to be lovingly known as the ''Boy Scouts," and never 
failed to do their share in every task assigned them. 

3818 Helen Hutchcraft, b. 12 Nov., 1891. Residence, Paris, Ky. 

2157. FELIX STERLING ASHBROOK {Artemisia^ Belles; Dorcas-' 
Saunders; Sarah^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 27 Feb., 
1862; died 18 Nov., 1910. 

Married Nannie Megibban. 

Children: — 

+3819 Betsy Ashbrook. 

3820 Reid Ashbrook, Sergt. of Infantry, U. S. Army. Served overseas in 

the World War. 

3821 Artie Ashbrook. 

3822 Thomas Veach Ashbrook, served in S. A. T, C. during the World War. 

2160. THOMAS EARL ASHBROOK (Artemisia^ Belles; Dorcas'' Saun- 
ders; Sara¥ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 17 Jan., 
1867; died 14 Feb., 1908. 
Married Jennie Withers. 

Children: — 

-1-3823 Allan Ashbrook. 

3824 Temple Withers Ashbrook, was in the U. S. Artillery during the World 

War. Served overseas. 

3825 Thomas Earl Ashbrook, Jr. In S. A. T. C. during World War. 

Mintf) (feneration 359 

2161. MARY ELIZA ASHBROOK (Artemisia^ Belles; Dorcas'' Saunders; 
Sarah^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 23 Sept., 1870. 
Married James C. Dedman. 

Children: — 

3826 Thomas Ashbrook Dedman, b. 12 Jan., 1899. In S. A. T. C. during 

World War. 

3827 Sarah Ashbrook Dedman, b. 4 Oct., 1900i 

3828 Helen Hutchcraft Dedman, b. 17 Jan., 1904. 

2163. WILLIAM GRANT MOORE, JR. {William^- Mary'' Grant; 
William^; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Etolia Davis. 

Child: — 

3829 Jessie Atkins Moore, b. in St. Louis, Mo.; m. Roger E. Simmons. (Re- 

corded in D. A. R. Lin. Books as No. 35402.) 

2167. EDWARD LODGE McKEE (Celine^ Lodge; Mary'' Lamond; 
Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 13 Mar., 1856. 

Married 1st, about 1878, Emma M. Coughlen; and 2d, Grace Wasscn. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3830 Mary CeUne McKee, b. 13 May, 1879; d. 29 Dec, 1883. 

3831 Elizabeth Lodge McKee, b. 23 Feb., 1885; d. Jan., 1892. 

3832 Edward Lodge McKee, Jr., b. June, 1893. 
(Second Marriage) 

McKee, infant dau. born and died Oct., 1903. 

3833 Hiram Wasson McKee, b. 30 Mar., 1905. 

2168. JAMES ROBERT McKEE (Celine^ Lodge; Mary'' Lamond; 
Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 9 Dec, 1857. 

Married Mary S. Harrison (b. 3 Apr., 1858), daughter of Ex-Presi- 
dent Benjamin Harrison, and great granddaughter of William Henry 
Harrison, 9th President of the United States. (For Harrison Family 
see "Presidents of the United States," by James Grant Wilson (1886), 
Appleton and Co., Publishers.) 

Children: — 

3834 Benjamin Harrison McKee, b. 15 Mar., 1887; lived in the White House, 

Washington, D. C. as a child. 
+3835 Mary Lodge McKee, b. 11 July, 1888. 

2173. CELINE LODGE PAGE (Susanna^ Lodge; Mary'' Lamond; 
Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 25 Feb., 1856. 
Married Oliver C. Irwin. 

Child: — 

3836 Charles Page Irwin, b. 5 Oct., 1886. 

360 3rt)e JSoone Jf amilp 

2180. FRANK AUGUSTUS LEE {Virginia^ Lodge; Rebecca' Lamond. 
Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 4 Nov., 1852; 
Married Lillian May Blinn. 

Child: — 

3837 Raymond Cuthbert Lee, b. 14 Aug., 1887, 

2182. HARRY LAMOND LEE {Virginia^ Lodge; Rebecca' Lamond; 
Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 12 May, 1858. 
Married Emma Blanche Sampson. 

Child: — 

3838 Robert Edward Lee, b. 10 Feb., 1887. 

2185. STELLA REBECCA WHARTON (Laura'^ Lodge; Rebecca' La- 
mond; Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 8 July, 

Married about 1882, George Edgar Francisco. 

Child: — 

3839 Mary Boone Francisco, b. 5 Sept., 1883. 

2188. REBECCA LOUISE LODGE {Gavin^; Rebecca' Lamond; Rebecca* 
Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 6 Nov., 1864. 
Married about 1885, Ebenezer A. Morehouse. 

Child: — 

3840 Marguerite Louise Morehouse, b. 11 July, 1886. 

2205. JAMES ESTILL COX (Frances^ Van Bibber; Elizabeth' Hays; 
Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married in Dec, 1865, Mary T. Harris, daughter of William T. and 
Jane Harris, pioneers of Missouri. 

Children: — 

3841 Margaret Cox, m. Dolman. 

3842 Delle Cox, m. Davis. 

3843 William McEwing Cox, m. Bertie Ames of Shelbyville, Ky. 

3844 James E. Cox. 

2206. MISSOURI A. COX {Prances'^ Van Bibber; Elizabeth' Hays; Su- 
sannah* Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married John Scott. 

Child: — 

3845 Nannie Scott, m. Brewster. D. A. R. No. 35404. Lives at St. 

Joseph, Mo. 

^intf) (feneration 36 1 

2207. HURON BURT (Erreta^ Van Bibber; Elizabeth^ Hays; Susanna¥ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 29 June, 1828; died 27 Aug., 1915, 
in Montgomery Co., Mo. 

Married 8 Dec, 1859, in Syracuse, Morgan Co., Mo., Sarah Amelia 
Venable Kidd (b. 18 May, 1829; d. 24 Feb., 1898), daughter of Allen 
Kidd and Mildred (Garland) Kidd. 

Children: — 

3846 Maizi Burt, b. 9 Apr., 1863; d. 30 Mar., 1910; m. 23 July, 1884, Henry 
Bernard Hilgeman. One child, Erie HUgeman. 
+3847 Leo Burt, b. 22 Nov., 1868. 

2208. HENRY CRUMP (Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah'^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 17 June, 1827, in Callaway Co., Mo.; 
died 17 Mar., 1902. 

Married 19 Oct., 1852, Celia Ann Scholl (Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; 
DanieP; Squire*; George^) (b. 17 May, 1834; d. 28 Feb., 1911), No. 1125. 

Children: — 

+3848 Henry Thompson Crump, b. 10 Aug., 1853. 
+3849 Lucy Eliza Crump, b. 2 Oct., 1861. 
+3850 Jesse Proctor Crump, b. 17 May, 1867. 
+3851 Josie Bell Crump, b. 25 Mar., 1870. 

2209. RICHARD CRUMP (Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 26 Dec, 1828; died Feb., 1900. 

Married Eliza Hornbuckle. 

Children: — 

+3852 Alfred Thompson Crump, b. 12 Mar., 1858. 

3853 Sarah Ellen Crump, m. E. E. Lemons, and had seven children. 
+3854 James Henry Crump. 

3855 Richard Upton Crump, d. 1876, unm. 
+3856 Louisa Jane Crump. 

2211. THOMPSON SMITH CRUMP, JR. {Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; 
Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born about 1833; died 17 
Apr., 1862. 

Married Levina Boone Scholl (Joseph''; Levina* Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^) (b. 24 Jan., 1841), No. 1128. 

Children: — 

+3857 Louisa Cordelia Crump, b. 7 Feb., 1858; m. Edward Hoflfman, and 

had two children. 
+3858 Dora A. Crump, b. 2 Jan., 1860; m. Tyree B. Hassler, of Paris, Mo., 

and had four sons. 
+3859 Arthur Thompson Crump, b. 13 Feb., 1862; m. 30 Apr.J 1891, Susan 

Weeks. Res. Williamsburg, Mo. Had two sons and one daughter. 

362 arte IBoone jFamilp 

2212. NANCY McMURTRY (Serrelda^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married William Morris. 

Children: — 

3860 Mary Morris. 

3861 William Morris. 

3862 Sallie Morris. 

2214. LEVI McMURTRY (Serrelda^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Catherine Burns. 

Children: — 

3863 Grizella McMurtry. 

3864 Catherine McMurtry. 

2227. SOPHIA HAYS (Amazon^; Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; 

Squire*; George^). 

Married 13 Sept., 1878, John P. Booth. 


+3865 Beulah Hunter Booth. 

3866 Teson Hays Booth. 

2231. ANNIE HAYS (Amazon^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Greenville Bates. 

Children: — 

3867 Mary Bates. 

3868 Walter Bates. 

3869 Kenneth Bates. 

3870 Daniel Bates. 

3871 Charles Bates. 

2232. ELIZA ANN HAYS (Linville^; Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel'^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, 13 Dec, 1860, Henry Clay Rout, and 2nd, J. Frank 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

3872 James H. Rout, m. Celia Godley. 
(Second Marriage) 

3873 Effie Frank Thomas, m. Charles Ellis. 

3874 Leon Thomas. 

i9mti) feneration 363 

2233. ALFRED HAYS (Linville^; Boone'; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married his cousin, Martha Collins, No. 2218. 

Children: — 

3875 Barba Hays. 

3876 OllieHays. 

3877 Margaret Hays. 

3878 William Hays. 

3879 James Hays. 

2235. TEMPERANCE HAYS (Linville^ Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 4 Sept., 1873, James Foster. 

Children: — 

3880 Lillie Foster. 

3881 Benjamin Foster. 

3882 Edward Foster. 

3883 Harry Foster. 

3884 Carrier Foster. 

3885 John Foster. 

2240. VIRGINIA ANN HAYS {Samuel^; Boone-'; Susannah' Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 10 Nov., 1875, William F. Asbury. 

Child: — 

+3886 Agnes Asbury. 

2241. RICHARD FULKERSON HAYS (SamueP; Boone'; Susannah' 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 24 July, 1856. 

Married 5 Oct., 1881, Emma Remach. 

Children: — 

i. Harry Cecil Hays, b. 20 July, 1883; m. Feb., 1918, Miss Lillian . 

ii. Samuel Hays, died udxq. 

2242. ELINOR HAYS (Samuel^; Boone''; Susannah'^ Boone; Daniel'^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married 1 Oct., 1879, Thomas C. Adams. 

Child: — 

3887 Thomas Adams, Jr. 

2243. AMAZON HAYS {Samuel^; Boone'; Susannah' Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Mattie King Harris. 

Child: — 

3888 Julia Harris, lives in Fresno, Calif. 

364 ®lje Poone Jf amilp 

2245. UPTON HAYS {Samuel^; Boone'; Susannah Boone; Daniel^' 
Squire*; George^). 

Married 15 Nov., 1893, Nannie Saunders. 

Children: — 

i. Mary Ethel Hays, b. 6 Sept., 1894; m. Mueller. 

ii. Genevieve Hays, died unm. 

iii. Reina Mercedes Hays, b. 10 Mar., 1899; m. Kuenne. 

iv. Josephine Hays, b. 27 March, 1906. 

2246. FREDERIC KA HAYS {Samuel^- Boone^; Susannah Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^) . 

Married William H. Smith. 

Children: — 

3889 Edna Smith, nic. Tlieodore Harvey. 

3890 Marguerite Smith. 

2249. CALVIN McMURTRY (Marium^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Elizabeth McCubbin. 

Children: — 

3891 Arthur McMurtry. 

3892 Marium McMurtry. 

3893 Maude McMurtry. 

3894 Oscar McMurtry. 

3895 John McMurtry. 

3896 Ruth McMurtry. 

3897 Louise McMurtry. 

3898 Joseph McMurtry. 

3899 Nathan Boone McMurtry. 

2252. ROBERT LINVILLE HUGHES (Mary^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah" 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 12 Nov., 1856. 
Married Etta Walker. 

Children: — 

i. Ethel May Hughes. 
ii. Walker Hughes, 
iii. Ovey Hughes. 

2253. LAURA ARMSTEAD HUGHES (Mary^ Hays; Boone''; Susannah* 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; Geor^e^), bojcn 12 Oct., 1859. 
Married William Napoleon Peters, 29 March, 1876. 

^intl) feneration 365 

Children: — 

i. Beulah Etta Peters, m. James McKibben. 

ii. Rolla E. Peters, m. Anna Jameson. Lives at Charlotte, N. C. 

iii. Mary Hays Peters. 

2258. REDMAN CALLAWAY (James^- John'; Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Tonia Gaines. 

Children: — 

3900 Ethel Callaway, m. Lynn S. Banks. 
+3901 James G. Callaway, m. Bessie Stocking. 

2259. JOHN N. SNYDER (Theresa^ Callaway; James''; Jemima^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 30 Jan., 1848 in St. Charles Co., Mo. 

Married 13 Mar., 1878, Anna M. Glover (b. 10 Nov., 1858), daughter 
of James Glover, a native of Callaway Co. They were married in Call- 
away Co., where John N. Snyder had located before his marriage. 

Children: — 

3902 Eustace L. Snyder, b. 3 Sept., 1879. 

3903 Eimer A. Snyder, b. 21 Nov., 1881. 

2261. MARY FRANCES E. BRYAN (Czarina^ Lamme; Frances^ Call- 
away; Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 20 Apr., 1827. 
Married in Warren Co., Mo., 2 Apr., 1850, John A. Howard, after- 
ward Sherifif and Collector. 

Children: — 

3904 Aloise Howard, d. in infancy. 

3905 Adele Howard, d. in infancy. 
4-3906 Ella May Howard. 

+39C7 Hattie Lee Howard. 

2265. MALVINA ANN BRYAN (Czarina^ Lamme; Frances'' Callaway; 
Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 1 Dec, 1834; died 30 
June, 1855. 

Married 14 Mar., 1854, William Rogers Dent. 

Child: — 

+3908 Ella Dent, b. 5 Jan., 1855. 

2266. DAVID BOLIVAR BRYAN (Czarina^ Lamme; Frances^ Callaway; 
Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 11 Feb., 1836. 

Married Verlinia Burgess. He was a farmer. 

Child: — 

+3909 Leona Bryan. 

366 VLf)t ?@oone Jf amilp 

2271. ELIZABETH BRYAN (Icilius^- Elizabeth'' Callaway; Jemima^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 8 Dec, 1860; died 4 July, 1899. 
Married S. B. Ferrell. 

Children: — 

3910 Eugene B. Ferrell. 

3911 Arthur Ferrell. 

3912 Raymond Ferrell. 

3913 Altha Ferrell. 

2276. HARVEY McKINNEY BRYAN (Icilius^; Elizabeth'' Callaway; 
Jemima^ Boone; DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 9 Oct., 1869. 

Married 7 Mar., 1900, Margaret Kring Swinney (b. 25 Sept., 1871). 

Children: — 

3914 Pauline Bryan, b. 26 Oct., 1900. 

3915 Archibald Morgan Bryan, b. 15 Aug., 1904. 

3916 Thomas Swinney Bryan, b. 5 Sept., 1905. 

3917 Harvey McKinney Bryan, b. 7 Nov., 1908. 

3918 Margaret Bryan, b. 18 Dec, 1912. 

2277. HETTIE BRYAN {Icilius^; Elizabeth'' Callaway; Jemima^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 28 Oct., 1871. 

Married Huston V. Evans (U. S. A.) 

Children: — 

3919 Bryan Evans, b. Aug., 1898 (Lieut. U. S. A.) 

3920 Huston Val Evans, b. 1903. (Was to enter West Point in July, 1920.) 

2278. SINA LOA BRYAN (Icilius^; Elizabeth'' Callaway; Jemima^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Jan., 1876. 
Married M. I. Hoffman, of St. Louis. 

Child: — 

3921 Curtiss Bryan Hoffman, b. 29 Feb., 1911. 

2279. SALLIE SCHOLL (Marcus^; Septimus''; Levina^ Boone; DanieV'; 

Squire*; George^), born 22 July, 1853; died . 

Married 6 Oct., 1870, Moses Madison Masters of Nicholasville, Ky. 

Children: — 

3922 Roberta Masters. 

3923 Stella Masters. 
+3924 Evalee Masters. 
+3925 Stanley Masters. 

3926 Mary Masters, m. 25 March, 1903, Thomas Withers Nelson. 

3927 Marcus Masters. 
+3928 Helen Masters. 

3929 Proctor Masters. 

iSintl) (feneration 367 

2293. REBECCA ANN MUIR {Rebecca^ Scholl; Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire^; George^), born 23 July, 1849; died 15 Nov., 1885. 
Married John T. Bell. 

Child: — 

i. Ora Bell, b. 14 Aug., 1874; m. 28 March, 1894, Robert P. Berry, Jr. 
(d. 26 Jan., 1915). No children. 

2298. ROSA McMURTRY (Catherine^ Scholl; Septimus''; Levina^ Boone; 
DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 1859. 

Married Vernon Monroe, of Richmond, Mo. 

Child: — 

3930 Miller Monroe. 

2299. JENNIE McMURTRY (Catherine^ Scholl; Septimus''; Levina^ 
Boone; DanieP; Squire'^; George^), born 1860. 
Married William Hook of St. Louis, Mo. 

Child: — 

3931 Doris Hook. 

2300. SALLIE McMURTRY (Catherine^ Scholl; Septimus^- Levina^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 6 Aug., 1862. 
Married Oliver Hamacher. 

Children: — 

3932 Howard Hamacher. 

3933 Ralph Hamacher. 
+3934 Anna Hamacher. 

3935 Helen Hamacher, m. Henry Buchanan. 

3936 Milton Scholl Hamacher, 
Newton Hamacher. 

2301. GEORGIANNA SCHOLL (Septimus^- Joseph^- Levina'^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 13 June, 1864. 
Married Buckner Jones. 

Children: — 

3937 AUce Jones, m. Ernest Neff. 

3938 Eldry Jones, unm. 

3939 Mary Jones, unm. 

2302. JESSE BASCOM SCHOLL {Septimus^; Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 6 July, 1866. 
Married 24 Dec, 1891, Nannie Miller. 

368 STfje JBoone jFamilp 

Children: — 

3940 Prenie SchoU, b. 22 July, 1894. 

3941 William Leonard Scholl, b. 6 Jan., 1896. 
+3942 Sadie SchoU, b. 15 Sept., 1897. 

3943 Bertha May Scholl, b. 21 Nov., 1899. 

2303. LUCY ZOOLA SCHOLL (Septimus^; Joseph''; Levina' Boone; 
DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 25 Nov., 1870. 
Married Joseph Davis. 

Children: — 

3944 Hubert Davis. 

3945 Bessie Davis. 

3946 Cyrenus Davis. 

3947 Daughty Davis. 

2305. JOHN MILTON SCHOLL (Septimus'^; Joseph^; Levina^ Boone; 
DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 1 Nov., 1875. 
Married Zora Lane. 

Children: — 

3948 Edith SchoU. 

3949 Ernest Scholl. 

3950 George SchoU. 

2308. ANNIE LEE HUTTS (Levina^ Scholl; Joseph''; Levina' Boone; 
DanieV'; Squire*; George^), born 26 June, 1864. 

Married 1st, George Weist (dec), and 2nd, William Dorman, Cen- 
tralia, Mo. 

Child: — 

(First Marriage) 

3951 George WUliam Weist. 

2309. THOMAS B. HUTTS (Levina^ Scholl; Joseph^; Levina' Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 19 Sept., 1865. 

Married 1st, Clara Marshall; 2d, Pearl Jesse. 

Residence, Houston, Tex. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

3952 John MarshaU Hutts (U. S. Navy). 
(Second Marriage) 

3953 Jessie Boone Hutts. 

^intf) feneration 369 

2310. MINNIE W. HUTTS (Levina^ Scholl; Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Sept., 1869. 

Married Hiram A. Frank, on 9 Jan., 1894. 

Residence, 800 E. 10th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Children: — 

i. BjTon Frank, b. 1 Dec, 1895, d. in infancy. 

3954 ii. Howard Boone Frank, b. 10 Jan., 1896; m. Myrel McCune (7), 

26 Jan., 1920. 
iii. Frederick William Frank, b. 15 Oct., 1901; died 18 March, 1902. 
iv. Helen Katheryn Frank, b. 10 Sept., 1900; d. in infancy. 

3955 V. Mildred Louvina Frank, b. 3 Jan., 1905. 

vi. Arthur Thomas Frank, b. 17 Jan., 1907; d. in infancy. 

2314. NELLIE CATHERINE SCHOLL {Jesse^; Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; 
Danie?; Squire*; George^), born 21 Apr., 1893. 

Married 1 Sept., 1909, Albert D. Gilbreath. Lives at Jasper, Mo. 

Children: — 

3956 Bearing Paul Gilbreath, b. 7 June, 1910. 

3957 Virginia Louise Gilbreath, b. 31 Jan., 1912. 
Eugene Devers Gilbreath, b. 1 Nov., 1919. 

2324. MARY ELIZABETH SCHOLL {Joseph R.'; Joseph''; Levina* 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 29 Nov., 1879. 

Married P. Criswell. 

Children: — 

i. Helen Criswell. 
ii. Russell Criswell. 

2325. CATHERINE SCHOLL (Joseph R^; Joseph''; Levina* Boone; 
Danie?; Squire*; George^), born 28 March, 1883. 

Married Edward L. Bowman. 

Children: — 

i. Cecil Bowman. 

ii. Marguerite Bowman, 

iii. Finis Bowman, 

iv. Mildred Bowman. 

V. Doris Bowman, 

vi. Edna Bowman. 

2326. ETHIE SCHOLL (Joseph R^; Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 18 May, 1885. 

Married Walter P. Holt, of New Bloomfield, Callaway Co., Mo. 

Child: — 

i. Paul Holt. 

370 ^Tfje Jioone jFamilp 

2328. OLBA SCHOLL (Joseph R\; Joseph^- Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 30 Nov., 1890. 
Married Sexton Sanders. 

Child: — 

ii. John Ford Sanders. 

2342. MARGARET JANE PRIEST (Sarah^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca'^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Aug., 1843. 

Married 17 Dec, 1874, near Richmond, Mo., Edward Watson Kem- 
per (b. 20 July, 1849). 

Children: — 

3958 Lucy Jane Kemper, b. 3 Mar., 1876. 
+3959 Margaret Alice Kemper, b. 21 Mar., 1880. 

2343. SARAH ANN PRIEST (Sarah^^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca'^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 6 Dec, 1845. 

Married 1st, William Proffitt, and 2nd, Henry H. Holloway. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

3960 Hattie Proffitt, m. Krueger. 

3961 Alvin Proffitt, m. 
(Second Marriage) 

3962 Luke Sutherland Holloway, m. 

3963 Daniel Boone Holloway, b. 10 Oct., 1852. Unm. 

2346. WILLIAM DAVID PRIEST (Sarah^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca^ Boone; 
Daniel^- Squire*; George^), born 10 Oct., 1852; died 19 Jan., 1888. 
Married Mahala Teegarden. 

Children: — 

3964 Bennett Priest, unm. Drowned in Philippines. 

3965 Sallie Priest, m. Charles Pointer and lives in Kansas City. 

3966 Allie Priest, m. Ambrose Young. 

3967 Amanda Priest, m. 

2347. CHARLES EPPIE PRIEST (Sarah^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca'^ Boone; 
Daniel'; Squire*; George^), born 18 Feb., 1855; died 9 Sept., 1883. 
Married Neeley Yates. 

Children: — 

3968 Pearl Priest, m. John Tharp. 
A son, d. young. 

iSinti) (generation 371 

2348. CATLETT SMITH PRIEST (Sarah^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca'^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 5 May, 1857. 

Married Mrs. Shell Nadding, a widow. Residence Rogersville, Mo. 

Child: — 

3969 Elwood Priest, b. Mar., 1905. 

2349. LUKE McMURRAY PRIEST (Sarah^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca" 
Boone; DanieP; Squire'^; George^), born 29 Aug., 1859. 

Married Belle Dooley. Residence Rogersville, Mo. 

Child: — 

3970 Jessie Priest, d. at the age of 15 or 16. 

2352. GEORGE MOSBY PRIEST {Sarah^ Goe; Noble'; Rebecca' Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 7 May, 1866. 

Married Georgia Dooley, sister of Belle Dooley who married Luke 
M. Priest. They live in Waldron, Ark. 

Child: — 

3971 Gentry Priest. 

2385. JOHN BELL FUQUA {Mary^ Boone; Daniel'; Daniel ikf.«; Daniels- 
Squire*; George^), born 15 Oct., 1860. 

Married Sept., 1890, Lucy Anderson. 

Children: — 

i. Florence Frances Fuqua, b. 9 Aug., 1893; m. 14 July, 1919, 

Donald Joseph, 
ii. Leonard Fuqua, b. 2 July, 1895; m. 1920, Fa (pronounced Fay) 

iii. Howard Fuqua, b. 17 Dec, 1897; m. 1 May, 1920, Gladys Lanager. 

2417. BOONE FITZHUGH GORDON (Sarah^ Boone; Daniel'; Daniel 
M"; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 27 July, 1877. 
Married 22 Jan., 1904, Lelia May Keys. 

Children: — 

i. Mary Josephine Gordon, b. 18 Mar., 1906. 
ii. Margaret Stevenson Gordon, b. 7 Mar., 1908. 

2427. LULU B. PALMER (Sophia^ Boggs; Panthea' Boone; Jesses- 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Migliavacca. 

Child: — 

3972 Harold Migliavacca. 


372 l^fje ?@oone jFamilp 

2431. MINERVA PALMER (Sophia^ Boggs; Panthea'' Boone; Jesse'; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Grayson. 

Child: — 

3973 Vera Grayson. 

2434. MINNIE SPENCER BARNES (Margaret^ Boone; Alberf; Jesse'; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 24 Dec, 1864. 
Married Ogle. 

Child: — 

3974 Emelyn Berry Ogle, m. McAtee. 

2436. MARY ALBERTA BARNES (Margaret^ Boone; Alberf; Jesse'; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Arrington. 

Children: — 

3975 Louisa Arrington. 

3976 Kathryn Arrington. 

3977 Albert Arrington. 

2437. ALBERT BOONE JONES (Eliza^ Boone; Alberf; Jesse'; Daniel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 15 Mar., 1857. 

Married 4 May, 1882, Ida May Keeling (b. 8 Sept., 1864). 

Children: — 

+3978 Grace Keeling Jones, b. 21 Feb., 1883. 
+3979 Carolyn Cassel Jones, b. Sept., 1885. 

3980 Lucile Boone Jones, b. 16 Feb., 1889; m. Dr. McKenzie. No children. 
+3981 Lydia Maria Jones, b. 5 July, 1894. 

2439. ANN REID JONES (Eliza^ Boone; Alberf; Jesse'; Daniels- 
Squire*; George^), born 15 Sept., 1862. 

Married 1 Jan., 1879, Charles Samuel Parsons (b. 28 Apr., 1850; d. 
27 Aug., 1914). 

Children: — 

+3982 Henry Oswald Parsons, b. 16 Oct., 1879. 

3983 Louis William Parsons, b. 8 July, 1881. 

3984 James Jones Parsons, b. 23 Oct., 1883; d. 5 Feb., 1888. 
+3985 Mary Frances Parsons, b. 6 July, 1886. 

+3986 Ruth Parsons, b. 3 Nov., 1889. 

3987 Chafles S. Parsons, Jr. b. 24 Aug., 1892. 

3988 Susan Irene Parsons, b. 22 Mar., 1899. 

3989 Edwin Theodore Parsons, b. 13 Apr., 1903. 

iSintt feneration 373 

2441. FRANCES JONES {Eliza^ Boone; Alherf ; Jesse^; DanieP; Squires- 
George^), born 8 Feb., 1867. 

Married 17 Oct., 1888, William Howard Snoddy (b. 13 Jan., 1861, 
in Lincoln Co., Tenn.). 

Children: — 

3990 Martha Boone Snoddy, b. 9 Dec, 1889; m. Charles McLean Crawford 

(b. 11 Feb., 1890), married 23 Apr., 1916. 

3991 William Howard Snoddy, b. 22 Dec, 1894. 

3992 Zeralda Jones Snoddy, b. 10 Jan., 1900. 

2444. MARGARET JONES {Eliza^ Boone; Alberf; Jesse': Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 16 Sept., 1874. 

Married Edward James Sexton (b. 3 Feb., 1857). 

Children: — 

3993 Benjamin Curran Sexton, b. 23 Nov., 1898. 

3994 Paul Jones Sexton, b. 10 Nov., 1900. 

2448. MARY AGNES BOGGS OTIS {Agnes^ Boone; Albert'; Jesse' 
Daniel^ Squire*; George^), born 18 Jan., 1869; died 20 Nov., 1889, at 
Fort Meade, S. Dak. 

Married 8 Feb., 1888, De Rosy Carroll Cabell (d. 1915). 

Child: — 

3995 Marie Cabell. 

2449. FRANCIS IGNATIUS OTIS (Agnes^ Boone; Alherf; Jesse\' 
DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 26 Oct., 1871, at Camp Warner, Ore. 
Married 9 Jan., 1895, at Mescalero, N. M., Margaret M. Anderson 
(b. 28 Mar., 1870 at Carson, Kansas). 

Children: — 

3996 Elmer Lawrence Otis, b. 18 Nov., 1895, at Mescalero, N. M. 

3997 John Tilford Otis (twin) b. 18 Nov., 1895; d. same day. 

3998 Francis Bernard Otis, b. 8 Jan., 1897. 

3999 Joseph Harvey Otis, b. 8 Apr., 1899, at Tularosa, N. M. 

4000 Paul Otis, b. 17 July, 1903, at Riley, Kan.; d. same day. 

4001 Margaret Anderson Otis, b. 4 July, 1905, at San Francisco, Cal. 

4002 Allison Boone Otis (twin), b. 4 July, 1905, at San Francisco, Cal. 

2450. MARTHA MARY STANISLAUS OTIS (Agnes^ Boone; Alberf; 
Jesse'; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 17 June, 1873. 

Married 1890, Lieut. De Rosy Cabell, whose first wife was her elder 
sister, Mary Agnes Boggs Otis. 

374 l^jje JJoone jTamilp 

Children: — 

4003 De Rosy Cabell, Jr. 

4004 Agnes Cabell. 

4005 Lee CabeU. 

2454. JOHN VINCENT OTIS (Agnes' Boone; Albert'; Jesse'; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 22 July, 1884, at San Antonio, Tex. 

Married 15 Aug., 1903, at Manhattan, Kan., Ann Hudspeth (b. 16 
May, 1885). 

Children: — 

4006 Ann Lillian Otis, b. 11 May, 1904; d. 25 May, 1904. 

4007 Tiflford Otis, b. 2 Feb., 1907. 

4008 Luvinia V. Otis, b. 1912. 

2455. OTIS BOONE SPENCER (Mary' Boone; Albert'; Jesse'; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 16 June, 1864. 

Married 4 Apr., 1894, Elizabeth Dickinson. 

Children: — 

4009 Allen Bradley Spencer, b. 4 Dec, 1895. 

4010 Molly Boone Spencer, b. 28 June, 1897. 

2458. BENJAMIN D. SPENCER (Mary' Boone; Albert'; Jesse'; Daniel'; 
Squire*; George^), born 11 May, 1873. 
Married 4 Nov., 1902, Edna Steele. 

Child: — 

4011 Clay Boone Spencer, b. 23 Dec, 1903. 

2459. WILLIARD WRIGHT SPENCER (Mary' Boone; Albert'; Jesse''; 
Daniel'; Squire*; George^), born 7 Dec, 1880; died 4 Feb., 1913. 
Married 7 Jan., 1903, Evelyn Phillips. 

Child: — 

4012 Charlotte Spencer. 

2462. CHARLES BOONE HOBART (Minerva' Boone; Albert'; Jesse'; 
Daniel'; Squire*; George^), born 9 Mar., 1875. 

Married 5 June, 1901, Mary Frances McClure. 

Children: — 

4013 Alexander McClure Hobart, b. 14 Oct., 1904. 

4014 Sarah Boone Hobart, b. 15 Dec, 1906. 

i?mt!) (feneration 375 

2463. MINNIE OTIS HOBART (Minerva^ Boone; Albert; Jesse\- 
DanieV'; Squire*; George^), born 7 Dec, 1876. 

Married 22 July, 1896, Paul Alexander Wolf (b. 23 Dec, 1868). 

Child: — 

4015 Margaret Hobart Wolf, b. 14 July, 1908. 

2465. ELMER CHARLESS HENDERSON {Theodore^; Emily'' Boone; 
Jesse^; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 1873. 

Married 8 Apr., 1903, Anne Brown, daughter of Dr. J. Brown of 
Fulton, Mo. 

Children: — 

4016 Anne Henderson, b. 2 Mar., 1907, at Fulton, Mo. 

4017 Elmer Charless Henderson, Jr. b. 9 Apr., 1909, at Fulton, Mo. 

2478. LEWIS BARNUM, JR. (Emily^ Boone; Van DanieV; Jesse^; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Sept., 1870. 

Married 17 Jan., 1906, Mary Wright. 

Children: — 

4018 Lewis Barnum, b. 7 Nov., 1906. 

4019 Margaret Mary Barnum, b. 30 Oct., 1910. 

2479. CHARLES SANDERSON BARNUM (Emily^ Boone; Van Dan- 
ieP; Jesse^; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 29 Dec, 1875. 

Married 18 Aug., 1909, Ida Trudgian (b. Feb., 19, ). 

Children: — 

4020 Daniel Boone Barnum, b. 21 July, 1910; d. 26 June, 1911. 

4021 Robert Trudgian Bamum, b. 19 Aug., 1912. 

4022 Charles Sanderson Barnum, b. Aug. . 

4023 Mary Elizabeth Bamum, b. 18 Jan., 1916. 

2504. MARY ELIZABETH HURST (Hester^ Bryan; SamueP; DanieP; 
Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Missouri. 

Married about 1856 in California to William Trowbridge Ward. 
She married 2nd, Thornton Moore, of Fayette Co., Ky. (See D. A. R. 
Lineage Book 19, page 1.) 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 
+4024 Frances Elizabeth Ward, b. 
4025 William Trowbridge Ward, b. in Calif; m. Gabriella Goode of Histon- 
ville, Ky. 
+4026 EUa Bryan Ward, b. 
+4027 John Sherril Ward. 
4028 Nora Ward, b. in Calif.; m. Victor K. Dodge of Bourbon Co., Ky. Res., 
Lexington, Ky. 


^TfjE Poone Jf amilp 

(Second Marriage) 
+4029 Courtney Moore. 
4030 Thornton Moore, b. in Fayette Co., Ky.; m. Katherine Finley of George- 
town. (?) 

2508. ELIZABETH VARDAMEN LEWIS (Anna^ Chinn; Franklin''; 
Sarah^ Bryan; Mary^ Boone; Squire'^; George^), born 1884. 
Married Thomas Robinson. 

Children: — 

4031 Annabel Robinson, b. 1900. 

4032 Jennie C. Robinson, b. 1913. 

2509. HETTIE FULLY {PoUy^ Berry; Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 14 Dec, 1848. 

Married 23 Dec, 1864, to George W. Carpenter (b. 27 Nov., 1843; 
d. 20 June, 1903). 

Children: — 

+4033 Jennie Carpenter, b. 26 Sept., 1866. 

+4034 Robert S. Carpenter, b. 6 Sept., 1868. 

+4035 William T. Carpenter, b. 5 Apr., 1870. 

+4036 James Oliver Carpenter, b. 9 July, 1874. 

4037 Mary E. Carpenter, b. 28 Oct., 1876. 

+4038 Anna May Carpenter, b. 14 Aug., 1878. 

+4039 Richard H. Carpenter, b. 6 Mar., 1881. 

2511. SALLIE C. FULLY {Polly^ Berry; Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 24 Mar., 1854; died 3 Dec, 1915. 
Married 2 Oct., 1873, Thos. C. Andrew (b. 16 June, 1848). 











Mabel Andrew, b. 8 Aug., 1874. 

Dollie E. Andrew, b. 31 Mar., 1876. 

Zula H. Andrew, b. 1 Jan., 1878. 

T. H. Andrew, b. 28 Oct., 1879. 

Charlotte Andrew, b. 4 Apr., 1882; d. 24 Sept., 1884. 

Mary A. Andrew, b. 18 Aug., 1885; d. 6 Jan., 1886. 

T. C. Andrew, b. 7 Jan., 1888. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson Andrew, b. 26 Sept., 1890. He entered the ser- 
vice in the late World War, 5 Oct., 1917, and was discharged 21 Apr., 

Elwyn B. Andrew, b. 28 Feb., 1894. He entered the World War, 30 
Aufe., 1918, and was discharged 25 Apr., 1919. 

William Andrew, b. 19 Oct., 1896; m; 28 Nov., 1919, Helen Hensley. 
He entered the World War, Aug., 1918 and was discharged Dec, 

iSintl) (generation 377 

2512. THOMAS PULLY {Polly^ Berry; Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born in 1863. 

Married 1880, Nannie Russell (b. 1863). 

Children: — 

+4050 Elva M. Pully, b. 1880. 

4051 Hettie EUen Pully, b. 1882; d. 1883. 
+4052 Maggie PuUy, b. 1885. 

4053 ClarenGe Edwin Pully, b. 1887. 
+4054 Earl Russell PuUy, b. 1890. 

2513. ISAAC BERRY (John\- Hettie^ Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George'; 
Squire*; George^), born 15 Mar., 1847; died 3 Feb., 1882. 

Married Jane Eliza Hughes. 

Children: — 

4055 John Berry. 

4056 Tyree Berry. 

4057 May Myrtle Berry. 

4058 Mary Berry. 

4059 Eliza Berry. 

2515. SARAH JANE BERRY (John\- Hettie^ Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 19 Aug., 1851. 

Married 3 Nov., 1878, James Lafayette Strein (b. 11 Sept., 1842; 
d. 19 June, 1915), son of William P. Strein (b. 22 Oct., 18—; d. 17 Nov., 
1862) who married Mrs. Bales, a widow, whose maiden name was Lensy 
Jane Coleborn (b. 16 Aug., 1813 d. 30 May, 1860). 

Children: — 

4060 Lydia Frances Strein, b. 23 Oct., 1880. 

4061 Anna Cathrine Strein, b. 22 Oct., 1882. 
+4062 James Walter Strein, b. 9 Oct., 1884. 

2516. TYREE H. BERRY {John\- Hettie^ Copher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; 
George'; Squire*; George^), born 4 May, 1854; died Aug., 1921. 

Married 30 Oct., 1886, Margaret Elmina Cook, daughter of Luciris 
Allison Cook (b. Aug., 1807, in Rochester, N. Y.) and wife Marie Eliza- 
beth Coleman (b. 22 Apr., 1837), m. 1 May, 1854. 

(Luciris Allison Cook served as a butcher in the War of 1861.) 

Children: — 

4063 John T. Berry, b. 15 Sept., 1888; entered the World War, 17 July, 1918, 

at Craig, Colorado. He served at Fort BUss, Texas. 

4064 Helen M. Berry, b. 1 May, 1891; m. 1 May, 1912, J. Ruben James. 

4065 C. Frank Berry, b. 3 Jan., 1893. 

4066 Nellie V. Berry, b. 15 Mar., 1897; m. 3 Mar., 1915, Thomas James. 

4067 Eunice E. Berry, b. 20 Nov., 1902. 

4068 ChoUotte C. Berry, b. 5 Nov., 1905. 

4069 Virginia Berry, b. 17 June, 1908. 

4070 Tyree H. Berry, b. 9 Nov., 1911. 

378 ®i)e Jioone jFamilp 

2523. DORA BELL BERRY (John^; Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 18 Mar., 1867; died 5 Nov., 1913. 
Married 1887, Thomas Dark (b. 15 Nov., 1865; dec). 

Children: — 

4071 Archie Leroy Dark, b. 8 Mar., 1889, in Butler, Mo.; enlisted 16 July, 

1917, at St. Louis, Mo., and received the rank of Corporal, 15 May, 

1918. He saw service in France as follows: 
Cambrai offensive, 20-29 Nov., 1917. 
Cambrai defensive, 30 Nov. — 4 Dec, 1917. 
Somme defensive, 14 Sept., 1918. 

St. Mihiel 12-14 Sept., 1918. 

Served in 12Engr.L.R.U.S.A.Co.,"E,"under Captain R. S.Misten. 
On 16 May, 1919, he received an honorable discharge, at Camp 
Funston, Kansas. 
+4072 Pnidie Ann Dark, b. 23 Dec, 1890. 
4073 Ruth Dark, b. 11 Mar., 1893. 

2524. MINNIE ANN BERRY (John^; Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 12 Dec, 1870; died 19 July, 1915. 
Married 1893, Edgar I. Williams. 

Children: — 

4074 Harvey R. Williams, b. 1894 in Butler, Mo. He served in the World 

War, and the following is a record of his service: — Enlisted in 1918. 
Served in the Nov. Auto. Rep. Draft Tank Corps, United States Army. 
Received his honorable discharge 6 Dec, 1918, at Camp Dix, N. J. 

4075 Arthur J. WiUiams, b. 1898, in Butler, Mo. He enlisted in the United 

States Army, 5 July, 1917, at Fort Sill, Okla. Made Corporal 31 
Nov., 1918. Served with the American Expeditionary Forces at 
St. Etlenne, France, 5-23 Oct., 1918, in 142nd Infantry, Co. D., 36 
Division, United States Army. On 20 July, 1919, he received honor- 
able discharge. 

2525. NOAH BERRY (John^; Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth' Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^), born 3 Feb., 1874. 

Married 19 Nov., 1904, Bettie G. Chandler (b. 14 Apr., 1882). 

Children: — 

4076 Thehna B. Berry, b. 1 Oct., 1905. 

4077 Buford L. Berry, b. 10 Feb., 1907. 

4078 Deo Berry, b. 4 Jan., 1909 \ j^jng 

4079 Leo Berry, b. 4 Jan., 1909; d. 4 Jan., 1910 / 

4080 John S. Berry, b. 30 Sept., 1910. 

4081 Nellie W. Berry, b. 16 Sept., 1912. 

4082 Charles Berry, b. 24 May, 1914; d. 3 May, 1916 

4083 Abram H. Berry, b. 20 Dec, 1916. 

4084 Geraldine Berry, b. 16 May, 1917. 

4085 Roy H. Berry, b. 2 Sept., 1918. 

4086 Clara Irene Berry, b. 30 Aug., 1920. 

iSintf) (generation 379 

2526. LAWSON F. BERRY {William^; Hettie' Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), b. 2 Aug., 1853; died 2 Sept., 1907. 

Married 14 Sept., 1892, Dora Veitz (b. 28 Oct., 1871). 

Child: — 

4087 Clark Veitz Berry, b. 8 Apr., 1896; m. 26 May, 1917, E. Orene Darby. 

He served in the World War as follows: Enlisted Sept. 2, 1918, 
Kansas City, Missouri; Camp Green Leaf, Ft. Oglethorpe, Chicka- 
maugua Park, Ga.; Private. Headquarters Co. M. O. T. C. 

2527. DAVID C. BERRY (William^ Hettie^ Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 15 Sept., 1855. 

Married 11 Sept., 1881, Ellen Warderman (b. 1856), daughter of 
Edward T. and wife Lueinda A. (Pierce) Warderman. 

Edward T. Warderman (b. 1830; d. 1910; m. 1855, Lueinda Pierce 
b. 1837; d. 1911) was the son of Henry Warderman (b. 1792, in Nancymond 
Co., Va.; m 1822), and his wife Eleanor Talbot (b. 1796, in Washington, 
Ky.). Henry Warderman was raised in Norfolk Co., Va., and began his 
military career by enhsting in the United States Army in 1812, serving five 
years and receiving an honorable discharge. 

Lueinda Pierce (Warderman) was the daughter of William Wriley 
Pierce (b. 1815; d. 1888; m. 1834), a,nd his wife Barbara Vincent (b. 1818; 
d. 1904). Barbara Vincent was the daughter of Isam Vincent (b. 1770; 
d. 1849), and his wife Martha Smart (b. 1786; d. 1849). Martha Smart 
was the daughter of Labon Smart (b. 1758, in Franklin Co., N. C; d. 1840, 
in Madison Co., 111.), and his wife Susannah Simmons (b. 1756; d. 1838). 
Labon Smart (son of Peter Smart, b. in 1730) enlisted in the Revolutionary 
Army in the spring of 1780 for 3 months as a private, from N. C, under 
Capt. William Brickli, and Colonels Allen Sessions and Kinyen. In the 
spring of 1781, he re-enlisted for 3 months, as a private from N. C, under 
Capt. Jones and Colonel Linton. He served with Gen. Morgan in the 
memorable Battle of Cowpens (N. C). 

On page 452, of the "History of Madison Co., Illinois," we find this 

"Labon Smart is one of the twenty-three Revolutionary Soldiers buried 
in Madison Co., Illinois, whose names are upon the bronze tablet placed in 
the Circuit Court Room, in the Court Houfee at Edwardsville, 111., by the 
Ninian Edwards Chapter of D. A. R. of Alton, Illinois." 

(Any person descended from Labon Smart is eligible for membership 
in the D. A. R., or Sons of the American Revolution.) 

Children: — 

4088 Ethel Berry, b. 18 Aug., 1882; m. 10 Apr., 1919, Charles Daily (b 1888, 

in Emigrant, Mont). He is a farmer. He enlisted 8 Mar., 1918, at 
Fort Douglas, Utah, but saw no active service, and received honorable 
discharge 13 Feb., 1919, at Camp Funston, Kansas. 

4089 Loraine Berry, b. 20 Apr., 1891; m. 6 Sept., 1913, to Arthur E. Lang 

(b. 3 May, 1891) . They have taken two children to raise and educate : 
Marie Hambhn (b. 15 Feb., 1913), and Margaret HambUn (b. 7 Aug., 
1914), sisters. 

4090 Florence Berry, b. 24 Jan., 1894; d. 15 Mar., 1915; m. 23 Dec, 1911, to 

Bamy Miller. 

380 ®fje poone jFamilp 

4091 William E. Berry, b. 22 Feb., 1897. His service in the World War, 
follows: At the age of 20, he enlisted on 1 May, 1917, at Ft. Mc- 
Dowell, Calif., in the Coast Artillery. Later he was transferred to 
the Infantry, and assigned to Co. "K," 62nd Reg. Infantry, 8th 
Division, U. S. A. On 7 Feb., 1918, at Camp Fremont, Calif., 
he was made a Corporal, and on 10 Apr., 1918, was made Battalion 
Instructor in Grenades. Following this he was made Sergeant on 1 
Oct., 1918. 

The 8th Division left Camp Fremont for France 22 Oct., 1918, and 
got as far as New York City, but the Armistice was signed before they 
got started. He received an honorable discharge, 13 Feb., 1919. 

His service consisted mainly in training recruits and giving in- 
structions in Gas and Grenades. 

2529. SARAH BOONE BERRY (William^- Hettie' Gopher; Elizabeth' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 16 Dec, 1860. 

Married 1st, 17 Jan., 1883, John Carman (d. 1 Sept., 1883), and 2nd, 
28 Dec, 1887, Alva S. Booth (b. 28 Jan., 1865). 

Alva S. Booth was the son of James Ross Booth (b. 27 Aug., 1832; 
d. 26 Jan., 1909; m. 22 Sept., 1859) and his (1st) wife, Karlista Kerns (d. 
22 Sept., 1871, in Pardee, Kan.). James R. Booth was the son of Milton 
Booth (b. in Virginia; m. (1) 29 May, 1808, Miss Ross, and (2) Agatha 
Adamsborn, in Kentucky), who after various moves finally settled in 
Montgomery Co., Kansas, where he died. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

A daughter who died in infancy. 
(Second Marriage) 

-t-4092 Ahna Booth, b. 15 Jan., 1894. 

2530. NANNIE BELL BERRY (William^- Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth'^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 20 Mar., 1863; died 15 Mar., 189- . 

Married 21 Dec, 1881, Dr. E. Neville Chastain. 

(After the death of his wife, Nannie Bell Berry, Dr. Chastain married 
Ethel Stone, and they have a daughter, Helen.) 

Children: — 

4093 Lester L. Chastain, b. 2 Nov., 1883; m. 20 Oct., 19i9, Mary Roberson 
(b. 5 Sept., 1884; d. 2 Dec, 1918). Res. San Luis Valley, Colo. He 
enlisted in Apr., 1918 in the National Guard of Colo., which was later 
federalized. Their only service was during the ctoal strike at Trini- 
dad, Colo. He signed up for six years ; three of actual service and three 
reserve. He was mustered out 5 May, 19 — . 

4004 Dewitt Chastain, b. 29 Oct., 1885; m. Anna Day Smith. He enlisted 
at Ft. Sheridan, III., 27 Nov., 1917, and entered the Officers Training 
Camp. He soon received the rank of 2nd Lieut., and later that of 
1st Lieut. He served with the Field Artillery in France from 15 
Jan., 1918 to 23 Feb., 1919. 

On 7 Mar., 1919, he received an honorable diacliarge with the rank 
of 1st Lieut. 

iSintf) (feneration 38 1 

2533. ALMA BERRY {William^- Hettie^ Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire'^; George'^), born 18 July, 1871. 

Married 14 Jan., 1907, Lamont M. Green. 

(Mr. Green has two sons by a former marriage, Chester and H. J. 
Green who died in France while in service during the World War.) 
Mrs. Green is a member of the D. A. R. ; National Number 136039. 

Child: — 

4095 William Lamonte Green, b. 29 May, 1909; killed 12 Aug., 1918, by aa 
automobile in front of his home in Denver, Colorado. 

2534. KATIE BERRY {William^; Hettie' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 6 Nov., 1877; died 4 Dec, 1897. 
Married 12 Feb., 1897, Hoi Miles. 

Child: — 

4096 Edward Berry MUes, b. 2 Dec, 1897; m. 12 Oct., 1918, Rose Ruth Coy 
(b. 1 Apr., 1897). 

2535. ALLIE BERRY (Thomas^; Hettie^ Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born near Sweet Springs, Mo. 
Married 1st, Weaver, and 2nd, Smith. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

4097 Berry Weaver, who served in the World War. 

4098 Lenox Berry Weaver. 

4099 Alma Berry Weaver. 
(Second Marriage) 

4100 Mary D. Smith. 

2536. KATIE BERRY {Thomas^; Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George'; Squire*; George'), born 8 Apr., 1856. D. A. R. No. 147236. 
Married 4 July, 1875, Joseph Birtly Wright (b. 21 Feb., 1839; d. 
15 July, 1896), who served in the Civil War. 

Children: — 

+4101 Paul E. Wright, b. 5 July, 1876. 
+4102 Walton W. Wright, b. 3 Sept., 187- 
+4103 Jennie Wright, b. 1 June, 1880. 
+4104 Ruby Wright, b. 6 Nov., 1882. 

2539. OSIE BERRY (Thomas^; Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George'), born 27 July, 1860. 

Married 15 Jan., 1852, Dr. Thomas Smith (b. 13 Mar., 1852; d. 28 
Nov., 1918.) 

382 STfje JBoone Jfamilp 

Children: — 

4105 Odie Void Smith, b. 17 Jan., 1888; m. 30 Dec, 1914, Frank Hayman 

Higgins (b. 3 Feb., 1885). Children but names not known. 

4106 Edwin G. Smith, b. 27 Jan., 1890. 

4107 Henrietta Allen Smith, b. 4 Jan., 1904 1 -p^^g 

4108 Thomas Allen Smith, b. 4 Jan., 1904 

2540. EWIN (EDWIN) HARRIS BERRY (Thomas^; Hettie^ Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 19 Mar., 1863. 
Married 17 Oct., 1894, Mary Walker (b. 9 Mar., 1872). 

Children: — 

4109 Edwin Walker Berry, b. 17 Nov., 1896. 

4110 Charles Thomas Berry, b. 15 Sept., 1900. 

2542. BETTY BERRY {Thomas^; Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire'^; George^). 

Married in the Philippine Islands, W. 0. Mclntire. They were 
both teachers there. 

Children: — 

4111 Raymond Mclntire. 

4112 David Mclntire. 

2543. LORIA BERRY (Thomas^; Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Smith. 

Children: — 

4113 Thomas B. Smith. 

4114 Mary Ferguson Smith, m. 1920 or '21, Karl Guier. 

4115 WiUiam Smith. 

2544. DICK BERRY {Thomas^; Hettie^ Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Caroline Prewitt. 

Child: — 

4116 Dick Berry. 

2569. MARY ELIZA BERRY (David^; Hettie^ Gopher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 16 July, 1861. 

Married 2 Sept., 1883 (by Rev. Hedrich) to Henry Longan. 

Children: — 

4117 Edna May Longan, b. 28 Feb., 1888; d. Nov., 1891. 

4118 Nell EUzabeth Longan, b. 20 Feb., 1902. 

iSintf) (generation 383 

2570. JOHN EDGAR BERRY (David\- Hettie^ Gopher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; 
George^; Squire^; George^), born 1 Nov., 1864. 

Married 13 May, 1887, Mattie Florence Ray, who is descended 
from William Claiborne, of Virginia. 

Children: — 

+4119 Brownie Hampton Berry, b. 16 July, 1889. 

4120 Mary Elizabeth Berry. 

4121 Harold Wiatt Berry, b. 23 Aug., 1909. 

2571. FRANK BERRY (David\- Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; George'^; 
Squire*; George^), born 30 July, 1867. 

Married 3 Nov., 1892, Jesse Harris. 

Children: — 

4122 Madaline Roxy Berry, b. 24 Jujie, 1895; m. 25 Nov., 1915, Virgel Fisher. 

2572. STELLA BERRY (David\- Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^, born 10 July, 1872. 

Married 31 May, 1894 (by Rev. Philips), to Joseph Longan, brother 
(?) of Henry Longan who married Mary Eliza Berry. 

Children: — 

4123 Henry David Frederick Longan, b. 21 Apr., 1895; m. May, 1914, Mil- 

dred Franklin. 

4124 Dorothy Longan, b. 26 Jan., 1900. 

4125 Mary E. Longan, b. 11 Nov., 1912. 

2573. LENOX BERRY (David^; Hettie' Gopher; Elizabeth'^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1 Dec, 1875. 

Married 17 May, 1898 (by Rev. Edman Wilkes), to Charles Hanley. 

Mr. Hanley has held a public office in Pettis Co., Mo., for several 
years. He is now (1921) Collector of the Revenue, Pettis Co. and re- 
sides in Sedalia, Mo. 

Children: — 

4126 Josephine Lee Hanley, b. 6 Jan., 190.1. 

4127 David B. Hanley, b. 18 Dec, 1905. 

4128 Hannah Elizabeth Hanley, b. 22 Nov., 1916. 

2575. FLAVIAS STONWALL WILLIAMS (Nannie^ Berry; Hettie' 
Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Nov., 1863. 
Married 29 Apr., 1885, Cora Bell Collins (b. 19 Nov., 1865; d. 14 
Sept., 1913). 

Children: — 

4129 Charles Lawson Williams, b. 23 Mar., 1886; d. Mar., 1886. 
+4130 Emmett Clay Williams, b. 4 Aug., 1887. 

+4131 Flavias Collins Williams, b. 16 Aug., 1891. 
+4132 Bryan Brown Williams, b. 29 Aug., 1896. 

384 l^lje Poone Jf amilp 

Hetiie' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire^; George^), born 13 June, 
1866; died 14 Aug., 1910. 

Married Bessie Kulp (b. 16 July, 1869). 

Children: — 

4133 Kathleen Douglas Williams, b. 24 Dec, 1888; m. Sept., 1919 to Ray- 

mond Archambault (b. 7 Sept., 1891). Raymond Archambault 
enlisted 7 May, 1917 at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. He served as Supply 
Sergeant of Machine Gun Co., 48, Infantry in the Regular Army, 
United States America, and was honorably discharged 1 Feb., 1919, 
with the recommendation for 1st Lieut. Machine Gun Works or 
Infantry Vol. 

4134 Flavia Williams, b. 7 Sept., 1890. She went as a nurse in the World 

War, sailing on 10 May, 1919, from San Francisco for Vladivostok, 
Siberia. Arriving there she was assigned to work in Omsk, where she 
helped dress the wounds of soldiers. When Omsk was evacuated she 
was sent to Irkutsk, where she did night duty at first, and later was 
put in the store room of supplies. When Irkutsk had to be evacuated 
she was sent to Verke Udinsk, where all were put at making hospital 
supplies until conditions permitted them to go back up the line. 
Again she was assigned to Irkutsk, where she helped in the office of 
the hospital until all Americans were ordered out of Siberia. 

4135 Kulp Williams, b. 24 Apr., 1892; d. 5 Nov., 1897. 

4136 Sylvia WilUams, b. 20 Sept., 1894. 
+4137 Margaret Williams, b. 20 Feb., 1897. 

4138 Emmett Hampton Williams, b. 31 July, 1899, at Hustonia, Mo. At 

the age of 18, Hampton Williams, who was a farmer, enlisted on 8 
May, 1917 at Boonville, Mo., as a 1st Class private in Company B. 
140 Infantry, United States Army. He saw service overseas, being 
in the engagements at Vosges Mt. 20 July, and 1 Sept., 1918; and 
again at Meuse Argonne 26 Sept., and 1 Oct., 1918. On 29 Sept., 
1918, he was gassed, but recovered, and is entitled to wear two Gold 
Service Stripes. He received his honorable discharge at Camp 
Funston, Kansas on 13 May, 1919. 

4139 Dempse Brown Williams, b. 8 Sept., 1903. 

4140 Henry Clay WilUams, b. 29 Nov., 1905; d. 3 Mar., 1911. 

2580. JAMES D. McQUITTY {Andrew^; Eleanor'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ 
Boone; George^; Squire^; George^), born 4 Apr., 1849; died 1920. 

Married 24 Dec, 1874, Annie Dysart. 

Children: — 

4141 I. S. McQuitty, b. 17 Nov., 1876. 

4142 E. Fielding McQuitty, b. 15 June, 1878. 

2581. WILLIAM FIELDING McQUITTY {Andrew^; Eleanor'' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 15 Jan., 1852; died 21 
Nov., 1916. 

Married 22 June, 1887, Rachel M. Brannian (b. 21 Dec, 1861). 

iSintl) feneration 385 

William Fielding McQuitty was a Doctor of Medicine, and practised 
in Correctionville, Iowa, up until the time of his death. 

Children: — 

4143 William Fielding McQuitty, Jr., b. 28 Dec, 1888. He was a member of 
the Home Guard during the World War, but was editor of a news- 
paper, a:^d consequently was exempt from service. 

4144 Fannie McQuitty, b. 17 May, 1893. 

2592. NANCY BOONE COOPER (Adaline^ Carson; Mildred'' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Nov., 1829, at Fayette, Mo.; 
died 18 Nov., 1887; at Sacramento, Calif., "aged 58 years." 

Married 25 Aug., 1852, in Howard Co., Mo., Hervey Jackson Vivian 
(b. 6 Nov., 1822, at Louisville, Ky.; d. "Tuesday at 2 o'clock," 19 Aug., 
1873, at Fayette, Mo., of cholera), son of Hervey and Mildred (Ryan) 

Hervey Jackson Vivian, Sr., father of Hervey Jackson Vivian, Jr. 
(b. 1822), was born 27 Apr., 1779, and died 11 Nov., 1857. He was a son of 
John and Martha (Gholson) Vivian of Orange Co., Va., Martha being a 
daughter of John and Esther (Cooke) Gholson. Hervey Jackson Vivian, 
Sr., married Mildred Ryan, who wa« born 22 Mar., 1783, and died in Missouri, 
29 June, 1878. 

Children: — 

4145 Sudie Evelyn Vivian, b. 1853, near Fayette, Mo.; d. "Tuesday, at 2:15 

o'clock," of cholera, at Fayette, Mo. 19 Aug., 1873. Umn. 

4146 Adeline Maria Vivian, b. in Fayette, Mo.; was living (1920) at Sacra- 

mento, CaUf.; m. Elijah Carson Hart, and had three sons and one 

4147 Calthea Campbell Vivian, b. in Fayette, Mo.; was living (1921) in 

Calif. Unm. 

4148 Nannie Jack Vivian, b. in Fayette, Mo.; d. there in infancy, aged eight 

+4149 Flora Rubey Vivian, b. 23 Mar., 1869. 

2595. NESTOR BOONE COOPER (Adaline^ Carson; Mildred'' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 13 Dec, 1837, near Boonesboro, 
Mo.; died 14 Jan., 1893, near Fayette, Mo., "aged 55 years and 27 days." 

Married 16 Sept., 1863, Nannie Wilkerson, daughter of William and 
Polly (Kurtz) Wilkerson. 

Mrs. Nannie Cooper was living in 1916, in Fayette, Mo. 

Children: — (All born in Fayette, Mo.) 

4150 Minnie Gorham Cooper, m. McGirk Miller. 

4151 Romeo Vivian Cooper, m. Mayme Tavenor. 

4152 Laura Vaughan Cooper, m. Webster. 

4153 John Morrison Cooper. 

4154 Frances (Fannie Belle) Cooper, m. Ed. Railsback. 

4155 Harry Lee Cooper. 

4156 Nannie Boone Cooper (called "Tudie") was living in 1921 in Fayette. 

386 Clje poone jFamilp 

2598. MILDRED CARSON COOPER (Adaline^ Carson; Mildred'' 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 9 Feb., 1844, near Boones- 
boro. Mo.; died 1918 at Sacramento, Calif. 
Married William Woods (called "Billy"). 

Children: — 

4157 Nestor Woods. 

4158 Willie Woods (a dau.). 

2601. ADELINE MARY COOPER {Adaline^ Carson; Mildred'' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 15 May, 1850, near Boonesboro, 
Mo.; died "just before 12 o'clock Friday night," 19 Nov., 1915, at Fayette, 

Married 15 Mar., 1872, in Fayette, Mo., her cousin Hoy Cooper (b. 
16 Mar., 1837, in Piatt Co., Mo.; d. "oti the farm near Fayette, Mo." 
14 Feb., 1905), son of Dosia Cooper. 

Children: — 

4159 Ruby Cooper, a teacher, Uving in 1921, at Fayette, Mo. 

4160 Hendley Cooper. 

4161 Paddy Cooper, was living in 1921, at Fayette, Mo. 

4162 Nena Cooper, who d. before 1921. 

4163 Vella Cooper, a book-keeper; living in 1921, at Fayette, Mo. 

4164 Nestor Cooper. 

4165 John Walter Cooper. 

2605. MATILDA ROBERTSON (Lydia^ Wilson; Matilda^ Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born about 1841. 

Married 4 Sept., 1860, William C. McFarland. 

They removed from Platte County to Clinton Co., Mo., in 1879. 
Resides with a daughter Mrs. Emma Marsh. 

Children: — 

+4166 Frank McFarland, b. 5 Oct., 1864. 

4167 Robbie McFarland, b. 13 Oct., 1867; d. in third year. 
+4168 Emma McFarland, b. 24 July, 1871. 

4169 John McFarland, b. 30 Dec, 1874; d. 8 Jan., 1881. 

4170 Harry McFarland, b. 28 Dec, 1878; d. 8 Jan., 1881. Both d. of scarlet 

fever and are buried in the same grave. 

2606. LYDIA ROBERTSON (Lydia^ Wilson; Matilda'' Boone; Williams- 
George^; Squire*; George^), died 1879 in Platte Co., Mo. 

Married in Platte Co., Mo., Luther Overbeck. 

Children: — 

4171 Charles Overbeck, m. Shilling. Res. Baltimore, Md. No child- 


4172 Robertson Overbeck, m. . Wife d. No children. 

4173 Carrie Overbeck, d. 1901; m. Norman Gow. Had a dau. 

4174 Henry Overbeck, m. . Had four or five children. Res. Okla- 


4175 John Overbeck, m. . Had four or five children. 

iSmti) (generation 387 

2607. WALTER ROBERTSON (Lydia^ Wilson; Matilda' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1848. 
Married Lillian Rixly. 

Children: — 

4176 Fred Robertson. 

4177 Edna Robertson. 

4178 Curtis Robertson. 

2608. EMMA ROBERTSON (Lydia^ Wilson; Matilda' Boone; William'; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1849. 

Married in Platte County, Mo., Able Scearce. 

Child: — 

4179 Jessie Scearce. 

2609. JOHN ROBERTSON (Lydia^ Wilson; Matilda' Boone; William^ 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1852; died 1892. 

Married Carrie Hart, of Buchanan County, Mo. His widow lives in 
Lafayette County, Mo. 

Children: — 

4180 Charles Robertson. 

4181 Mattie Robertson. 

4182 Eva Robertson. 

4183 Paul Robertson. 

4184 Josephine Robertson. 

2612. FRANK ROBERTSON (Lydia^ Wilson; Matilda' Boone; William<^; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1856. 
Married Lena Nelson. 

Children: — 

4185 Nelson Robertson. 

4186 Engel Robertson. 

4187 Corinne Robertson. 

2615. MELISSA ANN WILSON {William^- Matilda' Boone; William''; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 27 June, 1843. 

Married 10 Oct., 1865, Edward Drane Crabb. 

Children: — 

4188 Wilson Drane Crabb, b. 12 Nov., 1866; m. 5 Oct., Mamie A. Robinson. 
No children. 
+4189 Lizzie May Crabb, b. 30 Sept., 1876. 


388 2ri)e JBoone jFamilp 

2616. MARY ELLEN WILSON (William^; Matilda'' Boone; William^ 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 29 July, 1844. 
Married 19 Dec, 1882, James W. Thomas. 

Child: — 

+4190 Clara May Thomas, b. 2 May 1884. 

2618. JOEL THOMAS WILSON {William^- Matilda'' Boone; Wil- 
liam^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 20 Nov., 1848; died Mar., 1908. 

Married 1st, Nov., 1877, Lizzie Waide (d. Oct., 1882), and 2nd, 
25 Dec, 1884, Sarah Elizabeth Cox. 

He was a man of strong convictions, an able speaker, prominent 
church worker, and a popular and influential citizen. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

+4191 William Waide Wilson, b. 21 Jan., 1879. 

4192 Wallace NeviUe Wilson, b. 9 Jan., 1882; m. 1 May, 1915, Gertrude 

Holmes Warner. He is Asst. Treasurer of the L. and N. Railroad. 
(Second Marriage) 

4193 Joel Offutt Wilson, b. 12 June, 1886. 

4194 Esther Wilson, b. 1889; d. in infancy. 

4195 Rachel Wilson, b. 6 July, 1892. 

2619. EMMA BOONE WILSON {William^; Matilda^ Boone; Wil- 
liam^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 15 Sept., 1850. 

Married 9 May, 1871, S. M. Caseldine. 

Children: — 

4196 Ehzabeth Offut Caseldine, b. 23 Jan., 1873. 

4197 James Edward Caseldine, b. 9 Aug., 1875; d. 7 Mar., 1882. 
+4198 WiUiam Marcus Caseldine, b. 9 May, 1880. 

4199 Alyne Baker Caseldine, b. 4 Sept., 1890; d. 4 Mar., 1914; m. 17 June, 

1913, Hiram Cassidy. 

2621. EDWIN PITTS WILSON (William^; Matilda'' Boone; William^; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 18 Nov., 1856; died 12 Jan., 1890. 

Married 20 Nov., 1888, Georgie Morris (d. 15 Jan., 1891). 

Child: — 

4200 William Boone Wilson, b. 1 1 Nov., 1889. He is a graduate of State Uni- 

versity of Kentucky, and one of the two men in Kentucky who were 
appointed by the British South African Agricultural Station, from 
America, which position he now holds (1916). 

2622. JAMES HENRY WILSON (William^; Matilda'' Boone; WiU 
ham^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 20 Nov., 1858. 

Married 10 Nov., 1880, Lucy Morton Moody. 

i?mtlj (generation 389 

He was an extensive farmer (owning about 1000 acres) and stock 
raiser, making Hereford cattle a specialty; a progressive, useful citizen, 
and the most popular man in the county. The local paper calls him 

"a prince among men." 

Children: — 

4201 Margaret Morton Wilson, b. 24 Sept., 1881; m. 4 June, 1892, J. H. 

Pryor, and had a son who died in infancy. 

4202 Virginia Offut Wilson, b. 10 Dec, 1882; d. at eight months on the 2 Aug., 

+4203 Bessie Calloway Wilson, b. 18 Feb., 1884. 
+42(M Clara BeDe Wilson, b. 18 June, 1886. 

4205 Lucian Bowling Wilson, b. 10 Nov., 1888; d. 17 Mar., 1889. 
+4206 Alleen Howard Wilson, b. 5 Apr., 1890. 

4207 James Henry Wilson, Jr., b. 4 Oct., 1894. 

4208 Grace Moody Wilson, b. 17 May, 1896. 

4209 Ruth Louise Wilson, b. 5 Sept., 1899. 

2623. NANNIE WILSON (William^; Matilda'' Boone; William^; George^; 
Squire*; George^), born 25 Dec, 1861. 

Married 17 Dec, 1884, Socrates Clubb. 

Child: — 

4210 Bessie Long Clubb, b. 26 Jan., 1886; d. 2 Nov., 1888. 

2624. WALLACE HILL WILSON (William^- Matilda'' Boone; William^' 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 23 June, 1864. 

Married 12 June, 1887, Carrie Phillips. 

He lives in South Pittsburg, Tenn., and has been elected Mayor for 
eight successive terms. Was elected a member of the present (1916) 
Legislature. He is a typical Wilson, progressive, energetic, public citizen; 
popular with all the people of his adopted home; a large owner of City 
property and its Public Utilities. 

Children: — 

4211 William WaUace Wilson, b. 14 Oct., 1895. 

4212 Phillips Offut Wilson, b. 19 Oct., 1900. 

4213 James Shelby Wilson, b. 13 Aug., 1908. Res. Shelbyville, Kentucky. 

2625. LAURA BOONE CUTCHER {Nancy^ Wilson; Matilda'' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Wakefield. 

Children: — 

4214 Rev. William D. Wakefield, of North Carolina. 

4215 James Wakefield. 

390 ^Tlje JSoone Jf amilp 

2636. MATTIE LEE DANIEL {Martha^ Wilson; Matilda^ Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born June, 1869. 
Married 1892, Abraham Hampton Van Dyke. 

Child: — 

4216 Louise Daniel Van Dyke, b. 10 Dec, 1893. 

2644. LILLIE BELL BOSTON {Cassandra^ Carson; Cassandra'' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 12 Feb., 1860, in Carrol Co., Mo. 

Married 8 Aug., 1885, Jonathan Miles, San Angelo, Tex. (b. 11 Nov., 
1824, in Alabama.; d. 16 Jan., 1911, in San Angleo, Tex.). 

Children (First five b. San Angelo, Tex.; last two b. near Fort 
McKarrett, Tex.): — 

+4217 Pigeon Miles, b. 13 May, 1886. 

4218 Pompey Miles, b. 20 Feb., 1888; m. 18 June, 1907, A. V. Cooreham, 

San Angelo, Tex. 

4219 Tom Paine Miles, b. 22 Apr., 1889; d. 9 Dec, 1900, at Fort McKarrett, 


4220 Susie Miles, b. 22 Apr., 1892. Res. Austin, Tex. 

4221 Christopher Carson Miles, b. 13 Jan., 1894. 

4222 Dink Miles, b. 4 Mar., 1898; d. 19 Nov., 1901. 

4223 Mary Elizabeth Miles, b. 17 Apr., 1899. 

2645. JULIA FRANKLIN BOSTON {Cassandra^ Carson; Cassandra^ 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), died Sept., 1889. 

Married 28 Dec, 1877, O. G. Thomas. 

Children: — /' 

4224 Thomas, m. H. B. Cooper. 

2647. WILLIAM CARSON {George^; Cassandra'' Boone; Williams- 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 17 May, 1862. 

Married Oct., 1889, Fannie Turner. 

Child: — 

4225 Robert Hampton Carson, b. 24 Nov., 1894. 

2648. ROGER TANEY CARSON (George^ Cassandra'' Boone; William'^; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Mar., 1864. 

Married 1st, June, 1892, Eloise Lanter (b. 6 Jan., 1863; d. Nov., 
1900), and 2nd, 20 Jan., 1910, Eliza Louisa Boone {Thomas^; Hampton''; 
William^ George^ Squire*; George^), No. 2664 (b. 27 Sept., 1875). 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

No children. 
(Second Marriage) 

4226 Helen Boone Carson, b. 27 Feb., 1911. 

4227 Eloiae Carson, b. 11 Oct., 1915. 

i?mt!) feneration 391 

2650. HINTON VERNON CARSON (James^; Cassandra^ Boone; Wil- 
liam^; George^; Squire^; George^). 

Married Sallie Pearson, daughter of George Pearson. 

Child: — 

4228 Mary Lou Carson, m. 

2651. GUSSIE CARSON {Frank^; Cassandra'' Boone; William''; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 28 Nov., 1871. 

Married 17 Mar., 1892, T. C. Richards (b. 5 Feb., 1865). Resi- 
dence, Fayette, Mo. 

Children: — 

+4229 Emma Richards, b. 24 Mar., 1895; m 2 June, 1915, William E. Smith 
{Ella^ Wilhite; Nannie^ Boone; Nestor''; William*; Georg^; Squire*; 
George^), No. 4246. 
4-4230 Carson Richards, b. 29 Dec, 1892. 
+4231 Louise Richards, b. 24 Feb., 1896. 

4232 Lorene Richards, b. 10 Jan., 1899; m. 17 Aug., 1917, Claude G. Grace, 

(b. 20 (?) Sept., 1897), who is (1921) a Medical Student in John Hop- 
kins University at Baltimore, Md. 

2652. BEULAH CARSON {Frank^ Cassandra'' Boone; William^' Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 3 May, 1873. 

Married 3 Apr., 1900, L. M. Ricketts. Residence, Howard County, 

Child: — 

4233 Frances Ricketts, b. 27 May, 1902; m. 1 Dec, 1920, Lewis Collins. 

2653. KELLAR BOONE CARSON (Frank^- Cassandra'' Boone; Williams- 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Aug., 1879. 

Married 15 Dec, 1898, L. B. Shields. Residence, Moberly, Mo. 

Child: — 

4234 Wallace Carson Shields, b. 30 May, 1903. 

Hampton''; William^; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1868, Mary J. Morton, of Clark County, Ky. Residence, 
Fayette, Mo. A Major and a Judge. 

Children: — 

4235 Evelyn Watts. 
+4236 WiUiam Watts. 

4237 Hampton Morton Watts, m. Cornelia Jones, of Kansas City, who was a 

stenographer to John P. Gordon, State Auditor. They have one child. 

4238 Benjamin Watts. Res- Fayette, Mo. 

392 tCfje Jloone Jfamilp 

2657. CARRIE WATTS {Evelina^ Boone; Hampton''; William^- George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Charles B. Smith, of Lee's Summitt, Mo. 

Children: — 

4239 Emily Bond Smith, m. Capt. Ingpen, an Englishman. 

4240 Louise Smith. 

4241 Rowena Smith, m. Ray Blackett, of Silver Cliff, Colo. 

4242 Constance Blessing Smith, m. Earnest Hick, of New York, who travelled 

with "Billy" Sunday, the Evangelist. 

2658. FANNIE LOUISE WATTS (Evelina^ Boone; Hampton^; Williams- 
George^; Squire*; George^), died Sept., 1892, at Spokane, Wash. 
Married John Scott, of Lakeport, Calif. 

Children: — 

4243 Eldorado Scott. 

4244 John Scott. 

2683. ALICE WILHITE (Nannie^ Boone; Nestor^; William^ George^ 
Squire*; George^). 

Married 30 Jan., 1884, Ishmael Evans. 

Child: — 

4245 Lola Evans, b. 10 Apr., 1885; m. 1916, William Arthur Durst. Res. 
Enid, Okla. 

2684 ELLA ELIZABETH WILHITE {Nannie^ Boone; Nestor''; William*; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1864. 
Married S. Smith. 

Child: — 

4246 William E. Smith, m. Emma Richards {Gussie* Carson; Frank*; Cassan- 
dra^ Boone; William^; George^; Squire^; George^), No. 4229. 

2696. KATE LAY {Nancy^ Boone; William CJ; William'^; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Burrell Adams, of Los Angeles, Calif. 

Children: — 

4247 Lucy Adams. 
. , 4248 Nannie Adams. 

4249 Edith Adams. 

4250 Alfred Adams. 


iSintl) feneration 393 

2708. LUCY ALICE THOMPSON {Louisa^ Boone; William C; Wil- 
liam^; George^; Squire*; Gtor^e^). 

Married Willocks, of Kansas City. 

Child: — 

4251 Cyrus Willocks. 

2724. NANNIE HARRIS STONER {Michael^; Nancy'' Tribble; Mary<^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1845. 

Married James S. Crawford (b. 1839; d. abt. 1919 or '20). Resi- 
dence near Victoria, Texas. 

Children: — 

+4252 Michael Stoner Crawford, b. 1867. 
+4253 Wilkerson Stark Crawford, b. 1869. 

2725. (GEORGE) OVERTON STONER (Michael^- Nancy-' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1847; died 1920. 

Married about 1868 or '69, Zilpha Rose (b. 1850). Residence, Vic- 
toria, Te^as. 

Overton Stoner was in the Confederate Army when his father, 
Michael L. took the rest of the family and went to Kentucky. 

At one time he, his brothers and brothers-in-law owned a big cattle 
ranch not many miles from Victoria. 

Children: — 

4254 Margaret M. Stoner, b. 1870; d. 1894; m. S. Y. Harper (b. 1865; d. 
+4255 Nannie Ulalume Stoner, b. 1872. 
+4256 Tillitha Imogene Stoner, b. 1874. 
+4257 Blanche E. Stoner, b. 1876. 
+4258 Michael Lowery Stoner, b. 1878. 
+4259 Zilpha Evelyn Stoner, b. 1880. 
+4260 Kate CarUsle Stoner, b. 1883. 

+4261 Mame Victoria Stoner, b. 1886; m. her cousin, RoycU T. Stoner (b. 
1880). Des. given under his name. No. 4330. 
George Overton Stoner, II., b. 1889, Victoria, Tex. 
Victor Rose Stoner, b. 1893, Victoria, Tex. 

2726. TILLITHA STONER (Michael^- Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary« Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1849. 

Married George L. Whitney (d. 1904). Residence, Goliad, Tex. 

Children: — 

+4264 Bettie Whitney, b. 1867. 

+4265 Carrie Whitney, b. 1870. 

4266 Stoner Whitney, b. 1872, unm. 

4267 George Whitney, b. 1874; m. Ann Thielan. 

4268 Nannie Whitney, b. 1876; m. William Bagwell. 
+4269 Aline Whitney, b. 1878. 

+4270 James Whitney, b. 1880. 
4271 Lucile Whitney, b. 1883. 

394 ^Tfje ?@oone jFamilp 

2727. PETER TRIBBLE STONER {Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle: Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1851; died 1890. 
Married Mamie Donelson (b. 1856). 

Children: — 

+4272 Emily Carlisle Stoner, b. 1876. 
+4273 Lillie May Stoner, b. 1878. 

4274 Robert Overton Stoner, b. 1880; d. 1907; unm. 
+4275 NeUie Stoner, b. 1883. 

4276 Dora Stoner, b. 1886; m. Mr. Boyd. 

2728. MARIA STONER (Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1853. 

Married in Texas, Richard Lynn (d. 1877). 

At present (1921) Mrs. Lynn is matron of the girl's dormitory at the 
Kentucky State Normal School, Richmond, Ky. 

Child: — 

+4277 Laura Lynn, b, 1875. 

2729. WILLIAM STONER (Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1854. 

Married 1st, Dora Donelson (d. 1880), 2nd, Annie Sutherland (b. 
1852; d. 1910), 3rd, Louise Chase (d. 1916), and 4th, 1918, Marion 
Blanchard. Residence Victoria, Tex. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4278 George Overton Stoner, b. 1880; d. 1911; m. Mamie Johnson. Left no 
(Second Marriage) 

+4279 Walter Stoner, b. 1884. 
+4280 Janie Stoner, b. 1886. 

4281 Sutherland Stoner, b. 1887; in U. S. Army. 

4282 Lemuel Stoner, b. 1888. 
+4283 CarUsle Stoner, b. 1891. 

2730. LILLIE C. STONER {Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1857. 

Married Wilkins M. Hunt (b. 1857; d. 1910). 

Children: — 

4284 Stuart Hunt, res. Washington, D. C; b. 1878; m. Frances Rebecca Rose 
(b. 1885). 
+4285 Wilkins Hunt, Jr., b. 1880. 

4286 Margaret Hunt, b. 1882; m. Edwin Klein. 
+4287 Tom Hunt, b. 1888. 


iSintt) feneration 395 

2731. HUNT STONER (Michael^- Nancy' Trihble; Mary^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^), born 1864. 

Married Idella Lane (b. 1874), and they were divorced in 1917. Resi- 
dence Victoria, Tex. 

Children: — 

+4288 Eucile Stoner, b. 1894. 

4289 Sibyl Stoner, b. 1896; m. Duane Stahley. 

4290 Mary Lulu Stoner, b. and d. 1898. 

4291 Elizabeth Stoner, b. 1899. 

4292 Alexandria Stoner, b. 1902, 

4293 Edith Stoner, b. 1904. 

4294 Mary Stoner, b. 1906; d. 1908. 

2732. DAVIS STONER (Michael^ Nancy'' Trihble; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; Geroge^), born 1867. 
Married Le Etta Donelson, 

Children: — 

4295 Ada Stoner, b. 1892; m. Lieut. Tom King. 

4296 Ramella Stoner, b. 1894; m. Bayard Hackadom. 

4297 Leslie Stoner, b. 1896; m. and was a widow in Mar., 1918. 

4298 Dorothy Stoner, b. 1898. 

4299 M. D. Stoner, b. 1900. 

4300 Lois Stoner, b. 1901. 

2733. SARAH ANN GATEWOOD {Mary' Stoner; Nancy' Trihble; Mary' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married James Hamilton. 

Children: — 

+4301 George Hamilton, b. 18—. 

4302 Robert Hamilton, d. when a young man leaving no heirs. 
+4303 Carrol Hamilton, b. 186—. 
+4304 Fannie May Hamilton, b. 1 Mar., 1870. 

2734. JAMES GATEWOOD (Mary' Stoner; Nancy' Trihble; Mary' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1841; died 27 Dec, 1917, at Mt. 
Sterling, Ky. 

Married Jane Elinor Ewing, who lives in Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Children: — 

4305 Robert Gatewood, b. 18 — ; m. Mary Magowan. They have no children 

and live near Mt. SterUng, Ky. 

4306 Elva Gatewood, b. 18 — ; m. Benjamin Gay, Lexington, Ky., who died 

and left her with several children, whose names and ages not ascer- 

396 tlTfje ^oone Jf amilp 

4307 Jack Gatewood, b. 18 — ; m. Virginia Gartright, and lives in Ky. They 

have one or two children. 

4308 Mary Stoner Gatewood, b. 18 — ; m. David Fox, and lives on a farm 

near Mt. Sterling, Ky. They have no children. 
+4309 Wilham Hamilton (Colonel) Gatewood, b. 18—. 

2735. EMMA GATEWOOD {Mary^ Stoner; Nancy' Tribhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married John Magowan, who died several years ago. Residence 
Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Children: — 

4310 Mary Magowan, b. abt., 1872, and d. when just about grown. 

4311 James Magowan, b. 187 — . Breeds race horses on his farm near Mt. 

Sterling, Ky. 

2738. MARY ELIZABETH SMITH {Frances^ Stoner; Nancy' Tribhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Robert Henderson (d. Nov. or Dec, 1906). She lives in 
Mt. Zion, III. 

Children: — 

4312 Guy Henderson, d. in infancy. 

4313 Robert Henderson, d. in infancy. 
+4314 Frank Henderson, b. 1869. 

4315 Carl Henderson, b. 1872; m. Esther Tyo, and lives in Oak Park, 111. 

2739. MINERVA SMITH (Frances^ Stoner; Nancy' Tribhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 26 Nov., 1848. 

^ Married 27 Oct., 1880, Ed. O. Humphrey (b. 10 June, 1852; d. 20 
Apr., 1918). Residence Chicago, 111. 

Children: — 

+4316 Frances Benjamin (Bonnie) Humphrey, b. abt. 1882. 
4317 Jeanette Waters (Jean) Humphrey, b. 1890; m. (1) Harry Faber, and 
(2) abt. 1920, "Jack" DebeU. 

2740. WASHINGTON STONER SMITH (Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' 
Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born about 1850. 
Married Gertrude Ulery. Residence Mt. Zion, 111. 

Children: — 

+4318 Gladys Smith, b. 1882. 
+4319 Sidney Madison Smith, b. 188—. 
+4320 Guy Ulery Smith, b. 188—. 
4321 Paul Smith, b. abt. 1890; unm. 

iSmtf) feneration 397 

2742. NANCY STONER SMITH {Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born about 1854. 

Married Oliver Marshall Scott (b. 1858). Address, Mt. Zion, III. 

Child: — 

+4322 Marian MarshaU Scott, b. 1889. 

2744. SARAH ANNE SMITH (Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary<^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 13 Sept., 1860. 

Married about 1880, Henry Noble Greene. Residence, Decatur, III. 

Children: — 

4323 Nora Vivien Greene, b. 10 Nov., 1881; d. 7 Jan., 1907. In Feb., 1905, 

she married Wade Hampton Ownby. They had one son, who was 
born and died Dec. 19, 1906. She is buried at La Place, 111. 

4324 WeedenLindleyGreene,b.31Jan., 1883; d. 25 Dec, 1913; unm. Buried 

at La Place, III. 

4325 Donald Edwin Greene, b. 11 Nov., 1889; unm. He served in the World 

War; trained at Camp Shelby (Hattiesburg, Miss.), and went overseas 
with the 139th Field Artillery, but arrived too late to see active service. 
He was with that part of the division which went over on the Levia- 
than, shpping out of harbor and crossing without an escort; returning 
on the George Washington; and received his discharge at Indianapolis, 
Ind. Res. Decatur, 111. 

2746. KATE STONER {Washington^; Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 12 Sept., 1852, in Montgomery Co., Ky. 
Married 1st, 30 Dec, 1867, James Butl^, and 2nd, 31 Oct., 1878, 
at La Place, 111., Samuel Victor Hawthorne (b. 14 Oct., 1851, in Pa.). 
Residence, La Place, 111. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4326 Anna Washington Butler, b. 21 Nov., 1869; m. 17 Sept., 1901, Edmund 

Butts Chapman (b. 19 Sept., 1866). No children. Res. Casner, 111. 

4327 Minnie H. Butler, b. 1 Feb., 1873; m. 7 July, 1901, Henry H. Bass (b. 

abt. 1872). No children. Res. 1193 West Main St., Decatur, 111. 
(Second Marriage) 

4328 Bess L. Hawthorne, b. 27 July, 1880. D. A. R. No. 95699. Graduate 

of University of lUinois; member of Phi Beta Kappa. 

2749. CLINTON STONER (Thomas^- Frances^ Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Sguire*; George^), born 1852; died 1884. 

Married 1877, Anna Wellington (b. 1857), and lived near Uvalde, 

Children: — 

+4329 Hope Stoner, b. 1879. 
+4330 Royal Stoner, b. 1880. 

398 ^Tfje J&oont jFamilp 

2752. MARY PETETTA STONER (Thomas^; Frances'' Tribhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Dec, 1859; died 1917 in Seattle, 
Washington, and is buried there. 

Married 27 July, 1880, William Wilson Burt (b. 18 July, 1859). 

Children: — 

4331 William Price Burt, b. 25 Aug., 1882; m. 25 Dec, 1912, Elizabeth Thorn- 

ton (b. 1888). Res. Seattle, Wash. 

4332 Clinton Abram Burt, b. 1 Mar., 1885. Res. Seattle, Wash. 
+4333 Leila Miriam Burt, b. 1887. 

+4334 Nancy Margaret Burt, b. 1891. 

4335 Robert Thomas Stoner Burt, b. 22 Aug., 1894. Seattle, Wash. 

4336 James J. Burt, b. 3 Nov., 1899. 

4337 Mary Hathaway Burt, b. 8 Aug., 1902; had twin who d. at birth. 

2755. NANCY STONER (Thomas^- Frances'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 1869. 

Married 1890, Walter Bromley (b. 1867; killed by gasoline engine 
16 June, 1919). 

She lives on the home farm between Mt. Zion and Macon, 111. 

Children: — 

. 4338 Elva Bromley, b. 1892. 

4339 Wallis S. Bromley, b. 1896; m. 16 Apr., 1919, Gladys Chynoweth (b. 

1897 or '98). They live near Macon, 111., and have a dau., b. in 1920. 

2756. MATTIE ALLEN STONER (Thomas^; Frances'' Tribhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Feb., 1873. 

Married about 1895, Thomas Smith. Residence Laguna, Tex. 

Children: — 

4340 Weaver Smith, b. 1898. 

4341 Nancy Hathaway Smith, b. 1900; m. abt. Oct. or Nov., 1920, Emmett 

Hutchinson. Res. near Laguna, Tex. 

4342 Daniel Boone Michael Stoner Peter Tribble William CUnton Smith 

(called Stoner Smith), b. 1903. 

2757. JOHN GRUBBS LITTLE (Maria^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary'' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), ^^oi'n 21 April 1856 

Married Mary Belle Toof, of Memphis, Tenn. Residence (1921) 
Chicago, 111. 

Children: — 

4343 Stoner Little, d. in fnfancy. 

4344 Mary V. Little, b. abt., 1879. 

4345 Stephen Little, d. when only a small boy. 
+4346 William Little, II., d. 10 Oct., 1918, of influenza. 
+4347 John Grubbs Little, Jr. 

4348 Grace Toof Little, m. 3 Sept., 1918, Lieut. Robert Bradley Fentress. 

iSintjj (generation 399 

2759. MAY STONER (Robert^- Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married about 1894, Sidney Clay (d. about 1913, or '14). Residence, 
Paris, Ky. 

Child: — 

4349 Alice Rodgers Clay, b. abt. 1896; m. Roseberry. Rea. Paris, Ky. 

One child. 

2760. WARREN STONER (Robert^- Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Jennie Fox, a sister of David Fox, who married Mary 
Stoner Gaiewood (James ^; Mary^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), No. 4308. 

Children: — 

4350 Robert Stoner. 

4351 Tom Fox Stoner, m. Jan., 1915, Marion Huston Jenkins, of Memphis, 


2763. JOSEPHINE SMITH (Jane^ Gentry; Elizabeth' Tribble; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, Henry Bright, and 2nd, Ned McCarthey, of Danville, 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4352 William Bright. 

Maria (Pettie) Bright, m. Samuels. 

(Second Marriage) 

4353 Jane McCarthey, m. E. P. Farrel. 

2764. WILLIAM PARRISH (Mary^ Gentry; Elizabeth'' Tribble; Mary'' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Mary Sutton. 

Child: — 

4354 Mary Boone Parrish. 

2765. JANE (JENNIE) PARRISH (Mary^ Gentry; Elizabeth'' Tribble; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born July, 1842. 
Married Owen P. Lynch. 

Children: — 

4355 Annie Lynch. 

4356 Owen Ljmch. 

4357 Walter Lynch. 

400 ^fte Poone Jf amilp 

2766. BETTIE PARRISH {Mary^ Gentry; Elizabeth^ Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Capt. Thomas Ferrill. 

Children: — 

4358 Mary FerriU, b. 9 June, 1867; m. W. D. Oldham. 

4359 Pattie Ferrill, m. Thomas Ellison. 

4360 Benjamin Ferrill, m. Pattie Green. 

4361 Jeanie FerriU, b. 27 Oct., 1875; m. H. C. Shipp. 

4362 William Fountain Ferrill, b. 22 Nov., 1872. 

4363 Mattie Ferrill. 

4364 Taylor Ferrill. 

2767. ANNIE PARRISH {Mary^ Gentry; Elizabeth^ Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), born 9 Oct., 1841. 
Married 10 Nov., 1874, William C. Meyers. 

Children: — 

4365 Smith Meyers. 

4366 Joseph Meyers. 

4367 Janie Meyers. 

2769. PETER PARRISH {Mary^ Gentry; ElizahetK' Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 26 June, 1856. 
Married Clara Pellion. 


r: — 


A. J. Parrish. 


Owen C. Parrish. 


Nannie Parrish. 


John W. Parrish. 


Peter Parrish, Jr. 


Fountain Parrish 


Mary Parrish. 


SaUie Parrish. 

2772. BENJAMIN SMITH GENTRY {Peter^; Elizabeth-' Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 29 May, 1845; died 1906. 

Married 14 Feb., 1895, Mattie Lee Smith. 

He engaged in the horse and mule business in Kentucky, Richmond, 
Va., Charleston, S. C, and in New Orleans. After his father's death 
he went into buBiness in Lexington, Ky. His death followed an operation 
for appendicitis. He was probably the most prominent Gentry in Ky., 
at the time of his death. 

Child: — 

4376 Peter Tribble Gentry, b. 9 July, 1899. 

iSintl) feneration 4oi 

2774. JAMES H. GENTRY {Peter^; Elizabeth'' Tribble; Mary'' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 19 Dec, 1847. 

Married 23 May, 1882, Sallie Harding. Residence, near Danville, Ky. 

Child: — 

4377 Julia H. Gentry, b. 1 June, 1883. 

2778. FRANKLIN M. GENTRY (Peter^; Elizabeth'' Tribble; Mary'' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 30 May, 1853; died 30 Aug., 1904. 

Married 30 June, 1897, Helen Harrison. 

He was a mule dealer in the south. Lived some years in New Or- 
leans, but for the last five j'ears of his life he lived in Lexington, Ky. 

Child: — 

4378 Frank Gentry, b. 10 Mar., 1898. 

2779. ELIZABETH A. GENTRY {Peter\- Elizabeth' Tribble; Mary'' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 13 Apr., 1855; died 10 Oct., 1876. 
Married 9 Jan., 1872, John Butler. 

Child: — 

4379 Julian G. Butler, b. 30 Nov., 1872; d. 3 May, 1879. 

2781. MARTHA J. GENTRY (Peter^- Elizabeth'' Tribble; Mary' Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^), born 8 July, 1859. 

Married 28 Oct., 1886, A. J. Caldwell (d. 14 Aug., 1907). She lives 
on the estate with her brothers. 

Child: — 

4380 Peter Gentry Caldwell, b. 7 Dec, 1888. 

2783. THOMAS BLYTHE GENTRY (Peter^; Elizabeth' Tribble; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; Georg^), born 2 Dec, 1861. 

Married his cousin, Susan Gentry, daughter of his great uncle, 
Valentine Gentry. 

Child : — 

4381 Julian Valentine Gentry, b. 20 June, 1898. 

2788. OVERTON H. GENTRY, II. (Joseph'; Elizabeth' Tribble; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 9 May, 1859, in Jackson Co., Mo. 

Married 21 May, 1884, Emma Roberts, of Miami, Salem Co., Mo. 

He is a druggist of Independence, Mo., and was County Treasurer 
of Jackson Co. 1904-1908. 

402 ^f)t Poone :f amilp 

Children: — 

4382 Alonzo Henley Gentry, b, 14 Feb., 1886. 

4383 Walter Robertson Gentry, b. 19 May, 1889. 

4384 Gentry (dau.), b. 27 Oct., 1894. 

2790. ELIZABETH GENTRY (Overton^; Elizabeth^ Trihhle; Mary'^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1876. 

Married 1900, Churchill White, of Kansas City, Mo., a grandson 
and heir of C. J. White, formerly cashier of the National Bank of Com- 
merce of^ Kansas City. 

Child: — 

4385 Berryl White, b. 1901. 

2796. ANNIE SIMMS {Eliza^ Fox; Maria'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Chinn. 

Child: — 

4386 Peter Chinn. 

2797. ELLA SIMMS {Eliza^ Fox; Maria'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, Stanley, and 2nd, Vandermale. 

Child: — 

(First Marriage) 

4387 Josie Stanley. 

2799. SAMMIE FOX {Samuel\- Maria'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Holloway. 

Children: — 

4388 Fox Holloway. 

4389 Frank Holloway. 

4390 Guy Holloway. 

4391 Cecile Holloway. 

4392 Victor Holloway. 

2800. FANNIE MAY FOX (Samuel^- Maria'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Samuel Owsley. 

Children: — 

4393 Sam Oaley. 

4394 Dan Owsley. 

Mintf) feneration 403 

2807. LOUIS PAYNE, 11. {George Ann^ Stoner; Frances' Tribble; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, Miss Raney of Mo., and 2nd, . 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

4395 Louis Payne, III. 

4396 Pearl Payne. 

2809. MOLLIE PAYNE (George Ann^ Stoner; Frances'' Tribble; Mary'' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married about 1867, Dr. James L. Gartrell. 

Children: — 

+4397 Elizabeth Frances Gartrell, b. 1869. 

4398 Harry Payne Gartrell, b. 1870. 

+4399 James L. Gartrell, b. 1873. 

4400 Lauretta Gartrell, b. 1875. 

+4401 Lucius Justice Gartrell, b. 1877. 

4402 William S. Gartrell, b. 1879. 

4403 Georganna Gartrell, b. 1881; m. Charles B. Winstead. 

4404 Louis Tolbert Gartrell, b. 1883; d. 1884. 

4405 Mary Payne Gartrell, b. 1885. 

2810. LAURA PAYNE (George Ann^ Stoner; Frances' Tribble; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Brown, of Mo. 

Child: — 

4406 Anna Payne Brown. 

2811. SARAH F. BLAKESLEY (Mary^ Stoner; Frances' Tribble; Mary'' 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Collins. 

Children: — 

4407 H. Blakesley Collins. Lived in St. Louis, Mo. 

4408 Edith Coilins. Lived in St. Louis, Mo. 

2812. ANNA DOUNDA BLAKESLEY (Mary^ Stoner; Frances' Tribble; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, Barnes, and 2nd, W. B. Bliss. They lived in New 


Child: — 

4409 Mildred Barnes, m. Bliss, her step-brother, a secretary to the U. S, 

Embassy in France. 


404 ^\)t Poone jFamilp 

2815. NANCY CROMWELL (Najicy^ Stoner; Frances'' Trihble; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married M. B. Holliday. In 1913 they were living at 1801 West 
Ave., Austin, Texas. 

Children: — 

4410 Margaret Holliday, M. D. 

4411 William Holliday. 

4412 Seymour HoUiday. 

4413 Samuel Holliday. 

4414 Robert Holliday. 

4415 Thomas HoUiday. 

2816. HAWKINS CROMWELL {Nancy^ Stoner; Frances'' Trihble; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Blanche Rose and lives at Sour Lake, Texas. 

Children: — 

4416 Alexander Cromwell, b. 1878. 

4417 John Cromweil, b. 1880. 

4418 Lee Cromwell, b. 1882. 

4419 Terry Cromwell, b. 1884. 

4420 Lillian Cromwell, b. 1886. 

4421 Allen Cromwell, b. 1890. 

4422 Frank Cromwell, b. 1892. 

4423 Nancy Cromwell, b. 1894; d. 1898. 

4424 William Cromwell, b. 1897; d. 1910 

4425 Edward Cromwell, b. 1900; d. 1911. 

4426 Alfred Cromwell, b. 1903; d. 1904. 

2819. FRANCES STONER {George^; Frances'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Robert Ratliff and in 1918 was living at Ganado, Texas. 

Children: — 

4427 Betty Hathaway Ratliff, m. James Stofer, of Alvin, Texas, and has a eon. 

4428 Frank AUen RatUff. 

2820. GEORGE WASHINGTON STONER (George'; Frances'' Tribhle; 

Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born . 

Married and lives in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children: — 

4429 Stoner (a dau ). 

4430 George Washington Stoner, who was in U. S. Army in 1918. 

2828. PATTIE TRIBBLE (Alexander^; George''; Mary^ Boone; Georges- 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Ira G. Taylor. 

i?mtl) (Seneration 405 

Children: — 

4431 Ira G. Taylor, Jr., who was in the U. S. Army in 1918. 

4432 Taylor (a son), b. abt. 1902. 

2833. MARY (MOLLIE) TRIBBLE (Peter\- SamueP; Mary^ Boone; 
George^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Johnson, 

Children: — 

4433 Mary Johnson. 

4434 John P. Johnson. 

4435 Gray Johnson. 

2859. SARAH ELLEN ARNOLD {Caroline^ Scholl; John''; Mary* 
Boone; Edward^; Squire*; George^). 
Married James A. Simpson. 

Child: — 

4436 Eula Belle Simpson, m. J. B. Vaughan. 

2862. WILLIAM ARNOLD {Caroline' Scholl; John'; Mary' Boone; 
Edward^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Elizabeth Yates. 

Children: — 

4437 Charles Pleasant Arnold. 

4438 Joseph Taylor Arnold. 

2864. JOHN PLEASANT ARNOLD {Caroline' Scholl; John''; Mary* 
Boone; Edward^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Dora Harrison. 

Child: — 

+4439 Caroline Arnold. 

2892. ADDISON L. McINTOSH {Moses'; Elizabeth' Boone; Moses*; 
Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 25 Dec, 1840. 

Married 15 June, 1868, Margaret A. Snyder (b. 15 May, 1847; d. 
8 July, 1912). 

Children: — 

+4440 Minnie Mcintosh, b. 13 May, 1869. 
4441 Austin Mcintosh, b. 13 Jan , 1871; m. 13 Jan., 1900, Flora Frazier. No 
+4442 Jennie Mcintosh, b. 30 Jan., 1873. 
+4443 Frank H. Mcintosh, b. 8 Apr., 1876. 
+4444 Ida M. Mcintosh, b. 11 Jan., 1879. 

406 ®l)e |8oone Jfamilp 

2903. ALMA McINTOSH {William^; Elizabeth^ Boone; Moses^; Squire^; 
Squire*; George^), born 1841, in Ind. 

Married 1867 Wright Harris. Res., Boone, la. 

Children: — 

+4445 William Wright Harris, b. 1867. 

4446 Jessie Harris, b. 1868; m. Wilber Earnest Atkinson, who d. 1908. 

4447 Jennie Harris, b. 1870, in Iowa. Res. Steamboat Springs, Colo. 

4448 Florence L. Harris, b. 1874. 

4449 John Ray Harris, b. 1877 \ -pwins 

4450 Mary May Harris, b. 1877 / 

4451 Paul Harris, b. 1882; m. Elizabeth F. Gallaway (b. 1883). 

2904. JAMES WHITCOMB McINTOSH {William^; Elizabeth' Boone; 
Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 1843, in Indiana. 

Married Josephine Louise Ketchum (daughter of Daniel C. and 
Cornelia (Cummings) Ketchum) b. Mar., 1847. Res. Boone, la. (Daniel 
C. and Cornelia Ketchum were natives of Mass.) 

Children: — 

4452 Emily Cordelia Mcintosh, b. 1870; d. 1880. 
+4453 Maud CUnton Mcintosh, b. 1872. 

4454 Sybil Mcintosh, b 1874; d. 1884. 

4455 James Lawrence Mcintosh, b. 1876; m. 1901, Lillian Webb, at Okla- 

homa City, Okla. 

2908. LEMUEL McINTOSH {RatUP; Elizabeth' Boone; Moses'; Squire'; 
Squire*; George^), born 28 Jan., 1857. 

Married 5 Jan., 1887, Hattie Weaver (d. 2 Nov., 1919). 

Children: — 

4456 George WilUam Mcintosh, b. 22 Dec, 1887. 

4457 Eugene Mcintosh, b. 14 June, 1889. 

2909. JOSEPH CLINTON McINTOSH {RatUP; Elizabeth' Boone; 
Moses'; Squire'; Squire*; George^), born 11 July, 1859. 
Married 25 Nov., 1888, Ella M. Granger. 

Children: — 

+4458 Emeryne Ella Mcintosh, b. 14 July, 1889. 

4459 Mary Elizabeth Mcintosh, b. 6 Dec, 1891; d. 8 May, 1895. 

4460 Hazel Jane Mcintosh, b. 3 May, 1893; d. 2 Oct., 1893. 
+4461 Ruth Mafjel Mcintosh, b. 24 Sept., 1895. 

4462 Hannah Boone Mcintosh, b. 15 Sept., 1898. 

4463 Barbara Helen Mcintosh, b. 19 Dec, 1904. 

4464 Lemuel Clinton Mcintosh, b. 5 July, 1907. 

i5intf) (generation 407 

2910. GEORGE McINTOSH {RathP; Elizabeth'' Boone; Moses^; Squire'; 
Squire*; George^), born 4 Feb., 1861. 

Married 3 July, 1884, Susannah Wilson. 

Children: — 

+4465 Rebecca Jane Mcintosh, b. 2 Apr., 1885. 

4466 Thomas Mcintosh, b. 16 Nov., 1888; d. 9 June, 1894. 

4467 James Morfitt Mcintosh, b. 14 Mar., 1895. 

4468 George Jennings Mcintosh, b. 13 Dec, 1897. 

2911. ELIZABETH McINTOSH (Ratleff^; Elizabeth^ Boone; Moses^; 
Squire'; Squire"^; George^), born 24 Nov., 1862. 
Married 10 Feb., 1884, Enoe Henry Wade. 

Children: — 

4469 Mattie Wade, b. 7 Jan., 1886; m. 30 Mar., 1908, George Harry Mcintosh. 

No children. 

4470 Josie Wade, b. 11 Jan., 1888. 
+4471 Harry Wade, b. 29 Nov., 1889. 

4472 Mary Wade, b. 28 Apr., 1892. 

2914. MARY McINTOSH {RatUP; Elizabeth'' Boone; Moses'; Squires- 
Squire*; George'), born 13 Feb., 1869; died 28 Dec, 1893. 
Married 26 Mar., 1891 John Kirkland. 

Child: — 

4473 Joe E. I^kland, b. 17 Mar., 1892; d. 1 Feb., 1906. 

2919. VIRGIL BOONE (William^- Squire^' Moses'; Squire'; Squires- 
George'), born 19 Aug., 1848, in Ind. 

Married 7 Nov., 1875, Susan C. Cartwright (b. 12 June, 1854, in la.). 

He is a farmer in Worth Township, Boone Co., la., and was living 
there on 19 Oct., 1920. 

Children: — 

4474 Birdie A. Boone, b. 5 Oct., 1876; d. 27 Oct., 1883. 
+4475 Perry Boone, b. 13 Apr., 1880. 
+4476 Daisy Boone, b. 30 Oct., 1885. 
4477 DoUiver Bogg Boone, b. 10 Oct., 1894, in la.; m. 1 July, 1914, Mae 
Wheeler. No living children. 

2953. EDWARD (NED) WILCOX HINTON {Eliza^ Wilcox; George'; 
Sarah' Boone; Squire'; Squire*; George'), born 29 Nov., 1868, near Roche- 
port, Mo. 

Married July, 1891, Mary Turner, daughter of Colonel Squire and 
Sally (Stone) Turner, of Columbia, Mo. (a) 

408 3rf)e JSoone jTamilp 

Children: — 

4478 Catherine Hinton. 

4479 John Hinton. 

2957. JOHN SHACKELFORD (Sarah^ Withers; Eliza^ Boone; Enoch'; 
Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Children: — 

4480 Frank Shackelford. 

4481 Dr. M. Blakely Shackelford. 
+4482 Daisy Shackelford. 

2959. PRESTON SHACKELFORD {Sarah^ Withers; Eliza' Boone; 
Enoch'; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Child: — 

4483 Ruth Shackelford. 

2963. BRUCE SHACKELFORD {Sarah^ Withers; Eliza' Boone; Enoch'; 
Squire^; Squire*; George^). 

Married . 

Children: — 

4484 John Shackelford. 

4485 Myrtle Shackelford. 

4486 Henry Shackelford. 

4487 Lena Shackelford, m. Simpson. 

4488 Maud Shackelford, m. Floyd. 

+4489 Stella Shackelford. 

Eliza' Boone; Enoch'; Squire^; Squire*; George^), died Mar., 1875. 

Married 1867, John Cane Musselman. 

(John Cane Musselman was the third child of David Musselman (b. 1 
Jan., 1806; m. in Va.), and his wife, Ann McCowan, a daughter of Mary 
Davis (d. 1850), sister to Jefiferson Davis, Pres. of the Confederacy. Mary 
Davis, born in Virginia, was the eldest of nine children, and Jefferson, the 
youngest. David Musselman was the son of Daniel Musselman (b. 2 May, 
1781; d. 3 Aug., 1852; m. 6 Oct., 1804), and his wife, Christine Widner (b. 
5 Dec, 1787; d. 21 June, 1876). David was one of thirteen children, and 
he himself had eight.) 

Children: — 

+4490 Melissa Ann Musselman, b. 1868. 
+4491 William David Musselman, b. 1869. 
+4492 Sarah Jane Musselman, b. 1870. 
4493 Mariam Musselman, b. 1875. 

iSintf) (generation 409 

2966. ELIZABETH WITHERS {AlbeH'; Eliza' Boone; Enoch'; Squire^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Douglas. 

Children: — 

4494 Lillie Douglas. 
+4495 Will Douglas. 

2967. JAMES WITHERS (Albert^- Eliza' Boone; Enoc¥; Squire'; 
Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Child: — 

4496 Mabel Withers. 

2971. LULA BEELER (Eliza^ Withers; Eliza' Boone; Enoch\- Squire^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Humphrey. 

Children: — 

4497 Albert Humphrey. 

4498 Clara Humphrey. 

4499 Ethel Humphrey. 

2977. DANIEL JACOB BOONE (Perry\- Daniel'; Samuel^- Benjamins- 
Benjamin*; George^), born 1850; died about 1915. 

Married Angeline Yeager, who survived him and lived in 1921 at 
Espy, Columbia Co., Pa. 

Children: — 

+4500 Freas Boone. 
4501 Boyd Boone. 
+4502 Harry Boone. 
+4503 Perry Boone. 

2978. MARY CATHERINE BOONE (Perry^- Daniel'; Samuel"^; Ben- 
jamin^; Benjamin*; George^), born 1852. 

Married B. F. Zehner. They were living in 1921 at Berwick, Pa. 

Children: — 

+4504 Perry Zehner. 
+4505 Maud Zehner. 

2980. SAMUEL PERRY BOONE (Perry\- Daniel'; Samuel'; Benjamin': 
Benjamin*; George^), born 18 Sept., 1858. 
Married 26 Dec, 1883, Anna M. Hess. 

410 ^Tije JBoone Jfamilp 

They reside (1921) at Hazleton, Pa., where Mr. Boone is a member 
of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the Methodist Episcopal 

Children: — 

+4506 Merrill H. Boone, b. 5 Jan., 1885. 

4507 Laura E. Boone, b. 2 June, 1886. ; unm. ; is a teacher. 

4508 Hazel G. Boone, b. 4 Jan., 1889; m. Marguerite Mummy; lives at 

Hazelton, Pa. No children. 

4509 Helen Boone, b. 16 Apr., 1891; d, 5 Sept., 1893. 
+4510 Carroll S. Boone, b. 2 Jan., 1893. 

4511 Myrom F. Boone, b. 5 July, 1898; d. 8 July, 1910. 

4512 Miriam A. Boone, b. 5 July, 1898; unm. 

4513 Garrett H. Boone, b. 13 Nov., 1899; unm, 

4514 Ronald A. Boone, b. 12 Oct., 1902; d. 4 June, 1903. 

2981. ALBERT KELCHNER (Amanda^ Boone; DanieV; Samuel^; Ben- 
jamin^; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Alice Zehner. He lives (1921) at Briar Creek, Pa. 

Children: — 

4515 Paul Kelchner. 

4516 Mary Kelchner. 

2982, IDA KELCHNER (Amanda^ Boone; DanieV; Samuel^; Benjamin^; 
Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Isaiah Hartman, Residence, Briar Creeli, Pa. 

Children: — 

4517 Merrill Hartman. 

4518 MjTon Hartman. 

3002. IDA MAY BOONE (Jacob^; Elisha''; James^; Samue?; Benjamin*; 
George"^), born 1859. 

Married 4 Oct., 1876, Frederick Bostwick. Residence, New Haven 
Conn. Mr. Bostwick is Librarian of the Historical Society of that city. 

Children: — 

4519 Ida Elizabeth Bostwick, b. 1877; d. 1883. 

4520 Henry Winthrop Bostwick, b. 1879; d. 1883. 
+4521 Charles Rowland Bostwick, b. 1880. 

4522 Frederick Boone Bostwick, b. 1885. 

4523 Caroline Atwater Bostwick, b. 1891; d. 1895. 

4524 Lawrence Edward Bostwick, b. 1893. 

3003. SARAH ALICE BOONE {Jacoh^; Elisha'; James^; Samuel''; 
Benjamin*; George^), born 1861. 

Married 1887, William A. Durant. 

i9mtf) feneration 411 

Children: — 

4525 Hazel C. Durant, b. 7 Apr., 1892. 

4526 Raymond N. Durant, b. 7 Sept., 1894. 

3015. SAMUEL G. McCLURE (Alfred^; SamueV; Susanna'^ Boone; 
Samuel^; Benjamin^; George^). 

Married and resides in Youngstown, Ohio, where he is Editor of the 
Youngstown Telegram. 

Children: — 

4527 Robert E. McClure. 

4528 Elinor L. McClure. 

4529 Samuel G. McClure, Jr. 

3017. MARY B. McCLURE (Alfred^; SamueV; Susanna'' Boone; Samuel^; 
Benjamin'^; George^). 

Married H. E. Clark. 

Children: — 

4530 Alfred M. Clark. 

4531 Edith Clark. 

3022. MARY DARWIN STANTON (Nancy^ Hooker; Nancy'' Tallman; 
William^; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married John Hugh Ely, son of Seneca Wilson and Mary (Delano) 

Children: — 

4532 John Stanton Ely, m. Mary Elizabeth Johnson. 

4533 Mary Delano Ely, m. Louis H. Marshland. 

4534 Nancy Edith Stanton Ely. 

Reference: — See 169. 

3026. NANCY SKILLMAN (Allen^; Nancy'' Henton; Sara¥ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Nathaniel English, and lived near Peru, Ind. 

Children: — 

4535 Jessie Engligh. 

4536 Glen English. 

Reference: — See No. 17 L 

3028. MAHALA EDITHA HENTON {Milton'^; Evan''; Sarah' Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 17 Sept., 1842, in Hamilton, O. 

Married 25 Dec, 1862, near Pine Village, Ind., Wilson Coghill. 

They were living near Rogers, Ark., in 1904. 

4 1 2 3ri)e JSoone Jf amilp 

Children: — 

4537 Henry CoghiU, born 16 Aug., 1864; m. 22 Dec, 1886, Vallie Fisher. 
+4538 Charles Wesley CoghiU, b. 11 June, 1866. 
+4539 Mary EUa CoghiU, b. 14 Apr., 1868. 
+4540 Hajry Curtis CoghiU, b. 26 Dec, 1871. 
+4541 Anna BeUe CoghiU, b. 22 Apr., 1874. 

4542 Maggie Lorena CoghiU, b. 28 Feb., 1876; d. 5 Aug., 1892. 

4543 WiUiam Oscar CoghiU, b. 4 Sept., 1878. 

4544 Robert Wilson CoghiU, b. 7 Feb., 1880. 

4545 Hannah Jane CoghiU, b. 22 Mar., 1883; m. 8 Nov., 1891, Geo. E. 


4546 Carrte Mahala CoghiU, b. 22 Aug., 1886. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3029. ANNA ELIZA HENTON (Milton^; Evan'; Sarah^ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Oct., 1844, in Cincinnati, 0. 
Married April, 1879, near Indianola, Neb., Samuel R. Messner. 
Was living in 1904 in Danbury, Neb. 

Child: — 

4547 Chauncey S. Messner, b. 1879 ; m. 21 Oct., 1903, Maud Ruby of Danbury, 
Neb. Living there in 1904. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3030. RICHARD ALLEN HENTON (Milton^; Evan''; Sarah^ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 10 Sept., 1846, at Cincinnati; d. 
17 Sept., 1878, in Ind. 

Married about 1873, Elizabeth Harris of Independence, Ind. (d. 1877). 

Children: — 

4548 An,na May Henton, b. 1874; m. 24 June, 1894, John R. Brown, and had 

seven children. In 1904 they were living in Danbury, Neb. 

4549 Alonzo Henton, d. 1876. 

4550 Sylvia Henton, b. Feb., 1877; d. Aug., 1877. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3031. WILLIAM TAYLOR HENTON (Milton^; Evan'; Sarah" Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 4 Sept., 1848, in Cincinnati, 0. 

Married 13 June, 1881, in Nebraska, Ida Ryan, formerly of Meads- 
ville, Pa. (b. 1861). 

William Henton's parents moved to Indiana before he was a year 
old and died while he was quite young. At the age of about 21 he went 
to the territory of Nebraska, to what is now Red Willow County, almost 
the center of the great American desert. The years between 1873, and 
1879, were mostly spent by him in farming, fighting grasshoppers, hunt- 

iBtintlb feneration 413 

ing buffalo for their pelts, and in the intervals freighting between Sidney, 
Neb., and the Black Hills. In the spring of 1875, when on the verge of 
starvation, as Mr. Henton himself expressed it, he set out on foot across 
a wild, trackless country for North Platte City, 110 miles northward, in 
search of work. Here he joined a government expedition as teamster 
and assisted in building Fort Sheridan on the site of the Spotted Tail 
Indian Agency, on the boundary between Nebraska and Dakota. In 
1879, Mr. Henton settled down on a farm near Danbury, Neb., which he 
had homesteaded at an earlier date, and where he now (1904) lives with 
his family. The land has been added to until the property is a handsome 
one, abundant success having attended the owner's business of farming and 
stock-raising. Mr. Henton was twice elected County Treasurer. 

Children: — 

4551 Winnie T. Henton, b. 19 Mar., 1882; m. in 1902, Edward Eno; living in 

Danbury, Neb., 1904. 

4552 Wilbur T. Henton, b. 25 Sept., 1884. 

4553 Burr M. Henton, b. 22 Apr., 1886. 

4554 Edna May Henton, b. 21 May, 1888. 

4555 CharUe R. Henton, b. 20 Mar., 1892. 

4556 Reed McKinley Henton, b. 20 Jan., 1894. 

4557 Elizabeth Henton, b. 13 June, 1896. 

4558 Nancy Henton, b. 1 Jan., 1900; d. 28 Jan., 1900. 

4559 Harriet Henton, b. 19 Aug., 1901. 

4560 Audrey Henton, b. 26 July, 1904. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3032. NANCY EMMA HENTON {Milton^; Evan''; Sarah^ Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 15 Apr., 1852, in Warren, Ind.; 
died April, 1886. 

Married Edwin Phares, in Oxford, Ind. 

In 1872 the couple accompanied Mrs. Phare's brother and sister 
Richard Allen Henton and Anna E. Henton (later Mrs. Messner) to Ne- 
braska, where they all braved the hardships of pioneer life, including 
Indian troubles of 1878, and extensive prairie fires which devastated the 
country for hundreds of miles around. 

Children (Last 5 living in Montana, 1904): — 

4561 Agatha Phares, d. epidemic of diphtheria. 

4562 Delia Phares, d. epidemic of diphtheria. 

4563 Elard Phares, unm. Lived in Montana. 

4564 Herbert Phares, m. . 

4565 Lenna Phares, m. . 

4566 Anna Phares, m. Daniel O'Brian. 

4567 Milton Tallman Phares, m, and had one child. Lived Coffeyville, 


Reference: — See No. 171. 

414 tCfje Poone jFamiIj> 

3069. CHARLES ALBERT COLE (Sarah^ Henton; Benjamin^; Sarah^ 
Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 21 March, 1855; died 
12 Jan., 1921. 

Married 3 Dec, 1884, Elizabeth Shirk. They resided in 1905 at 
Peru, Ind., where Mr. Cole was a prominent lawyer and judge. 

Children: — 

+4568 Albert Harvey Cole, b. 23 June, 1886. 
+4569 Saraii Helen Cole, b. 8 Nov., 1889. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3072. MONTA SKAGGS {Ella^ Henton; James''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married George Whitaker; they resided 1905, at Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children: — 

4570 Frank Whitaker. 

4571 Charles Whitaker, m. and was hving 1905, in Ellsworth, 111. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3075. KATE COLE {Rachel^ Henton; Sylvester''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 27 Jan., 1862, in Brandy City, Cal. 

Married 9 Apr., 1884, in Peru, Ind., Samuel F. Porter. They were 
living, 1905, in Peru, Ind. 

Children: — (b. in Peru.) 

4572 Louis Omer Porter, b. 1885; died same year. 

4573 Rachel Porter, b. 5 Jan., 1888; d. 7 Jan., 1890. 

4574 Cole Albert Porter, b. 9 June, 1892. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3076. LOUIS COLE (Rachel^ Henton; Sylvester''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George"^), born 7 Feb., 1865, in Brandy City, Cal.; 
died 8 Nov., 1903, in Peru, Ind. 

Married 28 Sept., 1888, in Cincinnati, 0., Mary Ellen Lawton (b. 
7 July, 1865, in Cincinnati, O.). She resided, 1905, near Peru, Ind. 

Children: — 

4575 Jules Omer Cole, b. 28 June, 1892, in Cincinnati, O. 

4576 Albert Louis Cole, b. 28 Oct., 1894, in Huntington, W. Va. 

4577 Kate Porter Cole, b. 28 Apr., 1898, in Peru, Ind. 

4578 Samuel Cole, b. 1 Apr., 1900, in Peru, Ind. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

iSintf) (generation 415 

3077. FLORENCE HENTON (Frank^; Sylvester'; Sarah' Tallman; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married 3 Mar., 1903, Edwin F. Miller. They resided, 1905, in 
Toledo, 0. 

Child: — 

4579 Henton Edwin Miller, b. 29 June, 1905. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3090. MARY LINDSEY (Cyrene^ Brooks; Sarah' Henton; Sara¥ Tall- 
man; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 17 Apr., 1857. 

Married in Peru, Ind., James M. Rayburn. In 1905, they resided 
at Peoria, 111. 

Children: — 

4580 Lindsey Reyburn, b. Oct., 1884. 

4581 Walter Reyburn, b. 1886. 

4582 Charles Reyburn, b. 1887. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

3129. MARY ELIZABETH LOY (Sarah^ Head; Mary' Tallman; Sam- 
uel'; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married 1872 at Stuart, la., Hezekiah Aultman. 

Children: — 

4583 Wilbert Aultman. 

4584 Rena Aultman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3130. GEORGE W. LOY {Sarah^ Head; Mary' Tallman; Samuel'; Dinah' 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Oct., 1859, in Ottawa, 111. 

Married 8 March, 1887, in Iowa City, Iowa, Capitola Z. Wise (b. 
8 Mar., 1869, in Omaha, Neb.), daughter of George W. Wise. 

In 1905 they resided at Huntley, Neb. 

Children: — 

4585 Jennie Gay Loy, b. 29 Jan., 1888. 

4586 Mary Alice Loy, b. 12 Dec, 1889. 

4587 George Wesley Loy, b. 3 Dec, 1895. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3133. MATILDA LOY {Sarah^ Head; Mary' Tallman; Samuel'; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married 1881 at Stuart, la., Elliotte Lowe. 

4 1 6 €!)e Poone jFamilp 

Children: — 

4588 Mabel Lowe, d. 

4589 Leolie Lowe, d. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3140. LUELLA MARIA DANIELS {Oynthia^ Head; Mary'' Tallman; 
Samuel^; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^; George^), born 20 Nov., 1857, in 
Ottawa, 111. 

Married 29 Dec, 1880, in Stuart, la., Joshua Aultman (b. Mar., 
1856, in Ohio); they resided at Colorado Springs, Colo., m. 1905. 

Children: — 

4590 Jessie Bell Aultman. 

4591 Junie Ethel Aultman. 

4592 Robert Ray Aultman. 

4593 Harland Kelly Aultman, d. 

4594 Edward Earl Aultman. 

4595 Harry Helm Aultman. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3152. MARY E. TALLMAN (Samuel^- Richard''; Samuel^; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin^; George^). 

Married 1880, Joseph Brunchback. 

Children: — 

4596 Elmer Brunchback. 

4597 Edith Brunchback. 

4598 Maudie Brunchback. 

4599 AUie Brunchback, d. 

4600 Grade Brunchback, d. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3153. ROSETTA TALLMAN {Samuel^; Richard^; Samuel*; Dinah^ 
Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married in 1885, Mr. Smally. 

Children: — 

4601 Bessie Smally. 

4602 Gracie Smally. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3157. MAHALA FLORENCE TALLMAN (Samuel^- Richard''; Samuels- 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George'). 

iSintl) feneration 417 

Married 1890, a Mr. Ginrich. 

Children: — 

4603 Roy E. Ginrich. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3173. ETHEL ROE TAVENNER (Emma^ Tallman; Richard^; Samuel*; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^; George^), born 9 Feb., 1876. 

Married 14 Feb., 1903, in Pittsburg, Pa., C. W. Rudy, of Lamonte, 
Mo., where they resided in 1905. 

Child (born in Lamonte, Mo.): — 

4604 Louise Tavenner Rudy, b. 12 Feb., 1904. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3174. EDITH ALMA WELLS TAVENNER (Emma^ Tallman; Richard''; 
Samuel*; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^; George^), born 11 July, 1879. 

Married 8 Feb., 1899, in Rockville, Md., Robert H. Orrison, of Wash- 
ington, D. C. They resided 1905, at Wehrum, Pa. 

Children: — 

4605 Margaret Hamilton Orrison, b. 19 Apr., 1900, in Washington, D. C. 

4606 Vernon Tavenner Orrison, b. 9 Apr., 1901, in Washington, D. C. 

4607 Robert Claghom Orrison, b. 30 Dec, 1903, in Wehrum, Pa. 

4608 Kelvin TaUman Orrison, b. 1 July, 1904, in Wehrum, Pa. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3181. ELLA D. KELSO {Honora^ Evans; Nancy'' Tallman; Samuel*; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 
Married 1888, Howard F. Ross. 

Children: — 

4609 Cynthia Anna Ross. 

4610 Charles Kelso Ross. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3183. EDWIN WELLS MITCHELL {Annie^ Roe; Cynthia'' Tallman; 
Samuel*; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married 1913 Ellen Brown Harrison of Cincinnati, O. 

He is a fruit farmer and specialist at Stuyvesant Falls, N. Y. 

Children: — 

4611 William Harrison Mitchell. 

4612 Mary Jane Mitchell. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

418 ^te SSoone Jf amilp 

3190. PEARL HONOR WILSON (Joseph^- Honor'' Tallman; Samuel'^; 
Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin'^; George^), born 10 March, 1874. 

Married 30 Oct., 1900, in Thorntown, Ind., Dr. William Morris 
Myers, of Crab Orchard, Ky. (b. 21 Feb., 1869, in Crab Orchard), son 
of Wiley Stewart and Ella (Harris) Myers. They resided, 1905, at Thorn- 
town, Ind. 

Child: — 

4613 Joseph Stewart Myers, b. 17 Mar., 1903. 

Reference: — See No. 173. 

3210. CAROLINE ELIZABETH BOONE {William^; Amos'': Samuels- 
Joshua^; James'^; George^). 
Married Conrad Gilboy. 

Children: — 

4614 Carrie Gilboy. 

4615 Conrad Gilboy. 

3212. ELLA B. BOONE {Daniel^; Amos''; Samuel^ Joshua^ James*; 
George^) . 

Married William L. Hartline. 

Children: — 

4616 Sarah Adelaide Hartline. 

4617 Daniel Boone HartUne. 

4618 William Charles Hartline. 

3214. AMOS S. BOONE {Daniel^ Amos''; Samuel^- Joshua^ James^; 

Married . 

Child: — 

4619 Frank Reinert Boone. 

3225. HAROLD LEROY BOONE {Edgar\- Aaron'; Judah^ Moses\' 
James*; George'), born 2 Aug., 1888; died 23 Dec, 1919. 

Married Sept., 1910, . 

Child: — 

4620 Lewis Edgar Boone. 

3226. WILLIS FREDERICK BOONE {Edgar^ Aaron'; Judah^; Moses^; 
James*; George'), born 14 Nov., 1892. 

Married 24 Dec, 1913, . 

Child: — 

4621 Robert Krabill Boone. 

iSintf) feneration 4i9 

3230. RALPH W. BOONE (Willis\- Aaron''; Judah\- Moses\' James*; 
George^), born 19 Jan., 1S96. 

Married 14 Feb., 1917, . 

Child : — 

4622 Wayne Jay Boone. 

3236. MAMIE L. BOONE (John C.\- John''; Judah^; Hoses'^; James*; 
George^), born 5 Nov., 1887. 

Married 10 Mar., 1906, Eichenberger. 

Child: — 

4623 Francis M. Eichenberger, b. 18 June, 1910. 

3237. RALPH V. BOONE (James^- John''; Judah'^; Moses^; James*; 
George?), born 16 Oct., 1887. 

Married 23 Apr., 1912, Mabel E. Welch. 

Chilrden: — 

4624 Russell R. Boone, b. 20 Oct., 1912. 

4625 Margaret M. Boone, b. 8 Aug., 1914. 

3244. ANNIE BOONE {James E.\' James''; Judah\ Moses^; James*; 
George^) . 

Married Sylvester Reinert. 

Child: — 

4626 James Edwin Reinert, b. 6 Mar., 1919. 

3245. LIZZIE BOONE (James E.^; James''; Juda¥; Moses^; James*; 
George^) . 

Married Adam Haas. 

Child: — 

4627 Helen Haas, b. 10 May, 1919. 

3292. SAMUEL LUCKETT (George^; Helen'' Boone; George'; Samuel'; 
Samuel*; George^), born 1852. 
Married 1881, Belle Sparr. 

Children: — 

4628 George Sparr Luckett, M. D., b. 1885; m. 1912, Marguerite^ Douglaaa 

(William^; Victoria'' Boone; Hiram^; Samuel^; Samuel^; George*), No. 

4629 James Douglass Luckett, b. 1891; m. 1914, Lenore Williams. 


420 3Ct)e JBoone jFamilp 

3302. GEORGE BRUCE LUCKETT (Samuel^- Helen'' Boone; Georges- 
Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), born 1867. 
Married Carrie Schafer. 

Child: — 

4630 Esther Luckett. 

3333. FRANK CROZIER (Matilda^ Boone; Upton''; Samuel^ Samuel^; 
Samuel*; George^). 

Married Emma Day. 

Children: — 

4631 Harriet Crozier. 

4632 Cornelius Crozier. 

4633 David Crozier. 

3353. CHARLES BOONE (John^; Grandison''; Hiram^; Samuel''; Samuel*; 

Married Clara Rochelle. Residence, Brandon, Tex. 

Child: — 

4634 Daniel Boone. 

3368. DOROTHY DOUGLASS {William^- Victoria'' Boone; Hiram'; 
Samuel^; Samuel*; George^), born 26 May, 1893. 

Married 10 Oct., 1916, Joseph Claiborne Zirkle. Residence, Wash- 
ington, D. C. She was Class President of the women in her senior year 
at Cornell University. 

Children: — 

4635 Joseph Claiborne Zirkle, Jr., b. 25 Aug., 1917. 
Alvira Douglass Zirkle, b. 6 Nov., 1921. 

®entf) (gieneration 

3374. HESTER ROCKEFELLER ECKMAN (Sophia^ Gearhart; May- 
berry^; Sarah'' Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^), born 23 Jan., 

Married George W. Darby of Harrisburg, Pa., and resides in that 

Children: — 

4636 Elizabeth Boone Darby. 

4637 Christine Darby. 

3377. MAGDALEN GEARHART (Clarence^- Mayherry^; Sarah'' Boone; 
George^; William^; George*; George^). 

Married Gustav Peterson. They live in Omaha, Neb. 

Child: — 

4638 Stean Peterson. 

3380. ELEANOR GRAYDON HINCKLEY (Amelia' Gearhart; May- 
berry^; Sarah'' Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^). 
Married Charles Zimmerman. 

Children: — 

4639 Charles Zimmerman. 

4640 Edward Zimmerman. 

4641 Eleanor Zimmerman. 

3383. MARY KATHERINE GEARHART (Edward' ; Mayberry^; Sarah'' 
Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^). 
Married George Youngman. 

Child: — 

4642 Ellen Ann Youngman. 

3389. WILLIAM LEWIS GEARHART (George'; Mayberry''; Sarah^ 
Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^). 
Married Maud Waters. 

Child: — 

4643 William Yetter Gearhart. 

422 ®f)e Poone jFamilp 

3394. ELEANOR GEARHART {Cordelia^ Clark; Eleanor^ Gearhart; 
Sarah'' Boone; George^; William^; George*; George^). 
Married Fred Kirkendall. 

Children: — 

4644 Eleanor Kirkendall, lives at Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
Kirkendall (a son). 

3396. MARY EDITH BOONE (Edwin'; Ellis^; George'; George^; Will- 
iam^; George*; George^), born 4 Nov., 1870. 

Married Theodore B. Harrison of Philadelphia, Pa. She was di- 
vorced from Mr. Harrison, and did not remarry. 

Children: — 

4645 Jane Harrison, b. . Res. Reading. 

4646 Marion Harrison, b. . Res. Reading. 

3397. ANNIE LOUISE BOONE (Edwin'; Ellis^; George'; George'^; Will- 
iam^; George*; George^), born 25 July, 1879. 

Married Peter Spang Klees. 

She was divorced from Mr. Klees and remarried to Henry Moore 
Hawksworth of New York City, General Manager of a large steel-plant 
in Sharon, Pa. No issue of 2nd marriage. 

Children: — 

(First Marriage) 

4647 Edwin James Klees, b. 12 Apr., 1897. 

4648 Mary Frances Klees, b. 7 Oct., 1898. 

3407. BEULAH BOONE (William'; Ransloe^; William'; Hezekia¥; 
William^; George*; George^). 

Married 1st, W. Tyson; 2nd, Walter Straub. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4649 Neal Tyson, d. 

4650 Annie Tyson. 

3408. HERBERT BOONE (William'; Ransloe^; William'; Hezekiah^; 
William^; Qeorge*; George"^). 
Married Nell Kershner. 

Child: — 

4651 Bertha Kershner Boone. 

STentl) feneration 423 

3409. HALLIE BOONE (William^- Ransloe\- William''; Hezekiah*; 
William^; George'^; George^). 
Married Frank Ridgeway. 

Children: — 

4652 Agnes Mary Ridgeway. 

4653 Beulah Ridgeway. 

3412. MARY BOONE (Edwin^; Ransloe^- William''; Hezekiah^ Will- 
iam^; George*; George^). 

Married Charles Young. 

Children: — 

4654 Natalie Young. 

4655 Mary Young. 

3415. FRANCES DICE (Margretta^ Boone; Ransloe^; William''; Hezekiah*; 
William^; George*; George^). 
Married Randolf Stanifer. 

Children: — 

4656 Randolf Stanifer, Jr. 

4657 Agnew Stanifer. 

4658 George Stanifer. 

3418. WILLIAM GERRARD ABBOTT (Harriet^ Boone; Ransloe\- 
William''; Hezekiah^; William^; George*; George^), born 188L 
Married Avarilla Baker. 

Children: — 

4659 Avarilla Harriet Abbott, b. 1911. 

4660 William Gerrard Abbott, b. 1912. 

3445. LERA ADAH DICKEY (Beatrice^ Wilcoxson; Daniel'^; William''; 
Daniel^; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 15 Aug., 1879. 

Married 12 Jan., 1897, Samuel B. Davis. Residence, Cave City, Ky. 

Children: — 

4661 Winifred Davis, b. 2 July, 1904. 

4662 Samuel Beverly Davis, b. 4 Feb., 1910. 

3446. WILLIAM TERRELL DICKEY (Beatrice^ Wilcoxson; Daniels- 
William''; Daniel^; Sara¥ Boone; Squire*; Georg^), born 17 Apr., 1884; 
died 8 Aug., 1904. 

Married May, 1903, Ruby Wheeler. 

Child: — 

4663 William Terrell Dickey, b. 20 Aug., 1904. 

424 ®f)e Woont Jf amilp 

3447. CARRIE MAI DICKEY {Beatrice^ Wilcoxson; Daniel^- William^; 
Daniel^; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 21 Sept., 188 — . 

Married 15 Jan., 1902, Daniel T. Martin. 

Children: — 

4664 Dorothy Mai Martin, b. 11 Feb., 1906. 

4665 Georginia Martin, b. 20 Mar., 1917. 

3448. EDNA DICKEY (Beatrice^ Wilcoxson; Daniel^; William'' ; Daniel^; 
Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 20 June, 1892. 

Mairried 15 Sept., 1909, John McAlister Dixon. 

Child: — 

4666 Edna Maxine Dixon, b. 18 Sept., 1910. 

3449. GEORGE B. DICKEY (Beatrice^ Wilcoxson; Daniel^- Williams- 
Daniel^; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 15 July, 1894; died 20 
Dec, 1919. 

Married 3 Apr., 1913, Mary E. Blewett. 

Child: — 

4667 B. Eugenia Dickey, b. 20 Mar., 1916. 

3455. THOMAS MONROE BRYANT (Jeremiah B.'; Jeremiah M^; 
Jeremiah''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born Callaway 
Co., Mo. 

Married . 

Children: — 

4668 John Benjamin Bryant. 

4669 Joseph Monroe Bryant. 

3476. DAISY M. YOUNG {Alice^ Bryant; Joshua^; Thomas''; Rachel'^ 
Wilcox; Sara¥ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 16 Nov., 1879. 
Married James Morris. 

Children: — 

4670 Lester Morris. 

4671 Ray Morris. 

3493. STELLA MALISSA BRYANT (Andrew J.\ Benjamin^; Thomas'*; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Wapello Co., Iowa. 
Married Edward D. Yost of Hays, Kansas. Moved to Santa Ana, 

Children: — 

4672 Harold Edward Yost. 

4673 Blanche Yost. 

Stentf) (generation 425 

3494. LEILAH CLARICE BRYANT (Andrew^; Benjamin^; Thomas''; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Married McFadden, of Denver, Colo. 

Children: — 

4674 Bryant McFadden. 
And others . 

3495. CLARENCE JACKSON BRYANT (Andrew^- Benjamins- 
Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Kansas. 

Married , of Denver, Colo. 

Child: — 

4675 Andrew Jackson Bryant, b. 9 July, 1915. 

3497. JESSE CHILTON BRYANT (James^ Benjamin^ Thomas'; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Oris wold, Iowa. 

Married 1st, Miss Pollock, and 2nd, Ida M. Whalen, of Ashland, 
Neb. He is a lawyer. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

Bryant, d. in infancy. 

(Second Marriage) 

4676 LucUe Bryant, b. 11 Oct., 1916. 

3498. HERBERT EUGENE BRYANT (James\- Benjamin^ Thomas''; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Oris wold, Iowa. 

Married Alice Remalia. 

Child: — 

4677 Herberts Bryant. 

3499. HARLAN ANDREW BRYANT (James^ Benjamin^- Thomas'; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Oris wold, Iowa. 

Married Lorena H. Cawthra, of Ashland, Neb. 

Children: — 

4678 Helen Marie Bryant, b. 22 July, 1911. 

4679 Joseph Harlan Bryant, b. 16 Sept., 1912. 

4680 Dorothy Pauline Bryant, b. 9 Oct., 1914. 

3501. NELLIE RALSTON (Lucy^ Ralston; Benjamin^- Thomas''; Rachel^ 
Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Wapello Co., Iowa. 
Married Stanley Mason of Le Roy, 111. Residence, Eugene, Oregon. 

Children: — 

4681 Harold Ralston Mason. 

4682 Mason. 

426 arije ^oone jFamilp 

3527. OLIVE M. SMITH {Mary^ Shelton; Lucretia^ Bryant; Thomas''; 
Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 2 Nov., 1875. 

Married 8 June, 1893, Baylor Baynam Thornton, of Hannibal, Mo. 

Children: — 

4683 Lawrence Dade Thornton, b. 10 May, 1895. 

4684 Mary Olive Thornton, b. 22 Apr., 1897. 

3531. ADELLA L. ROBERTS (Emma^ Shelton; Lucretia^ Bryant; 
Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 29 Mar., 

Married 1 June, 1903, Murvin Ray Kennedy. 

Children: — 

4685 Opal AdeU Kennedy, b. 20 Apr., 1904. 

4686 Murvin Ray Kennedy, b. 7 Mar., 1907. 


3532. DAISY LOU ROBERTS (Emma^ Shelton; Lucretia^ Bryant; 
Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 4 Mar., 

Married 9 Nov., 1898, George E. Frink. 

Children: — 

4687 Warren Vandyke Frink, b. 21 Jan., 1909. 

4688 Margery AdeU Frink, b. 12 Apr., 1911. 

3533. GENORA MAY ROBERTS (Emma^ Shelton; Lucretia^ Bryant; 
Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), bom 12 May, 

Married 29 June, 1904, Willard K. Gibbs. 

Children: — 

4689 Deane Roberts Gibbs, b. 14 July, 1905. 

4690 Miles Monroe Gibbs, b. 12 Jan., 1915. 

4691 Zehna Roberts Gibbs, b. 14 Aug., 1916. 

3544. WILLIE IRVIN RICHARDSON (Andrew^- Lucretia^ Bryant; 
Thomas''; Rachel^ Wilcox; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 11 June, 

Married 2 Nov., 1914, Zenia Wunch (b. 21 Jan., 1894). 

Child: — 

4692 Irvin Wunch Ridiardson, b. 31 May, 1915. 

3545. MAY BELLE RICHARDSON (Andrew^- Lucretia'' Bryant; 
Thomas''; Rachel'^ Wilcox; Sara¥ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 5 Feb., 

®entl) feneration 427 

Married 20 June, 1911, Harry Wood Watts (b. 11 Apr., 1887). 

Children: — 

4693 Thelma May Watts, b. 24 Apr., 1912. 

4694 Grace Lucy Watts, b. 9 May, 1913. 

4695 Richard Andrew Watts, b. 31 May, 1916. 

3547. JAMES C. BOWIE (Carrie^ Callaway; James^; Mary'' Cuthirth; 
Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Faw. 

Child: — 

4696 James Bowie. 

3553. (HON.) T. C. BOWIE (Carrie^ Callaway; James^; Mary'' Cut- 
birth; Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Jean Davis. 

Children: — 

4697 Thomas Bowie. 

4698 Elizabeth Bowie. 

3566. MATTELA CALLAWAY {Joseph'; Elijah^; Mary'' Cutbirth; 
Elizabeth^ Wilcoxson; Sarah^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married J. C. Miller. 

Children: — 

4699 Edith MiUer. 

3616. FANNIE BOONE {SamueP; George^; Thomas''; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married William Bright. 

Children: — 

4700 Mary Martin Bright. 

4701 Josephine Bright, m. James Cozart. 

3617. LUCINDA BOONE {SamueP; George^; Thomas''; Squire^; Samuels- 
Squire*; George^), 

Married David J. Gregory. Residence, Richmond, Va. 

Children: — 

4702 Kathleen Gregory, b. 29 Aug., 1892, in Ky. 

4703 Mary L. Gregory, b. 18 Feb., 1895, in Va. 

4704 David J. Gregory, Jr., b. 11 Jan., 1897, in Va. 

4705 Frances Gregory, b. 16 Oct., 1898, in Va. 

4706 Agnes Gregory, b. 23 Oct., 1900, in Ky. 

4707 Mabel B. Gregory, b. 11 Mar., 1903, in Ky. 

428 ®fje 55oone Jf amilp 

3618. LOU W. BOONE (SamueP; George^; Thomas''; Squire'^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Scott. Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Children: — 

4708 Ralph Scott, d. in his 8th year. 

4709 Lottie Scott, m. Luther Ware. 

4710 Tina Mae Scott. 

4711 Mary Ward Scott. 

4712 Louise B. Scott. 

4713 Noel Jean Scott. 

3620. SAMUEL MARTIN BOONE, JR. (SamueP; George^- Thomas^- 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Margaret Ingram. Residence, Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Children: — 

4714 Margaret Boone, d. in infancy. 

4715 Chester Boone. 

3622. WILLIAM LOGAN BOONE (SamueP; George^; Thomas''; Squire^; 
SamueP; Squire*; George^), deceased. 
Married Jennie Turpin. 

Children: — 

4716 Geneva M. Boone, b. abt. 1899. 

4717 Harold Boone, b. abt. 1901. 

3624. PEARL BOONE {Thomas^; George^; Thomas^; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^), born 1873. 

Married 1897, Thomas Jefferson Grady (d. 1911). Residence, Far- 
well, Tex. 

Child: — 

4718 Thomas Randolph Grady, b. 1898. 

3629. WILLIAM ADDISON KERLEY {Sidney^; William^; Lucy'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 1877 at Shreveport, La. 
Married Florence . 

Child: — 

4719 JuUa B. Kerley, b. 1898. 

3631. NEVA KERLEY {Sidney^; William'^; Lucy'' Boone; Squire'^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 1886, at Shreveport, La. 
Married 1912, Chadwick A. Peatross. 

Children: — 

4720 Sydney Nicholson Peatross, b. 1913. 

4721 Alexander Campbell Peatross, b. 1915. 

^entl) feneration 429 

3632. MICHAEL LOWER STONER {Lucy^ Kerley; William^; Lucy' 
Boone; Squire'^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 19 June, 1872, at Shreve- 
port. La. 

Married 1898, Agnes Ruth McDowell of Louisiana, Mo. 

Children: — 

4722 Sidney McDowell Stoner, b. 4 Sept., 1899, at St. Petersburg, Fla. 

4723 Wilmer Michael Stoner, b. 20 Oct., 1904, at St. Petersburg, Fla. 

4724 Helen Lucile Stoner, b. 5 May, 1912, at St. Petersburg, Fla. 

3633. HELEN KERLEY STONER (Lucy^ Kerley; William^; Lucy'' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 14 Apr., 1874, at Gaines- 
ville, Tex. 

Married 18 May, 1899, at St. Petersburg, Fla., Willis T. Turner 
(b. at Vineland, N. J.; d. at Albuquerque, N. M.). She married 2nd, 
9 June, 1914, William Randolph Rowland (b. 1868 at Gainesville). 

Child: — 
(First Marriage) 

4725 Dorothy Stoner Turner, b. 5 Dec, 1902, at Ventura, Cal. 

3634. SIDNEY NICHOLSON STONER (Lucy^ Kerley; William^- Lucy' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 6 Mar., 1876, at Gaines- 
ville, Tex. 

Married 22 Nov., 1907, at Sacramento, Cal., Marjorie Sprague. 

Children: — 

4726 Peter Ahnarin Stoner, b. 22 Nov., 1909, at Seattle, Waah. 

4727 John Jackson Stoner, b. 1911, at Berkeley, Cal. 

4728 Marjorie Helen Stoner, b. 1913, at Berkeley, Cal. 

3635. LOUISE KERLEY STONER (Lucy^ Kerley; William^- Lucy' 
Boone; Squire^; SamueP; Squire*; George^), born 11 Aug., 1878, at Gaines- 
ville, Tex. 

Married 31 Oct., 1905, at Petersburg, Fla., Charles Alexander Lewis 
of Kentucky. 

Children: — 

4729 Louise Stoner Lewis, b. 7 Aug., 1906, at Temple, Tex. 

4730 Charles Gray Stoner Lewis, b. 6 June, 1907, at Temple, Tex. 

4731 Benjamin Kerley Lewis, b. Feb., 1910, at Temple, Tex. 

3637. KATHERINE FRANCES STONER {Lucy^ Kerley; William^; 
Lucy' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 25 Jan., 1885, at 
Gainesville, Tex. 

Married 2 Oct., 1907, in St. Petersburg, Fla., George Presstman 
(b. in Baltimore, Md.). 

430 ®l)e JBoone Jf amilj> 

Children: — 

4732 George Presstman, Jr., b. 9 Sept., 1908. 

4733 Peter Stoner Presstman, b. 3 Mar., 1910. 

4734 Mary Helen Presstman, b. 30 Oct., 1911. 

3638. LUCY BOONE KERLEY STONER {Lucy' Kerley; William'; 
Lucy'' Boone; Squire^; Samue?; Squire*; George^), born 27 Mar., 1887, at 
Gainesville, Tex. 

Married 15 Nov., 1911, at St. Petersburg, Fla., Dr. William M. 
Davis of Pittsburg, Pa. 

Child: — 

4735 Thomas Davis, b. 16 Nov., 1912. 

3639. WINIFRED BURRIS STONER (Lucy' Kerley; William'; Lucy'' 
Boone; Squire^; Samue?; Squire*; George^), born 21 Dec, 1889, at Gaines- 
ville, Tex. 

Married 22 Jan., 1905, at Clearwater, Fla., Griggs Walker of Alla- 
paha, Ga. 

Child: — 

4736 Winifred Stoner Walker, b. 7 Aug., 1907, at Tampa, Fla. 

3640. WILLIAM CLINTON KERLEY (John^- William'; Lucy'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 1881. 
Married 1903, . 

Child: — 

4737 Spofiford Kerley (dau), b. 1904. 

3641. LUCILE KERLEY {John'; William'; Lucy'' Boone; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 1882. 
Married Dr. George Roberson. 

Children: — 

4738 George Roberson, Jr., b. 1909. 

4739 Roberson (dau), b. 1911. 

3648. FREDERICK MOODY STODDARD {Cynthianna' Grubhs; Ed- 
win'; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 9 May, 

Married 12 Apr., 1899, Minnie L. Willis (b. 19 Oct., 1879). 

Residence, Ramsay, 111. 

tKentl) feneration 431 

Children: — 

4740 Willis Frederick Stoddard, b. 16 Jan., 1900. 

4741 Frances Genevieve Stoddard, b. 1 Jan., 1901. 

4742 Francis Dickson Stoddard, b. 4 Mar., 1910. 

4743 Joel Moody Stoddard, b. 29 Sept., 1914. 

3652. CHARLES E. CASSELBERRY {Sarah^ Grubhs; Edwin^; Cynthia' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire'^; George^), born 26 Dec, 1873. 

Married May West. Residence, Shelby, Neb. 

Children: — 

4744 Thomas Casselberry. 

4745 Feme Casselberry. 

4746 Mildred Casselberry. 

4747 Sim Casselberry. 

3653. NELLIE L. CASSELBERRY {Sarah^ Grubhs; Edwin\- Cynthia'' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 9 Sept., 188L 

Married Oct., 1903, Leonard W. Liscoe. 

Child: — 

4748 Cassel M. Liscoe, b. 1 Apr., 1911. 

3659. BLYE HUDNALL (Minnie' Grubhs; Edwin^; Cynthia' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 30 Nov., 1889. 
Married Roy Callahan. Residence, Nokomis, 111. 

Children: — 

4749 Donald Callahan. 

4750 Helen Callahan. 

3661. JESSIE FAY HUDNALL (Minnie' Grubhs; Edwin^; Cynthia' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 9 Jan., 1897. 

Married about 20 Dec, 1915, Perry Stiver. Residence, Bunker 
Hill, 111. 

Child: — 

4751 Kenneth Blah- Stiver, b. 13 Feb., 1917. 

3663. EDWARD LINCK (Frances' Corlew; Mary^ Grubhs; Cynthia' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 24 June, 1860. 

Married 22 Dec, 1887, Lula M. Ashmore. Residence, Fayette, 

Children: — 

4752 Fred L. Linck. 
+4753 Bertha Linck. 

432 Cije JBoone jFamilp 

3664. ELIZABETH LINCK {Frances^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia^ 
Boone; Squire^; SaynueV'; Squire*; George^), born 7 Mar., 1861; died about 

Married 4 Mar., 1885, Charles Chance. Residence, Litchfield, 111. 

Child: — 

+4754 Vera Chance, b. July, 1887. 

3665. GEORGE LINCK (Frances^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' 
Boone; Squire^; SamueP; Squire^; George^), born 21 Sept., 1863. 

Married 27 Sept., 1888, Minnie Renbuck. 

Children: — 

4755 Mabel Linck, m. Oscar James. 

4756 George Linck. 

3670. PHILIP LINCK {Frances^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married May . 

Children: — 

+4757 Phillis Linck. 

4758 Walter Linck. 

3672. EARL LINCK (Frances^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 25 Mar., 1883. 

Married May Stevenson. 

Child: — 

4759 Frances Linck, b. 1910. 

3673. PEARL LINCK {Frances^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^- Squire*; George^), born 25 Mar., 1883. 

Married Clyde Sturgis. 

Children: — 

4760 Keith Stxirgis. 

4761 Marian Sturgis. 

3674. ANNA HATHAWAY (Samantha^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia^ 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born July, 1862. 

Married 1 Sept., 1886, Charles M. Atterbury, brother of George W. 
Atterbury, who married Ella Grubbs (No. 2061). 

When first married they lived in Litchfield, 111.; then in Decatur, 
HI., and later removed to Chicago. 

Child: — 

+4762 Ruth Atterbury, b. 10 July, 1887. 

^Tentfj (generation 433 

3679. CHESTER HATHAWAY (Samantha^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhhs; 
Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 22 May, 1882. 
Married 1st, Pearl Richards, of La Place, 111. She died and he 
married again. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4763 Adrien Hathaway. 

4764 Jack Hathaway. 

3682. LEOTA MATTHEWS (Mary^ Corlew; Mary^ Gruhhs; Cynthia'' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Earl Fish (dec). She lived in Denver, Colo. 

Children: — 

4765 Russell Fish, who was in the World War. 

4766 Dorothy Fish. 

4767 Fish (a dau.). 

3714. ANNA GRUBBS {Frank\- William^- Cynthia'' Boone; Squires- 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Arthur Hoisington. 

Child: — 

4768 Lucile Hoisington. 

3715. CATHERINE GRUBBS (Frank\- William^ Cynthia'' Boone; 
Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 5 Mar., 1917, Guy Myers. Residence, near Hillsboro, 111. 

Child: — 

4769 Guy Russell Myers, b. May, 1919. 

3716. WILLIAM GRUBBS {Frank\- William^- Cynthia'' Boone; Squires- 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Stella Smith. 

Child: — 

4770 Thehna Gnibbs. 

3722. IRMGARD LOUISE BOOTH (Kate' Gruhhs; Higgason\- Cynthia^ 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 11 June, 1876, in Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Married 9 June, 1897, Otis Patterson. Residence, Springfield, Mo. 

Children: — 

4771 Neale Booth Patterson, b. 18 May, 1898, in Springfield. 

4772 Edwin Booth Patterson, b. 27 Aug., 1902, in Springfield. 

4773 John A. Patterson, b. 20 May, 1905, in Springfield. 

434 STfje JSoone Jfamilp 

3723. NEIL BOOTH (Kate^ Gruhhs; Higgason^; Cynthia^ Boone; Squire^; 
Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 29 Apr., 1897, in Springfield, Mo., Elton B. Murray. 

Residence, Springfield, Mo. 

Children: — 

4774 Frank Booth Murray, b. 24 July, 1899; d. 16 Feb., 1906. 

4775 Nadine Dow Murray, b. 3 Dec, 1905. 

4776 Elton Booth Murray, b. 23 Nov., 1910. 

4777 Robert Booth Murray, b. 16 Apr., 1914. 

3728. WILLIAM WARREN MOODY DAVIS {Mamie^ Gruhhs; Samuel^; 
Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; SamueP; Squire*; George^), born 25 Aug., 1881, 
in Litchfield, 111. 

Married 11 Oct., 1905, in Chicago Heights, 111., Bessie Canedy (b. 
July, 1881, in Rochester, Minn.). 

He is Vice-President of the First National Bank of Chicago Heights. 

Child: — 

4778 Elizabeth Canedy Davis, b. 22 Apr., 1908, in Chicago Heights, 111. 

3729. FRANCES MARY DAVIS {Mamie^ Gruhhs; Samuel^- Cynthia'' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 30 Nov., 1885, in Litch- 
field, 111. 

Married 7 June, 1910, Raymond Gage Talcott. Residence, Chicago, 111. 

Child: — 

4779 Richard Hollister Talcott, b. 25 Feb., 1920, in Chicago Heights, lU. 

3731. RALPH OTIS DAVIS (LIEUT. U. S. NAVY) (Mamie^ Gruhhs; 
Samuel^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; SamueP; Squire*; George^), born 19 Jan., 
1891, in Litchfield, 111. 

Married April, 1915, at Annapolis, Md., Anita Bethia Cresap (d. 
21 June, 1921), daughter of Commander James C. Cresap and wife Anna 
Brooks Leavitt. 

He is a gradiiate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis; 
was in submarine service in European waters during the World War, 
with rank of Lieutenant; and was in charge of the Submarine H-4, at 
the end of the war. In 1921 he was on staff duty on the U. S. S. Sa- 
vannah, a submarine mother ship. 

Children: — 

4780 Ralph Cresap Davis, b. 13 Jan., 1916. 

4781 Frank McDowell Leavitt Davis, b. 16 July, 1920. 

STentf) feneration 435 

3732. MARY LOUISE DAVIS {Mamie^ Gruhbs; Samuel^- Cynthia' 
Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Apr., 1894, in Litch- 
field, 111. 

Married 16 Dec, 1917, at Chicago Heights, 111., Benjamin Irving 
Yeager, of Litchfield, 111. 

Child: — 

4782 Mary Caroline Yeager, b. 24 Sept., 1920, at Litchfield, 111. 

3734. ALLEN ROSCOE ELLIOTT (Major U. S. A.) (Lila^ Gruhbs; 
Samuel^; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Oct., 
1888, in Litchfield, 111. 

Married 15 June, 1915, at Salt Lake City, Utah, Margaret Elizabeth 
Andrews (b. 2 Apr., 1894), daughter of Allison and Lillie Andrews. 

He is a member of the faculty of Culver Military Academy, Culver, 
Indiana. He served in the World War as follows: — 

He was a Captain in the Reserve Corp, previous to the outbreak of 
the War, having received his commission April 10, 1917; and was called 
into active service at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, where he was an 
assistant instructor of the First Office'rs Training Camp. In August 
was assigned to the 334th Infantry, 84th Division at Camp Zachary 
Taylor at Louisville, Ky.; and Jan., 1918, was designated as Assistant 
Senior Instructor of the Third Officers Training Camp at Camp Taylor, 
becoming Senior Instructor a month later. As Camp Taylor was to be 
turned into an artillery camp, his division spent from June until August 
at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio, on its way to the coast. 

He was promoted to the rank of Major U. S. A. on Aug. 1, 1918, 
and assigned to the 77th Infantry, 14th Division at Camp Custer, Mich. 
His division was under orders to move when the "flu" epidemic struck 
Camp Custer and held the division under quarantine until the war was 
over. Allen R. Elliott was discharged on Feb. 1, 1919, and appointed 
Major Infantry Reserve Corps, in March. 

Child: — 

4783 Margaret Jane Elliott, b. 27 Aug., 1916, at Culver, Indiana. 

3735. RHEY BOONE {Richard^; William^; Samuel'; Squire^; Samuel^; 
Squire*; George^). 

Married Emma Wofford. Residence, Clarksville, Tenn. 

Children: — 

4784 Alvin Wofford Boone, b. 20 June, 1914. 

4785 Alice Rhey Boone, b. 2 July, 1915. 


436 STfje JBoone :f amilp 

3753. IRENE BOONE (Levp; William^; Ira^; Squire^- Samuel^; Squire*; 

Married 1914, Henry Naas. 

Child: — 

Laurine Elizabeth Naas. 

3812. MARY GARNETT (Dorcas^ Ewalt; Sarah^ Snell; Dorcas'' Saund- 
ers; Sarah^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 

Married 10 May, 1899, Dr. J. M. Rees. Res. Cynthiana, Ky. 

Children: — 

4787 Mildred Rees, b. 23 Dec, 1902. 

4788 Garnett Rees, b. 4 Jan., 1907. 

3819. BETSY ASHBROOK (Felix^- Artemisia^ Belles; Dorcas'' Saunders; 

Sarah^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married 6 Oct., 1908, Thomas Allen. 

Children: — 

4789 Jean Allen. 

4790 Betsey AUen. 

3823 ALLAN ASHBROOK (Lieut.) (Thomas^; Artemisia^ Belles; Dorcas'' 
Saunders; Sarah^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George'). 

Married 9 Dec, 1914, Sue Bennett. 

He is a lieutenant in the United States Navy. 

Child: — 

4791 Mary Warfield Ashbrook, b. 4 Aug., 1917. 

3835. MARY LODGE McKEE (James^; Celine^ Lodge; Mary'' Lamond; 
Rebecca^ Grant; Elizabeth^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born 11 July, 1888. 
Married 15 Nov., 1913, Curt Reisinger. 

Children: — 

4792 Edmee Roberta Reisinger, b. 18 June, 1915. 

4793 Mary Harrison Reisinger, b. 3 Dec, 1919. 

3847. LEO BURT (Huron^; Erreta^ Van Bibber; Elizabeth'' Hays; Su- 
sannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 22 Nov., 1868. 

Married 7 Dee, 1890, Mary Elizabeth Yates (b. 14 Dec. 1865), 
daughter of B. D. Yates and Addie May (Grant) Yates. 

®entl) feneration 437 

Children: — 

4794 George W. Burt, b. 1 IJan., 1894 ; m. Onie Callieon. Ree. Bachelor, Mo. 

4795 Lucille Burt, b. 8 Oct., 1895. 

4796 Irene Burt, b. 27 Sept., 1897. 

4797 John Yates Burt, b. 4 Sept., 1899. 

3848. HENRY THOMPSON CRUMP (Henry'; Louisa^ Hays; Boone'; 
Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 10 Aug., 1853. 

Married Coretta Long, in August 1885. Residence Tonopah, Nev. 

Children: — 

4798 Jessie May Crump, b. 5 May, 1886; m. Charles Friend, 1903. 

4799 Roy Crump, b. 22 Aug., 1888; d. 2 Jan., 1919, of influenza, at Tonopah, 

Nev., leaving a widow but no children. 

4800 Robert Henry Crump, b. Oct., 1899; unm. 

3849. LUCY ELIZA CRUMP (Henry'; Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; Susanna¥ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Oct., 1861. 

Married Perry Joseph Murphy, Sept. 16, 1890. Res. Omaha, Ne- 

Children: — 

+4801 Josephine Murphy. 
4802 Paul Murphy, d. in infancy. 

3850. JESSE PROCTOR CRUMP (Henry'; Louisa^ Hays; Boone'; 
Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 17 May, 1867, at In- 
dependence, Mo. 

Married 16 Sept., 1890, Mary Cassell Gregg, daughter of Samuel 
and Maria A. (Bryant) Gregg, pioneers of Missouri. 

Mr. Crump's residence is in Independence, Mo. He is vice presi- 
dent of the Kansas City Title and Trust Company of Kansas City, Mo., 
and in that city is considered without a superior in the matter of adjust- 
ing complex title problems. 

For many years he has devoted his leisure hours to the study and 
collection of data on his illustrious ancestor, Daniel Boone, and his 
descendants, sparing no labor and expense to obtain all available infor- 
mation on that subject. The valuable result of this careful and thorough 
research he has kindly contributed to this book, preparing for it the in- 
teresting biographical sketch of Daniel Boone which appears on page 561. 
Mr. Crump insists, however, that he is not an historian or biographer, 
making no claim to being other than a "title man." Being interested in 
his family history, and a great admirer of Daniel Boone, his object has 
been to collect and preserve for posterity, all records of the sturdy old 
Pioneer and his descendants. In this he has most admirably succeeded, 

438 tKlje JSoone jFamilp 

and through his courtesy we are able to present in this volume much 
heretofore unpublished information on that subject. 

The following is from a sketch of Mr. Crump's life which appears 
in the "Centennial History of Missouri, 1820-1921," Vol. III. 

"Jesse Procter Crump pursued his education in the public schools of 
his home county and began his business career as a boy in the abstract 
ofl&ce of John A. Sea at Independence, Missouri. His characteristic indus- 
try and ability soon won him recognition as the best abstractor in that city. 
He has been active in the same line throughout the intervening years until 
he is without doubt one of the best title men in Kansas City. In 1902 he 
became identified with the title business in this city and in 1915 assisted 
in the organization of the Kansas City Title and Trust Company, which 
was formed through the consolidation of five abstract companies. It is 
capitalized for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and was in- 
corporated in 1915, since which time Mr. Crump has been the vice president. 
He is also the secretary of the Fidelity Savings Trust Company of Kansas 
City, and is connected with various other financial and commercial in- 
terests which place him in a prominent position in business circles. Nature 
endowed him with keen intellectual force and he has used his talents wisely 
and well, his faithfulness and industry featuring prominently in the attain- 
ment of success in his chosen line. 

In 1890 Mr. Crump was married to Miss Mary C. Gregg, daughter of 
Samuel and Maria A. Gregg, pioneers of Missouri. ******** 
Mrs. Crump is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and 
is very active in charitable and social service work. Mr. Crump turns to 
hunting and fishing for recreation. He belongs to the City Club, to the 
Real Estate Board, and is a member of the Palestine Commandery, No. 17, 
Knights Templars, at Independence, Mo., where he resides. Both he and 
his wife are very active in the Christian Church, doing all in their power 
to promote its growth and extend its influence. Mr. Crump is a musician 
of much natural ability who possesses a fine and highly cultivated voice. 
He has long been a choir singer and is much sought for solo work. He is a 
gentleman of broad and liberal culture, well descended and well bred, whose 
high character is indicated by his hosts of friends among the leading residents 
of Kansas City." 

Child: — 

+4803 Mary Louise Crump, b. 2 Feb., 1892. 

3851. JOSIE BELLE CRUMP {Henry^; Louisa^ Hays; Boone'; Susannah" 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 25 March, 1870. 

Married 16 March, 1897, Walter S. Gregg. 

Children: — 

4804 James Lawrence Gregg, b. 26 Aug., 1899. 

4805 Celia Mariam Gregg, b. 19 Nov., 190i2. 

3852. ALFRED THOMPSON CRUMP (Richard' ; Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; 
Susannah" Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 12 Mar., 1858. 

Married Ellen Thomas James. 

^Tentj) (feneration 439 

Children: — 

4806 James L. Crump, 

4807 Richard Henry Crump. 

4808 Beulah May Crump. 

4809 Nola BeUe Crump. 

4810 Noland Boone Crump. 

4811 Sarah Jane Crump. 

4812 Alfred Thompson Crump. 

4813 Jessie Arcena Crump. 

3854. JAMES HENRY CRUMP (Richard^; Louisa^ Hays; Bavne^; 
Susannah^ Boone; DanieV"; Squire*; George^). 
Married Rebecca Gill. 

Children: — 

4814 Claude Ewing Crump. 

4815 Bertie Crump. 

4816 John Crump. 

4817 Bryan Crump. 

3856. LOUISA JANE CRUMP {Richard\ Louisa^ Hays; Boom''; 
Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married J. C. Pinnington. 

Child: — 

4818 Richard Lawson Pinnington (a dau.). 

3857. LOUISA CORDELIA CRUMP (Thompson^; Louisa^ Hays; 
Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Feb., 1858; 
died 20 March, 1879. 

Married 3 March, 1876, Edward F. Hoffman. 

Children: — 

i. Arthur Francis Hoffman, b. 26 Jan., 1877; m. Jennie Harrison. Issue: — 

Alice, Edward and Sheldon Richard, 

ii. Ida Alice Hoffman, b. 10 Sept., 1879; m. James R. Lampson. Issue: — 
Albert E., Frank D., and James Calvin. 

3858. DORA ANN CRUMP (Thompson^; Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; Su- 
sannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Jan., 1860. 
Married Tyree B. Hassler. 

Children: — 

i. Floyd C. Hassler. 
ii. Crump Hassler, d. unm. 
iii. Paul M. Hassler, m. Frankie Sweetland. Issue: — George R. and Ruth 

iv. Callaway Boone Hassler, m. Jane Comstock, and had one child, 
Mary Louvina. 

440 ^fje iBoone jFamiip 

3859. ARTHUR THOMPSON CRUMP (Thompson'; Louisa^ Hays; 

Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^)^ born 13 Feb., 1862. 

Married 30 Apr., 1891, Susan Weeks. Residence, Williamsburg, Mo. 

Children: — 

i. Cecil Arthur Crump, b. 24 Jan., 1893. 
ii. Mary W. Crump, b. 18 Dec, 1896. 
iii. John Leonard Crump, b. 5 June, 1900. 

3865. BEULAH HUNTER BOOTH (Sophia' Hays; Amazon^; Boone'; 
Susannah^ Boone; DanieP; Squire*; George^). 
Married Jacob Tristrail. 

Children: — 

4819 Jack Tristrail. 

4820 Linville Tristrail. 

3886. AGNES ASBURY (Virginia' Hays; Samuel^; Boone'; Susannah^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Albert Doerschuk. 

Residence, 501 Westport Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Children: — 

4821 Mary Virginia Doerschuk, b. 20 Apr., 1901. 

4822 Martha Louise Doerschuk, b. 16 Sept., 1906. 

3901. JAMES G. CALLAWAY (Redman'; James\- John'; Jemima^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 18 Oct., 1904, Bessie Stocking. 

Residence, Brockport, New York. 

Children: — 

i. WiUiam Stocking Callaway, b. Sept., 1905. 
ii. Martha Bryant Callaway, b. 12 Aug., 1909. 
iii. James Gaines Callaway, Jr., b. Oct., 1914. 

3906. ELLA MAY HOWARD (Mary' Bryan; Czarina'^ Lamme; Frances' 
Callaway; Jemima^ Boone; DanieP; Squire*; George^), died Mar., 1885. 
Married Sept., 1880j Samuel B. Cook, a lawyer. 

Children: — 

4823 Frances Cook, m. Cassius M. Clay, and had one child who died in in- 

fancy. Frances was divorced and m. 2nd, Dr. Charles Diggs, and hsui 
one child. 

4824 Jessie Thatcher Cook, Uving in Jefferson City, Mo. 

l^entl) feneration 441 

3907. HATTIE LEE HOWARD {Mary^ Bryan; Czarina* Lamme; 
Frances'' Callaway; Jemima^ Boone; DanieP; Squire*; George^). 

Married Edward Allison, a railroad conductor. 

Children: — 

4825 Marion Allison, m. and lives in California. 

4826 Ella Allison, m. and lives in California. v 

3908. ELLA DENT (Malvina^ Bryan; Czarina^ Lamme; Frances'' Call- 
away; Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 5 Jan., 1855. 

Married 21 Sept., 1875, Rufus A. Holloway, a minister. 

Children: — 

4827 Edgar P. Holloway, b. 22 July, 1878. He is a bookkeeper and sten- 


4828 John Lewis Dent Holloway, b. 10 Jan., 1883. 
+4829 Rufus Emory Holloway, b. 16 Mar., 1885. 

4830 Mary Holloway, b. 21 Feb., 1893; is a teacher. 

4831 EUzabeth HoUoway, b. 4 July, 1895. 

3909. LEONA BRYAN {David^; Czarina'^ Lamme; Frances'' Callaway; 
Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Johnson. 

Child: — 

4832 Fannie Johnson, lives at Grain Valley, Mo. 

3924. EVALEE MASTERS {Sallie^ Scholl; Marcus*; Septimus^- Levina" 
Boone; DanieV"; Squire*; George^). 

Married 27 Apr., 1904, Edwin Slack. 

Child: — 

4833 Virginia Lee Slack. 

3925. STANLEY MASTERS {Sallie^ Scholl; Marcus*; Septimus''; Le- 
vina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Jan. 1913, Julia McCall. 

Child: — 

4834 Jane Masteri'. 

3928. HELEN MASTERS {Sallie^ Scholl; Marcus*; Septimus''; Levina'^ 
Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1 June, 1909, Frank Reid Watkins. 

Child : — 

4835 Frank Reid Watkins, Jr. 

442 ^i)t ?Boone Jf amilp 

3934. ANNA HAMACHER (Sallie^ McMuriry; Catherine^ Scholl; Sept- 
imus''; Levina^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Elmer Pigg. 

Child: — 

4836 Elmer Pigg, Jr. 

3942. SADIE SCHOLL {Jesse^; Septimus^; Joseph''; Levina^ Boone; 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 15 Sept., 1897. 

Married 15 Aug., 1915, Clarence Brandenburg. 

Child: — 

4837 Mildred Brandenburg, b. 16 Jan., 1917. 

3959. MARGARET ALICE KEMPER (Margaret^ Priest; Sarah^ Goe; 
Noble''; Rebecca^ Boone; DanieV'; Squire*; George^), born 21 Mar., 1880. 
Married 9 Sept., 1903, in Butte, Montana, E. S. McRobert. 

Children: — 

4838 Margaret Alice McRobert, b. 19 Mar., 1905. 
A son, b. 6 Mar., 1907; d. 12 Mar., 1907. 

3978. GRACE KEELING JONES {Albert^; Eliza^ Boone; Alberf, 
Jesse^; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 21 Feb., 1883. 

Married 12 July, 1904, Ernest Hennan Kilpatrick (b. 6 Dec, 1880). 

Child: — 

4839 Ernest Kilpatrick, b. July, 1905. 

3979. CAROLYN CASSLE JONES {Albert'; EUza^ Boone; Alberf, 
Jesse^; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 22 Sept., 1885. 

Married Frederick Charles Sporleder (b. 29 Feb., 1884). 

Child: — 

4840 Lydia Amelia Sporleder, b. 8 July, 1914. 

3981. LYDIA MARIA JONES (Albert^; Eliza' Boone; Alberf; Jesse*, 
Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 5 July, 1894. 

Married 9 Sept., 1915, Burr Arrion Rowell (b. 14 Jan., 1887). 

Child: — 

4841 Dorothy Virginia Rowell, b. 23 July, 1916. 

3982. HENRY OSWALD PARSONS (Ann' Jones; Eliza^ Boone; 
Alberf; Jesse^; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 16 Oct., 1879. 

Married Gerty Kuhn (b. 4 Feb., 1887). 

Cent!) feneration 443 

Children: — 

4842 Henry Lewis Parsons, b. 15 Oct., 1908. 

4843 Edwin Benjamin Parsons, b. 7 Oct., 1910. 

4844 Donald Langford Parsons, b. 14 Dec, 1911. 

4845 Helen Edna Parsons, b. 23 Aug., 1913. 

4846 Elizabeth Gertrude Parsons, b. 20 Sept., 1914. 

3985. MARY FRANCES PARSONS (Ann' Jones; Eliza' Boone; Albert^- 
Jesse\ DanieP; Squire*; George^), b. 6 July, 1886. 
Married Daniel O. Hughes (b. 20 Jan., 1876). 

Children: — 

4847 Charles Daniel Hughes, b. 20 Jan., 1908. 

4848 Lucile Maria Hughes, b. 28 Jan., 1909. 

4849 Helen Phipps Hughes, b. 11 Feb., 1911. 

4850 EUzabeth Rouse Hughes, b. 18 Dec, 1912. 

4851 Louis Elmo Hughes, b. 30 Oct., 1914. 

3986. RUTH PARSONS (Ann^ Jones; Eliza' Boone; Alherf; Jesse\' 
DanieP; Squire*; George^), born 3 Nov., 1889. 

Married Jesse Thomas Russell (b. 29 Sept., 1884). 

Child: — 

4852 Jesse Thomas RusseU, Jr., b. 26 Apr., 1916. 

4024. FRANCES ELIZABETH WARD (Mary^ Hurst; Hester' Bryan; 
SamueV ; Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in California. 
Married William A. Hamilton, in Lexington, Ky. 

Children: — 

4853 Anne E. S. Hamilton. 

+4854 Frances EUzabeth Hamilton. 

-1-4855 Robert Hamilton, 

-f 4856 Mary Hamilton. 

4857 Ella Bryan Hamilton. 

4858 Nora Ward Hamilton, m. Milton Reimer, of Louisville, Ky. 

4026. ELLA BRYAN WARD {Mary^ Hurst; Hester' Bryan; SamueV; 
Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in California. 
Married John Ed. Phelps of Jessamine Co., Ky. 

Children: — 

4859 Elizabeth Phelps, m. C. M. Harris. Res. Versailles, Ky. 

4860 Lilla. Phelps, m. John Hall. Res. Winchester, Ky. 

444 ®fje Jioone jFamilp 

4027. JOHN SHERRIL WARD {Mary' Hurst; Hester^ Bryan; SamueP; 
Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in California. 
Married Minnie Eck. 

Children: — 

4861 Mary Coletta Ward. 

4862 SherriU Ward. 

4863 John Ward, Jr. 

4029. COURTNEY MOORE (Mary^ Hurst; Hester^ Bryan; SamueV; 
Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^), born in Fayette Co., Ky. 
Married Foeter Helm. 

Children: — 

4864 Clarence Foster Helm, Jr. 

4865 Elizabeth Moore Hekn. 

4866 Thornton Hehn. 

4033. JENNIE CARPENTER (Hettie' Fully; Polly^ Berry; Hettie' 
Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 26 Sept., 1866. 
Married 3 Mar., 1889, to Isaac Cummins, (b. 17 Sept., 1865.) 

Children: — 

4807 Mabel May Cummins, b. 30 Nov., 1889; m. 20 Feb., 1909, Arthur 
+4868 George Hiram Cummins, b. 16 Oct., 1891; m. 22 Dec, 1909, Chattie M. 

4034. ROBERT S. CARPENTER (Hettie' Fully; Folly^ Berry; Hettie'' 
Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 6 Sept., 1868. 
. Married 28 Feb., 1898, Lottie A. Higgs, (b. 15 May, 1876). 

Children: — 

4869 Fleta G. Carpenter, b. 1 Oct., 1896; m. 6 Aug., 1919, S. L. Hammona. 

4870 Georgia Ellen Carpenter, b. 9 Nov., 1903. 

4871 Robert E. Carpenter, b. 1 May, 1906. 

4035. WILLIAM T. CARPENTER {Hettie' Fully; Folly* Berry; Hettie' 
Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 5 Apr., 1870. 
Married Ida E. Higgs (b. 23 Jan., 1870). 

Children: — 

+4872 Wilma Carpenter, b. 7 Sept., 1891. 
+4873 Mary Carpenter, b. 26 July, 1893. 

4874 Sam Carpenter, b. 3 Sept., 1895; m. 7 Sept., 1917, NeUie Grimes, 

4875 Duffy Carpenter, b. 30 Sept., 1901. 

tKentf) (generation 445 

4036. JAMES OLIVER CARPENTER {Hettie^ Pully; Polly^ Berry; 
Hettie'' Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 9 July, 

Married 2 Mar., 1902, Elizabeth Caroline Cummins (b. 13 Jan., 1877) 

Children: — 

4876 Annie Lucile Carpenter, b. 26 July, 1904. 

4877 Leach Caroline Carpenter, b. 1 Feb., 1909. 

4878 James Edgar Carpenter, b. 12 Sept., 1912. 

4038. ANNA MAY CARPENTER (Hettie^ Pully; Polly^ Berry; Hettie'' 

Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 14 Aug., 1878. 

Married 7 Nov., 1897, Elmer Rudolph Cummins (b. 22 Dec, 1873). 

Children: — 

4879 Hettie Margaret Cummins, b. 23 Sept., 1899. 

4880 Hiram J. Cummins, b. 7 Apr., 1904. 

4881 Richard Lee Cummins, b. 7 Sept., 1907. 

4039. RICHARD H. CARPENTER (Hettie^ Pully; Polly^ Berry; Hettie'' 
Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 6 Mar., 1881. 

Married 5 Mar., 1899, Edith Wormington (b. 17 Sept., 1882). 

He served in the World War. 

Children: — 

4882 Ina Carpenter, b. 8 Dec, 1899. 

4883 Gladys Carpenter, b. 27 July, 1905. 

4884 Evelyn Carpenter, b. 18 Sept., 1910. 

4040. MABEL ANDREW (Sally' Pully; Polly^ Berry; Hettie^ Copher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 8 Aug., 1874. 
Married 29 May, 1894, J. E. Barnett. 

Children: — 

4885 Bemice Barnett, b. 16 Oct., 1897; d. 1 Feb., 1898. 

4886 Beryl Barnett, b. 27 Nov., 1898. 

4887 J. Bryce Barnett, b. 16 Nov., 1903. 

4888 Beverly T. Barnett, b. 12 Sept., 1911. 

4041. DOLLY E. ANDREW (Sally' Pully; Polly^ Berry; Hettie^ Copher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 31 Mar., 1876. 
Married 8 June, 1904, A. E, Stuerke, in Sweet Springs, Mo. 

Children: — 

4889 Jean Dorshea Stuerke, b. 5 Apr., 1910. 

4890 Thomas Andrew Stuerke, b. 10 Feb., 1914. 

446 ^Tfje JBoone jTamilp 

4042. ZULA H. ANDREW (Sally ^ Fully; Polly^ Berry; Hettie'' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1 Jan., 1878. 

Married 25 June, 1902, Richard W. Burkhart, of Norborne, Mo. 

Children: — 

4891 Ruth Eugenia Burkhart, b. 29 July, 1907. 

4892 Sarah Maybelle Burkhart, b. 16 Jan., 1910. 

4893 Byron Andrew Burkhart, b. 28 Dec, 1913; d. 4 Apr., 1917. 

4043. T. H. ANDREW (Sally^ Fully; Folly^ Berry; Hettie'' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 28 Oct., 1879. 
Married 3 June, 1903, Artie Livingstone. 

Child: — 

4894 Clark Andrew, b. 8 July, 1904. 

4046. T. C. ANDREW (Sally^ Fully; Folly^ Berry; Hettie^ Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Jan., 1888. 
Married 6 Feb., 1912, Wilson D. Wood. 

Children: — 

4895 Wilson Wood, b. 9 Aug., 1915. 

4896 Donald Emerson Wood, b. 3 Oct., 1918. 

4050. ELVA M. PULLY (Thomas^; Folly^ Berry; Hettie'' Gopher; Eliza- 
beth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1880. 
Married Lee Ray Smith, in 1899. 

Children: — 

4897 Minnie L. Smith, b. 1900. 

4898 Arthur Pully Smith, b. 1901. 

4052. MAGGIE PULLY {Thomas^; Folly^ Berry; Hettie^ Gopher; Eliza- 
beth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1885. 
Married 1903, Perry Ledenham. 

Children: — 

4899 NeUie Vehna Ledenham, b. 1904. 

4900 Wanda Agnes Ledenham, b. 1906. 

4901 Pharis Perry Ledenham, b. 1913. 

4902 Lois Prudence Ledenham, b. 1917. 

4903 Gladis Maxine Ledenham, b. 1919. 

4054. EARL RUSSELL PULLY (Thomas^; Folly^ Berry; Hettie^ Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1890. 
Married 1916, Amelia Darling. 

^Tentf) feneration 447 

Children: — 

4904 Thomas Oscar Pully, b. 1917. 

4905 Richard Earl PuUy, b. 1917. 

4062. JAMES WALTER STREIN (Sarah^ Berry; John\- Hettie' Go- 
pher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 9 Oct., 1884. 
Married 22 June, 1908, Ida May Piggott (b. 1889). 

Child: — 

4906 Theroa Cathrine Strein, b. 27 Feb., 1910. 

4072. PRUDIE ANN DARK (Dora^ Berry; John\- Hettie'' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Dec, 1890. 

Married 25 Dec, 1908, Charles Ira Garwood (b. 17 Aug., 1877). 

Children: — 

4907 Buford Clay Garwood, b. 19 June, 1910. 

4908 Chester OrveU Garwood, b. 14 July, 1917. 

4909 Mabel Lois Garwood, b. 27 Apr., 1919. 

4092. ALMA BOOTH (Sarah^ Berry; William^' Hettie' Gopher; Eliza- 
heth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 15 Jan., 1894. 

Married 28 Oct., 1914, Edgar Lyle Clark (b. 16 Apr., 1893), son of 
B. F. Clark and wife Alice Latin. 

Children: — 

4910 Robert Booth Clark, b. 12 Oct., 1917. 

4911 Glenn Lyle Clark, b. 6 June, 1919. 

4912 Alven Latin Clark, b. 27 Jan., 1921. 

4101. PAUL E. WRIGHT (Katie' Berry; Thomas^- Hettie' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 5 July, 1876. 

Married 31 Jan., 1903, Nora . 

He was in the World War, and served over sea, in the Y. M. C. A. 

Children: — 

4913 Walton EUzabeth Wright, b. 21 Jan., 1906. 

4914 Paul Allen Wright, b. 25 Nov., 1909. 

4915 Lois EUen Wright, b. 11 Feb., 1916. 

4102. J WALTON W. WRIGHT {Katie' Berry; Thomas^- Hettie' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 3 Sept., 187-. 

Married 14 Apr., 1912, Madeline McGreen (b. 21 Jan., 1886). 

Children: — 

4916 Mary Lee Wright, b. 5 Feb., 1913. 

4917 Walton W. Wright, Jr., b. 27 Aug., 1914. 

448 ®l)e ^oone jFamilp 

4103. JENNIE WRIGHT (Katie' Berry; Thomas^- Hettie'' Gopher; 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1 June, 1880. 

Married 20 May, 1903, Asa L. Woodfolk, (b. 12 Feb., 1881). 

Children: — 

4918 Jennie Josephine Woodfolk, b. 15 Jan., 1906. 

4919 Mary Virginia Woodfolk, b. 4 May, 1910. 

4920 Allen Wright Woodfolk, b. 3 June, 1912. 

4921 Asa Jean Woodfolk, b. 1921. 

4104. RUBY WRIGHT (Katie' Berry; Thomas^; Hettie''' Gopher; Eliza- 
beth^ Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), born 6 Nov., 1882. 

Married 20 June, 1914, James W. Chowing, (b. 22 Sept., 1876). 

Children: — 

4922 Mary Jane Chowing, b. 22 Oct., 1915. 

4923 CaroUne Chowing, b. 26 Mar., 1917 1 -pwins 

4924 Catherine Chowing, b. 26 Mar., 1917 J 

4119. BROWNIE HAMPTON BERRY (John'; David^; Hettie'' Gopher^ 
Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 16 July, 1889. 
Married 11 Dec, 1909, A. B. Hancock. 

Child: — 

4925 Edgar Albert Hancock, b. Feb., 1911. 

4130. EMMETT CLAY WILLIAMS (Flavias'; Nannie^ Berry; Hettie^ 
Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 4 Aug., 1887. 

Married 4 Aug., 1912, Alicia Fulcher, (b. 30 Mar., 1889). 

Children: — 

4926 Cora Jane Williams, b. 12 Nov., 1913. 

4927 Charles Collins Williams, b. 17 Nov., 1915. 

4928 Emmett Clay Williams, b. 18 Sept., 1917. 

4131. FLAVIAS COLLINS WILLIAMS (Flavias'; Nannie^ Berry; 
Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 16 Aug., 

Married 16 Aug., 1915, Florence Monteith, (b. 11 Feb., 1893). 

Child: — 

4929 Shirley Louis Williams, b. 21 Oct., 1916. 

4132. BRYAN BROWN WILLIAMS (Flavias'; Nannie^ Berry; Hettie'' 
Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 29 Aug., 1896. 

Married 4 Feb., 1917, Anna Bell Wallace (b. 22 Feb., 1898). 

Child: — 

4930 Bryan Brown WiUiams, Jr., b. 5 Mar., 1918. 

tCentl) feneration 449 

4137. MARGARET WILLIAMS (Emmett^; Nannie^ Berry; Hettie^ 
Copher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 20 Feb., 1897. 
Married 12 Apr., 1913, Charles Wesley Black. 

Child: — 

4931 Charles Williams Black, b. 13 Mar., 1914. 

4149. FLORA RUBEY VIVIAN {Nancy' Cooper; Adaline^ Carson; 
Mildred'' Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 23 Mar., 1869, 
at Fayette, Mo., was living, 1921, at Hollywood in Los Angeles, Calif. 
Married Gavin Witherspoon (b. 10 May, 1862, in De Soto Parish, 
La.), son of Boykin and Elizabeth Williams (Edwards) Witherspoon. 

Boykin Witherspoon, father of Gavin (b. 1862), was born 6 July, 1814 
at Society Hill, S. C; died 21 May, 1898, at De Soto Parish, La. He was 
a son of John Dick Witherspoon and wife Elizabeth Boykin. Boykin 
Witherspoon married 1 Dec, 1841, at Society Hills, S. C, Elizabeth Williams 
Edwards, (b. 10 Sept., 1822; d. 26 May, 1909), daughter of Peter and Jane 
(Draughton) Edwards. The Witherspoons are descendants of John Knox, 
the great divine. 

Children: — 

4932 Gavin Witherspoon, Jr., b. 10 Jan., 1901, in Los Angeles, Cal., and was 

a student of the University of California in 1921. 

4933 Gwendolin Vivian Witherspoon, b. 18 Apr., 1908, at Los Angeles, Cal. 

She graduated from HoUj^wood High School in 1921. 

4934 Jack Vivian Witherspoon, b. 7 Sept., 1909, at Los Angeles, Cal. 

4166. FRANK McFARLAND (Matilda' Robertson; Lydia^ Wilson; 
Matilda'' Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 5 Oct., 1864. 
Married about 1888, Jessie Thompson. 

Children: — 

4935 Kirk McFarland, b. 5 Oct., 1891. 

4936 Ray McFarland, b. Sept., 1894. 

4937 Morton McFarland, b. 1896. 

4168. EMMA McFARLAND {Matilda' Robertson; Lydia^ Wilson; 
Matilda'' Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 24 July, 1871. 
Married 15 Jan., 1895, Hugh Marsh. 

Children: — 

4938 Clinton Marsh, b. 8 Dec, 1896, 

4939 Albert Marsh, b. 2 Oct., 1901. 

4940 Wibna Marsh, b. 19 Aug., 1907. 

4189. LIZZIE MAY CRABB {Melissa' Wilson; William^; Matilda'' 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 30 Sept., 1876. 
Married 20 Oct., 1898, Alexander McKee Robinson. 

450 STlje Poone jFamilj> 

Children: — 

4941 Louise Crabb Robinson, b. 2 Aug., 1899. 

4942 Elizabeth Wilson Robinson, b. 31 Dec, 1902. 

4943 Julia Hardie Robinson, b. 29 Aug., 1904. 

4190. CLARA MAY THOMAS {Mary^ Wilson; William^' Matilda^ 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 2 May, 1884. 

Married 1 June, 1905, E. B. Robertson. Residence, Louisville, Ky. 

Children: — 

4944 James Thomas Robertson, b. 18 May, 1906. 

4945 Clara Louise Robertson, b. 14 Feb., 1908. 

4191. WILLIAM WAIDE WILSON {JoeP; William^- Matilda^ Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 21 Jan., 1879. 

Married 5 Dec, 1905, Mattie Drane. 

He is head rate clerk of the L. & N. Railroad. 

Children: — 

4946 WaUace Poindexter Wilson, b. 11 Sept., 1906. 

4947 Joel Kent Wilson, b. 19 June, 1908. 

4948 RosaUnd Drane Wilson, b. 12 Mar., 1910. 

4198. WILLIAM MARCUS CASELDINE (Emma^ Wilson; Williams- 
Matilda'' Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 9 May, 1880. 
Married 23 Apr., 1903, Carrie Leechman. 

Child: — 

4949 Mary Frances Caseldine, b. 7 Apr., 1904. 

4203. BESSIE CALLAWAY WILSON (James\- William^' Matilda^ 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 18 Feb., 1884. 

Married 6 Jan., 1903, Callaway Booker Moody. 

Children: — 

4950 John Wilson Moody, b. 6 Oct., 1905. 

4951 Nancy Louise Moody, b. 13 May, 1908. 

4952 Callaway Booker Moody, Jr., b. 4 Aug., 1910. 
4963 Elizabeth EUen Moody, b. 6 Apr., 1913. 

4204. CLARA BELLE WILSON (James^; William^; Matilda'' Wil- 
son; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 18 June, 1886. 

Married 6 May, 1909, Dr. J. T. Fergason, of South Pittsburg, Tenn. 

Children: — 

4954 Lucile Wilson Fergason, b. 7 May, 1911. 

4955 Mary Margaret Fergason, b. 16 July, 1913. 

^Tentf) feneration 451 

4206. ALLEEN HOWARD WILSON {James'; William''; Matilda'' 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 5 Apr., 1890. 
Married 4 June, 1914, Bland Ballard Button. 

Child: — 

4956 Bland Ballard Button, Jr., b. 25 June, 1915. 

4217. PIGEON MILES (Lillie' Boston; Cassandra^ Carson; Cassandra^ 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 13 May, 1886. 
Married 11 Aug., 1905, Earl D. Cain, of San Angelo, Tex. 

Child: — 

4957 Earl D. Cain, b. 12 Aug., 1906. 

4230. CARSON RICHARDS (Gussie' Carson; Frank\- Cassandra'' 
Boone; William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 29 Dec, 1892. 

Married 8 Jan., 1916, Frances Doyle (b. 19 Feb., 1895; d. 8 Jan., 

Child: — 

4958 Francis Carson Richards, b. 31 Dec, 1918. 

4231. LOUISE RICHARDS {Gussie' Carson; Frank^; Cassandra'' Boone; 
William^; George^; Squire*; George^), born 24 Feb., 1896. 

Married 29 Dec, 1917, William G. Muir (b. 1 Feb., 1895). 

Child: — 

4959 "BiUy" Louise Muir, b. 8 Dec, 1918. 

4236. WILLIAM WATTS (Hampton^- Evelina^ Boone; Hampton^ 
WiUiam^; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Iva Hensley, of Nuell, Montgomery County, Mo. 

Children: — 

4960 William Houston Watts. 

4961 Watts (dau.). 

4252. MICHAEL STONER CRAWFORD (Nannie' Stoner; Michael^; 
Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1876. 
Married Leila Jones (b. 1874). 

Children: — 

4962 Mattie Lynn Crawford, b. 1895; m. May, 1917, her cousin, Thomas 

ChiUan Stoner (Thomas^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary* Boone; Georg^; 
Squire*; George^), No. 2753. 

4963 Nannie Carhsle Crawford, b. 1898; m. 

4964 James S. Crawford, b. 1900. 

4965 William Newton Crawford, b. 1903. 

4966 Michael Stoner Crawford, b. 1906. 

4967 John Richard Crawford, b. 1908. 

4968 George Overton Crawford, b. 1917. 


452 ®l)e JBoone Jf amilp 

4253. WILKERSON STARK CRAWFORD (Nannie^ Stoner; Michael^; 
Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1869. 
Married Elizabeth Field (b. 1874). 

Children: — 

4969 William Dodd Crawford, b. 1897. 

4970 Martha Ann Crawford, b. 1898. 

4971 Ruth Field Crawford, b. 1903. 

4255. NANNIE ULALUME STONER {Overton^; Michael'^; Nancy'' 
Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1872. 
Married Robert L. Daniel. 

Children: — 

4972 Vivien Daniel, b. 1894. 

4973 Robert L. Daniel, b. 1899. 

4974 Overton Daniel, b. 1901. 

4975 Zilpha Daniel, b. 1905. 

4976 Stoner Daniel, b. 1909. 

4256. TILLITHA IMOGENE STONER (Overton^; Michael''; Nancy'' 
Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1874. 
Married A. H. Warburton (b. 1872). 

Children: — 

4977 Fannie Mavis Warburton, b. 1900. 

4978 Albert H. Warburton, b. 1905. 

4979 William Volney Warburton, b. 1909. 

4257. BLANCHE E. STONER (Overton^; Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1876 in Texas. 

Married Joe E. Warburton (b. 1876). Residence, Bloomington, Tex. 

Children: — 

4980 Margaret Ida Warburton, b. 1899. 

4981 John Rose Warburton, b. 1900. 

4982 Joe E. Warburton, b. 1910. 

4258. MICHAEL LOWERY STONER {Overton ^; Michael'; Nancy^ Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1878. 
Married Mamie Woods. 

Children: — 

4983 Mary Clair Stoner, b. 1911. 

4984 Michael Lowery Stoner, b. 1912; d. 1913. 

4985 MoUie Wood Stoner, b. 1915. 

4986 George Overton Stoner, b. 1916. 

VLmtf) (feneration 453 

4259. ZILPHA EVELYN STONER (Overton'; Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1880; died 1905. 

Married Samuel William. 

Children: — 

4987 David Overton William, b. 1900. 

4988 Mary Carlisle William, b. 1903. 

4989 Samuel Kemper William, b. 1905. 

4260. KATE CARLISLE STONER (Overton^; MichaeP; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), born 1883. 

Married Tom O'Connor. Residence, Victoria, Tex. 

Children: — 

4990 Demiis O'Connor, b. 1906. 

4991 Mary O'Connor, b. 1909. 

4992 Tom O'Connor, b. 1915. 

4264. BETTY WHITNEY {Tillitha' Stoner; Michael'^; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1867; died 1908. 

Married 1st, Robert Ragland (d. 1892), and 2nd, August Hans. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4993 Robert Ragland, Jr., b, 1891. 
(Second Marriage) 

4994 Tillitha Whitney Hans, b. 1900. 

4995 Jacob Lemuel Hans, b. 1902. 

4996 James Allen Hans, b. 1903. 

4997 Nannie Carlisle Hans, b. 1907. 

4265. CARRIE WHITNEY (Tillitha' Stoner; Michael^- Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1870. 

Married 1st, Homer Crocker, and 2nd, Kendall of Austin, Texas. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

4998 LiUian Crocker, m. Jesse Felder. 

4999 Clark Crocker. 

5000 Whitney Crocker. 

4269. ALINE WHITNEY (Tillitha' Stoner; MichaeP; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1878. 
Married George Faupel. 

Children: — 

5001 ZateUa Faupel, b. 1896. 

5002 Edward Faupel, b. 1898. 

6003 George Anne Faupel, b. 1908; d. 1909. 
5004 LiUian Aline Faupel, b. 1911. 

454 ®f)e JBoone jFamflip 

4270. JAMES WHITNEY {Tillitha^ Stoner; Michael^; Nancy^ Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), born 1880. 
Married Jessie Hunt (b. 1875). 

Children: — 

6006 Paschal Whitney, b. 1906. 
5006 Margaret Whitney, b. 1912. 

4272. EMILY CARLISLE STONER {Peter^; Michael''; Nancy'' Tribble; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1876. 

Married Rev. Laurence E. Selfridge (b. 1871). 

Children: — 

6007 Laurence E. Selfridge, b. 1902; d. 1918. 

5008 Josephus Johnson Selfridge, b. 1905; d. 1906. 

5009 Mary Rachel Selfridge, b. 1909. 

4273. LILLIE MAY STONER (Peter^; MichaeP; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary« 
Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), born 1878. 

Married Clyde Loper (b. 1877). 

Children: — 

5010 Eugene Tribble Loper, b. 1899. 

5011 Dorothy Loper, b. 1910. 

4275. NELLIE STONER {Peter^; Michael'^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1883. 
Married George G. Murray (b. 1885). 

Children: — 

6012 Mary Louise Murray, b. 1908. 

5013 Emily Murray, b. 1912. 

4277. LAURA LYNN (Maria^ Stoner; Michael^- Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1875. 

Married Leslie Evans and lives in Richmond, Ky. 

Children: — 

5014 LesUe Evans, Jr. 

5015 Nannie Chenault Evans. 

5016 Maria Lynn Evans, called Lynn. 

5017 Richard Lynn Evans, b. 1914. 

5018 Evans (son), b. 1917 or 1918; given name unknown. 

4279. WALTER STONER (William^; MichaeV; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1884. 
Married Hazel Hellman. 

Child: — 

5019 Doris Stoner, b. 1909. 

Centl) feneration 455 

4280. JANIE STONER (William^- Michael^; Nancy'' Trihble; Mary^ 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1886. 
Married Ben Fly (b. 1869). 

Children: — 

5020 George Fly, b. 1910. 

5021 Ben Fly, b. 1912. 

5022 Mary Jane Fly, b. 1914. 

5023 Jessie McCutcheon Fly, b. 1917. 

4283. CARLISLE STONER (William^; Michael^; Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1891. 
Married M. M. Barnes. 

Child: — 

5024 Annabel Barnes, b. 1915. 

4285. WILKINS HUNT (Lillie^ Stoner; Michael'^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1880. 

Married 1st, Myra Scarborough, and 2nd, Laura Strom (b. 1893). 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

5025 James Hunt. 

5026 William Hunt. 

5027 Jack Hunt. 

4287. TOM HUNT (Lillie^ Stoner; Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1888. 

Married Maude Armstrong (b. 1890). 

Child: — 

5028 Marjorie Hunt. 

4288. EUCILE STONER {Hunt^; Michael^; Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1894. 

Married Webber Fisk Parker. 

Child: — 

5029 Margaret Parker, b. 1913. 

4301. GEORGE HAMILTON (Sarah^ Gatewood; Mary'^ Stoner; Nancy'' 
Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married 1st, Anna Worthington, of Cincinnati, O., and 2nd, Allie 
Chilton of Memphis, Tenn. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

5030 Roberta Hamilton, b. ; m. 1 June, 1910, Dr. George Hessler, and 

lives in Memphis, Tenn. 

456 2r!)e Poone Jf amilp 

4303. CARROL HAMILTON (Sarah^ Gatewood; Mary^ Stoner; Nancy'' 
Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 186 — . 

Married Mary Woodford. Residence near Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Children: — 

6031 George Hamilton. 

6032 Sarah Frances Hamilton. 

6033 Hamilton (son), b. 1914. 


, Twin sons, b. abt. 1918. 

6035 ' 

4304. FANNIE MAY HAMILTON (Sarah' Gatewood; Mary^ Stoner; 
Nancy'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1 Mar., 1870. 
Married John Brennan. Residence, Paris, Ky. 

Child: — 

6036 Jack Brennan, b. 1 Mar., 1910. 

4309. WILLIAM HAMILTON GATEWOOD (James'; Mary^ Stoner; 
Nancy'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married Elizabeth . 

He is called "Colonel" and is known by no other name among his 
relatives. He lives on a farm near Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Children: — 

6037 Mary Gatewood, b. 19—. 
5038 Gatewood (son), b. 19—. 

4314. FRANK HENDERSON (Mary' Smith; Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' 
Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1869. 

Married 1st, Elizabeth Barrick (d. 1917 at Mt. Zion, III., and buried 
there), and 2nd, about 1919, Ruth Barrick, a younger sister of Eizabeth. 

Residence, Kansas City, Mo. 

Children: — 
(First Marriage) 

6039 Weeden Henderson, b. 1898. 

6040 Francis Henderson, b. abt. 1899 or 1900; and d. when less than two 

years old. 
5041 Barrick (Barry) Henderson, b. abt. 1902. 

6042 EUzabeth Ann Henderson, b. abt. 1911. 

Smith; Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; 
George^), born about 1882. 

Married Sept., 1912, Dr. Roy James Lewis (d. July, 1916). 

Child: — 

6043 Roy James Lewis, Jr., b. June 1915. 

STentf) (generation 457 

4318. GLADYS SMITH (Washington^; Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' Tribble; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1882. 

Married Dean McGaughey. Residence, Mt. Zion, 111. 

Children: — 

5044 Dorothy Dillon McGaughey, b. abt. 1910. 

5045 Dean Smith McGaughey, b. Feb., 1914. 

4319. SIDNEY MADISON SMITH (Washington^- Frances^ Stoner; 
Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 188-. 

Married 1913, Lena McDaniel. They live near Mt. Zion, 111. 

Children: — 

5046 Benjamin Mack Smith, b. 27 Dec, 1914. 

5047 Helen Smith, b. abt. 1916. 

4320. GUY ULERY SMITH (Washington^; Frances^ Stoner; Nancy'' 
Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 188-. 

Married 1st, Mazie Hamilton, and in 1914, he married 2nd, Maude 
Hughes. Residence, Chicago, III. 

Child: — 

5048 Beverly Smith, b. 14 June, 1915. 

4322. MARIAN MARSHALL SCOTT (Nancy ^ Smith; Frances^ Stoner; 
Nancy'' Tribble; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1889. 

Married 31 July, 1915, Harry E. Barkley, of Argyle, N. Y. Resi- 
dence, in 1921 Mt. Zion, 111. 

Child: — 

5049 OUver Scott Barkley, b. 1 May, 1916. 

4329. HOPE STONER (Clinton'; Tliomas\' Nancy'' Tribble; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1879. 

Married 27 Feb., 1907, Ed. G. Beaumont. 

Children: — 

5050 Madie Beaumont, b. 1911. 
5061 Anna Louise Beaumont, b. 1913. 

5052 Hope Beaumont, b. 191 — . 

4330. ROYAL STONER (Clinton^; Thomas^; Nancy'' Tribble; Mary* 
Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1880. 

Married Mame Victoria Stoner (Overton' ; Michael^; Nancy'' Tribble; 
Mary* Boone; George^; Squire*; George^) (No. 4261). Residence, near 
Laguna, Tex. 

Children: — 

5053 Margaret Stoner, b. 1915. 

5054 Michael Lowery Stoner, b. 1916. 

458 ^t)e Jioone jFamilp 

4333. LEILA MIRIAM BURT (Mary^ Stoner; Thomas^; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 29 May, 1887. 

Married 27 May, 1915, Geo. O. Smith. Residence, Chicago, 111. 

Children: — 

5055 William Clayton Smith, b. 29 Feb., 1916. 
6056 Marjorie Frances Smith, b. 12 Sept., 1918. 

4334. NANCY MARGARET BURT (Mary^ Stoner; Thomas^; Nancy'' 
Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), born 27 Sept., 1891. 

Married 18 Apr., 1916, Lieut. Samuel P. Connell. Residence, No. 
505 Lakeside Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Child: — 

5057 Robert Vincent Connell, b. 18 Feb., 1917. 

4346. WILLIAM LITTLE, II. {John^; Maria^ Stoner; Nancy'' Trihhle; 
Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire'^; George^), died 10 Oct., 1918, of influenza. 

Married about 1908 or '09, Grace Watson (d. 7 Oct., 1918, of in- 

Children: — 

5058 William Little, III., b. abt. 1910. 

5059 John Little, III., b. abt. 1913. 

5060 Watson Little, d. in infancy. 

4347. JOHN GRUBBS LITTLE, JR. (John^; Maria^ Stoner; Nancy'' 
Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^). 

Married about 1910, Nell Thompson. Residence, Chicago, III. 
He was a Lieut, in U. S. Army, World War, 1918-1920. 

Children: — 

5061 Mary Martha Little, b. 24 July, 1912. 

5062 Wm. Horatio Bates Little, b. Feb., 1917. 

4397. ELIZABETH FRANCES GARTRELL (Mollie' Payne; George^ 
Ann Stoner; Frances'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), 
born 1869. 

Married Thomas Danforth. 

Child: — 

5063 Cecil Payne Danforth, b. 1897. 

4399. JAMES L. GARTRELL {Mollie^ Payne; George^ Ann Stoner; 
Frances'' Trihhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 1873. 
Married Julia Amelia Daniels. 

Child: — 

5064 Lucretia Towne Gartrell, b 1901. 

©ent!) feneration 459 

4401. LUCIUS JUSTICE GARTRELL (Mollie^ Payne; George^ Ann 
Stoner; Frances'' Tribhle; Mary^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 
1877; died 1912. 

Married Anna Rugely. 

Children: — 

5065 Frank Gartrell. 

5066 Anna Gartrell. 

5067 James Gartrell. 

5068 Nicholas GartreU, b. 1910. 

4439. CAROLINE ARNOLD {John^; Caroline^ Scholl; John''; Mary^ 
Boone; Edward^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Manse Weeks. 

Child: — 

5069 John Arnold Weeks. 

4440. MINNIE McINTOSH (Addison^; Moses^; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 13 May, 1869. 
Married 10 Apr., 1895, Abraham Haight. 

Children: — 

5070 Effie Haight, b. 29 Sept., 1898. 

5071 Frances (Fannie) Haight, b. 27 Dec, 1900. 

4442. JENNIE McINTOSH (Addison^- Moses^; Elizabeth'' Boone; Moses^; 
Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 30 Jan., 1873. 
Married 18 Feb., 1890, Augustus Haight. 

Children: — 

+5072 Harold L. Haight, b. 5 Dec, 1890 

+5073 Mary R. Haight, b. 30 Mar., 1892. 

5074 Frank L. Haight, b. 13 Dec, 1894; m. 28 Mar., 1920, Edna Geise. 

6075 Clifford J. Haight, b. 8 June, 1897; d. Feb., 1898. 

5076 Laura M. Haight, b. 22 Dec, 1898. 

5077 Margaret Haight, b. 21 Sept., 1900. 

5078 Helen Haight, b. 2 Nov., 1904. 

4443. FRANK H. McINTOSH {Addison^; Moses'; Elizabeth'' Boone; 
Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 8 Apr., 1876. 
Married 18 Feb., 1916, Harriet Martins. 

Children: — 

5079 Margaret Mcintosh, b. 2 Apr., 1917. 

5080 William Mcintosh, b. 6 June, 1918. 

5081 Richard Mcintosh, b. 10 Feb., 1920. 

460 3rfje JBoone jFamilp 

4444. IDA M. McINTOSH {Addison^; Moses^; Elizabeth^ Boone; Moses^; 
Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 11 Jan., 1879. 
Married 15 June, 1898, Oscar Doty. 

Children: — 

+5082 Ethel Doty, b. 25 May, 1899. 

5083 Morris Doty, b. 14 Nov., 1900. 

5084 Frances Margaret Doty, b. 22 May, 1914. 

4445. WILLIAM WRIGHT HARRIS {Alma^ Mcintosh; William^; 
Elizabeth'^ Boone; Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 1867, in Boone 
Co., la. 

Married 1898, in Auburn, Neb., Lydia M. Skeen (b. 1872, in Nemaha 
Co., Neb.), daughter of Thos. B. Skeen (b. 1838, in Buchannan Co., Mo.) 
and wife Eunice Harger (b. 1845, in Muscatine Co., la.). 

Children: — 

5085 Mary Margaret Harris, b. 1901, in Auburn, Neb. 
' 5086 Thos. William Harris, b. 1908, in Auburn, Neb. 

4453. MAUD CLINTON McINTOSH {James\- William^- Elizabeth^ 
Boone; Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 1872. 

Married 1889, at Boone, la., Samuel Acquilla Boone (b. 1869). 

Samuel Acquilla Boone was the son of John R. Boone, who was one 
of eleven children, and Nancy J. (Wilson) Boone (d. 1.914). John R. Boone 
was the son of Samuel Boone (d. 1847, aged 67), and Susan Davidson, and 
Samuel's father is said to have been James Boone, of Pa., who died near 
Philadelphia, in 1783. 

Children: — 

5087 Donald Acquilla Boone, b. 1900; m. 1920, in 111., Leota Moffatt. 

4458. EMERYNE ELLA McINTOSH {Joseph^- Ratleff'; Elizabeth^ 
Boone; Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), b. 14 July, 1889. 
Married 20 Jan., 1909, James Milton Sigler. 

Children: — 

5088 Joseph Milton Sigler, b. 2 Nov., 1909; d. 27 Aug., 1920. 

5089 Lucretia Ella Sigler, b. 14 Jan., 1912. 

5090 Harrland Edward Sigler, b. 13 Dec, 1916. 

4461. RUTH MABEL McINTOSH (Joseph^- RatleP; Elizabeth'' Boone; 
Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 24 Sept., 1895. 
Married 14 Oct., 1914, Felix Zunker. 

Children: — 

5091 Herbert Stanley Zunker, b. 31 July, 1917. 

3Centf) feneration 46 1 

4465. REBECCA JANE McINTOSH {George^; RatleP; Elizabeth'' Boone; 
Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Apr., 1885. 
Married 6 Sept., 1905. Theodore F. Kahler. 

Children: — 

5092 Louise Marie Kahler, b. 27 June, 1907. 

5093 Frances CUffe Kahler, b. 25 Jan., 1918. 

4471. HARRY WADE (Elizabeth^ Mcintosh; RatleP; Elizabeth^ Boone; 
Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 29 Nov., 1889. 
Married 2 Feb., 1916, Amelia Ellis. 

Children: — 

5094 Bettie Wade, b. 22 Oct., 1917. 

5095 Robert B. Wade, b. 29 Oct., 1919. 

4475. PERRY BOONE (VirgiP; William^; Squire''; Moses^; Squire^; 
Squire*; George^), born 13 Apr., 1880, in Iowa. 
Married 1899, Gertrude Hurley. 

Children: — 

5096 Ray Boone, b. 4 June, 1912, in la. 

5097 Marie Boone, b. 1 Aug., 1919, in la. 

4476. DAISY BOONE {Virgil^; William^; Squire''; Moses^; Squire^; 
Squire*; George^), born 30 Oct., 1885, in la. 
Married 30 Aug., 1904, J. H. Gilden. 

Child: — 

5008 Harry Gilden, b. 23 Sept., 1905, in la. 

4482. DAISY SHACKELFORD (John'; Sarah^ Withers; Eliza'' Boone; 
Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Pounds. 

Child: — 

5099 Herma Pounds. 

4489. STELLA SHACKELFORD {Bruce\- Sarah^ Withers; Eliza'' Boone; 
Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Osborne. 

Child : — 

5100 Hugh Osborne. 

462 ^fje Jioone jFamilp 

4490. MELISSA ANN MUSSELMAN (Sarah' Shackelford; Sarah^ 
Withers; Eliza'' Boone; Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 1868. 
Married 1890, George Whrig. 

Children: — 

5101 Charles Whrig. He served in France during the World War, with the 
90th Division, U. S. Army, and returned home safely, with the rank 
of 2nd Lieutenant. Res. Jackson, Tenn. 

4491. WILLIAM DAVID MUSSELMAN (Sarah' Shackelford; Sarah<^ 
Withers; Eliza'' Boone; Enoc¥; Squire^; Squire'^; George^), born 1869. 

Married 18 — , Grace Boufuer. 

William Musselman served as Captain in the 90th Division U. S. 
Army in the World War in France. He was on the firing line three 
separate times, and was carried off the field many times, but arrived home 

Child: — 

5102 William Mussebnan, b. abt. 1913. 

4492. SARAH JANE MUSSELMAN (Sarah' Shackelford; Sarah^ With- 
ers; Eliza'' Boone; Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 1870. 

Married 1885, John Shane. Residence Lebanon Junction, Ky. 

Their farm near Muldraugh, Ky., was taken over by the U. S. Gov- 
ernment during the World War. 

Children: — 

5103 Augusta Shane, b. 18 Apr., 1888; d. 1894. 

5104 WiUiam M. Shane, b. 29 Aug., 1890; m. Sept., 1915, Nell B. Rhame. 

Res. Texas. No children. During the World War he worked at 
Camp Henry Knox. 
+5105 Charles Spurgeon Shane, b. 14 Aug. 1892. 

5106 John Raymond Shane, b. 8 July, 1895; m. 3 Apr., 1921, Neva Elizabeth 

Womble of Thornton, Ark. Res. (1921) Lebanon Junction, Ky. 
Raymond Shane enlisted in the U. S. Army Apr., 1917, and was at 
Camp Taylor (Louisville, Ky.). From there he was sent to Camp 
Shelby (Hattiesburg, Miss.), and from there was sent over seas with 
the 138th Field Artillery, arriving in England, Oct., 1918. His ship 
was torpedoed and his division was in a railroad wreck, but he was 
uninjured. He arrived in France too late to get on the battle Une, 
and arrived home safely 20 Feb., 1919. 

5107 Arthur Donald Shane, b. 12 Feb., 1904; d. 14 Aug., 1904. 

5108 Howard Wade Shane, b. 3 July, 1906; hves at home with his parents. 

5109 Enoch Boone Shane, b. 16 Apr., 1917. He was born justsix days after 

the United States entered the World War. 

®entl) feneration 463 

4495. WILL DOUGLAS {Elizabeth^ Withers; Albert^; Eliza' Boone; 
Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George^). 
Married . 

Children: — 

5110 Will Douglaa. 

5111 Jane Douglaa. 

4500. FREAS BOONE (DanieP; Perry\- DanieV; Samuel^; Benjamins- 
Benjamin*; George^) . 

Married Bella Thomas. They lived in 1921 at Espy, Pa. 

Child: — 

5112 Eulah Boone, m. 

4502. HARRY BOONE {DanieP; Perry^ Daniel'', Samuel^ Benjamins- 
Benjamin*; George^) . 

Married Neda Patterson. They lived in 1921, at Berwick, Pa. 

Children: — 

5113 Ruth Boone. 

5114 Kenneth Boone, deceased. 

4503. PERRY BOONE {Daniel^; Perry^; DanieV; Samuel^ Benjamins- 
Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Dora Jury. They lived in 1921 at Kingston, Luz County, 


Children: — 

5115 Jury Boone. 

5116 Leslie Boone. 

5117 Dorothy Boone 

4504. PERRY ZEHNER (Mary^ Boone; PerryS- Daniel'; SamuelS' 
Benjamin^; Benjamin*; George^). 
Married Elizabeth Shuman. 

Children: — 

5118 Catherine Zehner. 

5119 Franklin Zehner. 

5120 Paul Zehner. 

5121 Clark Zehner. 

464 ®i)e JBoone jFamilp 

4505. MAUD ZEHNER {Mary^ Boone; Perry^; DanieV; Samuel^; Ben- 
jamin^; Benjamin*; George^). 

Married Ernest Paden, and lives at Briar Creek, Pa. 

Child: — 

5122 Dorothy Paden. 

4506. MERRILL H. BOONE (SamueP; Perry^; DanieV; Samuel^; Ben- 
jam,in^; Benjamin*; George^), born 5 Jan., 1885. 

Married Verda Smoyer. They lived in 1921 at Briar Creek, Columbia 
Co., Pa. 

Children: — 

5123 Robert S. Boone. 

5124 Donald Boone. 

4510. CARROLL S. BOONE (SamueP; Perry^; DanieV; SamueV; Ben- 
jamin^; Benjamin*; George^), born 2 Jan., 1893. 

Married Mary I. Johnson. They live at Hazelton, Pa. 

Child: — 

5125 Jeanette Boone, b. 1919; d. aged 7 mo. 

4521. CHARLES ROWLAND BOSTWICK (Ida^ Boone; Jacoh^; Elisha\' 
James^; SamueV; Benjamin*; George^), born 1880. 
Married 1905, Olive Messinger (d. 1912). 

Child: — 

5126 Mary Bostwick, b. 22 Apr. 1910. 

4538. CHARLES WESLEY COGHILL (Mahala' Henton; Milton^; 
Evan''; Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 11 June, 

Married 28 Nov., , Rose Marlow. 

Child: — 

5127 Lora Helen Coghill, b. 5 Jan., 1903. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

4539. MARY ELLA COGHILL (Mahala^ Henton; Milton^- Evan''; 
Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 14 Apr., 1868. 

Married 22 Feb., 1888, Waldo L. Harmon. 

Child: — 

6128 William Milton Harmon, b. 22 Dec, 1893. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

t!rentf) feneration 465 

4540. HARRY CURTISS COGHILL (Mahala^ Henton; Milton^; Evan'; 
Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin^; George^), born 26 Dec, 1871. 
Married 24 Sept., 1895, Nannie A. Morgan. 

Child: — 

5129 Grace Curtis Coghill, b. 5 June, 1902. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

4541. ANNA BELLE COGHILL {Mahala^ Henton; Milton^; Evan''; 
Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 22 Apr., 1874. 
Married 22 Feb., 1895, Newton A. Oakley. 

Children: — 

5130 Myron H. Oakley, b. 5 Nov. 1897. 

5131 Ula Oakley, b. 4 Sept. 1899. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

4568. ALBERT HARVEY COLE (Charles^- Sarah^ Henton; Benjamin''; 
Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), b. 23 June, 1886. 
Married 6 Sept. 1916, Mildred Keyes. 

Children: — 

5132 Albert Harvey Cole, Jr., b. 5 Nov. 1917. 

5133 Elizabeth Cole, b. 10 Dec. 1920. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

4569. SARAH HELEN COLE {Charles^; Sarah'^; Henton; Benjamin''; 
Sarah^ Tallman; Dinah^ Boone; Benjamin*; George^), born 8 Nov., 1889. 
Married 6 Oct. 1915, Clarence L. Keyes. 

Children: — 

5134 Cole James Keyes, b. 30 July, 1916. 

5135 Charles L. Keyes, b. 28 June, 1919. 

Reference: — See No. 171. 

7s it not a wonderful conception of human life to feel that we 
who still live are knots in a marvelous network of descent which has 
been running on since man first came into existence on this planet 
and which vrill go on until he ceases to exist here? 

David Grandison Fairchild. 

Clebentf) feneration 

4753. BERTHA LINCK {Edward'^; Frances' Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; 
Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Williard Hall. 

Children: — 

5136 Dorothy Hall. 

5137 Hazel Hall. 

4754. VERA CHANCE (Elizabeth^'' Linck; Frances^ Corlew; Mary^ 
Gruhbs; Cynthia"^ Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Thomas Hopkins, and resides in Lansing, Mich. 

Children: — 

5138 Ellen Hopkins. 

5139 Reace Hopkins. 

5140 Jack Hopkins. 

5141 Vera Hopkins. 

4757. PHILLIS LINCK {Philip'^; Frances' Corlew; Mary^ Gruhbs; 
Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^). 
Married Charles Monne. 

Child: — 

5142 Charles Monne, Jr. 

4762. RUTH ATTERBURY (Anna^'^ Hathaway; Samantha' Corlew; 
Mary^ Gruhbs; Cynthia'' Boone; Squire^; Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 
10 July, 1887. 

Married 14 Sept., 1910, Albert Wakefield. They were divorced and 
she later married J. K. Mcintosh. 

Children: — 
(First marriage) 

5143 Robert Wakefield, b. 22 Oct., 1912. 
(Second marriage) 

5144 Ruth Anne Mcintosh, b. about 1919. 


468 ^i)t poone jFamilp 

4801. JOSEPHINE MURPHY {Lucy''> Crump; Henry\- Louisa^ Hays; 
Boone''; Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire'^; George^). 

Married 22 Sept., 1915, Earl Consoliver. 

Residence, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Child: — 

i. John Edwin Consoliver, b. 17 Dec, 1918. 

4803. MARY LOUISE CRUMP (Jesse^^- Henry'; Louisa^ Hays; Boone''; 
Susannah^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; George^), born 2 Feb., 1892. 

Married 20 Jan., 1917, Lewis Christian Winkler, Sergeant in the 
Supply Company of the 129th Regiment of Field Artillery. 

Sgt. Winkler served for eleven months in France during the World 
War. During his absence his wife was actively engaged in war work in 
Washington, D. C. After the war they took up their residence in Larned, 
Kansas, where Mr. Winkler is cashier of the Moffet Brothers National 
Bank. Mrs. Winkler is a talented and accomplished singer. 

Child: — 

5145 Sarah Louise Winkler, b. 8 November, 1921, at Larned, Kansas. (She 
is the youngest descendant listed in this genealogy, and bears the 
distinction of being descended from two of the daughters of the pioneer 
Daniel Boone, and also from Daniel Boone's brother Edward.) 

4829. RUFUS EMORY HOLLOWAY iElla'° Dent; Malvina' Bryan; 
Zarina^ Lamme; Frances'' Callaway; Jemima^ Boone; Daniel^; Squire*; 
George^), born 16 March, 1885. 

Married 7 Sept., 1915, Ella Brooke Harris. 

Mr. Holloway is a writer and professor of English. 

Child: — 

5146 Robert Howard Boone Holloway, b. 30 June, 1916. 

4854. FRANCES ELIZABETH HAMILTON (Frances^'' Ward; Mary^ 
Hurst; Hester^ Bryan; SamueU; Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Henry Lykken of North Dakota. 

Children: — 

5147 Margaret Lykken. 

5148 Henry Lykken. 

5149 William Lykken. 

Clebentf) (feneration 469 

4855. ROBERT HAMILTON {Frances^° Ward; Mary' Hurst; Hester^ 
Bryan; SamueU; Daniel^; Mary^; Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Mary Gibbons of Frankfort, Kentucky. 

Children: — 

5150 Mary Elizabeth Hamilton. 

5151 Anne Frances Hamilton. 

4856. MARY HAMILTON (Frances^'' Ward; Mary'' Hurst; Hester^ 
Bryan; SaniueU; Daniel^; Mary^ Boone; Squire*; George^). 
Married Western Furr of Frankfort, Kentucky. 

Children: — 

5152 Katherine Furr. 

5153 Western Furi. 

4868. GEORGE HIRAM CUMMINS (Jennie'^ Carpenter; Hettie^ 
Fully; Polly^ Berry; Hetiie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; 
George^), born 16 Oct., 189L 

Married 22 Dec, 1909, Chattie M. Merrel. 

Child: — 

5154 Ralph Raymond Cummins, b. 18 Dec, 1916. 

4872. WILMA CARPENTER {William''; Hettie^ Fully; Folly^ Berry; 
Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 7 Sept., 

Married 12 Oct., 1912, E. Stark. 

Children: — 

5155 Helen Stark, b. 3 Sept., 1914. 

5156 Irene Stark, b. 12 Mar., 1916. 

4873. MARY CARPENTER {William''; Hettie'' Fully; Folly^ Berry; 
Hettie'' Gopher; Elizabeth^ Boone; George^; Squire*; George^), born 26 July, 

Married 4 Apr., 1912, Henry Cummins. 

Child: — 

5157 Huston Cummins, b. 8 July, 1913. 

5072. HAROLD L. HAIGHT {Jennie'' Mcintosh; Addison^; Moses\- 
Elizabeth'' Boone; Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 5 Dec, 1890. 
Married 7 Nov., 1917, Beulah Fox. 

Child: — 

5158 Harold Haight, Jr., b. 6 Sept., 1918. 

470 ^fte JBoone Jf amilp 

5073. MARY R. HAIGHT (Jennie^^ Mcintosh; Addison^; Moses^; 
Elizabeth'' Boone; Moses^; Squire^; Squire'^; George^), born 30 Mar., 1892. 
Married 2 Feb., 1916, Henry A. Fitzgibbons. 

Children: — 

5159 Henry A. Fitzgibbons, Jr., b. 5 Dec, 1916. 

5160 James Fitzgibbons, b. 10 June, 1918. 

5082. ETHEL DOTY {Ida^° Mcintosh; Addison^- Moses\- Elizabeth'' 
Boone; Moses^; Squire^; Squire*; George^), born 25 May, 1899. 
Married 26 Dec, 1918, Mitchell Graham. 

Child: — 

5161 Betty Ann Graham, b. 2 Jan., 1920. 

5105. CHARLES SPURGEON SHANE {Sarah'° Mussebnan; Sarah' 
Shackelford; Sarah^ Withers; Eliza'' Boone; Enoch^; Squire^; Squire*; George'^), 
born 14 Aug., 1892. 

Married 17 Nov., 1914, Mary Caroline Butler. During the World 
War he worked on the erection of Camp Henry Knox. Residence, Jeff- 
ersontown, Ky. 

Children: — 

5162 Orene Shane, b. 12 Oct., 1915; died aged two weeks. 

5163 Robert Butler Vanderbilt Shane, b. 8 Oct., 1916. 

5164 OUve Katherine Shane, b. 15 Mar., 1918. 

5165 Ethel EUzabeth Shane, b. 28 Nov., 1920. 

jTamilieg of ®ntretermineb Connection 


// the reader has knowledge of any authentic records which would help to de- 
termine the descent of one of these families from George Boone III, will he kindly 
communicate with the compiler, or with one of the descendants whose addresses 
are here given? It is requested that letters sent to the compiler he typewritten, and 
N. Y. None but typewritten letters can be considered. 


(From information furnished by Mrs. Clara Boone Mason of Prospect, 
Tenn., and Reverend E. F. Boone, 414 W. 3rd St., Fort Worth, Tex.) 

Benjamin* Boone (Elder) was born in North Carolina about 1760; 
died in Tennessee about 1837-40; married 1st, Mary Wilson; 2nd, Rebecca 

It is thought that Benjamin was a son of John or Jonathan Boone 
and wife Elizabeth Dagley. Tradition points strongly towards this being 
Jonathan, the brother of Daniel Boone. Benjamin Boone had a sister 
Sarah (Sally) Boone, who married John Frost, grandson of General John 
Frost of the Revolution. Sarah's grandson, Elder John Ebenezer Frost, 
recorded that she (Sarah) was a niece of Daniel Boone. 

Children of Benjamin* Boone: — 

1* Sajah Boone (called Sallie), born in N. C, 13 Dec, 1783; married John Donaldson. 
2^ John W. Boone, born in N. C, 1 Oct., 1786; married Cenar Moore, in St. Charles 
Co., Mo. Children: — 

1' Benjamin Zachariah Boone, b. 15 Sept., 1816. 
2' James Boone. 
3' Thomas Boone. 

472 W\)t Poone Jf amilp 

32 James Boone, born in N. C, 12 Dec, 1788; married Sophia Smith, near Murfrees- 
boro. Term. Children: — 

1^ Daniel Thales Boone, m. Ann Eliza Hayden Trammell. 

2' Benjamin Franklin Boone, m. Susan Ann Roberson. 

3' Euler B. Boone, m. a Miss Jones of Missouri. 

4^ Cornelia Boone, died young. 

5^ Lafayette Boone, m. a Miss Skelton of Arkansas. 

4^ WiUiam Boone, born in N. C, 12 Dec, 1790; married Sallie Howard. He lived and 
died in Flat Creek, Tenn. Children: — 

1' Howard Boone, b. 22 Dec, 1824; m. Elizabeth Floyd. Children:— 

1« Rev. Elijah Floyd Boone, b. in Bedford Co., Tenn.; 5 Sept., 1845; 
m. 15 Mar., 1866, Martha Jane (Mattie^ Wherry, of Texas, b. in 
Lebanon, Tenn., 1843 They had ten children. Rev. Mr. Boone 
has been a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 
fifty-four years. He resides at 414 West 3rd St., Fort Worth, 
Texas. Children: — 

15 Clara Belle Boone, b. 24 Feb., 1867; m. 12 Nov., 1884, Dr. 

WilUam Dill Boyd of Texas. Their children are of 

EngUsh, Welsh, Scotch and Scotch-Irish descent: — 

1« Mabel Boyd, b. 10 Jan., 1886; m. 21 Feb., 1911. 

Dr. Frank A. Barber of San Antonio, Texas- 


1' William Boyd Barber, b. 5 Sept., 1914. 
on the sixty-ninth birthday of his 
great-grandfather. Rev. Elijah Floyd 

2« Russell Boone Boyd, b. 12 Nov., 1887; d. 30 Apr., 

3« Robert Howard Boyd, b. 1 Aug., 1891. 
4« Clara Boyd, b. 7 Sept., 1894. 
5« William DiU Boyd, b. 8 July, 1900. 

2^ Edgar Howard Boone, b. 20 Dec, 1868; m. 12 June, 1894, 
Mary Louise Johnson of Abilene, Texas. They have 
two children: — 

!• Mary Eugenia Boone, b. 24 July, 1895; m. Blan 
Powell Dysart, on 13 Sept., 1918. Child:— 
1' Blan PoweU Dysart, Jr., b. 5 Aug., 1919. 
2« Howard Willoughby Boone, b. 30 Mar., 1902. 
38 Eugenia Floyd Boone, b. 12 Feb., 1871; m. 14 July, 

1908, Prof. John Adolphus Kooken. 
4" Lonetta Boone, b. 2 Oct., 1873; m. 5 Oct., 1898, Ernest 
Ira Conkling. Their children are of English, Welsh, 
Scotch, French and Irish descent : — 
!• Helen Mabel Conkling. 
2' Robert Boone Conkling. 
3' Dorothy Edwina Conkling. 

5» Gertrude Boone, b. 8 Dec, 1875. 

& Albert Lacy Boone, b. 1 March, 1878; m. 30 Nov., 1902, 
Serenia Massie. Children: — 

1' Eva Boone, married 

Wnbetermmeb Connections^ 473 

2* Edgar Harmon Boone. 
3* Albert Gerald Boone. 

75 Mary Lee Boone, b. 16 Aug., 1880. 

8^ Shirley Boone, b. 26 Dec, 1882; m. 29 Aug., 1916, Edward 

Addison Helm. 
95 Herbert Wesley Boone, b. 10 Feb., 1885. 
105 Douglas Stuart Boone, b. 8 Jan., 1887. 

2* Rev. Lacy Boone, m. Helen Pickett. 

3^ Milton Boone, never married. 

4^ Lawson Boone, m. Lizzie Nelson. 

5'' William Boone, m. Amanda J. Freeman. 

6^ Sarah Ann Boone, m. William Samuel Coloman. 

7* Cener Belle Boone, died aged 16. 

8'' Rev. Walter Wallace Boone, m. Ella Duncan. 

9* Edwin Howard Boone, m. Emily Alice Arnold. 

2' Polly Boone, b. 3 June, 1826; m. T. W. Frost, grandson of Sarah (Boone) 
Frost, sister of Benjamin* Boone. Children: — 

1* Nancy Frost, m. John Jones Clark. 

2* William Boone Abner Frost, m. Miss Ramsey. 

3* John Little Frost, died in youth. 

4^ Sarah Caroline Tennessee Frost, m. Richard Mason Clark. 

5* James Benjamin Frost, m. EUza Walker. 

6^ Edwin Bernola Frost, died aged 21. 

7* Thomas Ebenezer Eli ah Frost, m. Eliza Clark. 

8^ Joseph Howard Frost, m. Polemah Wilson. 

9^ Mary MagdaUne Frost, m. Frank Walker. 

3' Rhoda Boone, b. 19 May, 1828; m. William J. Shofner; had a large number 

of children. 
4' Benjamin Boone, b. 2 Mar., 1830; m. Sarah Jane Parker; had three children. 
5' Fannie Boone, b. 24 Dec, 1831; m. 1st Lyon; 2nd Frost. 
6' Sarah Donaldson Boone, b. 22 Sept., 1833; m. Samuel Pinkney Pittman. 

Two children. 

V James Boone, b. 31 July, 1835; d. 13 Nov., 1835. 

8^ Rebecca Boone, b. 16 Nov., 1836; m. Francis EUjah Lacy. They had a 

large family. 
9' Cener Boone, b. 14 March, 1839; m. Joseph Holcomb. One son. 
10^ Viviana Boone, b. 1 Oct., 1841; d. 24 Oct., 1841. 

IP Major Daniel Boone, b. 28 Dec, 1842; m. Milly Dodson. Had a large 

52 Reuben Hohnan Boone, born in N. C, 9 Sept., 1792; married near Fayetteville, 
Tenn., Finetta Reese. He lived and died at Rienzi, Miss. Their children, all 
born in Lincoln Co., Tenn. were: — 

V Mary (Polly) Leftwich Boone, b. 19 Dec, 1817 ; m. Charles Wesley Williams . 

Children : — 
1* WiUiam Leftwich Williams. 
2* Charles Wesley Williams, Jr. 
3* Boone Williams, killed in Civil War. 
4* Walter WilUams. 
2' William Hohnan Harrison Boone, b. 23 Nov., 1819; m. Elizabeth Wade. 

One son. 
3' Francis Marion Boone, b. 19 Jan., 1822; m. Ursula Sophronia Patten. 

474 ^\)t ?Boone jFamilp 

4' John Donaldson Boone, b. 9 Jan., 1825; married and had one daughter. 

5' Jordan R. Boone, b. 5 May, 1827; d. 16 May, 1847. 

6' Benjamin Franklin Boone, b. 19 May, 1829; m. Mary E. Mitchell. Five 

7^ Bostley Barry Boone, b. 6 Apr., 1831; m. 1st. Lou M. Petty; 2nd Marguerite 

Catherine Petty. Had a number of children. 

6^ Mary Boone (called Polly), b. 1 Jan., 1797; married Lemuel Broadway. 

72 Samuel Boone, b. five miles from Somerville, West Tenn., 6 Oct., 1801 ; died 22 Mar., 
1860; married Cynthia Carriger (b. 20 Apr., 1802), daughter of Nicholas and Cath- 
erine Carriger. Children: — 

13 Mary Magdaline Boone, b. 31 July, 1824 m. Dr. W. G. Commons. No 

2^ Abner Steed Boone, b. 4 Apr., 1826; m. Avarilla (or Arnilla) Shepard. One 


1^ Archie Boone, died aged 7. 

3* Sarah Ann Boone (called SaUie), b. 24 March, 1828; m. Thomas M. Hudson. 
A number of children, three of whom were doctors. 

43 Nathan Boone, b. 24 Apr., 1830; ra. Orpha Johnson (or Johnston). Child- 
ren: — 

1^ Ida May Boone, b. 3 Sept., 1856; m. WiUiam James Landess. 

Several children. 
2* Maud Boone, b. 14 Jan., 1859; d. May, 1862. 
3^ Sterling Samuel Boone, b. 19 Jan., 1862; d. 17 Feb., 1882. 
4* A son, unnamed, born and died in Dec, 1864. 
5* Albert Boone, b. 26 June, 1866; d. 2 Oct., 1879. 
6* Nathan Forrest Boone, b. 4 Feb., 1870; m. Lau a Belle Kiger. 
7* Clara Boone, b. 31 Oct., 1873; m. Joseph Gray Mason. Resides 

at Clairview Farm, Prospect, Tenn. 

5' Sylvania Catherine Boone, b. 5 Aug., 1832; m. Dr. D. Jasper Noblitt. 
Children : — 

V Dr. Boone Edgar Nobhtt. 
2* Leona NobUtt. 

6^ David Crockett Boone, b. 15 Nov., 1834; m. Mrs. Mary Gordon Brooks. 

1* Mary Boone, m. Richardson. 

73 Fanny Adelaide Boone, b. 10 July, 1837; m. Dr. Bennett Walker Childs. 

Three children. 
83 Hugh Lawson White Boone, b. 15 Nov., 1839; m. Ruby Duff. 
93 Albert Henderson Boone, b. 12 May, 1841-2; never married. Was killed 

in Civil War. 

8^ Rhoda Boone, b. 17 Nov., 1803; married Anthony Wayne Reagor. 
9* Noah Webster Boone, b. 30 Aug., 1807; m. Minerva Trammell. Several children. 
10* Rebecca Boone, probably died in infancy. 


(Data sent by Mr. James A. Boone, Charleston, Mo. Records from 
Bible of Bryant Boone.) 

Bryant^ Boone, b. 15 Dec, 1789, in North Carolina; d. 21 Jan., 

1837, in Graves Co., Ky.; m. 1st , and 2nd, 22 July, 1818, Martha 

R. Phipps. 

KnbEtermineb Connections^ 475 

He moved from North Carolina to Davidson Co., Tenn., early in 
the 19th century, and in 1833 removed to Graves Co., Ky. 

Children: — 
(1st Marriage) 

V Louisa Boone, b. 8 Jan., 1809; m. Rupard; lived in Mo. 

22 Sallie Ann Boone, b. 10 Sept., 1811; m. Thomas Co.x of Ky. 

3' James Boone, b. 11 Jan., 1815; m. a Miss Latta. He was a pioneer school teacher 
and farmer. 
(2nd Marriage) 

42 Fanny Boone, b. 20 Jan., 1819; m. Marshall. Their descendants live in Mo. 

52 Mary E. Boone, b. 22 Mar., 1822; m. Young. Their descendants live in Pad- 

ucah, Ky. 

6= Daniel R. Boone, b. 28 July, 1824; d. 20 Jan., 1833, accidently killed during the 
journey of the family from Tenn. to Ky. 

72 William F. Boone, b. 12 Nov., 1826, in Davidson Co., Tenn.; d. 1 Jan., 1901, at 
Charleston, Mo., at the home of his son, James A. Boone; m. in 1848, Agnes 
AUoway. He lived for fift}' years at Chnton, Iowa, and moved from there to 
Charleston but a short time before his death. Children: — 

1' Bryant A. Boone. 

2' Frances E. Boone, 

3^ James A. Boone. 

43 Daniel S. Boone, d. 1899 in Ky. 

5' Sallie W. Boone. 

6' Samuel W. Boone, d. in infancy. 

73 Walter P. Boone, d. 1898 in Alaska. 

8^ WiUiam F. Boone. 

9' Thomas Lea Boone. 

10^ Joseph E. Boone. 

113 John C. Boone, Capt. M. R. C, U. S. A. In service in 1918. 

12^ Alexander R. Boone. 

133 Katherine E. Boone. 

8^ Nancy C. Boone, eighth child of Bryant Boone, b. 12 Nov., 1828; m. William Stan- 
field. Descendants live at Mayfield, Ky. Child: — 
V Daniel Stanfield, a banker at Mayfield, Ky. 
9^ Andrew R. Boone, b. 4 Api-., 1831; d. 1886. For many years he was Circuit Judge 

of his district in Kentucky, and was a member of Congress, 1870-1876. 
102 Evangelina T. Boone, b. 20 Aug., 1833 ; d. 1869. Her descendants live in Tennessee. 
11^ Bryant V. Boone, b. 30 Jan., 1836; d. 2 Jan., 1863. at Vicksburg, Miss., of small- 
pox, while serving as a Confederate soldier. 


(Data furnished by Mr. J. C. Coulter, 1516 Richland Ave., Columbia, 

S. C.) 

Catherine^ Rosanna Boone, born in Pennsylvania within or near the 
period 1730-40, died in Lincoln County, North Carolina about 1813; mar- 
ried Martin Coulter. She was probably a daughter of Joseph Boone (No. 
6), (son of George Boone III) and wife Catherine. The following evidence 
of this connection exists: — 

476 CJje poone jFamilp 

An old piece of time-worn paper written by Catherine's son, Martin 
CouHer Jr., and bearing the date June 6, 1846, is preserved by descend- 
ants. It reads: — 

"My father was Martin Coulter. He came to this country from Ger- 
many in 1750. My mother was Catherine Rosanna Boone, cousin of Daniel 
Boone — Squire's Daniel. Brothers John and Philip, sister Catherine." 
(Signed) Martin Coulter. 

Because of Catherine Rosanna Boone's early date of birth (her first 
child born in 1759) she was probably a grandchild of George Boone III 
and thus a first cousin of Daniel Boone, rather than a member of a later 
generation. Record has been found of the children of all of Daniel Boone's 
uncles except those of the uncle Joseph (born 1704), and not one of this 
long list of cousins bore the name Catherine. Therefore, if Catherine 
Rosanna Boone were a first cousin of Daniel Boone, her father could have 
been no other than Joseph. In addition to this evidence we have the 
significant fact of the Christian names used in this branch of the family. 
Catherine is not a name commonly used among the Boones of that period, 
but the wife of Joseph Boone, son of George Boone III, bore that name. 
It can then be reasonably supposed that Catherine Rosanna Boone was 
named for a mother Catherine. Martin and Catherine Rosanna (Boone) 
Coulter had a daughter also named Catherine, who named her first son 
Joseph Boone Lowrance, presumably for his great-grandfather. All of 
these facts indicate descent from Joseph and Catherine Boone, and while 
no record of Joseph Boone's children has been found, there seems little 
doubt that one of them was this Catherine Rosanna (Boone) Coulter. 

Martin^ Coulter (originally Kolter) was born in Germany and emi- 
grated to America, landing at Philadelphia September 26, 1749, on the 
Ship Dragon, George Spencer, Master. (Rupp's Collection of Names of 
German, Swiss and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania, pages 211-212). 
The date of his marriage to Catherine Rosanna Boone is not known, but 
may be approximated by the date of the birth of their eldest child, Feb. 
11, 1759. The first known record of his name in North Carolina is found 
in a Land Grant from King George III to Martin Coulter dated April 
, 1765. 

In the Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. 22, page 722, his 
name is found on a "committee of Defense" (15 names), which met June 
12th, 1779, "to consult on some plan to defend our frontier from the 
enemy" (meaning the Indians). On page 425 of the Index appears — 
"Coulter Family, Pioneers," Vol. 8, pages 753 and 756. These refer- 
ences are under the general heading — "Early German Reformed Settle- 
ments in North Carolina." Martin Coulter was a member of the German 
Reformed Church, and he and his sons were active in its establishment 
in the then frontier territory. When the state was invaded by Cornwallis 
in 1780, he went to the front, serving three months in Captain James 

^nbetermineb Connections 477 

Byers' Company under Col. Francis Locke and Col. Caleb Phifer, (North 

Carolina State Records.) His name is also found in the Federal Census 

of 1790 for Lincoln County, North Carolina. He died in 1808. Child- 
ren: — 

1" Martin Coulter, Jr., born 1759; died 1847; married Elizabeth Aydelotte. He served 
three months in the Revolution, 1778, under Capt. William Davidson, Col. Charles 
McDowel; three months, 1780, under Capt. James Byers, Col. Francis Locke and 
Col. Caleb Phifer; granted a pension in 1833. Record, Bureau of Pensions, 
Washington, D. C. Children: — 

V John Coulter, born 1788; married Barbara Ramseur. He was Sheriff of 
Lincoln County, N. C, 1832. 

2^ Henry Coulter, born 1790; married Elizabeth Alexander, moved to Kentucky. 

3' Ephraim Coulter, born 1793; died in infancy. 

4^ Rhoda Coulter, born 1794; married David Shuford. 

5^ Catherine Rosanna Coulter, b. 1797; married Maxwell WarUck. 

6^ Ehzabeth Coulter, b. 1800; married Andrew Hoke. 

7^ Jedadiah Coulter, b. 1803; married Rachael Moore. 

8» Elkanah Phihp Coulter, b. 1806; married Mahnda Wilson. Child:— 

1* Dorcas Ann Coulter (only child), b. 1832; d. 1911; married Thomas 
Lowe, Lieut. Col. Confederate States Army. Children: — 
P Thomas Lee Lowe.b. 1855;d. 1915 ;married Jennie Osborne 

2* Ottis Lowe, b. 1859; d. 1893; married Laura Robinson. 
3^ WiUie Lowe, b. 1861; married A. C. Shuford, member 
U. S. Congress, 1894-98. 
9^ Caleb Aydelotte Coulter, b. 1809; married Hannah Martin. 

2* John^Coulter, born 1761; went to Tennessee. 

Z^ Phihp Coulter, born 1763; died 1840; married Clara Wise. Children:— 

1^ Daniel Coulter, b. 1787; d. 1862; married Nancy Ann Stillwell (b. 1799; d. 
1858). Children:— 

1* Eli Summey Coulter, b. 1818; d. 1895; married 1840, Harriet Fry 
(b. 1822; d. 1886). Member of Capt. Mark Smith's Company, 
Confederate Troops. Children: — 

1« Mary Ann Coulter, b. 1842; d. 1873; married Molton 

2^ Davidson Monroe Coulter, b. 1844; d. 1919; married Sarah 

3^ John Summey Coulter, b. 1847; married in 1871, Sarah 
Ann Herman. He enUsted May 21, 1864, Company E, 
72nd Regiment, North Carohna Volunteers. Captured 
at Fort Fisher, Dec. 25th, 1864; imprisoned at Point 
Lookout until the end of the War. Children: 

V John Carroll Coulter, b. 1873; married Delia Olive 
Richards in 1902. Engaged in business in 
Columbia, S. C. Children: — 

1^ John Mansfield Coulter, b. 1916. 
2' Richard Richards Coutler, b. 1918. 
2* Essie Catherine Coulter, b. 1874; married J* 
Lawrence Herman, in 1901. 

478 Cije iBoone Jf amilp 

3« H. Clarence Coulter, b. 1877; a bachelor. Elec- 
trical Engineer, New York City. 

4* Alma Roberta Coulter, b. 1880; married Jay Shu- 
ford Wilfong, in 1902. 

5* Eli Earle Coulter, b. 1884; d. in infancy. 

6' William Summey Coulter, b. 1888; married Annie 
Ben Long, in 1920. He is a lawyer and City 
Attorney of Burlington, N. C. Child: — 

1^ Sarah Arm Coulter, b. 1921. 

7« Victor A. Coulter, b. 1892; Capt. A. E. F. of 
World War; Prof, of Chemistry, University of 
¥ Martha Jane Coulter, b. 1850; married 1st F. C. Ikard, 

2nd, Forney Wilson. 
5^ Daniel Perry Coulter, b. 1852; married Nannie Moore. 
6* Louisa Catherine Coulter, b. 1856; married Francis A. 

7° George Franklin Coulter, b. 1858; married Sarah Robinson. 

2* Harriet Louisa Coulter, b. 1819; married David Detter. 
3* Elisha Monroe Coulter, b. 1820; d. 1840. 

4* Mary Caroline Coulter, b. 1822; married Johnson. 

5^ Elizabeth Emily Coulter, b. 1824; married 1st, Harris, and 

2nd, Fry. 

6^ Ann Angeline Coulter, b. 1826; married Davidson Bost. 

7* Eliza F. Coulter, b. 1829; married Israel Hildebrand; moved to 

8* Sarah Tobartha Coulter, b. 1829 (twin of Eliza F.); married Logan 

9* Louisa Minerva Coulter, b. 1832; married Noah Huffman. 
10^ PhiUp Augustus Coulter, b. 1834; d. 1903; married Elvira Plonk. 

He enhsted July 1, 1862, in Company E, Capt. Daniel Rhyne, 

57th N. C. Regiment. Served through the Civil War. Children :- 

P J. Ellis Coulter, married Annie Propst. 
2* Catherine Coulter, married Raymond Robinson. 
3^ James Frankhn Coulter, married Delia Parker. 
4* Claudius Craig Coulter, b. 1872; married Lillie Sigman. 
5* PhiUp EUcanah Coulter, b. 1874; married Nannie Kate 

2' Elizabeth Coulter, b. 1789; never married. 

3' Catherine Coulter, b. 1792; never married. 

4» Mary M. Coulter, b. 1794; d. 1860; married John Fry. 

5' David Coulter, b. 1797; never married. 

6^ Ann Coulter, b. 1801 ; married Smith. 

7^ Henry Coulter, b. 1804; d. 1879; married Rader. 

4* Catherine Coulter, bom 1770; married Isaac Lowrance. Children : — 

P Joseph Boone Lowrance, b. 1795; married Margaret Ray. Children: — 

1* WiUiam Lowrance, b. 1832; married Frances . Living in 

1922 at 1432 Court Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 
2* Harriet Susan Lowrance, b. 1835; d. 1913; married Rev. John M. 
Smith, (Lutheran minister). Children: — 

^inbetermineb Connections; 479 

P William A. Smith, b. 1862; married Margaret Fisher in 

1890. He is a chemist, Washington, D. C. 
2^ Preston Smith, b. 1864; married Anna Spahr, in 1894; 

merchant. Union, South Carolina. 
3* Eugene A. Smith, b. 1866; married 1st, Bessie Moon, in 
1895; second, Frances Mobley, in 1907. He is an Elec- 
trical Engineer, Tampa, Florida. 
4* Herbert M. Smith, b. 1873; unmarried. A physician, 
Columbia, S. C. 
2' Logan Lowrance. 
3^ Elkanah Lowrance. 
4* Lawson Lowrance. 


Traditionally a son of Joseph* or "Joe" Boone 
(Data furnished by Daniel Ratcliff Boone of Lonoke, Arkansas.) 
Daniel^ Boone, a farmer, moved from North Carolina to De Soto 
County, Mississippi, sometime about 1830 or 1835. Family tradition 
says that he was a nephew of Daniel Boone, understood to be a son of 
one Joe Boone, a brother (?) of Daniel, the Kentucky pioneer. He mar- 
ried a Miss Boykin from near Baltimore, Maryland. Children: — 

1^ SalUe Boone, married Christopher. 

2' Eliza Boone, m Sanders. 

3'' Harriet Boone, m. Whitley. 

4^ Louise Boone, m. Slocum. 

5^ Boone (dau.), m. Killibrew. 

6^ Boone (dau.), m. Dr. Geeter. 

(AH of these were married in North Carolina, and moved to Mississippi about the 
same time.) 
7* Joseph Simon Baykin (or Boykin) Boone married Sarah Lucinda Oliver (b. 16 Mar., 

1828). He attended Wake Forrest College, and moved to Hernando, Miss., about 

1840. Children:— (a) 

1' OUver Boone, married Oracle Oambell. Children: — 

1^ John Herron Boone. 
2* Mary Louise Boone. 

2' Joseph S. Boone, married Linny Perkins. Children: — 

1^ Kate Boone. 
2* Simon Boone 

T . ^ , Twins. 

3* Lewis Boone 

3' Mary Lucy Boone, married O. E. Holmes. Children: — 

1* Boone Holmes. 
2* Edward Holmes. 
3^ BaUard Hohnes. 

4^ William Boykin Boone, unmarried. 

6^ Mildred White Boone, married C. R. Brice. Children: — 

*Probably the Joseph Boone mentioned on page 621 of this book. William M. Clemens, 
in his publication, "Oenealogy", Vol. VII, No. 8, (Boone Records), Page 127, states that one 
Joseph Boone of North Carolina, born 1752, had a son Daniel whose six sons and two daughters 
lived in Hernando, Miss. 

480 K\)t poone Jfamilp 

1^ Cramer Brice. 

2^ Bessie Brice. 

3* Joseph Boone Brice. 


Mary (?) Boone, married Dr. T. Jones. Chik 

1'' Mela Jones. 

2* Elnyn Jones. 

3* Josie Jones. 


Hattie Boone, seventh child of Joseph Simon 

Bryce, and had children: — 

1^ Lucile Bryce. 

2* Sarah Bryce. 

3^ Laura Bryce. 

4* Percy Bryce. 

5^ Baykin Bryce. 


Simon 0. Boone, m. Maud Phillips of Georgia, 


Anna Muldrew (?) Boone, m. Monroe Smith. 


Daniel Boone. \ ^^j^^^^ ^^^ ^-^^ y^^^g 


Louisa Boone. J 


Louisa Boone, m. R. M. Banks. 

B. Boone, m. Peter Percy 

8* William John Abner Boone, m. 1st, 1 Feb., 1846, Augusta N. White, and 2nd, 20 
Apr., 1859, near Goldsburg, N. C, Ursula Jane Sherrod. He attended Wake 
Forrest College and moved to Mississippi about 1840. Children : — 

(1st Marriage) 

13 Marie Elizabeth Boone, b. 17 Jan., 1847; d. 20 July, 1877; m. 20 July, 1865, 

Elbert Oliver. Children: 2 girls and 2 boys. 
23 Daniel Boone, b. 25 Mar., 1849; d. 19 Mar., 1850. 
33 Louise MiUer Boone, b. 24 Nov., 1851; d. 24 Jan., 1914; m. 1889, Capt. Pat 

H. Wheat, at Lonoke, Okla. No children. 
43 Daniel RatcMflfe Boone (named "Ratciiffe" for his father's roommate at 

Wake Forrest College), b. 9 Nov., 1854; m. 1st, 9 Sept., 1876, Anna Moore 

Jones (d. May, 1878) of Panola, Miss., and 2nd, 25 Mar., 1885, Martha 

Jane Monroe. Children: — 

(1st Marriage) 

1* Eulalie Lee Boone, m. 1st, 1910> Edward Chaplin (d. Apr., 1913), 

and 2nd, Davenport. Res. Shawnee, Okla. 

(2nd Marriage) 

2* Daniel Monroe Boone, b. 30 Aug., 1886. He is Asst. Cashier of the 

England Nat. Bank of Little Rock, Ark. 
3* Louise Miller Boone, b. 9 Feb., 1889. 

4* Louis Wellington Boone, b. 27 Nov., 1890; d. 21 May, 1892. 
5* Lem White Boone, b. 11 May, 1893. 
6* William Boykin Boone, b. 4 June, 1896, attends University of 

Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. 
7* Allie Mae Boone, b. 24 Sept., 1899. 
(2nd Marriage of William John Abner Boone) 
53 Sarah Euzelia Boone, b. 17 June, 1860; m. in N. C, James S. Herring. Res. 

Little Rock, Ark. 
63 Ursula Willie Boone, b. 23 Apr., 1856; m. 1886, Henry M. Groves, and haa 
five children, all living in Newbern, N. C. 

Reference: — 

(a) "Oliver Family in Tennessee," Early Settlers, page 426. 

®nbetermmeti Connections! 48 1 


Jacob^ Boone, born in Berks Co., Pa., 15 Aug., 1754; died at Mays- 
ville, Ky., 4 May, 1827, in his 73rd year. (Draper Mss. IS 33,34,40,44.) 

Married Mary DeHart (b. 10 Oct., 1753; d. 30 July, 1828). 

It was stated by Jacob Boone's daughter Mrs. Nicholson, in 1858, 
that her father was a son of Joseph Boone. (Draper Mss. IS 33.) He is 
referred to by historians as a cousin or "favorite cousin" of Daniel 
Boone, with whom he wag closejy associated in Kentucky. Naturally we 
might infer that he was t^etefore a son of Daniel's uncle Joseph Boone 
(No. 6), son of George Boone III, but this seems highly improbable 
because of the discrepancy in their ages, the first Joseph Boone having 
been born in 1704 (see page 24). Jacob Boone was more probably the 
son of a Joseph Boone of Berks Co., Pa., who died prior to 1779,* leaving 
a widow and several children, several of whom were minors at the time. 
In the records of the Orphan's Court of Berks Co., Pa., are found entries 
to the following effect: — 

"Orphan's Court, May 7, 1783. Petition of Jacob Boone, eldest son 
and heir at law of Joseph Boone ot Exeter, yeoman, deceased; that his father 
lately died intestate, leaving a widow (Elizabeth) and ten children, to wit,: 
the petitioner, Joseph Boone, Thomas, Ovid, Abner, Johab, Ann, Catherine, 
Sarah, and Hannah, several of whom are yet in their minority." 

The widow, Elizabeth, had previously filed petition in May, 1779, 
regarding the estate of her deceased husband Joseph Boone, and again in 
1783 she petitioned court for a guardian to be appointed for her children, 
three of whom were under fourteen at that time, (a) 

If Jacob Boone of Maysville, Ky., was a son of the above Joseph 
Boone who died prior to 1779, it is quite possible that he was the son 
of an earlier marriage of Joseph, and not of the wife Elizabeth who had 
young children in 1783, at which time our subject Jacob Boone was 
twenty-nine years old and had a wife and children. The Quaker records of 
Berks Co., Pa., reveal the fact that a Joseph Boone, Jr. was called to 
account in 1751 for having married contrary to regulations. This might 
have been a first marriage of the above Joseph Boone, his second marriage 
being to Elizabeth who was mother of the minor children at his death. 
It at least seems reasonable to suppose that the Joseph Boone whose 
estate was settled in Orphan's Court was a son of Joseph Boone, son of 
George Boone III, but lacking the will of the first Joseph, or any record 
of his children upon which to hang this supposition, it is impossible to 
state definitely that this was the case. Nor is it possible to say positively 
that Jacob Boone of Maysville, Ky., was the one who filed the petition 
in the Orphan's Court in Pennsylvania, although it seems most probable, 

*The estate of one Joseph Boone was administered to a widow Elizabeth Boone, May 10, 
177f.— Berks County, Pa. Wills. 

482 €^f)e Poone jFamilp 

especially as the brothers who accompanied him to Kentucky were named 
Thomas and Ovid. 

Jacob Boone lived in Pennsylvania until 1785, when he removed 
with his family to Kentucky. Sometime prior to that time Daniel Boone 
had visited Berks County and had induced Jacob and his brothers Ovid 
and Thomas to go to Kentucky. Accordingly in the fall of 1785, the 
three brothers, having sold their farms, started with their families to 
the new country where Daniel Boone was already so much at home. On 
the Monongahela River, at the mouth of the Sewickly, they wintered and 
built a boat, in which they embarked in the spring of 1786 and des- 
cended the Ohio River unmolested to the site of Limestone, Ky., where 
they arrived the eleventh of May, 1786. (Draper Mss. 1 S 33, 34, 40, 
44, a statement of Mrs. Annah Nicholson.) 

After reaching Kentucky, Jacob Boone and his brothers helped 
Daniel Boone lay out the town of Limestone (now Maysville) on the Ohio 
River. (6) and (c) The place was used as a trading post for parties 
going up and down the river, and also later as a starting point for jour- 
neys by boat to Missouri. For a time Daniel Boone carried on a little 
business of flat-boat hauling from this point. 

From Maysville, then called Limestone, Ovid Boone, brother of Jacob, 
went on into Bourbon County, Ky., and Thomas, the other brother, 
eventually settled in Ohio, where he died at Round Bottom, a few miles 
above Cincinnati. (Draper Mss. 1 S.) Jacob Boone, however, continued 
to live at Maysville until his death, evidently not sharing the roving 
spirit of his kinsmen. He built a house on Front Street, now known as 
Limestone Street, which was still standing in 1921. In this house he and 
his wife lived until his death. He often went out on scouting trips, 
and was a quarter-master of militia, furnishing grain for St. Clair's 
and Wayne's troops. He kept a tavern and ferry at Maysville. 

After his death, his widow went to live with her daughter and son- 
in-law, Ann and Capt. F. Nicholson, at whose house in Maysville she 
died. Quaint old funeral invitations of Jacob Boone and his wife are 
preserved among the family heirlooms. 

Children: — 
1* Nancy Boone, b. 14 Sept., 1775; d. 30 July, 1821 (dates from headstone); married 
John Mitchell (d. 4 Dec, 1830, in his 60th year.) Children:— 

1' Mary MitcheU, b. 1793. 
23 James Mitchell, b. 1797. 
3' Jacob Mitchell, b. 1801. 

4^ Andrew Mitchell, b. 1802; m. 1st, Degman; and 2nd, Martha Payne. 

Children: — 

(First marriage) 

1* James Mitchell, m. Louise Kirk. Children: 

1* Angeline Mitchell, unmarried. 

2^ George Mitchell, d. 1903. 

3^ Lulu Mitchell, m. Clarence Sallee of Maysville, Ky. 


OURSELF and ffiiriilj are requested 
to attend the funeral of Mr. JACOB 
BOONE, from his late residence, on Wa- 
^^ ter-street, this evening, at 2 o clock— At 
^^ which time and place o «ermon will be 
i^^ preached by the Rev. Mr. Tidings. 
^ Maysvillc, May 5, 1827. 

|, /'/c^T^ ;aA^f^ :r;; v^<^^~-^ '^-p^^yiM/, 

YOURSELF and family are requested to at- 
^ tend the funeral ol Mrs. MARY BOONE, from 
ii3 the residence of Capt. T. Nicholson, at 2 o'clock 
this evening. A sermon will be preached bj the 
^^ Rev. A. Robinson in the Fresbjterian cliurch. ^ P 

0«^.;^//^ /^<2^i-^s-C<L<M^ Slo-'»^-i^»-c-t^»./«-J^ du-i^tW 

f\ 7 



©inbetermineb Connections^ 483 

2* John Mitchell, m. Emma Lou Maury of Louisville, Ky., and had 
six children, two of whom were: — 

1^ Louise Mitchell, m. John Andrew Steele, of Louisville, Ky. 
2* Julia Mitchell, m. Percival Wisdom of Lexington, Ky. 

3< Mary Louise Mitchell, b. 23 Mar., 1834; d. Sept., 1888; m. 23 Nov., 
1854, Jarvis Gladdings Cady (b. 19 Mar., 1830; d. June 1875). 
Mrs. Cady was a poetess of extraordinary talent. Children : — (d) 

1^ WilUam Frank Cady, m. Grace Runyan. Children: — 

1* Ethel Cady, m. Robert Creighton. 

26 Frank Cady. 

3^ Martha Cady, m. Gilbert Mursinna. 

4^ Alma Cady. 

25 Mary L. Cady, d. 13 Feb., 1917; m. 1893, Oscar Bold 
Grant. Children : — 

1« Julia Cady Grant, b. 11 July, 1897; m. 14 Aug., 
1920, Erwin WilUam Tschudi. Resides at 2931 
Jefferson Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

3' Andrew M. Cady, m. . Children: — 

16 Virgil Cady. 

2» Claude Cady. 

45 Virginia Cady, m. Frank Hubert Venn. Children : — 

1^ Cady Venn. 

2* Herbert Venn. 

3* Virmir Venn, m. Charles Martin. 

(Second marriage of Andrew Mitchell) 

4'' Charles Howard Mitchell, lives at Cairo, 111. 
5* Ehza A. Mitchell, m. Walter S. Watson. 

6* Belle M. Mitchell, m. Alexander M. Rogers. She was the writer 
of the article "Jacob Boone and a Sketch of Maysville," from 
which was obtained some of the data here given. Son: — 

1^ Andrew Mitchell Rogers. 
5' Boone Mitchell (fifth child of John and Nancy Mitchell), b. 1805; had 
two sons: — 

1^ Boone Mitchell, Jr., lived in lUinois. 
2* Ross Mitchell, also hved in lUinois. 

6' EHzabeth Mitchell, b. 1809; d. 1860; m. Rhoads of Hillsboro, Ohio. 

7' Daniel Mitchell, b. 1812, never married. 

2^ Betsy Boone (second child of Jacob Boone), m. Reeder. 

3^ Ann Boone, b. 2 Nov. 1782, in Berks Co. Pa., m. Capt. F. Nicholson; lived in 
Maysville, Ky. 

4^* Emily Boone, b. 6 Dec, 1788, in Mason Co., Ky.; m. Hancock. 

5^ Daniel Boone (1st. son of Jacob), married a Miss WaUingford, possibly named 
Chloe. They moved to Aberdeen, Ohio, where he ran a miU; and later to Missouri, 
settUng in Pike County near Painesville, where Daniel entered the milling business. 
Later he moved to CaUfornia, where he died. Children: — 

V Jacob Boone, m. Louisa Watts of Pike Co., Mo. 

2' Indiana Boone, m. Frank Campbell of Lincoln Co., Mo. Child: — 

1* D. Boone Campbell, M. D., resides in Old Monroe, Mo. 


484 ^i)t poone jFamilp 

3' Charlotte Boone, m. Neville, and went with her family to live in the 

state of Washington. 
4' Mary Ann Boone, b. 5 Feb., 1809, probably in Maysville, Ky.; d. 8 July, 
1873; married in Kentucky, Henry Martin.' They moved to Missouri 
and settled at Moscow Mills, Lincoln Co. The following list of their 
descendants was furnished by Mrs. Albert Frederick Strasburger, a grand- 
daughter, who resides at 929 Albermarle Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.: — 
1^ Mary Ehzabeth Martin, b. 29 Nov., 1831; d. 9 May, 1881, in St. 
Louis, Mo. Married 23 Dec, 1851, at Moscow Mills, Mo., 
Thomas Jefferson Forgey. Children: — 
(First five died early in hfe) 

1' Ella Forgey. 
2^ William E. Forgey. 
3^ Elizabeth Forgey. 
4° Minnie Forgey. 
5^ Etta Forgey. 

6* Henry A. Forgey, b. 25 Dec, 1857; m. Dollie Payne. 
Children : — 

1« Henry A. Forgey, died at Mexico, Mo., 9 May.> 

2' Alva Forgey. 

3' Met Forgey, lives in Denver, Colo. 
46 Fay Forgey, b. Oct., 1888; m. Monte Stubbiefield; 
resides at Mexico, Mo. Children : — 
1' Alva Stubbiefield (a son). 
2^ Alberta Stubbiefield (a dau.). 
3' Monte Stubbiefield, Jr. 
4^ WilUam Martin Stubbiefield. 
7^ E. I,inn Forgey, b. 4 Aug., 1861; m. Ollie Pritchette. 
Resides in Kansas City, Kansas. Child: — 

1* Eula Forgey, b. 14 Apr., 1884; m. a Mr. Hastings, 
and lives in Denver, Colo. Child : — 

1^ Helen Hastings. 

8^ J. Lee Forgey, b. 17 Feb., 1865; d. 21 Feb., 1900. 
9^ Katherine Martin Forgey, b. at Paynesville, Pike Co., 
Mo., 5 Jan., 1870; m. in St. Louis, Mo., 17 Jan., 1900, 
Albert Frederick Strasburger (b. in Donneberg, Thur- 
ingia, Germany). Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. Child- 
ren: — 

1" Adele Forgey Strasburger, b. in New York, 10 

June, 1906. 
26 Albert Frederick Strasburger, Jr., b. in Brooklyn, 
15 Sept., 1911. 
10' Vesta Forgey, b. 9 Jan., 1873; m. Edmond Leger. Resi- 
dence, New York City. 
2* Dulcinia Martin, second child of Henry and Mary' (Boone) Martin, 
married Dr. Anthony Sydnor. Children: — 

P William F. Sydnor (dec), m. Annie Sheppard. 

2' Charles H. Sydnor. 

3' Allie Sydnor, m. White. 

3* Rebecca Martin, m. James Caimon. 

BBntietermtneb Connections 485 

A daughter: — 

1^ Mrs. Reuben Beardslee, lives at 5004 Spalding Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

i* Arcelia Martin, m. 1st, Frazier; 2nd, Robert Elsberry of 

Elsberry, Mo. Child of first marriage: — 

1^ Claudine Frazier, b. 8 Sept., 1868; d. . Married 1st 

Gilmer McDonald (d. ), and 2nd, John Fleener. 

Two children of first marriage died young. 
Children of second marriage : — 

P Jay Fleener. Lives in Kansas City. 

2^ Corwin Fleener. Lives in Kansas City. 

5* Boone Martin, m. Nannie Clark. Several children. A dau. is: — 

P Mrs. WiUiam Clark, of Troy, Mo. 
6* Jeptha Martin, sixth child of Henry and Mary (Boone) Martin, 
married . Children: — 

1^ Arthur Martin. 

2' Howard Martin, lives in Mississippi. 

6^ William Boone (2nd son of Jacob Boone), b. 15 Apr., 1797; died 6 Feb., 1863, in Lin- 
coln Co., Mo.; married 12 Aug., 1819, in Fleming Co., Ky., Clarissa Wallingford, 
daughter of John and Prudie Wallingford. He went from Kentucky to Clarks- 
ville. Mo., 5 Apr., 1829; later removed to Lincoln Co., Mo., where he died in 1863, 
owning four thousand acres of land. (History of Pike County, Missouri, Pub- 
lished 1883). Children:— (e) 

1^ Harriet Boone, died in infancy. 

2^ Joseph Boone, died aged fourteen. 

3=" Daniel DeHart Boone, b. 2 Jan., 1824; d. Oct., 1904; married Elizabeth 

4» William Penn Boone, b. 24 Jan., 1826; d. 18 May, 1902; married 19 Feb., 
1852, Mary Catherine Stallard. Children: — 

1* MoUie Boone, b. 19 March, 1853; married 11 Oct., 1876, James G. 

Anderson. Resides in Clarksville, Mo. 
2< Emma Boone, b. 19 Aug., 1855; d. 11 Jan., 1915; married Dec, 

1876, James T. Smith. 
3^ Daniel Perry Boone, b. 9 Aug., 1857; m. 28 Jan., 1891, Lou Patton, 

P William Francis Boone, b. 12 Sept., 1894. 
4* Clara Arreha Boone, b. 23 Feb., 1860; m. 27 May, 1885, Charles 
Bell Gilbert. Children:— 

16 Joseph Boone Gilbert, b. 30 Sept., 1886; m. 7 July, 1912, 

Ben Todd. 
26 Charles Bell Gilbert, Jr., b. 8 July, 1888. 
36 Ahna Irene Gilbert, b. 28 Feb., 1892; d. 10 Feb., 1920. 

5* Jefferson Boone, b. 1 Jan., 1863; d. 16 Feb., 1864. 
6* Lou Boone, b. 4 Apr., 1865; unm. 

7* Kate Lena Boone, b. 4 Sept., 1867; m. 10 May, 1893, Theron P. 
Griffith. Children:- 

16 Katherine Griffith, b. 16 May, 1894. 

26 Lucille Griffith, b. 9 June, 1896; m. 28 Feb., 1921, Charles 

W. Robinson. 
36 Mary Boone Griffith, b. 22 Nov., 1898. 

486 l^lje ?8oone jFamilp 

8* Dora Boone, b. 6 July, 1870; m. 10 May, 1893, Charles T. CUfford. 
Children : — 

P Charles Vivion Clifford, b. 27 Aug., 1910. 
25 WiUiam Benjamin Clifford, b. 7 Feb., 1915. 

9^ William Crosby Boone, b. 29 Dec, 1873; m. 26 Feb., 1896, Mary 
Cannon. Children: — 

P Arnold Cannon Boone, b. 18 Oct., 1898. 

25 Mary Frances Boone, b. 15 Dec, 1903. 

35 Helen Louise Boone, b. 14 Oct., 1907. 

45 Mildred Virginia Boone, b. 29 Apr., 1912. 

5' Mary Boone (dau. of William'^ Boone), m. Dr. J. W. Hemphill. 

6' Clarissa Boone. 

7' John Boone. 

8^ Frank Boone. 

9' Henry Boone. 

10^ Ehzabeth Boone. 

11' Theodore Boone. 

72 Mary Boone (dau. of Jacob Boone), m. Rosa. Child: — 

1' Thomas A. Ross, m. KateColUns (dau. of Judge Lewis CoUins. the Kentucky 
historian). Was for many years connected with the First National Bank 
of Maysville, Ky. Children: — 

1* Lewis Ross. 
2* Kate Ross. 

References: — 

"Jacob Boone and a Sketch of Maysville, Ky.," by Mrs. Belle Mitchell Rogers. 
Pub. in Ky. State Historical Society "Register" in Sept., 1904. 
(a) Orphan's Court of Berks Co., Pa., 7 May, 1783. 
(6) Draper Mss. 6 S 289. 

(c) CoUin's "History of Kentucky." 

(d) Data from Mrs. E. W. Tschudi, Cincirmati, O. 

(e) Descendants of William (6^) from Mrs. Mollie Boone Anderson, Clarksville, Mo. 


(Data furnished by Mr. John T. Landis, The Highlands Apartment 
Hotel, Washington, D. C.) 

Jacob^ Boone, born 1744 in Berks (or Bucks County), Pa.; died 1814 
and was buried at Boone's Mill, Va. So recorded on his tombstone. 
In 1775 he moved to Franklin County, Va. The name of his wife is 

Children: — 

1* John Boone. 

2^ Isaac Boone. 

3^* Daniel Boone, b. 12 Nov., 1791, at Boone's Mill, Va.; d. and was buried 4 Sept., 
1872, at Berrien Springs, Michigan; married 27 Feb., 1820, Mary Saylor (b. 30 
Oct., 1799, at Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., Va.; d, and bur. 14 Oct., 1864, at 
Berrien Springs, Mich.), daughter of Ulrich Saylor. Children: — 

^inbetermineb Connections; 487 

V Henry Boone, b. 17 Dec, 1821, in Botetourt County, Va. ; died 2 Aug., 1907, 

at Berrien Springs Mich.; m. 1st, ; m. 2nd, Betsy . Children 

of 1st marriage: — 

1* Edward Boone. 
2* Page Boone. 
3^ Charles Boone. 

2' Preston Boone, b. 27 Dec, 1823, in Botetourt County, Va.; d. 3 Nov., 1904, 
at Berrien Springs, Mich. ; m. Lena . Child : — 

1^ Jennie Boone. 
3^ John Boone, b. 9 Nov., 1825, in Salem, Roanoke County, Va.; d. 31 Aug., 
1904, at Berrien Springs, Mich., and buried at Rosehill Cemetery; married 
9 Oct., 1866, Sarah Hannah Bacon (b. 3 Aug., 1841; d. 7 Nov., 1921, at 
Berrien Springs, Mich., and buried at Rosehill Cemetery), daughter of 
Cyrus Bacon and wife Melinda Guernsey. John Boone was connected 
with the Roanoke Female Seminary; was ordained a minister in the 
Lutheran Church, and had charges in Berrien Springs, Mich., Indianapolis, 
Ind., and Shelbyville, Tenn. Children : — 

1* Mehnda Bacon Boone, b. 9 March, 1870, at Berrien Springs, Mich. ; 
m. 17 Dec, 1890; John Tannehill Landis, of Nashville, Tenn. 
In 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Landis were Uving at 501-509 The Highlands 
Apartment Hotel, Washington, D. C. Children: — 

P Robert Edward Landis, b. Nashville, Tenn.; hving 1921, 
at Atlanta, Ga.; m. 1 June, 1916, Pauline Acklen. 

V Robert Edward Landis, Jr. 
2* Pauline Acklen Landis. 

2^ Linda Landis, b. Nashville, Tenn. ; Uving with her parents 

in Washington in 1921. 
3"^ William Boone Landis, b. Nashville, Tenn.; in 1921 was 

a student at the University of Virginia. 
4'* Mary Landis, b. in Nashville, Tenn.; in 1921 was a student 

at Gunston Hall, Washington. D. C. 

2* John Roy Boone, b. 4 Oct., 1875, at Indianapolis, Ind.; living un- 
married in 1921 at Detroit, Mich. 

3* Mary Belle Boone, b. 17 Dec, 1878, at Berrien Springs, Mich.; m. 
Frederick M. Jenkins, D. D. S.; was living in 1921 at San Bernar- 
dino, CaUf. Children: — 

l" Frederick Jenkins. 
2^ Paul Jenkins. 

4' Fleming Boone, b. 31 Oct., 1827, at Salem, Roanoke County, Va., d. 15 

July, 1904, at Berrien Springs, Mich.; unm. 
6' Jacob Boone, b. 12 Nov., 1829, at Salem, Va., d. 26 May, 1914, at Berrien 

Springs, Mich. 
6' Abraham Boone, b. 3 Nov., 1831, at Salem, Va.; d. 3 Nov., 1894, at Berrien 

Springs, Mich.; unm. 
73 George Boone, b. 27 Dec, 1833, at Salem, Va.; d. 13 Oct., 1900, at Berrien 

Springs, Mich.; unm. 
8' Samuel Boone, b. 2 Jan., 1835, at Salem, Va.; d. 1836. 

98 Mary C. Boone, b. 15 May, 1837, at Salem, Va.; d. 15 Feb., 1915; m. 

Foster, and moved to Illinois. 
1* Ehza Foster. 
2* Mary Foster, m. . 

488 l^t)e poone jFamilp 

10' Thomas M. Boone, b. May, 1839, at Salem, Va.; d. 17 Feb., 1852. 
IP Eliza A. Boone, b. 24 Oct., 1841, at Salem, Va.; living in 1921; m. Thomas 
Ford (died ). 

4' Peter Boone. 

5^ A dau., married Kesler. 

6^ A dau., married Abshire. 

T^ A dau., m. Price (or Kinsey?). 


(From "The Boones in America," by Dr. R. N. Mayfield, a small 
booklet giving some early history of the family; and data furnished by 
Mrs. M. A. Thomas of Jasonville, Ind.) 

Jeremiah^ Boone was born in Pennsylvania, 29 Feb., 1760; died in 
Lawrence County, Indiana, 10 June, 1832. He married in Lincoln County, 
Ky., Joyce Nevel (born in Virginia; died in Lawrence County, Ind., 
26 June, 1861, aged 93 years, 1 mo., and 12 days) who went to Kentucky 
with her parents when eleven years old. 

Dr. Mayfield says in the book above-mentioned: — 

"I have failed after careful search to find the father of Jeremiah Boone, 
born in Pennsylvania, Feb. 29th, 1760; died June 10th, 1832. Am told that 
his father's name was Solomon, but I cannot verify the same." 

This is strengthened by the statement of Jeremiah's descendant Mrs. 
M. A. Thomas of Jasonville, Ind., who says that the father of Jeremiah 
Boone was Solomon Boone, and further states that she is not familiar 
with Dr. Mayfield's book. 

In 1785 Jeremiah Boone went to Kentucky, where he bought a farm 
on July 1, 1800, from G. Stepp, on Pittman Creek, five miles northeast 
of Somerset and two and one-half miles east of Science Hills. On this 
farm stands a pear tree seventy feet high which was plibnted by Jeremiah 
Boone while residing there over a hundred years ago. Later he removed 
to Lawrence County, Ind., where his son Noah had gone previously. 
Jeremiah took up land there and remained in Indiana until his death. 

Children: — 

1* Sarah Boone, married Isaac Wagoner. They went to Lawrence Co., Indiana, in Feb., 

1817, with her brother, Noah Boone. 
2* Elijah Boone, died 184-; married Jennie Wagoner. Children: — 

P William Boone. 

2' Jeremiah Boone. 

3' Bethuel Boone. 

4' Artemacy (Artemisia?) Boone. 

5' Isaac Boone. 

6' Simeon Boone. 

7» Sarah Boone "^ Xwins. 

8* Joyce Boone 

9' John Boone. 

®nbetermineb Connections 489 

3* Simeon Boone. 

4* Charlotte Boone, b. 27 Aug., 1794, in Kentucky; died 31 Dec, 1883, at Owenaburg, 

Ind.; married 27 Oct., 1814, in Pulaski Co., Ky., Reuben Mayfield (d. 1861, at 

Oxford, Mo.). Child:— 

1* A. C. Mayfield, m. 12 Jan., 1854, at Springville, Lawrence Co., Ind., Winnie 
Short. They Uved at Springville, where all their children were born, 
until March, 1884, when they moved to Ferndale, Whatcom Co., Washing- 
ton Territory. 

5* Mahala Boone (fifth child of Jeremiah' Boone), married John Dishman. Children : — 

1' Jeremiah Dishman, married Susan Rainbolt; Uved at Owensburg, Ind. 

2' Prudence Dishman, married Harrison Melton. 

3' Ruhemia Dishman, died unmarried. 

4' Sallie Dishman, married Seymour Cobb. Children: — 

V John Cobb. 
2^ Sam Cobb. 
3* Jeanetta Cobb. 

5^ Samantha Boone Dishman, died unmarried. 

6' Mary Dishman, married Samuel Cobb. Children: — 

l* Samantha Cobb, living 1921 at Holdridge, Nebraska. 

2^ Oscar Cobb. 

3^ John W. Cobb. 

4* Thomas Cobb. 

7* Jane Dishman, b. 1826; d. 1905; married Abraham Shanklin. Children: — 

1* Dr. John R. Shanklin, married Lilhe Sappington, of Jasonville, 
Ind. Children: — 

1^ Dr. LesUe Shankhn, died 1910; married Alma McDonald. 

1* Lowell Shanklin. 
2' Margaret Shanklin. 

2^ Dr. Vernon A. Shankhn, m. Edna Edmondson; hves at 
Terre Haute, Ind. Child:— 
1' Bertha Shankhn. 
3^ Nelhe Shankhn, unmarried; hves at Jasonville, Ind. 

2* Carohne Shanklin, married James White. 

3* Charlotte Shanklin, married Capt. Noah Brown, eldest son of 
John and Rachel (Hatfield) Brown. Children: — 

1^ Pearl Brown, m. Marion A. Thomas, eldest son of John 
and Martha (Benham) Thomas. Child: — 

P Charles Marion Thomas. 

25 Ale Brown, died 1917. 

3^ Mayme Brown, unmarried. 
4* Mitchell B. Shankhn, married Kate Miller. Children: — 

16 Wilham A. Shankhn. 

25 Lulu Shankhn. 

35 Amy Shankhn. 

45 Charhe Shankhn. 

55 Stanley Shankhn. 

65 Nelhe Shankhn. 

5* Wilham E. Shankhn, unmarried. 

490 Cfte Poone Jf amilp 

6' Hannah Boone (6th child of Jeremiah), born 5 July, 1799; died 6 Feb., 1887; married 
Adam Morrow (b. 1 March, 1794; d. 8 Apr., 1870). Children:— 

V Elizabeth Morrow, b. 7 Aug., 1823; married Dye, and hved at Ellits- 

town. 111. 

2' Joyce Morrow, b. 1828; married Sims. Res. Doverhill, Ind. 

3' Nancy Morrow, b. 1829, m. Gastineau. Res. Bradshaw, Neb. 

4' Louise Morrow, b. Feb. 1832; m. John Beaty, lived at Owensburg, Ind. 
Children : — 

1* Marshall Beaty, b. 13 Feb., 1852. Res. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
2* Luther Beaty, b. 21 July, 1854; d. 27 Feb., 1884. 
3< NeUie Beaty, b. 6 Mar., 1857; d. 2 Oct., 1860. 

4* Ella Beaty, b. 23 March, 1859; m. Whitted, and lives at Santa 

Clara, Calif. 

5* Nora Beaty, b. 21 March, 1865; m. Sentney, and lives at 

Hutchinson, Kan. 

6* Edith Beaty, b. 12 Dec, 1867, m. Hufif, and hves at Santa 

Ana, Calif. 

72 Noah Boone, born 20 Feb., 1802, in Pulaski Co., Ky.; died 1862. Married Jane 
Rhodes of Randolph Co., N. C. Noah went to Orange Co., Ind., in autumn of 
1816. In Feb., 1817, he and Isaac Wagoner (his brother-in-law) moved to Law- 
rence Co., Ind., where his father and family later joined him. They located 
public lands in that county, June 3, 1817, and received a patent from President 
James Monroe. Children: — 

V Clementine Boone, married Wesley Armstrong, eldest son of James and 

Bethlehem Armstrong. Children: — 

1* Horace Armstrong. 
2* Noah Armstrong. 

3* Clara Armstrong, m. Homer West, and lived in Fayettesville or 
Deal, Ind. 
2' Jeannette Boone, m. Abner Armstrong, son of James and Bethlehem Arm- 
strong. Children: — 

1* Alvin Armstrong, m. Arietta West. 
And others. 
3' Louise Boone, m. John Short, son of Ezekial and Jane (Sentney) Short. 
Children : — 

1* Richard Short. 
2* Virgil Short. 

3* Lilhe Short, hves at Bedford, Ind. 
4» Daniel Boone, b. 10 Aug., 1836; d. 26 Dec, 1890, at Wichita, Kan. Mar- 
ried 29 May, 1866, Nannie M. Houston of Kentucky. Children: — 

1* WiUard H. Boone. 
2* N. Frank Boone. 
5' Virgil Boone, b. 18 Feb., 1847; married 26 May, 1870, Lucinda Rector. 


(Data furnished by Mrs. J. Clarence Rudisell, Jessup, Ga.) 

In John Preston Arthur's "History of Western North Carolina" we 
find mention of three Boones, brothers and sister, who were named 
Jesse, Israel, and Anna (p. 181). The name of their father is not 

^nbetermineb Connections 491 

given, although it is stated that they were nephews and niece of Daniel 
Boone. The above history gives the following information regarding 
Anna and Jesse Boone: — 

Anna Boone, sister of Jesse and Israel, married William Coffee. 
She lived to be nearly 100 years old. Had a grandson Patrick Coffee, 
who built a house on Mulberry Creek, Caldwell Co., N. C., in 1877, at 
which time Anna (Boone) Coffee was living, and talked to the man build- 
ing the house (p. 84-85). 

Jesse Boone, brother of Anna, is mentioned as having lived four 
miles from Schull's Mills apd two miles from Kelsey Post Office, Wau- 
tauga Co., North Carolina. The house is no longer standing, but the 
chimney foundation is still shown as his. There is also record of a 
Jesse Boone having lived just west of the Blue Ridge one mile west of 
Kelsey P. O. on Boone's Fork of Wautauga River. On 8 July, 1823, 
Jesse Boone conveyed to William ajid Alexander Elrod for $600, 350 
acres of land on Planner's Fork of New River. (Deed registered in 
Book "M," page 391 of Ash Co., N. C; recorded in 1841.) Jesse Boone 
married Sarah McMahan (p. 180). 

Jesse Boone, according to his great-grandson or Smith Coffee (b. 
1832 in Caldwell Co., N. C), had three daughters; one of these, named 
Celia Boone, married Buck Craig; another, Hannah Boone, married Smith 
Coffee; and the third is not named. Smith Coffee moved to Cherokee 
Co., in 1838, and settled on Hiwassee River four miles above Murphy, 
after which he moved to Peach Tree Creek, where he died a year later 
(1839), his family returning to Caldwell. Smith Coffee had a son Smith 
Coffee (b. 1832), who returned in 1858 to Cherokee and lived on a farm 
adjoining that of George Hays on Valley River. Here he had a fight 
with Hays concerning a sow, just before the Civil War. Nevertheless 
when the war began he joined Hays' Company, which became Co. "H" 
of the 2nd N. C. Cavalry (p. 84-85). 

From this point on the family can be traced through the records 
of an old Family Bible owned by Mrs. William Hooper of Cleveland, Ga., 
from which Bible the following table was compiled. In this old record 
the name is spelled Coffey, instead of Coffee, as above. 

Hannah^ Boone (probably the dau. of Jesse Boone), m. Smith 
Coffey, and their children were: — 

V Morgan Coflfey, m. a Miss Day. 

2' Squire Coffey. 

3« Lee Coffey. 

4» Athen Coffey, b. 27 Jan., 1820; m. Mary McGuire (b. 15 Sept., 1821), dau. of 
Michael and Mary (Stevenson) McGuire. (Michael McGuire and wife Mary 
Stevenson had the following children: — Mary, who married Athen Coffey; Susan, 
unm.; Josiah; Nicholas, killed in the Civil War, 1861; Henry; Thomas; WiUiam; 
Michael, Jr., killed in Civil War, 1861.) 

492 ^fje poone jFamilp 

Children : — 

1* William Harvey Coffey, b. 12 Feb., 1842; d. 6 Jan., 1857. 
2* Michael Smith Coffey, b. 7 July, 1843. 
3* Susan Caroline Coffey, b. 6 Oct., 1845. 
4* Josiah Boone Coffey, b. 1847; d. 1875. 
5* Mary Emaline Coffey, b. 12 Feb., 1851. 
6* Sarah Jane Coffey, b. 16 Feb., 1853. 
7* Athen Napoleon Coffey, b. 22 Aug., 1856. 
8* Hannah Roxan Coffey, b. 19 Sept., 1857. 
9^ Nicholas Lee Coffey, b. 1858; d. 1876. 

10< Emma Stewart Coffey, b. 22 Apr., 1866; m. 7 Jan., 1882, William Hooper. 
Res. Cleveland, Ga. Children: — 

l" Henry Oliver Hooper, d. unm. 

2" Oscar Lee Hooper, m. Dorothy Clare Rudisell, dau. of James 

Clarence Rudisell and wife Anne Grady (West) Rudisell. 

3" Wyley Fennando Hooper. 

4^ Mary Caroline Hooper. 

5^ George Franklin Hooper. 

6^ John Struby Hooper. 

7^ Thomas Athen Hooper. 

8^ Paul Lester Hooper. 

9' Ruby Hooper. 

10* William Ray Hooper. 

5^ Smith Coffey (see above account from "History of Western North Carolina"). 


(Taken entirely from the report of his pension record by the Bureau 
of Pensions, Department of the Interior) 

John Boone, b. in York Co., Pa., abt. 1755; d. 17 July, 1835; m. 
1787 or 1788, in Augusta Co., Va., Elizabeth Alford (d. 15 Feb., 1841). 

The pension report of John Boone states that he was a nephew of 
Daniel Boone. Consequently he must have been a son of either Israel 
or Jonathan Boone, as Daniel's other brothers had no sons John. At 
the date of his enlistment he resided in York Co., Pa.; enlisted in 1777 
and served three years under Capt. Spanzler, Pa.; engaged in the Battle 
of Camden. On 20 Aug., 1833, when a resident of Monroe Co., Va. 
he applied for a pension, which claim was allowed. At that time he was 
78 years old, and he died 2 years later. 

His children in 1847 were: — 
V John Boone, 57 years old (b. 1790). 
2* Nancy Boone (Burdett), 53 years old (b. 1794). 
3* Henry Boone, 46 years old on 10 Mar., 1848 (b. 1802). 
4* Sally Boone (Humphreys), age not stated. 
5* Frances Boone (Myres), aged 37 (b. 1810). 

©nbetermineb Connections; 493 


(Data furnished by Mrs. J. H, Hundley of St. Louis, and Mrs. John 
J. Conlon of Hannibal, Mo.) Unless this John was a son of Joseph Boone 
[George^], he could not have been of our family because of his early date. 

I. JoHNi Boone, d. 15 Jan., 1775; m. Jane of King George Co., 

Va. He had a son: 

II. William^ Boone (son of John and Jane Boone), married Kasive 
Green, dau. of Richard Green (whose will is recorded in King George 
Co. [Va.] Court House, dated 5 Jan., 1778, and probated 5 Feb., 1778). 
William Boone's will is recorded in King George Co. Court House, dated 
17 Feb., 1792. He had a child:— 

III. William^ Boone (son of William and Kasive Boone), b. 2 May, 
1768; d. 21 Jan., 1857; m. 1st, 8 Nov., 1792, Elizabeth Hansford; m. 
2nd, 20 Aug., 1801, Eleanora Jones (b. 14 Sept., 1783; d. 21 Jan., 1817), 
and 3d, 1818, Agnes Rhodes (d. 19 Sept., 1837). His will is recorded 
in Fayette Co. (Ky.) Will Book "N" page 46. It was signed Dec, 
1836, and proven Feb., 1837. Children:— 

(First Marriage) 
1* Elizabeth Hansford Boone, b. 1 Sept., 1793; m. Grimes, and had children: — 

1^ WiUiam Grimes. 

2^ Harriet Grimes, m. 1st, Hickman, and 2nd, M. Violett. 

(Second Marriage) 

2* Sally Boone, b. 19 Jan., 1802; m. Fulkerson. 

3* William Boone, b. 9 July, 1804. 

4< George Green Boone, b. 9 July, 1806; d. Mar., 1840. 

5* Jane Boone, b. Feb., 1809; d. 1885; m. Joseph Major of Frankfort, Ky. Children : — 

1^ Boone Major, b. 19 Dec, 1825; m. 12 Dec, 1849, Prudence Warder. 

2" Alfred Major, b. 13 Sept., 1828. Unm. 

3^ Lucien Major, b. 22 Sept., 1831; m. 10 Feb., 1853, Sarah Ridge. Children:— 

1« William Major. 

2* Eugene Major. 

3' Scruggs Major. 

4' Weightman Major. 

5^ Isaac Major. 

6* Joseph Major. 

7« Earl Major. 

8^ Mary Elizabeth Major. 

9' Georgia Major. 
10« Ada Major. 

11» Mary Major, b. 6 Apr., 1858; m. 22 Nov., 1883, John J. Conlon. 
Res. Hannibal, Mo. Children: — 

V John Major Conlon, b. 25 Jan., 1885. 

2^ Mary Kitty Conlon, b. 28 Feb., 1888; m. Lanister Hannah. 

3^ Joseph Earl Conlon, b. 21 Apr., 1892. 

4^ Sarah Jane Conlon, b. 28 June, 1895. 

4' Elizabeth Major (dau. of Jane [Boonel Major), b. 15 Aug., 1834; d. ; 

m. 28 Sept., 1854, Samuel Benton. 

494 ^\)t JSoone jFamilp 

5' Agnes Major, b. 20 Mar., 1837; m. 9 Aug., 1855, Oscar Bullard. Res. May 

View, Mo. 
6* Joseph Major, b. 12 Mar., 1839; m. 13 Apr., 1873, Louisa Hord. Res. 

Aullville, Mo. 

7' Catherine Major, b. 9 Mar., 1844; d. ; m. 11 June, 1873, David Bradley. 

8* John Major (son of Jane [Boone] Major), b. 7 Apr., 1846; m. 16 Oct., 1878, 

Sallie Smith. He is a doctor and Uves in Kansas City, Mo. 
9« Mary Major, b. 1848; d. 1860. 

6* Mary Boone (dau. of William and Eleanora [Jones] Boone), b. 8 July, 1812; m. John 
L. Moore of Frankfort, Ky., and has a grand-daughter EUzabeth (Lizzie) who 
married J. H. Hundley and lives at No. 4924 Buckingham Court, St. Louis, Mo. 

7* Lucinda Boone, b. 10 Apr.. 1815; d. 8 Jan., 1816, 

8* John Pope Boone, b. 3 Dec, 1816. 


(Data furnished by Miss Eulah Elinor Ellis, No. 3110 Wabash Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo.) 

Michael Boone (said to be the son of George), was one of a large 
family of brothers and sisters, some of whom were: Joseph, James, John, 
Isaac, and girls who married into the Witt, Snyder, and Ely families 
of North Carolina, and later of Indiana and Ohio. 

Michael Boone lived and died on his farm in tiie Mt,. Pleasant 
district of Frederick Co., Md., where the old stone barn he built is still 
standing. His grave and that of his wife are nearby. 

Michael seems to have been married twice, as his son Abraham in 
his will speaks of "my half brother Nicholas." Michael is said to have 
been an uncle of Daniel Boone. His children were: — 

V Abraham, d. in Va. in 1829. 

2* Jacob Boone. 

3' John Boone. 

4' Nicholas Boone. 

5* Catherine Boone, m. John Sulhvan and settled in Md. 

6' Ehzabeth Boone, m. Peter Miller, and went to Eastern Tenn. 

7' Margaret (Peggy) Boone, m. Jacob Leonard Ponder, and settled in what is now 
CarroU Co., Md. 

8* Mary Boone, m. Jacob Hoss, and went to Washington Co., East Tenn., about 1780. 
Jacob Hoss was for his day a man of large substance in land and negroes. He was 
possibly the son of Johannes Hoss who is set down in Rupp's "German Immigrants 
to Pennsylvania" as having reached Philadelphia in the ship "Snow Louisa" in 
1754. Their children were: — 
1' Henry Hoss, m. Mary Blackburn. He was a very learned man and a 
citizen of great usefulness and influence. Children: — 

1* Alfred Hoss. 

2* Samuel Blackburn Hoss, m. Almeda Snell. Children: — 

1' Albina Hoss, m. Willis P. King, M.D. Children:— 

1* Robert Emma King, m. Ada Roach. 
2« Willis P. King, Jr., m. Anne Trueman. 

®nbetermmeb Connections 495 

3^ Almeda King. 

4^ Granville Snell King, m. Blanche Lohoff. 

5* Albert King. 

6* Albina King. 

2^ Albert Barnes Hoss. 

3^ Henry Park Hoss. 

4^ Granville Snell Hoss, m. Julia McBride. Children: — 

1' Granville Snell Hoss, Jr. 
2* Leroy Kerr Hoss. 
3* Margaret McBride Hoss. 
4* Julia McBride Hoss. 
5^ Emily Hoss (dau. of Samuel B. Hoss), married D. C 
EUis, D. D. Children:— 

1' Lewis Orient Ellis, m. Emma Hainey Dice. 

2' Samuel Jesse Ellis. 

38 Loy Eliis, m. W. G. Morhart. 

4» Ray Decker ElUs. 

5' Eulah EUnor Ellis, of Kansas City, Mo. 

6* Edwin Hoss. 

7^ Theodore Hoss. 

8^ Oliver H. Hoss, m. Luna Wilson. Res. Nevada, Mo. 

9^ Frances Hoss, m. W. A. Arnold. 

2' Isaac Hoss (son of Jacob and Mary Hoss), was the youngest of a large 
family. He was in the War of 1812, when he was held for some time in a 
Canadian prison. He died while stiU a young man, and left a son: — 

1* Bishop E. E. Hoss, of Nashville, Tenn. Bishop of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church South. 

Acting Governor of Indiana in 1822. 

(Data furnished by Mrs. J. C. Carmichael of Louisiana, Mo., and 
Mrs. Leona Van Horn Sutphen of Chicago.) 

Ratliff Boone, born 18 Jan., 1781, in North Carolina; died 20 Nov., 
1844, in Louisiana, Mo.; married 13 Aug., 1801, Delilah Anderson, daugh- 
ter of Baily and Mary Anderson of Kentucky. 

It is said that the parents of Ratliff Boone were Jesse and Kessiah 
Boone, and family tradition indicates a close relationship to Daniel 
Boone. When Ratliff was a boy his father emigrated from Georgia to 
Warren Co., Kentucky, where the son learned the gunsmith trade in the 
town of Danville. In 1809 Ratliff moved to the Territory of Indiana, 
locating in what is now Boone township, Warrick County. His home 
in Boonville, Ind., is still standing (1921). 

Ratliff Boone was elected the second Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, 
with Jonathan Jennings as Governor of the State. On Sept. 12, 1822, 
Governor Jennings resigned his office to accept a seat in Congress, and 

496 Ci)e S^oone jFamilp 

his unexpired term of six months was filled by Lieutenant Governor 
Boone as Acting Governor. Boone was re-elected Lieutenant Governor 
on the ticket with William Hendricks in 1822, He served in this office 
until the close of the legislative session in 1824, when he resigned to be- 
come a candidate for Congress in the first district. He was elected a 
member of Congress and represented his district six terms in that capa- 
city. In politics he spoke of himself as being a Democrat of the true 
Jeffersonian stamp. 

In 1839, his congressional career ended, he removed to Missouri, 
where he settled in Pike County, and at once became active there in 
public life and affairs. Regarding his appearance, a contemporary writes :- 

"Boone was a lithe, active man when I last saw him. In height he was 
about five feet ten inches, spare in person and as straight as an Indian. 
Without doubt he was closely related with the Boones of Kentucky" (Charles 
H. Test in his Recollections of Prominent Men of Indiana). 

Ratliff Boone d